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Vpl'. No. 28, No. 37
% . ......fi \
* Edfta, Jackson C'oujil^yTexas, Thursday, Koveber 2lst, 1935
H. K. Staples, Editor and Proprietor
* The Lariat. *
}f. .y. >{. y. .y, y y y y y y y
Pep Rally Tonight.
A pep rally fur the Cuero.game will
l«‘ held ill lje. ntndj hall of the^tiigli
school building gt 7 :30 'tonight-jaWe
are expecting plenty pi. pep affn - Ave
want you tliere to help us out. We
all. want a ipee fat gobbler for Tliunk,s
giving. Remember, 7:30 sharp, and
lots of poi>!
Kdna Loyalty.
'■Throughout tile years Kdna lias been
■fitpious for its loyalty to her schools
.Sot only the students and ex-students
;yt- Unbilled with this spirit of- loyalty
•hut the .townspeople as well,
v,.' This marvelous spirit eauie sinking
ly to the front- during the past .week
w hen the Edmiitea were 'agHiii called
upon to lend their financial support to
a cause which affected the high school.
'Their response to the ticket sale for
tlie benefit game Was whole hearted
and generous, and will ever be re-
membered and appreciated by those
whom ft wtll aid as well ns the entire
' student body.
My Treasure.
Yovs-ask me, "What is earth’s
Most prieeesa gift;
What must one give his best
For, to receive,
In bounteous return,
- The recompense
'Which, more than any other
Makes mini blest''
i count my treasures. 1
Ain rich in each.
Rut should Fate tell me,
Fau st have hut one
For what it gives, for what
It helps me be,
One gift is ever rarest
Then, a friend.
It It. Keller.
Thanksgiving Service.
It has been the custom of the com-
munity of, Kduri for llutiiy ’ years to
have a union Thanksgiving SefflCC,
eotidijeted ,hy the riiliiMdri of the eom-
iimhltyl As the years have gone by
this service bus grown dear to many
peope who represent the various de-
nominations. If there were nothing
else to lie thankful for, we should and
we-are thankful for the fine spirit of
Christian fellowship w hi eh exists
Uniting t lie people representing the
various branches of Christs Church.
Rut we do have more. .Uj. tie thankful
HIT. and there are those wno will find
a great joy in uniting together this
Benefit Football Game. Football Notes.
Fdna-Viitoria Benefit (lame Huge Suc-
—cess- -Receipt* Good Despite
Bad Weather.
Life is a plate of .service, add in
Unit service one may suiter much, hut
more often experience a great deal of
Joy.. That joy can he real only if pco
ph# have a definite object in life aside
fltim' themselves .and their personae being- definitely cstalillaheil. -When the
season, in the offering of our gratitude
unto God for the many blessings which
lie has given to us all.
Tile service tills year will be held in
tlie Presbyterian Church on Wednes-
day evening, NTf>v. 27th, at. 7:30 o'clock.
Rev. .1. II. Fsles.„U«f 'new pastor of
Hie MefTtbiTRtXliiireh, will bring the
Thiinksgiyluff Message, and I lev I.. K.
Barrett. 1 factor of the .Baptisttliureh.
will offer the prayer of Thanksgiving.
II is our ho]s‘ and prayer that this
service shiill'lte a very iirofltable sen
ice for every ofie. Will yotTJoin with
us in W, and tiring some tvne witlt you >
. pF (i...
Good Roads Notes.
L, J. Julies, federal supervisor and
Fred Pate, time keeper, jtre here to
start work on the WPA project in com-
missioner's precinct No, 3, from the
store .at Bean view to the Victoria
County line. This stretch of road
will be graveled and work will start on
It lilt soon iis they can get the' trucks
"itrid men. ,. The Herald understands
that there is a good chance for Com
mijtsiouer Kgg's other graveling pro-
jects to he approved, liis two other
projects are for a graveled road from
Keimview to Vanderbilt, and from
Vanderbilt to El Toro. Once the work
is started on the Bennview^eud it is
expected to continue until it completes
tlie loop to El Toro.
'tlie main WPA projcigs ill Precinct
No. 1. is for fencing, -clearing, etc on
Highway No. Ill frum'iJWua to. the
Isivaca County iiue.^'TlUs prqjwt Is
Itrobahiy being held up on accbuat jof
the right-of-way of this highway not
Beal Friends.
