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club luncheon Tueaday at j \v. S. Hibbard, John ltoddy, F. F.
Hotel Denlaon when the St. l'ftb-
rlck'i theme was employed In dec-
orative appointments and program.
Mrs. J. *5. Meador, surrounded b>
the executive board, was seated
at the head table and gave the
welcoming address, after which
Mrs. J. S. Knaur rendered the lu-
vocation. +-
i Hosteaseh for the event wert
Meadaines F. W Miller, W. M. Rs
ler, Luther Rherry, Charles M •
Kemy an^ George Morgan.
1 The executive table was centered
with a large vase of nurclssus arc
jonquils interwoven with plum
and pear blossoms. Radiating ta-
bles were decorated with Bplarla
and narcissus. The program* we.,
of green having touches of sham-
rock and green ribbons.
, Mrs. Miller, program chairman.
Introduced Mrs. Meador who gue.*
a review o£ her trip to the state
convention In Weslaco recently
when Mrs. it. E. Hutcheson was
named secretary or. the Federation
hoard. Miss Martha Jane G1U gave
three readings, Guisepe. the
Barber" "F"> Goodness Sake.” and
I A group from the XXI Club
Choral club sang Awakening,"
"Applcblossoms " and "West V\ ind
and May.” Thosu in the ensemble
•were Mesdames Harry Gregg, Lew-
ie Stuart, B. F. Hearn, S. L. Ter-
ry, Lewis I.oy and C. W. Ganter.
.Mrs. Sidney Karchmej- d -cussed
"Sowing Seeds" and Mrs. E. L.
Hailey spolte on "Color and Sn>
cessoii in Flower Borders "
Library Material
Mrs. Meador announced that
plans have been made for estab-
lishing a club table In the Denison
Library whereby the public may
have access to literature on flow-
ers and shrubbery. Hon. Sam
Rayburn recently dispatched some
valuable compositions to Mrs,
Meador for use in this project.
I Miss Jennie Jackson revealed
the spray and fluid for elimina-
tion of Elm tree worms Ins arrived
a (1 will be presented the club
very soon. Since the membership |
of the local organization has reach-
ed large proportions, It ha* been
obliged to appoint a constitutions'
and by-laws committee, Mrs. J. S.
Knaur, Mrs. George. Sommers and
Mrs. George Morgan. They will
report -at the April meeting. In
vitatlons have been received from
the Sherman Garden Club to at-
Fowler, W. B. Renter, Hugh An•
derson, Frej Williford. It. S. King,
Harry Hoskins, A. H. rrestou, 8.
H. First, N. Woodriug, K. L. Stov-
er, P. G. Gill, Joe Cox. Frank Walt*.
Leo Waltz.
Civic park. Mrs. Chert* and
Mrs. T. J. Long.
Conservation. auJ Beautification
Miss Jennie Jackson, Mrs. Henry
Pearce and Mrs. Frank Lambert.
Pilgrimage, Mrs. 1. E. Miller,
Mrs. Verne Murray, Mrs. VV. G
Lang.ton and Mrs. Adolph John-
-civic—Ward 1, Mias Genevieve
Sweeney ana Mis. Kay Karchmer;
ward 2, Mrs. E. L. O'Connell, Mrs.
A. A. Malone; ward 3, Mrs. J. A.
Johnson and Mrs, J. E. Johnston
and Mrs. Wiley McDonald; ward
4, Mrs. L. M. Williams, Mrs. J.
5. Knaur, Mrs. J. C. Douglas; ward
5, Mrs. G. E. Parcels mv<j Mrs. E.
F. Smith; ward ti. Mrs. Bessie
Powers, Mrs. B, B. Simms Sr. and
Mrs. N. Hightower.
Historian, Mrs. F. W. Miller.
Better Homes and Gardens, Mrs.
J. -V Mlllor; Junior garden club,
Mrs. Joe Capelle; federation re-
porter, Mrs. Hutcheson.
That the lovers of hambuigors
in Tulsa will be assured of hav-
ing plenty of prepared mustard
for their delight, was shown Tues-
day when a carload of the sea-
soning passed through here from
the eastern market, to that city.
