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be Loyal To Honey Grove, Trade at Home, Bny at Home and Sell at Home
Honey Grove Signal-Citizen
Complete News and Advertising Coverage for Honey Grove Trade Area
HONEY GROVE, TEXAS, Friday, May 8, 1953
Progressive Club
Regular Meeting
Monday Night
The regular monthly meet-
ing of the Farmers and Mer-
chants Progressive Club was
held at the city hall Monday
night with around forty
G. C. Hall stated that an
alfalfa dehydrating plant had
.■been contacted about locating
in Honey Grove but before a-
:ny definite- plans could be
anade there would have to be
an assurance that not less
than 1500 acres of this be in
cultivation in order that the
plant have enough to justify
Wash Underwood of the in-
dustrial committee stated
that in the survey of labor
recently taken, it was shown
that there were around 180
ladies available for work
with twenty different trades
included in this. In all the
county there are around 1000
available and this number
was considered large for this
Cecil Finley of the live-
stock committee reported on
the wolf control project stat-
ing that they had contacted
the county commissioners
but they would not be inter-
ested in placing a trapper in
the county at the present
time. The club voted to spon-
sor this project and ask all
livestock raisers interested
to assist in the paying of the
salary of a trapper.
Harold Hyde and Marvin
Gibbs of the Paris Chamber
of Commerce industrial com-
mittee were introduced to
the club and gave a very in-
structive talk on methods
that could be used in secur-
ing industries for this city.
They further stated that
they would assist the organi-
zation in every way possible
to locate factories or payrolls
in this city.
Silage Meeting And
Movie Film On
“Grass Is Gold”
Trail Of Beauty
'Bored, depressed, got spring
fever? Gather close, my fiiends,
and I will tell you of a place
where, you can find a cure for all
these ailments. The river of life
and the fountain of youth had to
be searched for, but this place I
speak of, is only a few minutes
The bigness of the attractive
white house makes one eager to
visit here. “Sir Oscar’' with hand
outstretched welcomes you. Being
a traditional landmark of the old-
er days, he is treated with the
greatest respect. The spreading
old bois d’arc tree to the right of
the entrance, is an umbrella for
the east side of the lawn.
The garden of this house is
typical of the owners selective
taste. Various hybrids of every
nature have been the choice of
this owner. This garden is as if
an artist had dipped his brush in
white, red, blue, green, yellow,
purple and many other colored
paints and splashed them here
and there, giving the varying ef-
fects of the many colors. On en-
tering this garden one has the
all-over feeling of enchantment,
as they walk through and see all
the lovely flowers, knowing what
time, work and patience was put
into this place, makes it all the
more lovely. The beds of iris,
planned so as to bring out the
most of their beauty, repays one
for all their work as they begin
to give forth their blooms. The
befitting old fish pond is a grand
background for the lovely bronze
iris—prairie sunset. The patio
with its white iron chairs and
table is an attractive place to
rest. The little green moss that
grows from the inside of a huge
rock is very unique. Stepping
stones provide a pathway through
this well-kept garden.
All of this could not have been
done by just one person, but both
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Allen have
created this pictorious, colorful
place. We are grateful for being
able to freely visit this lovely
home and garden. Mr. Allen has
also made a show place _ of his
Texaco warehouse by the immense
bed of the lovely pink iris—china
maid.—Alma Braudrick.
Get your seed peanuts from
Bach’s Hatchery.
Fresh as Highland heather,
16-piece Tam O’Shanter de-
sign California pottery din-
ner ware. Open stock special
price through May, $8.45.
Display in window. Mary
Through the cooperation of
the Dallas branch of Allis-
Chalmers Manufacturing Co.
we are having a discussion
and movie on silage and sil-
age harvesting at the Allen’s
Point community center, 4
miles north of Honey Grove
on Highway 100, Thursday,
May 14th at 8:00 p. m.
We have arranged for a
qualified speaker and a very
interesting movie on this
subject. We cordially invite
you to come, visit with your
friends, see this movie, join
in the discussion and inspect
the new 1953 Allis-Chalmers
forage harvester.
We promise not to keep
you too long. Won’t you
come and bring your neigh-
Time—8:00 p. m.; place—
Allen’s Point community cen-
ter; sponsored by your Allis-
Chalmers dealer, W. H. Skin-
ner of Honey Grove.
