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Published Weekly by Students of Setiior and Junior High Schools
NO. o
More Questions
Than Answers
n o
tk "
1 V.H mill-!
TW peon
f" tl iP-pr
ip Mil-
'pot of
iijp Huh "khn'.i
MIB th '
IUl' ''" '
Jp 1
lb Th
i ill' i' e
!. i d'ln f Il
r put orrantX''
I It "tat '
mi it. th i
h fin Ai'
i i.i 1u I' i
h" imatc i
. t ol ind hi"-'
inuntio" ri-
j 1p niptnl"
i- the '. .
i . uni
Murk t
a -if the
f which Mi
UP' -otlP
l IV fPJ i
.'ClVI I
.nil in
i m
it nl
II'! !ttT .
1M.1 n ii
it i it i -ii
r .'i ! t
'I' "I. lu
f M '!
1 1 II
Mi Walhri why do you keep on
pulling door -tops on Mr. Pulley'
room Sh iiil now finished tafc
.tu 'h mat on off
Itpn Wealey ha spent rvilf of ' Bmu ' change In th
h. i 'iff Inn It terrible to have ekry routine of mtomrt last week
tw . iinm tth romtmt in t the h club dM not mt until after
anv- it..- ' Nw wp know why ah h Dynamo went to ptea. Th
mn ehtbn wbMi hM meeting ht
!....... Dall.y how dM Orace Wednesday. were th
.n ..... into getting a haircut CJtory Chrt. Future l'nier-..
.-n-r Uj. I ilM smo nw I WW lllllimrini vv.
lUURnCii lo
Thla wee the Spam) Club Mu
v .i .;n K. iHut "Ulfca.Uflfc'
.b putting your name in the c"- " - '
Mi t!ni!y how ito A. hapfteit
'hat ou run 'ik much ftr
thin nnvon p-''
Hurry Nwnn Howell why '
mi -op ml inl
n people how
Mrthi Brttii'
tnn rnt h
f .our tltr le
weet you ure'
h init flnrnll Rob
wpk-iil in Orw
.pent th week-
Knnnt met.
OliPiiiUlry Cluli.
There wre four metnbem on the
profrrMn of tb ChemlMty Club
I Oaee In Wnrnr Tom O'rfeni.
Synthetle Perfume - Irene Wes-
ley Prodeeie from Com .Mrhftil
Rxserlmenti with Vacuum -Hoen
Ml MitenrPl Pirhall entp-
talnett in hr horn- Friday evenina
with - K'oup of frlpndu nil furntii
Brldii ind danrlmt were the
amumpntf of the evening At a
lata hour coffee mil wimlwlchen
were rvpd to the following
Novell Drove. Dorothy .ttearn-Ma-tlne
Jorden Queenle Dlllard.
Mil Web. Paul Page. Otia McKoy.
ICdward Perry. Ruddy Unow of
fjpctr. and thp hoptenn
Cluater Duncan entertained at
hla hortw aturtlay evening with a
party for a few of hla friend. .
Dancing and brklge formed the
naattma frr the orrnlon Ice cream
ami enhee were iirvd to th fol-
Imvlng: Alvarene Umjford. Novl
Wnr. Mtniti Rd. Rugpn Hall.
Horace Matder. ind th host Clus-
ter Duncan
I (I'll IM
H mlprw
n (I list rial Shoi
Is Enlarged
This Year
I unllp flowninu
rid in Jtcriiiiton
It ncki l-'nnl. what are yon o-
i rflve "liripp for Ohrletmna
Mi Kennel v the achool mlnht
.ni.kp i ilttip money from the oda
ii ind rit.. they aell at ball
amps if vi -lldnt i at up aU the Canada-Cealt Paeehnll.
rf H ' Ortxiact ami Rnte Modi P
Florence Hubert iae a cmh on White.
.pWtt rja.iaherty WwtbmU in Oertnawy -Mark Tty
Kiiaabeth 'Jlbh came up Mon-
-H" Club.
After th coileetlon of de. th-
"II" Club heard the following pro-
gram. Hasebalt In the United Ktntea ail t
TennU In Franee Arialine Chan
rtolf in Scotland Jim Cnrtlgnn.
Hull Fighting In Spain rtoi'-
tnnry MeCallle.
