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Robbers Escape As Man
Struggles To Release
rilling glnttnu iiiIiIh'm rcnMi
In tin- mioiiiI Job of lln t:it tui
nlklils while T. II. Trim proprie-
tor of ti Nation nt III It WpM
Walker (tc.( lnieleil ultli ii
ipfmctorj tiulotnnllr pUtnl ihU
iiintnlnit nt lun o'clock.
Tho Tnnrlit lt.-l filling .Intlnti
timber mil on WpM Walker !(
v tootcl of iiiIh'i nml nrrpMir.
It's in Hip value of tM) Hm pre
loiii nlulit. Vii (rare nf tin Mtlv.
Imt lina Ih'pii found.
Loot III tin I'ttm Filling t.iloti
till nioitiliiK nltl of fltp
tlir .ilnM nl nipriilni.itil MO.
'I lu bandit. MlrprUii) n tin
Woman Dies
On Gallows j
For Murder
LONDON' .him. 21. f VIM i
Mm. Louiao Cnlvrrt.
(Ml today In .Strniw Wav
in Mntichester. for utrnnylitu''
Iter landlady Mm. Lily V(n.
house to drnth nnd rclilniiir
Although Mm. Calvert maintained
bar Innoonc until the eleventh
hour I wna understood she mad
lull ennfeaelon of the crime Just
before twin led In the scaffold
Ah ! survived by hT husband
and three m)l rhlliirm.
The xprlK' HohiUr of rlt
hr Mml frw K'h l. Inwh r
4rlrlmntol In friiii fii-tr
Prftp rr not trowlnc tt
should or arroant of inn murli
moMnf Bad ibr !murnat rrowid
t ih araa and ''!. toil with nli
Ihtaw rroi ar tluian aa wll ax
rfttflil b rMiM timtr thM1 rlr
rMRiMlaae . Konn thpi and ai.
mv damatiint. bul tint nrnrh a
hm rpHt4 at flrnl Tap Itrmaa-
RotfHr both lb llint Unw our.
and t Jiimboa ar cnmlan Ibtra
In HafM or the Man around la-
omm mi a Majority of ta Tanner
re pat (Ids et potaonod bran laaak.
wbieh Is kllllMK lnm by (ho lho
Joe Montr and (amity bI IaoaM
wt vtalllaf la trn owmunlty Ma
Jark Hrbam. rrnilnii ib
1kaniaaH and lartrntt Oil Intcrnata
la rjfttddlnK In Ihplr No I Walaon
urn tb r I' WVbb plarr Tiny
ar ualni n ii.i ninl night hift and
rtnori r'i iimin.
Tn Oakbv m-IkmiI lMttij haaa rra-
bloyH I'rot I: i: Umilowi of l"
Halt Ta a trmrltal and Mlaa
(Irara Norton ( il.i- ronimunliy. a
aalalant fur it- rnmlng Iprm of
acfetrtil Tin rohirarta rail (or a
it month t-tm. UvianlH thr
nnt Mondai In (K-iobrr .wblrh U
tna tnarib dav
The amttac rlaaa of Onkloy mrM
Hw on Humlat nfiirnoaa taatoatl
at at alibi a formerly. Tboy on-
Jpyoil a rUa Uat ffnatlay evn-
! lluoklo.
This Iiiroriuation
For Tin Guidance
OF Local Candidates
All aaaUWair for illatrlrt. eou-
ty and nraelnrt (HHr-$ hUo Imvo
flbMl thtr naatM for a plar on tba
tlckt ar nottftHl and nriwl by
lb county I'balrman to nay tbolr
arMHin not lir than aoit Man-
day. Jnua SS. TbU la aot ha die-
(MM Of tb ! COMMltl. It
la a part of I bo law governing yrl-
wary ulvrilona and wnt bo etMarv-
wl. If yon do aot pay. ton cotumti-
IM U amborlavd to lav yuur
nam off tba Hkrt wbH It l
prtMivtl. Thla ta a moat Important
rqnlrnnot aad vtry eaadldato
aboHb.1 atlaad to tbo wmir w1tb-
out dolay.
Anoibar ntovlaloa nf tba lw U
that avry candidate tnut flto bl
niitu account wllhe county clerk
a laaat 26 lRy prior to the primary
lootlon. Tlmt la ltl flnt filing.
