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M -■
thitfMlrtf, Jill) I*), ItlilK
S 'ft
Big Dance
ltr<; Al l. NIGHT D.VM’K \T
Pirates Den
Victoria, Texas
,„fr i i,n\ tfftMM.t III mi ll, WiNV tl Mm
Rtil Eititv Trimfin
and Mineral Lea»ug.
i lilt nil ■ M'irtll ll In
. Illi Ini. in IIH‘ j
HI 5, <•<.MltlitllttH j
ji :iT.
'i'-’j m
AUTirmt t rrr-r- * n*rt F ttrrrrtWT’t rtr1
, c l li.iigi rfunl ,1 'rmii'ttoH Knrm I
Sprinjt Irlirily <" ll'r l>N
.......~ m
l Lon I
Saturday, July 3rd
Admission: SI .23 including tux
Ll.'iiis. iont:iiiiint; "> niM'os. <'"ti $1'*;
IlH HlM > jcllfn AVilll $0.1 HI tl 1111 lilt 1 ill 'll.'
1 i*i 'U t it Is, | iii yn I ill' lit I LiiliiJ Sillies Bunk
.ill rGuild .11 illrl lull, Nell. Kill'd j37,
l.eiise Assignment J '■ 10. 11iingei'ford
In I,, (l. I,aUnlive; Fmlieilns Farm
U.llis. Fill’d te.ii 1 j3 (,.
Itelcil.ie Mineral Iiense- Republic j
u^nppp, Fninpuny to SreinlH'i’Kor l’e j
rs ,1(111,1 i 1.11!.; xSmilli inn acres of i
I.nt }5, Hayes liiwicle. Filed 8piS|87.j-
I ttfird’laim 1 teed- dl.^ S. Stoekard to I
i; f,. liollmvayT Lot .'Id, Ila.ves Ranch. |
Filed ti 22j37. , ' 1
Quit Claim 1 let'll- Theresa Sparks'; to
<; "n, Killingswoi'tli ; Lots. 4 and 5, |
lUiimido; l.ols is, in. lid, 25. 20, lilk.j
Xurlli l .anado, , F.Ued, J-iG22i37.
Warranty Deyul—Alary Sweeney lit
Vliv to II tt.yfitytoi^ ct al; FrnL \tn I
, ii mm inL- itLat'jf^(mirks'yvtm_A I <8*0 JJ
I ;rrt V.lli*. 1‘
! Wninint v I K‘ii(l—11 rn.
I I,rathi*r\vo<Hl i t itl UiT-
North 1 \-2 <>1 thi* WVst V* ofvT*ot d, I
('lenient Sell., containing Id acres..
"Rhiody" is the most descriptive 'fcifld 01--,.‘IT.
word a Moment after a startled human U’arrudy Deed-S. G. Drushel to
being looks lip Id lirnl a speeding auto -I l.iida C.' Urusliel ; mid. *>.-i iut. in .Lots;
iiidliild Keiirin..' dim n noon.him, 'll. fe-Uv-omt-E-' 4 ^'I /Jie.lId't, *'11"1 ‘\igjot.tC-dlLL
■ ■ ‘ - pic! iites ilie si ('lit'! 1 'ed ro f (ialludj’o League; containing
I ------*'Wl>s' Filed ll r ill.
Hull' IMl ■
. :%si
'■% X,
S.'S' * v.-.'. W*
^ ~
::'v- ■,. ' i:1--':"
V >
of Mrs. <H. M.
F. ( Cohos,;'
: -
" A farmer near Oklahoma City, OkJa., dips away dufted sand in
order that he "may open his pasture gate. Evidences-are again at hand
that the great Dust Bowl may spring into activity at any time, and dust
storms are being ^experienced in scattered localities.
IIh* wnV(l that Ih*s1 pictnii's Hit* h.cii*
at k Sunday miii
w1m*mi 'rhfwdorn Nrrn;md* z \v!is si ruck -
1>\ tin* i';ir driven hy .M i I- W^iuau'h tx
nf ‘Ali'T*; hi it—-i • r* »i tf---
w ji v in fpint «»!* th«‘ <»1111 st;i1n»n. Alt
Wniiim-lv \viis driving toward liul'nid. j, t •,!
