Edna Weekly Herald. (Edna, Tex.), Vol. 24, No. 52, Ed. 1 Thursday, February 18, 1932 Page: 4 of 8

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' * ■ ' W A, »
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^ 7 ’A.' -
' A>
- '• .7’ j’.. 'li
. ' " V
j -------
■. - ■ - - ■ i.....
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$!- - tl/«- “ -
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1 •' y
i nV i i»n \ wiliav ttKIUbO; KI»N\ TKXA*
Notice ofe Sale.
it ^ “
'VIIKK 1 V '. II M II , .111. lies.
UCAff A7IAVIS, INI’.; .■ ■ .
executed four. Hides fof f'AO.Ofilu.SA:,!' n*.
< .'it'll piiynblc, lu Bettie C Ward, Dpi
E. 'VllM. . (IlllboVr tRc sarnc^ dlttfr;-^+-*,HrJ%)~r~5Tif I’HttclT
security,. executed n deni. of j'Htjjl/jinw ; > .....n.-ceTtetu Siiirunrei -,v ivem-y ; »im"i "" ' '""" v
i In I y recorded, Jn vv h i • h s'it1< K m >j • n- r - n ''lirlut West ’ litw-imJf I \V In j.jtTI V ml? jl!
- -1 • •■ I >jiii]tfii'iijil. guqi-fnl'!. (8.. E-LEAtUiiF lu J.-It. 317
^ ^^ ^ n iITlT
irrifJ''*T,»ipr *
<**" iltiifMlli.'. I rlininrj. Mill, 11*17
• f........"-V- - .-
flllty dcsl-1 tbofl,
Ul luc Ui .-w£ Uii.
rMlllil jil'UJi;
(if (In* Al;. »f K. Wind and
/im^miiA^A'.n^CA'l.AA'i v :"| ......Mb ;Ar,nlY AhAiVi iY,, \\ Hl.m:.\s. >,.i.l ......m.v, dmHIfi
•«All .i’ll' Biwek Jl-'ifty six (50.1 of' the K. II, ;liul ll. K. riiii'se; ami tin* lOarff llii.|ii. nir ii u< I him I u 1*^1. the'*' l”'l"« llUl' •li"
Semunj (Registered Hnbdhlsiah of 111'' l.n- jci* "hfftT I'K. ' p’til tin* I'Jilsl aiie lAH ItricfbiiH if3,'.i29..iU, V i[h
tt» ., . •« i , • i . i. • . . . .. i. ..........11 . i.• 1111 .. i*\
Huli>; iiikI
l wti].H'.iqiiL%tlVi convoy j ,,W It 17111 JAM, wild n(it<>«..W#7n*W
•^yyi'irk • .uiil 1 'if 1 ' i lfiiiiiii.iA'ij iiil luii’Luiiiil. thwi'
jtlin N 'V Ilf «n1rt .
In M ’ -T ’ Ayiorr. Illl'l
|„| Ulii M. ll Ait Slllll mill.
Dir Mitiiu* tin tr it« seturll.t
: “Uei'iCtif triint,' now" duly recoiled
i jet. iitrd^
L'cflftlril, ,ii
.... 'Ill • | H I iuiiiii.i'; W ‘ 1 ll I
wtv*. i.t»-i..............- -- iSTw.....
snltl property tiuvltig: li^tSi tiulisruiirutri’ 'julivr.vi'il to Jdltluic l.nrj . _
...........*••' '*'•’* '*—---■ -tnl wU|CHl»yj, .mytl.-liiiirs/ffts. now do
;tj*r nmv.JlU'iBr'iil add.iuh^[fjj.i*d, tlwtndiv'i^t dm* ydxin'd It
I VI.'U.’, u o l H |in Id
mill xiild I'll,'r.'
Hit1 Vii '*
wiin i on , i
innV tit*-
Iil'liis'. dm*
i*| fronl
id lOU f
■« . * ■*.'
r ir \
roiivoyetl Jo /!'; JI, Owens; and
’\VilKULOASE, said; Itotes id'.______ - ... , , „
tilted, there be.imt i hi*r«,nir-4|ioN*;.t»« '*» it
•it. iVitli interest .Inimtin l^y,-Tint# I'Mtttl at J'd'/c
iffi, until pititl at p t aniiiimutiid, said payee ilitwepf titts
niimiiirMfa fltsi of the Firm Heais- 10'/<. per airaiim aild sa(d payee there-tfitily ret]ttested the tiinh't|dj;nt'tl to -eu-
- •- *’•■■ - — of littH duf-y ^riMiuestLHl the lUudersigued'd'oi'ix'-the terms of said ffti'st dt’ed.
lug property':
.All of
thereon . $1,18ft.lt
Block One Hundred ami Juinm^ . 1».t* lw
re first li.mt ' “r ...........
Lu-Ward Farm,
Not ttv Is liyreby1
ill 'arroPitailPr with
'm ». l'rt-v 111
' ' , . oil to
te,red . Subdivision df ....
lit JnSisoQ County,—Texas; said prop-
to enforce the terms ol said trust
Soj ii-r is fierehy .giTrnhlhat I, sttaH-,-
~jfn iicronlam-e xyitli the provisions of
11 sijhi dctid. of'trust, 'tell haid^jpfoperlv- JiWdtr_f or tuSh
atcordanee with the provisions of said .aim afl.oipptn'tenaares. thereto at the four IV •'
deed of trust, sell said proriertv 'and eottrl li.atsc door of d:ickstin County, March. hoiiiK
, thaa 1 shall, in
WUIvKKASy said, notys are now de
iMnnurv MfS' ,?mn wrhfTt Vo™ Kousi'dow of ditctejim 't’oiw.v,' TexasrlhMiler fw»«wKI. hciweeti ten A. ty. and
.ianutuj 1st,1.M-, .until paid at 70%(T^n of E<ln„. tojthe higliest hiddersi'ou^ IV M. .m the first 'Bjjenday •••
;eu and .fourl-Bareli,/boing-Alacdi lst1,-1932, .to sal
jl’. lfx. On th'e-4#6t"Tuesday in March, |l'y said, iudehtedness, expenses, of saly
lier annum and-said payee thereof lias /<’"11 ^ l®^nu -
duly requested the undersigned to. cm- tvr <:ash betweeu-
force the terms of said trust deed.