"Creed" Jtwnlta Thjlar.
Hi" Ir.duatr 1 1 ! i I'tnii-n1 k th
huh cbool . i i .Mtil id
Htlort to th. t hii p
Among ihop tiir in' . i
Hi nnum I ' 1 ! m- il -f..
nent ii t Jtnn . i' . i tiiitfi- t
hron.p and n ii.' tout
pare favoratoi vn'h )k-p tt i i
rut b nemo of tl li'gc con t
rial foundrtee m tp jtp m .t '
ing to the lBirtii toi A K I:
Mnn npled iiatin ; mfi.i
an well ne amnu ma.mn. r.m'v
end ft'atuptu itut other i"hii
ate belnjf m.i!e Thp ..parin.po
' now contnicting iiia fo "In-
pwatlng hanAlea f'i th hirh
nchool locker. Man f the Hin-
di have been broken and tin I
replacing. Title -it portnient l i m-
idly getting into .iap to tak
core of tliee .id n.any th r
jib ntiurd th cho.i yUri.
A K Retwl t..: that in-
duelrlnl ilepaitnx ui Mill .ffr i.oolt
enda atatudt tool .ind mum
Other Itema fo -. .luring hp
annual ahow U t- nrltl in Fht i
or) All of thea t unira will '
made in Hip Wgh h hooi hoi
The money lealUct frum tl-p
I ol hee c)jtfte 'll be uaeii
tm 'he purrnae of t n- and
ment for Uie maehm. -.hop
day morning with a cracked Itp
h '
Vhom do' Bill Deaeon go to
jt Parka
lh Roark I-endon Myera. Cot-
'n Undaty and Oettia INnok went
o Mineral Werta Sunday.
Foiine Im .pent the week end I Industrial Club.
n ''.tnhjni ! At the IndiutrmI Ckib a eix reel
I'miin Fin.. .lohnni Ma Ttlp-j moving picture Tho Story of
Kv Itpdman. and Tiavta Steel." wtia ahown with Mr. Het-
I.vip wn 'o Abilne Sunday ael aa ofHtrntor.
After the ahow Dan Qulnii And
The Y M C A basketball tour
nament wna otgnied it the higi
acnool Monday tfternoon by Frank
Hick with the help of P. K Shot-
wall and W R He:er F.lght teanu
have come out for the tourmmeni.
wWeh will laat about two month i
and a half. Individual bronze med-
al will be given the winner
The following are the line-up-Charle
Hitchcock. cnptnin; Hil-
IU Bnnla Otia Hltcheook. S. f.
I Dnv.a Sam Harmonaon. Paul John-
eon. Camfcron Stallings.
Richie Duvla ctptaln Leon Pace.
Tyler DaiiBhetty. Jake Bingham.
Sath WorUr.. Don Hood.
Donald (ttogner. captain; Ro
Andrew. Cnnol King. Jack Paunt
LeRoy. B. It. Chappel Elgar U'i-
Hni. Dyron Purdy.
.Vf-wtan tnntron captain: Rail
1 Mlaa Maxlne Steal na entertained Wood. Jack Brook. Bruce Smlth-
her frlenda In her home Saturday Mni OraUy Griffith. Jame D
night. -aa Sweeney.
The gueete enjoyed bridge and i rjltlle U'ebb. caitnin; J'mmle
dancln(f. Cofft and devil'e food i Wragg. Tom O'Neal Joe Morrow
cake were aerved to the following- joBn WlllUm. Bennett While.
Edith Corley. Moamia Smith. Em-1 Hon Kii.ott. enptnin; E. H.
ma. Mne Huateil. Clarice Andnwa. suphewaon. I-oyd Johnaon. Itoy
Margtmrlte a ad Jewell Sparke. lau- Kile. Wayne Pace. Jame Corley.
line Flnley Mnrjorie Brltton. Jerry jo njuaay.