Si X
In our hour of sadness many beauti-
ful acts of kindness and many tender
messages have come to us from our
messages. Of sympathy have TOlue to bs
froiu our neighboring towns. It has
Is en a dark time Jndeetl, for, is, but
oriiiiiuj tiles, evidetidfs of lie a yd
understanding dial have come to us
have licl|s'd us to meet each day more
bravely. «
.Tin- members of the student -body- of
the Reeville higli school hate brighten
ed many weary hours for the? injured•
girls who are in their midst ‘ Tlie
Vit sens of the town have gjvcii courtesy
ami thought fulness; they Imvc opened
their homes tq those of us who have
been with our loved ones; they have
brought lionets and gifts so^that the
rooms Were. changed into bowers of
beauty; they have, -through their
words of cheer, help-,1 mrt<*.'Carry on.-'
rite student body,,, the faculty, and
tin- good people of • Vibtori® have in-
deed seen friends. They have left
nothing undone that' might help' its.
to carry on.’
-T-he--s4udent -imdyc til- fa col It-.-- ami
The uihtnal ’Cowboy-Stlngare’e foot-
ball ‘game,Scheduled to, be played in
Edna this year hut transferred to Vic-
toria in " order that a greater sum
might he realized from the game, prov-
ed to be a great success from every
standpoint The primary purpose of
this game was to raise money to as-
sist in paying_the.-.hospifal_expenses
.State Highway Commission definitely
ckabltahes tid* route and makes the
preliminary survey the WPA project
will likely be approved. 1 listrlet En-
gineer I lodges was -Here from Yoakum
lust week lit connection with this pro-
jeet. The route lias been tentatively
established from Edna to Morales, but
tin- right-of-way deeds have not
yet l»mi secured, t urnip* er Hall
is anxious for the ili^^py ommis-
sioivto get busy on tldg*project.
° Tlie W PA applications of Commission-
ers Ross and Peters are about ready
for action and it seems that there will
lie lots of highway work done in Jack
spit County this winter. :
At .present there are two highway
jobs under way . Resident Engineer
House and his ereiv are working on
Highway ..Vo. 172 from Canado south
which will' soon tie paved. There Is a
crew at work on the Navidud River
bridge mi .Highway No. 111. Actual
bridge work has not lieeu started yet.
Imt it soon will is*. The clearing work
has about been completed
V, J ^ —
isnpie here at home imijV. dies yQUr telephone calls,
i our people always respond J » **
I In- gisid |gtoid.e of Victoria have indeed,
lasui friehds. They have left nothing
undone that might help us. Beautiful | | r- " f** i rv ■
flowers, tender words of comfort, |"| £ \J I lv L
thoughtful; helpful acts an if., re a if un-
derstanding sympathy have meant <s
more tons than we can express. And |“N I W I | n
when Victoria’s girls, arm-in arm w ith U L C y I V/ U K
the Cowgirls,* marched to Victoria's!
grandstand Friday night, with htyshedL-
voices and’ understanding hearts, a>iew^l C f A I I Q
feeling of fellowship and _geod, will p ’I t V. M L L y
was engendered between tlie twof - ,, „
Our own
spnnded as our [s-oplc always respotb
Not one thing Uiaj might ha.ve-.hee.Kif L
ilbne bjrthenrhas tk>en neglected. They Hfg Bell System organ iza*
have shown their real nobility of i j . mi"*
'Character in all .of their , loving* a° the best possible
•’SSrSrS*......... 'he people to whom'
have come those messages of •'Ifnipa*
Illy ::
AV'e wish to express otlr sympathy in 1 _ i ,i;
yohf recent Tragedy. - W'P trie: Voice-paths
The Kenedy p.-p s,p,ad Aperts of American Tele-
-Oar1 heartfelt sympathy goes out tol * “ , , .
you dn your, sorrow. , |pany, parent company of
The HI Cantpo Pep-Squad.- • ~methocls for Kef to uS
Liberty Brown, Uuder. I tl uub Ior ner IO use*
The faculty ami student body ofl*1^ Laboratories seek new
our school join the pep squad in "ex-L f-
tending deepest sympathy and regretf lllltiu'i‘P>.
for the death of ~one of your meniherw
ami the serious 'injury to your idherfops of Western. Electric,
members. X' 1 . ,
The Yorktown Pep Squad.:- System, are busy making
Ihc ecjpipment «h.
