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Sparkling Dance Hats
Bright Colored Felts and Failles
Black Hats, too.
“Every Hat Worth Giving.” -
' 1 * • ‘ • - ■ ’ i?- ' /■*
■" .....1 N '■ ' .....
Coleman County
News Items
(Continued from Page 10).
Jewell Ward of Santa Anna spent
Sunday afternoon with Mr. and
^ Mrs. J. L. Ward.
Jessie Modawell spent Saturday
night and Sunday with Aleene and
Lucille Herd.
A little shower of rain fell at this
place Monday night. Prospects are
very good for rain, water is getting
low and grain crops need rain. We
are hoping that we shall have a
gpdo rain before the week is end-
Mrs. Fechner and son Edward
and daughter, Mrs. Estes and two
Bmal1 children of Waco, have been
visit,ug friends and relatives here
and in Coleman.
Mrs. W. E. Modawell and child-
ren visited Mrs. Modawell’s moth-
er, Mrs. Wester, in Coleman Sun-
day afternoon.
Several of the boys and girls at-
tended a party at the Harve Odom
home Saturday night.
Mrs. Willie Brehm and little son
P. G., Jr., who have been visiting
Mrs. Brehm’s father in Waco, have
returned and are in the home qf
Mrs. Sam Trimble to spend several
Christmas is just around the cor-
ner. Many preparations are be-
ing made and every one is looking
forward to this wonderful time, es-
pecially the kiddies who have been
real good and art expecting Santa
Claus to make them a visit.. . .
The school children are practic-
ing on a Christmas program.
The school is progressing nicely
this year. The grounds-hasre been
improved, swings and see-saws
have been installed, and two bas-
ket ball courts, two baseball dia-
monds, and last, but not least, new
water fountains have been install-
ed. ^
’ Visitors in the A. W. Fechner
home in Coleman Monday were
Mr. and Mrs. Georpe Hipsher and
son Truett and Cordie Herd and
Mrs. Fechner, son Edward, and
Mrs. Estes and two children of
See “Pa get his picture took” at
Silver Valley Friday evening. 50x.
We want you to make a trip to
the Winter Garden district with us
this week, our car will leave Cole-
man Saturday morning. Make res-
ervation now. i
Why not let us sell you a fine
farm, prices are right and the
terms right. We have farms lo-
cated in every part of the county.
( We have some very choice resi-
dences in Coleman, priced low, all
modern, well located and small cash
payment and easy terms on bal-
People of this community are in-
creasing their wood piles and look-
ing forward to bad weather.
Brother Lancaster will preach at
our school house Sunday afternoon
at 3:00 o’clock. Everybody is in-
vited’to come and bring some one.
Mr. and Mrs. Arch Sharp and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Martin
and family and Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Sluder spent Sunday in the Luther
Maricle home in Valera.
Mrs. Gus Moore and children at-
tended church in Coleman Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Velo and
family spent a few minutes in the
Tom Lowe home in Coleman Sun-
day afternoon.
Mrs. A. L. Pearce called in the
Joe Arnold home Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Finis Page spent Thursday
afternoon with Mrs. Henry Velo.
Charley Pitts returned to his
home Sunday from Corpus Christi,
where he was aclled to the bedside
of his father who was seriously ill.
But Mr.''Charley reported that he
is improving rapidly.
Garland Arnold, Arvel Jarrell,
Jr., and Henry Sharp spent Sun-
day afternoon with Joe, Kenneth
and Vernon Moore.
Miss Allie Pearce spent the week-
md with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A L Pearce
Jimmie and Edgar Strange are
on the sick list this week.
Mr. and Mrs, Finis Page and lit-
tle son W. D., and Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie Taylor and son Jack, were
callers in the Joe Arnold home Sun-
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. David Perchins and
Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Mercery were
callers in the Walter Huey home
Sunday. „ ,
Mr. Carroll Calahan of the Stark-
weather community is a caller m
the Collins home this week.
to. Every. Jim «*f lb* Miss Sallie Sharp was a caller of
bonds written. rttVM dull MaiicW Sunday-
Mrs. M. A. Collins and family
spent Sunday in the E. S. Collins
Every kind of Real Estate Loans,
Cattle Loans, Bonds bought. Fig-
ure with wf for the loan you want
Low interest rate.
want your insurance busi-
offer you the service you
home at Voss.
