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Palestine Daily Herald (Palestine, Tex), Vol. 2, No. 261, Ed. 1, Thursday, May 5, 1904 Page: 3 of 4

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rofessional Cards
if H Stacy Dodge
Over Watson Durham Hodges
f + D seases of Uie Eye treated by tho most Sclcn
title and uptodate Methods
Error of Refraction Corrected Scientifically
Cross Eyes Straightened Without Pain
Office Hours
O o m to 12 m and 2 to S p m
Office OTer Jordans
Hardware H tore
Will do a general practice without
medication or the surgeons knife
Knife as last resort Office Phone
Residence phone
< Practice Limited to Consultation
and Surgery
OfflceWItli Campbell St JIcJeariH
Palestine Texas
chas k Mcdonald
I Buildings designed and construction
Suburban residcncei
aspecialty Would be pleased tc
meet any who contemplate Wilding
Office Orer Palestine National Bank
Vtttrinary Surgeon and Dentist
Office at
Latimer Crawfords
Livery Stable
f WficePhone 25 Residence Phone 66S <
Palestine Texas
I Quns JrJistols Sewing Machines
jpanmfoe bicycles lock and kevs
utmrnm mtt ctmrcn
ff AltorneyAtLaw
Palestine Tex
1 Office Over Leo Davidsons Store
Saddles Harness
Repairing a Specialty
am Lucas Old Stand Spring Street
All Orders Given Prompt
Telephone 284
Notice Fast Express
All calls for Job Kaolin Trunks tc to
end from the depot Will call at residence to
fet checks aud to deliver your baggago nrompt
y Office phone CI3 from 630 a m to 830 p
m Residence phone OH answered at all hours
313 Main St Phono 665
Bhop Corner of John and Crawford Streets
Was formerly with Cooke InUoy
Does Drstcliss work at reasonable prices
W H Parker Contractor Builder
See mo at 321 John St or 110 Main St
for very cheap rates on Mechanical
work Itepair worl a specialty
Plans and Specifications Furnished
Louder Than Words
Such Evidcneo of Jim High
Appreciation of
Knabo Stnrr Richmond
and V030 Pianos
tells the story of their sterling
Luther Harman Salesman Pnlenlno
Secret Guild of Buddhists Op-
posed to Japanese Influence
Uuisln linn SnbsldUed the Soclelr In
lla Oirn Intercut Since tli CUIno
Jnpnneae War of lb 405 The Or
icnnlzntlon la of Venerable Origin
nnd Connected With Royalty
Since the arrival of the Japanese
rorcus In Korea the Ieusfers guild has
come Into prominence savs a special
correspondent of the Chicago News at
Seoul The arrival of Japanese troops
ut the capital and the arrest and ban-
ishment of YI Yong Ik tue very active
superintendent of police who was well
known to have been in the pay of the
Kubslans aroused the Ire of this an-
cient secret society which manifested
Its displeasure by blowing up the resi-
dence of the Korean secretary of for-
eign affairs and further signified Its
displeasure at the trend of Korean
politics by threatening various mem-
bers of the government and minor of-
ficials known to be favorable to Japa-
nese views
Tho IIo Sho or Peddlers guild
which has thus been making Its power
disagreeably felt Is a society of ven-
erable origin IIo Sho means literally
rag merchants and the society Is
knowti by that name throughout Ko-
rea Chlnn and Japan The Ho Sho
are descendants of a former Korean
They became a powerful Buddhist
order and when Buddhism was the
great force In Korea they established
themselves in what has ever since been
their work the propagation nnd ex-
tension of the Buddhist religion At
the same time they acted as spies for
the government which was under the
domination of the Duddhlst priesthood
In the early dcys of the order one of
the Korean emperors gave the IIo Sho
whom he neognlzed as part of his roy-
al kin ncommission to travel about the
country gathering Information for the
use of the central government In or-
der to do this effectively they disguis
ed themselves as rag merchants and
thus were able to onter without sus-
picion almost every household bear
iuiportnut news and gulnlng the couil
deuce of the people report to the gov-
ernment thi trend of popular thought
In this way the government was able
on different occasions to nip in the bud
popular movements dangerous to Its
To this day the religious nature of
the guild Is recognized By many pious
BuddplsU It Is considered to be bound
up with the welfare of Buddhism and
the empire Indeed were It not for the
contributions of these > peopleitwould
taCc a haoirUme keepingTu JUtraol
tlonij arid eVen maintaluInV Its exist-
ence The Buddhists however con-
tribute largely to Its funds and the IIo
Sbo is n power In the land
