Graduation program from Richmond High School, probably 1905.


Graduation program from Richmond High School on May 22, probably 1905.

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Creator: Unknown. 1905~-05-22.


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Fort Bend Museum

Since 1967, the Museum has preserved and interpreted state and county history. It provides a glimpse into life on the Brazos River through exhibit galleries, home museums, and a walking tour of historic Richmond. Among the Museum's materials are photos of prohibitionist Carrie A. Nation and "Mother of Texas" Janne Long.

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Graduation program from Richmond High School on May 22, probably 1905.


Ivy Moore, one of the graduates, would have been eighteen in 1905.



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Fort Bend Museum Collection

Photographs of artifacts from the Fort Bend Museum and local area. Materials include images of U.S. Congressman John M. Moore, prohibitionist Carrie A. Nation, and Jane Long, the "Mother of Texas."

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  • 1905~-05-22

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Graduation program from Richmond High School, probably 1905., letter, 1905~-05-22; ( accessed May 25, 2020), University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Fort Bend Museum.