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Timpson Weekly Times
According to statements
from a number of citizens of
this section, the weather of
Friday night and Saturday
morning of last week was
the coldest in the history
of this section of East Texas,
i with the possible exception of
■ 1886.
We do not have any record of
former cold ill, but accord-
ing to the thermometer at the
Gulf Pipe Line Station, near
. this city, the mercury dropped
to the low record of two below
zero this morning. This ther-
mometer is officially tested reg-
ularly, according to employes
of the station. In town ther-
i mometers varied somewhat—
all registered several degrees
below zero, two or three, it is
Stated, showing temperatures
of nine below.
Following the snow which
fell throughout the day, a
driving blizzard with sled and
more snow, struck this section
late in the afternoon causing
slippery streets and sidewalks.
The second severe freeze
* within a week’s time visited
this section Wednesday night.
The thermometer registering a
temperature ranging around
the zero mark and slight above.
Washington, Jan. 20.—Ex-
penditure of 810,000,000,000
for construction and mainte-
nance in the United States dur-
ing the present year is believed
by Secretary Lamont to be as-
sured if the outlay for resi-
dences, commercial and indus-
trial structures and other pri-
vate operations reaches the 83,-
000,000,000 total of 1928.
The Secretary has already
received reports indicating that
87,000,000,000, a new peace-
time record, will be spent on
public works and by public
utilities during the year.
J. W. C. Hughes, Center;
Walter Beck, Shelbyville; Alex
Monroe, Patroon; E. B. Child-
ress, Joaquin; H. C. Parker,
Tenaha; R. T. Blair, Timpson;
Terry Crawford, Stockman; D.
L. McKenzie, Aiken; Forney
Parker, Center; Monroe Green,
Shelbyville; R. O. Lovelady,
Patroon; S. M. Crawford, Joa-
quin; Dick Johnson, Tenaha;
Ernest Bogard, Timpson; Bod
Franks, Stockman; Frank Pat-
terson, Aiken.
Petit Jorora—Second Week
L. B. Latimer, Jeff Borgay,
L. S. Covington, M. D. Cooper,
J. J. Futrell, John C. Richards,
J. C. Crawford, J. A. Scott, H.
F. Adams, J. C. Thornton, M.
T. Shofner, Ross Owens, P. B.
Bailey, R. E. Black, Jesse
Adams, A. B. Pickard, Jim
Horst, J. C. Black, Lee Hollo-
way, George Menefee, Percy
Dunaway, N. C. Corley, W. W.
Chumley, J. D. Oliver, E. W.
Witcher, J. I. Brittain, T. W.
Powers, R- L. Anding, Jewell
Jones, Jim Milliford, W. F.
Corry, Will Bailey, S. M Sin-
clair, Sam Henry, C. L Fields,
Cecil Counts.
Pstit Jurors—-Third Week
Arthur Hendricks, J. O. Hop-
kins, Vessie Windham, E. T.
Delaney, Ricuard Shepherd, S.
C. Choate, H. E. Holt, Luther
Brinkley, Alonzo Covington,
M. M. Carroll, Sam Baldwin,
Ed- Eakin, A. I Whitson,
Ttiy Csv.-It, Ernest Ramsey,
E. T. Hilliard, Lem Davis, J. L.
Bogue, Lewis Smitn, R. M. Mc-
Williams, W. D. Harrison, H.
T. Hinton, Clem Aiken, E. P.
Whiaenant, J. A. Gogins, Bed-
ford Whiteside, J. Willoughby,
Frank Bridwell, J. K. Thomp-
son, Charlie Neal, Leon Lee,
Austin Tyson, B. B. Doggett,
Cleave Fowler, W. M. Mag-
ness, E. N. Alford.
Petit Juror#—Fourth Week
Guy Millions, M. O. Mc-
Dowell, J. J. Jackson, Pink
Jeans, Dumer Evans, Cary
Samford, Don Bickham, Ed.
Cox, J. W. Gray, E. H. Her-
bert, J. E. Busby, H. D. Askins,
Willie Honeycutt, A. L. Pink-
Liberty, Jan. 21.—Lowest
temrerature in the memory of
oid timers here over the past
week-end is thought to have
killed out the boll weevils and
other insects which have been
plentiful during the past two
During the past growing sea-
son, which was an unusually
wet one, one of the largest
c: ops of boll weevils ever
known in this section ravaged
cotton fields. As a result
thousands went into hiberna-
ion for the winter in grass and
heavy moss on trees convenient
to many fields. Farmers com-
ing to town Monday reported
that weevils, even in the heavi-
est moss, were practically life-
less yhile others were thought
Hon. J. T, Sogaard Die# at His
Home in This City Thursday
Morning at 1 O’clock, Fun-
eral Friday at New Prospect.