Wihm^srs In 11n* juThhud sft\ Hull In 'lhnry
.linked his t*"in twire without at-j Marvins
I ilt il 0 -- dT.
IaMSc. .* oil. \V. I’, i <*lts to
ii-1•«iI'athal i Is.t ■». I*lk. l’S,
' —•—o .--.1-1.1
rra.nl y I *»•»■«! (‘laudius Williams
. t al In K I U<»w <*i ;»1 ; o '.o jhuvs |
Smith li«*ngu«* : 1 -«>1 d, Blk . 1-. j
St*ruin.l Addition 11 ► l.*!*lia.|
Tmnsrontinrntnl A irpfnnr tnm>
rrVo*r v u K wiri-T »7> to ?
Notice to the Public.
I he following bUHlill’SH llUUHt" -n il
n^lf—{. .4—.--(4Ws Alnixlny,—JuU f*Ui, it).:.,_-at
the lili filll« i.'ii Htindas
t'etdral Power and Idglit Vo-
Kennedy Unrli**r»lio|i
TIuir. .1. Tutuiii
Hieifly Wiggiy-Mvana ♦>«.
Nowlin Hardware Co.
A. It. Kirby
,1. J,. Williams
Helen Gilley * .
Ferguson’s Ten Cent Store
Culberson & Wo'oduli
Burt’s Itadto Elec. Co.
W. A. Utzman A
City Afeat Market
Edna Beauty Shop ,J
Westboff Merc. Co.
Gainer Tin Shop (
M. L. Cobb
f? E. I/ee
.1. H. Belschner
Mrs. N."A. I'arks
Woodi ing-Meyer Lumber Co.
It. A. Drake
H. B. Department Store
Good’s Barbershop
Phil Asbeck
Vogel’s Department Store
Hprtmg's Cash Grooery
A. A. Egg’s Red & AA'hite Store
Simons Meat Market
F. S. Upchurch
VV. C. BronaUgh
Max Herskvitz
W. E. Perkins
Mrs. J. B. Killough ,
lack’s Auto Supply
“Wake Up and Live.”
With Perfect RCA High Fidelity
Tlmrsdiij-Frvday, .July 1-2;
‘Jim Hanvey Detective’
Haturday. July 3rd;
“Reckless Ranger’’
Saturday 11 P. M., Sunday- Monday,
July 3-4-5:
Chester Morris- I.eo Curillo
~--3”1 :nr -- »H-itl ' •
“I Promise to Pay’’
lne\iiim' I lie atieniion ef Hie old''Filed <• ' '
Mcxieuii wtio was deaf, ■ Al the.'lidl'd f Mineral iVase- T F. C.ddis and
f.tHn die tcHH.-tlrc V4> I bn tiiekntr vvHA--+h—v 1, 11 mgii I ..n . Xui ultf W—ut
,i|. nlld sweriMl I" reiriu c liis .lens '■ 11* \\ , « 1 _■ "I '1.‘>I 1 I'-ment Mile
|t, |, \ mi,hi,dll later I"' lav ■ Fun Mo I paid u|« I'a.e^ Linns:.. ■■
spniwled. inert sbapi' in tile middle of; \ cars Filed «’» _’X AT.
the hicliway. JO a 'I'd'kU ' w idi-i'miu | M..ii.aiU> I'e.d . X 1 F A ll. jo.
linle I.f ins' n I.I.mmI, while 111- < n i . 1.. Wall.’ lien; Fnmeii.is Finn j'j-
. ,,-i... * i. I l« a -|.»|* s,.me feel' ftwu;. A-Kcanetlie- la*I **• tllk JJ,. 1 iled
I,mils "belli 'Im-iidle on Hie ear doer J
hears ell! I 111 evidence ef (lie Itoy.illi Deed or i'..n!iael Kl.rilrS.li
I liree cornered rent in Hie injured s, l.midl aMu A Harris; I lei ni
man's Ini, k and side that t.h" ............. m Tracts So. Ml. ’.hi. U.!. PI.
loilldil ■ a Jh' bun as tie • a I • |H ps pll 1 <17 !>.»•. I"’-’ l1"- 11 •
A ’ wwfler XVlncliell, man-about-towu,
" "has just discovered that ' af^|r all his
; .in UrnHilu’nv ]»<* is ha
... ... .- ■
by. slingiifg'him "Id., tie- eotu rerc. j 1 H, Si liwiUll >V Maher's Second Addl
Tin- wound %> the side revealed HiC||ul| |o Pl'UlietlrtS Farms t iled li'JA
I be man's vita) orgrrosr-aniljhei'e Were. .tl.