We w ish.that we could lie.of some serv around tlie block, aCTOSS
ee and help to yog. , - I . ■ :■%
Tile MemlHU-s of Cuero pep Squad, BtlOn,
Toody Shultz,
of our injured pep squad girls who met
with an automobile accident while en-
route to this Beeville-Edna game, Fri-
day, November 8th.' We had 'hoped to
raise a th«usn|fd_.doIlars through play-
ing' tlie benefit game. However, just
prior to,the game a severe cold spell
cume dow'tP'from tilt* north on this sec-
tion and a result few Tickets, were
sold at the gate on Ftiilay night. How-
ever Hie." ytdvunce sale of tickets, in-
cluding donations, w-as very good. *-
'Ten tickets were left at the little
town of Kerlrair where the accident
occurred. The girls of that school
sold I lie tickets over and oyer. We
mention this case in particular be-
cause tliese children worked as hard
as any one to make Hit- sale a success.
•Our own school patrons, • eltisseBf,
business'men mid fl iends are to be es-
peijull-y commended for the fine spirit
of cooperation shown in this campaign.
Many of them gave their time in ad-
vertising tlie game, selling tickets, and
by offering 'helpful advice. KW, above
everything, they gave freely of their
means, one can travel far "and wide
and he will not find another communi-
ty like ours. We who work in it, are
glad to call Edna our home and Edna
[icople our people and friends. I, as
a spokesmen of the schools and of the
families concerned in the accident, wish
to thank anil offer commendation to
those who made the benefit game a
We also feel a great debt of grati-
tude toward our good fffebd-s in Vic-
toria who so gladly assisted in making
the game a success To Superintend
eiit, Iforter Garner, principal O. C.
Stroman, Coach Clyde White, .Miss
Cliiru Pringle, sponsor of the Victoria
pel' Smid, and lo that noble group* of
Victoria pep' squal girls who did such
a fine piece of work in haiidlihg the
advance sale of tickets in victoria, we
wish to express our heartfelt grati-
tude. We would not forget to extend
to the Victoria Athletic Association
our thanks for donating the use of the
lighted field nor would be forget to
thank all citizens whtf brought tickets
for this game. • *• - ■•*• -.......■
We are indebted to our friends in
(lanaUo anil Bceville for their assist*
a nee in tlie sale o( tickets. In fact,
all of our neighbors have been very
cooperative in this enterprise and
tlii-is many kindnesses MHJ lie long
remembered by us.
A hasty count of funds collected
from the benefit game shows approxi-
mately fills). ^ As yet we have not re
ed veil (lie money for lekets sold by the
School officials of Beeviile. We are
in hnpka the total will aggregate $70d.
A resume of receipts is given below :
Tickets sold In Houston Pipe
Line offices........... 18.50
Tickets and donations in Edna 437.25
Tickets sold in Victoria ..... 228.23
Tickets and donations in lice
vllle ................. * . 15.20
■ jTiekets sold« liy^B«‘relalr '^su*» 14.20
.. ixiikets . and ..dtniat.luua- in Ga.na-,-_i
• -I ; do...............f.
i ' X__
,;l TVita! - . . .....$723.88
(Fees to officials and printing
I- done in Victoria......... 33.75
Cuero Game Transferred to Edna to
Help Benefit Fund.
1 For lie second time in as many
years, the- annual Cowboy-Gobbler lilt j
nas beeq transferred to the local field. I
in this luslahee we were able to
negotiate with Cuero oflieials aud J
change tlie scene of the game , since
(lay games do not draw well in Cuero
and because theJbjiuelitTuud for our in
jujicd pep■■■■wqufid igirls may he ma-
tei'ialn 'ttici'eased from the proceeds if
the game is played here; AVe appre-
ciate the cooperationRof Cuero people
in making it possible to play tne game
on Harrison Field. We are eoufidt-nt
Unit g good crowd will be on hand for
the,game if tjie weather continues to
be favorable." Tickets went ou sate lor
Aids game Tuesday and advanced- sates
indicate tiiat the receipts will again he
good for our second benefit game. Ad-
mission will by.- 50c for adults and 25c
for school.children. Pep squad girls
will he admitted for 15c.