Tlion liu or mIio mint Mo a aooond
lapciin) a co ii ut not lwi than olKht
dn beforo tlio irlmary. Tlion not
loti tluin 10 daya uftr tho primary
olectloii candidates intuit tllo two
reports with lio county Judge ono
within ton days tft"r tho primary
ulicilon ami ttnotlipr wllhln ton days
nflor tho gonoral vlccilan
Tho county committee preparing roportcd to bo ln a slate of Im-
tl;o official ballot must have 8amoprovernent after a severo attack of
completed by July 12 In order that influenza.
absentee votoro can oxurclso the MrH j.'r0 p0(0 underwent an op-
rlght of sulfrugo within 20 to 10 oration at a locaj hospljal this af.
days prior to primary election temoon.
Those expecting to bo absent at the $. .
time of tho primary and desiring to jolly Highway No. C tbrougli
vote Bhotild aeo the county clorkjhere being hard-surfaced.
Safety Lock
wntkiil nflcr haling Imikrn Hip
I'xl. fidin I lie iIimh i'r.iMil In n
Foul rniM t'row nlil ulillc In
Ii ImI n pu)i Hip afel) link on
111 milniuntlr illnl. vlilrli had
nxmii inl) fnnii iIIokp.
Citm' wlfp. who liiiipciml In
li nvutke. heard I In car drlu
lii In Die filling lntlnti hrh l
iipvj iloir in Hip Cum iraldciire.
tuiil tnmii lirr liulminl (fillip
hltti In get lil cnn.
('tow veined Hip ctoti nml
tcii ntotiinl Hip Iioiim In Hip cnt
hit nt Hip slntlnu mIicip Iip ol-
mix in I (lie tun Imnilll l wan
. Traveler
ChtUlophf r AVIIIUm JohiuonTJre
HI. tuU U only fior yixra oM. but'
tin lum iTtn nrouml trm worM lhrr
tlnift anl fuu trnvvllftl about IW.OOO
mllra In hU hort Ufttlm. lib faihtrJ
ii ivKiinrinonuuKiinrr innwn
hoU il (WlnxbbnwKinl on
u)uiv3 lbAW9fl4'
itnrtiiB Hip Hiiip junt iprclflcd. JIp
In nutliurlipd to rccplvp Uii'lr Iml-
lot and on plvctlon day will turn
mmi ovr to b elfctlou officers In
lb voting Imiv whvro nld cltlxAn Is
phiUImI to voir.
Thornton Leaves
Kor Kl Paso To
Return Prisoner
flbertff Thornton loft CUro parly
this mornlna for l!l l'ao wlmrp hi
Mill take cbarir of a mnn arnviml
ibrre. rbarginl bv complnliit In a
Hi'ihiii county Mony eunn.
Tbornmn will atop in IVcoa on hi
mum to ailHHil in IiiuIiipm thorn.
Duput) Hhfriir David alMi was In
Anson tiiila) on official hunlnaa.
Six Injured In
Lale Accidents
Recovering Here
8U portions lujurpil In rfiMii nt-
clilfiii wpro rccovorliiK In Hn'ckiMi-
rldgp honpltals today.
Dick SlernborK. who was Injured
In n car wreck Sunday mornlnK I"
ImprovlnR and will not lomi ill"
abi of his rlcht un was firm
feared doctors ilatpd.
Mrs. John Hum. llaylor avenue
wbe was Injured In an automobile
wreck insdiy June 16. when
her oar was calird Ibis side of
Mineral Wells. Is reported to Iip
It. Nasb employee or the ( lf
Production Co. who suffered a
compound fracture nf tils right l u
rnty when It was oaught he
twee tbe rlr and walking beam
of a well wboro ho was working.
Is reported to bo recovering.
O. U Smith who has boon ""'-
faring from to'anus canned hy the
mushing nf two fingers U hotter.
II. O. Thralls who had his kneo
cap broken thrco weeks ago when
his car ran Into a ditch Is Improv-
ing after nn oporn(lor).
V. C. Siatler of Throckmorton.
Is ln a local hospital recovering
front an Infected log caused by oil
Infecting a skinned plnco on his
log. He was t.kcn there yesterday
J. C. It. Dunning local manager of
tho Woolwonh Company store. Is
On Pistol
thru tlinl Iip tlUcntriiil Ida irttll
n mil of niilcr.
