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Vol. 47 —No. 19
Edna, Jackson County, Texas, Thursday, April 16, 1953
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$400,000 Expansion Program Seen
Courthouse Bids to Be
Opened Monday Morning
. ai__ D.,ninn«r. stiill nnnfinno in thn tho now KtrilPtllTP U'hilp t Ilf* rfi-
The last major step in the long I Business will continue in the the new structure while the re-
_______ q ,ipw court-! Dresent building until wings of mainder of the building is com-
pleted. Then the old building
will be razed.
program to obtain a new court- present building until wings of
house for Jackson County will | the new building are completed,
be taken at the old courthouse i The offices then will move into
in Edna Monday, when bids are
opened for the erection of the
new structure. The hid opening
is at 10:30 .a.m.
The taxpayers last Nov. 4 vot-
ed overwhelmingly to build a j
new courthouse to replace the j
'long outmoded present building j
in a $410,000 bond issue. Fund- j
ture and fixtures and architect’s j
fees are expected to take the
cost to around S50OJJ0D.
F. Perry Johnston and Associ-
ates of Houston are the archi- j
tects. The building is to be us j
modern a structure as can be
found in any of the large cities, j
with more than double the pres- j
pnt floor space. It will be a two- j
story affair and mostly of eon-,

The trustees of Industrial
Consolidated School District
of Jackson County have or-
dered a special election for
Saturday, May 2, to elect
one trustee for the office
for which two men—A. J.
(Gus) Kresta of Vanderbilt
and L. A. Barfield of Lolita
—tied at- the regular school
election April 4. Each man
received 144 votes.
The work will be awarded un-
der one contract, with contrac- ----------
tors throughout this section ex- ,
ported to submit bids. No Edna Committees Named
firm will undertake the job, n p Cancer Drive
has been learned. However, at 0/| .
least one Victoria contractor lias Starting- April Z4
indicated he will bid, Jaekson County's annual Can-,
cer Drive will be held this year
45 Initiated in
K. of C. Council
At Edna Meeting

Forty-five persons were given j
the first, second and third de-
grees of Knights of Colurpbus
at an all-day meeting at the Na-
tional Guard Armory in Edna
hast Sunday. Hugh Mitchell is
| the local grand knight. Between
i 500 and 600 attended.
Candidates and members, who
started off the day by attending
Holy Communion at St. Agnes
Church at a a.m., were from Ed-
na. Ganado, LaSalle, Vanderbilt, .
Victoria, Port Lavaca, Yoakum, :
Shiner, Y o r'k t o w n , Weimar,
| Schulenburg, Houston, El Campo
; and Wharton.
The'first degree was given in
1 the morning.
A breakfast was served at the
Armory and barbecues,' were held j
at noon and in the late evening.
: v..
■ -
Peace May
Bring Canal
“I don’t think there will be-
any question about Jackson
County and this area getting a
new channel up the Lavaca and
"TT j on Friday "and Saturday, April ! Dr. C. H. Hamblen
I la ir 8 AU/n : 24-25. Chairmen Dr. Charles Dug Honored by lOWn
VyU| I V »» * I ger and Callaway Vance hope
,llu- scratch^ to raise the $1,000 quota those Dr. C. II Hamblen, father of
CLEANING OFF, our sc‘‘f : two days. ! W. H. Hamblen of Edna, was
pad: A. J. Roden, former .< «•* i chajn or progressive coffees ! honored by the citizens of - Hoi
ite and now a resident ot urn: will staFt Monday, April 20, they land recently. He has been the
Baytown area, calling on 0Rl; sajf| Tbesc will bc held at Edna, only doctor in the central Texas
friends here last weekend . •; I oijta-Maurbro-LaWard and Van- town of 700 people for the past
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon D. Fulcrut | derbilt 1""
of Kansas City, Mo., down to1
MISS NANCY MATHIESON, queen of the Jackson County
Fair, will represent the local fair at the Kenedy Flax Festival
April 30-May 1-2.
The Sizzling Seven of In
duslrial High School sere
nailed the membership meet-
ing of the Jackson County
Chamber of Commerce last
week at the City Auditorium.
Johnny F Schaefer, son of
Mr and Mrs. Jack Schaefer
of Vanderbilt, is the leader
of the band
Sehaojcr plays the Saxa-
phone. Other members are
James Watson and Herman
Ge.ndkc, clarinets; Louis lin-
gers, trumpet; Dickie Koop,
trombone; Tommy llnlland.
base.- and Boyce Darnell,
The orchestra has been up
peuriug aj school functions.
J 30 years.
