The Breckenridge American (Breckenridge, Tex.), Vol. 16, No. 247, Ed. 1, Thursday, August 6, 1936 Page: 1 of 8

ftlje Urechcttriac American
Tn I'erson Are Injured by
Every Puroh. Made Out of
West Texas: Generally fair to-
night nnd Frldny.
VOL. 10- o. 217
' I Mr in. I'MiKli I'm
s iH:fKKNi:iDnF STEPIIKNS COUNTY TEXAS TIItMlspw. ('l fi. 1936.
I'XHIiON l .U.
Kl.l.t M v.s in u M
oii.i:cn)ii imiimi.
AMI OTIIUIt .M.vrri.its
r"' int pardon'
ld'erday w. -. M- f .
IU(J ly..K . . . he
as t .1.1 ul it. p. . A . .) e jrth
tram n. the hi' .
tan to be held . I-
urdn and dd n. (
know tn.ii -
I allied lay tot .
I ui'iji !.. hot' VA i'i
If the Norm i-n
tram i s.hun r ' 1 1
I Ira
. Mat
't time
J cm
i E
i '.i -i b' iln
ii'j" hv.' Km
ba i a mIi Up tl '
k i .. i j n jj 1 1 (
'i a. i S mini'
. the I.
W 1. i u.erlo'k
li(l k in lexa
II- I'I Weie . . ran(.i k'i tnk nij u
much neAspai- -... .d
ti in thee da) - .r . ni.tiovi i
ct changing rr-. 1..U.. f
r.ii im atr..-' in sir iu
kxi;uu lack l
Jf-Moe' repot'. fi.irn that
m t were to the .ft..t M
a ff'vi are lar upiit. nut ! t
14 a similarity ..f name tu .
;c .t.
re i nn prun in .:i n Nt
4J i y. i -I. t tun .vui. I
"u. fu t'mmil j ..I.- Uwm . '
"' lll .1
tJi'ii. nlogan ..t .1 ii l)u
jr nv idi .. . . th. a . . -.lauln
nd W'-'i 'i !' win 1
more fittmj; t. m .. m.n a
In fiut. mn :.n. h.t.biM (
dj - "i run th 1 k ..' n.-.
amuck .t la hr.i luU.J t" "
M irphv of J n.j.-ri today
holtby hu b'ti thikt of crui. ;iik
icd blu and whit and !..
Kta n of corn to ;u.k Mr hax ' .- n
at it tn year ai .1 .tjarsntl) .';.i--born
havir; a big tuur doing it A-
11 . ru!t hu h.ta pink graii m of
COtll. riuy Art a Riaat aaUtliu.-t.oii
to him
'IMIKHK aic many huob in
1H k'niid- S..IHI- are ati uk
mid 1'inif lung lullounl lri K .
iion i.iliprt 'Htiu. .md ap-" n
the oii.y doittolr l.rtor r I .n
found but lhatr .nr many oi.
01a of lurvfl" lt.'m' .jmp ifa'l u
ltli called to if .tt.-iiti.iri Mi
tJuy Kmiii:;. Ji '" n. 'm.or . .
lecta aica an. I hi-. n 111 tr.m ..
r 1. MorSI Mm tUnn .
lecta little aur.w ai..l . 01.. t..
u 'wr. the coiumn
N l. wr d. v. '" t iniu
tl. Itio .. I. I. V 11. e to
jjT'ioU' 'ion of 1.1 l. 1. ' bv
T'iuvwif. She 1. .1 .1. v." a one 1
t 1 .an to p.' 'i. 1 ' ' 1
u d dea. ription AC. iniiipiit i.
11 A of th. i.-orii iihr inf 1111
rj cii
er huAharui !' a coil. t
d aUeU w.uid w like to
ulIectloA Sue Went to whut
up)!..' ;u il a b.k ia with the
froi'.l covered .uriam. .-.1.
puled aside tte Ueu .n
the atirlve w . I t 11 chtul-t
of a iihapu -i .ndj
4 yT.iTl'. OPlli'lAl. him lev. il.
id w mil wl. I 1 ..! t '
111 is'. 1 Hibll h I i-nd 01 .