Not ice Is hereby given
t, to/1...„—..........., ... -
eeiyttu. A..A1 and four plafth./lieing .March 1st, 1932, to satis-
"•I. •* .nuxi — — — -tret Tuesday in Jifhrclt, ]fy aaiil. iuilehteduesa,
iimtisunii m'hifing Alareh f^t, 1932,"to sailsfy said and tnfstccs fee. ,
“I« tli?1 iadebtednoi^g' expenses ' of -sale . and] This January 30th,
given .that. 1 shall,
with the )»rovision(i Of
said'ilei'd of trust, sell said property
and all iippurtel^ances Thereto njf the
fSmrt 'house door of J:tvltSOlf 7fo.UU!Jj.
“•rexus, town oD^tUiaiflo tin*, hjjheat
four ffi M. .m*9tfjapHwkHi Vj'hesday in
, £032**0. shits-
fy’-sald indebtedness, expenses of sale
and trustee.'s ti**‘-i
Tins Jnuuaj'y 30tli, li)3a. .' ■*
; ■ • . j. ti. hall,. , ’
Trustee, .San Antonio, Texas. .
aecordunce with the provisions of said
deed of trust,- sell said -property''and 1'his 'jitimat
all flppnrtenaaoes. thereto at the court
.house door of Jackson County, Texas,
Town of Edna, to tire trighest bidder
-for cash between ten A. 51 and four
1*. JL-on the first Tuesday in March,
lieiiig Alarch 1st, 1032, to satisfy said
indehtedhess, expenses of sale and
trustee's 'fee. - . ~
This January"30th, 1032.
-■■V . J. C. HALL,
Trustee, San Antonio, Texas
ry 30th, 193i>.
*; J. C. HALL,
Trustee, Sail Antijgio, Texas.
■ Vy
Notice ofrSale.
1932. .
Trustee. San AntoiVio, Texas.
Notice of Sale.
j -WllEKEAS, on August 8th, 10128,
(Lucas & Bavis,1 Inc., executed its four
AVHEltEAS/'oU November 12t 192S, (notes for $12,1.00 each, puyuhle to liet-
Lucas & Davis, inc^,.-executed its four (tie t.'. Ward, iud.'Kx. of tjic^i.st. of L.
1 i js u ,h." < ii . ii. ! *v % ■..... l .....1 .... ll,,. ........ fl.itn Me un.
riottfs fof $25U^U0“each, payable to Bet-pVard, and, on the saint* date as
tie- O, \Vtlrd;"lnil. i'v.. ot- the Esl. Of |e\udty, executed a.4eeti of trust,
Notice of Sale.
(*L.i Ward, and, ou the same date as sc- (duly Tccordetl, in 'which said uo.tes urp
'curity, executed a deed of trust, now TM11W iltMeribed, conveying lo me as, Huy-
■» I
WfiKKKAH, on March 2Titli, 10
La'Vard Land and immigration Co.
extH'iited its four noti&s. for' $J.,100!00 ' diyisioa
duly recorded, in which said notes
are fully described, conveying to me
as trustee Out h-U"" h.-a i-e'.to
tee the following-property:
The East half of Block
.sevou tflij .of, tins
A 1 1 Of B low U K o rt y-eightjfcuhiUvi iion g* the La-Ward Farm, in
(48), of bherdSfecond Beglstered Sub-'Jackson ^County, Texas, said property
.......... .......... of f,*e La-Ward Farm, in | having,l*>en subsequently conveyed to
enih payable to.Ward Properties Com- Juekson County. Texas. Said property 'Airs. A. L. Peters; and
WIIEItEAS, stiTil notes' are now de-
|linqucnt and matured, there being due
tlii Vi'ofi bus duly njtpiested the, um.lhr-
- * ■ enforce ftlie. terms of said
t^ttSl llcid.r
etilorce tlu' |elans in satij tntsi-.tieeu, .....- *....., .laneiLi
Notice ii be,. I.* given ihat .1 slmlj.:^-. 4«}> '' '• 1,1' J -1"S
in neeOrdaW ulih .!„■ pi'pvtgldlW ..... %’ V n,ai I *sl,ifiM
lid- decI oNtni-t, sen -aid propi i ly ''•*>;< ' ' /Si?’S
mid nil appiirtciianVcs flq'IT'lii at lice1'1
Texas’, Iowa uf/EcIlji), to the- highest
bidder for .c«^i'jaH«a#* toll A- 51. and
t.qii;; 1*. 51. i|ti,’l*tlie ^ftr« Tuesday • iff,
Mtacli, being.%1 archMf, l£®2k to satls-'
fy' said iiiiTetrti'doeJS^tperfsea of sole
and’ fin *!ce.'sOi t\'t*. ,
This Jaituary 30th, 1932. >.
.J, Cell ALL, *
Trustee, Suit .Antonio, 'tfexast-
Notice of Sale.