Miss Harriette Ham-net-stein,
Katy Menograper, has been re-
leased by the -M-K-T. employes’
hospital to resume her duties.
St. Patrick Tea
the Monger Place Baptist church
In Dallas by the Rev. Harrison
The bride is a daughter of Mrs.
Anna Rugcl of FarmersvIHe. a
graduate of thb FarmersvIHe high
school and was selected queen t
the annual onion festival hero two
years ago.
Mr. Herdy la employed by a
Garland grocery store and was
formerly employed In Farmers-
I her parents, Mr. and
Johnny Weismuller, the one and only Tarzan, is shown with Mau-
reen O’Sullivan, in "Tarzan E-oa pes,” showing for tho last times
today at the Star theatre.
(continued from page one)
Osweigo, Kaus, is the guest of and Pan American Expos,tion) op.
ening here June 12, for a run of
_ 142 days, was the arrangement
,, , u „ - „ , 1 authentic music for the big
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Myers have ,____ w . . * *
, ,, , ,,,. . .. . show. Music forms an harmon-
left for Chicago, after a visit to . , . , , ‘ ,
friends in the plant and city/ '°U8 bac^»und. accentuate, the
where Mr. Myers will resume his dtram0. °f, ^ “ ,tS
duties in the general production s luKge 01 1 era on and ex-
headquarters at that city. Mr. P/eSSeS "T?1” °f th^Uu
Mvers was a former employee of Amen“n countries. From the mo-
th,- plant here before receiving '"ent the performance opens, wth
his promotion. the sac"flce of a beautiful maid-
___ en to the sun god, to the exciting
table is near a porthole to permit closing act, in which the Inter-
catching a few- glimpses of New American Peace Conference hears
York harbor and the ever famous *he stirring message of President
Statue of Liberty. Back on deck Franklin D. Roosevelt, the music
| after luncheon wo find a trace of *s both authentic and fitting.
: lit,- Jersey shore in the distance, .<Pllll cl.edit for thig sp;endid
the last to bo seen for one week jobs Roes lo our mugica, director>
exactly, since we are cruising the Lloyd Kerr>>. gaid Jan Igbell Por.
famous southern route instead of tune> author of the p)ay which
a direct crossing to England. Our will be presented by some 300
Employing the St. Patrick theme,
members of the Boethlan Class of
Calvary Baptist church assembled
Tuesday night for a social and
business period with Mrs. R. H.
1 Temple. Mrs. Temple was assisted
-- - _ _ —_ ! n hospitality by Mrs. C. E. AVII-
Of Bethany Clas; I Urns and Mrs. J. E. Westbrook.
In < "mrllmeint to the adult do Mrfl- '*• **■ ^akpr was In her ex
ecutlve position and directed plan-
ning of an oxtenslve spring cam-
paign. She was assisted by the
teacher Mrs. U r.. I-amb. The so-
cial Included various game under
guidance of Mrs. C. L. Beckham.
1 F ovrer" were used for decorations
in tlie Temple residence
partment First Baptist church,
the Beth.-my ,-l css entertained witli
an Informal ten Tuesday afternoon
from 8 until 0 o’clock In the Lovel-
lette-S- > . - Hideneo., 1201 West
Sears sire. t. Mrs. Seay, Mrs. R.
S. Rowe. president; Mrs. J. F
Murrell ,mcl Mrs. Tom Johnson,
ch'irir ■<" ->t arrangements, receiv-
'd a la'-ge number of guests.
Tie; refectory was adorned with
clusters <»' flowers and the lac.
laid tab!" v ns (.entered with jon- j
quils on , -'lector. Lighted tapers
of gre-'ii were placed on eith,.-
sldo. Tea was poured by Mrs. Am
TJerrlrg. I, Mrs. M. Pierce, Mrs.
V. H ste-.ens, Mrs. ", V. Win-
gren, M
was instructed to ascertain
report at the next adjorned meet-
| ing the exact "mount of bonds in
! tiie city treasury which
1 The number of term
nocks 1* on the Increase,
from county agricultural agents I
dlcate, and many termars UN
utilizing poultry for art additional
source of cash income as wsll a*
tor home consumption.