('tow tin Iwen Hip liilm of it
otpi of ioMmm lr ninl imp h
Jacking nt lilj Matloo.
A year ngn ltn bandit n'llcwd
lilm or SUIl nflcr the) tin nil il
toN loin hi IiIp nml unionl lilm
ito( in iiiovp on thtenl of hl llfp.
Ull MlMlltlPI' I'lllW .t IIK'll Iip
kc in mi milntnolillp iPMitliuu
In tlip riiiluip of miIiIm'. oiip of
(Iii-iii n till iIicm'i) In ltot rlrfti
IllL'. ii Hit i truggp wlilrli fol
lowril Inmklntt of Hip lock mi
lil iciimiIIiip iiimi.
Man hi Hospital.
Tells Story Of
i Mexican Torture
I'ltnWNHVII.I.K. Junr 21 !
T.'iint a story of bin tortiirnl u
M- iran offlelala In Matamnra In
.'fri to obtain Information ron-
tnint the recent shooting of a
rniiKiti bv I'lilted Htates ImmUra-
iimi i 'fr(r. Ndllvlda Harsit; 3..
Mi-ir'.in born rltlxen. Is In a bos
pHaI b r with a limtten nrm.
tMM.eheil abonlder and In a crnl-
'!. clous condition.
First Bale Brings
Nearly $500 Bonus
N ANT(SiO. Jni- .1 !
Uttiilna unlinn nnd a half cnts
i.i Miund and a bonus upward x of
1 Mouth Trxas' first bale of
'tnarfcplabla coIioh title year was etd
I here toilay
' Thi fir. I li.ili brniiabi here from
jl'l.nrr. writhed 4 no ikiuimIs and was
siflileil at fair inlddllng.
um Man's Miiushln-forhul-lns
U'luli i. lurriaslna In membership
il by day. Ilolp mhup poor un-
foitiinnte boy or girl by Joining tbe
club. Full particular on tbe Iloya'
aud HlrlV lagp nf Hip llroekonrile
UVpkl Domocrnt Monthly MataStae
I met Ion. ImiipiI July Oih.
I ......
Cedar Creek
Our last rain fell nn Juno 1$.
but we hnxe uffurpt very little for
want of ruin this teaxiu so far. Thr
eorr bids fair to innke n goml yield
allhoiigb grishflippr are dulna eon
sldetnbln damage In soma field.
Home are employing poison to atop
their depredations.
I4MI I'.thel Hleelp returned in
her home on the Clear l'nrk aft' r
n siny nf pvnral wppbs with bt-r
icranditarenu. Mr. nnd Mrs. I W
MIppIp of this place.
Mlaa I.011 CrtitslHger returned last
Kiiiulny after n week's visit with her
nephew John 1. Pinole of llreck-
'bridge. A huiiibiir of now trnih caua have
been placed nn tho walk la tho
main husliiea urtlont of the tttiy.
Thesp are larger and carry adwtlso-
ment for some hustling firms et tba
city. Officers urge that oltliens do
not throw paper and other rofusa n
the street but place same In tbe
trash cans.
Nature's Oddities
Tfce fjLreaei'a preci" ta Bvaatetac
atur for tne iue of nu la eutli-
teclr ttutwn la a wtx of hortUul
taraJ rmmh ludl by lha Hr
br)k AsHcultural oilUuO
The ahrtyola or uakora plant U
a low-jpraaff veeUbJa ef very
rapid rweti w!U large hairy.
heart-sEtped leaves odd showy
fUrers aad lost: boaked pods which
USso en faabAsuc shapes and grew
la profas abundance. It is found
Urraly (a the sooth and aloag the
baaka of tho Miaaiaeippt where its
Leas;. tniUnr vi&ia aad unusual ap-
ptraaoe gjva R decorative aa
wallaa praetieal Taloa.
TIm yenT ! Pd " B
asalsB fancy pVHes sad should ho
i&tdw)um about half gmwa.
Koriaem gardeners should .sow
Isartasa aed J AtarO r May aad
wtesrt tha oad4ar apaH.
