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THE DEMOCRAT." Y commiw-iu; aiVaiiis."
el-jtt i i-r- -!.- jr- - Jt-rsr - Our Northern papers pnd Northern letters have
iiohaoi;co.m:a r.timr. jfr month pat been t-otiipliiiiiluft prlcvmi-ly of the
: ;- - .---. circulation. Andthcv go hi far some of them ns to
37 The mull (rum (inhcstim duo lure last Sat- portend great commercial reViilions nnd tho failure
i;iJ'J'UHIAJi CMIMtL;slJC)NIl'-NCKjii!i wc do tlmt lni starting man halt a l.-al Ubct-j
. " v. 1rt( 1uo ter than no bread. I
AlHIlN JOV. mill JOd. . it1Ii.fp IViinllin nn vMtor.lnv. f iif r.u1iipril n iwn. I
'-""- - ------ - - . . v.a .'i- w - -- - I
1 ' I )
-rrVw.; ii
& a y
yjftir CWWn;:- 1 inut repeat what I wiotein
mv relative to legislative proceeding vlst tioth
ing of importance (Join yet. There have been a great
nuutv bills introduced ih I Ik lower home
1 ii t ti mi which I v. in fend ;.nii as toon ns printed. His
object wn that the committee on btnluiiltairs mi
he lnstriH'led to report whether nr not In their wis-
Voii ntid thrj t-'ll more lie thnti l good for the
world. Tiiky Say lii'Voddo the t Wclluhflt?
i i Why Hint Miuh u person hnsdo'io Mich n utgrace1
f i i; .
ucijr in ii Mien n sm'ige occurrence mm nccli wit-
nHsmiiUpre.dllwmi1lIlltllonw1-0mlw fiip J0 Staf0 U) '- N"w.rlliiiii Hint. lmd -ay that John
Urdavlu.Miot made .ts appearance. What the cnuo of many houses to meet llielr liabilities. Money I miiiio they will continue to poor in thick and fii-a fur cro.te o'lt ol tliu Inn milliniw. a permanent turn! 1 . ..v . ? . ' " that James Smith ha
ttf this failure U wc do tint know. Ono tlilnir is ccr. ' cannot now he ohtnincd cxe pt at exorhltniit fate ttf j n Week or two to come .enatur tiajre intniucoii t0 lllerePfc
tiln itfl failure vnuM in here u pood deal of incon- interest find the tatoUiiuTeninj: month hy month ' a hill In the Senate In relnlion to the Varlfio rnfldi i! .vment of
Venicnee and ono that we uo hopo may he avoided
In future. Tlio mall U looked upon ns a matter of
frinalftmportrtueo hy poinc people hut let them have
It to depend upon In the earn in? on of their hu!nc"i! plain and simple.' Tne huIne'- mereantilo men do
and it nt onco vsumwn dilfeient character In tho ' pon( ultimately on the producer the nyiicnltural
San llEiiKAttti. Nov lTlli 185rt.
'n. Ihmo)i:at. Cteiitlenieit f notice with
tnuch plvniuiuaoiii editorln1. with reference to tho
C'oliiinliia nud Colorado Itnilroad. Vou pay well
that IhU cnlerprl-e will f;ive I'arUitlc to of th0
richest countries In the woild. It will in fact place
in Jtftapouh!i to ma Set a rcfjioif of country for
I which tmturoliiiH done her hest In thu way of real
ui many jjiinc4 io meet iiil'U ii.tminie. jvioiicjr i " "-v ""v " '" i vn cro.ue tvu 01 ino irn iiiinhuh a pormaneui umoj ' i whicli naturchaHilouo her h
cannot now he ohtaincd exe pt at cxurMtntit fato f n Week or two to come. Senator Oajrc introdueod t0 hlewt vf wI Wl frliull! (( I)proIirirU0(1 to xhe swindled hi creditors yo wor?e and wows Dcnoon j MlHlnlIil1 0IHiWIIIcnt
interest and the taWUincrea.inj: month hv month in hill In Ihe Senate In relation to the l'nrifio rnnd I j. niic Slrt rtll C(IUI. 0 The onlvohWtlon 1 have
That there 1 umc reafnti In the.-o forehodlnt: there I mid one ha. been Inlrnduced In tho Initio lmvitg I-" j u ontITly oftaxatlutn hcMdct makhi- ample prnln- ir ! iUmhC Knn-ion! hat Iti tin. world U tho tlU ;.lll(ir:r . wnti lh(1 h
cm he no donhthni that anvtlnny liken general ve- 1l- olject n nmre. Southern route than the utio i'w . ion for educational purpos The resolution con- world coming to? Well well I a ftrttf n lntVed- ( ColuIlWa itvrt!n cUl
ulMon can occur 1m impose. The whole thing i prnpood. ThW road nvin to ho tho all iihiortiliijr ' toinpJiltul tlitf nltefnrttc sections nit the raviileVouto I ah1 llt1 thcro ww yul Snll"'h K't '"k tlio t tI )lMtrltiof-f f
plain and frlmple.' Tne IuHiicm mercantile men do topic nndnlUeem to concur In the opinion tlmt we j tn ((? ivpvod iVonl locution mid the proceeds re- 1icrkv. ! what N won? Mc niy ho it Intirttaii-1 ttlimivnt toallow v
pend ultimately on the producer- the iigrlenlttiral limn If politic secure thU route through our State. au( bv ft fllfl uf f bv n!eetiiti? to hv uppropriat- lctl uV0I'.v tln.v- A diipatcd felh-w 9 youu Snip J Iir..t.iwli W1
..!.. ..r .i wi. ...1 -...i :... tlMiwt..n n.l.livwfil the cltiena of Att-tin on ...i .. .i ' .i. 1.....11...- .1..1.. w foil and thev Hhnnr thidridiouUWs when hU tlatile " n.i.m.i mm.
