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tlett Tribune
Vol. 54
No. 52
. f ? v A
Aircraft Warnin
Service Planned
in Bell County
Under the civilian defense set
up the Governors of the various
states are named the heads in
their respective states. They in
turn have designated the County
Judges and their Commissioner's
Courts as the next sub-division.
County judges have appointed
several men from over their
counties as part of the county
defense set-up. These men and
the commissioners courts have
a local aircraft warning post or-
ganizers. It shall be the duty of
such post organizers to organize
-an aircraft warning post at the
point designated by the United
States Army through their four
Interceptor Areas. East Texas
is located in one area; west Tex-
ns in aonther.
Each observation past is to
have a chief observer and an as-
sistant observer together with
some 25 observers all voluntary.
Bell County has had 25 such
points designated by the Inter-
ceptor Command based at Tam-
pa Fla. The precinct in this
end of Bell County has 8 desig-
nated points located away from
larger towns mnin highways and
railroads. Within circles of
abrut 14 miles diameter the
telephone company has assured
the Army that there is at least
on telephone. If in the event
of hostilities and the appearance
of hostile aircraft it becomes
sary to fcr the local chser-
viiti -n jppst to report to so-called
"filttfr poata the calls will meve
mlr military priority and will
-kl itr oy the u. b. uovern-
ttwnt. Fitter posts are simply
Ifr number of posts -which
jpet lhlr information from a
8fetr at local posts and seml-
iftjr tht mportx to proper in-
forwAtkKi centow which in turn
U b ftokt where Interceptor
4 fjflttr ptitnt arc based so
fitgt tby imy search out and
f ito boattfe aircrcft.
White tiw nUtmenU to fol-.
. aot authoritative they
r fed em what may rocnab-
h mmml4 m event develop.
FW tl prmnA Uw ytm h
if Miwfal It fat foib! that
thtm m W a eecakMMtl drill.
MmM Sfete towrtry Wconte en-
twl m ww. trYtkm vrcukl
Www mtv vtgtttutt; am!
Mii JwwtBi- aH mid Any
I fft lb alntntfi
it w0& tqvltv tW MHqt-
mmt-fm f i iwJ pwttlftlfeM
wr m niMi iWl tixey:
fc f4 fl0f wHttU for &
tfwWwi MAibfMi thW own
! F r ism ommt ttiU
tMM Aptfam iiMtM W ttery Hjjht.
HkmiM W mm! attwk mt.
l jw(' vrS tiyiinl. Pre-
: . Jkr u ktMtl IWI Cwn-!
Mtt4 Wdr y lyrtWi or.'
jwwr f tke li eMty t-J
ISO Bl Ginned
At SclWttrliiser
Of hH4f S ml fifty bkMt of
rtfu 14 1M triM4 fti tk A.
rhwPtrf OIb by Tftwtay f
u-tm a The first fal of the
n prdMd l that ft action
ami fiMMd at ShwMtMr was
farottclit by Da. WHlU on
School Bus Route
Being Graveled
Grading in preparation for
graveling was completed this
week on the dirt road section of
the Bartlett-Schwertner school
bus route by Com. Lee Baird.
The stri'p connects two gravel
ed roads and completes the bus
route in this section as well as
providing an all-weather road
t j Bartlett and to Schwertner for
the people living in that vicinity.
A short extension to the road is
also being prepared to connect
the Bartlett-Jarrell road.
Williamson Plans
Aircraft Warning
Service Set-Up
Maps have been received by
the Williamson County Obser-
vers Coups of the Aircraft Warn-
ing Service setting the location
of thirty posts in the county C.
E. Lamb local member of the
corps was advised by County
Judge Sam V. Stone Wednesdayt
A meeting was called for the
District court room in George-
town Thursday night to complete
the county organization and to
enable local organizers to carry
ut the work of setting up obser-
vation posts manned by volun-
tary workers.
Gov. Coke Stevenson who
heads the state organization has
requested that counties furnish
their reports by September 25.
y Z
Legion and Auxiliary
Install Officers at
Barbecue Tuesday
Delicious mutton and goat
barbecue with potato salad and
other trimmings including iced
tea was served to apprSkimately
110 persons who witnessed the
installation of the newly-elected
efficers of Louis B Wei W Post
No. 183 the American Legion
and its Auxiliary last Tuesday
night at the Ellis Ware Park.
Mrs. Paul Bowman of Austin
installed the Auxiliary officers
who are:
Mrs. It. C. Barnes Jr. Presi-
dent. Mrs. Ed Adams Secretary-
Treasurer. Sirs. Lynn Bartlett Vice-
Proaidorit. Mrs. C R. Harris Chaplain.
