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Vol No. 41, No. 22__Edna, Jackson County Texas, Thui-sila.vrApiillth?1948
Edna Legion Post
To Sponsor Show
“Fun For You” Will Be
Presented Two Nights—
April 15-16!
Trustee Elections
Held Last Saturday
-TX; "3„r;r "s: 'E: jss «r:.....
£ h"s l;wu uwlble to SPt complete I he afternoon """
lata 011 Die various elections, but we
have tlie following
District Court In
Session This Week
Drilling Continues
Over The County
II. K. Staples, Editor and Proprietor
ElCampo Defeated
Pipeliners Sunday
The community show using a large 1,1 the Edna Independent District
" ........ .......1......... ■ George Bidder and Kay Huberts’
were re-elected without opposition.
. ^le t»anado Independent Dis-
Duel Marcus Mauritz and W 14
Williams were eieeted without oppo"
east oi local people ranging in age
from ;; 1,1 <i;i years old will open a
I wo-nigli i run on April IIS at {lie
High School Auditorium under the
spoii-orship (if the Edna American
Region l’ost.
.V variety of scenes will lie featur-
'd in the play "Fun Eor You," A hi-
larious hook-up ot home town head-
dners impersonal ing famous radio,
stag,, and screen stars. It; is an im-
persona^ou of cel Hi rites who sup-
post dly put oil a continuous broad-
cast from one of tiic studios in Radio
City or Hollywood. At times they
are merely spectators; at other
fanes they are asked to participate
in the program. This is a now idea
in home talent show technique, for
n brings in. iuidieniv participation
will, cliarael.-r.s on the stage.
" 1 oil Me a Story Lady” will ap-
pear in the opeiing number called
'I'lie Children's Hour," and Joe
Kelly will he porluyed in an inter-
esting "Quiz Kids" sketch,
line of the most laugh-provoking
scenes will he an impersonation of
tin' Breakfast, in iloli.wood broadcast
with Tom Brenneman, as Master of
< eremunks.
In 111is seme Tom Biuneman goes
into tlie ip lienee, trie. ou ladles’
hats and a wauls a prize t,r the goof-
iest hal ppsent. 'J^ii e r.f ( iiy^ i^e
women are Uged to wear he sillies
millinery erfaions possible in order
to win nylon lose and otliei gifts.
In the Laward-Loiitu district we
I"'", "‘formed that Frank Cobbs,
Dome McFeron, j. stone, Leon
fKirby Hayes, Jt. L. Carnes
and 1. L. Sliefheld were eieeted out
a field of 19.—
In the LaWard-Lolitu eketion to
make tins an independent district
U“‘ vw,e was 202 for and 20 against.
In eominissioner's precinct An. 1
Art inn- Tiiomasson is no doubt eleet-
0tl' However, all tlie returns were
not in at this writing.
Tor county-trustee at large, Elmo
Canerday is reported to have receiv-
ed i,»j voles, A. L. Clayhrook 1107
and E. m. Frank,son SO.
In tlie LaBauve District J. A
Jacobs was eieeted over Claude
J iiese are ail uuoiiieial returns.
S' K' ■'■'Daniel & S. L. Bararisse Ft.!
Al <0 Drill .Jackson Co, Prospect. j
OV< r
to court in
The following cases
were (ried or disposed of:
Itol»l. Ham* I!rownin«>;, child
sertion, dismissed.
,.J' . * • Deynolds, child desertion, I Fe:iv,v rig for their No. I ], p iim
"S""SSr'1' lingsworl 1,. The location is -1(17 feel
Sln"ta.\ 1 a oniug ;ii Hi,. Mat,''da
, S!:"i"", •'ian.oml (|lr p;|
S. E. McDaniel ami S. E. Bacarisse ! ‘ s ,l,,|,'a";'1 ll"‘ F'lna Pipeline \
11 Al" "f Houston staked location :l s""< ' 1 Although the '
and are ahuut ready to mine in with
Joe Willis Vinson, child desertion,
Barker . 1,. Cutesm, child deserlion,
' ■ Dosseli, failure to stop and
vender aid, dismissed.
Jacinto Arroyos, ehihl .desertion,
"nl"'cil to pay NO", | wire each mouth
to .support six minor children.