New Industry To
Locate In Bonham
H. G. Rhodes
Passes Away At
Corpus Christi
Word has been received
here of the death of H. G.
Rhodes, which occurred at
his home in Corpus Christi
Saturday night.
Mr. Rhodes was well known
in Honey Grove, being a
step-son of the late F. W
Underwood. He is survived
by his wife in Corpus Chris-
ti. The remains were taken
to Bryan Tuesday for inter-
Future Fanners
To Show Calves
The Smith Brothers Man-
ufacturing Co. of Carthage,
Mo,, has leased the building
at 505 North Main street,
Bonham, formerly occupied
by the Free Furniture Co.,
as a beginning of their locat-
ing a garment factory in
Bonham. The company man-
ufactures work, farm and
sports clothes.
The temporary location is
to be used to train workers
until the Bonham Industrial
Foundation can erect a build-
ing. for the firm. Employ-
m e n t is to be handled
through the Bonham office
of the Texas Employment
Commission located in the
Burow building across from
the post office.
The firm plans to employ
50 people at the beginning of
production with more added
This new industry adds to
the local payroll as did the
Bonham Livestock Commissi-
on Co. with its weekly live-
stock auction sales, the Su-
preme Trailer Co. and Sidran
Manufacturing Co. — B o n-
ham Herald.
Special Services
At Monkstown
Methodist Church
The pastor, the Reverend
T. H. Browning, will hold
special Mother’s Day servic-
es at the Monkstown Metho-
dist Church next Sunday.
The following awards will be
made at the 11:00 a. m. ser-
vice: to the oldest mother
present, the youngest moth-
er, the mother of the young-
est child, and the mother of
the largest family present.
This family to include sons
and daughters, sons - in - law
and daughters-in-law, their
children, grandchildren and
great grandchildren, provid-
ed they are present in the
Mrs. G. K. Fladger will cel-
ebrate National Music Week
with a boys’ recital Friday
night, May 8th at 7:30 at
the Methodist educational
These boys will be on the
program: Frederick Simpson,
Charles Simpson, Dwayne
Holman, James Albert Daw-
son, Billy Rowton, Khent
Rowton, Sonny Rhodes. Ger-
ry Rowton, Leonard Ed Mer-
rell, Jerry Hudgens, James
Hulett, Max Fair, Alvin
Strickland, Mike Elick, sax-
Friday night, May 15, the
girls of the music class will
appear in recital at the edu-
cational building.
The public is cordially in-
The Honey Grove Future
Farmers will attempt to
show some of their beef and
dairy projects Saturday at 11
a. m. There will be only four
commercial beef steers that
were put onto feed early last
fall. These steers began from
a project sponsored by the
Chamber of Commerce and
continued by the Farmers
and Merchants Progressive
Club. This feeding program
was to help study the best
type of animal and feed a
farmer could feed and make
the most economical gains.
These steers owned by Son-
ny Allen, Gerald Wishard,
Billy Thurman and Jack
Rogers, will be judged and
placed according to appear-
ance and condition.
In order to increase the
size of the show, those boys
who have calves to show in
■Houston next year will bring
them up for a classification
show. These calves are own-
ed by Billy Goss, Jack Rog-
ers, Clifton Avery and Clarke
Bates, and have only been on
feed about 45 days.
In addition to these, those
boys who received Jersey
heifers from the Lions Club
Dairy Circle will show their
cows. These Jerseys are own-
ed by Clarence Plintz, Delmer
Carter, Harold Ford and Al-
ford’ Poeck, and will be plac-
ed as to type and condition.
This is the first attempt
in several years to have a
project show in Honey Grove
and thanks go to the Far-
mers and Merchants _ Pro-
gressive Club for putting up
the prize money and ribbons,
and customers are asked to
support those people who
purchase one of the commer-
cial steers.
Allen’s Chapel
RNP Club Meets
Congressmen cannot be ar-
rested for traffic violation.
The Allen’s Chapel RNP
Club met at the community
center Friday night, May 1.
Earl Conyers.. president, call-
ed the meeting to order.
Our program for the year
’53-’54 was discussed and ap-
Our goal for the month of
May is putting lights all a-
round the community center
and building a volley ball
court for our young folks.
The men drew name-
months to work on the cem-
eteries. Four families for
each month. We hope to
make our community a bet-
ter and more beautiful place
to live in the coming year.