It Is essentlnlly a power linked to
the past Its methods of vloleoce and
terrorism arc retrogressive It stands
for old superstitious old ways and
effete customs that have prevented the
development of the Korean national
life and left the nation itself to be-
come a bone of contention for the Japa
uesc nnd the Russians
When the war broke out between
China and Japan in 1KH a large sec
lion of the nation favored Japan
Japanese ways and methods were
adopted by many and for a time It
seemed ns though the nation was to
waken into new life Japanese Influ-
ence warred with Itussian influence
In the imperial palace nnd the Japa-
nese for a time seemed to be gaining
the upper hand
The defeat of China had greatly In-
creased Japanese prestige everywhere
in Korea and had the Japanese only
been a little less eager to civilize the
Koreans or willing to wait a little
longer until their plans were fully ripe
Korean history might have been dif-
ferent Japan however was incensed
nt Itussian intrigue In the palace
which continually thwarted the reform
movement Tills influence It attribut-
ed rightly or wrongly to the late em-
press and the IIo Sho The Japanese
allied themselves with the advanced
Koreans In a plot to kill the obnoxious
The plot succeeded The queen
was murdered but this crime only suc-
ceeded In driving the Korean emperor
into the arms of the Uusslans nnd
Japanese influence in Korea waned
from that day until tecstnbllnbcd by
the recent Japanese victories over the
Ktistlnn fleet and by the advance of
Japanese troops into Korea
J he IIo Sho still adheres to Its con-
servative ciecd and to Its Itussnputl
tendencies Itussian diplomacy has
alwaxbn friend at court In the emis-
saries of this still powerful society
The head of the IIo Sho who Is called
the tlil eli liin Is known to receive
n very substantial subsidy from his
Itussian friends 1 his money is spent
propagating the doitrlncs of the so-
ciety and in keeping alive opposition
to the Japanese
It is likely however that as the Jap-
anese tighten their grip on the country
the leaders of the society will experi-
ence the fate of the head of the Ko-
rean police and be gradually elimi-
nated from the country by deportation
to Japan or by a quick dispatch to
that land where Intrigue Is nt rest
Ilttboons Ilylnir of IIiiImiiiIc IlnKiir
A correspondent of the Iihon In-
dia Tribune writes from Bliagalpur
that one peculiarity of curious Interest
to scientific and laymen alike of the
bubonic plague In that town Is the
death of numberless baboons appar
ently of pltgue
Captain Eells Plan to Defy
Sands of Diamond Shoals
Dolon linn With Aid of Steel C l
aon Hupm to Accomplish a Tunic
the Anierltun Uot eminent Aban-
doned Ileum the Whole Cxptjuse
In Cane lie Pails
For the first time In the history of
the United States a private individual
at his own expense Is about to at-
tempt a feat which the United States
government department has abandoned
after repeated fuilures as beyond Its
power to accomplish says the Boston
Herald The Individual whose colos-
sal courage has won for him universal
admiration is Captain Albert V Kclls
of Boston and the feat he will at-
tempt is the erection of a lighthouse
and fog signal on Outer Diamond
shoals off Cape Uutteras known as
the graveyard of the Atlantic
Captain Eells has received the au-
thorization of congress to undertake
the work subject to specified condi-
tions and with the understanding that
If after a years operation conducted
at his own expense and four years ad-
ditional at the cxpeuse of the govern
In 200 feet of water Between these
two marks lies the graveyard with-
out a buoy to Indicate its presence It
extends about eight miles from the
shore and on It thousands of wrecks
have occurred
No lightship will stay on this terrible
shoal and no rock exists upon which a
permanent structure can be raised
The lightship referred to though held
by mushroom anchors weighing 5000
pounds has been driven from her
moorings time after time The life
savlug service has been practically
powerless to save life and property at
this point and between 1875 and 1002
the records show that ninetyseven
wrecks occurred with a loss of sixty
two lives and 53000000 worth of prop
erty In the face of such appalling
facta the advantage nyy yjitiiiiihiii
lineal t8frnctu
point la recognized byjal
Captain Eells intends toconStructTa
huge solid rock which will deeply im-
bed ltsolf In the shifting sands so
large so heavy and firm in Its founda-