“A fox sleeps, but counts hens
in his dreams.”
Promoters of fake schemes
continually jlream of new and
cunning ways to cheat people out
of savings.
Deposit your money with us—
and ask our advice before invest-
•sdon, W. W. Ballard, Sam E3py.
J. O. Cooper, Ben Childs, Rolla
Billingsley, Chas. Barbee, Tom
Hughes, J. M. Wall, J. W.
Cheshire, Bruce Grimsley, M
W. Gillis, Bob Bussey, J. H.
English, Homer Biiley, E. H.
Caldwell, Monroe Shillings,
Jim Samford, W. T. Baker, J.
B. Edwards, C. M. Adams, T.
E. Middleton. Odus Hughes.
Petit Jurors—Fifth Week
Harrison Yarbrough, F. M.
Blevins, Willie Walling Jr., J.
F. MeCary, Bert . Childs, Bill
Warr, Burns Trammell, George
May, Chas. Harrell, John
Abies, W. B. Wilburn, Elmer
Ramsey, Cohron Davis, J. J.
Hughes, I. H. Powell, Jewell
Jetton, Jo* Childress, Bill Par-
ker, John Powdrill, Ken Mc-
Farland, W. A. Pate, F. O.
Watson, J. E. Christian, Alford
Ramsey, Tolbtrt Duncan, Ausp
tin Stevens, Bryan Nail, Duke
Hughes, I. D. Cook, Bob Sher-
rod, Marvin Shepherd, Sam
Snelson, A, F Bums, Dufy
Paramore, H. B. Corbett,
Robert Smith, Jr.
Petit Juror#—Sixth Week
Luther Parker, L. A. Run-
neils, Ross Hopkins, Weeks
Crawford, Homer Eddins, Mon-
roe Williams, G. F. Killings,
C. A. Hayden, D. A. Wilburn,
Hugh Millford, J. J. Armstreet,
Ernest Buckner, J. M. Minter,
G. C. Risinger, Tom Franks, J.
W. Buckner, A. L. Youngblood,
E. H. Andrews, R. W. Cordray,
L. H. Ban-, Edwin Pride, I. T.
Adams, John Bowers, A. D.
Hunt, H. O. Lane, A. A. Beck,
Jesse Tomlin, George Hutche-
son, J. B. King, L. M. Geno,
Lee Whitton, J. E. Bradbury, P.
R. Adkinson, C. H. Perry, T. L.
Nacogdoches, Jan. 21.—M.
S. (Matt) Muckelroy, 65, drop-
ped dead from heart disease at
his home here early Tuesday.
Mr. Muckelroy was formerly
county commissioner for sever-
al terms and in his later years
served as highway foreman for
the county as well as deputy
sheriff for several terms. More
recently he was an employe of
the Teas prison system and had
been at home only a month af-
ter resigning his work in tha’
capacity before his death.
He is survived by his wife
two sons, Eugene of San Augus-
tine, and Dave of Refugio, and
six daughters.
Shelby county and East Tex-
as today mourns the loss of one
of her best beloved citizens—
the Hon. J. T. Bogard of this
city. Mr. Bogard died Thurs-
day morning at one o’clock at
his home in this "ity following
cn illness of sometime. Mem-
bers of the Tamil'’ and loved
ones were at his bedside when
the end came.
A short, service will be con-
ducted at the family residence
Friday morning at 9 o’clock,
following which the body will
be taken to New Prospect
where the funeral service will
be held at 11 o’clock. Rev. B.
C. Anderson of Madisonville, a
step-son of the deceased, will
conduct the service. Interment
will be made in the New Pros-
pect cemetery.
Mr. Bogard was 81 years,
three months and nine days old
atthetimeof his death. He
was bom near Beans Vista in
this county. He was a son of
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Bogard,
and after his marriage settled
on the old homestead at Beuna
Vista. He conveyed the land
en which the New Prospect
church and cemetery are now
located, and with the assist-
ance of his neighbors con-
structed the first church at New
Prospect, the building at that
time being of pine logB. He re-
sided in that community until
1893 when he moved to Timp-
son where he has since made
his home.
Mr. Bogard’s first marriage
was to Miss Mary Rains on Oc-
tober 19th., 1873. To that
union three children were born
—Miss Annie Bogard, Mrs.
Victor Shepherd and J. C. Bo-
gard. He married again
September 5th., 1882, to Mrs.
Ad die E. Anderson to which
union ten children were born,
four of whom are now living
—Mrs. J. H. Winton, Kirby-
ville; Hon. J. R. Bogard, San
Augustine; Mrs. W. E. Willis,
Center; S. M. Bogard, Timp-
son. In addition to the chil-
dren he is survived by his wife,
two step-eons, Rev. B. C. An-
derson of Madisonville, and
Hon. J. P. Anderson of Center;
two brothers—C. F. BogaTd,
Clarendon; C. E. Bogard, Timp-
son ; thirty grandchildren and
hundreds of friends throughout
Shelby county and East Texas.