Lucas A Davis,’ luc., executed its four
notes for $125.00 e#ehf xm.vai»ie. to Bet-
dJTO. WartI, lml Ex.^of the Estate of
rVi’ai'U, and, on the same date its se-
[urity, executed a deed of trust, iiovv
uly recorded; in wlpch said liotcs are
fully described, ciniveying to me. as
trustee the. following -property :
•X South Outiduilf (S t«) of “liluidi
Eight lour (84)..' of the...First Register
eel Subdivision of tin- La-Ward Farm,
in Jai-ksou County, Texas. Said -pfiq
erty lmvtug been subseipieut ly couveyi-d
", / . 1 k .. .. 1 .....1 1 I.._ i Ui, ..* * .1-11.1
fin aoTotihiui iy yi ItllJ.iMpe jb'oj
doiii. ii<
all a PPM pit flt'iWWi <7i
court lioiiyi* 'dour. »if, .Jill'Sson Comity.'-s""* wam,
•• '-.•'t.vi.A. ,,... uii.....,' and mi| ui-ipprteimtlAi
iiotirt -hotise-d.i'iof of dneksoli Cfejiuty,
diexus. f ovvii iif' Ednii, -to tile higliest
fs. V-
Notice of Sale.
wuEIM-i.vS, on Augaafte^C Ppk
ureas ,v. 1 luwhv Jtic.,'executed its MU*
. notes toy $350.00 each, payable to it*t-
t*n September 14, 1928, tu- C. Witud, lad. Ex. of the Lst, L
the same datfc- as- se- f::
.. i .- ......, t
Ward, and, on
cur it y, executed a' ileetl of trust, now
duly recoixli-d, in Which sa id' no(cs a re
fully described, conveying to,, me as
trustee file following property : •
All of illin-T; l'Vriyksix (40) of Hie
First,; ftegistered. StthdiUsiou of tie*
I,a-Ward Farm, hi Jackson County
Texas, Said property having
-ill,-.,-gill'll!ly conveyed, to Ctiai’UV 1),
■Smith anil Nora E, SjJiiUi y tlfpE'
U ill’.ltlAS said liotcVjM'e pow ili
lioqtieut am! malured.^here lieing due
ohitat it
•»-' TV
Notice of Sale. -
WJAEKKASv ou August Tilth,
Ltiixi-s *& J (avis, inc, executed its
botes for $200.00-each, pay ah ■■ **■
TiesC. Ward, I nil.,Ex., of J,1*"^
Ward, i jttnl. pn I'ite
i-urity. i-xei-iiti*il_
j dirty recofdefl
"deed of t
51! and
i si lay in -
fo -iatis-
biddi-r for cas'li between fen
four 11' 51-: ojt’Ihc lirst Tt
.Mnri-h.•tick'ig 5ftnil"tsfi79-32
fy said imiehtediiyss,''expensein of attle
an'd triistws fee.
This January 3Qth, 1932; -
’ ' -- J. C. HA
Trustee, Sun Antonio,
rutftp now
whk'li'Said notes u.re
t j
Fi-r^t -lie.gisteriii1 (J f'lmar Banta -and-Piftri Baitta': jrmi- tin i-i.-nn s.j;M».WlV3Vtfit'" 1 ut'CTtlM from
"....... Wll'EitEAS, sAld lgites are no" ile- Jaiiuttry l-C itnfcf unfit' paid at tm,
linquent and l/atureil. .there being dueip.-r auatim>aful said ..payee thereof dm-
tltereon $571.83,. with interest
7.--«k> ft •
puny, and on the same date as security,: having been lubsefjm-ntly i-onveyed to I
executed a dei-ii of trust, now duly x, g. Owens; and
recorded, in which said notes are ful-1 WHEREAS, said notes are now de-)
ly described,' conveying to me- as trus- linqueift • and uiatureiL there bein^ |.1 angary lst, J932, until paid at 10*.
tee, the following property : due thereon $1,189.07, jvfth interest j per .lunuui and-said ptiyee thereof has
Seventy-four (74) !from January 1st, 1932,'until paid at (duly requested tin- umiersigued to i-ti-
(76) 10%-pet annum and said payl-iV there- j'force.thu- terms of said trust deed. ■
Third qf has duly requested the tHidci sigiit'd | Nut ice is hcrch\ given that I shall.
Registered Subdivision of the La- to enforce the terms of spill trust, in acconlancc with tin- provlslom-^**
AVard Farm, in Jackson County, Tex-'deed. ‘ • js.-iiil plci'il of trust, stdVoatir'pf ppcrty
a^t said property having, been subse-j Notice is hereby given that I shall, in. and all appurtenances tlicrcRi at ting,
queiiiI) ’ cimveyeil to l.ucas A i iiwrrs, BCOtOpance with the provisions ^ said*tcoiift house door, of .Jackson County,
.Incorporated ; and , \ (deed of trust, sell said property and [Texas, t%wu -Of . Edna, to the highest
WHEREAS- said notes are-’now de-' all appurtenances thereto ui the. court bidder. foy- -cash hetwti'tV ten A.- 51, and
; liniiitcnt; and matured, there being dual house door of Jackson County, Texas, UinirAV "
titereonV $5729.66, with interest from Town of Edna, to the highest bidder M»w,
'All, of Blocks
Seventy-fibre (75), Sevtenty-Six
and Eighty-eight (88), of' the Third
January tst. 1932, until paid, at 10% . for cash JadWceu. ten A. M ninmfottv
per annum and said payee thereof has p. M. on the first Tuesilay-4n March,
jlul.v requested the undersigned to en
force tin* terms of said trust deed.
Notice is hereby given that I shall, in | trustee’s- fee.
being Mareli 1st, 1932, to satisfy, said
j indebtedness, expenses of . sale and
rici'irdancc with tiie provisions of said
deed of erttst, ’sell said property and
all appurtenances thereto at the court
liouse doi/r of Jackson County, Texas,
Town of Edna, to the highest bidder 7.
for cash between [ten A. 51 and four ,
i*. 51. ou the -llrsfc Tuesday in March, (
being March 1st, 1932, to satisfy said |
This January 59th, 1932
Trustee, San Antonio, Texas.
51. on the first Tuesday in
Uclug .March 1st, 1932, to satis-
fy sitiil indebtedness, expenses, of sale
and trustee’s fee. .......
This January 30th, 1932.
' J. C. HALL.
Trustee, San Antonio, Texas.
then-on. $598js3, "i!b iuli-icst I r-i.n
3 anutlKi 2-12, Tin til paid at 10'.
per anmftw'ytnd saM payee thereof hi
duly requested the undersignedjn
from (.force Hu- terms .of said I rinsVTTWo-d.
