Palestine Daily Herald (Palestine, Tex), Vol. 2, No. 261, Ed. 1, Thursday, May 5, 1904 Page: 2 of 4

P9PW v w f T
Old school Democrats in Boston
are furious Congressman Mc
Nary is suspected of having Hearst
leanings and he is a delegate to
the St Louis convention and an
Olney man With Olney out of it
McNary has given it out in plain
type that he will land in the
Hearat camp and bring his friends
with him McNary is the best
politician in Massachusetts he
managed the campaign last year
and the year before and he is a
power among the IrishAmericans
and FrenchAmericans who ap-
pear to do the bulk of the voting
for the Democratic parly in the
old Bay State He represents one
of the Boston districts lie keeps
in touch with his consitueuts and
knows his business
When the discipliner get
down to business and the Boston
congressman reads the riot act to
the little fellows there will be fun
in the back bay district There
will be a hot old time inv the old
town of St Louis in July Do
not overlook this prediction
Dallai TimesHerald
Alfalfa is a coming crop in
tins section
Tixas is getting an abundant
supply of rain
This weather is very much like
some people we know wont set-
Thk truck grower has his crop
out and the money in before the
boll weevil gets busy
The Japs and Russians are run-
ning a hot foot race with the
Russians decidedly in the lead
Palkstink continue to grow
Several nice residences are under
c mstrurtion and others have been
contracted for
It must be ery disgusting to
the Houston Post after publish
T p
Entered in the Palestine Texas Postofllce as SecondClass Mail Matter
Published Every Afternoon Sunday Excepted
Editors and Proprietors
The Hamilton Boys You Know
Take you heed of
this As sure as you
llvethe producers are
the feeders and cloth-
iers of the world
Among freemen
there should bo no
masters but Justice
and duty and lovo cf
right and fellowman
2 lovers sat beneath the shado
And 1 un 2 the other said
How 14 8 that you be 9
Have smiled upon this suit of mine
If 6 a heart it palps for you
Thy voice is mu 6 melody
Tis 7 to be thy loved 12
Say 9y nyniph wilt marry me
Then lisped she soft Why 13 ly
The old saying we are never
too old to learn has been veri-
fied as true at Palestine The
Hamilton boys were born in a
newspaper office and have been
running newspapers since they
were knee high to a puddle duck
and have just been converted to
the idea of making their advertis-
ing columns a business proposi-
Good for the Herald The news-
papers are ridden too freely for
free advertising and free puffing
by people who will figure all over
town the state or the continent to
get a job fifty cents cheaper than
the freely ridden editor will do it
If the advertising in the way of
complimentary notices and write
ups given by newspapers is worth
anything to the supposed bene-
ficiaries it is certainly worth their
patronage when they have an oc-
casional jobjto be printed If it
is < worth notbinglto theniT the
ing from two to three columns of
Parker gush every day to be able
only to get out of it all that Park-
er has still carried Now York
Austin is not right in the swim
but shes on the bank Wq wont
have the stale convention but we
will scoop in the better part of
their results Austin Siatesinan
Is that a threat or a prediction
If you have not subscribed to
the fund to advertise Anderson
county through the Anderson
Countj Commercial and Immi-
gration Association today is a
good day to come across By
helping to advertise your county
you are helping yourself
Of thk entire set of delegates
chosen to the state convention of
Illinois Hearst has J2 per cent
He will at this rate have 1231 out
of the 1341 delegates to the con-
vention which will put Illinois in
the Hearst column at the national
convention at St Louis Hous-
ton Daily JSaws
Fkom a standpoint of variety
and quantity of production An-
derson county has no superior in
the world as a truck and farming
country Besides it has thou-
sands of acres of good pasture
lands aifcabiindance of fresh wa
J i3i PIlimata1anil
seasons S ndrwrtuialliltliisahcr
landsarc 1 cheap andcan be
bought on most reasonable terms
JS you are looking for a home you
cannot do better than come to
Anderson county
Parkur had the platform of
New York made to fit his views
they say We were alwajs under
the impression that itwas the bus-
iness of the delegates Mint to con-
ventions to make the platforms as
an expression of their will and
that it was the business of such
delegates to sec that the man nom-
inated was in harmony with the
views therein exptesscd The Ilill
Bclmont Wall street machine will
have a hard thing making the peo-
ple of the country satisfied with
either their platform or their can-
didate NacogdochesPlaiiidcaler
Hexrv Gkouui in is writing
stories on Modern Finance for
magazines His latest in Peai
mhis deals with the affairs of the
shipbuilding trust organized by
Lewis Nixon manipulated by
Pierpont Morgan and wrecked by
Charles M Schwab Captain