McCarty. Vivian Coburn. Willi i Agriculture Claea I (Captain not
Jenklna. Hlllla Bnnia. Red Howell elected). Bttl Haaeoll Kdward Of-
Chubby Wflhlfonl. Jo Ituah Sut-. n. Donald Thompnon. Ray Walk
Mucks Substitute
Bull do fi For Turkey
Poor I5u ka' They muat l
ui'hout thefi turkey tomorrow
They mtMt partake of Iltilldog
Inateail. pT'JlJ 'y "' ''
the BulldAKi get the Jump on
Twill he Buckaroo agalnt
Bulldog. and to the victor ba-
ling the xpoll iwobnbly tlla-
trlct and ponaibly atate ehnmp-
iommlp' ?fow. fana don't fill ymirselve
to full of tnrkey ami crnnfier-
r'.ea. and dressing and all that
you can't yell for m. beenuae
they are going to need nil to
win. and If i hey win what a
Thsnkeglvtng Day well all have
All Are ACriictcil
1 C'PMiln -'
ItlPPt .if! I 'I
i tac lv i. iij ' i
iftffllcti' i i-i iwli-rpi iihn
Th! -iffllrtnin ir.Mi
.:... T""s "vn:am? . 'Sooner Or La lei
I i uuiiiirii ihtki) liy -'lllliriiiH 111
1 Itrcckentldci High Scluml
'Kdltnr-ln-Chlef Jeip Martin
JAaaotiate Kdltor 1. 1 homo Dlckann!
tlnln.. Manavn.. -.!... ..r trr. VP'MIll -' n! t "HP a
...-.... .--. ....I..MPI. .-..... r.ij
C..I.I. ri u..u. i.v. ' iippi .it'll -nit' t ti
fc-'ia icii "v l aan uiiii -va t
Krneetlne Faimer Margaret
Paachnll. and Urare Ray
Humor Claude Andrews and
Jack Morri
Sporta. . Troy NorthcMtt and
Lucille Downing
Columulat Mowoy Wood. Rd.th
Corley and the Roving Reportpr
Fentttre . PTaneea Rllnor Wli
Marahalt Alexander. Bedford
Purr and Thoma Dlrkann
Heportera Member a of Brecken-
rldg Hiah School Jnurnallam
Spnnaor Mia John V. Bailey
Typlata Nancy Lncv. Lahnma
.1 ei r' 'n m1I
takf l. "hpi t i
lion ' i
d -p i
lit" il
h. i
V' . '
i Kim
I Annil
I no uni'
-u II-h.-i
' '
' i-el.inil
i ..ffh '
whv. I'.l i
i Itirtf i ni i
Ju t
ft .
Ml. I il
. p-htit
i Wilaon
ave thlrf
Dlekaon. ISItnor Waah OHdya .
Wood. Rosemary McCi'ti.- '
afflii.i'n t Iph ' 'h' ii iv ayntp-
Ihtsehali System
Adopted liy Room
tn- nil''
aip i !
tlmi i .i
.) A I'll
in. I'i. I
pi judio-d
phon. Brllton Prultt. Jimmle Har-
riaon. Gtorgc MdPall. Willi Wilte
Anatl flodgea. Harrj Satterflokl.
Kmerald Kinney. Jimmle Wragg.
anil thf hoateaa
er. Dnle Hull. Hoyt MoClnten. Tl
den MoGrlff. J. P. ChaaUin Olon
I AKr.etilturo ciaee u (captain ni
l.-i MiCn'v Kdwln Pac. andi
n i H.Mlfp- ami to Albany Sun-
i is '
.n:i Stalunap ind Jack Dodd
--pta to be Iti tov
il.tict. Knnla caught a nice "eat-
ing turkey" Saturday
M rice ai Roy Andrewa went to
Kluivill 8tinda.
Who tol' th pumpkin pie at
Mixine Steam a party Friday
night ' We have a pretty good kleH.
hut of court we are very careful
i boot what we put in Lho vaper.
Bertie Ma Dun kip apent Httmlay
with her couain In Port Worth.
Mildred Ruth dyed her hair rail
pieaue her new lover. She tnuat
hink n lot of hnu
Royce Lee Bulleck are yaw try.
in it to rob Maxlne of her dear lov-
r Speck"
What are alt of you Mflh hool
tKiy. aolrig to give your gtrla for
hllalma'' Think it over.
Mary Jan CuHtb went to Gra-
him Sunday
Ml El wood who was the dark-
niii.d Romeo you were with Sun-
di ' Don't keep any aeoreta.
Ii- layton. why dkln't you and
Put . aomewher Sunday?