Notice is hereby givtymThat-IJshall,
in uci-ordniTce \\ ilUCTc- pisoWTons oi
said ilecil oVlrUsCfscil said (iroiairty
and .aUV-Ril^Mtimnuci-s ' thereto at the
. cotu*tr"Ttiqise j door of Jucksiqi- County,
TSxas; .town! of Ktlna, to the .highest
bidder fur cash between ten A M.-anil
fojui l*.' Mr oh the first Tuf-Situy in
March, being March 1st, 1932, to satis-
fy said iudehtedness, expenses, of sale
and true tee’s fee. , .
This January ,30th, 1D32.,V
J . C, 11A LI
Trustee, SatCTAiilonio, Texas.
per aiimim, _ .
duly i^qtSj^ted the tmdersigued to en
t'ljneCthi- tenns oi’sutd trust dcCd.
fully iksrfUied,’ conveying
IrusUicTthe following, prigmitij
All of Block. Seven (it. ul
<tci',,nil Registered S’lihilivlsio
TaiAVaRT l-'iipliis, 'In'Tjfartcrtoti,
| Texas r*2SP
.1 WHEREAS; -thereafter,
% lit the SAW, [j! of WildJdojjLJVftai
cnuyPvi-id Ul .Mis,, c taia. Williams 8ot-
IciiJ; the N. Lx of the N. E. % of^-uid
bitrt'k "Us conveyed to FeJiX A.
Jor;-t ; thcS. % of the N. E. Vi <$f suld
liloi-U vvfis niiiieyi-d to Eeo. ,W. tjuil-
... . - t ■ 1 . f
tiie south
.Xliir;: t 111 1Ifc.’ wa/^ommyini Mo- Joseph l’oto;
of t he S.. K, Vt fir said
Notice of Sale.
expenses of sale .and
trustee’s fee.
This .January 30th, 1932.
Trustee, San Antonio, Texas.
Notice of Sale.
WHEREAS, on Sant-ember 17th, 1927. '
'WHEREAS, "mf August 8th, 1923,
iLueari & iiuvis, Inch executed its four
inotes for- $309.38 each, payable to Bet-
jtie U. Ward, Inil. Ex. of tiie list, of
iLr Ward, and, oil tiie sjiin: date us
(.security, executed a deed of trust,
noiv duly recorded, in which said
notes are tultf/.described conveying'
,to um us trustee the following prop
Forty-nine and three-foui'tjis. ( 19',t)
acres in Jackson County, Texas, be-
, ■ 5-
rexeented Its one note for $1,000.90,-mg. all of Block Twenty-nine .(2£>L
payable to- Bettie C. -Ward, Ind. 'Ex., out of the First Registered Bubdiris-
of the list, of .L. Ward, and, on the ion of ,the La-Ward Farms.
t same date as security, executed a deed WHEREAS, said notes ary now'll*-
... .. .... 1.. X. t. I. , • ... ... . ______ I . 1....... 1.
of trust, now duly recorded, in which linquent ami matured, there being due
said notes are. fully described, convey- thereon $1,489.20, with interest from
lug to me as - fra§Wfe"'the following' January 1st, 1932, until paifi at 10',i
property: per annum and s.-iyd pai'ee ti|cnjif has
All uf Block One Hundred and Nine duly requested the iindcrslgti|eir to en-
(10ft) of the. First Registered Subdi- force *4 he terms'of said trust deed,
vision of tiie Int'Vard Farm, in Jack-1 Notice is hereby given tiniif i shall,'
son County, Texas. in jtccftrdnnce with tiie provisions uf
• "WHEREAS!, said notes are pow de- said deed of trust} sell said property
linquent aud matured, there being due anill till appurtenances thereto at the
thereon $1,205:24,- with interest from court house door of Jackson County.
January 1st, 3932, until paid tft HWfe Texas, town -of-*Eilr)5V" TiVtfii' "litglii-s!
'-per annfim and said payee tlieriifif fia$ bidder for cash between ten A, M. and
■ duly requested the undersigned to en« four I’. M. on fhe first Tm-Muy in
force the terms ot saia trust deed. Mur'i-lt, being.Xfurch, li<L 19-32, t ■ satis
Notice is herebjjgiven .hat-I shall, in fy said indebtedness; exiienscSj -i suic
Mr — ’ '■r'J -' ’ - ’ ’ fm
Notice of
-AVUEREAS, on August 13th, I92i.
LUcas All la-vis, 1 It.-,. I • x. ■<-i 11 • -I I lls *iou
uolc.s 1'oA$25O.0,O t-ach, payable to-Bel
tic. C. 'SanjfT lml. Ex, of tht-.Esl. qt t.
Ward, and; on tiie same date'as sc
curity,- executed a deed of trust, no"
duly rccoiMed, in which said,notes an
f.nHy . des'-rilieil, conveying to me us
trustee tjie followiqg 'property :
Notice of Sale
. >-», Uko
J leeember; lOt.n,
1928, Hn'iis A Davis, it *''X<" tiled ils
foui Holes foI?"$373.T!>N^Ineh, payable
to Bettie C. Ward, Ind. Ex, ot tin* list
of I, Wiii'ij, mid on the same date as
security,- cxei-uted a deed of trust,-now
duly renputleth-in .which sitiil .notes are
fully dcs.pitied, conveying to*-nig-.as
trustee tin- following ii.ropcit.i t>
AlMuf-Block Fifty-two 152) of the
Lucas A Davis luc., executed its four
notes fiir’.82,OOB.OO each, payable Ui
Ward 1’rOpeU.ies Company, and, ou
Hu- >01114; date, as .1-1 iiril.i. i'-v-- uted a
Vii-i-d ut trust, mm duly riciinlci], in
........•......... _ . t , * LCAan- i'iuu ,1'iwr' «
All ot Block 1-ive t.5) of the -Sec- sub>eqqcntly conveyed
aci-onlauc-e with the provisions of said and trustee’s fee.
deed of trust, sell said property, and [ T' is Jau-unsy 30tfir,-T932.
jitl appurtenances Thereto at the court ,..1IAL1.
house door of Jackson County, Tcxa>, . v" Trustee,. San Antoirto, jVxii
Town of Edna, to the highest bidder '• 'k * —-------
for cash between ten A. 51 anti four 8.