Visitors are always welcome.
So come out and visit us.
Program committee for
June is Mrs. Paul Loschke,
Mrs. John Witcher and Mrs.
Alvin 'Loschke. Meeting was
adjourned and refreshments
of ice tea and cookies were
served by Mrs. Leonard Wit-
Sunday School
Attendance For
Past Sunday
Sunday school attendance
for Sunday, May 3:
Baptist __________ 303
Methodist________ 250
Church of Christ __ 97
Presbyterian______ 85
Christian_________ 79
Dr. L. N. Gilbert
To Leave Honey
Grove May 28th
Dr. L. N. Gilbert and fam-
ily will leave Honey Grove
May 28, the family going to
Bethany, Okla., a' suburb of
Oklahoma City, where the
doctor will be associated in a
Dr. Gilbert stated Wednes-
day that Dr. H,. C. Chancellor
of Dallas will; come to Honey
Grove and fake over the
office and practice the latter
part of June.; Dr. Chancellor
is a graduate of the South-
western Medical School, a
branch of the University of
Texas, and served his in-
terneship at Baylor Hospital.
He is married and has one
Delta Kappa Gamma
Beta Psi Chapter of Delta
Kappa Gamma met for its
final dinner meeting of the
year Tuesday night at Leath-
erwood’s banquet room in
Hostesses were Mesdames
Holcomb, Carroll, Moore,
Garner and White. 5
The tables were lovely with
arrangements of red roses
and hand-painted figures
with sachet bags.
The meeting opened with
the singing of the Delta
Kappa Gamma song, accom-
panied by Mrs. G. ,K. Flad-
ger. Mrs. Irene Lonvrey read
the collect. / ■
Mesdames Elick and -Flad-
ger played a duet, Hungarian
Dance No. 4 by Brahms.
Following the chicken din-
ner, Mrs. S. H Gardner had
charge of th*>,.n&nA* 'MaKtinoW
Service / with these Mghflirg
candles for ' outstanding
women: Mrs. Elick—A Blan-
ton; Mrs-. Spear — Lalla
Odom; Mrs. Sledge — Sebas-
tian; Mrs. Fair—Helen Cox;
Mrs. Barker—Ruby 'Lomax;
Mrs. Holcomb—Cora Martin;
Mrs. Loschke — Anna Fliss;
Mrs. Richardson—Rae King;
Mrs. Little—Mabel Grizzard;
Mrs. Riddleseperger — Ruby
Cole; Mrs. Swain — Sue
Keene; Mrs. Stevens—Lela
Mae Williams.
Mrs. Sledge gave notes on
the recent convention in Dal-
las. Miss Trent Hamm, presi-
dent. presided over the busi-
ness session and named com-
mittees for the new year.
Attending from Haney
Grove were Mesdames Bark-
er, Elick, Gardner, Fair,
Swain, Riddlesperger, Losch-
ke, Spear, Fladger and Miss
R. E. Sivley, Jr.
Passes Away At
San Antonio
Miss Lair And
O. E. Carter
Pledge Vows
Services were held Tuesday
afternoon of last week at the
Charles Hanavan Funeral
Home for Lt. Roy Elmer Siv-
ley, Jr., U. S. Navy, 506 Ar-
cadia Place, who died Mon-
day, April 27, in Brooke Ar-
my Hospital. Interment took
place at Mission Burial Park.
Born at San Antonio, Siv-
ley received an engineering
degree at the University of
Texas and was employed by
the Westinghouse Electric
Company in Houston for sev-
eral years. He served in the
U. S. Navy during World
War II and was called back
into service two years ago.
He became ill while station-
ed in Norfolk, Va., last May
and was brought to the hos-
pital here in December.
Lt. Sivley is survived by
his wife, Mrs. Jane Sivley; a
son, Roy Elmer Sivley, III;
his parents, ML. and Mrs.
Roy Elmer Sivley, San Anto-
nio; a brother, Ray G. Siv-
ley, Houston, and his grand-
father, A. M. Sivley, San An-
tonio.—San Antonio Evening
61st Birthday
John Moses. Windom, cele-
brated his 61st birthday an-
niversary Sunday,- May 3,
with a picnic lunch given at
Lake Crockett. Among those
attedning were his wife, a
son, Aubry, and daughter.