tions that neither sea nor tide nor tem-
pest can affect It The rock of Gibral-
tar Itself ir the daring captain suc-
ceeds In his enterprise will not be
more secure than this artificial foun-
dation on the top of which will be
erected a strong steel tower bearing on
Its pinnacle i beacon to the world
Captain Eells plan Is to construct at
a nearby shipyard a monstrous steel
diving bell which will not only be hol-
low In the center but will have hollow
sides so that It will float Just enough
stone and concrete will be dropped
Into the lower part of the air space to
sink the bell mouth down to a depth of
twentyeight feet below the surface
The bell will be towed to the shoal and
Its hollow sides tilled with stone aud <
concrete until It sinks to the bottom
The water will then be pumped unit
from the top when the structure be
comes nn immense caisson Workmen
will remove the sand from within and
the caisson will be sunk to any desira-
ble depth Into the sea bottom
Ten layers of masonry will be laid In
the bottom and fastened down by steel
cross beams Then the hollow will be
entirely filled with gravel stone aud
cement to a height of thirty feet above
the surface When this mass hardens
it will form a rock weighing many
thousands of tons nnd will last many
centuries The outer covering of steel
may corrode nwny and disappear In
time but the bell shaped rock will re-
On top of this the steel supcrstruc
ture will extend to a height of 200 feet
above the sea level It will contain
living rooms for the lighthouse kec > er
and an engine room with n dynamo
for generating the electric light The
platform balcony surmounting the liv-
ing apartments will be eighty feet
above high water and the men nnd
supplies will reach It by means of a
huge derrick nnd tackle The life-
savers and their boats will also be
hoisted and lowered in the same way
All the details of construction etc
must be submitted for approval to the
secretary of commerce and labor who
will also have supervision of the equip-
Captain Eells Is famous as the origi-
nator with his uncle Enoch Piper of
the cold storage system In use the
world over He belongs to an old
family who emigrated to Virginia In
10 I5 Several of his ancestors were
olliccrs In the Ilevolutlonary war
Irlh Afn1lMiirk In Grrnt IJernniiil
Ireland is having Its Inning this
year for all the French dressmakers
are using wlint Is called broderle an
glalse or Irish needlework sn > H the
London Graphic Whole gowns nre
maje of It sleeves and bodices trim-
med with It aud It will appear In nil
the freshest uud must sprln llkv
Three different kinds either lock-
stitch or chain stitch Tho Singer
store 413tf
Take no more medicine bnt try Os
tcopathy for your aches and pains
and continno your routino work while
under treatment
Why willyou continue to suffer when
Osteopathy offers you reliefevcn whon
all else may have failed
Call on Dr Spccglc tho Osteopath
over Jordans Hardware store for
either acute or chronic conditions
When its health you are searching
for go to Andrew A Spocgle tho Os-
teopath over Jordans Hardwaro
store and you will surely bo pleased
with results
Tho best investment on earth earn-
ing more in proportion to cost than
any other purchase possible the Sin-
ger machine 413tf
Why will you longer reluso to in-
vestigate Osteopathy Is it becauso
it is now If so that is the main rea-
son you should try it
Osteopathy can produce examples
in Palestine and out as well who have
beon cured whon overy other known
therapy had faiiod thorn Perhaps so
with you
Built like a watch at the largest and
best equipped factory in the world
ment the lighthouse is not in a sub1 where overy machine is carefully test
stantlal and satisfactory condition he led on practical stitching now at the
Is to receive not one cent of remuncra Singer ofilce 413 tf
tlon If on the other hand the light AUer
oxporinlonUng with medicin0
house and signal are satisfactory to
the government after nve years oper J J
atlon Captain Eells shall be entitled S Osteopathy a trial It maybe
to draw upon the United States treas able to euro you in froml to 3 months
ury to the extent of fttuOOO Fifty years ago you woro ready to
The stupendousness and seeming condemn the idea of electrical power
hopelessness of Captain Eells under QT propellnR novorthelcss it has
taking well nndentood by the gov
efficiency So will Oslo
eminent and by thoso who have I J
braved the awful dangers of Diamond opathy prove its efficiency if you will