Cowboy Team Much Improved.
Those vvlio saw the--latest. Cowboy
.CLUnbiiitt-tioiiL assembled by Coaches
Pearce and Eimmermuu in action Fri-
-duy night are praising the team as the
best in the district. In licking Vlc-
iona under the lights last Friday1
night, the Cosyhoys showed a power-
house offense that was beautiful to be-
hold. So well did the power plays
work that the Cowboys found it tm<
necessary to pass aud; were called oh
to punt ouly ouce during the entire
gaiue. We believe the team showed
better blocking and |aekiing than we
liavg ever seentby a Class li high school
team. The defense was as potent- as
the offense. The Stiugarees were un
ahle to muster but a -single lit'st down,
gaining two through penalties. Fans,
tiffs is the type of team you will see iu j
action against our traditional foes, the
Cuero Gobblers, tomorrpvv.
> / . . . ,
Freezing Weather!
Weans nothing under one of
these warm soft
Large Size Douhle Blankets. Rose, Gold, Blue,
Green and Orchid. On Sale Friday and Saturday
far only
Just Received-
-New Silk Dresses at
, $7.90.
$4.95 and
• " % _ .
<toccc<x>ccocx;Come In Take A Lookpsst^i^.^ccocc:
Culberson & Woodall
Agui'n, we ’wish tb thank tlvc ladies
if the P. T, A., The American legion
Auxiliary, the Eastern 'Star, business
men, and students fop the very imr
[lortant part you played iu making
I the game a success. We Rave never
j serti a finer spirit of loyalty arid iifflp
fulnt*ss than than manifest by every-
one at you. • -
BASOOM.IL j^vves, Supt.
Early Next Week.
r""- -V|„. *
ffext Thursday is Thanksgiving, and
tlie Herald force, would like t,u take
the day off witli the' luiliinee of the
folks. Hence, we will, try to issue a
day earlier than usual—print arid
mail tlie paper on W -d'lesday instead
of Thursday. To io this it will be
necessary that, we receive .all articles
for publication early, also change of
copy f.y all ads. We feel that many
articles can be sent to us Friday ,,-yid
I Saturday just as well as they cafi-Be
I sent in on Tuesday and Wednesday,
and it Is such artleles that we would
like to have early. ,:AH church nn-
nouneeinattts, ete., could in* handed in
Morula’y morning. If all of our .friends
will help us we feel that wo ean issue
day early Without having to omit
tny actielea. Tlinuksgiving is among
he few holidays that the Herald ob-
erves, and We feel like the force is en-
itled tit the day' off.
John laiugiUt-ri Lost Tor Cuero Game.'
Hie Cowboys will play - the Cuero
gnftie without the services of their star
lulltiaek, John Imughter. John hurl
liis neck in the Victoria game Friday
night. Earlier iu tlie season the neck
was injured a ml the hard-driving buck
geinjuretl it While carrying the ball on
a line buck. John may hang up his
ittqfeskins for the rest of the season and
begin working out for basketbaff.iu or-
der to ulluw the injury to properly
ileal. W\ hale to luse his .services in
thceremainiug games" but yve want hfm
te protect his health above everything,
else. He has one more season to wear
the Blue and White.
From the workouts this week it is
likely that Tompkins and Farias will
be groomed to fill tbe fullback posi-
tion. The, probable starting iiue-up is
given below.;
Ends—-Hugger and Schiewitz
TueklesW-Holstein arid Hutchens.
Guards—Ilobsou and Reynolds
Center—Iloioway or Noyvilii
Quurter—Wells ____-
Halves—Wofford and Hodds '
Fullback lompkius op Farias.
Fowboys to l'l^iy Beeviile Nov.
ya to -Play
NegotiiStioh^y have ’ been completed,
for the playing of the postponed game’
with the Beeviile High Trojans. The
Cowboys will journey to Reeville to
battle the mighty Trojans under the
arcs on Wednesday night* before
originally forfeited, to Beeviile on Nov.
