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CiurroN brand
Monday Choir Saturday 3 00 p m
every Sunday 10 oclock t m Superintendent
J H RowxrL Sp Preaching first second and
fourth Sundays 11 oclock a m and 730 p m
by J S Lewis Pastor Prayer meeting every
Wednesday night 730 p m Ladies Aid Society
meets every Monday 330 oclock p m
Sabbath at 11 a m and 730 pm prayer service
every Wednesday at 730 p m Re R B
Rives Pastor Sabbath School at 9 45 a m
G W Brown Supt
Railway Time Card
Toxao 8t Pacific
No 1 Mail and Express 839 a m
No 3 Night Express 401 am
No 5 Cannon Ball 155 p m
No 1071 G N Fast Mail 349 p m
No 2 Mail and Express 647 p m
No 4 Night Express 145 am
No 6 Cannon Ball 154 p m
No 1041 G N Express 209 a m
R T Hazard Local Agent
Jefferson Texas
rvi K T
No 222 Mail and Express352 p m
No 224 Night Express 413 a m
Ni 221 Mail and Express 1043a m
No 223 Night Express 1250 a m
F M Pomero Local Agent
Jefferson Texas
A Hindu Mahata visiting New
York says All American women
are fools so it would seem that
W T Stead did not have his ideas
General Kuroki the hero of
Port Arthur Yalu and half a doz-
en other fields is likely to have
escaped a heroic death to fall by
indigestion ge has scarcely eat-
en a meal of his own selection since
he arrived in America and this
too with a menu and a cooking
that is new and deadly
We are getting lots of compliments
Two styles of which is shown above is pleasing lots
of men who are mighty particular about their
Clothes We invite every man who has not yet
called on us to come around and try on some of
these Suits Make up your mind you are going to
look your very best this season and let us help you
to do it
Sjc Q xtlttxxtt
Editors and Proprietors
vFrJday May 241907
Austin and Vale Sts Jefferson Texas
Entered atthe PostOfllce at Jefferson Texas
ai secondclass mail matter
Copies of the J eiteeson Jimplecdte in wrap-
pers ready formatting can always be had at the
office by single copies or the dozen
This paper is mailed regularly to its
anbscribers nntil a definite order to
discontinue is received and all arrears
aretpaid in full <
Advertising Jtates
Locals 5c par line each insertion Locals
will run one time only unless ordered to run
Display advertising 7 cents per inch net sin-
gle column each Insertiontnin of paper
Display advertising 10 cents per inch single
column each insertion specified position
Carl o thanks 23 cents if not exceeding 10
Resolutions of respect 75 cents
Obituaries 75 cents
CHRIST CHURCH Sunday School at 10 am
Morning Prayer at Ilium Holy Communion
First Sunday in month
Guild meets c cry Monday at 3 p m
Rev Chas T Coekr Rector
Preaching at the Methodist Church every
Sabbath by Iter A A Waijnon at 11 a m and
730pmSabbath School 1000 om L SSchluter
superintendent Praser meeting Thursday
730 p m Senior League 4 00 p m 1st and 3d
Sunday Junior League 300 p m every Sunday
Womans Ilome Mission Society 3 00 p m each
The appointment of Assistant
Commissioner Moore as Commis
sioner of Patents is the first ap-
pointment of a qualified man hat
has been made since the death of
Commissioner Butterworth early
in McKinleys first administration
Mr Moore has come up from the
ranks He served first in the
Patent Office as clerk than as As
sistant Examiner then Principal
Examiner next as Law Advisor to
the Commissioner of Patents then
for four years as Assistant Commis
sioner of Patents during a great
part of which time he was acting
Commissioner His two predeces
sors Duell and Allen were politi
cal appointments from New York
through the influence it is said of
Senator Piatt Now that bad pre-
cedent of appointing incompetent
politicians to the head of this im-
portant office his been broken it is
hoped that it may never be re-
The strike of the longshoremen
in New York has forced several
ocean steirmis to Bail without
their cargo of merchandise but for-
tunately for the companies the
longshoremen cmnot interfere
with the human cargoes which are
breaking all breaking all records
this year
Senator Piatt says that President
Roosevelt discovered the Ten Com-
mandments after he became Presi-