Vf. annum ufA IHInW ihnt VAIII
-. tt til .".-- ..... - . j
till OCOUl 1 rOOD home room will be invited to Mr.
Herring popcorn party the next
Have you hoard about the ne v tm we have oar meeting.
publication lu town JJoy Scout Vaudln WIIMama aeema to get
Troop No IS haa recently tartm! S W. Tolle atftrted overy ly "
a newspaper which l puWiaheVv- the eeventh period uudy hall. How
cry week. Three laauae 'av il- about It N. W.?
Ullte Moon went to uaiino bun-
Or What Have You?
1 elected! Ray Cartel. Berntce Col-
lin. Tom Fimbro. Eugene Hall.
I Claud Howl. Ray Taylor. Orla
! Price DennN Collin. J imp John-
ItV a aham that the football
boy muat do without the'r turkey
cranberry aauce. dteaaln'. and
what-not tomorrow but than on
the other hand they muat beat
Ranger. According to an okl wi
nce "More battles nave been won
on an empty atoniach than on n
full one.
It seems that 12. Wash la a ge-
ometrical wlznrtl. for ahe conducts
a class at the eighth period every
evening for the purpose of helping
thwe who moat need help nnd are
ilp.'lroua of teaming that which
penetrate their crnnlunis alowly.
Keep the p-jod work going Bleon-
The membera of M't Shrtwell'-i u nim
home rocm hnve di'rlded to hnv. i fllcti n
baeeliull gamea for their horn- tei M n
rt.oni program overy other week. Thpi
Tlie batter are iilven que tlona to thai
answer insteal of bulli to hit ir. hi"
LEflajt batter U given three atrik ' iciiuli
I or question If he answers on- malal
he goes to fit at biiap; If he miaai it et
ithe three 'lueatlona he I out. IVhpn
he comes In "home." one acore la
counted. '
These iuestkin.t are taken from
a question box in which the tu-
donls have put iiueatlona -ind th
seem to
ilnet this
of them
th iffllc-
oo ha-i been
'itun-ito 'if-
llttl.- ii-
It'Klluh 111"
ii 111..' h i I
upon i ti- i.
- p.u k il iv
id th I'-
id h.n
nn .n i m tiper'ition
i hoy in I aometim
jit hi..- tn u hooping
iiHtialPH and iIm- "railge
o if V u ii urii " 'l
1 tauna iim hr t ijijh
iv n out th 't rm of iht-
ut f ni.te-wtltin..'
aon Max Clay
J W. Cut hall gave a four round
boxirfr match. Edith Corley. Grnec'a young man
There were 62 nwmbers preaent cilia her hi peach and the nppir- of
Clarice Andrew edlth Corley. h tw Wiy cant you cull tu
1rginln Dnmeran. N. S. Holland.! t-:iiKaH& ti at
and John F. Bailey were gnosis. RidWRowell- Yes. thafa all very
; i t.iiiij
I well
NdwsiKtper Issued
Kiiturn Fnrnicm.
The boys of the Future Farmer
Club dlacuaeetl plans for their otil-
Ing on the river. Forty-five boys
were expected to go.
.Mimic Club.
The MtMto Club progmm eombt
cd of the following numbers:
Felix Mendel"ihon Lorraine
Works of MendelMhan Nnlall
but h." in tin vege'able bin.-
jneas and I'm in the flan trade.
Walter: Are you Hungnry
Mr. Herring: Yea. Slim.
Walter: Den Rue la to the table
and I'll FIJI
Mr. Herring: Atlrtfiht. Sweden my
coffee nnd Denmark my bill.
Mrs. Andrewa: Why dkl ymi strike
your little stater
A nv.-tinu t the piincip.il
held Mom1 i . it al H :il to
"We are all of us fellow passen
gers on the some pkinet and we
are all of ua responsible for th
happtnes and well-being of the
world In whleh Wo live."
