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l 1
and the
Dallas Semi
Weekly News
one year
for 765
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CHRIST CHURCH Sunday School at 10 a m
Morning Prayer at 11am Holy Communion
First Sunday in month
Guild meets every Monday at 3 p m
Ecv Chas T Cokkc Hector
Preaching at the Methodist Church every
Sabbath by Kev A A Wagnon at 11 a m and
7 30pmSabbath School 1000 amL S Schluter
superintendent Prayer meeting Thursday
7 30 pm Senior League 4 00p m 1st and 3d
Sundaj Junior League 300 p m every Sunday
Womans Home Mission Society 3 00 p m each
Monday Choir Saturday 3 00 p m
every Sunday 10 oclock t m Supcrlntcndant
J H fiowEix Se Preaching first second and
fourth Sundays 11 oclock a m and 7 30 p m
by J 8 Lew is Pastor Prayer meeting every
Wednesday uight 7 SO p m Ladies Aid Society
meets every Monday 330 oclock p m
Sabbath at 11 am and7 SOp m prayer service
every Wednesday at 7 30 p m Rc R K
Hives Pastor Sabbath School at 9 15 a m
G W Brown Supt
Railway Time Card
Texas fie Pacific
No 1 Mail and Express 839 a m
No 3 Night Express 401 am
No 5 Cannon Ball 155 p m
No 1071 G N Fast Mail 349 p m
No 2 Mail and Express G47 p m
No 4 Night Express 145 a m
No 6 Cannon Ball 154 p m
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Jefferson Texas
rvi k T
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No 223 Night Express 1256 a m
F M Pomerov Local Agent
Jefferson Texas
The unwritten law seems tobe
the refuge of the unread lawyer
Modern slang furnishes a motto
for the Jamestown Exposition
Not yet but soon and it looks
now as if it would be just as appro
priate when the exposition closes
Some one suggests that perhapB
the President is refusing to run for
a third term only because he wants
a four years rest and at the end of
that time he will be willing to take
up the reins again
We are getting lots of compliments
Two styles of which is shown above is pleasing lots
of men who are mighty particular about their
Clothes We invite every man who has not yet
called on us to come around and try on some of
ircse Suits Make up your mind you are going to
look your very best this season and let us help you
to do it
3 feje 2implecjttije
Editors and Proprietors
Friday May 10 1907
Austin and Vale Sts Jeflerson Texas
Entered at the PostOfflce at Jefferson Texas
as secondclass mail matter
Copies of the J Epperson JimpLecute in wrap
pers ready ibrmailing can always be had at the
office by single copies or the dozen
This paper is mailed regularly to its
subscribers until a definite order to
discontinue is received and all arrears
are paid in full
Mr Walter Wellman has already
began to send out information that
unless he finds weather conditions
favorable he will not make his
Btart for tbe North Pole this sunr
mer but will postpone it another
year Mr Wellman ought to have
learned before this that you can
only fool all of the people some
of the time
Mr Chauncey Depew has re
cently come out in favor of suf
frage for women If there are any
other little safe propositions up for
consideration which Depew could
approve without endangering his
position he would doubtlesB be
glad to give it his sanction
The Bureau of Commerce reports
a decided falling off in the amount
of champagne imported into this
country This may be the result
of having some of high rollers in
jail and a numbpr of the choruB
girls married to Europeans
If John Mitchell had arranged it
all he could not have selected a
better time for an illness and a
surgical operation than just now
when the President has sent for
him to approve the things he said
of Moyer and Haywood
Mme Schuman Heink says that
she does not allow herself to say
more than five words the day she
sings It is probable that if Eames
had bad that control of herself she
would not have needed to divorce
Senator Depew has been makin
a speech of late telling the people
what he has to make him happy
The public already know what he
had to make him unhappy
If Mr Harriman has any doubt
now as to where he stands he has
plenty of evidence that it is with
the Moyer Haywood crowd
Governor Douglass says if he
runs for President he will stand on
his own platform And he will
also stand in his own shoes
Mr W T Stead says that
American women have no style
and still Mr Stead claims that be
is an advocate of peace
The collar and cuff trust trust is
the next thing in line for attack
And it is not improble that they
may get it in the neck
Senator Depew says he is happy
because he married the right worn
an Mrs Depew is not saying a
word though
The descendants of John Smith
and the heirs of Silent Smith are
getting all the noteriety these
The only fruit xsrnp that does not
appear to have been ruined by the
cold spring has been lemons
Wr Fi
VOL 89
Rosenthal s
In Memoriam
When the average person socially