dent but the good would not have
ended there if he could have per-
suaded the New York Senator to
obey a few of them
The Presidents motto is Speak
softly and carry a big stick but
the beauty of it is that as long as
you are carrying the big stock you
can talk as loud as you please
The time to speak softly is when
you are unarmed
Mr Schwab has offered his three
million dollar palace in New York
to any one who will pay two mil-
lion for it Ohce he has sold this
servants boarding house he will
turn his attention to finding him-
self a real home
If it can be proved that Moyer
and Pettibone are ex convicts the
men who are parading with their
badges We are undesirable citi-
zens may decide tnat it is besi to
j wear them under their coals
Secretary Taft says he will make
no compromises or accept no con-
ditions in Ohio Senator Foraker
sa3s the same thing so the ques-
tion that Mr Cox is doubtless ask-
ing is Where do I stand
Mr Thomas Lason says that
he returned from his interview
with the Pope he felt only two
feet high The Pope cannot feel
that he has lived in vain
In a Speech to Be Delivered at the
Indibna Capital the Chief Executive
Will Address Himself as to Stability
of Railway Securities
Chicago May 20 There will he no
decrease in the prosperity of the coun-
try or recurrence of panicky condl
tions on Wall street If the adminls
tration can prevent says a dispatch
to the Tribune from Washington All
branches of the government taking
their cue from the president are act-
Ing energetically and harmoniously to
maintain the existing satisfactory
state of affairs
The president himself In the speech
he will deliver at Indianapolis next
wepk will address himself to reassur-
ing the public as to the value of rail-
road securities and will state emphati-
cally that In the matter of railroad
manipulation he proposes to let by-
gones be bvjenes and only endeavor
to secure leforms to prevent a contin-
uance of evil practices
Secretary Cortelyou is following the
market with the closest attention and
is prepared to furnish treasury sup-
port should the exigencies require
Secretary Wilson has sent three ex-
ports to southern Kansas and Okla-
homa to Investigate the damage done
to the wheat crop and was prepared
to furnish a parasitical Insect to de
stroy the green hug but action Is re
ported to be unnecessary
The secretary is giving attention
also to general conditions and wher
ever possible to facilitating the growth
of crops
In the department of commerce and
labor Secretary Straus made arrange-
ments for increasing immediately after
the beginning of the fiscal year lnves
tlgatlons Into trade conditions abroad
in order to provide new markets for
American products His effort Is be-
ing assisted by Secretary of State
Root who now says that he has settled
temporarily the tariff differences
with Germany Is arranging to effect
a permanentdisposition in the treaty
of reciprocity which will be submit
ted to congress for ratification the
coming session The secretary also
proposes to enter negotiations with
France and China for a determination
of commercial questions
Altogether Washington has seldom
seen such activity in order to cover
the prosperity of the country
For Over Sixty Tears
Mrs Winslous SooTniNO Syeup has been
used for over 00 years by millions of mothers
for their children while teething with perfect
success It soothes the child softens the gams
allays all pain cures wind colic and is ihe best
remedy for Diarrhoea It will relieve the poor
little sufferer immediately Sold by Druggists
in every part of the world Twentyfive cents
a bottle Be sure and ask for Mrs Winslows
Soothing Syrup and take no other kind
Guaranteed under the food and drugs actJunc
20th 1000 Serial number 1098
God doe3 not take account of sex
in figuring out the enormity of the
For a cold or cough take Kennedys
Laxative Cough Syrup It is Better
than any other cough remedy because
its laxative principle assures a healthy
copious action of the bowels and at the
same time it heals irritations of the
thioat strengthens the bronchial tubes