Bans Rouge
Mini lt'-41. 1
tir f 1'ine PtufT
Atk wan H-rtl rmtlotuil prtilrnl
Of Delta IMn Htgmn. high rrl-l
enrorlty nt thai orgnnlsntivn !
veniion In hrf Iwm city Hhe .il
run renounced n cfltnmlgn nnains
IN rvmt nee nf ceinetK". by
high ( Imol gnlj
MMtitt t.i: i.icr.Nsi:
it (1. .Spoil and Mr.. Dolll HMi-
paananananananv ggggu
BaaaaaaalHn LH
ggggV 'c sV
aaaaaaaW' WP ( 1 1
tovV 'gsssal
4sjKaaaV gsgsal "
"JjHsiagjy jH
SsRssm aassai ' "il' '
KjE H Mi
SHasatP gfl
II I: Dennev nnd Ml Unity
J D Hull Jr nnd Ml driel
V II N-lson and Mts M.irnh
W K II"n ned Ml F.I ma
V hillock
Jim- rnitble ninl Ml Vlrcinln rjjl-llgb-r.
Tliti'. n w "tilt w f fllf.l In
Dlalrlrl ruiiti Tlliiln n folio.:
(' (' Jecknon m Miinil" Jiirkiitl.
u 1 1 for t!!orri. ninl p.irtHli'ii of
Htata of T-'.as ta It. A. (lalcab)
nUl fine attnlnst defnulllnti wlinmn
in ctliulnal case No. lHf3.
franklin Fire In.urjnri' Comtmnv
of Phlladnlphla vs. W. P Mi.pI.
auli for damagee.
Uorden Cotinl vs. Hall Hank.
IXeaar of Judgment K. V. Daw
son el It Au Drabler Oil and lie
ftigriatlnV uo. part of section I.
U A. land.
Transfer of JuttgHPui--Cha. O.
Austin vs. Fretl W. Croat cause
No 3011. District court of Steph-
ens entiHty.
Wmviiiiiy DePil
J. II. Cur bo ot tit. to Jim Thorn-
un. lot IS. block I. Cochran ad-
dition to Iln-rkenrldge.
i:. I.. Uuitroni and wife to Aus-
tin anlaman Ni'ban (wrt or lot 7
block 96. Cn.i Ilreekenrldi-e.
W C. lloll.iwW) ..I nl . to W. A.
itlas.. lot 1. ami ?. block 21. South
Writil aiMlllon.
HlMiliil Wiiirntiiy Iil II. ('.
TI i'iiiiiiin and lf r Allii' Thotiui-
mi'i p.irt of aoiitbwrai iiian'r
Hon Hi. block I. T I' and. itti
half of tuTllon IT. block I. T. A
I'. land.
uperial Warranty Deed- AIIih-
Thotnpaon nU Jame Tboinpann to
II. C. Tbompaon fiari ot southwest
quarter section If block I J. M
Co grantee. T. A P. nml part nf
east half section 17 block 1. T. A
I1. Intnl.
Quit Claim Deed Alle aud
James Thatnpenn to II. C. Thornton
same a S1SS.
Deed of Trust The Teetlo Na
tional llaPk of St. JouPph Mo. 10
PrnnW I.. Jewti. o ncn'B. begu-
nlnK at uorihwest rorm-r of .Martin
Flrt addition.
J If. Hannabaaa to II. N. Mlllt-r.
undivided KO-170 InteriM In north
3 I Mock :t. orUlnal town of llreck-
I' W Krnet to Frank Sloan. JiiiIk-
iiii nt of record.
U;ii;ii.'r S'lpply rompaiiy to I-ah-
01I unil Itifilgemiliii; (' . In
it nf arctlon I I. A land
M II PriuK. to J. M Itiiaiull
1 ..t biiMk 3. ll'illonian addltlnn
Hi. 1 . nrlKi".
r Juni 10 (Seurgo II I-ech.
it. iiitid h'pinibpr H I!i;6.
T J Vall.1 1 to II N. Uarrnri and
Mifi lulu II and 12. block 4 Cncli-
run addillon t lln-ckenrldt-'e
Alct . .1. r Oil (oinpan- to J. V
Tt( 1 ! ! 11. ct 4I. eai 00 acres oui
of afin.ii. 131. T. K. A L. land
J M Winder to McltiT Oil
Co east 60 acres out of '(( ln
12:. II. T. rfi II. Ity. Co. land
V. Ii. Uoblen aad wife to Drtn
rellln aad Herbert W. Jeatec. lot
K. block 07. Ka.t Itrocki nrlU-..
H A Iaverton to the I'uhllo
pertninlnK to north 2-3 of block 3.
hiikIukI town of Ilreckenrltlgo.