________ . , Committees named for the! Now 79 years of age, Dr. Ham ;
see that there are no squatters . drjve are as f0nows: ! bleu has been in the medical
on his tract of land at Francitas. j K(b,a \0rthsidc, Wayne Myers ! profession half a century, and j
He's a public relations counsel | and I)r Wrn jones; [has been a resident of Holland
Cattlemen contributing to; Edna Soutbside, Norton Wells! 40 years. He is still erect and
a fund being handled by Sheriff I and Floyd Schiewitz; active and has no plans to re-j
Lewis Watson for A. N. Pliva, j Cards and placards, Howard; tire.
the tenant who was responsible Wells Jr.; 1 Ur. Hamblen recently visited
tor the arrest of Chester Hines j Treasurer, Bob McClung; ! his- son and family here and has j
on a cattle theft case recently. -Publicity, Chester Evans; been a visitor here on many ■■
Money boxes, Gifford Hodges:1 other occasions.
Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt Men's j -o--
Hines, not officially senteced
yet, is in jail here awaiting a
two-year prison term . . . Rube
DeBord Jr. finding a traveling
case containing clothing that be-
longed to a daughter of R. w.
Denn . . . Wayne Myers and
Frank Simons
Pepper and doughnuts at the.
ffl<*ro«md Breaking
IB C. M. Hasdorff; April 19, Mrs. For NeW Ganado
Dorothy Boles; April 20 F'’ank Catholic School.
Simons; April 21 Mrs. Wilmot ,
The Herald
Club, George Faulks;
Ganado, T. J. Howell;
Lolita, W. J. Smith and T. W. |
, ; r.wloc Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Davis of
vayne Myers and | C ham coffees, I'-Ganado on the birth of a (laugh-1
serving coffee, Dr. | Hugger and Mrs. Nbrton Wells.; ^ Apn] ?
Church of Christ
Meeting April 19-30

Another plain- load of
registered Brahman’ bulls
and heifers will hi-'flown
to Columbia, South America,
from Houston early Monday
by E II. Seidel, w I d e 1 y
known breeder of Edna
Mr Seidel has been ship
ping tin- bulls to South
America by plane annually.
Another plane load will go
next month
Around 15 or 16 animals
travel in a plane,, depending
the weight. The trip Is
in seven or eight
ter, Joan, April 7.
Mr. and Mrs. Reyes Rosalez of
Ganado on the birth of a daugh \ H. W. Sargent, minister of the
ter! Linda Kay, April 8. j Church of Christ of Greenville,
Mr. and Mrs. Juan Navarro of j will begin a gospel meeting in
Port Lavaca on the birth of a I Edna at the Church of Christ , ■
son, Alex, April 10. j starting Sunday, April 19, and Thirty tickers will take pari 81,1.a- Iasi yeai hu Hie i I Hu
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Strane of continuing through April 30. in an Ivlna ll-'A boxing tonrna- month-
Edna FFA Boxing
At Gym April 24
Northview Addition
Is Taken Into City
Another addition has been
voted into the City of Edna. It\
NortInicw Addition, a 31 lot
trad, located just north of the
: ,-ity oil lie I in the Fa.l and Jess
The city dHinci! voted to take
it into the city at a reei-nt meet
mg' Street, in thi- add it i'on also
vvete dedicated to the city.
The1 addition is bounded by
! Highway ill ‘-a lla ea .1 1 nd
Vloiah- Road "a D"' w» t and
Kleas Sired on the south.
........... n
Postal Receipts
Continue Increase
Gross postal receipts in Edna
; cpltlinued to increase during the
first quartei of 1953, as rum
pared with the first three months
of last yeai, Mr-, Kathryn
Baker postmaster, ha announc
The receipts for January! Feb-
ruary and March of tills year
were $9,352.39 They. Were SH.-
Water, Sewer
Revenue Bonds
Will Be Voted
Edna’s city council and Lock-
I wood & Andrews, the Houston
[ engineering firm contracted to
I plan a water and sewer expan-
j sion program, settled their minor
j differences at the recent meet-
ing of the Council and mapped
this formidable plan of action:
Proposed a $400,000 bond
issue, probably to be voted
upon in June;
Agreed to issue only about
$258,000 of this amount at
this time, including $58,000
to retire outstanding reve-
nue bonds;
Decided the bonds will be
revenue bonds, requiring no
new tax but to be paid out
of receipts over a period of
Save the remainder of the
bonds until later when there
will be enough revenue for
............ ........- • • | No date has been set for the
l.v -‘''cit members ol the Su/Jhitf j nC(;HaI election to expand tho
:-,i\eu. dance bund Hum Indus <;dv«j water and .sewage facilities
trial High, that then- is plenty j lake care of present needs
of ammunition on the fighting; ,,nd ajNO for an anticipated
I rout now despite the st ii in growth that will reach over 7,000
Washington over its shortage He • by (!m;d, according fo the en-
soul he thought both Sides Wfrc j gjIHH,rs.