' hosier Hopes, ohihl desertion, or-
ilcred to pay SHI I per monlh for sup-
J”'ll ot two minor ei Idreii.
Kenneth E. Binl'ord, burglary; YV.
Hamldeii a|,|ioinied to defend ;
t'loa of guilty, senteiieed to r, years
ia pen ; sentence suspend!d.
Kennel Ii E. Hiiilord, felony t lief I,
JaiiK's Kdwards vs. Alary Edwards,
suit fur divorce, granted.
f'lllr|' corner of (lie X. E. sec
......... No. 1S of the -101)0 acre
1- Ii. Hollingsworth Kaueli in tile Eli
Moieer Survey, in northeast part of
Jackson »**u„ty, Texas.
'Hds oil jirospeet is looked upon
"devest, j, L uf m,,s|
..........""'Hi 1'igli in the countv. Eight
"V nine Wells havo been dr.li,,!
avmind the area ; live on the Hot
lingsworth Hunch, one of which was
a ....... yas well. Fuel from lliis well
'vl11 I"' Used lo drill the .McDaniel
Bacarisse well. The locution for Hie
"ill lie in about the- center
1,1 Fie ranch, and also of the dry
Foies Mr. Sidney I.. Barn rinse made
F"1 '"''"ion and feels very rnnlidcut
lll,U lhis "HI " ill prove I lie prospect.
"■H Nome" I ia I disappoint ing
'"''a' lM"n. " should he rnnembeded
111,11 '"'ce ol III,' I’ipoljners main
"ayevs: .less l.ing. |t,,ohy Ling
1111,1 I *' 'ss u in S11. ■ 11, \ unv absent from
Sl""|ay's Fame due to an inconv, ii
l,,,,rr /I' ''1' " .......... had no eon
,l"1' ll"' "Viler feels, that had I Iiese
maycvs hoen presold (he score would
hale belli i it n i ■ ll ui t
,!!i« JFis, les Mi/./.ell, former III , ..................
1 linl|,|i 'J'*'' "mye pilchor, slarled laid to rest in the re.....I,Tv of Ids
1,11 Fm I......ml for the locals and pitch- ' ' '
cd live Hillings of \ cry good hall, giy-
"fa "I' live hits and two runs. J | (,
"aa ......."'"I I'.v Wend. I and Cochran.
I he ga me u as much licl ter I ban I ho
■N'orc indicates as most of the El Cain
I1" vans e.I uiC as a result of Pipeline,-
""S[|"'s. However, as lids game was
a I’vael ice tilt such can .........
Joolu <|.
j Hie .McDaniel Bacarisse test is
I al""" six miles northwest of Hie
Following tl.- plan of tire iriginal
Breakfast in lolly wood shov this
scene will infode a wishing ring,
presenting a Ctsage lo tlie eldest
lady present afci giving a gift t> the
person eliosoit s the Good )0od
Good Neighborl ( Edna.
Any resident l this eommuultj is
eligible to vote »r the Good Giod
neighbor, who sht.i be some persip
who has done ^standing charitable
' or civic work fir,: iivlduals of tin
• community at | tje, • All letters
Saturday evening at 0:30 o’clock
at Fie st. Paul's Lutheran Church,
Mr. Joe K. Rowan of Devine, Texas,
and Mrs. Louise Knoernscliild of the
Koop Settlement were united in mar-
liuge. Rev. G. C. Albers spoke the
solemn and impressive words that
made them man and wife.
''lose relatives and friends of the
contracting parties witnessed the
Mrs. Knoernscliild has resided in
the Koop Settlement for the past
several years. Her friends and well
wishers are numbered by her ac-
Mr. Rowan will be remembered by
many people in Jackson County, hav-
ing been a teacher in the Jackson
County Veterans’ Vocational School
' "Vide oil lield, producing from "lion
,. l1”"1 "‘"J Two of the old wells
Miss Thelma Baker, daughter of drill,-,| the Iiollingsworlli ranch
I Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Baker of Edna, | "I''"' oat making oil and gas at about
and Mr. Hoy Millierger, son of Mr. I Fie same depth ns production in the
amd Mrs. It. J.. Millierger of Inez, ! ''"V'lele tiehl, and many geologists
were united in marriage at St. Mary’s tadieve that tlie MeDaiiiol-Jiacaris.se1
Catholic Church in Victoria March j <«•«! " ill produce. It. will be watch
L’tilh al: nine ocloek in the morning, i <''■ ;i gveat deal of intcrttKt.