Peggy, of the home; Mr. and
Mrs. L. C. Barnett, Grand
Prairie; Mr. and Mrs. Car-
thel Hewitt, and sons, Honey
Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Billy
Joe Ivey and children, Okla-
homa City; Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin
Reiger, Taylor; Marie Moses,
Grand Prairie: Johnny Mar-
con, Taylor; Mrs. Anna Hew-
itt, Honey Grove; and Ben
Prichard, Windom.
“The Family
And The Future”
Special Services at
Christian Church
Begin On Sunday
_ The public is cordially in-
vited to attend every num-
ber in a series of special ser-
vices at the First Christian
Church beginning at 7:30
this Sunday night, May 10th
and ending Friday night,
May 15th.
The guest speakers will be
p^j^llowing pastors: Wm
Mrs. O. E. Carter
In an impressive candle-
light service performed Fri-
day evening, May 1st, at 8
p. m. at the Selfs Baptist
Church with a background
of greenery and red roses,
Miss Peggy Jo Lair became
the bride of Otis Elmer Car-
The bride is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Mortie Lair
and the bridegroom is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
C. Carter of Honey Grove.
Officiant at the double ring
ceremony was the Rev. Har-
old Johnson of Telephone,
and music was given by Miss
Bobbie Lou Shipman and
Mrs. Raymond Fludgens of
Sam Wise And
Ruby Williams
Marry At Athens
Sam Wise of Dallas and
Miss Ruby Williams of Ath-
ens were united in marriage
Sunday, May 3, at 3 p. m. at
the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Wise in Nocona.
Rev. C. A. Tucker, pastor
of the First Christian Church
| in Bowie officiated.
After the reception the
couple returned to Dallas
where both are employed.
There were several guests
from Dallas and Athens in
Sam is a Honey Groveite
and his mother, Mrs. Sam
Wise, Sr., resides here.
Vineyard Grove
Baptist Church
To Present Hour
The guest speaker for the
Fannin County Baptist Hour
next Sunday will be the Rev.
T. A. Beall, pastor of the
Vineyard Grove and Gum
Springs Baptist Churches.
Musical numbers for the
weekly broadcast will be
presented by members of the
Vineyard Grove Baptist
Church, which is located in
northeast Fannin County.
The Fannin County Baptist
Hour is broadcast each Sun-
day morning, 8:30 to 9:00
o’clock, by Radio Station
KFYN, Bonham, 1420 on
your radio dial.
Petty sang “I Love You Tru- Warriors Hold
Given in marriage by her
father, the bride wore a
white imported French or-
gandy dregs wMy, n^hing
lan <iyWL‘y ii'c'hT "Sulphur veiling and carried a white
Springs; Earl C. Zetsche,
Denison; Clarence Saint,
Paris; Ralph Underwood,
Bonham; Charles L. McDow-
all, Jr., Clarksville.
There will be no day ser-
vices and no collections. C.
C. Klingman is host pastor.
Completes Course
Eta Jima, Japan. — Army
Pvt. Denton D. Jones, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Qtha Jones,
Roxto'n. Texas, recently com-
pleted a course for medical
aidmen at the Army’s Eta
Jima Specialist School in Ja-
He received classroom and
filed training in the emer-
gency medical treatment _ of
the sick and wounded during
the four-week course.
Private J ones attended
East Texas State Teachers
College before entering the
This subject will be the
basis of the program to be
given in the annex of the
Methodist Church Thursday,
(tonight) at 7:30. This pro-
gram is given in observance
of National Family Week.
Rev. B. W. Terrill is the
guest speaker. An informa-
tive film will1 be shown pre-
senting the problems which
confront the modern family
and their solution. You are
cordially invited to attend
this program presented in
the interest of happier fami-
lies and homes which endure.
The Farmers & Merchants
Progressive Club is sponsor-
ing a wolf control program
but at the present time does
not have sufficient means to
pay the salary of a trapper.
Livestock raisers who are in-
terested in securing a trap-
per and will assist in paying
this expense are asked to
make their contributions to
either Dan Baker at Baker’s
Pharmacy or leave it at the
First National Bank.
Kitchen Shower
Miss Mary Eloise Clayton
was named the honoree for a
kitchen shower Wednesday
night at her Delta Gamma
sorority house at SMU in
Dallas ,when four hostesses
gave the party. These host-
esses were. Misses Carolyn
Calloway, Martha Dawson,
Betty Ann Jernigan and Mrs.