Mrs. A. T. Freeman Histor-
in. $Ir. John Crenshaw Sgt.-A
Alfred J. Wacker 10th Dis-
trict Commander installed the
foUowfcig poit officers:
Ed Jaiioaky Commander.
Martin Duvall iFirst Vice-
Commsmlar. Ucntry Beyer Second Vice-
Cowmamter. WWk W. Lango Third Vice-
Commnitdor. Martin J. Pastuask Adju-
tant. C C. Kufoar Finance Officer.
W. i. Crete Service Officer.
Atfrd J. Wnektr Chaplain.
a R. Harris Child Welfare
LynaJtartlett Historian.
Jg& ftiboe Sgt-Bt-Arm8.
?Bf&ri$ freni Schwertner
HtBwfti Granger Rojnjrs
Orgtwwju Teiijplo and Aus.Un
tl4mfiPiSmifiK them was
Mr. It Ilf'FHffalls of Austin
tQUt DktrictArstarirCommlt-
twworosn. Uts. Alfred J. Wack-
r tf the 10th District Coramit-
tm&it Lynn Bartlett retir-
ing peel commander and Martin
J. Piitusek Adjutant re-elected
Supt. and Mn. Glan Hutson of
TtolMtown visited Mr. and Mrs.
D. h. Pannlngton last week-end.
Mr ami Mr. F. F. Wolf Mr.
and Mn Hans Wolf and Miss
Helen Wolf attended the wed-
ding of M?m Emma Dube at Fe-
tor Texa latt Sunday.
Bartlett Students
Return To School
Bartlett students returned to
school Monday and 254 were en
rolled. There were 114 enrolled
in high school and 140 in gram- A few more are ex-
pected to start in the next week
or two.
Last year the enrollment was
274. There were 115 in high
school 159 in grammar school.
The school opening program
was held Friday nteht in the
auditorium. Supt. J. F. McAl-
istjj? was master of ceremonies
and principal speaker. School
board members and teachers
were introduced and short talks
were made by J. B. Hargis prin-
cipal of high school Miss Lily
V. Jones nrincilonl of e-rammar
school Mayor IR. W. Miller Rev.
(ius w. Sager and W. K. Moore.
Three numbers were .played by
the school hand and c.rnwd
pledged its support of the school
pnogram with a rising vote.
Another Double Header
Planned For Monday
So " much enthusiasm was
shown by both players and spec-
tators in the soft ball games
sponsored by the Chamber of
Commerce last Monday night
'that another double header has
been scheduled for next Monday
'beginning at 7:30 p. m.
The business men will meet the
farmers in the first game which
will run three innings and the
'Country Boys will meet The
Town Boys in the second game.
The County Boy3 are reorganiz-
ing their team and .promise re
venge for this week's defeat.
After trailing the Business
Men all during the game Monday
the Farmers put on a last inning
rally and piled up so many runs
that there is still an argument
going on as to the score. One
estimate is 20 to 5. Herbert fTur-
ncr R. W. Miller and M. B. Stok-
es pitched for the Business Men
and Doc Powitzky and Willie
Robertson were batteries for
The Farmers. Richard Steglich
got the only home run of the
In the second game the Town
Boys defeated the County Boys
11 to 2.
B. T. U. Elects New-
Officers Tuesday-
Mrs. Cecil Overby entertained
members of the Junior B. T. U.
with a Possum Trot party -en the
lawn of the Baptist church Tues-
day night.
During the business meeting
the following officers were elect-
ed: President Arthur Mason;
vice-president Dolores Overby;
secretary Charlotte Ann Wack-
er; treasurer Dicky Cagle; pro-
gram chairman Doris Isabel; so
eial chairman. Tommy England ;
Bibl drill leader Ilyn Bartlett;
Group 1 Captain Billy Hurley
and Group 2 captain Annie Lois
Mrs Goodson Hostess
To Presbyterian
Auxiliary Monday
A r;ynl meeting of the Auxil-
iary of the Presbyterian church
mot at the church Monday after-
noon with Mrs. Pete Goodson in
charge of the program.
Mrs. Ben Wacker gave the de-
vvotl.nal and Mrs. A. T. Freeman
and Mrs. Nell Knight appeared
on the program.
Plans wore made during the
business meeting for the Dis-
trict Conferenco which will meet
here on September 24 for an all-
day meeting. Mrs. E. T. Jones
was appointed chairman of the
arrangements far this peciail
Next Monday will be the Bible
study and prayer group meeting
Powers Drug Store
Robbed Saturday
Powers Drug Store was bur-
glarized Saturday night $25 in
cash and narcotics valued at $35
were taken from the store.