. .hi aifa.t
The public ' 1 '... 1 iHMir. i
rr .! 00 ird 1 . -i..n. 1 l d "f unlei-i' . i .l on '
he I ...vcrtity 't l. uaiii
(K. il. ha I.. 1 eii.ii. i act 1 .
wltll ihe atate ii I loinmlaal n. t
Th public aa. n . . il lMrd i
tor the first time nn Mir a. h. .
ud ini ' a t .11..1 in auj .
ins I'aalnR. deel .p.nrnt ami nt
iinintr .Hon of .ii 'nii.eii.1 oil 11 t
her phase ff ' hool eml w
r.icnt ir public
It .. antlctpat 1 if Mi.- lejji 1
lure t nvenea 'hu fall the 11. 11
ur will t" In e'r. n h the '
the ir i oinliig ('cninir I'i '
McDoralU haa j-ume.l office m
Ihili share with him the supaiM
111 ' the IHlblli u 'u.l oil Inter
Hch l force wete hi. t b n.
nccorl In ekin .. voice in 'bo
control of th ichool fund enb
turn' similar to Ida' 8Hn 'he unl
vrsity in Hi lenlng Ixar.U
IV h'k fntllltloa hsve .hown thit
tl"- ijrcat rri)urlti of potions -cei-
i' -ii nro en 11 od by imnll mlnor-
ilfV f lrl- h. nianj f 'het.i prev-
Tot's offen'lrw
In other word. i h"
'iflnrint . n nrally s.f- ot wbilo.
relatively a handful of drivers con-
(Cuntlnued on Vase 2.)
Newspaper Capping Found
In Etfects Tells About
Woman's Death.
- '. i . i-
'i t i u i ; (
'! "d ii.s 1 I . i
'fit. ' III I. A i "
'I .. iM..I a j r.v
vein r.' .ii . . id.
o ' l ! .'I .1 .
i tX ri '.! . ' wh
".i th.- i..i-.
'l rx.iml i
tlliiti h v
' ' f the i'-a
! Vrd a '
i. i Ii" a l.l
i .1
t w.i.s ;.. i
Inn n .1 .1 ti I
f r.i-t
t "t if diti
font .1
w 1 .
;t .:
i. .1 hut
. 11 ' ifr.
.1" a IT
1 ..i.!'iig
. ff. .
Ah n hi j. ii. r
t ui ml S I'uulay
I who wsu .-III-
A l.l. 1
"l Mi
.. . .1
.1 "f t
h 1 hit .1
111 Kiath
nil nnd -MM'iul i:. of Ahil.'ni'
I ti" .i.!. ..' 1 ul h.m lh' hiimi'
.lni -ton i'. I'd'.. Txax
.s.v ral ui thoy had wn the
mm in Hi.'ikciu de WV.InMiUy. Krnun Thomtui I Blanton.
urnj it wii bviivwd ht wan t avel- h'C" nowi he will apoak in
uiK .').t vrhen act wiu com- Brackenrldgp on the uvenlnj; of
mittfd 1'eraona living or. the wot Augut 15 at S p. in.
eta Mltfr of i.wn Mud thay had Tba anoiinsatnant stutvd thut nt
wen r man .... wring tbt" drTjjrfja"T'P0ln'cn- "lnnton -will say
ti.m of the .l.'.'.t man about day-'that Clyl U OnrtcU U In hid np.