F. 51. on the first Tuesday in March: •
being 51areh 1st, 1932, to satisfy r tip *
indebtedness, expenses of sale and
trustee's fqe. > -f .
1 Tlitr Jauuary,*30tli, 1932. -W-.
J. C. 1IALL,
y. Trustee, 8an Antonio, Texas.
—WW ..................■ - ■ | - • - ■ ------------; >0.
ond Registered Suhijiviisloh of the La-
Wanl Farm, in Jackson Cqunty, Tex-
as. \ *
WHEREAS, w -North % of Tract
Five (5) was subsequently conveyed
to ley Stephens (wife of Joe -Steph-
ens), aud 'tiie South '% of Tract Five
<5)|'vas subsequently conveyed to Mrs.
Del 111 Brovi n. * 7
WHEREAS, said notes are now de
liin/uent, anil matured, Ihi-yc licing due
tltereon $1,202.83, with iiucm-st ’from
January 1st, 1932,- until -pafd -«-t J"
per annum and said payee thereof has
duly requt-ied the undersiguetl to en-
force the terms of. said trust deed.
Notice, is hereby’ given tluit 1 shall..
naiil ilei'd iif trust, sell said property
and' all appurtenances thereto at the
•wiitN Ifoin,- door' liT Jhc'Uson C.mhli.
Texas, town of Edna, ’to the highest
j bidder for ensti between, ten A. 51. and
four P. .51: oft the first Tuesday in
Manil, being iliiujj 1st, 1932, to satis-
fy said indehtedhess, expenses, of sale
at 111 »ti'uStee’s ffee.
- This January 30th, 1932,..,
, " J;- C.'rHAliL,. - 'fL
^ 'Trustee, Sun Antonio; Texas.
>> - -
Co L. J. '5fcCoy ;
wflEKEA>8, said notes are/low de
linquent and matured, there being due
theieoh $1,708.90, witii interest from
January 1st, 1932, until paid at 10%
511'-r anitfim and said payee- thereof lias
llitly rcitiiestcil tiie ttndersigued U> <*u-
force thfc term- of su-ht trust deed.
NqMfi- is hereby given that. 1 shall,
ilfaccordartce,.-with tiie provisions of;
said deed of trust, sell said iiropcrty,
and ail appiirtenames therein at tiie
court liotisC door/ of .I.H.-kson t'nunt.v,
Texas, town of Edna, to-tin- htghcst
bidder for cash hetween ton A. 51. and
four 1’. 51. on the’ first Tuesday pi
AtTin-h, heiny Me b 1 1, 19-7.2, tu satj
fs said lndebtcdiifsa, expenno. flf sijiltf
amt trustee s fee. . , ..
This. .January llutfi, 1932. - -r—
J. C, H.U.I..
TrfiHree” San Ahtonin, Tex.iis.
Notice of Sale.
WHERfeAB, on April 24th, 1928,
Lucas .w tiinjt-: inc , executed its four
WHEREAS-, on ‘December 10th, 1928,
Lucas A'Dirvis, Inc,, t-xccuu'ii its ijouc.
- -notes for $125.00 each, payable to-Bet-
tic C. Ward, Ind.* Ex. of tin* Estate of
Notice of Sale,
WHEREAS, 011 March 9th, 1928,
notes fiir $228.13 each, puyntrle to Bet- Lucas A Davis^nc.,'executed its four
Ward, ind. Ex., of the list, of (notes for i$500.(IP each, payable to Bi t
tie C.
I,. Ward,
and, on thq satrte date its (tie C \\7ml, ind. Ex. of the' Est of 1.
N9tice of Sale.
(security, executed a deed of trust, now (ward, and, on the same date us se
duly recorded, in which said inotes curity,'executed a deed of, trust, now
vi uiy x woi uv. Uf * ** * * ***v * * p’**** .7 . I:-***.* -r *
are fully ^lescrTbed, convey ing to me as duly recorded, in which snid notes an.
M IIEBEAH, on Novembef 12, 1928, T’irst Registerhd , Subdivision of the
Lucas A Davis, luc, executed its four La-Ward yiirdv-fi Jackson ’County,
notes for $125.00 each, payable to Bet-.>i^xaSi.-^pd
trustee the following property:
All of Block, Ninety-two (92), of tiie
Alt \H \>3 <•} I ‘I •'•/’/ *
K*-., <?£ the Est. of WIlEitEAS, said notes are how
L. Waul, and, -on, thc^ same date as linquent und matured,1 there being
fully ih-si riiicd. conveying lii."'me"-te*'
trustee tlye follow.ng property:
Blocks Otic .Hundred aBS-;Se\enty
.two (172) and (.tec Mn^lfed and.
Sevi'iJiy-lhree (i73)Pi>f the First Reg-
istercl SuhdivDiim of the l.a-VVnnJ
.. m *.•" . li„ : 1
as linquent and matured. tliere beipg due Farm, i'u Jackson County, Texas. Said
-ft"«*urlty, executed a d«k,il. of trust, rhereon $l,0SSt53, with interest from
now duly recorded, in which said notes ,Tamiarv jsl, 1932,-until paid at 10%'
are fully described, conveying to m.c aumtftt payee thereof' bus
as trustee the .following property: . duly'’requcsti-d tin* undersigned to eh-
West one-half ( W.*4) of Bloek force Hie terms of said . trust deed. - -
* Kitty-seven iff,), oWke Becond fiegis- .v«tie<*-is lierebv given that I shall,
■’ tered Subdivision of the l4-Wft«4 {^'f§S^i0e wi’th the p'royisiofis of
i-nnn, In Jackson Obnnty, Texas. suj,j of trust, sell said pi'operi -
--- -Sui'J property, having tmen subsequent- , allU a]1 appul'-tenmn-i-s thereto -fit. t he
,4y~tWflVi'yfed to T. II. Owens; and • • ... **
.WHEREAS, sahl notes are now de
court inuna,:, door of Juidtsoc ’Eomt\y
Texas, town* of Edna, to the higi. ;
therehn $594.-8-1, with interest from Jan- f,nir p. 'ai „„ tne first ’ Tuesday in
wary Isr;'1932, until paid at 10% per March ‘ being March 1st. 1932, to sa. is-
annum and said payee thereof has fv indebtedness, expenses,.of sale
I ;
t. '
duly requested the undersigned to en-
force tne te. ns of said trust- deed.