and allays inflammation of the mucous
membrane Contains Honey and Tar
pleasant to take Children like it
Conforms to the National Pure Food
and Drug Law Sold by The J F Crow
Drug Co
A ham in the smokehouse is
worth two on the Btage
A foul tongue cannot express the
desires of a clean heart
Most disfiguring ekin eruptionsscrof
ula pimples rashes etc are due to
impure blood Burdock Blood Bitters is
a cleansing blood tonic Makes you
cleareyed clearbrained clearskinned
At The J F Crow Drug Co
A lot of energy is wasted in
looking for easy jobs
When the light of love dies the
horn is in darkness
It is easy to be generous when
we have too much
Chamberlains Cough Remedy
Cures Colds Croup and Whooping Cough
The praying Christian is alwayB
a doing Christian
The best road to the throne is by-
way of the cross
Policies may change but princi-
ples are eternal
A New Back for an Old One How
It Can Be Done in Jefferson
back aches at time3 with a dull
indescribable feeling making you
weary and restless piercing pains
shoot across the region of the kidneys
and again the loins are so lame to stoop
is agony No use to rub or apply a
plaster to the back in this condition
You cannot reach the cause Exchange
the bad back for a new and stronger
Mrs J P Cox of Atlanta Tex says
My husband was annoyed for several
jeirs with a lame hack and the doctors
told him it was kidney trouble bat did
not seem to do him any good He tried
liniments and external applications but
the pain and soreness still remained
and the action of the kidneys became
very irregular Passages were at first
too frequent and then scanty with a
scalding sensation Seeing Doans
Kidney Pills recommended he got a
box and they acted wonderfully They
dispelled the pain from his back and
corrected the secretions Since then
he has never tired of telling these facts
to others
Plenty more proof like this from Jeff-
erson people Call at The J F Crow
Drug Cos store and ask what their
customers report
For sale by all dealers Price 50
cents Foste rMflburn Co Buffalo
New York sole agents for the United
Itemember the name Doans and
lake no other
has a very bad effect on your sys-
tem It disorders your stomach
and digestive apparatus taints your
I blood and causes constipation with
11 its fearful iUs
is a bland tonic liver regulator and
blood purifier
It gets rid of the poisons caused
by oversupply of bile and quickly
cures bilious headaches dizziness
loss of appetite nausea indiges
tion constipation malaria chills
and fever jaundice nervousness
Irritability melancholia and all
sickness due to disordered liver
It Is not a Cathartic but a gentle
herbal liver medicine which eases
without irritating
Price 25c at all Druggists
Meeting of the Board of Medical Ex-
aminers for the State of Texas
The last meeting of the Board of
Medical Examiners for the State of
Texas regular for examination
wiil be held in Austin Texas June
25 26 and 27 1907 This exami-
nation will be held in accordance
with the old medical law of Texas
and will be the last meeting of this
board for examination as the new
medical law of Texas the one
board bill becomds effective on
the 13th day oi July and under the
provisions of this law applicants
will only be permitted to appear
for examination who are graduates
from medical colleges of not less
than four terms of five months
each For further information ad-
dress the secretary
S M Burroughs M D
President Buffalo Texas
T T Jackson M D Secretary
San Antonio Tex Hioks Bldg
Dont git too big an idei of yoh
own importance said Uncl6 Ebeu
Oneofde saddest experiences a
man kin go through is to wake up
and have to admit dat hes disap-
pointed in hisself Washington
The JTow West Texas Town
Chautauqua formerly Vigo on
the main line of the Texas Pa-
cific Ry in Callahan county one
of the best watered counties in the
State Write Bruce Knight Sec
retary Chautauqua Townsite Co
Colorado Texas or E P Turner
G P A DallaB Texas for partic-
The Tokio NichiNichi remarks
that one days pay for an Ameri-
can workman in San Francisco rep
resents a fair monthly stipend for
a Japanese
Dont Fay Alimony