That la an excerpt from an nrtl-
cle I recently rend In Roaders' Dl-
geat which enn be adopted to any ; ley chose
place In life bo it home moIiooI or The core
Th Breckenrldge High School
Buckaroo nre In a hole and nrc
out on the gridiron every afternoon
pluaglng away until dark preparing i do unto you
to climb out of that hole. Th So please return all thoao article
Bucks" percentage dropped cor -ud-1 oh soon a poeelble a Mr. Bailey
answers to them. Uiat woek theocusa vlaltlng in r.--t Worth . Ii
.(UOSttona war on achool ictivl-i thl week.
ties. Seme of them were "Who U j
our first airing "iuatei-lck "
-Who Is th "B" Otlb aponaot
ami "Who waa penalized mo'
the Bvcckerrldge-ICatland gamp"'
Some other aubject foi futu
tdogrnma are Rooeevelt ami i;.n
ner their lives anil fnm.llc" l.if
of Christ. Bible Stories and man
aulijoct ccrcernlng achi ol II ff in. I
Tom O'Neal and Miidred Mn-
aldea for thl cont--"'
of each aide and 'no
SAN FRANCISCO d'l'i-Patron
ipsoits whie liquor Is mold i.i
iwa tlioiiKh not
otherwise. It merely tayt 'Do un- butting average of each batter nr-
to other as you would havo them kept by Rosemary McCalllo anl
' i- ..... i r.t..
ernbly two week ago when the
teum lost to the Abilene Kugten 11-7
In a hard fought game.
Th Buckle tangle with the Ran-
ger Bulldog Thursday to aec
which team ' stay In the dUtrlct
race. If Rangor win Thanksgiv-
ing Day they can consider them
selves the winner of the Oil lie'.t
Roy Andrews: Well we were pmy-i League: If they tie with lho Buck.
Inif Allnm and I5ve. and lmtOad Ofllhoi. hoc. In nlntt Ahilnnn Airrllll'
How Aneient Nations Mode Mil- tenptng me with the upple ahe ate nd If they toae. they are out of It.
renueated In nuaembly and clear
up yours and your .school' name.
Girls Hike To
Breck Airport
Emma Roark.
The score I now 12 to 10 m
fuvor of Tom a aide At he end
of the aemevtor the losing sldr 1 1
to entertain th winner
iol .Hon : th
iititlp.l to lo
i-iay .liitik t n-T
that ch-unn Th
"iippll t op in i-
tnuno to .i'1.ui"
Thla i" m intpi ict-itton
illicit Iwverngeji.
ill of th inu.sir
equipment th.it
il rheoi Is Im-
of the
I iw hiiidpd "low ii l
Frank H K ium:
iptir ti
I ' i
sicAda Wragg.
Tnlk ty Miss Tyson.
Two number by the Trio.
Ultra ry Club.
Twenty-five members were pre-
enl it the Library Crub. There vas
a round table dlscuNlan on sub-
jects presented by the members.
ready been put out.
Many favorable comment on the
paper have been heard aipon;
them one from the Executive of
this dlrtriA.wh receivea regukir
The fdllo'r are BIM Daon nod
Kdgar Stalling ftHd the puoiieuer
I Rom I. Elliott. Jr At th lat
meeting. Bedford Fun wa uruni
moutly elected "papet boy " It m
hi job to deliver th pter
each of the Scout every wrk
Some of you boys com on down.
Join the troop and have aom fun
Look out "Dynjino '
Suinlah Club.
The Spanish Ctub tlatened to a
book review on the Spanish book.
"Machete" and enng three Spanish
Their licurds You
Count 'Enu Are TO
Frighten Bulldogs
Recently; the Ureckeniidg
High School girt had a tremen-
dous thrill white it lasted But
they .soon found nut t.f n w
a fluke. A.
Here' how it happeaed Dai
old B II. S. Wu eudden'iy over-
run with as nmaxiag upply of
brutal looking he-men. Been
girl began having her own hap-
py dream about how one of
thee grlzxh. bruve felaewa
would woo (and wini her. The
girl were having a geuad trme
Vith their romantic or earns
cnbicn oh-ao euddenly aome of
rcy vier of their x began tn
rcitlce familiar garment aaMHVf.
liitese daring lnvalerr-a hat
vjlere a scarf or coat there'
And finally it dawned upon
the females that theae eharming
-visitors were none other than a
few laxy football boys who were
allowing their beards (and if
you auk me they're proud of
'cm) Jto grow tn order to score
Ihu Ranger Bulldogs oh heck'
day afternoon.
RteenoT Wiwh ha every girl In
high school be ted when It come
to Mushing. Mention Alb-iny and
watch her.
Mr Rowland ubtltuted for Mr.