Rev. F- D. Beck, pastor of the church, .McDaniel and Bacarisse control
jierformed the impressive double ring1 ,ll"sl "f Die acreage around the well
ceremony before a large circle of rela- "'■'■■ Woodie Craig of Corpus Chris
1:1 lives and friends of the happy u, Texas, holding heavy royally in
HU'l'le. terestes under 1000 acres, including
The bride, attired in a white suit Hie well site. Lease play several
and carry ing a white prayer book, m i h s away from the well is under
nominating the CM Good neighborr01 several mouths.
should be add relit to the Com-
mander of the Ttails Lee Coates
Post, American I.® and mailed by
Tuesday, April 13t \ committee
will judge the lettc received and
the Good Good tte^bor will be
.notified to appear a.; |„. presented
to the atMienee t lid fit „iKiu ot the
The 'singing eoiinner i ni,I)ears af
various tim s ItiroUghj the show
to sing such w II kahrtommeri'ials
US "All Purpose Hit" H "(.'hiquita
Variety is brought ii. ,h(, show
by the use of a Quia -.,ram in
wliieli Dv. 1- Q- H I'upeia,H]
gives silver dollars ttt t;„ ju ))u,
audience who answer^hi,questions
correctly and awards cantors p,
A reception was held at the home
of Mr. and .Mrs. Arnold Koop follow-
ing the ceremony. Tlie home was
tastefully decorated, and delicious
refreshments were enjoyed by all.
and wearing a corsage of orchids, was
given ill marriage by her brother,
Walter Baker of Edna.
Miss Boiiniij Baker of Victoria,
sister of (lie bride and Miss Grace
Millierger sif Inez, sister of the groom
served as tlie bride's attendants.
They were dressed in costumes of
pink -and ncqiia and carried (bou-
quets of spring flowers.
The mother of the bride wore a
dress of Mack with a corsage of pink
chrysanthemums, while the groom’s
"ay already.
The YVesthoff Well.
The wildcat, well on the Fred West-
holi Ranch is down below lOdt) feet
and casing lias been set. Perhaps by
tills time next week we shall he able
lo ghe a more deiinite report as to
whether it is a dry hole or an oil
producer. We are pulling for a pro-
*’■"' "nm docs noisl more practice
1111,1 pin.'"1' is urged |,i make a
'1,11 '"F" ' got i„ nil the prac-
",v ""A can between noU and t he
1SII‘ F"n .......Ii when we plaj our
I'l'Nl league game liere with ('Hero.
I he dull meeds amillier experieiie-
0,1 llil''l" ainfi anyone knowing [he
"'liereahouls of one is re,inested to
• H "i * ""''h with Carl Hensley,
business manager.
Mr. Mark Brigham
Died Last Friday
Many hearts, were made sad iasi
Friday, April 1, «hen word nunc
’■ Die Burns Hospital In Cuero
■ I Mr. Mark Brigliain of Goliad,
i.uuior well known and popular Emm
citizen, had passed away. While
his .death was n,m altogether uuex-
I" 1 io,i. none 111,' loss Hie passing of
Dtis good eili/.en was a shock to
loved ones and friends.
1 he tun,unI service was conduct,si
"I Die Goliad Melhodisl Church Sat-
u rdu y morning at Idlil o'clock, the
s|U'vire being eondueted by Rev. (J.
I Heeter; and the remains were
REA to Hold Educa-
tional Meetings.