1 The fact that poultry will yMd
returns commensurate to the car*
and effort expended on them Is
well illustrated by the case of
Claude Hale of Decatur, the coun-
ty sent of Wise, whose 117 leg-
horn pullets laid a total of I18H
dozen eggs during September, or
an average of 21 eggs per hen for
the month. The hens several times
produced in excess of 100 eggs a
day during this period.
Hale's hens consumed an aver-
age of u little more than three
pounds each of gTaln and mash
during the SI day period, or a total
of 6.2 pounds of feed per hen. The
eggs were produced at a feed coot
of .097 cents per dozen and worn
and!general direction being southeast, actors on^he world’s ^rgeB't'sta’ge. !°W at 25 centa a d0M“’ arMn
... i we are to hit as soon as possible «iT(. „ _____.,__ re*d
“It was more of a question of
what music to use ip ‘Cavalcade
soon as possible
the Gulf stream that warms in
winter those northern waters and j of the Americas,’thanVthe"1936
j greatly tempers the lanes of tho show,” said Mr. Kerr. “The New
j shores it touches. IV e pass a Cavalcade covers a period of five
i lone fishing smack and a little1 centuries and opens in the land
later a freighter; then we findjof the Aztec, who knew little
| ourselves on the high seas, able more than nothing about music.
Main street. The G ,z leer in- the little tug boat drawn her big'around the horizon. And what do 11° dirth,' or ^rhythmic ’bent' irith
sisls that the only wav to squelch adventuresome cousin-boat away we see? Nothing but skv and little theme or harmony ”
the pool room- „ to stop patron- from the pier than the luncheon water, hut such a glorious skyl Religious music carries out the
lzingthu.u. 'I he question of vot- gong is sounded. 'First erossors and water! Both ever-changhe general theme e i
ine I— to MM II" I............... n,v„ ,v„t „0l(her ,h«™ TS,
will be submitted to the people anything and most especially the notous for further study and'of the new world in on r th
,M poll., Tho tit, ,luncheon. Fortunate,, our 'meditation. ' o.rtv .o’... " ™., "i. £
was available throughout tho
There was a meeting of the
council last night. A pool room
ordinance was drafted, driving tl. ■ ...... '
horse racing fakes from .Main HITHER-----
street. The ordinance providi s (continued from page one)
they must go 1,000 1'..-, • from
Mrs, Alex Remits of Durant eras
a guest Tuesday In tho homo of
Mrs. J. w. Skinner, SU West Gen-
dy street. They tttended the Gar-
dofe club luncheon.
Circle No. 5 of First Presbyterian
Woman’s council held a covered
dish luncheon Tuesday in the home
of Mrs. J. W. T. Erickson.
Drive Safely—Not Carlettly
teMBNMWWl* V 1 ,ts\ «KMMa»«UMM
A number of women from the
Missionary societies of Denison
Christian churches arc planning to
Attend the Grayson-Fannln county
Missionary session at the Central
church in Sherman March 29. A
Blank Jennings Sr. and ' devotional and recreational pro-
You Can
Save h\ Least
Mr-:. Walter Jennings.
Refreshments were dispensed bj'
n group of young- women, Mrs--
Blaine AVilhoite of Durant, Misses
Ruth Morrell, Amelia Roots, Mary
Mnrlo - r on n frigs and Bo tty Win-
pro n.
rJ in- in'" am oi tint arts includ-
od pian<» jiiimlje.-s by \rrs. Howard
•1 Betty Wingren. Mrs.
ing, ns did Mildred
.'furrei] nn(j Dorothy
'» °d violin selections.
i Lovofiert
tend n tea Thursday afternoon ;i: j.
Tj. J >. rim v
.3:^0 o’clock in Hotel Grayson j ,
I I’-'t- Hit i
The following new members wt - •
j ^aed- r.s i-<
introduced: Mesdames J. J. Ga.l < ..