Iik. walking Ht.t d I aneaklng In bah.nd h'.m. and
Thr oody w .. Thonp.n-iw'oft1 to met Mm in J0nt ll-
K.kc nd. . t..k ik . -tabiuhmen-. ' berore " '00'110' on "otf.n
Th.rl. ...; 1. tmctloM "' r"ora- uml chnrS
!! mxa m arepentatlon and
A ..... .f m- .! (V. 11. d .Hi-dwher" B'"1"" k him mio-
fi.m. AI.U.T I I. ii -.Un to Mi that
tin- d..-rii' 11 v.ii littod that of
I .-. fnth.-i 11. t h. w .m eYtwi'ted
. I. . . . d finitely bck y U notor.ou tnxdodc-
'j 'era f Washing-ton that all alot
secretly Garrett ha been the
- ' Townee nd candidate with ttnaua-
Resolution Asks
I j 11 I f ri
eli(l ror 1 exas
i'VLUS Auk ' ' A re-olu-
1111 n-ikui- miMliflcation of the
hi ..ii nt ai rd"-r that omitted
xu from th. it of atatua nced-
. i woik 1 1 ... ti.ul adopted
t.U by t pi..-. t.t . ve f Texas
.1 w count. " h . dLrtiicta and
itilHi urgan.u.ti.ii..'. T. resolution
will ti. sen' t Washington by
ilii . A de. k it 01. haiin-d b UJ
hu. p.nnr ' 1 ii I W II go to
w .- 1:1 K'lin tu . r with federal
n T 1 i.-.i 4tion aet out
' . '1 . r . " opinion uji-
. .1 r -.lit . 111 j; toll j
- n . .1 . ..oii.-n! In 1 iXi ui "! ftate has 35-1
n. 1 .1 ai 1 n -killed workers
.1. in ..1
Dialh of Mother
Calls Local Family
M itid Mrs I. N Rhode wtie
. "I ' liunpda Wedn aday
1 ..'( hv the death of Mr Rhode
11. .tint Mr ll.ttiul. Mis Brand
.' ii .nut broke her hip two week
it ml died f rot n a heart attack
Wniii ail i night
I'f' i'i 1.' th. Kreekenrtdge
Ch iriil. 1 it 1 for a work-
t lt.' 11 being brought to the
1 11' . f . 'hree year plan and a
1 nit b : of m.ggention are now be-
; 1-'. t niemhers will be
' ' . 1. 1 id.- the beat ten to bo
' : ".. . . 'he plan Hunter Ji ne
!..i s . ud Thticnilay
" .' . .ll' t.J.'tr A'.IO
listed 'l hursday morning and the
i'U nbei ui ij yiy far above that If-
foie th. bit 1 ronipli ti'1 The pr i-
H"aN will he placed in the mail
ii.'x .'c.'k it ai. thought and
i. i'i. I" will h. .ike.l ti .-heck
the ton th . mi.lei nhoiild bo in-
I eluded. Th loiter to members will
Man Found Dead On Highway To West
IIHM I. Ill nio
: :
Congressman To Take Foe
To Task Announcement
Annouru'1'im.'tit or his prnk n
J ' " "''n i-ocelved from Con
- -" - -i'"...fc .
Hlantnn will asaort that Garrett
u a notortoua tax-dodor nnd 1.1
j pectins Judge Jae double-cro.vied;
'that Gunett la the npeoially hand-
I picked candidate of Hopson'a Eler-
"c ionii .v onuia suoaiii uriea
whicn "r iryins inton
ana iop nis active worn 101 inr
iContinuad on Page Stx.)
II arrester Compani
Plans Security Act
CHICAGO Aus 0. 'U.Ri Officials
of the International Harvester com-
pany aaid today a new employe's
penalon plan conforming to re-
cently paaaad social security legis-
lation was under consideration and
piubably would bo completed w h
in two months. They refused to
1 veal details of the plan The Hut-
venter company nan had a pension
plan In operation since 10"a on a
r.oiwontilbutory baas.
Leriion Will Elect
Officers Ton iff lit
Member of thp Hornier Colca
I nit. Aineilcin Legion will meet
Thursday night at 7 Ift o'clock III
huslncnt. i.e-mon Officers for the
. h'u iii v.-.ii will lx elected and
o'h-'r niH't.'t iti'icussed Post Com
inanitoi i :. Klrkland afk a full
.iicn hi rxhip attendance.
'ontalii a space for fiiilboi sugges-
tion from the membsr concerning
the wot It If he should hnbe any to
The chamber board Is walking
towtrd a definite plan for notion
eid -J projects ti be Included al-
though .. . c miiy be some that It
will t ike 1 number cf year to com-
plete. I The monthly luncheon.-! of tho
mombershlp. omitted this month
! will hi reiumed in .September It
vtij salu.
It w is thought that by that time
the ten piojecU will havo boon
'"' J upon by tho members and
I slated by trie aoard of directors for
I concerted action.
HI LaLal
Argument Over Use Of Carl
Leads To Tragedy At
MnNT HKI.VIKW. Texan. Aiu
cRi- W O Wlmberly. 00. bwr j. t
operator ahot Mra. Shul.y
Mi sum. tO. hi partner to deti
ird h-n k I ed h 111 1 .f here tod.iv
'U ft Iw cu old ihild look d
W.tnbetlv and Mi Mangum a.
H ird uvci the u.m of his niitoniu
b U by hln a'cpsi-d.-i Wimboily do
manded thit the nr bi returned I
The shooting occuirrxl a
later. Joiin n ice of th-
lnm woman was the only Mt
iipm. She was culm a. ahc told of
the double killing
NotKxly ttiteied the houe until
officers arued 1 ointuble ( !