V It. Hnwden to the public part
of nurtoy I. L A. land.
John Illack to the public.
Iloxa Clllott to Hit! public and
John H. S. Dlnck.
II H. Walker pertaining In J. .1.
and A. T. Ward liolrHbip.
If. A. I.eavertou on termination
of leauo
'Smith Withdraws
From Sheriffs Race
to Write Insurance
(".lb C. 8111I1I1 announces his
withdrawal from the race for aher-
iT of -t. i'. 1. county and In ilo-
r o hi-'.v t thank his friend
iu "'ncournged his can-
1 .1
"!f ml to support him
II" quits the rnco In
uiimr nnd no 111 feolinr
m nihil' or tiu'lr
iih announce h"
li.. iii'iirnnc. bii'-lniFi nn
ii ih W-tm National
mi imtit In Itrvckciiridpe
.11 u a bii'tler and an
1 1 17 n nn J t'inn will Join
lilm abiitiiunt auccat
l.f" Inrurnni'p
w rl'iiii
Mt- ii'i.ilirn! tnbr who expects
t t. iit of the eonniv on flection
iIm in' iiti bv apMnrlnt' before
!' t'otinti rierk not more than
t il'v. ni.r U' than 1 data prior
i '. ' of iirh an fbction and ob-
t.iin .1 tirkft nnd vole or gt some
tliu not inotp than 20 l nor
. - ilmn In da) prior to surh
'brtion filch fjector ahnuld make
tt't-lr irMinal ni arnnce liffore a
S'l'IMV rtibllc nnd d-lher In aUch
Nolsr Public hla poll t receipt nr
Mip.tliii f rtlflcitn or mnke an nf-
fldavll t'uil .anm haw In en lost lie
Ins pnld In due time .which shall
be sent to the county cbrk h such
Notary and the Clerk will then send
to such voter a ticket to bv opened
In the pretence of ueh Notary to-
gether with an affidavit to be sinn-
ed by such voii-r liefore such .No-
tary. All thpe blanks can be bad by
inquiry nt the Clerk's office.
The voter pays all expenses wblrh
Include postage and notary fees.
..$. .
Utile Mis. Corn French fire year
nld daughter nf Dr. and Mrs. J.
P French. Weet Ilullutn street aim
Ln. Iin acb for several days. I
r i i.rted I" '" ery til ioda)'.
W eekly Democrat.
To Have Monthly
iVIagaJne Section
After careful study nttd at
a treat exponas the manage.
hi o n t ot t h e Ilreckenrldne
Weekly lHnioorat baa necureil
a uiaaasine aeciiou tor iue
Usttoerat. Thla la another -.ifp
townnta giving the readers or Hip
Democrat the beat weekly imper In
tilts ecllon of tbe country.
This iiiftguatne section will Iip Is-
uod on tba second Friday of each
month. Kncb tasiip will
Itpniii of Interest m nil members iifiiiriiclim on vnrlou orii"na of tin-
Motlcl Ilottsc nt Tnrrytown c353""'""' 'igi""" '
N. V. Foreshadow Uc p "t t
of Steel for Home Con- '
stniciion. rfl
i'Sv. fra ... '
nn KOUWAUIl step In rest- f(ljM'7 1? Li ' tWifV
iloncu m jT 'm NW
jjrsjr marked by the buihliug of ' ' Wfi O (iTlfar'.'a 11li
W8 HeralilTrlhun. steel 'JMZiS i"lJS5&fcS- 'AW
frame uumIcI home at Tar t? K4vivS:f VL.
rytown. New Vork. built ami dvin- .Jftl1KTXikt fth Ilila.ailifim
"S-. - tfitfefesfe
miMleru akycraiers Is mini.' ih.h.i a2l "i- 'Z""iTlk
his only by Iho use of aian.lanliv.i I W5'' '"' M''A'n'r- -
stool sbnpett which whllo taking up
little roam lire able to In-ur tr-
iiieiidous loads. Ilia im of klmllnr
hut llnliUr. ahnues for ilwillluu
couatrucilon la n r'cent lunovmlon
Predict Increased Uc
A rapid Introase In the uu of
steel f minus for r-ld-nre la.
bowerer. predicted b ollli Is of
lha American InsiltutH nf Htn..