Checks in the safe and other
merchandise were not disturb-
ed J. N. Powers the owner
Stated. He find p.lnnnd thn onfo
Saturday night but had failed
to lnct it.
Entry was made through the
rear or cne store where a win-
dow Was tried nnnn. Thn ntnrp
has a second partition where the
windows were barred and on one
cf these a bar was broken out
and others bent so as to permit
a person to crawl through. .
Extension Approved
For Co-op Lines
Approval was received this
week on a fifteen mile extension
to the present lines of theBart-
lett Electric Cooperative. Build-
ing of these extensions will hp.ain
as soon as the project now under
construction is completed.
Work is progressing on the F
Section and it has been announ-
ced that the electricity will be
turned on for the new customers
it serves on October 1st.
Emma Gross Class
Elects Officers
Mrs. C. P. Stokes was elected
president ofthe Emma Gross
Bible Class of the Methodist
Church when it met Tuesday af-
ternoon in the home of Mrs. C.
H. Crawford. Mrs. LynnPart-
low was elected vice-president:
Mrs. Bob McGlothlin recording
secretary and treasurer; Mrs. W.
C. Rice corresip ending secretary
and Mrs. C. H. Crawford report
er. Mrs. M. B. Stokes was elect-
ed teacher of the class and Miss
Ella Bolding assistant teacher.
(Mrs. M. B. Stokes gave the de
votional for the afternoon and
Mrs J. S. Kuler program leader
directed the social hour.
Mrs. C. A. Modesette and Mrs
H. S. Skinner were also hostess
es and assisted Mrs. Crawford
in serving a refreshment plate
to the following: Mrs. Lona
Brice Miss Bessie Skinner Mrs.
R. F. Cates Mrs. Lula Hill -Mrs.
A. F. Czar:witz Mrs. W. J. Har-
lan Mrs. Houston Dameron
Mrs. M. B. Stokes Mrs. W. C.
Rice Mrs. Bob McGlothlin Mrs.
Lynn Partlcw Mrs. C. P. Stokes
Mrs. J. S. Kuler and the hostess.
Friedrichs Entertain
With Barbecue
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Friedrich
entertained a group of friends at
their home with a chicken barbe-
cue Tuesday evening the occa-
sion being Mrs. Friedrich's birth-
day. Those present were: Mr. and
Mrs. E. M. Steglich Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Friedrich Mr. and
Mrs. Julius Gersbach and fam-
ily Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Powitzky
and family Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Spiegelhauer Mr. and Mrs. W.
F. Lindemann Mr. and Mrs. Wel-
don Lindemann and son Mr. and
Mrs. Benie Tomecek ad daugh-
ter Mr. and Mr3. Louie Steglich
and s;n Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Steglich and Geneva Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. Wiederspnhn and
Bernice Mr. and Mrs. A.
Kretsohmar and Gilbert Her-
bert Lindemann and sons Mr.
ond Mrs. Eldor Lindemann and
family Mr. ad Mrs. Robert
Spiegelhauer and La Verne.
Tom Moore ginned his first
bale of 1941 cotton Tuesday and
states that it is the latest he has
ever produced his first bale He
exipects to average a third of a
bale to the aero.
Eev. and Mrs L. R. Vander-
psol left Wednesday for a visit
in Waxahachle
Fair Catalogues Ready
For Distribution
The catalogue and -premium
use ior tne 1U41 Bartlett Com-
munity Fair .nn Dp.fnlior dnmlt!
was completed Monday and is
now reaay tor distribution.
fThose interested may secure
copies at the Chnmhp.r nf r.nm.
merce office. The book is in
dexed for the convenience of ex-
hibitors. The book is mado possible
by business men of Central Tex-
as who have liberally supported
it with adertising.
Cy Young Makes
Announcement In
Alderman's Race
Cy Young who entered the
race for city alderman seme ten
days ago authorized The Tri
bune this week to place his name
in its political announcement
column. The election will be on
next Friday Sept. 19 with vot
ing at the city hall.
Three candidates are seeking
the office.
P. T. A. To Begin
Year With Open
Meeting Friday
The PBA will hold its first
meeting of the year at the high
schocl at night Friday Septem-
ber 12th at 8 p. m. This is in
the form of an open meeting and
the public is invited to attend and
urged to attend.
Mrs. F. E. Holman 9th Dis
trict president of the P. T. A.
will be the main speaker. Bell
County Superintendent A. F.