and otherwise dies his neighbors and
friends express the nsual sorrow and
crief for awhile and his former place
among man is soon occupipd by others
and thus the brief ripple occasioned
by the sad event soon becomes placid
and his career in the affairs of life is
soon robed in oblivion But when an
old progressive citizen both in the
sense of age and continual residence
dies bound by a thousand ties of social
progressive and friendly relations the
whole community is shockedand the
common affairs of life loose their lustre
and all join in retrospective thought
and topics commemorating the good
deeds and life of the departed and de
plore the sad event in a strain of eulogy
thattnakes an epitaph and monnment
more enduring than pile of granite or
shaft of marble could commemorate
Such was the tragedy at his home at
noon on April the 14tht that culminat
ed in the death of A J T Carter
It was sad indeed that one endowed
with all the social faculties and hospi
table instincts that made him so con
spicuous and universally admired for
his noble traits of character had to
submit to the decrees of a cruel fate and
stand abruptly before another tribunal
and future existence which however
bad no terrors for him Failing in
health recently and stricken with a
stomach affection that almost paralyzed
him at frequent intervals and so agoniz
ing that he evidently felt that God
would pardon the act that would relieve
him from the tortures thus inflicted
he had the courage to execute the deed
and spoke calmly and in a tone of no
regret that lie was being transferred to
another realm and different sphere of life
Born and reared in Alabama and im
bibing all the social and southern in
stincts and the patriotism of his fathers
and love of home and country his
young and vigorous manhood was ap
pealed to and he joined the ranks of
those that went forth to repel the
hordes that came in to lay Beige to his
fair land and throttle the spirit that as
pired to repel the subjugating forces
that sought to crush and ruin an in
vincible array of manhood He accep
ted the arbatrcyment of arms m good
faith and realizing the valor displayed
in the face of utter destitution and that
the war could not be prolonged with
such decimated ranks and defeated trea
sury he returned home with the surviv
ing remnants and joined in tbe good
work and effort ol rehabilitating the
south and reclaiming its waste places
and destroying the evidences of ruthless
swarms of invaders and building a
new south upon the ruins of the old
however disagreeable it was to lose the
old frabnc with its thousands of cher
ished memories and relics that will ever
linger along the lines of retrospective
thonght and be ever sacred to the com
ing generations In his departure the
oldhome has lost its charmbut his long
residence there and association with the
inanimate things and substantial crea
tions makes a reflection that can never
be effaced and his personality is thus
indelibly retained
No home in the broad realms of the
south has a richer history or more frag
rant and proline with deeds of courtesy
and hospitable impulses than the old
WatsonCarter homestead It was foun
ded in the old erawhen song and story
and legend was rich with praises and
encouraging influences to broaden the
instincts of old southern cheer and hos
pitality and if this old place had the
faculty of speech it could enumerate
many social events and point to guests
perhaps proud of the distinction of
having feastedat its hospitable board
besides more modest and humbles ones
with grateful nRMsriesin the premises
Deceased leaves two sons and a daugh
ter to whom we extend sincere condo
lence Adieu old friend until I meet
you and in the mean time may the
birds ancTgentlezephyrs sing a requiem
about your grave and lull you into a
sweet repose W
Congressman Hobson is about to
tfur his district with a following
made up of a cotton culture expert
a forestery specialist a soil ex
pert a road builder and an au
thority rural free delivery service
If these men are allowed to give
expert evidence Mr Hobson will
probably be sentenced to private
South Dakota seems to be knif
ing her own principal industry in
making it a punishable offense for
women to play bridge As a cause
for divorce it holds high record in
all the Strifes and thus even South
Dakota may get some of the prof
Senator Foraker did not hesitate
to intimate that Nicholas Long
worth was not a sufficiently heavy
weight for Secretary Taft to have
left on tbe lid in Ohio
Lots of It In Jefferson hut Daily
Growing Less
The kidneys cry for help
Not an organ in the whole body so
delicately constructed
Not one so important to health
The kidneys are the filters of the
When they fail the blood becomes
foul and poisonous
There can be no health where thereis
poisoded blood
Backache is one of the first indica