Mrlii" fou'.d tlu two tod.eo on II
floor Mra Mangum had ben hot
four timeji f. bullft p.erced W in
berl'a heart. Hoth wc;c dead
The bodies were taken to fiime
Creek whre Justice Willlanu con-
tinued an Investigation.
Labor Split First
lime In 50 Years
WASHINGTON Aug. 0. T.l'i
Dtife.rc.ncca split organized labor
Into two hostile groups today end-
ing fifty yours of union solldatlty
Tho committee for or-'
Cnlzat.on with 1000000 chnllons-l
cd openly tho supremacy of 'Joo0-
000 workira remaining loytil to tho
cruft union policy of the American
Federation of I-abor.
Doflnttely rujoctiiv tho A. F. of
1 U cxftoullvo council' ultimatum
thru the C. I. O. unions disband
I within thirty days or bo stispond-
I cd John I.. Ijowta announced
plans for nn intensive organization
drive to recruit i.OOO.OOO now mom-
bers. I
- ----- j
d 11 m 1 t
aynuiii i exas itian
j Opens Store In City
W M Data;heity announces the
j opening of tho Household AppH-
I mice compttny 137 East Walker
street. This now store will carry a
coin pi. to line of Electrolux and
j keroono rcfrlgurntom and also j
' complete line of HCA olectr.c nnd
fnrm nullo.s.
Mr. Dougherty canto hoto fiom
South Texas and Invttos tho Urock-j
enrtdg citizenship to como In tho
store and get acquainted.
Life of Mary Astor i
To lie Further Bared
I U)S ANflELBa Aug ii. U.P.) In
fide and hitherto nnd seized de-
tails of Mary Astor's Itfo nn a par-1
tictpaat of (ho gay ltfo In Holly-
wood will he placed on court toe
ords next week when the ch.ld eus
tody battle of the actrotM and her
husband U resumed it was learn-
ed today. 1
1 Johnson To Support '
Morris In Run-Off
I DALLAS. Aur ti 'UP Support of
1 Frank Morris In the run -of f cam-1
palgn for railroad commUsioner
was ptidged today by II. O. John-
son of Houston who as an orpon-
ent of Morrte and Col. 15. O. Thomp-
son In tho first pramaty polled
nioro than 100000 votes. He said
he would take the stump for Mol-
lis In South Texas.
Lanhatn Will Speak i
at Johnson Picnic
ALVARADO. Aug. 6. l V Con-
grossman Krltz Uinham will speak'
tomonow at the Mth annuiil John
son county old settler ru-unlon.
The day has been designated as '
Fort Worth D.y. A motorcade of
SO cars from Fort Worth wll leave
'nr Alvarado shortly after noon
' FrWay .. .--lll.
1 --
ML We- .JT .. . a. &
iK-k jxrj.rSA r JBk
k ytmm?' t. Amr t 2fattkV .... ws
Tii?. liiFiiia a r f. 'T fiakaflLt- '
! t'n'.iill .'it in I M Mil- ii s .1 r 'ut Sp nid' Vi "i ' MiU-l) nnd. U 0110
nf Ihni l -.ui tu i' 'i rn i '.'. 11 f . nt l no a . 1.1 I .t 1 1 .1 -h mu.ti t with i.'lu'i-i
Ranker And Cis-co
Tests Look Good
G. D. Chattuln ct ul No 1 J I.
Bru.r. five mlloa south of
Ranger la ptopnrlng to run six-Inch
casing to tho top of the Ranger
Hmc ftom which It Is estimated to
produce at tho rate of 500 barrels
daily. Tho tost was flowing through
eight-Inch casing aa It was drilled
In the pay at 3'JIO foot showing nn
etlmatcd two million foot of gas.
The tost is approx-inatp y u mile
anil throu-quartcrs from the Rin
get- discovery well Uie McC'luskey
which started the boom and la or
Ing drilled by Frank Cham;lon.
who also drilled tho McCiusk .
location is 330 feet from Uta noith
and 0700 moot from tho we t line
of the Win. Van Norman survey
Eastland county. Oil Is roported
typically Knngor 13 gravity.