to be divorced from your appendix
There will be no occasion for it if you
keep your bowels regular with DrKings
New Life Pills Their action is so gen-
tle that the appendix never has cause
to make the least complaint Guaran-
teed by W J Sedberry druggist 25c
Try them
The time of year is near at hand
whon we find it difficult to see any
thing funny in the jokes about
the iceman
When your backaches it is almost in
variably an indication that something
is wrong with your kidneys Weak dis
eased kidneys frequently cause a break
down of the entire system DeWitts
Kidney and Bladder Pills afford promdt
relief for weak kidneys backache in
flammation of the bladder and all uri
nary troubles Sold by The J F Crow
Drug Co
Charity with a brais band at
tachment doesnt get high enough
for the recording angel to either
see or hear
Money Back
It restores strength and appetite to
those run down and affected by malaria
It is pleasant to take It is guaranteed
to cure chills and fevers or money
cheerfully refunded What more could
you ask Dont forget the name its
BITHOMGL Sold by J F Crow Drug
Two hundred and thirtysix
state banks add frust companies
are now operating in Texas
When your food has not been prop-
erly digested the entire system is im-
paired in the same proportion Your
stomach needs help Kodol For Indiges-
tion and Dyspepsia not only digests
what you eat it tones the stomach and
adds Btrength to the whole body Makes
rich pure blood Kodol conforms to the
National Pnre Food and drug Law Sold
by The J F Crow Drug Co
The hardest work some people
do is to complain about the taks
of tomorrow
DeWitts Carbolized Witch Hazel
Salve does not merely heal on the sur
face it penetrates the pores and prompt
ly relieves pain caused by boils burns
scalds cuts and skin diseases It is es
pecially good for piles Beware of imita-
tions Sold by The J F Crow Drug Co
Man is the only animal that will
deliberately get drunk the second
Do Xot Suffer
Xo use suffering from itching piles
when one hot of Hunts Cure is abso-
lutely guarmteed to cure any case
One application wilt convince you of
its merits
Concerns Eyery Young Man and
Every man and woman should
be concerned in a course of Book-
keeping and Business Training
Their education is not complete
without it If you are poor you
nee d this practical knowledge that
may earn a comfortable living If
your parents are rich you need
this practical knowledge that you
may be able to take care of the
wealth they leave you
The Tyler Commercial College
of Tyler Texas is known as the
greatest school of Bookkeeping and
Business Training in this country
Their courses are exceeding thor-
ough practical and complete Four
months training in this institution
is worth six months inany other
school Most business collegaa at-
tempt to teach bookkeeping only
in their business course while the
Tyler Commercial College teaches
bookkeeping thru an actual busi-
ness process of face to face transac-
tions which teaches business as
well as bookkeeping The stu-
dent while taking the course writes
up many drafts deeds mortgages
notes receipts insurance policies
etc in fact every kind of commer-
cial paper and makes hundreds of
transactions with banks wholesale
houses commission offices freight
offices etc The school room is
one great community of business
houses where many students are
actively engaged in transacting
business and recording same This
method is exceedingly interesting
as well as thorough and practical
Shorthand Telegraphy may be-
taken with this course They
teach practical Telegraphy and
Station work the Famous Byrne
Simplified Shorthand and Practical
Bookkeeping It is these famous
systems their excellent corps of
teachers and their modern busi-
ness methods that have made their
school one of the largest in Ameri-
ca Write them for free catalog
and full information You will be
surprised to find that you have the
opportunity of attending so thor-
ough and practical a school of
Bookkeeping Business Training
Shorthand Typewriting Telegra-
phy and Station Work a school
that is doing much for the practical