tions of kidney trouble
It is the kidnejsa cry for help Heed
Doans Kidney Pills are what is
Are jubt what overworked kidneys
They strengthen and invigorate the
kidnej s help them to do their work
neer fail to cure any case of kidney
Read the proof from a Jefferson citi
V E Singleton Sr who was for
years Clerk of the Federal Court at Jef
ferson Texas now retired living two
miles northeast of town says Doans
Kidney Pills hae been used by me and
I found them to be as good as any rem
edy I ee tried for lame back I have
no hesitation in recommeeding them to
the public
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents FosterMilburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doans and
take no other gj
The trouble is your livers
sick One of its products
bile is overflowing into
your blood
You cant digest your food
your appetite is poor you
suffer dreadfully from head
ache stomach ache dizzi
ness malaria constipation
etc What you need is not a
dose of salts cathartic water
or pills but a liver tonic
This great mediane acts gently on
the sick liver It punfies the blood
renews theappetite feeds the nerves
clears the brain and cures consti
It is a true mediane for sfck liver
and kidneys and regulates all the
cgestive functions Try it
At all dealers In medicines In
25c packages
If George Washington Could Eise
from the Grave
And see our cities lighted bright as
day hear the whir of the electric
car the click of the telegraph talk
over the telephone send a message
to King Edward by wireless ex
amine his own bones with an X
ray view the snow fields sunny
plains and canals of Mars through
a telescope take a flight in an air
ship cruise in a submarine boat
dash across the continent in a
Golden Gate Limited get dazzled
with a grain of fadium and run
over by an auto going 70 miles an
hour but what the use going back
100 years
A work on chemistry ten years
old is no good now only as a matter
of curiosity being superseded by
later discoveries The same is
true of physics zoology astrono
my and the other science true of
shorthand and bookkeeping and
nearly everything else
As the auto tbe electric car and
the lightning express have taken
the place of the stage coacn
and the oxcart as the modern
steamer has crowded out the sail
boat as the typewriter has dis
placed the goose quill pen and
pokeberry ink as the telegraph
telephone and wireless telegraphy
have succeeded old methods of
communication so the Famous
Byrne Systems of Practical Book
keeping and Shorthand are taking
the place of the old systems The
reason is plain It cuts tho time
and cost of becoming an expert ac
countant or stenograpbsr in half
lets the student begin earning
while the student of the old sys
tem is not hajf thru learning
gives him a better practical work
ing knowledge which means a
higher salary These systems can
only be bad at the Byrne Business
Colleges located as follows At
lanta Ga Memphis Commercial
College 46 N Second street Mem
phis Tenn Capital City Business
College Guthria Okla Tyler
Commercial College Tyler Tex
who own and control them
Young people interested in a
thorough practical modern educa
tional one that can be had at a
small expense and that will bring
sure and pleasing returns should
write for catalog and make ar
rangements to enter at once the
work of these schools is fuily guar
anteed railroad fare paid both
ways if not found as advertised
My Best Friend
Alexander Bentonwho lives on Eural
Route lFort Edward N Y says Dr
Kings New Discovery is my best earth
ly friend It cured me of asthma six
years ago It has also performed a won
derful cure of incipient consumption for
my sons wife The first bottle ended
the terrible cough and this accomplish
ed the other symptoms left one by one
until she was perfectly well Di Kings
New Discoverys power over coughs and
colds is simply marvelous No other
remedy has ever equaled it Fully guar
anteed by W J Sedberry druggist 50c
and 100 Trial bottle free
The Way They Hunted
A captain in the Russian Imperial
guards rented from a vice president
of the Austrian Jockey club a hunting
estate for which after taking posses
sion he refused to pay on the ground
that there was very little game The
t ender brought an action In the courts
of Eger Bohemia for reanery and
produced evidence to show that the
captain and three friends had spent
five weeks on the estate but passed
all their time In drinking They had
consumed 12S0 bottles of champagne
On these facts a compromise was ef
If Tou Dont
Succeed the first time use Herbine and
on will get instant relief The greatest
liver regulafor A positive cure for con
stipation Dyspepsiamalaria chills and
all liver complaints Mr C of Emory
Texas writes My wife has been using
Herbine for herself and children for five
years It is a sure cure for constipation
a malaria fever which is substantia
