Polk County Enterprise (Livingston, Tex.), Vol. 99, No. 21, Ed. 1 Thursday, March 12, 1981: Searching Inside

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... at $2.8 million. Polk County DPS Trooper Tom Selman made the initial stop. V Trooper makes haul... \ LIVINGSTON - “Stopping the vehicle really wasn’t any big deal,” said Department of Public Safety Trooper Tom... Selman of Polk County, after arresting a San Antonio man in the largest drug bust in San Jacinto County... on $500,000 bond is Antonio Garza Cavazos, 40. It all began when Selman received a call from Beaumont... it over witnout any resistence from the driver (Cavazos),” Selman said. Selman said he opened the door

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... Service specifically mentions agriculture as a relevant part of the program. When Tom Marks founded... to stress some of the foundation principles taught by Tom Marks, principles such as selfdiscipline

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