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... liberated the concentration camp, known as vernichtungslager Nr, 4/Dachau (Annihilation Camp No. 4/Dachau... sests a German concentration camp guard on top of his Jeep for this photo; Bernstein found the guard

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... Armored Division of the United Stated Army. I can best tell of my experiences in a concentration camp... be called the living dead. Moving up into a new position we came across a prison camp (concentration camp... went out to see what a concentration camp looked like. What we saw was enough to last us for the rest... complain about our little troubles when a man who has been in a concentration camp for several years, who... Army. The reason I was at a concentration camp near Landsberg, Germany, in late April 1945

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... unit of the American Army. To the best of my memory we overan a concentration camp near Landsberg... concentration camp near Landsberg, Germany. Very emaciated people were shuffling around-those who still had... in the corner. He must have been •from the concentration camp. His clothes were gray with dark vertical stripes... concentration camp and took some pictures. I am enclosing 6 of the pictures we took. We could only stay a short

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..., Germany. My recollection of a concentration camp near Landsberg is that in the latter part ,pf April 1945... concentration camp. There we saw with our own eyes the murder which had been inflicted upon human beings whose... was "instrumental in freeing thousands of prisoners from a large concentration camp, near Landsberg. Ellery A...) received the mission of guarding a concentration camp near Landsberg which had been liberated by another

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... the troops that came back through the concentration camp. We viewed the wall; we viewed the boxcar area... that the Holocaust or the Dachau concentration camp was a hoax or a promotion and never happened, whoever... that or those persons are have to be the biggest damn fools that walk the earth today. The concentration camps... of the details I can never wipe those things from my mind. " 1 i QUARANTINE TYPHUS [THIS CONCENTRATION CAMPI

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... Stephens, M90 00—A, reported on Inspection of Annex Mo. 4 Daoltmi Concentration Camp, loeated at "Kolonle... concentration caiap Dachau waa uncovered, containing 500 inmates who were badly in need of medloal supplies Rid... and control of oporony>tely 50G0 DP's, many of thorn liberated from Dnohnu Concentration Ceng) Bo. 4 and in c

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... to the quoted letter of Julien D. Saks regarding the concentration camps at Landsberg, Germany. Late... been able to walk away upon being released from a concentration camp that was located a very short... there were eleven concentration battalion was supporting. later I m|£§I|E§Hffl and the 4th Infantry camps

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... Sgt. |:; c//3%k$z;. aTRCO IT-IES of i^Mrr CONCENTRATION CAM? Late lafit nigh^ we moved into a... .identify the. place as in the Lane burg Concentration Camp Area,'"In the short-time were.were .there we... concentration camp at Landsberg am Lech in Germany. On the morning of April 27th our division was prepared... concentration camp on the outskirts of Landsberg and that the entire camp was on fire# Four counterintelligence

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... concentration camps. Col. Seiller was in charge of buiying the bodies and said it was a horrifying experience... liberated the eleven concentration camps at Landsberg. Seven days later on May 4th we played the major part

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... killed at Concentration Camp No. 4 which is located only a few miles from the jail cell where Hitler... the Germans over the concentration camp compound. Most of the hovels had been burned down by the retreating

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... troops, and a little later we would see his cruelty in the concentration camps we would capture. Then he... the concentration, extermination camps. About noon of April 22, Lt. Col. Clayton Wells* task force seized the bridge... liberating the concentration camps near Landsberg, satellite to Dachau. About 9:00 or 9:30 A.M. Captain John... disabled vehicle near a concentration camp and he had come by to report what he had seen. Captain Jones

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... -concentration camp notorious for their atrocities Thousands of emaciated bodics/f slave laborers and political... PACKARD |alive but most feeble. About 4000 and astonishment, but one Amer- concentration camp. CRIlr* rrei... tarrf spanirnl I others, sll A CONCENTRATION CAMP, moi NEAR LANDSBERG. Germany,!,,nc I April 29... spat. Colonel Seiller next conducted the Germans over the concentration camp compound. Most

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... ended. Enroute to the Brenner Pass it overran eleven concentration camps at Landsberg, Germany. I am... going to tell you about my experiences at two of the eleven concentration camps at Landsberg about three... C, 134th Armored Maintenance Battalion and give you his account of his visit to a concentration camp

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