Holland Thursday and Fhday.
Fussy Lee Alexonder. why do we
not e your name in the headline
o.' the paper anymore?
Mary Schwlnd hn beautiful eye.
Hoys you heutd take notice!
Bobbie Wood do you think we
will wtn the game tomorrow?
Virginia Copeland. Pearl Juneau.
Thlma Coleman. Luhoma Dlokaon
Louia Athey. Jim Norton Mary
Ruth Rlke. I-lorenee MoPheron
Jack Morria Mary Taylor Preston
Manly. Clarence Snowdon and Joe
Sutphen have been ill off and o .
for several day.
Mr Bat i I inform u that he
hi moved to the campus now.
Mr Betzel and Mr Kenhey are
leaving today far a deer hunt. They
will return Sunday Good luck to
Mr Mbotweli went to Mineral
Well Saturday.
Danlia Dealon spent the week-
end in Ivan
Kites Wet h Bagwell went to DeL-
on during the week-ead.
lUfle Ruth Pelfrey Toddle Car-
ey Sadie Sponoer. Velma Kile and
Howorth's Room
Wins P-TA Prize
U herself
mm ii Ty ivsu .cjf ic inu ' .. j
tin lh last ense HrPckenrlilKo unci! m
I4((JII7 iillfc v With tut- iiiiiiui
Odds Ei en
ovo? ... .1 This game Thanlwgtvlng will mj
Katherlne J.. The beginning of Ba mt onw to be renlpmh(rwi -
dR':Hfe' j the Rnnger Bulldogs fighting to
I win or tie the gnmc and the Brock-
Dtek Smith: Can any of you t' nriIKe Buckaroo with the.r backs
me what makes the Tower of Pisa I . .. . flch.lmr to ... i
the district rnce. The odd are now
even after the Bulldog played j
deadlock with Brownwood last Fil-
day. U'ii.
The G. A. A. hiked to tho airport
Saturday morning. Ttiey met at th
high school and JeR thoro at 9:30.
They took their luncho with !
vlctrola was also tnlion
lunlor I licit leiiclu-r Iioiours
('rncld-rs I.e.ulng Poor stu-
ilfiils o (ut Brotul
IVItli S'Mip
Jean Brewer: I don't know or I'd
take ome mylf.
Berber: Well.my little man and
how would you like your hair otu?
Baby Kennedy: If you please sir
lust like falfhern and don't forget
the little round hole t the tqp!
where the head comet out.
They arrived back at the high
aetiool nt 3.3JJ p. m.
Those who went on tho hike ware
the follow ng: Gwynoth Idles
is porta manager! Mis Clayton
(ponori Charlotte Kofford Mur-
iel White Florence Hubert Mary
j Bo Page. Paulino Carney Prance
I Matthes Grace Jen Derotho Kln-
I ney Vlrg.nla Copelaml Connie
Grovos Louise MeKlnley
I Dawk Ins. Gsna Stallings
in whu-h
i unflacni
Inc.uded v.
machines u .
lua declaion o
decision th i'
pi'olly inioipi
The di i o
trlct! t t i
r'iki-.i- ii
' Federal Judge
in :i test cine
vartoua artlclo
-overnment w is
i l
n I
Tom Howorth's home room won
the prlre which was offered by the
Junior High School P.-T. A. for the
room turning In to tho library the
largest number of acceptable books
during book week.
Mlsa Jones' and Miss Henderson's
Mr. Betzel: r wosn't driving forty
m'le on hour nor thirty nor evn
Ablleno Hrlploas.
The Abilene Eagles nre practical-
ly helpless. They can do nothing
but wait and hope that Breckon-
rldge beata or Lm Ringer. If
Ranger wins the Eagles loc; if
Rnnger ties or loaes Abilene Iris
anotnor chance at the district tltlo.
Hard Ijic-k.
The Buckaroo will be handicap
Lnuite Klnchon.
and Anita Hood.