correct in their nrguitifem* at the | Meeting with the council were
Mason Lockwood, Frank New,
riant and Ed Brinkman of the
engineering firm, and Gus Ayres
"................ of the bond firm of Rauschor,
School Trustees
Studying Sites
\ choice is expected to he
made .soon by’ I Ite Edna school
Nnvidad Rivers as soon as the
war disturbance is over and
when Washington starts think
mg of peace and projects;'" Con-
gressman Clark W. Thompson of
Galveston told a membership
meeting of the Jackson County
Chamber of Commerce and Ag
That’s what the gathering
wanted to hoar. The U. S. En-
gineers already -have surveyed
the streams and work on case
rnents is scheduled to be the next
major step in the program to
bring barge traffic to this section
of the state
Congressman Thompson, cur-
rently making a report to his
constituents during the Easter
holidays, also assured the young
men in the audience, particular
W. Splawn, Faye Partridge, Wil- GANADO — The members of Mr. ana urs uiiiy niraiiu oi cuiiuiiuiuk uuuumi 'i»>> -.......
lie Utz, L. D. Anderson; April Assumption Church at Ganado Victoria on the Birth of a daugh- Meetings are at 7.30 inn daily, men! to ; r lu l l at ll,! : 111,1
22 Ebb M. McDowell, O. E. w»i participate in the ceremony ’ ter, Lura Faye. April Id. . Congregational singing will be gym Friday night, April 24, at
Bounds Roth Moody; April 23. ',,; breaking ground for the orec- i.All births were at the Maori!/. led by Dm. V,3,.„l. mi, .- ......... C '■> . »;
... - Memorial Jaekson County Ifospi-1 in the Edna sehonls Flic public maieln-d again on ! inlay d.n 1.
! is invitedplus other bouts
. a; i i l a 1
I am encouraged at the turn \
(See CANAL, page 5)
Bierce & Co. of San Antonio.
The council did not exactly agree
with the first tentative prelimin-
ary plan drawn by Lockwood
If Ivina school f' Hulrews, and called ill Mr.
board on a sib- for a proposed -"‘^wood and Mr Ncunnm lor
. . i i M „ ,n further ( onsultatioti, Frwtiuauy
now liir'ii school. Money v\il! ... , , , /
. .i cannon : every fletail was worked out to
cojih* from (he ^ nond i * . _ .
. , .w. Ift ,, f the satisfaeturn ol all at inis
issue voted Ail}* JO. 19021. . . . . % r
, t i i rneeunM, ineludmg the naming
At Hie reeulai hoard meeting , n .
, .... . ., , , ..inf i ln - i 'oh lie, eily water en-
last i hursdav, tin* irti.Hlees took i , .
, » 'in .oqe ^mccr, t») he the city s contact
under eonsidei atioii a .di acu ,
It ............... o, ,!„ rily I lull u 11 h ....... 1111* i l'- I util, i;
, pari „l th, I ‘ a, n- I......... -■>-"■1 " > li
Bark Hciclopmi-m o. the park. I e.ty
, . is bonded to the limit at ptesent
f ,n. ;,.-7 ' l"!as far as tax bonds are concern-
,I,.,ill, In a park eh. ect, i.dK , WATER. SEVER, page 5)
llot all nnproicmi-nts tn the 22 __ _____
[aet-es to the north Some of this, |
a baselmlt jmrk among theur. al Slrane, Anderson
In-adV has been built T- c T V
Mcmix-i of Hu- park board I o Serve I wo Years
aial a majority of Itu- ;,iockti(»id | v drawil has (k.t.-rmiued
ers, have voted to sell Ihe 20-. ( A|d(,„ A s,and
ail - - tract it t a- sctioul -desires i - - .
, Arthur Anderson will serve two-'
it Tbev Vea oil they can pay oil • ,
: year terms on the Edna c-ity ,
lull indi-liti-dlii-ss m tins
and then di-votc all funds in the
i council,
in the same manner,
<" '" -'-d-d the 22acre wls^ff and
tract: As it-is- now, all funds be-; A „ f;9vl(, .Tr wnid,, M„.v„
Joe Moore, W. H. Fitz Henry j tion of. a .church related elernen-,
Novak forced to set fire to cot-J thry sthool on Sunday, April 19. tal. at Ganado.)
ton‘samples to drive a sivarm of . The ceremonies will begin at 3 . __.........>........
bees out of the inside of a cotton p.m. followed by benediction of i
nicker unit at his farm on Route the Blessed .Sacrament.