education and success of our young
Austin Texas March 291907
To the Tax Assessors of Texas
You are directed to give notice to
taxpayers in your respective counties
to call and correct their assessments
made before March 29th and give in
any money and notes or other property
not heretofore given in and place the
full value on all property Instruct
them that if they do not do this you
will ask the Commissioneis Court to
place the proper valuation on same
W J McDonald
State Kevenue Agent
I will be in my office every Saturday
until June 1st
Davis Biggs Assessor
Hill county must now pay an
auditor 2200 per year to do the
work that can be done for 8200 by
appointment of the clerk at the
time the work was needed ThiB
is the work of the legislature in
making more places for the hungry
office seekers Blum Budget
Drying preparations simply devel-
op dry catarrh they dry up the secretions
nhieh adhere to tho membiano and decom-
pose causing a far more serious trouble than
tho ordinary form of catarrh Avoid all dry-
ing inhalants fumes smokes and snuffs
and use that which cleanses soothes and
heals Elys Cream Balm is such a remedy
and will cure catarrh or cold in the head
easily and pleasantly A trial size will bo
mailed for 10 cents All druggists sell tho
COc size Ely Brothers DG Warren St NY
The Balm cures without pain does not
irritato or cause sneezing It spreads itself
over an irritated and angry surface reliev-
ing immediately the painful inflammation
With Elys Cream Balm you are armed
against Nasal Catarrh and Hay Fever
A lot of people never hear op-
portunity knocking because they
are themselves too busy knock-
ing other people
Paint Buying
Made Safe
White Lead and
Linseed Oil need
no argument no
advertising to
maintain them-
selves as the best
and most economic
beenfor the buyer to be
always sure of the purity
of the white lead and oil
We have registered the
trade mark of the Dutch Boy painter
to be the final proof of quality gen-
uineness and purity to paint buyers
everywhere This trade mark appears
on every keg of
Pure White Lead
made by the Old Dutch Process
A Talk on Paint ci e Taloable Informa-
tion on the paint subject Free npon request
Clark Ave and xotb St St Louis Mo
al paint yet known
man The difficulty
ForSale by All Dealers
L C McConley suicided at Crescent
City Okla
Hamlin Tex Is to have two new
cotton mills
There is a scarcity of barbed wire
In Indian Territory
A revolution Is declared to be Im-
minent in Nicaragua
Southern hotel to cost 67000 la
to beerected at Dallas
A case of yellow fever is reported
in the interior of Guatemala
Chancellor Aswell of the University
of Mississippi has resigned
Coal mining companies at Wilburton
I T are deluged with orders
In a raid at Mexla Tex fortyeight
cases of beer were confiscated
First National bank of Lawton
Okla is to have a 75000 building
Edward Choice a negro was shot ta
death at Dallas An arrest was made
Two stores at Denton Tex were
burglarized and a milkman robbed ol
Five miles south of Burleson Tex
a farmer named Reagan hanged him-
A woman at City of Mexico admits
sale of men into peonage at 100 per
Body of W L Davis was found In
the Trinity river three miles west ol
Terrell Tex oil mill will supply
farmers cottonseed at 35 cents per
H R NIckerson vice president ol
the Mexican Central railway has re-
Dempsey Lauderdale a boy near
Morrison Okla was dragged to death
by a pony
Oklahoma will send a large delega-
tion to the exConfederate reunion at
City National bank of Walter Okla
capital stock 25000 is a new financial
Madlll I T Elevator and Grain
company capital stock 50000 has
been organized
Texas National Guard encampment
will be held at Camp Mabry near Aus- >
tin July 19 to 26
After a five months drouth over an
inch of rain has fallen in the Eagle
Pass Tex section
Charles Lelinton an aged man iea
at Palestine Tex shortly after bis ar-
rival Heart trouble
Joe Gans the negro pugilist Is to
erect at Baltimore a 30000 hotel foi
members of his race
General Kuroki placed a wreath up-
on the grave of the late exPresident
Grant at New York