Construction. -The ateady deple-
Hun of our timber restrus." aays
Plan of first floor
Charles F. Abbott Ku-mitlvo
rector of tho Institute "tunili to
1- "?"
ai r 1." 1
m irss-11
3 Ua-t" I I -" I sissj ai
1 m. ULT I I !. UfeiaV I ' "f 1 v
(1 lissassaJM ty
I I L I ' I 'X
' ''!'. 'II il I'Ut I
11 to r
wards an almost prohibitive prluo
for lumber for building purpoHOH.
"Steel franios for dwolllngB will
reduce tho drain on our forests
and permit the contlnuuii uhu of
wood ut u rmiHoiiublu rust for tho
Hours Interior llulxliliigH aud for
rulIi other use In dwelling con-
Htructlon as falls within Itu natural
Held. Steel will perform a distinct
Special Purchase Sale
Genuine Broadcloth Unions!!
Summer wi'ttilier miiUr.i lii'iviiM' (It ninnds on your
stippb nf uiulonvcnt iitid w nn rijrhl on the job In
niia-wiM' the tlonmntl.
IIcit iit n spoclnl purclinai of IS iIoxpii "xmiuIiio
Mio.'iilolntli Uuionn alzoa Mil to .til. extra inumy in cut.
Above llio nviTiiuo In mnke niul m:nK up of fhu count
liinlmtia Kcntilno llrontlclnlli.
A wmiinc 1.00 vnluo t'appclnlly pricti!.
:i l'OU
I 1
Uicckt'nililKf's LontliiiK Stotv fur .Men am! IJovs!
lh family on.. pn;.' la id In. unity und of liiiprestlng enptp.
the women .ono page contains liema This addition In the Dcmoenu
nf Inli'M'at to the iMiya nu itltU an I will w.- In-IIpvp In. popular with
filler lime conintna news from o.rlr r r B. n x nmtalna
Hip couiilr). I bo comlp sicllon If on u.nih whib- nrilclp or Interest to
another pan ami the other pai' 'ill of iti- rnnit. will Im- welcomed
eonlMln'nr. innde up nf hi and Inli-natlni; aaaj. . T y -iTf-e 1 T1 IT On ft ar-n at fT" 1" 1 SsaasMT st sVaWaaa4sssaaaBsaanaaaasmisanatl
hooii fur Its r.'lli.H- building innii'
Cost Pavers Steel
"As fur a t ittupHrtsoa I"! in
II10 root of t.iHHl un.l nil". I (rum
urn !i a 11 tni.n uon lr-a. f.i
ali.'l l'iirt!ii htaiidni 1 n an 1
fr. . "'
Uj. j
I sans aai-iaJa aiiaeaaj 'San
Plan of second door
Dbf largo sonlu factory production will
still further low or tho cost ot stuul
fur residence construction.
. "Thu fact Hint standardized stool
shapes can ho ureutoil more speed-
ily and with Iohh o.xiiensu than un-
stnnilardlzud shapos of wood will
he another factor In louorfug
Reduces Fire Hazard
Aside from a decrease in costs
for the homo builder It Is pointed
FRIDAY JUNE 25 1926.
- IA
bv our itor lurn-nsliig II. 1 of sii'j-
Above the steel frame house at -f
Tarrytown N. Y Below the frame
before It was covered up by the
out that steel fr.imos possess tho
furMii-r ahuntuge of reduulug tha
lire hazard. '
The majority a! flrs In
reshlenies start in tho cellar. Thu
use of steol ami fireproof compo.U
linns aa u hasls. for the Hours of
tho tirst story will uet 11s a 'heck
to tho spread of the tire.
Tho stool frame house at Tarry
town hits been loft partially cora-
plotod so that visitors may Inspect
tha steol fittino work before It la
covered up.


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Lockett, W. C. Breckenridge Weekly Democrat (Breckenridge, Tex), No. 46, Ed. 1, Friday, June 25, 1926, newspaper, June 25, 1926; Breckenridge, Texas. ( accessed February 24, 2017), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Breckenridge Public Library.