Beginning April 2nd, there will he
a series of eilucaIiona] meetings held
in various eommiinilios served by Ihr
Jackson I'.ieei rie < ’oojiorat ive. The
purpose of these meetings is to enable
........embers lo gel log,'ll,ei; and dis-
iii-s miilunl problems llml inive arisen
tally arise, and to become better
aeipiainleij willi the operation of their
They have arranged for several
leeimieolor, edueimtional sound tilrns
r„. „ , , "Frozen Foods,’’ a film on how to pre-
Cuajlc No. I Fizzles. pare, package, freeze,- and cook frozen
niother was dressed in Navy blue and ! Tl"‘ Fii.vle No. 1 well on the Navi- r",,lls' Figrcdienls X," a dim On
Wore a white corsage. j dad River a short distance above l'. "' '" hhd "TIte Duwn of
Tlie groom was atlonded by his l,H: l,tIUta' "" Highway 12 is report- S . 01 ,,V1,IS'" ,11 <i,m 0,1 adequate
broth, r. Charlio Milberger of Vic ''d l',u8Ked and given up as a badP” • ‘ J‘U1‘ x>- llics"’ lil,“s is worth
toria. actor. This well was one of those !?It’°“1S’ ",ul “ is 1**>««H'I«> lo seo all
Following tlie ceremony a wedding! ............ lls' 11 "'as first re- 111 .......veil ing.
lireakfnsl was held in tim Kuucger 1,oried Fiat a good oil sand tiad lieen ( "P "......... wl11 *"'KI" Pronqilly
dining room. | ‘""lid and prosjK'ds for a real i “. : 0 " "" ill the
Officers Elected.
i unimg ruoin. | “ “**v* i,ii,'W is ior a real pro-1 • ‘ ......
H,e Edna United Council of Church I After a wedding trip to is in 1,1",'or 'vere good. However, the pro-! I'1''''. I"'1!'"'" :
0111011 ,m‘* at Die Methodist Church' East 'Texas the newly weds will he1 ulo,'-'rs decided lo go on down for i A|’" T"‘ ’
those who are not fortuniUlloug[l
to give tlie correct answe.
Another big scene is tb ■Crul|1
or-Consequences” sketjdk----• • *
Tlie history of tlie nattoi^ ^
portrayed in song anil taWefr.j,
til ,ih» scene, which is pattetw,
tile "Treasury Star Parade
Negro Minstrel.
eostumed clioruse- ^
airing liigli school girls aa thi^
Rocket tes and the Fart Carroty
add color and glamour to this^j The marriage of Mrs. Julia Mar-
show. |lar and Amos Schubert was solemniz-
A Baby Contest will lie Pei till'd Sunday afternoon in the home of
conjunction with the show, Ifecq,.. uml Mrs. p. R,Unsey of La
graphs of all contestants to. 06 i'i\Vari]. Rev. \V. 0. Chavers officiated
played in Fie Gift "nil \aney the single ring ceremony.
wi>' w- 1 The bride wore a Navy blue dress
There is no charge to en IK hiWitfi black accessories. Her corsage
free gifts are given to a A**St of blush pink gladiolus,
anls, ii,,'hiding a beaut u p >( ^rs. Florence Townsend was nia-
grapli&from the McDowe WN of honor, and Orville Ramsey
The contest is for children „„s|
six ami it is hoped as many V Schulicrt, formerly of Eunice,
slide can enter as routes an 8 '■sj, a VPry efficient heautician.
presented from the stage 0 _ i 'F Selmlierf is connected willi
.■'I”""....... riZbv.............*
''0111011 ‘"V “l lI»- -uemoaist t'liurm East Texas the newly weds will be|U,""',s "‘‘‘'luHl lo go ou down for,
Monday afternoon, April 5th, for the at home in Victoria, where both are,' Fn’ther information. Trouble soon' . .. ,'J> Ml1'"11 Nilll""i'1 11,1,1
puriHise, of electing new officers. The employed. develop.-:I when a well was attempt jA|in ',lll:
Among the out-of-town guests al-|td m Fie good sand. At one time it1 \ m E'.1'"'1 ,,nl|sc
lending the wedding were Mrs. (’. E. '111110 lll;lk"1g better than 75 bar- " ‘
Chase, Mrs. Walter Bart ridge. YV. A. j rols l"'r <I,1J'. bul il didnt’ last a
Clia.se and Truetl Bartridge of Edna, I w,1"le 'la-v- Mueli lime, work ami
Mrs. A. F. Hallos, San Antonio, and lnoll'‘V jl:lv'' been S|«'nt trying to
Mrs. It. 11. Wright of Austin. j make it come in again, hut all ef-
0—.....—-a-g ■ [lorls tailed, and we are. informed
F'is A. M. that Die well lias been
plugged—-abandoned. We are not
A negro minstrel w ill bo given at ! 'V.1'1* 11‘s lo wllul- Die lease own-
fire La-Ward Seiiod--audihirinm Fri--j' *-1. " ' do ,le3ll> bub Fie land owners
day night, April «Hh. This is spoil ',"' . "o| l;ilvo "'"‘t long as the
sored by the l.aWard B. T. A., Imt C°V,lln.s 1,1 Ma-V' "nr hot is
is given by the pupils of I.uWard i , 1 tlU'y wil1 slarl .......... well out
colored school. Tliese pupils liave! ' ° l,l,,l>re many moons,
been well trained by Clara Snider, j Surface Casing Set in Sample
their teacher, and hope to give you I YY'ell.
