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... they returned to the Lake Jacksboro Armory at noon Sunday from a 2-week stay at Fort Hood with the 49th Armored...; Texans ll i vs. Rangers. High School Lrague Friday, June 23, Midway vs. I Jacksboro; Lawson Rogers 50th.... But i the other 82 had a total of 153 , previous convictions with one of ; these having a record of 12... Owen, June 18, a girl, Faith Eliza- 2nd and 4th Wednesday at noon, beth, weighed 7 lbs. 4 ozs... pad $2.00 each Several Vinyl All Foam Car Seats were $9.95 now $4.95 3 Toy Chests at 1/2 Price I

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... at 215 N. 9th, after 12. a6-22c TO BE GIVEN away . 5 puppies. See at 401 N. Main or call L07- 3361....m. on Thursday, the 6th day of July, 1967 for the purpose of determining, fixing and equalizing the value of any... Bowie Sidewalk Art Show July 1 Bowie’s 19th Annual Sidewalk Art Show will be held Saturday, July ' 1... Andersori — Donna Beach Foster, May 9th Dec Regnold Blackerly — Mrs. Christine Baker Wood Tommy Lee Workman... and Nelda Kay Milton, May 24th. Grover Allen Jackson and Edyth Swan Kurz, May 24th W. A. Cooper — Vera

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... until 5 p. m. daily. The Fort Museum will be open throughout the Fair. Proceeds from the fair..., June 30 will open the 4th annual Fort Richardson Frontier Fair at the fort grounds in Jacksboro. A

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... HAPPEN W1TH/N 25 MILES OF HOME. POH'T TAKE Lt. John Mower Honored By Plaque A plaque honoring the late Lt... Hospital June 12-dismissed, Pattie Lea McDonald June 13—admitted, Agnes Glover, W. C. Drummond, Necie Shaw... Supc. Ir.tcr.dr-n' and School Administrators at Texas A&M University College Station, June 12- 14... is invited. vited. Buy, rent, sell or trade with the Gazette-News want ads. 12 Oz. 100 Count Paper Goods... Thermo Cups kw 12 Oz., 25 Count Package 50c Lids Also Available S Handles Hot Drink Cups £&* Table Covers

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... The Year Specialists In Air Conditioning Carrier McKee Air Conditioning 612 4th St. Graham, Texas.... Berta Pitman, Gra ham, and Mrs. Ora Hulse of Elbert and families. E. Robbins will mark his 78th birthday... Week 10 a.m. • 4 p.m. 12 Noon Sunday Jacksboro Veterinary Clinic Paul G. Lillard D. V. M. Phone *17

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... adopted a with behind-the-wheel instruction to resolution calling for a 12.2 per jgi exCept in unusual... leading recreation at the Fun Fiesta June 12 were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Farris of Jacksboro, Mr. and Mrs... Denning 14, Danny Kirk, 12, Samuel Horton 8, Wesley Williams and Bob Denning each with 6. Janice Clay... 12 hours and getting no grade lower than B, Dr. Grady C. Cothen, president , said. Hawkins is the son

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