Rinas For Senior
Class Are Received
Brood ami cracker ore fr.-i
tho cafeteria but that la no i
son why Tom Howoith. An i i ecps v t
IlOilge. and Berford O'dell .shmi ! Volst i. d i
run a race eating them. M H"
orth nlwaya wins foi he gets .i t. t
of cracker and half a n.i
bread If he buys on little boW
soup. Let's pray that th wea.h"
lava warm o ho will not wint
soup every day
It is a touching sight to aee how relation
the "poor kids' howl if they an- Ke-iiun
unlucky enough to be behind him B i i.r
In the cafeteria line They have whit . . i
that hungry feeling In their atom- pret-n- m
noils that only biead can satisfy '
If they get ahead of Mr. Thorn- A mn'
ns Iloworth fine. If not. they starve. I solve the
Oh why oh why don't they tax It ought to pu
Shafer? I every garage.
ath !
a i ....
' 01 .No
III 111'.
I' A"
OffU I -
arti !
t and vending
no Hp b:isei
.ired States coint
v. been more li'i
i I othei dl.stru r
ifinp-i seizure
irt en ine of
WPiu citii-ideied
inu'H i of i pi.
lie iiiui i.i
eld nt I i "" I
u; n ii hmf i
ill un II ca
i.i .1 .1 I
.it el 'ol I i
ud -i-i ii i
toil V hlv J
fi nul J t
' I' t i n Mif
ipi oi - ii'ulei III
lOl. I f I ' o tv
faim m at not
jral p: ih.em but
h- si-kr ji (ea in
The Senior Claa held a shoit
buslnts.H meeting Tuesday morning
In tho auditorium.
- .1 I HO DUCHIIKH'J -Will IJU llllliUIIMJi-
Chief John Kelley: Here steady I pe( y th( nb3ence of Mark Tay.j Leo Martin class president an-
w. or you'll bock Into something. (()r ft atar Ruardi lie wnil tnken m nounced that the clna rings have
with the mumps last Saturday urr.vetl oi
Weldon WtUon: My pi Is very Fh t i. nr.-hnhiiii. w.u charcea n
home rooms also turned In a largCrcB"u He always bow his head j not h'e ready to R0 Thur8iay. Toy. a cemu
number of bookn. on" -y something before meals. or a navlrtR hara Uck thH ye.r. taken. In
The library bought two dozen
new books most of whloh arc on
the lxth and seventh grnde read-
ing list.
S. Carolina Boy
Wins In Debating
William Bogot Pearson. Jr. of
South Carolina won first place In
the National Future Farmer Speak
ing Contest held at the Royal Uve-
urr.ven and may no nan wncn me
charges are Kild.
eenaiia of the class was also
which the full name of
Percy Morris: Mine always sayi He wa. out a nlonth wun an In- overy senior was recorded foi use
something when he sits dvn toj fected ankle and now he Is lost for on the diplomas next spring.
tho remainder of the season with
the mumps. I BllckarOO Baild
IMtzrr Ready. I
Bill Pitzer tho powerful Buoka-.
roo nuarterhack. sav he la reo ly
Don Hood: Do' you think a girl to help whip the Bulldogs. He; The Buokuroo Band directed by
tell.aer . ne lldn t see much service In the An- J- - uurKeii. recenuy eiecieu me
ilene game but he sny he wiil
play twice as hard Thursday.
Wood Eligible.
Bobby Wood the shifty signal
barker of the Buckaroo squad U
eligible this week and Is ready to
eat. but he don't bow .Ms head.
Weldon: What does he roy?
Percy: Go easy on the butter
kids. IU forty cents a pound
Names Officers
believes you when!
I the first girl you ever loVTJd?
WII on Kirk- Yes If you're
first liar she ever met.
Pauline Flnley: Gee. but that
stock in Kansas Citv. Tuesday. lte last night wo fresh
Nov. 15. The honor carried with It Polly Wolf: Why didn't you slap go. He wa lneJ.glble In the Ahl-
following officer: Pre!dent Bed-
ford Furr; vice pree'.di'lT". Otis
Httoheock; secretary Sam Ha.-
monson. Tlie band hope to give a
program tn assembly sometime I.i i
the near future according to the
. ... . . .. 1. 1. --
a cami pore ot Jiuu. rms youtn maiuuci
won first place In the regional con-
test at which John Lauderdale if
the Brrakenridge high school Fu-
ture Parmer Chapter repiesented
Texa and won fourth plsce with
ten states competing
Paulino: I did but take my ad
vice. Never hip a guy when he's
chewing tobacco.