two hours of good entertainment. I
The I'. T. A. will sell coffee, pics and ' <,nll'“rs ol Die S. G. Sample
cold drinks starting at 7 o'clock. ' ’’ S l”,11 ll,NlalH'e south of the
Tlie minstrel will start al S ;()(> S,,ll°o1 holls", set surface
o'clock. : 'Sl',"nlay, allli are now busy
----------------0------' ' V1:1 Tlll's •''«! is being wateiied
W. S. C. S. Meeting. """ iu,m'sL
following were elected
l’resident ;
Mrs. F. S. Simons, Jr.
1st \'ic,'-President :
Mrs. J. M. Gillespie '
3d Vice-President:
Mrs. IL L. Melton
Secretary-Treasurer :
Mrs. Lewis Watson
Corresponding Secretary: .
Mrs. YV. M. Jones
Historian V' ‘
Mrs. It. YV. YVells
Aimouncc'ment will be made at a
later date of the time and place of
the May fellowship program.
ners are announced and the Bt®?
and Queen crowned.
The only requirements necessary
to enter are as follows: A quart jar
he covered with crepe paper or cloth
and a snapshot attached to the front.
\ slit large enough-for a silver dol-
lar should he made in the lid and the
name of child, together with 1st and
• >nd choices of store where it is de-
sired Dio jar lie placed, be posted on
bottom of jar.
The jar and a ’urge photograph
should lie brough to the Gift Mid Va-
riety Shop, the photo to tie display-
ed in the contest window there.
Y'otcs are one cent each and stand-
ings will he posted daily on the win-
Anti-Meters Win.
In the eity election at Yoakum.
Tuesday, the anti-meter ticket won
out Tlie winning ticket candidates
pledged, if elected, to remove all
parking meters in Yoakum.
......:. /
^diately following the wedding,
Atiun was held ill the Ramsey
Yirs. Ramsey was assisted in
hjJ*by Misses Louise Duffy and
fUj^itieli, and Mrs. Geraldine Fin-
Tho E. ,S. Yoas lanation.
The Woman's, Society of Christian! Wo have been unahie lo got mud,
:l""'rh tor llj" "‘formation on tlie well on the Ernest
ioas Bta'-’L’ in the him,! K,'I,lucky
school section. Proha lily next week
"e can make a good report; on this
Soil Building Work.
^Ued Meeting.
the )H. a called meeting of
Legion Auxiliary on
at VAhf, April Nth, at 7:30
tke City Auditorium for
Wg IC* of ejecting delegates to
toria j Strict Convention at Vic-
April 17, and Sun-
as “S!1-the place of meeting,
has Bfc X 9ieWhere in this issue,
Service met al
regular liusiness iiieetiiig April 2nd,
wit ii I wanly in: lidiers present.
The "Whole (Trillion is Our
Lord's" was (lie llieine of the spirit-
ual program, led h.v Mrs. R. T. Robin-
Mrs. Cecil NI.iI't in. president, conduct
ed the business session.
Delfciiuis I'cfrcslimeiij s were served
by tin: hostesses, Mrs. Fa ires and Mrs.
Young. »
Beil Woodall of Swicny, son of
Mr. 'and YIj's. I. YVoodail of Edna,
who has 11,o'li in Hie employ of the Old
Ocean ((il Company for many years,
will leave ^this week end for Okla-
homa < 'ity to at I, ml an (Hd < )cean
T’etroleimi seliool. Jieiiig 'selected as
on, of those to take this special
course is quite a ,'oinplimeul, and
we extend congratulations to .Ben a j)rp|(v fair crop"
Cofigratulations to Mr. and Mr«. Down at the \\. ’J’. Mills farm we
Roy Fenner of College Station upon 811 w s,,,n'! extra good tlux and clover.
