Breckenridge Weekly Democrat (Breckenridge, Tex), No. 46, Ed. 1, Friday, June 25, 1926: Searching Inside

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... thai Mr. Hefner waa tin nf rata uatnr warn lirnn-thi he drank li. being oinlrely con- Friday uiul...; Mrs. Jennie lloblnson Abilene; j Kllnillle has been the scene nf Andrew Hefner. Hpur. Theae... at 3 o'clock at Kllaavllle near where atanda the Hefner old home. It- v. Hrhnelder of ilreckenritlje... vllle cemetery l'rank Hefner will rest beside the remains of hta father. A. J. Hefner n pioneer...'rank Hefner. im-m o Hon. W. I! t'hipmaii. of Two of these tli If ted wet and Hiumfonl. n- niMuk In Ho

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