shoals Cape Hatteras is marked by only lay by jour biasism and give it a
a lighthouse and also by a lightship fair trial
anchored about fifteen miles offshore Constipation Is tho causo for many
of your ailments Why not bo cured
Of that by Osteopathy Ono to throo
months will euro any caso
Call 731 Cooke Mclntyre if yon
want firstclass groceries 130tf
Every honsckcoper should know
that if they will bny Dcllanco Cold
Water Starch for laundry uso thoy will
save not only timo becauso it never
Hticks to tho iron hut becauso each
package contains 1G ounces ono full
pound whllo all other cold water
starches aro put tip in tliroofourth
pound packages and the prico
is the same 10 cents Then again
becauso Doliauco Starch is free
from all injurious chemicals If your
s i u
DeforPfjeTpata Ini Defiance He knows
that DefianccStarch has printed on
every packge in largo letters and fig-
ures 10 oz3 Demand Deflanco and
save much timo and money and tho
annoyance of tho iron sticking Defi-
ance novor sticks Gl12t
Want Advertisements
seven room house on May street
Servant house stable and out houses
Apply to T A Wiley 121 May street
TRAINED NURSES can be had by writing or
Palestine Texas
Wanted Good white boy at Iloyios
Wanted To buy cheap for cash
nice residence Must be bargain
Value of about 83000 to 5000 Ad-
dress Purchaser Herald office 2G06t
Your Piano
Will be moved on an automatic safe
truck and will be guaranteed from
damage by John Ormand for the
small price of S260 No othor truck in
town like it
For Sale
FairbankMorsc gasolino engine in
good condition Can be seen running
Ukrald presses every day Also good
electric battery for same
The Herald
Your Lawn Mower
Can be sharpened repaired and mado
good as now by C A Pryor at M W
Campbells plumbing shop His
charges aro reasonable
A Rare Treat
Arrangements wero completed a
few weeks ago by the Hencdettc II
Tobln Chapter U D C with Colonel
Ilragg of New York to give perform-
ances of Alico in Wonderland at tho
city hall in Palestine on May 1G This
One Jllinajte Slough Gurs
For Coughs Colds and Croup
Vice Admiral Skrydloff successor nf tlie late Vice Ailmtnl SHkaroff who was blown
np on the battleship PetronailoTsk isknown ns the bulldog of the Itussian navy He
was the naval hem of tlm ItussoTurkish war and is a man of great energy He U exceed-
ingly popular with the sailors
What Good
Does it do you to bny pretty
colored shirts and shirtwaists if
tho laundry is going to fade
them right away Many l3un
drymen do not understand
laundering colored goods It is
art that comparatively few have
mastered We have rjven this
particular featuro much thought
and guarantee to launder any
colors without fading if they
will stand cold water
Wo aro laundering many deli-
cate colors today that we havo
laundered for several months
and tho colors aro still bright
and fresh looking May we
have a trial package from yon
JSieam Laundry
012 Spring St lPn one p
We aro fitting up constantly In modern
houses with open plumbing nickel plated
modern Improred wash stands and porce-
lain tubs aad shower apparatus Old oulld
lntrs are also reattcd by us In the most
sdentinc manner and with the best sanltary
plumblnir that can be done None but skill-
ed workmen are employed and the work Is
always satisfactory as well as tho price
Among our customers Is all In praise ot our
work and their testimony simply adds
further proof to what we hare always as
M > rtrd that we can and do do a clastof
laundry work that Is Inllnltrly supriorto
any other because we pay clow attention to
crery detail
Palestine Steam Laundry
John McITrosn Prop
ItonoNo 13
I Sr G
t Louis
5 The True St Louis Worlds
Fair Line
ioo to 200 miles
4y < flWiC
J 4 to 8 Hours Quickest
J from Texas
Watch for Our Announcement
General PassengcrCand Ticket Agent
2nd VicePros and General Manager
Palestine Texas
That the Ice Cream
Icos we serve nro the
best possible as wo
only uso tho best fruit
Juices No acid flavors
Most Popular Plnco in Town
ALF 5AXTON who has lately
opened up a Second Hand store In this
city has now mored to a more centra
location the Hinzle Uuldln yellow
front Main street and Is now prepared
to buy all kinds of clothlnir furniture
feathers etc Will call anywhere and
offer best price If you have anything to
sell We are also buyers ot beenaax nd
all Vlnds ot Metal and old rubb r
PaiesiinCSeconti Hand
Tko Jl 00 bctttscontains 2t ttmeithetrlilSts which sellsforSOeonts
rtarvsio only at tm umokatoit o
v < l

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