-—p^""Txotic« is he*, nhy given that I^shall, In
accordauce with the provisions of said
........T deed of I t^sr, . sell said property ami
' 7 : gll fCpuctenance* thereto at the court
house tloof of, ;J.<l,ctaPii. County, Texas,
T0W11 of Edna, to the highest -bidder 1
for .cash between ten A. 51 and1 fopr;
V. Mi! on the first TtieSStyih March,
trustee's fee.
This January 30th, 1932. ' ■
: J. tX HALL.
Trustee, San Antonio, Texas.
Notice of Sale.
WHEREAS, on Match 11th,
property ^awiiig-been sufeg^jiaaitly con-
.eyed to 1 • 1 itilipin Fia;«raro; and
5V ■ tFi.EAF said notes urn, nojy ile-
linquent and matured, there Jibing due
thereon $2,457.00, wit.h„intcfest from
January 1st,-- 1932, -uniii- paid at 19%
IfSSF unituin sind said payee thereof has
.duly n-qm-sted the umiei^igued to en
force the terms of <;aid trust deed.
Notice is hereby given that I shall,
in accordance with the provisions of
Si. unii-hsitlH TtFciJ“Trf tusst, gell said 'property
.and all upiiultenaaces thereto at the.
court hOJlijC (poor of Jackson County,
Texas, town- of Edna, ta flu* liighi.*st
liidder fog cagh lietween ten A. 51. and
four P: If. on the first Tuesday in
.March, beipg Mordplsf, 3t»32, to satis*
fy said indebtedness', c\]iepses, of liule
ii,ml trustee's,fee. "■ —/
This .January 30th: J932.
- J.. C. HALL,
Trustee, Shu Antonin, Texas.
, - T S5S & Davis, lnc*. executed its four
IPS Si r:i«%-.**
Trustee’s fee.
.This January 30th, 1932. ,
J. C. HALL,.
*" Trustee,: San Antonio^,.Texas.
Ward Properties Jumpony, j tui'rih. the
stinp* iliite.^as security, executed ,11
.Second .Registered Subdivision of Urn County, Texa
Lu-"'arii I'arm; in - Jackson t-knmt'yi
Texas. Said (iroperty ltaviug/ beep
Tir’Tlrtaa'lttbce with tin-, provisions of
said tieeil ol' trust, sell said property
and all eip8rtchunrl-s Uiereto ill. the
J'otirL house door of Jiiiksoti t.'punty,
Tex us,* to sa 12,11111. t u Un; higliest'
liidder .for..cash betweeu. ten A M, atldi
Tolif F. 5L mi the first Tuesday lif
.March, being .March 1st, 1932, to satis-
fy. said indebtedness, expenses, of sale
and trustee's fee. -■ - .......
Til i> -Iauuu ry. 3(11 li, 1932.
,trC. HALL,
'Trustee, Su 14 tit.onin, Texas.
.(be 8. Ei of the N, .V>. 1 j of. suiil btoi-k
wits i-nuvi-veil tn..J. t'. (Hover; the N.
;&, qt, ttic .N. ,\V. 'If ’said \rant, wqs
conveyed tu C; I.. Hobbs add. the N.
lj nf the S. 5V. I1;* of said tihiek was \
vwnrnyotl tu *51rsJ: Clara Williams Sel--!
ten; and . - 1 ''
WHEREAS, said notes are now hie-,
linquent and matured, there- being due
thereon $1,202.83, -with interest from
I January 1st, 1932, until paid at 10%
. . ....... .....1 ' iwii*.'.. lliiiriutf tiUd
Notice of Sale.
pe> uiiiiiini. and said payee thereof lias.
July requested the undersigned to i'U-
i,,p ,- tic- tcrud of'imld truat tleti
Notice is licrcliy giV».-u that 1 shall,
/• •
!in ni-cordtuicc with tin* provisions
jsuhi deed or trust, sell said, proin-rty
WHEREAS. .11, Febr(iary*Jltl), 1929, ami ail, appurtenances thereto at the.
Wt-'-twuii1 door of Juekson Comity,
.Texas, -((own of Edna, d the highest
which said notes arc fully lb-scribed,
i-iuivcying to mC as v rrfrxti'-e tin.*- fol-
low ing property ; , . .
Being all of' BTocks utitubers , lmiy
197, .118, 1.19. 129, 130, 149, tiiiil ill,
out of tin- Third RCgisIcieit 8ubdivi«-
iuu of J.uAVard Farm, in — Jackson
bidder for edsh between ten A. M. *nd
four F. 51. ou the first Tuesday in
March, being March lst, 1932, to satis-
fy said indebtedness, expenses, «f
and -trustee s; fee. %
Th’tfi. Jahuiwy .3UUh 1-932.
’• J. C. HALL.
Trtistee, .8an Antquio, Texajdi
WHEREAS, Blocks Nnmls-rs ififi ;
197, J is, 119, 1 to anil ULit -aid Sub-
division AVyll- Stllhscl [Illlltl;
Fi l'd E. l'dllnitfli; *
Notice of Sale
^ UtfUKAS, on UCtoW 10, WJH,
\AV&\k Si liaxlH, inc , Ifj ifoul*
notes for $005,62 cacin.payable to Bet-
Whereas, sakl jsstjca am' now di£ |tle , w.n .i, i’mE Ex.-gHthe ini. fif E-.