....... ...... Air ATillo .
Brairic ('cnlcr .School
April Dili :
1 '.'I I'.'l IIc;i 1111,| School
April 121 h :
Navi,la,I School
April 1 I[}i :
Cent,l.niie School
April Piili :
Vnn VI,'<■], School
April itch : ™ ......"
Cor,I,jo School
April 21 Hi : I
Olivia School
A],ril 25rd :
i vo, il a School
April 2i;m :
l.aWa r,I Sc],out
April 2MIi:
Wliilc Hall School
April :;()! h : :
' nado 11 i c p School Gym.
J''very,me is conii.illy invited to al-
I' nd l lie c m, ci mgs, and if yon a re
a member of tin- Cooperative,
'"in not afford to miss Ilium.
old homo town. Blanco, al 3:30 that
a ftCrnoon,
Ala" us Warren Brigham was horn
■u Blanco, Texas, i icloher I I, Ls71,
mnl was rear,',| and married in that
il>- He was unind in marriage
" 'Fns .Maude Alice Wright N'ovem-
l,or "• |s)"r ■" B.K)2 Mr. and Mrs.
Ill'lhri""" mo\ cl to Wi.Jianison Couil-
L-v "i"'"1 I hey resided mil.I Sepl.m-
i"'1' F'1" "'hen I hey eauie lo Edna.
Ylr. .Marl, and .Mr. Carrneo Brigham
"el'o engaged in farming on a large
K,'al'' 'taring their residence lime.
1'lr' '""I M,s' Brigliain moved to
F"ta"l III 1050 Wliere they havo
sinee residixl.
All. Brigliain hud been a member
of tile Methodist Church since boy-
■"""■• ;llul "I Die time of Ills dtath
lie was a member of the official board
Die Goliad Methodist Ghurch.
throughout life's journey he lived
ami pracliced his religion. He was
known wherever he resided as a
"H" of high principles; a man who
unjoy,.,i ih,. fellowship of his neigli-
ta'rs and friends, and a man who was
liscl it I to his community.
' In addition I,, his widow, he is
survived^ by seven children—Mrs* E.
A. Berrin of Cameron, Mrs O j
Fenner, Mrs. Rolaf Watson, Mrs'
Harry Madrllz, Mrs. YV. YV. Traylor
and Mr. YViilJe Mark Brigham of
Edna, and Mr. Clarence Brigham of
Goliad. He is also survived by fif-
Feu grandchildren and live great-
grumlchi.dren; four sisters ami one
brolher, Mr. I*. T. Brigham and Mrs.
Mildred Compared of Blanco, Mrs
Wiley Burris of Valley View, Mrs.
Buiii YVUeman of Edna, and Mrs. T.
C. Buhner of Corpus ChrisD.
Tho Herald joins the other friends
ol the family in extending sympathy
in tiK'ir hour of sorrow.
The Rotary Wheel.
B.V I. T. ’I’A Y BOR
Billilicily Chairman
°"r al tendance fell d,nvil at our
"""ling on April 7th. Wo had two
vim tors from ll,,- Victoria Huh and
in,-llih"rs pres, nl
Juitar,‘ F. ,;. Fampi,, had Hi,.
k1 *'1'1 r"r I'"' day. Judge is the
oounl y Inin nee chairman for selling
govern,inml bonds, ll,. had attended
* M,|ta ""'"ling In Houston tlie past
"H'1’ Fa" was called by Nathan
Auaui.s, I lie .sinto dlrootor.
•/ UiikL-. Lliuu^hE -j Jio vvtiy fo
‘(gilt ‘-'"la• Ion uas.lo invest all our
"‘"■tans money, i„ govern.,,, nl bonds.
1,11 1,1 Fie surplus money Is j,,.
in leal eslale and outlie, this
wiiJ iimko such
dwma i" I. Hence, inlluii,,,,
iiiotJiMoh in grout
Mr. Lee Crenshaw.
Air. and .Mrs. A. D. Gayle received
a message yesterday morning that Mr.
Fee Grenshaw, a former well known
Edna re-ill, nl, and a hr,,!tier of Mrs.