Kidd was a professional pirate
and said so The methods em
ployed by these New York finan-
ciers as outlined by Mr George
make the buccaneer life of Cap-
tain Kidd by comparison cini
nelly respectable District Attor
ncry Jerome who grows pale
about the gills when discussing
cheap gamblers anil their game
should devote his attention to tin
colossal swindlers who operate in
Wall street he should go after
the loidly gentlemen uho run
bunco games play he church
pose as model citizens and throw
a dollar to charity as a miser
throws a crust to a started ward
Head Pearsons on Modern Fi-
nance and then ask why it is
that the cheap lout who steals a-
piece of old brass or pawns a bor-
rowed coat goes to tin1 pen while
men who rake in illegitimate mil-
lions aie looked upon as the salt
of the earth Dallas TimesHer
lnrC f f
T fk
at midnight and lasted until S oclock
this morning Tlio wind blew at the
rale of 50 miles per hour The weather
bureau reports general rains over tlio
state There is no report from the
cxtremo west Tlio heaviest rain was
at Wharton Texas where BOO Inches
fell during Jhe night Next
Taylor with
d nners are
were few who were not uneasy1 r
Three School Children Drowned
by the Flood Near Austin
Austin Texas May 1 Adeplorablo
accident occurred hear Dalvallo this
county as a result of tlio fearful rain-
storm yesterday GoniaSmith Roland
Foster and Jessie Foster returning
from school drove into a gulch on the
prairie ordinarily dry but now a rag
ing torrent Tlio hack was overturned
by the force of current and all three
were drowned The bodies were re
covered this morning two miles below
the place where the accident occurred
In Austin many houses were inun-
dated several persons escaping nar-
rowly Much damage was done to
telephone and telegraph wires and
train service seriously interrupted on
all roads Fire inches fell in three
hours which Is the heaviest ever
known in Travis county
Bryan Texas May 4 Late yester-
day opening during the heavy rain-
storm Mr D F Holland was instantly
killed by lightning at his home in the
Reliance community Mr Holland
was standing on his back gallery when
lightning struck the roof near the
chimney ran down the gutter tore
through the roof struck Mr Holland
on the head and ran down both sides
of his body His clothing was torn off
and his legs considerably burned the
left foot being torn by the bolt which
also tore up the gallery floor Mr
Hollands death was instantaneous
In the bouse Mr Hollands little son
was knocked down near the firoplaeo
and stunned and the stock of a shotgun
was splintered by a bolt Tlio roof
was badly torn up two blocks of tlio
house split open and the doorstep
knocked down No ono was present
but tlio family and Mr Holland was
alone on tlio gallery
Galveston Texas May 1 An un-
usually hard rain storm accompanied
by a high wind began here last night
High School Commencement at
City Hall May 12 1901
815 Oclock
Song America
IJy Audience
Rev L D Anderson
Salutatory Southern Poets
Minis J Jackson
Piano Soto La Ralladino
Miss Louise Stevens
Class Poet The Class
Miss Hannah Lewenthal
Vocal Solo The Bird and the Rose
Miss Ethel Burton
Class Prophet
Miss Mary Sullivan
Violin Solo II Travatoro
Jliss Rena Hewutt
Miss Bessie Bailey accompanist
Valedictory The New Me diterrancan
Miss Flossie Harder
Vocal Duett I Would That My Lovo
Mrs John D Grigsby
Mrs Horace McMahan
Address to tlio Graduating Class
and Presentation of Diplomas
A Collego Education
Dr R S Hyer Regent SW Univ
Presentation of Diplomas and Uni-
versity Affiliation Certificates
Dr R S Hyer
When tlio Sap IUhch
Weak lungs should bo careful Coughs
and colds are dangerous then One
Minute Cough Cure cures coughs and
colds and givo strength to tlio lungs
Mrs G E Fenncr of Marion Indiana
says I suHcred with a couch until I
run down in weight from 1JS to 92 lbs
I tried a number of remedies to no
avail until I used Ono Minute Cough
Cure Four bottles of this wonderful
remedy cured mo entirely of the
cough strengthened my lungs and re-
stored mo to my normal weight Health
and strength Sold by Mooro Bal
A Cure or Pilot
I had a bad case of piles Kays 3
F Carter of Atlanta la and con-
sulted a physiciin who adiscil rue to
try a box of DoWitts Witch Hael
Salvo I purchased a box and was on
tirelv cured It is uplendid for piles
giving relief instantly and I heartily
recommend it to all suirorers Do
WittH Witch HaulSil vols unequalled
for its holding qualities Eczema and
other skin disease al o sores cuts
burns mm wounds of every kind are
qtilekly eurcil by it Sold by Mooro
W > T
All announcements for office in the
Herald must be paid for in advance
No dovlation from this rule
Fees County offices eitherdailyor
weekly editions S500 in both daily
and woeklv editions 750 Precinct
ofllcoi S300 in both daily and weekly
editions 500 City offices For all
offices excopt aldermen either daily
or weekly editions 500 in both edi-
tions S750 Aldermen In either
daily or weokly editions 300 in both
editions 500