Blackle Ennis: I've courted your
(!auhter for aimer fifteen years.
Mr. Andrews: Well what do you
vj i tssaaaasv w'wtvti .... ...- .
Bddl Owens went kodaking und eighth period study hall? Are ypu.wanlT
picnlelna; Sunday at Nine Mile
Delova Poy 3arey spent Saturday
in Caddo.
Jim Carrlgan went turkey hunt-
ing Saturday. No luck.
James Corley and Lloyd Hender-
son went to Union Hill Sunday
Grace Ray and Delbert Dalley
motored to Albany Sunday.
Vanno Carey took Ada 'Knox to
tho show Sunday night.
Jeeso Martin why do you .
nt Mary Flynn all during the
In love with her?
J. D. Davis went to Woodson
"Pat" If you oren't careful some-
body Is going to beat your time.
Isn't that right. "Maxlne?"
Guy Ewlng do you get a kick
out of parading around In study
halls with paper-boskets?
Blynn and Troy vreat duck hunt-
ing. Sunday. No ducta.
James A. has found- something
Interesting in skirts.
Hzry Umxc FarrJs was absent-alt
last week because of illness.
Blackie: I'd like to marry her.
Mr. Andrews: Oh I see I thought
perhapi you wanted a pension.
Mr. Htlzer: What part of the
cow do the chops come from?
Clyde Coker: Don't you know?
Mr- Jlelzer: Do you
Clyde Cokei; Haven t you evflr
heard of a cow licking her chops?
Icne game which was a big handi-
cap to the team. I
District' Standing.
Hero Is the standing of the five
teams in the Oil Belt so fur:
W. L. T
Ranger 2 0
Abilene 3 1
Breckenrldge 2 1
Brownwood . . . 0 2
Eastland 0 3
rarskm Me.
While T carry Irusome wood for
the fire.
10 JO
A feven-pound turnip was cxr
hlblted In Kansas recently. Byt in
some places the turnips garw to
po pounds or better. I
"Green MiintJons"
W. II. Hudnan
Ills life .van open to all who
cured to know It excepting the one
; hidden chapter when he had arriv
ed at Georgetown from some re-
mote South American district a
drnnger penniless ragged wobted
almost to a skeleton by fever and
misery his face blackened by Ion?
exposure to sun and wind. He
brought with him an urn of ashes
Since then he had become a
wealthy favorite. Yet there remain
ed that hidden chapter that stay
? ' f '
p l
Jlaaaaal 1 1 fc i J
969 fl
M faculty meeting was held Sat-
urday from ten oclockuntlltwelvc.
At eleven o'clock there vraa a. brief In the desert Only after hla death
IntermiaBlon and every teacher who was" the whola truth known
had behaved well dunnc the Hour "Oren Monslonn" Is thla story
wo given a piece of chocolate' shadowy strnhge rare and mys-j
I candy. terious f
.Juniper Frock for
Smart Girls
Chainunt: a'.yle fo. yotingsteri)
exploiting the jumpoi fashion to-
ie'.hor with b:oad .-houldern and a
-m. n i little waistUn treatment.
Tn.- i.if"ir will be . xceueht to
in. 1 1- up s parate -itirto and
hi i well is an ' tire frock.
It .1 ii - .-- piactlcil ii aa dressy
as .1 : ifi depi.h. on Uie
m' - ii d
)i .1 ml woolen in i rial oont-
".i i v ii'i cotton f i blouse would
" ii il Foi ii oi up ocon-
H i i'iv crtpe i. viivot skin
w ill. I h Iom ly Wl'l i rtrupe Uc-
i i in Mi uai. Tho iniiif frcm this
pa-teiri a 11 be unu u 1 11 econom-
i .il a 'id di l.ghtfulii' -t .it.
X -1 .; i . - 1 In alei i to 11. SI30
lo ieiUiu". 1 7-8 yiiids tf 30-lnoli
fab-H 1 "? I yards .'il inch fabric
foi .in - i l- v ir.M 38dnch ov
3C in n ..il .ic fiv blr i i
To got a pattutn of this model
send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) In
Pleaso wrlto very plainly your
NUMBER and SIZE of each pat-
tern ordered.
Enclosed is 16 cent for PATTERN No. Sob Size
Print name clearly w ....
Street and Number
City and State "...

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