H...—. being* ward, and, on the same date -dp ae-r
lini)ni'Ut tfiid mirth red, ilierc
due thereon $9485.33, with Interest
froiu January 1st, 1932, until, paid at
10% jar annum ami said payee there
qrity, executed a licird of trust, ;nu#
duly ii-coided, in vyldgh said notes] a ry
fully described, eonvcylng to mi) ns
uf lias duly, requested tin- undersigned trustci- tin* folioxvihg pr<qM*rty*:
to cnforce !Liu teqqns.of sidd t.riist di-fsI
Not Hi- i, tnl- a q,i i'll tf.iit I shall
in ai cortlatine with tin*, provisions o.f , ...
said deed of trust, sell said tnaqiei-t.' !,j'. T*
inni all appuntcnanies thereto at te- ' ^ j,
court house ilisir of Jacksan CmtnD. j j j,,. west side id Tructs^i 8l
’ " - • 1 ’ * ..............t 1:1.' ' ' ' 1
Texas, tuwir of Edna, 10 the* highest being all
All of Blocks 181 and 182, out of
he Fil>l Registered SuIkR vision of
the |ji-War*l FaVm, in .1 nv-W-mt. Coun-
xan- ' L ..... -
WllEKEAS. “rti acresyif
land off
and 1»2.
Idildei for • ash between 1. u \. 51. and
m.....EcAK'-n :Uc in-' Tuesday MU
Mareli, .liciiig ^Mafefi'Tat.- 1932. to *alls-
fy said nab-titt-dlie- . i \|ii-iw Ot sah
.aud trustee's fee,.............." .
Tiilu J niiuaey gOtli-c-11*32. ------
Trustee, Shut- A-nlimitv-Texas.
of said Traci. 1st and'182,
Notice of Sale.
-0 '
Notice of Sale.
h. Ward, anil, oil the same date as
security*; c.'.-etuui a deed of trust, pow
duly recorded, in which sqid notes are
.fully.; described, conveying to me as
tr i.tee tiie following property: *
East One-Half (E Vu) of Block One
Hundred Tljirty'-Two (132)'" «1* the
First, Registered Subdivision of
LaW ard Form,’ in Jackson ; (Aiuhty,
Texas. Said 'in-opcrty having lif-i-n supoe-
quciitiy conveyed tu it, A. Cothani;
anil --
"THOKEAS, said-notes are now -de
liiiquent'and matured, there being due*
thiTeou $57t>.07, with.■-interest from
January 1st, 1932, until pBltl at 10%
per annum and said payee thereof Bus
Notice is . .
in iici-ordani'c- with tin* sUrovisioiis -of
uud nir apiiurtcnunces thereto -at. tiie
court’ house’door of Jacks,,n Cdftfity,
Texas, to\vii_of Edna, to the highest
bidiler for cash between teii A. M. and
fortr P. M. qn the iiiWt.....Tuesday in
Mareii'i. iibing Maxell 1st, 1932, to salts.*
fy si i
id.iudehledness-,—expenses, of sale aml-.tTtsiw
anil trustees fee.
This January 30tiu T932.
Trustee, San Antonio, Tcxafc;
( ‘ v--1* ........I"’ ■ "" ' " ^
' .--- >•
Notice of Sale. •
* -3 ’ - V- " »
• WHEREAS on October Jst. 1928,
Lui-(is A Du vis. I new -exeetit cil its. Jour
notes for $(i(i(>.25' eatfii. ’puy.atile
rd.- lml. Ex. otitha Est.M’if L.
Notice of Sale.
tie L?. 'Ward) lml. Rx. otitha Est.^if
Ward, and, on the same date as. sc
curity, executed a deed,”*)! trusl, now
.WHEREAS, on January 21st, J929,
duly ‘recorded; in yvh^Ch'said notes are fully- dc»yribwl^t-«nwyingJyi-_ me
fieeil ^of...IrusL/jan-" duly rerunled. in I,mas ,V- Dnvi>. Inc., executed its fou^
' •** ' 5, UII IV DIOHB II. Ill l.tc .18* VV
. tvhjclr said notes an-.fully' dcp-iiiicil,uoi i-s fur $750.00 inch. payable t7i
conveying to me ns trustee, The follow- (AVimt I’ri
- i.
»f Sale.
tag property:
fully described, conveying Jo Hie
trus!is.*,- the fiiHowfiig pippcrly :
of Block 128, W,*p-hHlf .pf Wm k
WHEREAS, op FebrutWy 13, 1929,
La-AVard Land "and liumigriUion ( o„
exisipt 50 j-2 acres residue off the
east side thereof was subsequently eon-
vcyhd to Wiley 11. (jiyry und Oma
< Jury : and 20 acres, more or less, nut
of the .Nortlieast corner of Tract 18,1
tw5T Hhlm*qu«oll> ^oSyepSTWlf
jl’err'y;, %'
j ’ WHEREAS, said notes are now dc-
, linquent and'matured, Him .- lieiiig iiue^
j Lhei-enii- $;EUUa2JJr-with interest from''
Ul paid, at 10%.
tyiV thereof has
January 1st, FJ32, ifii!
.per annum and s.iififie*
duly requested the
iifersigned to en-
force tin* tcniis of said trust deed
x-.. 4, ..I.-.,., i
* ‘'"’E..1 y*1 s -** Notice is hereby given that I
executed It- four note* lr;«:«!.f'ln a,, ordn.icc with the prdvUloiiis of I
eneli. , pityatile to Ward Fropc'itle*
t ouipiiu(^:7rnd,"'on' tile same dale a-
seciB'lty, e.xt-eu(ed,a deed of trust, now
duty recojdi-d, in which said-notes an- (
flirt)- (described,- -cottVeyilig - to me us
liusijc tin- following pro[ierty:-
VU ' of -Block -•.Ninety-seven (97) of
(said deed of trust
laud U’l uppurtennUces
court house door of Ju
sell said prol»erty
ut the .
to tifie highest
liilfdrr for C.idi t.cfwi-eh ten A. M. and
four 1*. 51. on ilm -.first
J’i-xus. (own of Edita, -to
fil * j
....... ri'fTMHviI 'Iwk liejng. Mil nlristy11932, to hatls-
' hegistcifd . a >' - iv said indeliU-ilni-ss/exiienses. of sale
the EaWnrd 1 arm, in .racksou Conn ■ ( - . f 1 1
ty, Texas: S^id;property haviig beep;
sttbsequentjy conveyed to Ii. K.vThibO
■ in triiMi-i > ils.. ' . .