The following announcements are
all mado subject to the action of the
Democratic party unless otherwise
stated j
For State Senator
J no H Pcvton
C C Stokes
For Representative-
S A McMeans
J E Rose
For District Judge
B II Gardner
Jcrre M Crook
Jno Y Gooeh reelection
For County Judge
R E Krwin
A V Ewing
Joe A Johnson
G W Hudson reelection
For Sheriff
Conrad Perry
Ben J Parker
Henry Watts reelection
For County Clerk
Oliver Tippcn
G R Tucker
T B Singletary
J F Austin
Frank Morris reelection
For County Attorney
Cameron M Kay
Tom J Harris
W R Petty
G R Fowler
Robt G Brashears
For District Clerk
John F Brown
Murph Rogers
For Tax Assessor
Henry WBryanreelection
For Tax Col lector
Don M Barrett
Z A McRoynolds
For County Treasurer
U Y Lunsford reelection
For Commisioner Precinct 1
J F tfash
For Justice of Peace Precinct 1
iNo 1
Election May 7th 1904
Wo arc authorized to announco the
names of Dr E W Link and Messrs
S II Postcn and J B Hamilton as
candidates for roelectlon as Public
School Trustees to fill the vacancies
created by their terms expiring in
For School Trustee
O C Cutter
J J Wiley
Tom L Branham
Election for School Trustees
By virtue of authority vested by law
in the Board of Trustees of the Public
Schools of the city of Palestine Texas
and in accordance with Sec 3 of the
school laws of Texas
An election for three school trustees
is hereby ordered to be held on tlio
first Saturday in May A D 1901 it
being the 7th day of said month at tlio
Recorders office in the city hall with
Dr M B Welborn as presiding offico
of said election
Tlio election will bo held in accord-
ance witli the election laws of Texas
governing elections in cities and towns
having a population of 6000 and over
Witness my hand this the 13th day
of April A D 1901
A Teah
Attest President School Board
C Rkitcii Secretary
Cured After Sullerlnp Ten Yearn
B F Harp Supt Miami Cyclo and
Mfg Co Middlctown O suffered for
ten years with dyspepsia Ho spent
hundreds of dollars for medicine and
with doctors without roceiving any
permanent benetlt Ho says Ono
night while feeling exceptionally bad
I was about to throw down tlio oven
ing paper when I saw an item in the
paper regarding the merits of Kodol
Dyspepsia Curo I concluded to try
it and whilo I had no faith in it I folt
better after tlio second doso After
using two bottles I am stronger and
better than I liavo been iu yoara and
I recommend Kodol Dyspepsia Curo
to my friends and acquaintances suf-
fering from stomach trouble Sold
by all druggists
For Sale
Thoroughbred Jersey male old
enough for service Address W A
Moore Nuches Texas It W
Live Minnows
For sale by Dick Woodard Day or
night Phono Ci7 3 7 tf
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
i Digosts what you oat
The ceremonies April HO tit tlie fimt of the monument shown in the ill as t rat ion nuufc
the opening nf the jbt Luiih WorldS Fiir The group shows Jarnea Monroe and Robert
I Livingston United btntes coiniiiiasinnera watchmp the sijnintr of the document of
transfer of the Louisiana Purchise by il 31 ubob the French commissioner
With Stool and Scarf
ONLY 19850
When chooMng i piunn sold ata low price
it is wise to bin from a reliable House
If you want a celebrated Chickoring Sons or a Qab
ler piano or a Krell a Kranich Bach or an Emer-
son or a Smith Barnes or ono of the Royal Pianos
write to us for catalogue and particulars 52 8
Galveston Dallas Houston Austin Waco San Antonio
+ + + + + + + t t + + t t tH
The gom of American health and pleasure resorts and Our Nat-
ional Summer Play Ground affording overy essential for Physi-
cal and Mental upbuilding and advancement may be visited and
enjoyed at an extremely low cost
Offers more Creditablo Resorts and Health Retreats affording
accomodations within tlio limits of moderate purses than can bo
found elsewhero upon equal area which with its incomparable
climate and matchless scenic grandeur makes it well nigh irro
sistable to those possessing a sense of appreciation
Leading thereto is The Line of Least Resistance and provides
double daily solid trains with Pullman Pilace Drawing Room
Sleepers all meals in Magnificently Appointed Cafe Cars a la
carte at reasonable prices the privilege of numerous stopovers
and schedules saving many hours time It is shortest by
per round trip see any map and is the only lino offering
Upon Postal request wo will gladly mail to any address beauti
lully illustrated information booklets and advice of other inter-
esting special arrangements
P S Upon application any Connecting Lino will ticket you via THE
DENVER Ask us about TrlAnsle round trip tickets via St Louis
Eureka Yard Dry wood for alc Cord
wootl stove wood and heater wood
promptly delivered to any part of the
eity Will certainly appreciate your pat-
ronage Phone 307
Avenue A
ORR8S manager
All Kind8 of Hauling Mov ni Household Goods and Pianos a
Specialty 0fice with E Fore
Phone 444 The Hamilton Bovs You know

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