Miss Leda Mae and Mary Dee
Riley were Sunday visitors of Mis-
ses Opal Sharp.
Mrs. J. S. Stovall spent Sunday
in the I. W. Wilson home of’New
Howard Williams spent Satur-
day night and Sunday in the C.
Fitzgerald home.
Misses Sybil and Winnie Col-
We Have for Sale
Fresh carload Red Colorado Apples—Boxed Fancy
Apples for Christmas—Fine Eating or Cooking
Apple..—Pure East Texas Ribbon Cane Syrup—
Sweet Potatoes. ♦ .
We Buy
Bring us your furs—We pay the highest
, Market Prices.
Phone 180.
Coleman Produce Co.
J. W. Kizer, Mgr.
lins called on Mrs. W.
Miss Virginia Waldrep called or
lysr sister, Mrs. Loss Love one
morning last week.
Mrs. Nuge Thompson visited this
school Wednesday afternoon.
Clyde D. Box
V This part of the country is be-
ing visited by local showers at dhis
time which will be of great benefit
to tha grain crops and put the land
in better shape for cultivating for
next yedr’s crop, Although more
rain would be greatly appreciated
by the farmers.
Grandma Steward has bee it very
ill this week and is reported as not
being much better at this time.
The young married folks “42”
Club met with Mr. and Mrs. S. T.
Bryan last Friday night and the
evening was greatly enjoyed by
all present. Highest score went
to Oran Wise and Miss Maudine
Mrs. W. M. Ashmore has been in
attendance at the bedside of her
son, Carl Ashmore, at Santa Anna
this week, who has been very ill.
Dennis Kelly, A. W. Box, E. D.
Wise, Claud Box and C. H. Wise re-
turned last week from a hunt in
Bandera county, but report not
much luck, having killed only a few
turkeys and no deer.
Arthur King was a business visi-
tor to San Angelo last week, where
he went to make preparations to
begin work in the postoffice at that
place the first of next month, hav-
ing passed the Civil Service exam-
ination for position last August.
J. W. Wise, J. W. Box, Oran
Wise, Bill Rehm and Clyde D. Box
returned last week from a hunt in
Mason county and report a good
Honors went
hunt and good luck. Honors went
to Clyde D. Bp*’Who got two bucks
and one gobbler. Oran Wise one
and one gob
buck and J. W. Wise one buck. For
further particulars, ask Bill Rehm.
Mr. and Mrs. Patterson of Plain-
view are visiting Mrs. Patterson’s
father and mother, Rev. and Mrs.
Broxton, here this week.
The sick list for this week in-
Citation by Publication.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of
Coleman County—Greeting:
You are hereby commanded to
summon John Duncan, Elenor C.
Waters, Eleonor Waters, Eleanor
C. Waters, Henry W. Waters, Pat-
tie G. Dunnington, Jno. J. Dun-
nington, J. M. Day, J. F. Roeck
Kate Waters, D. D. Waters, Har-
riet E. L. Marrast, Harriet E. L.
Waters, Henry W. Waters, K. K.
Koontz, Eleanor Roeck Thompson,*
James Edwin Thompson, John
Brown, James H. Bell, James H.
ifjiir-ramwTr. mm*"
••and, Minor W. McKinney, Jas. C.
Girand, N. M. Allen, Mrs. A. L.
Barkley, A. G. Barkley, G. W.
elude Roy Limroth, who .is in the
hospital at Santa Anna very ill.
Mm N. J. Buttry also in hospital
at Santa Anna^rtnejamg for
operation. ....... ,
his home; cause, unknown.