Wagner is also expect to attend.
P. T. A. Makes Plans
For Year's Work
An executive meeting of the
P. T. A. was held Tuesday after-
noon in the high school with Mrs
E. E. Lindemann president of
the organization presiding.
IReports were given from each
of the officers and Mrs. 'Cecil
Overby membership chairman
announced that the membership
drive would officially open on
Friday evening.
Mrs. Joe Bridges program
committee chairman announced
.i . .. 'k ...
tnat programs icr tne years
work had been completed and
ready for the yearbook commit
There will be a study course
on "Parent-Teacher Procedure"
to begin at the high school Tues
day afternoon September 16 at
2:30. All members ai'e urged
to attend this meeting and plan
to take the course which will be
taught by Mrs. E. T. Jones.
Try Out With Dodgers
Offered Bartlett Youth
Bartlett youths with ambitions
to become professional baseball
players are offered" an opportun-
ity to try 2ut for the Brooklyn
Dodgers or one of their eleven
affiliated clubs Zene Clayton
Dodger scout stated her6 Wed-
nesday i
A try out camiD will be con-
ducted at Katy Park Wac: on
Sept. 278 29 30 apd any ball
player wishing a trial is invitsd
to bring his suit shoes and glove
and attend. If a contract is sign-
ed all expenses will be paid. The
camp will be conducted by scouts
Ted McGrew Andy High Zene
Clayton and Jack Pitler.
Schwertner Plans
'42' Party Saturday
fThe trustees and teachers of
Schwertner School invite all to
attend a "42" social on the
Schwertner School Jawn Satur-
day Sept 13 at 8;3 p. m.
Football Lights
May Be Installed
On Bartlett Field
Football lights for the high
-school athletic field were seen
as a possibility Tuesday when a
group of business men met with
representatives of the school
board the city and the school
coach to investigate the cost and
plan the financing.
The plan .which developed at
the meeting and is still subject
to school board action was for
the school to finance the installa-
tion either throutrh thn comnanv
from which the supplies were pur
cnaseq or locally and to repay
the money from gate receBpts.
A representative of the General
Electric Supply Co. present at
the meeting stated that it had.
been their experience that near-
ly every school installing lights
paid for them in two years.
Full information as to how
soon delivery can be made on.
materials was expected today
and will be considered by the
school board Friday.
A saving in installation costs
will be effected by the use of
city electricians Mayor R. wL
Miller stated Wednesday.
J'. A. Wacker W. N. Moore
Cecil Harris and C. M. Gillespie
represented the school board and
Mayor R. W. Miller and Dr. O. J.
Koepke the city at Tuesday
meeting. Coach Ralph Hooker
and ten other interested business
men were present at the meet-
ing. V
Bulldogs To Open
Season Sept. 19
Bartlett Bulldogs will Kipen the
football season on September 1&-
when they meet their old rivals
the Granger Lions at Granger.
The schedule is incomplete but
includes games with Academy
Salado Holland and Rogers.
Eighteen were out for prac-
tice this week. Lettermen re-n
turning are Worth White" Jcr
Grady Sebastian Reuben Linde-
mann T. J. Whitfield Earl Brfce-
Randall Cagle Ernest Carr and!
Glen Seale. Squadmen and oth-
jers seeking a birth on this yearis
team are Rex Wacker Cecil
Springer Homer Hardcastle H
E. Cameron Logan Hohle MH-
ton Voight Howard Dillard Le
roy Schwertner Darvin Schwert-
ner and Jack Duncan.
Pecan H. D. Club To
Meet Thursday
The Pecan Home Demonstra-
tion Club will meet Thursday
September 18 in the home o
Mrs. Eddie Kunz at 2 :00 p. m.
Miss Tina Stewart Bell Coun-
ty Home Demonstration Agent
will have charge of the meeting;
Everyone is- invited to attend.
637 Bales Cotton
Ginned In Bartlett
'Rnrfrlfi.f fnrtnpva hnrl nrinnorT
57 bales M 1941 cotton at noon
Thur;darit was learned fronts .
ici'vii ill mi; i-uiuu lucui
nnnv.4- 4- 4.U- 4.U 1 1 J"
This is compared wit
ned prior to Sent. 13
and 1816 during the same
of 1938.
Special Services
at Davilla Are
Well Attended
Special services held at the
Davilla church Sunday afternoon;
were attended by some two hun-
dred. Another special service
was held at the church Sunday
night The preaching was done
ny Dr. A U. Hakim of Bartletfc
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