North Texas Insane asylum at Ter
rell has 2034 patients the largest
number In its history
For 80000 Sidney Webb of Belle-
vue Tex has purchased the Crazy
well at Mineral Wells
J A Boss many years claim agent
for the Santa Fe has resigned to en-
gage in other business
There are seventyeight criminal
cases in the Federal cdurt at Durant
which convenes June 3
A Rossi the tenor singer who cut-
out his tongue at Milan Italy becaus
he lost his voice Is dead
Hon B F Yoakum pronounces tho
roadbed and track of the Texas Mid-
land railway in fine shape
In fumigating the ship Oanafa at
Port Townsend Wash six girl stow-
aways were nearly suffocated
Fees paid out by Uncle Sam for
special counsel to profscute and In
vestigate trusts amount to 270000
The Kimbley building at Jenks
twelve miles south of Tulsa I T and
contents burned The loss Is 10000
John Ireton a Chickasaw nation pio
neer was burned to death at his res
dence sixteen miles west of Chlcka
Case of yellow fever at Guatamala
has resulted in marine hospital sen
vice quarantining against that coun-
During the past twelve months the
Dairy Kitchen at Dallas cleared 10
75885 which was all given to char-
In a fight four miles from Madlll
I T Jim Harris was shot twice and
Phillips Harris hit on the head with a
Texas Hardware Jobbers assocla
tion which met at Galveston elected
Charles F Nash of Fort Worth presi-
D W Bass the 10000 per year
purchasing agent of the Panama canal
commission has tendered his resigna-
The first grain elevator in Mexico
to be erected at the City of Mexico
is to cost 400000 and have a capaci-
ty for storing 200000 bushels
Dellus Vineyard company of Okla
homa City Moss Point Miss and
Chicago capital stock 100000 has
filed Its charter at Guthrie
The little son of George Lusby
negro was drowned In a tank near
Rice Tex In trying to save her chlM
the boys mother came near drowning
A negress named Jlmmle Mitchell
had her throat fatally cut at Paris
Tex Henry Mitchell her husband
wasjailed His throat was badly cut
Kate White a white woman and Re
fuglo Margarclo a Mexican were
found dead in a shack In that section
of San Antonio known as Little Mex-
While attempting to remove with
other section hands a handcar from
the Santa Fe track near Brownwood
Tex Arthur Cowan was killed by a
Rev Levi Tenny an aged Presby
terian divine passed away at Brown
wood Tex He was stated clerk ol
the Central Texas presbytery thirty
five years
On her retirement from the stage
at the Grand Opera House New York
on the 18th Fay Templeton In
speech said she felt as though sha
was lea Ing a dear friend
ir Ton Dont
Succeed the first time use Herbine and
you will get instant relief The greatest
liver regulafor A positive cure lor con-
stipation Dyspepsiamalaria chills and
all liver complaints Mr C of Emory
Texas writes My wife has been using
Herbine for herself and children for five
years It is a sure cure for constipation
and malaria fever which is substantia-
ted by what it has done for my family
Sold by W J Sedberry
A writer says that some frrmers
are raising S10 worth of corn on an
acre where they might grow 100
worth of fruit
A Bowie county court gave a
fellow twenty years in the peniten
tiary for snatching a ladyB purse
and the purse contained only a lit-
tle pin money Two Abilene bank-
ers were given five years the same
week for wrecking a bank in which
there was 100000 of other peo-
ples money Pittsburg Gazette
Hows This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Kewardfor any
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Halls
Catarrh Cure F J CHENEY CO ToledoO
We the undersigned have known F J Cheney
for the last 15 years aud believe him perfectly
honorable in all business transactionsandfinan
dally able to carry out any obligations mode by
this firm Walding Kinnan Marvin
Wholesale Druggists Toledo O
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internally acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system Testimonials sent free Price 75
cents per bottle Sold by all Druggists
Take Halls Family Pills for constipation
When we were a boy we thought