' Wurraui> lh*od**— Nfinnit? I*. \V«ird..to
A.lelbi Bankhead; Parts, of Bhiek U
.Severn! scalp lacerations. Hernandez.
Was eon-scions, however,* when picked
up and remained so during the ride to
Goliad where Mr. Womuck took him
for , *
there ■ tHis morning states that he
. might recover.
Mr.•Womack, is a former resident of
GoWad. is , ie4iier in, the freigtn Se|iol
at Allis*, HlS; wife was in the ear
with Inin Blith were gfeMtlv shaken
up/fij tin* aia i*r*'!it, nssi'rtlug Itmt Hie
„ an warned dlle. ll;. in front "of. their
ear. ' i '
■Ttierslore llernnndez. i.s alsmr| ti.,
eo- **f ilge and .yltboilj, fitmiI>
Goliad Advance Guard.
‘Ride, Ranger, Ride.’’
years on Broadway he is hardly the
type, according Gk the technicians of
■Wake Fp xuiffLive," the Twentieth
Century-Fox musical .which opens at
(lie Ed-Tex next AVednesday with Ben
iiettiie ^sttd Alice Faye defeatured,
and l\t^ KrBy, Ned Hpaeks and Jack
Haley in the east.
Told hi appear in a tuxedo for a
night club scene, Wincliell startled the
director by showing,up in a blue suit,
neat and natty, hut not the idea at all.
investigation proved that although he
does own one, Winchell has not worn
iTtuxedo in two years, preferring to be
inconspicuous and comfortable.
Tuesday-VVeilnesday, July 6-7:
“Riders of Whistling
“Everybody Dance”
JK.-V : ll'"
is gmethetical
on noui
Worse Than Mad Dog.
A writer for the Dallas Dispatch
pointed out the other day that nobody
had died in JDallas from' the bite of a
mad dog<««?fi more than two years-v-
but that 28 persons’have been killed
in the city limits by drunken afftoino-
bil'e drivers during, those two years.
The same StorV can he told in other
cities. Drunken idrivers actually are
worse than mad dogs.—-Texas Weekly,
A veritable •musical festival set
against" ilie .most excillog background
,.f Amei i. >n*“hi- .*• b; a t!,v d* - ril.y
Itepubjie’s Uitlw. Itanjer. Bide." wltieh
Opel" s'ill'll ’ .it Hi' Fd Tl \ Iff'.' atri
with Gene Autry starring in hi- most
gallant role in pictures.
The pit titre revives tlw historical
era when Texas Rangers and hllte-
cnated F S* cavalrymen were endcure
orlng to- pacify Indian savages who
for years halted Hie westward Irek "l
F. S. pioin'crs. *"
His role as officer 'of the Rangers
,.! 111.■ i si ('avaliA
provides Gene Autry with ot'l»>rtuni-
ties' ft.r riding, tigtdjngv singing
love n.ntking galore.
-Especially jitter.estlug' is ’ The Sant*
"'„f ilie Pioneers,*' written es;M'ciajly
for Antry 'by Stept and Mitchell,
nutlu.rs of ‘'All My Life," "Isuighiiig
Irish Eyes," and many t'Uicr snug hits
during tiie past year.
Miss Billie lMyRoland, has return
ed from a visit with* Ret5', and Mrs
Robert MeOurSy ...in Goliad,
Mrs. Julia Dittrich" and sons of the
fordele seerion were Edna visitors
Saturday, .
Keep your ear new! Use Gulfpride
Oil—the wpjjtl’a, finest Motor Oil.
and Id. Marvin's Second Addition to
Edna, piled b 24 37.