ted by what it has done for my family
Sold by W J Sedberry
Postal development in China has
compelled a revision of the Chin
ese city namea
Did you ever notice what a lot of
friends you haven t got when you land of which 76450 acres are un
need one
Great Injury Is Sustained
Part of North Texas
Hunt Hopkins Cooke Denton and
Red River Counties Visitecrand the
Destruction of a Number of Building
Is One Result
Greenville Tex May 7 The little
town of Rldgeway on the Cotton Belt
railway in the edge of Hopkins coun
ty was struck by a cyclone about 330
oclock Monday afternoon Three peo
ple were killed and a number injured
About one dozen houses were blown
down and fully fifty farm dwellings
wrecked in the vicinity
The town of Birthright ten miles
south of Sulphur Sprins is a total
wreck Rescuers tearing away the
fallen churches houses and store
houses found several people who were
seriously injured Only a blacksmith
shop was left
Dave Birthright for whom the town
was named and one of the most pros
perous merchants of that place was
struck in the back by flying debris and
is thought fatally injured
The old Tom Polk place was blown
away and Ben Polk and Mrs Tom
Polk Injured
Nelter was the next town struck
and many houses demolished The
deaths are Lloyd Braziel Mrs Sid
Lackey child of Mr Martin and an
unknown baby
Lloyd Braziel and family lived on
the Lemmon farm three miles east of
Rldgeway With his family he left
his home to go to another house on
the farm They were nit by flying
debris and Braziel was instantly kill
ed His wife was perhaps fatally in
jured and his two children are in a
critical condition The house was un
touched Lloyd Braziel was a Chris
tion minister and also a renter on the
Lemmon farm
Mrs Sld Lackey was killed by fall
ing timbers at her home a few miles
west of Tarrant Her house was blown
down and other members of her fam
ily reported Injured but none fatally
The child of Mr Martin was hit on
the head by flying debris while run
ning from the gallery into the house
Mr Martin lives at Nelter on the Sul
phur Springs and Parl3 < road An
unknown baby was killed five miles
northeast of Rldgeway at Posey
Three miles east of Rldgeway the
house of Mr Lemmon was also blown
down and some of his family Injured
The residence of Tom Pague was
struck and Mr Pagues arm was brok
en Then mother of Mr Pague was
The houses of the two Messrs Beck
were completely blown away and mem
bers of both families Injured
The house of a Mr Thompson in
the same neighborhood was struck
and several children Injured but not
Wind Did a Vast Amount of Injury to
Barns and Windmills
Gainesville Tex May 7 In Cooke
county much damage was also done
Tne cloud which was accompanied
by a very heavy hail came from the
northwest and first struck Cooke coun
ty at Muenster eighteen miles west
of Gainesville where it tore down
barns many windmills and fences
At Myra three miles from that place
serious damage was done the fine
residence of J E Joegers being scat
tered over the prairie any many more
outhouses being blown away
At Era fourteen miles southwest of
Gainesville many barns and windmills
are down and people sought safety
in storm cellars
Gainesville was in the path of the
storm and the residence and barn of
Robert Burch north of the city were
destroyed and all his farming tools
were blown off his farm
Several Houses Demolished and Debris
Blown In Streets
Deport Tex May 7 The Baptist
church and a number of other build
ings were demolished here by a tor
nado Shingles picture frames and
debris in general fell on the streets
At Halestburg six miles south of
Deport Andrew Bills house was
blown down and his wife and little
daughter hurt
The approach of the cyclone was
watched for several minutes by De
port people hundreds of whom sought
refuge in storm houses and other
places of safety The path of the cy
clone was 200 feet wide and eight
miles long
Fragments of trees pieces of house
hold furniture and like substances
were blown as far as Clarksville
That Section of Hopkins County Is
Swept by Terrible Cyclone
Sulphur Springs Tex May 7 In
the Pleasant Grove neighborhood a
cyclone did much damage A num
ber of housese were blown down
Mr Martins house was blown half
a mile and he was fatally Injured and
his child killed also a grand child of
Mr Stevens His brothers house was
blown down and Mr Robertsons
house was blown down
Near Pilot Point
Pilot Point Tex May 7 Two dis
tince cj clones visited this vicinity
Several buildings were demolished but
no casualties are reported
Stop Grumbling
If you suffer from rheumatism or pains
for Ballards Snow Liniment will bring
quick relief It is a sure cure for sprains
rheumatism contracted muscles and all
pains and within the reach of all Price
25c 5Uc U 00 CRSmitb TenahaTex
writes I have used Ballards Snow Lin
iment in my family for years and have