Ruby Hale
Christinas is drawing near and
feet West of the S. E. cor. of Sni- and adverse possession of said land,
Acxv’m ail Hslivri at/*** a1A XT« 004 .... U4 i. • • _ _ j ■ -i
most everybody is preparing for
Thi commit
cheerful holidays, Th( committees
are ijwW working for a Christmas
tree and we expect to have a great
sugtess and rhake many little chil-
dren happy for we are sure Santa
dren happy for we an- si
Claus will be included >n our pro-
gram. >
Miss Lois Laws is spending a
week in the W. E. Reams* home
with her sister, Miss Maud laws.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jackson and
Mr. and Mrs. Waid Jackson attend-
ed church at Hardin last Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Slate and Buck
Boatright returned one Bight last
week from a hunting trip in the
Blue Mountains. They wp ,1
Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Copeland have
moved near Bangs. We wish them
much success in their new home.
Oscar Gray and family moved in
the Copeland house. We welcome
them in our community.
Miss Nora Knight and Mrs. Carl
Young and her brother. Elbert
Wood, motored to Br< nwo<
wt|pre Miss Knight will ha some
dental work done.
Mr. Lester Terrell was ,P gUe>t
(Continued on Page 12).
- ■ ---U ■
der’s subdivision of said No. 294
891.8 vrs. in all to a stone md. on
West side of road 30 feet west
from the said East line of saiid
survey No. 294; THENCE South
78 1-5 west 390 vrs. a st. md. and
fence post; THENCE South 33
East 217 vrs. to st. md.; THENCE
South 40 3-4 W. 369 vrs. to a st
md. and fence post; THENCE
Easterly with the North line of said
Cook.subdivision, 364.6 vrs. to st
md. N. W. corner of said 9.10 acre
tract; THENCE South 3% W. 244
vrs. to stake; THENCE S. 84 E:
214 vrs. to the place pf beginning
and containing 52 acres of land.
That afterwards and oir the 2nd
daj of November, 1927, and while
Plaintiff was the owner and holder
of Baid land as aforesaid and in
possession thereof an entitled to
the possession of the same, the De-
fendants unlawfully entered in and
upon said premises and unlawfully
ejected and dispossessed plaintiff
therefrom, and unlawfully
hold from Plaintiff the
possession to said land,
tiff’s damage in the sum of $10,-
000.00. •
cultivating, using and enjoying the
same, and paying all taxes regular-
ly thereon before the same became
delinquent, for more than 5 years
next before the 1st day of Novem-
ber, 1927, claiming said land under
in the office of the County Clerk
of Coleman County, Texas, and
.here pleads the
>r limitation
That in addition to his title afore-
said in fee simple, plaintiff is the
owner of said land under the 5
years statute of Imitations, in this:
that Plaintiff has had peaceable
5 years
grounds of his title to said land.
WHEREFORE, premises consid-
ered, Plaintiff prays the court that
Defendants be cited to appear and
answer this petition and that upon
hearing hereof Plaintiff have judg-
ment for the title and possession of
said land', and for all costs of suit,
and*for such other and further re-
lief general and special, as he may
be entitled to in law and in equity.
you before said Court, on the said
first day of the next term there-
this Writ, with your endorse-
nt thereon, showing how you
ave executed the same.
Given under my hand and seal of
said Court, at office in Coleman,
Texas, this, the 30th day of Novem-
ber A. D. 1927.
48-51x. W. E. GIDEON,
Clerk District Court Coleman
County, Texas.
' \ • ....
i *
i1 •
j Phone 181.
Relieves Die congestion,
prevents complications,
and Iwuitens recovery.
9 Exquisite • - - and Exclusive! “
stone marked D.; THENCE North
950 vrs. to a stone mound markv.l
C. 2?9; THENCE West 90i vrs. t..
a stone marked VI; THENCE
South 950 vrs. to the pla< of be
ginning, and containing 15! c acre
of land.
of the M. W. McKinney Sum v
No. 294, Abst. No. 505, j;t ('ulema:
County! Texas, descrit«ed as fol
lows If
Being 9 1-10 acres out f S. <
Cook subdivision and 42 45-1 On
acres out of the H. C. Snaler sub
division of said survey, and de-
scribed by metes and bounds a-J
BEGINNING at a point 200
varas North and 30 feet V est from
the S. E. corner of said Sur. No.