This Juiuuuy 30th. 1932. ) ,
Ucniix anil Clnru J.
auxj and
WHEREAS.-'said notes:-are now de-
linquent- and irtatuml, tlierc tA-tng rlue
thereon $1,173,00,.. with ifitevest ttm
January 1st, 1932, until paid, at JO*,
per annum and said payee there'll has
duly l equcsted t he .uiiilersigiii d In en
of saiR 1 rust rifted.
**•*>'S'"......... .........ti.S" 3S3’^SiS1*- - .*- 2/.- ■
said deed of trust, veil sald^property'-anil jjll appurtenances thereto (at the
ui, ■ * l 'l
use door of-Jark'snn (’"ttfily
n of Edna,_ to the’higin-sl
liidder for Vasli U-twii-ri ‘ten A. 54: run I
foili 1*.. All on the first.’Tuesday -in
March, iM-ing March fw.rii)®},' to satis
fy said
liniabU’dlH'ss, 1,-xpepses. of sale
- ox- eaT '
This January 30th, 1032.
” J. ('. HALL.
- -cTi ustec, Sah Antonio. Texas.
■ >-v-. .....
21 -j/.
Trustee. Han! Antonio, Texas.
-------------------|L.|....L-_—L..,. .-■*»-
• I x -wi*!
Notice of Sale.
Will,REAS, on October 20th, 1928,
..«t»*Us A Dayts, Inc.. cXciulcd its four
to Bet- ’
Of I,
\V»iml, and im .Hie. snrnc dale its sc-
•urity, executed a deed of trust, now
duly recorded, in -which said notes are
fully desi-rihi-d, i unvcyiii-K tar- me us ’
trustee tin* following iiroiKfi'ty :
All of Blinks Seviqity-six^J ill), One
Hundred Klxty-ulne <1(}0)| One linn «
11 red 8ei'entj\t*f5TtlJ ,“'iiud East Twenty
"-30+ acres of—Blnck One , HiindrWI
Efgdily Hui-e (183). out of the First
.Registered Subdivision of the I.a-
Notice of S?ile.
WHEREAS, cm August 13l,h, IV28,
hfui-iis Ac Davis, inc,, executed iticfour -
iiiites-Tot* $250.00, oilVIt, |.iayiiltle |o Bet-
lie <*. Ward, Ind. llx., of the Est. of
I.. Waul, and, on the .stupe date as
i-ctirhy, executed a deed of trust, now
liiity rei-oiiItKl, in whicli said notes are
trustee'tjio following property
AVaril Eq.riii.j lu. Juekson t’otfnty, Tcx-
ii(S. and ‘ ~ ‘
WHEREAS, thereafter, Trad No.,
7»i. aliofe pi-.-riln-d, "a lyimvcyert to
‘.Mrs. Clara’’WUiinn* HellenEnnd ”
Ww/l-;IcEas, said noli-. ;,i-R-’titWt“fiyi-'7”
Uinjlyilt- aliii. inji'UM;i»d, there lieiiig dpt-
ittertou $4,170.83, with Interest from
.lai/inry ‘1st. 1932. until paid ut 10'/»
per annum and said payee tlieri-o.’
.hits duly requested ’the undersigned to
enforce the-terms of,auid, trust deed.
Notice is hereby given,that I shall,
in accordiyu-e *srHh the provisions ■ cl
(ttnltl ileifnl of trust, sell said property
All. of'Btock Sls- (fi) tint of the See- Aiyi- ali appurtenances thereto' ut .the
• /■
ond Registered Suhdivision of tiie La-
ic :ts trustee, ifi-
, .. j-"' -,i 7,
Twenty. (20) acres iu .la^ntnii Coutn
~JLf, 'Texiis, be'8-a Uic'.Enst
'.’(KVH of Block Niqe^h L '
(|(‘K A—tn-'T iirtiiijy* "*'*•'* ■* .........—..... ........... I
I,.,lf of'iiliiek 16ft; and the Ward Farm, in Jackson County. Tex ■-.Toxn
(MjKt; J . „ . , , *1 VS!.7»e *• ,..w Hq-cuyi
WHEREAS] oi /Nb'temhyr J2, 1928, Second Registe cd Rulnlivision
■ Lucas A Davi». J*1''.. .executed 1W four I-a Ward Fan# uml :
notes f«rH$250.0fi .each,. pay a tile to Bet- WHEREAS, ‘ the. ’Woi •ime-haU’f: t'vfi hrW* (.93 i, .inil (>0'‘ 11 unitnd five'
ijvfd, Ind. Ex., of tt*. Ert. oL.CW'#4 Iff the Northeast Quarter (N.’VffeSfc "f H*h Third Registered- Sub
1 \\ a"i*iI I','’|M-i 11,- t *iiiu|i:iny. ami, on the 117. Wgst,___
stiifie' il,-iti*^;i.s ^i'( lii-fry$-exee»tpil acxflii-il East 20,6 ai't;es^lL of Blm-k 161 (by-jji.s^:, and,^, ■ ^
iif fnisth mlw duly recorded, in xyldel),
I'-iTurt boils
. iilddcr for
iug ail of .saM’BBck 161] save and ex- j* .WHEREAS, tiiereuftcr, the $ «r ->t Hi-tr, l*. g.
.. ^ . U. IV i 1. .. 4.1... V ' Ilf .1/ . . I’ I I i.Uxil U--I1.I AH. 11 - VI rt nrrlv L,.lr
door of Jackson Cmmly,
E(1 tin, to tin* highest
ictween ten A. M. aud
’ 1%
lie C. Ward,
the first Tuesday i
reh 1st, laa^^ofttftl!
exiienseH. of sale
1932. .....
Trusted, San Antonio, Texusi
-j -v

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