. Mineral Deed J. W. Ragsdale and
w ife to Feltuortt Corporation ; Tracts |
1 :t", -X Blk. 4. Tracts 1, •>, 83, JO.
17, sa, xi, 54, % 5lt. ao, 81,. Blk. 5;
Pro eta s, x -is. 35; 38, fit, a;;, Block
n, Schwftwl A Mallet s Second Addition
n Fram I hul TT' and. ', lut,
Filed il;JF37.
MitiiTMi i.ia'i Margin rot Pickering
d ul to Is-oii G. Hantsop; Lois _1. -■*
und *t'Jti, i'iekerittg Rauch, containing
1U2.7 ntetes. Con. ..lid, t*tc. Terms: 5
r.s ft lib sliU.id annntil delay rent
a Is. pavablc at ’«»• Vletori'ft National
Bank. Victoroa, Texas. Filed ti 24 "7.
By 'ilwsl dated u 24 37. is.......
Harrison transferred nlwve lease to
Gul! i ul i "i pH al ion.
Mineral Is’itse -Elmer Spree and
wife to Icon G. Harrison,.Tipiher Lots
A and 12. Harwood.....AJjurns, Ranches,
eiitltillllillg so 'acres Filed ti 24.3i.
p,i | lint (luted 0 2137. D'otFG. liar
risen assAgned last above inentloned
lease to Gulf Oil CoriHU’atJon. . t
--tjnit i'taint Iiis'd-^ HJIa A. Miller et
al i" .1. I' F.vnus; Is>tsNi7 and «'>s, out
of Hie Sottrh Jg of eSert,hi -I.-.. I A G
\ By. Go. Snrvey, Filed ti 25 37. ;
Wftrra rt t y i Hs*d - Jose| ih, P K<iljev, >;t‘
nlTT (TiGierM’ Sols we I nt-iFi'afieK
I as l*,ts 5 and 7 Block 7d, Si It wi fid 'A
at.d IMoffer’s' Suit of Ward's hands West
.. | niucltas ; Tracts *!l'.i und WO, Bl
1 *i.,rfiss - 5
i hiit ( ’iiiini i »t*i!d-l-—*£.. S. i ati's ctei-xu
lo Mi’die A. Hillyer; find. 2 3rd in
S25 5 Jolip M Heard and John Davis
I/'agues : So ll til 21 tl-3 acres I.et, 14.
Siitherlnnd Pasture. -r X..;
Our doctors believe it
to advertise, but; have you noTIced for
the past several years our state health
officers send Out articles to the news-
papers for publication in which “Dr.
■ So and So,, sfate* health officer, gives
^ . jlhe following warning, etc. etc.’’ Many
of these articles are timely and worth
By'remote control, James D. Burke, eleven-year-old son of Richard t)l(. space given them, but the point
j. Burke, an .inventor, of. Pasadena,' Calif., is operating the worlds |we wlah tu rp^ke is that the state'
first and only model transcontinental airplane line. The tiny ships■ * jjealth officer’s name appears in each
shown actually ascend about three inches above the yard-long-map of aa(j evl;1,v OIle of them, wjten, as a mat- .Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Tityltjr and chlld-
the United States-,and- can- be kept stationary, in; tl.e atr abov*. apy- !t(>tr"-of>fT tf t-he words—“State HealthU,,,. have relumed front a pleasant
city f<5r as long as the operator desires. They land and lake oft wi Deportment”—would have given theLuto trip to relatives in Indiana and a
arrow-like precision. The unique affair is the result of an expenmen ;lrticle*s' the same weight. We have sight-seeing trip to Canada and’ otfier
conducted by inventor Burke in air phenomena. It s.w.kc on an umiuiurMi »hBnf thi«v'’''.Hinu*Af adv nnrthorii rtoints.
Rodeo and Barbecue
at John Partridge Place 1 y
4th of July. L'
(near Morales)
air pressure priodiplei__
This W as at an Eiiglish Luncheon
Get your fishing tackle at Fafres
Drug Company. Big stock. Let us
show vou (he best way to rig it up.