that if we could have all the dough-
nuts we wanted we would be hap-
py Now we dont like doughnuts
No Need or Scratching
Other afflictions may be more pain-
ful but none more annoying than many
forms of itching trouble The quickest
and most reliable remedy for itching
disease of any character is Hunts Cure
One application relieves One box guar-
anteed ot cure
It is always bo easy to see when
another man is making a poor in-
vestment and so bard to under-
stand that you make them yourself
Chamberlains Cough Remedy
Cures Colds Croup and Whooping Cough
Tylers first car of potatoes
brought 1 20 per buBhel
NO 48
Job Printing
of all kind
Job Office
KS dQ ifrsss gjsps Oreaut of Tar-
tar skssizieiv frse from mlum
Strongest piira sf9nsst economical
and healthf ol m Eoavsuing agents
Carefully uard yow food from alum
In an aedres3 delivered before
the Ethical Culture Society in
Carnegie Hall New York by Dr
Felix Adler on the Evils of Sur-
plus Wealth hedeclared the de-
sire to accumulate vast wealth to
be a form of insanity that there
was something irrational in great
wealth that there is no due pro-
portion between wealth and needs
nor between wealth and deserts
Rate as high as you please the ser-
vice which capitalists have ren-
dered in economy of production
still you cannot say those millions
that are rolling up while a man is
abroad or hunting on bis estate are
fair there is something insane in
the situation There may ba
some fortunes clean I dont know
but the majority of great for-
tunes are unclean The taint of
what theologians call original sin
is in shem Brenham Banner
Keinarfcablo Rescue
That truth is stranger than fiction
has once more been demonstrated in the
little town of Fedora Tenn the resi-
dence of C V Pepper He writes Twaa
in bed entirely disabled with hemor
rages of the lungs and throat Doctors
failed to help me and all hope had fled
when I began taking Dr Kings New
Discovery Then instant relief came
J he coughing soon ceased the bleeding
dimininished rapidlyandin three weeks
I was able to go to work Guaranteed
cure for coughs and colds 50c and 100
at W J Sedberrys drug store Trial
bottle free
A good mirror is the one that re
flectsjust what we want to Bee
A Pure Chill Cure
The news of the pure drug law has spread from uccra to
ocean There would have been no need of a pure drug
law if all the Chill Cures were as pure as
which is guaranteed by sereals number 6070 under the
Pure Drug Act of June 30 1906 for the cure of
Malaria Chills Fever and LaGrippe
BITHOMOL is different from any other tonic being one
of the greatest system builders known to the medical
profession BITHOMOL destroys the malarial germs
and makes the sick and weak feel equal to the pursuits
of the walks of everybody life BITH0M0L has no
equal s a nerve tonic If you are afflcted with any of
the diseases above referred to and will give us the his-
tory of your case our physician who has successfully
used the formula for
the past 25 years will give such advice as the symptoms
suggest without charge If you want the best tonic on
earth ask your druggist for BITHOMOL Take no
substitute for there is none Manufactured by
BI = THQ = MOL MEDICINE CO Greenville Texas
I sell BiTboMol and it gives en-
tire satisfaction both to myself and
customs I have been selling Bi
ThoMol for quite a while and have
never had a bottle returned It doea
all you claim for it
Longview Texas
I have been using and selling Bi
ThoMol for about 18 months and
find it to be the best for Chills and
Biliousness I ever used It outsells
any tonic I ever sold Please ship
me 12 gross at once to Winnsboro
Texas and oblige J B MOUNT
Andrews Texas
Sold by The J P Crow Drug Go
GT haggard
Coffins Caskets and Funeral Supplies
PHONES Store 97 Res 58

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Taylor & Taylor. Jefferson Jimplecute (Jefferson, Tex.), Vol. 39, No. 48, Ed. 1, Friday, May 24, 1907, newspaper, May 24, 1907; Jefferson, Texas. ( accessed August 12, 2020), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; .

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