294, in the West side of road and ^
30 feet West from the Ea t line of i
said Sur. No. 294 as established b\ 1 CE
J. J. Goodfellow, in the subdivision j
of what is known as the J. C. Leas 1
pasture, a map of which is record-
ed in Coleman County, Texas Deed
Records, in Volume 52, page 402
and 40jP, THENCE Nqrt i with the
Leonard, George W. Linck, James
M. Day, A. L. Barkley, W. G.
Leonard, Eugene Bremond, S. H.
Loggins, R. M. Loggins, R. M. Log-
gins, Mattie C. Loggins, C. M. Log-
gins, S. C. Cook, H. C. Snider, H
“Famous” Rainbow Orchestra
The Skating Rink Dance Pavilion
Gus Anderson, Mgr.
A. Kahler, Mrs. L. E. Snider, C. M.
Loggins, R. F. Cook, Minnie Log-
gins, and the heirs of the follow-
ing named deceased persons, and
of each of them, to-wit: John Dun-
can, Elenor C. Waters, Eleonor
Waters, Elanor C. Waters, Henry
W. Waters, Pattie G. Dunnington,
Jno. J. Dunnington, J. M. Day, J. F.
Roeck, Kate Waters, D. D. Waters,
Harriet E. L. Marrast, Harriet E.
L. Waters, Henry W. Waters, K.
K. Koontz, Eleanor Roeck Thomp-
son, James Edwin Thompson, John
B. Brown, James H. Bell, James H.
Bell, James C. Gerard, G. W. Gi-
rand, Minor W. McKinney, Jas. C.
Girand, N. M. Allen, Mrs. A. L
Barkley, A. G. Barkley, G. W.
Leonard, George W. Linck, James
M. Day, A.1 L. Barkley, W. G.
Leonard, Eugene Bremond, S. H.
Loggins, R. M. Loggins, R. M.
Loggins, Mattie C. Loggins, C. M.
Loggins, S. C. Cook, H. C. Snider
H. A. Kahler, Mrs. L. E. Snider, C.
M. Loggins, R. F. Cook, Minnie
Loggins, defendants, , by making
The Authentic
Spring Models in
Coats and Suits.
Smartest Collection
Efficiency, not ,cofld ?
but friendly.
Interested and HeljtfU
in all the details
of the
Funeral Service '
All Quilted Robes
20% Discount
I Give Her a Hat for Christmas J
IjUKKIIIS, UCACHUttllwa, ' uy
publication of this citation in some
newspaper published in Coleman
County, Texas, for four consecutive
weeks previous to the return day
hereof, to be and appear before the
Honorable District Court of Cole-
man County, Texas, at the next
regular term thereof to be holden
in the County of Coleman, State of
Texas, at the court house thereof
in, Coleman, Texas, on the 9th day
of April, 1928, then and there to
answer a petition filed in said
Court, on the 30th day of Novem-
ber, A. D. 1927, in a suit numbered
on the Docket of said Court No.
4270, wherein R. O. Shoemaker is
plaintiff and the above named de-
fendants are all the defendant* and
the only defendant* in said iau*e{
The nature of the plaintiffs de-
mand being as follows: to-wit:
That heretofore, to-wit, on the
lit day of November, 1927, Plain-
tiff was the owner of and in pos-
session of the following described
land and premises situated in Cole-
man County, Texas, owning, hold-
ing and claiming the same in fee
simple from and under the sover-
For Men—-
Our gift certificates are a service for men.
Men who want to solve the puzzle of ‘‘what would she
like?” can buy a gift certificate #,nd let her choose her
own Christmas gift—a hew hat!
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her hat— ••
The Smartest Styles in Town
eignty of the soil, to-wit:
FIRST TRACT: Part of the K
i mm
K. Koontz Survey No. 289, Abst
No. 461, in Coleman County, Texas,
described as follows: Being lot or
Block No. 24, as shown by map
plan of the subdivision of Mrs. J.
C. Leas pasture, rscordad in Vol-
ume 52, page 402 and 403 of the
deed records of Coleman County,
Texas, and described by metes and
bounds as follows:
BEGINNING at a atone mound
marked VIII which is the 8. W.
corner of K. K. Koontz Sur. No. i
289; THENCE East 900 TO. to a M
J. E.
■ - ’k

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