[Manifiesto de Liorna.]


Handwritten document in multiple languages which discusses biographical and political information from Agustín de Iturbide's notes.

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[119] p.

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Iturbide, Agustin de September 27, 1823.


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Handwritten document in multiple languages which discusses biographical and political information from Agustín de Iturbide's notes.

Physical Description

[119] p.


Item No. [HD 16-2.3271]1760 -----. [Manifiesto de Liorna.] Unsigned September 27, 1823.
61 l. 24 × 34 cm. Written in Italian. Consists of the Memorias and a series of supporting documents. (Unnumbered) Iturbide: [Memoria.] 25 l. (f. 36-61). Summary of his public life. Unsigned, with marginal corrections. September 27, 1823. For contents, see No. 1757. a. Cortes Extraordinarias de Madrid: Acta. 1 l. (f. 12). Denial of the Treaty of Córdoba. February 13, 1822. Cf. No. 1372 and 1759. b. Iturbide: [Proclama.] Unsigned. 1 l. (f. 12-12v). [May 18, 1822?] Cf. No. 1421 and 1759b. c. Congreso Constituyente Mexicano: Proclama a la Nación. Mexico, 5 l. (f. 12v-16). Signatories: Francisco Cantarines, President; José Ignacio Gutiérrez, and Francisco Rivas. May 21 (19?), 1822. Cf. also No. 1406b and 1759c. Printed: DLA, Doc. iv, 88-90 (German translation); PMI, Doc v, 131-141 (French translation); RMT, IV, 95-96; ZHM, X, Apéndice, Doc. 8, pp. 67-68; NGM, May 24, 1823, No. 62, p. 1. d. Soberano Congreso Mexicano: Decreto [sobre nulidad del imperio.] Mexico, 1 l. (f. 16-16v). Signatories: Cantarines, Gutiérrez, and Rivas, addressed to José Ignacio García Illueca. April 8 (5?), 1823. Cf. No. 1643. e. Álvarez, Francisco de Paula: Parere Fiscale. Mexico, 5 l. (f. 16v-28). Addressed to José Manuel Herrera. Report of investigation of conspiracy against the Empire. Reference to: Juan Pablo Anaya; José Rafael Andrade; Juan de Dios Arzamendi; Becerra; Carlos María Bustamante; José María Bustamante; Tomás del Castillo; Castro; Cugino(?); Echenique; Erdosain; Fagoaga; Manuel Fernández Aguado; Agustín Gallego; Juan Gómez of Guatemala; José Rafael González; José Joaquín de Herrera; Domingo Hoyo; Luis Iturribarria; Juan José López Romano; Juan José Machado; La Madrid; Dr. Mier (author of L'Amico della Pace); Mayogoitia; Juan de Dios Mayorga of Guatemala; Francisco de Mier; Lic. José Joaquín Morales; Obregón; Manuel Orio del Campillo; Adriano Oviedo; Conde del Peñasco; Lic. Quintana; Vicente Rementeria; Manuel Rincón; Aterogenes Rojas (Rojanos), Paulino Sámano; Anastacio Serecero; Ignacio Sierra; Joaquín Sires; Ugartechea; José del Valle; Luciano Velázquez; Juan Vélez; Antonio Villalba; Durango; Huamantla; Llanos de Apán; Perote; Puebla; Tehuacán; Tulancingo; Valladolid; Veracruz; Bando di Masnadieri. September 30, 1822. Cf. No. 1759e. Printed: DLA, Doc. viii, 98-103 (German translation); PMI, Doc. viii, 146-182 (French translation). f. Congreso Constituyente Mexicano: [Acta declarando su Independencia.] Mexico, Unsigned. 1 l. (f. 28-28v). April 8, 1823. Cf. No. 1641. g. -----: Credenziale dei Deputate in Cortes. 2 l. (f. 28v-29v). Unsigned. Form only. 1823. Cf. No. 1510. h. -----: Copia della formula del giuramento che prestarono i sri Deputati in Cortes nella funzione della chiese e che precedi l'installazione dei congreso. Unsigned. 2 l. (f. 29v-30). Printed: PMI, Doc. x, 187-188 (French translation). i. Atto di Casamata. 2 l. (f. 30-31). No signatures. February 1, 1823. Cf. No. 1559 and 1759i. j. Álvarez, Francisco de Paula: Ufficio della segreteria delle Relazioni. Tacubaya, 5 l. (f. 31-35). Defense of policy and agreement to abdicate. March 29, 1823. Cf. No. 1631. Printed: DLA, Doc. xii, 107-110 (German translation); PMI, Doc. xii, 195-199 (French translation). l. Iturbide, Agustín de: [Proclama al Congreso. 8 l. (f. 1-8v). Defense of his actions and policy. Reference to: Alamán; Apodaca; Bravo; Calvo; Calleja; Cortazar; General Cruz; Echávarri; Felice Fernández; Hidalgo; Antonio Labarrieta; General Llanos; Pedro Celestino Negrete; Brigadier Parres; Condesa de Rul; Santa Ana; Guadalupe Victoria; Lorenzo Zavala; Bajonettate(?); Cóporo; Congregación de San Felipe in Mexico; Guanajuato; Guatemala; Havana; Philadelphia; Plan de Iguala; Oaxaca; República de San Salvador; Querétaro; Regimiento Provincial de Valladolid; Treaty of Córdoba; Veracruz. March 29, 1823.] Cf. No. 1632 and 1759l. m. Trattati celebrati nella cittá di Cordova. 3 l. (f. 9-11). Signatories: Iturbide, Juan O'Donojú, and José Domínguez, from copy by Joaquín de Herrera, countersigned: Tomás Illanes. August 24, 1821. Cf. No. 1759. Printed: BDC, Doc. 4, pp. 98-105 (Spanish text); BCH, V, 232-234; CLD, 252-254; CMS, XII, 68-73; DLA, Doc. ii, 83-86; MAI, Doc. 4, pp. 93-99; NRI, 107-109; NVM, 97-101, 297-301; NGM, 1821, Supl. al No. 119, Oct. 3, 1821, pp. 2-3; PMI, Doc. ii, 116-126 (French translation); RBL, 264-267; RMT, III, 739-740; SCD, II, 165-171; ZHM, X, Doc. 9, pp. 61-66.


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