North of CUco the Hickok Oil
company No. 2 City fee was uJonn-
.ng out uttd drilling plug nt a
total doptii of 3.6S0 foot. Five-inch
casing was comentod with 20 aaoks
atop tho Rangor lime alter the
teat had ihoweil for an oat. mated
f00 barrebi daily more than a v k
School Hoard To
Decide on Li ah Is
School board mmoe-a were
scheduled to moot at the high
school this afternoon at" I o'clock to
deitnltoly decide whether Hrocken-
rldgo will have a lighted football
f.oUl this fuj..
Prospect for tho Illuminated
gridiron weto bilghtor today as
much favorable ootnntnt was
heard from officiate of tho school.
If tho Ivlolgs arc Installed the
early season games will be cha.igod
to night affairs. It la improbable
however that all the Kuekaroo
homo games will hi changed be-
cause of tho weathor eond.tloiw
tuiunlly experienced horo In the
late fall.
Secret Service Men
Demoted For Spying
Assistant secret ch of Jo-
seph Murphy and chief ugont.
Grady Boatwi.ght of tho St. Paul
offico wore doniotcd today for al-
leged spying on G-Men act.ville.
Treasury officials said Muiphy
Usucd the order to Inquire Into tho
activities of tho G-Men without au-
thority. Departmental Jealousy was
blamed for the activity.
Soldiers Felled By Rebel Bullet
Foil Wotth prepared today to
honor Texas highest ranking pub-
lic official. Vice Pros dent Jchn
Nnnco Garner of Uvalde and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Garner wer" sched-
uled to arrtvo this nftornoon by au-
tomobile from Dallas They were
to bo honored nt a luncheon at the
Fort Worth Club and tonlfiht thoy
will ntlond tho Frontier
A special dinner patty at Cnsa
Munann. out-door cafe theatre has
oeen arranged.
Aftnrw'iir.l. tTnn r-i.ii.n ...111 ..tail
I -' " I' ".' ..-".
i "The Uust Fruntler." iiiuk cal pag
' emit dop.ctlng the growth of the
I Old West.
j The couple will leave by train
tonight fot uvald.'.
Flvo hundred Rotarians topre-
sentlng met of Texas' clubn w II
bo gueaU at tha Frontlor Centen-
nial Frldny.
Dallo nnd Wlch.ta Falls clubs
plan t a.nd about 60 members
The visitors w.ll attend Cosa
Manana for dlnuur nttur lunching
aa gttcats of tho Fort Wo.Ui Rotary
Anderson Dealer
For AHC Products
Douglas Anderson of the An-
ileiion Refrlgeiutot company has
tieen named Breckenrulge denier
for the ABC Washer and Iron is
which are on display at tho store
on East Walker stiect. He will
handle tho electilc and faun wash-
Seven Persons De
In Auto Collision
NILES Mich.. Aug. 0. U.R -Seven
persons were killed in an uuh mo
bile collision near here cutly to
day. Police bolievod the two lW'ht
coupes met head on while travel-
iag at high speed.
Sam Murphy icaidlng at Gun
sight oxblbttid ears of corn In
Ureckonridgd Thursday which h
nld It had taken him ten years U
The ears were various thad s o
pink otio car all pink being thi
goal which Mr. Murphy said he had
beon attempting to reach In all
those years of crosilng corn.
Ho said he started out with
whtto June corn yellow dent
squaw and rod corn. From time to
time got various shade. sometimes
oats appearing with grains of dif-
ferent shades or gains themselves
of different colors. One -mr wx-
Spain Is Warned
By United States
About Protection
As Battle Looms
Tho Amorloan government has In-
fotmed the Spanish government
; that the United States w.ll hold
j Spain stilctly accountable fo all
American pi op rty seized oi dam-
aged In the course of Sjiain's civil
war ithe State Department reveal-
ed today.
PARIS Firnrii itiviistlgatoih
charged that planes .-cen ovei Moiot-co foimod art of
Italy's air foti- and wete manned
by Italian ail force views.
ROME Mussolini i.e-epted ".n
principles) the French plea lor neu-
trality In the Spanlih icvolt.
MOSCOW. ContiiDUtlnna of 2-
101070 from Soviet trade unionists
was sent to tho Spanish govorn-
ment to aid In its anti-Fa cat
MADRID. Loyalist leadeia I ft
trout the Gumlariama front to plan
a big offensive. The government
sluzed rebel fartiui over a 33000
luaro mile area.