found it a fine remedy for all pains and
aches I recommend it for pains in tbe
chest Sold by W J Sedberry
The Rppublic of Panama con
tains about 20781000 acres of
der cultivation
Negro Rxecuted Is Reported
To Still Live
Houston May 6 Reports received
here from trainmen and negro pas
sengers on the Southern Pacific state
that John Armstrong a negro hanged
at Columbus Tex Friday April 19 for
wife murder revived after being
placed in his coffin and when deliv
ered to his brother at Sealy for bur
ial was given medical attention It is
declared that Armstrong is now living
and that friends and relatives are
keeping the matter quiet fearing the
state will again step in Efforts to
confirm the story thus far are without
avail but the fact that the negros
feet touched the ground when he was
hanged lends evidence to the report
If Armstrong Is living he will be the
only living man who his paid the
death penalty The fact that he was
pronounced dead at the hanging ren
ders the state powerless to again en
force the death penalty
Passes Several Bills at Morning
Session of Monday
Austin May 6 The house was in a
working mood Monday morning as
it passed finally the land bill without
further amendment The house also
passed finally the bill providing emas
culation as penalty for criminal as
sault The house also passed to en
grossment Brown of Whartons bill
relating to exceptions and appeals
from court rulings
The telephone connection hill was
considered in the house and there was
much opposition to the measure not
withstanding the fact that it Is a
platform demand and was one of the
subjects submitted by the governor in
his call for the special session Rep
resentative Kennedy said that such
measures as that have no place on
Democratic platforms but now that it
Is here the house has to make the
best of It
The senate has already passed Sen
ator Braohfields bill on this subject
and when this bill came up in the
house Representative Ray moved to
substitute his bill for the senate meas
ure and this was debated at the morn
ing session
The house refused to concur in the
senate amendments to the franchise
tax bill and asked for a conference
committee Representatives Kennedy
Beaty Terrell of McLennan and Mo
bley and Camp were appointed on the
part of the house and Senators Wil
lacy Green Skinner Masterson and
Brachfield were appointed on the part
of the senate
State Health Officer Brumby Will at
Once Issue Regulations
Austin May 6 At request of State
Health Officer Brumby Attorney Gen
eral Davidson wrote an opinion con
struing the act of 1903 regarding dis
infection of public buildings The at
torney general held that not only all
public buildings come within the pro
visions of the act hut also school
rooms hospitals lecture rooms rail
road depots opera houses club rooms
rooms for exhibition of moving pic
tures hotels and restaurants State
Health Officer Brumby said that he
will at once issue rules and regulations
in accordance with the ruling of the
attorney general and he will see that
they are rigidly enforced He is also
preparing regulations for requiring
screening of houses
TwoCent Fare Bill Defeated By a De
cisive Vote In House
Austin May 7 Representative Rob
ertson of Travis county made a mo
tion in the house to have the 2cent
railroad fare bill made the special
order for Tuesday By a vote of 59 to
34 the house refused to do so
Fausts bill relating to fees of coun
ty and district attorneys in examin
ing trials was passed in the senate
He Will Attend the Taking of Deposi
tions For Texas Suit
St Louis May 7 The government
filed in the U S circuit court replica
tion formally replying to the answer
of the Standard Oil company John D
Rockfeller and other defendants to the
government sulit to outlaw the Stand
ard Oil company The replication
merely alleges the answer of the de
fendant is uncertalnevaslve and in
Jewell P Llghtfoot assistant at
torney general of Texas is here and
will attend the taking or depositions
in connection with the Texas suit to
evict the Standard Oil company from
that state Llghtfoot came here from
New York where he took the deposi
tions of several witnesses
Noted Scotch Divine and Author
Passes Away Atter Brief Illness
Burlington la May 6 Rev Dr
John Watson lam McLaren died at
Mount Pleasant la at 1115 oclock
Monday The cause of death was
blood poisoning the result of tonsill
tis He was taken ill at Mount Pleas
ant April 25
Company Chartered
Austin May 7 Chartered The
Grahamite company of Dallas capital
stock 150000 Incorporators John A
Ewton Henry Dorsey and J E Pow
Found Dead In Bed
Omaha Tex May 7 T L Simp
son a prominent farmer was found by
his wife dead in bed
For Over Sixty Years
Mrs Wr 3Lows Sooihiso Sybdp has been
used for over 60 years by mUions of mothers
for their children while teething with perfect