Gayle, had passed away al. Ei Campo
Tiie writer liml a pleasant ride out I " proimeied illness,
sou tii of Edna last week end with ! 1 ,H‘ 11, * i*;t i, I joins the other friends
John .Stovall, couhty farm agent, and I 1,10 Fimily in extending sympathy
Glenn Anderson, secretary-treasurer Fn'lr lime of bereavement,
of the Jackson County A. C. A.. They
were looking over some of tlie soil
building work going ,„/ at different
Birins ip that section. We stopped ,
hrst. at the YViii. YViede place where' . K M,‘1" M,|rket. comic,•(,■,]
we saw some inigidy fin,- fields of ,Im' i",i'l|l;lr Gayle F»y,| Market,
YVliite Dutch clover, wheat and otlier j V'*.S 11,1 1,1 lllls issl"' * he Herald
lypcs .of elovcr. II seems the late , ,l,(' Fl'.vh- Food Market-
freeze damaged the' wheat a great ' 11,1,1 •Mr l:lll,'r »">’* Diis will he|^“ . J'n,lay mK>it, Oth at 8:00
I.o. x.- »•(-.. .......... 'I* regular weekly - prneliee. He ta-!, 'L, “ Ml" Funado High School
A New Advertiser.
l|i'1 '"'I s,‘e a recession anv
":,y, ,NO°"' 110 ' *ale" llml. prices had
, ' ri <’«, tie prices
1 1 a Fui.1.1,., |,„i have gone
■B ’•'«"» as high as ever.
Hi, staled Hie government owes 215
you,, . "I*1 1,losl '* w"H horrow-
> ‘ 1,1 (11 (r 111 g We war. There ]„ not
un'i'i!' "“T", 'Italar to
W'“ Fns government, ohliga-
1F" government- is not
aa'';Fag nil its obligations on its debts
" 'y ,l"" there must
moie money borrowed by tlie gov-
wrjunuiil;. B
T,":ro :viH a ■*■« bond drive put
"I the next month. Judge asked
;'7,y,,,,° lo 1 "■■ «P Fietr sleeves and
11 1,111 ,lls ,lnv'’ over in this eoun-
Ul‘ vvi11 FM-eive the quota soon.
Everyone enjoyed tlie judge’s talk
1,0 111 ways makes a good
'a"- and Dus was m, exception.
Ganado P. T. A.
Home to the Ganado B. T. A. pro-
cltul, but Mr. \V iedt1 will still bur vest
th'e g£S
due to a death in
,!Jtes has arrived to
and Mrs. Billie
tlie arrival of Katherine last Friday.
Grandmother, Mrs. I.. F. D’firien, is
in College Station this, week getting
acquainted willi Die young lady.
Mr. and ALs. Bill Haley anil daugh-
ter. Miss LaNell, and Mri and Mrs. J.
0. Grady and daughter, Joy, of Hous-
ton were the week end guests of
Mr. and Airs. Tbad Rosie and Air.
and Airs. Cullen B. Y’ance.
Air. Mills thought the late freeze in-
jured his flax somewhat, but he
still has a wonderful crop on about
acres of ground.
■Soil .building in Jackson County is
perhaps at its heighest point and re-
sults are iiattering. This means as1
Vitos tlie public to cull ill and inspect’ K°"'1 BESKfttt of
i i.. ... * iiinnt !,. ..u„. ! . i
•Mrs. Travis Traylor, who lias been
in a Y’ietoria hospital since she was
in an automobile - wreck some few
weeks ago, returned home this week,
and we are happy to learn that she
is now well on the road to recovery.
uivuun an »» r„ . »• ---- —^ ■
the experiments continue and results' . ' irayl°r was more seriously In
are known we shall see a great quan-
tity of this needed work being done
in our county.
jured Dian was at first thought.
; Monroe Traylor went to Houston
Sunday ^for a physical chec-np.
meat, is promised, so be present and
enjoy what the teachers and children
lane to offer. Admission is 50
ienfs for adults and 25 cents for
/ -
............... ft*
Norman E. Scaff of Re,d River
County ds Jackson County’s new AOA
secretary-treasurer, succeeding Glenn
Anderson, who takes up his new duties
with the Victoria National Farm Loan
Association on the loth instant. YVe
extend a cordial welcome to Mr.
Scad to our county.
- - ,.J. 4,

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