Robert Sullenger.
Bridal games were enjoyed
by the twenty-eight girls liv-
ing in the house and the
house mother, Mrs. Ben Cul-
berson, after which a re-
freshment plate was served.
Miss Clayton is the bride-
elect of Lt. Herbert Horn of
Randolph Air Base. The
wedding will take place June
Bible overlaid with white
Miss Patsy Lair was her
twin sister’s only attendant
and wore an identical ensem-
ble of pink. Her corsage was
of white carnations and she
carried an imported linen
Delmar Carter was his
brother’s best man. Wesley
McKee and Jimmy Freeman
served as ushers, who also
lighted the two tall seven
branch candelabra.
The bride is a junior of
the Honey Grove Fligh School
and the groom attended Par-
is Junior College, and is now
engaged in farming south of
Honey Grove.
Those attending from out
of town were: Mrs. Harry
Roberts of Dallas, Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Eubank of Bon-
ham, Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Vaught and Mary Jack of
Bonham, Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Carter of Dallas and Mr. and
Mrs. Perry Carter of Plano.
Dial W. M. S.
The ladies of the WMS of the
Dial Baptist Church entertained
with a social on Friday evening
at the Dial community club hon-
oring Miss Margaret Ann Garri-
son and Miss Ruth Boehler, who
are members of the senior class
of the Honey Grove High School.
Their class colors of red, white
and blue were used in the decor-
ations. The tables were laid with
white linen cloths and in the cen-
ter of the tables were bowls of
red roses and the place cards
were miniature graduation caps
with the seniors’ names printed
on them.
Several piano selections were
given and then the group sang
popular songs. Mrs. L. R. Melton
directed the games for the eve-
ning and some, like the quiz
game, caused much laughter.
Angel cake squares and punch
were serevd to these guests: Mar-
garet Ann Garrison, Ruth Boeh-
ler, Billy Thurman, Doris Allen,
Earl Lynn Garrison, Anita Roe,
Charles Womack, Gail Lyday,
Jaunita Hall, Dorothy Allen.—Re-
Scrimmage Game
The Honey Grove Warriors
held their first official
spring- scrimmage Oil Friday
afternoon, May lj with the
Rea Team winning by a 20-0
score over the White Team.
Jack McCraw scored two
touchdowns with Clifton A-
very scoring one.
Starting line-ups for the
teams were:
White Team—Jack Underwood
QB; Billy Goss RH; Ronnie Bowl-
byFiB; Harold Roberts LH; Char-
les Womack C; James Benson
RG; Harold Ford RT; Paul John-
son LG; Allen Dykes LT; Jack
Rogers LE; Henry McElroy RE;
Reserves: John Harris, Jerry La-
Rue, Jimmy Elick, John Thomas*
Max Fowler, Billy Stone, Don
Red Team—Clifton Avery QB;
Jack McCraw RH; Terry Eaton
FB; Jerry Paschal LH; Harry
Goss Center; Eldon Harris RG;
Billy Thurman RT; Alan Ford
LG; Wayne Slagle LT; Dean Cox
LE; Bobby Flowers RE. Reserv-
es: Joe Ellard, Jerry Allen, Jam-
es Shipman, Don Shelton, Billy
The White Team will be
out seeking revenge on Tues-
day night, May 12, when
they meet in the final spring
scrimmage. Everyone is in-
vited to see next year’s War-
riors in action on Tuesday
night, May 12.
Of Parsonage
To Begin Soon
Plans were received Wed-
nesday from architects
Brown and Chapman of Sher-
man. for the excavation and
construction of the founda-
tion of the new Methodist
parsonage to be located on
the lot adjacent the church.
The old house has been dis-
mantled and removed from
the site and the lot prepared
for construction which will
begin soon.
Card Of Thanks
There will be a week end
revival at the Vineyard
Grove Baptist Church begin-
ning Friday night. May 8th,
through Sunday, May LCIth.
Rev. C. W. Burchfield will
be the evangelist. Everyone
cordially invited.
We want to to express out
sincere thanks to our njaliy
friends who so kindly j?£mem-
bered me with their visiits,
flowers, cards,s andf thought
while in the hispital.
Homer T. Shipman.
I have purchased a half in-
terest in the Bonham Live-
stock Commission Co. See us
if you want to sell or buy
livestock. Hubert Whirley. 1*

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