. All's, Sea read some original t' i-
fher, Prank Walts, Walter Jen- \ - a j
Megs and W. F. Wenekees. M * ! 'T •W°"8e t0l(l '
lAlex Rennie of Durant ......... ! “ry " ..... "big items wera
... . I ("temper "d itli readings bv
out-of-town guest , , b B
~r -r, «*- ‘ ' 'l Reds, Doruthy Roots Do--
1 Decorations for the lurcbeva ,,
, , ■ dnrrell, Mrs. irhsrl* s Mef'oe
Were supervised b/ Mrs. Morgan .. Aitt ov
" I Mna Jean Stevens
Mrs. Esler, Mrs. Liuher Cherry and I R'ens.
Airs. AV itigi-en nnd Mrs. Seay ha l
Mrs. McKemy.
I Appointive Committees
' Mrs. Meador announced the fol-
lowing appointive committee; Pr •
gram, MesdameR Miller. Esler R. T
Arthur and Guy Gregg; Memlu-
(sblp, Mesdames Ewing Ellis. E. L.
- charg> or the program Refresh-
ment committee was comprised of
Afesdames J. N. Wilson. W I, Pits
and Bart Shipp.
Hailey, A. M. Morris. O. A. Som \ !*°,N ,NF0RMAL
me,,. Jerry Scott. W o. Ste,ms ^ST SUNDAY
Aston Rug l ar.<l James E. Hardy
niarricd Sunday afternoon at
W. W. Sinclair, E. W. Evans
Burke Thomason and Frank Ken*.
Parkway, Mesdames Grover Mea-
dor, Morgan, AVI I Forman. Arthur
'A. AV. Patterson and Miss Connie
Garden renlei -JIrs. C. N*. Ad- j
rlan, Mrs. AV It. Munson Jr„ Mrs, 1
fe— ■■^.p j.» siiirsw »'
An efficient, quick acting,
pleasant relief in discom-
forts caused by gastric acid-
4 oz. can
• j
m hiP«Uu ii [
Ml, VmnwIui In [
gram has been arranged.
Turner Division1 No. 23, L. A.
to O. K. C. met Tuesday afternoon
in tho home of Mrs. G. H. Kent
on West Woodard street. Ar-
j nangements wore made for a num-
bo of social and business activl-
tie* during spring.
d. H. McKinney Jr. is convales-
cing after an emergency appendix
operation performed Tuesday at
locil hospital. Jlis dance studio
wlb remain closed for several
weeks, it is announced.
Mrs. A. P, Dewees of Henison is
iecovertng from a major op^ati n
list Friday at St. Vincent’s sa.'i-
tarium. Her sister, Mrs. Horace
Mitchell and other relatives are ‘it
the bee side.
Mrs. W. H. Olrdner of Abernathy
lii'rj Mrs. Ralph Johnson were In
Durant Tuesday while Dr. Olrdner
attended a district medical meet-
1hg in Fort AVorth. Mrs. Dnvhl
Colbert and Infant daughter ac-
companied the visitors to Donis-m
for a brief stay.
i M l
By Buying During This Sale
Birthday Anniversary Special
It 114*1
G ■' 'pj
I ii
H? Ml
STAR «•;
. )ohn"V(VEISSMIIIUK *)«„(-*„ U'sUI UVAS )
MUSICAL featurette
VV.Zfi--’ *> .
M ___
4 Pieces - - • $49.50
i (Bench Not Shown)
Tt AST FALL avg made special purchases at lowest prices for this
H event. Our stocks are complete—$65,000 worth of the very lat-
est things in furniture from which you may choose. We posi-
tively guarantee that the same merchandise, when replaced on.
• ii. floors, will be from 10 per cent to 20 per cent higher. In addition
lo this saving you will find many exceptional values a few of which
we list here.
ROCKERS up to $8.65, at
f ■; -"
- m
Vith each COFFEE TABLE bought,
you will receive FREE—One China
Coffoa Service
"R—dy, WilHat and Able"
Jennings Furniture Co.
North Side Main
if -rtN-u

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