success It soothes the child softens tbe gums
allays all pain cures wind colic and is lhe bet
remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor
little sufferer Immediately Sold by Druggists
in every part of the world Twentyfive cents
a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs Winslowi
Soothing Syrup and take no other kind
Guaranteed under tbe food and drugs act June
20th 1306 Serial number 10
An Omaha woman who was sued
for 8110 declared that she had al
ready paid the debt with a kiss
but tbe hard hearted Judge decided
that even a tender kiss was not
legal tender
S vsa1
NO 46
Baking Powder
jUsed in Millions of Hornes
50 Years the Standard A
Pure Cream of Tartar Pow
der Makes finest cake
and pastry light flaky bis
cuit delicious griddle cakes
palatable and wholesome
Note Avoid baking powders made from
alum They look like jiure powders and may
raise the cake but no one can eat food
mixed with alum without risk to health
Imitating a Great Painter
An Interesting story which shows
with what fidelity the work of even
such a difficult artist as Turner can be
imitated is told in connection with
Buskin In 1875 he sent a number of
facsimiles of Turners pictures to a
London exhibition with this note 1
have given my best attention during
upward of ten ears to train a copy
ist to perfect fidelity In rendering the
works of Turner and have now suc
ceeded in enabling him to produce fac
similes which I must sign with my
name to prevent their being sold for
real vignettes
100 Reward 100
The readers of this paper will be phased to
earn that there Is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been able to cure in all Itsstag
es and that Is Catarrh Halls Catarrh Cure is
the only positive cure now known to medical
fraternity Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease requires a constitutional tteatment Halls
Catarrh Cure is taken internally acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem thereby destroying the foundation of the
disease and giving the paUent strength by
building up the constitution and assisting na
ture in doing its work The proprietors have
so much faith in its curative powers that they
offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it
ails to care Send for listrof testimonial i
Address F J CHENEY CO Toledo O
Sold by all Druggists 75c
Take Halls Family Pills for constipation
Without the aid of a glass an
Australian is said to havewritten
10061 words on a postal card
Xo Need of Scratching
Other afflictions may be more pain
ful but none more annoying than many
forms of itching trouble The quickest
and most reliable remedy for itching
disease of any character is Hunts Cure
One application relieves One box guar
anteed ot cure
Lord Selburne is tbe first British
cabinet minister to accept an ap
pointment in tbe colonies
The Razor Shell
One of the most curious of the many
remarkable forms of marine life is a
species of mollusk called the razor
shell which can excavate holes in solid
rocks This creature has no English
name Its Latin name Is pholas It is
found in widely separated regions of
the earth but is most plentiful on the
coast of the Mediterranean where
limestone abounds It Is frequently
met with on the coast of Italy where
whole limestone beaches are honoj
combed with its holes It Is still
disputed point among naturalists as to
how this boring Is effected Some think
that the mollusk secretes some acid
which softens the limestone but others
think that the holes are bored by the
simple mechanical process of grinding
The preponderance of opinion appears
to He with the latter view at present
yet it is said that no one has yet been
able to catch the jiholas at work
Remarkable Kescue
That truth is stranger than fiction
has once more been demonstrated in the
little town of Fedora Tenn the resi
dence of C V Pepper He writes I was
in bed entirely disabled with hemor
rages of the lungs and throat Doctors
failed to help me and all hope bad fled
when I began taking Dr Kings New
Discovery Then instant relief came
J be coughing soon ceased the bleeding
diminimshed r pidlyandin three weeks
I was able to go to work Guaranteed
cure for coughs and colds 50c and 1 00
at W J Sedberrys drug store Trial
bottle free
It is now three hundred years
since Jamestown waa sattfed and
the Congressmen who have just
gotten back from the exposition
are saying they know now why it
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Coffins Caskets and Funeral Supplies
PHONESStore 97 Res 58
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Taylor & Taylor. Jefferson Jimplecute (Jefferson, Tex.), Vol. 39, No. 46, Ed. 1, Friday, May 10, 1907, newspaper, May 10, 1907; Jefferson, Texas. ( accessed August 10, 2020), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; .

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