8th has been rescheduled for the above
dat£. It Is hoped that as n^iny fans
as possible will make the trip to Bee-
viile next week for the Cowboys* last
game of the 1935 season.
District (Standing.
-Edna, i-.,—____„L..__^
Beeviijte ____N..___....
Cuefo _____:...... -.......
VictdHn X:_______.....
- -* '■ / : *
10 Per Cent Discount on all Suits —Regular Prices $14.95 up
Men’s Leather Coats^Swede and Pig Skin, all sizes
$5.95 up
Men’s Dress Pants, neVlissortment *
-Men’s Dress Hats, all colors and sizes
$1.49 up
Boys’ All Wool Dress Pants, new assortment
“Th« Store for Men and Boys”
gWa-v. .. , ,, ^
New 1935
Games Thiis
AH of tlie teams iu District 38 com-
plete their schedules thisweek except
Edna aud Beeviile who meet iu Bee-
vtlle' on November 27th.
Kenedy at Yorktown, Friday.
Victoria at Beeviile, Thursday night.
Cuerp at Edna, Friday. ^
Stallings-Schier. .
Wednesday morriing, November 20,
at 8 AlOTtTWrSl the home of the bride
in Scaly, Altu ilfoward Stallings of Ed-
nri and Miss Jobnottn Schier of Seal.v
were united ,in'wHIrriage. •.-'■r;..........
Immediately after the ceremoney the
hiippy young couple left for, Flint;
Mich., to spend- their honeymoon.
The bride is a popular and charm-
ing young lady of Scaly, while the;
groom is one of Edna's highly esteem-
ed. young business men. He has been
niaipiger of the Wells Chevrolet Co. in
Edna for several years. He in the pfiri
est son of Mrs.iV. B. Stalfings of this
city. He i« a native ,ni the state of
Joyce Shaw
Helen Herring-
Lillie:' IL Young.
group of specialized or-
l her...and hasudone its
Marriage Licenses.
Senior Comings and Goings.
Miss Edna Earl Byars, who has | The following
been in a Beeviile hospital for the past have been issued
ten (lays, returned to her home in'Ed-
na Tuesday of this week We are inJ
.-deed glad to have ho- back aud riln-"
eerely ’’hope that it will nikt bdwreQr
long before she will again be in sefiorii.
Miss rAtelMtt’TStWrt^'Tqlent the week
,(Concluded off msr page.)
Maurice K. Sima,ns, Jr., who waj,1 Tennessee, but has been,a resident of
operated on for appendicitis at a i F’*1111 since early childhood.'
Houston hospital Tuesday _ night of! To this popular young couple the
Inst week, Is how well on the road to Herald extends congratulations and
recovery, we are glad to be able to re- al* itebd wishes. w
I port_________1' * -—‘-n--—“— ’ ~
marrlage licenses
by County Clerk P.
K. Miller’s office since our last report':’
Roman Vyrinl and Annie Kazmir
Virgil Lee .Tones and Leona Williams
Cf^NKeto a_nd Maggie Kiamar.
D, A. .Tames of the^Bennview see*
, Mike Tliellman »nd 0. E. Calow of
Brunson" Ball Miller, youngest son tin- Gliifhdo seetiod were transacting
of Mr. and Mrs P. K. Miller, underwent business ,in Edna Friday and whip'
an oj>eration at Houston Saturday for here they called in at this office to ad-
appendicitis. We art' glad to ho able vanoe their Herald dates,
to report liis conflition^entirely satis- •
factory. iIrs- Gerjes Returned Batunpiy
f»«m San Antpnio where she visited.
T. M. Green ~ot the Vnnderblt sec- with lier daughters, kisses Lydia and
tlon was trading with Edna merchants tlon was nn Edna linsiness visitor Sat- Alma, who are attending a
Saturday.'urday. 7 college in that city.
v . ' •> r . i ' ■ ' ’ '' X . ■ ■
• 22- —' Urn _________■- <Sl - V
(Operates on Natural Gas or Kerosene)
Now on Display
They are dandies^-come in and
see them!
m i
■te j
Maytag Washing
Great Labor Savers!
A *■ S
: I

r 1
w. H
h1 ’' *
1 8
; ;

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