The theory of Mr. Bogard’s
life was plain living and high
thinking. He was a member of
the Methodist church, a de-
voted Christian ahd he lived his
religion in the house of wor-
ship, in his home, among his
friends and in every line of en-
deavor. He was honest and
held Ids feilowman in the high-
est esteem. He never wavered
from what he believed 'was
right, and his name will go
down in history as an outstand-
ing leader in every undertaking
for the betterment and welfare
cf his State and community.
Mr. Bogard was active in
politics for a number of years.
He was first appointed Com-
missioner in 1896, and served
the county in this capacity sev-
eral years, being elected with
large majorities to thfi office.
He served this county as a
member_of.the Texas legisla-
The Crawford Chevrolet
Company, formerly owned by
E. W. Crawford and A. A. Beck
of Timpson and Henry Runnels
of Center, completed negotia-
tions several days ago, wherein
the interest of Mr. -Runnels has
been acquired by Messrs.
Crawford and Beek. These
gentlemen state that no
changes in the policies of the
firm are planned at this time.
The Crawford Chevrolet
Company is located in en at-
tractive building, built especi-
ally for the company, and i3
located at corner Bremond and
South First streets. Large
show windows with ample dis-
play room makes an attractive
place for the display of Chevro-
let cars, and the service depart-
ment is one cf the largest and
best in East Texas.
ture in 1906 and was elected
again in 1908—filling the of-
fice with credit to himself, to
his county and to his State.
In the passing of Mr. Bogard,
Timpson has lost one of her
best citizens; the home has
lost a devoted husband and
father, but his ’loved ones and
friends have his life before
them as an open book filled
with good deeds, honesty, true
Christianity, plain living and
high ideals.
Pennsylvanian Gets..
Post in Bulgaria
Washington, Jan. 16.—Pres-
ident ’Hoover Thursday nomi-
nated Henry Wharton Shoe-
maker of Pennsylvania, to be
minister to Bulgaria.
Mr. E. L. Brown died Mon-
day night at 10:49 o’clock, fol-
lowing a lingering illness. Mr.
Brown had beefi in a critical
condition for sometime, and
members of his family and
loved ones were with him when
the end came.
The funeral service was held
Wednesday afternoon at the
Methodist church at 2 o’clock,
and interment was. made in
Woodlawn cemetery. Rev. J.
C. Huddieton of Alto conduct-
ing the service.
■Mr. Brown moved to this
city several years ago from
Houston county where he re-
sided for a number of years.
Up until he was stricken with
illness he was active in all mat-
ters for the betterment and
growth of tills community, and
his passing has brought deep
regret to the hearts of a host of
He is survived by his wife;
six children: Mrs. Rebecca
Beeson, Soar -Lake; Mrs. Frank
Jones, Piainview; T. L. Brown,
Timpson; Mi... A.L. McClellan,
Houston; Miss Mabel Brown,
Sour Lake; Miss Marie Brown,
Timpson; one sister, Mis. An-
nie Thornton, Vernon; two
brothers: Tom and J. L. Brown,
The Times joins the people
of this city and community in
extending sympathy to the be-
reaved loved ones. . ■»_
Dallas Man Is Killed
In Boiler Explosion
Dallas, Jan. 20.—J. B. Gilli-
land was killed, his brother,
Roy C. Gilliland was probably
hurt and Gobb Vanway, 45,
was seriously injured in the
explosion of a steam boiler at
the Blue Ribbon laundry here
Interest Aroused in Tong
Oil Tree* in East Texas
Cleveland, Jan. ,22.—Inter-
est » being created in the
planting of cutover timber land
in this section with tung-oil
trees. It is said that an acre
of 4-year-old trees will yield
nut* worth 894 at a conserva-
tive estimate.
The trees will bear 86 years
without cultivation and the soil
and climate of this section are
considered ideal for the growth
of this tree, it is claimed.
:i This Bank Offers
Safety—Service—Courtesy, and at all times you will
find every facility for pleasant banking business here.
We solicit the small deposits just the same as the
large ones. Make it a rule to deposit your earnings
regularly and pay by cheek. Yonr check will be
your receipt that cannot be disputed.
If you are not a depositor in this bank, start an ac-
count today—save a part of yonr earrings for “rainy
days.” ,
I t
Our many years of experience in financial matters
is at your service and we will be glad to advise or help
you in any at your problems consistent wHh sound
banking regulations.
We want your business.

Guaranty Bond State Bank

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