1 last Fridav morning . M Sgt. The building, to be known as jxyLtfv ,
and Mrs Hugo Meuth visiting 1 Assumption School, will bc solid
ih the county, at? Sgt. Meuth pre- masonry the exterior to he of
nsres to leave soon for overseas j brick on solid slab iounda-
^ Mr MeuHi d a daughter , U«»- The size will be 134x70 feet
the HamP Hardys . . Mrs. | comprising six classrooms, scr-
s o. „-,d gj-xj I a =; jtstajt
Walter Germer, on . . , In the plans drawn by Archi-
Coffee Club Tuesday on the oc- ^ J(jhn E Lindabury ot vic-
casion of Judge Samples birth torifl are jncluded a central!
forced air heating and cooling |
visit this week
McClu ecu pern mg
brie" iln
day . • . Friends glad to see R. A.
Drake on the streets for | unit, from which'all the floor
Mrs. W. H. flrca wj)1 be servcd jn „n the
ecupera mg rom a | ejassrooms there will be built-1
stS - - - A Lip .''leaner® . (S, NEW gCHOO! ag 5)
, jd n-tmphrey’s ia- • t bi
new ->1.. 4 de.ivery cdok
rA •
ing realized go inward the I £* ^* ^uld serve one-
payment, with little lor improve- ■ (|ye al(lf.rtIlcn. aloIlg with
mi>n' , r I Mavor Harry Mauritz, were re-
'S" ’ 1 ' S|IK '"' el,-Med al the recenl city ch-e-
^ . i tion H uas. not’rssary to decide
.... ______________ Worker Kscapes I hv lot which aldermen wiould
Thought of the Week Pipe Line Mishap
True friendship is a plant of j Mike Dettin:- "5 a maintain,-r J C. of C. Petition
.-scaped Being Circulated
'Vv,'ral 'l:,v ' ,h;'l C S Simons of Edna, chair-
■' " b""" ' ' S' ' ' •"!•’ : i„. , !' tin . . r - in u-
a high pressure gas pipe a p(sHtioi, that is being
near Ganado. i extensively signed to request the .
«‘ap. | .":u he in..- f Illimij,s,„mJaekson i
« and led ndo |;d| |>i,11 tor the
a '!'*■" !‘ 1’ ........... of loti rig on the pro-
i^iilcij ime swept over nun. . ^ , .... ,.e l ..........
Fellow workers say the fait i
saved his life*
slow 9rowth. Wdshingfon.
piling up of a county
j development board. Just when
Ihe maintainei1 and a near >> 110 court was not announced.
t a !
p-pe Vi
- .in. -i jat:o an. rail
by .land ou .is.c .e,
cans i -r oners of war in Ko-
fi. Milter- No. ' rea Iso n made. Henry
me i d Nov a -n -r of Route 1, by
i j i.i >n-, :- w, Willie Novak.
= ;'li * 's „ bU..r in the 'Y' cc i-
f J. '
truck wcie destroyed
1.. .. ........u .,.....................
a bundled dogs have
iitated in Edna, Mayor
mrit/ 1 ,'fs. lie said larcinated 40
|e t Eatii,'doy .' «dini
iere and 30 t! ext S turd .
it; -s hav< t
.v.-eki. ys to b • h ••• •• '
— ——------o-~ ---
The Week tn Edna
7.30 City Council, City Hall -
8 Masons, Masonic Hall.
7 ) Soli Conservation, Ag
.lftt*\ Citjf AU-
r 'S,. 0 J. 1C
f :
.i y i; i tv . id w
rs ,• ; *^e
. ■!" W ■ * ■
j ;f>o id
)V l -■ ’s v. ;r |
'0 c v'u
; U'S O
■ ta-wjig the rid.
'Jf CUs, *iJt
i :je,e. ’ '.ht
! cv ■*;.
t?r in detai ;
r r
„arlos Lass*
Z \r%.\ ins-fi—
j vC aiw
9 n
i, ants, t now s i.
, t nc Jt «■ y\SS J«|<I * S>K
to ceiv-A.
ext wet
t approxi^ •
twj n”
is -».a -
_n ’ bby of the
v ’al i .O will 1 M >' tUtc
j: hen it ■ oropleted
jMdabury, (F
e story
,, $-• * V L
- M"’e- --
1 'a ie -'
, ' ■
d ’ i } , ; 0 .
djaccr > the chi’
| UvO* *Uj£1
Go to
I O. D '
. Tn.
,/cD.JESJ, \
"I ''At ”

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