Mis Mary S\voom*y (>f Houston was
hon* tliu lust wtM'k .oiiil visiting tht*
households of Ihm* brothers,.Marion and
Iwn*nee H*Brier.-, am! looktuK after
business matters.
articles' i..c ----
often wondered about this'Asince ad*
vertislng'ig such a had pill for M. D’s.
Among the scholastic , honors an
noumrcl for John ‘ Tarleton College
students, two went to John Henry
Atkinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. .John
W. Atkinson of this city. John was
17iaWd ,m the John Tarleton semester
roll because lie earned a minimum of
30 grade points during the second
semester of the 1936-37 session. He
was named to. thS third preliminary
humor roll because he made no grade
tielhw 80 ‘during .the spefifled pre-
liminary, period.
Mr. and Airs. Champ Traylor of
Bus Beach, Calif., and Willie Simons
and son, Bill, of Bakersfield, Calif.,
came in tilts week to visit Edna rela-
tives and old
Mrs. J.W. Porter-'and Mrs. Mvr.tle
Porter and daughters, Gene and Elsie,
left Sunday, morning in their ear for
'fhigersville, Ala., to visit, their jga-
■ rents. *
northern points.
The past two weeks the weather has
been ideal for the cotton crop, and as
a result prospects for a good yield
have materially increased.' The early
cotton is "putting onjKat a rate that is
indeed encouraging^/ However, --the
continued dry weather has not beep so
good on feed crops and .young cotton.
Keep your car new—use Gulfpride
Oil—the world’s finest Motor Oil.
Sid Williams was among the resi-
deiist of tMe-Morales section visiting
Edna in a business way Saturday.
Mr, and Mrs. A. J. Williams of
■the Morales section were looking at- .
ter busin ess matters In Edna Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. XV. Wofford of the
McCrory school section were shopping
with Edna-merchants Saturday.
Lucky Jackson of Ganado was in
Edna 'Saturday oil a combined" busi-
ness and pleasure trip.
'U ■
j \*'^:;
"1 . '!

H. & ML Toggery
Victoria’s Newest Store ' r
Hot Weather Specials!
ALL SILK DRESSES ... 1-2 Price
ALL HATS . . , g . 1-2 Price
•. «
r . :f o ,
. V
* ■ ’’t. .
•d . —
” ^ 1 — . .—j
Other Bargains!
f - '■ •
Mi . - " ■
■ *
j§~ .. ' ..... > - J.. - .
' ’ '?
f- * ‘
.... ■'* • - ,
’ ai> ", .r-‘
' -i
... 4 '* t
.-..(.(•.(HI*______ " . - . I
Mrs A Farquharson. Wife of' the mayor "of Wimbledon, a suburb of
London, pours tea for hfer guests at a reception given-by her husband
"for Wing.....Commander A.'-EG'Steele-Pcrkins, O. B. E-, in e .
All those, attending wore their gas masks as a practical, dejnonsti ation
of the use of the devices. 1___ :
Their Guardian Angels Are Competent
1 -.4*^
4^ -
3 lo 4
Hour* for
One Cent!
Pictured in Cumbered hospital" ,ar« ^^rep“
iving their photographs taken; At left is Joe Sardo,, who
an Cidvator Ishaft and fell three floors, escaping with a
He is shaking hands with Irving Ehrlich, who is recuper-
___i. ...euinozi xwHiio Homnnstratinc an X-ray
that's easy
to take!
• Get next to solid comfort 1 Fill your
lungs with the cooling breezes of a new 1937
model Electric Fan! You’ll find it an in-
expensive prescription for _ the hot weather
we’re having now and that which is sure to
follow. At your nearest C. P. and L. Store,
you’ll find an array of new, nationally-
known brands, each greatly improved in ef-
ficiency of operation, voltune of air delivery
and appearance . . . Terms arc as low as
£L45 down. Select your fan now; keep cool!
Any Sixe
Gilbert or
Electric Fan
Through Any
C. P. and L.
- s»" Store
Central I'owur mill l-iislil Company
. -
} ■
' -N
'I-.....' ..
rX *■• ------

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