Rebels bid ved that the . bn tl.
of tho levolt U about lo stat it
the mountains noith of Mndiid.
Complaint Filed
In Local Affray
Andrew Funde.buik. th- shot iff
department sa.d Tnui.d.iy. has
been placed under bond on com-
pblnt filed u county court chaig-
ing aggiavated assault.
The pompla nt giew out of an al-
lot cation at a local inn Tuesday
night which resulted In T.umnn
I'eau.iii goipg to a local hospital
for treatment of wounds
hibited Thursday had giiiina o.
lnk and brown showing on a ln
glo grain.
Mr. Murphy Mtid the corn he hu
produced will mad dry and cold-
er weather bettor than the atraighi
strains. Why ho could not answer
unless tho corn contains good qual
itkes of all those otussed.
Ha said ho considered the bo.1
planting t me to bo about Fduuiv
Besides tho corn Mr. Murphy ox
hibited poll tax .ecelpu da ln
back to 1000 some tram signed by
clerks even old res dents here
could scarcely recall.
i Farmers Find Wreckage
Few Minutes Out Of St.
Louis Port.
iii.inKU'd bodies of eight pits n
victim of nn air cras.i slxto.- i
nisi' i "i th of hero lat night w i.-
t.ikon to a fttnernl parlor in fn-.
ton today pending nn Itiquoif an i
inv-istlt;atlon Into the cause of th.-Ai-udcnt
The eight six p.issengii
nnd two members of the crew weie
killed shortly before midnight when
a Chicago and Southern airllnrs
plane crashed five minutes afte
leaving the field.
A S. Couch aeronaut. cal lt-poc-tor
fot the Dcpartmont of Com-
inei.o told the United Press that
a "ground fog" probably caitd
tho crash.
Coming In from Now ..-i
schedule tho piano took off rn-
Chicago. Early today word of th
crash was received by telephoin
from farmors In the district.
Flying conditions worn exeellon'
comimny officials repotted in stri
Ing to find nn explanation for the
Carried to their deathir In the
crash wotu:
W. S. Hurtlctt Chicago.
C. B. Wright. 18. Hlu-dnl-. Ill
D. R. McDavlt. Chicago.
Georgo Grashalwr Chlcnyjo.
i A. R. Holt Boston.
I Vernon C. Omlle Memphis bus
band of Phocbo Omlle famed avl i
Carl .lor. Chlrugti pilot.
Rurisoli Mossmnn New Orloar
Two Men Charged
In Election Case
Fldgc Covoy Insurance man. and
Jimmy Johnston former jiait-tinio
worker In the office of a Touiint
county election official today stood
changed with altering the utuiti
of tho July 2."5 Democratic pi miirv
The complaints alleged that th-
two altered the return of two
precincts before they were appnu
otl by tho county canvass ng c. n
mtttee. Tho results tended to
foct tho sheriff's race In which
Sheriff Carl Smith now critically
111 was awarded the nomination h
a narrow margin over
Murder Trial Shift
Sou fi ht At Center
CENTER. Aug. G. U'l'. Mi. U. .
hie Chllds. pretty biitnet. and T.
i once Brnmlctt whoso secn-t ..
affair led to mi I relet chiinici
against thorn bognn ' a fight hi i
today to transfer thcli tiiul to n
othor county. They ae accu-.d u'
killing her husband
Texas Is Returning
Most of Her Solons
AUSTIN Aug. 6. URi Cheek of
legislative races in the Demociau.
prinuu y today showed that thorn
will be at least 20 tottiinng sena-
tors In tho 31 of the next legisiu
turo. anc at least til of I5J h. uo
mombois have bo.n letuim'd
67 Men Entombed
In Blazing Mine
BIRNSLEY Kng. Aug 6. U r-
A series of explosion entombed ';
mon in a blazing mlno today.
Doctors emerging from th pit
. several hours aftor tho dlsuater
said undoubtedly all weie deud
Bodies were being bi ought to ih"
hi. f uce.
Total shiirt sales on the New
Vnrk Stool t.-tiilbiH
11)10000 shares according to n
report of tocm excnungi. otflo

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Hall, C. M. The Breckenridge American (Breckenridge, Tex.), Vol. 16, No. 247, Ed. 1, Thursday, August 6, 1936, newspaper, August 6, 1936; Breckenridge, Texas. ( accessed January 19, 2018), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Breckenridge Public Library.