overheard urged ngalimt
ten plod uc 0 waa gotten
10 hotter oil' than heforo
futility of thit objection
wai too apparent to allow of its receiving any atten-
tion Among practical men. Why. indeed if thia U
-""; -v .. y . . 1'iFUMuni'i iHi'i-iiuiiuti iiiu-ii iiiFji3'u h1""1 "lu v-" "- - cu m iuv jphj uiviu m uiu iiui'imiuii uiui.( vi t tlio cao have Irliiitei (Hi the C'ulorndii from a (lis
m: rvldcncca of improvement in this county nr produce hrlng a good price the whole country U Saturday .it upon the condition of What M.e mtt Mlno rcKIar priciJ WollM l(0 UUoiiiltf rlt N mentioned. You had hotter not go near him - ()x v mj0H fthvava uc.HUtwj . ' .
continuallyociuringi Among.thcm wehearnf anew prosperous and when the contiaryN theca-ea do- wni what she is nnd It the lVlfle road U hullf u j. Kd ovedliurs might tike It tu pay. " will contaminate on. Anddout e-peciully lor rottmt( Comnl)a .jr Vhtriment?' The ohlectlou
townpiojectcdonthoSanl!ernardMtncnvorHx!preli.niiV.tinpiopnrtion. Xow for the present wliat she will he. Ills speech waMtno of hU happl ieU t)f tlV(jP Hehtft if no d!p(ned( Tho conoid H'U loc of mercy give hhn helping hand lie .l4tlrcl- a ti-ment of tlio lnml imit ttnt tl
mllcii from Urazoria to ho called McchanicavSllc. It ; year there U no vuch thing as a general failure ol ct eilnrts and elicited fmpitmt applause. You know mlio (f 0 ieMllu1iull WM ina(j0 lIlv .pial order "t nul U lwHti:ivl. JTtejf do wonder that r ?"JJVi 1 '. li 1 ! r! 1. 7
iln good name if Appropriate nnd otic that will In- j crops nor i the.o a prospect of produce of any kind that about HiIb htUtude old Sam has a god tnltny f fie (1;n. ftl. I1xU aRllirdllV Ilt whHl lUQ x vmei Mi-n ISlank will speak to him. Oh 1 Snipon Snip- ih. 1. J wn hV 7?h ' .
fufcprosiH.-rUy. Wo know of no better rttl.cns of being a ding in the market. Cotton to bo ure is aequalntuiieeho can't forget Ids attempt tore- ft wnPln h-.mi0ii. are a deguulcd chaiacterl j 'J- y .l im ' nmopo.
ilaco tnftii lmiusirioitfl luecuantcs. success 10 not fonminoam ns it was nisr year um .me cron inovj too arcniews irom jvomio mm ui.-iuv uaiu Amiin i iriiv. ami i'i:i evening una a 0:111 Hie ii N.v "ioer uonga o;o. n4 mvy vwu v . 1 in 1 . .
any r
of last 5 tar was very Urge and tho demand f ir it j tilings aio told of tho old General nsto his wiyhigs
157 Wo were pleased to meet Gov. Tense in town
laat week on his return from a bupiness trip to An.
was good. The natural etrect was to turn tho cur
rent of speculation Into thi.s channel nnd the result
tin. Wo understand that it is his Intention tont-'U Arasa largo propoilion of the old ctorfk
tend tho District Court iti this county and then leave
forft two years nt least residence In Austin. If he
Is pleased with tho place wc are much mistaken If ho
does not rchhlo there fur u longer time.
'I3f- lltooflhdal voto lor Governor nnd Lieut
(iovem6r wa countcil in Austin week before last
nnd the following result was declared. Vor Govern-
or: K M; Pease 13001 ; W. It. Ochiltree 0178.
Geo. T. Wood 5083; L. 1). Evans -1007; Tho
.1. Chambers 2419 ; J. W. I)nnceyfllG. Scatter-
ing J00. For Lieut. Governor: Daid O. Dickson
14215; J. U. Kobcrtson C898; d. E. Kirhy. D-
P67; W.O. Henry 4823; llichard A. Goode 885.
Total for Governor 00152 which may probably be
considered the voting population of tho State at tho
time' of the election.
The Good Time Coming has come and the gay
pcaaon fairly opened In this our delightful little town.
Qn'Wednbsday evening Ian it was usdierred in by
ono of tho pleaantest of pleasant parties nt tho Ma-
ponlo Hall. Wc were there to sec and bo seen. We
adopt General CmsarV famous paying in part. We
went wo saw and left. Those present were enjoy-
ing themselves entirely. Tho voice ot gayety and
the ringing laugh was heard above the sound of the
muiiie and dancing feet kept time nud pace with the
joyous spirits of tho company. Wo understand that
these parties wilt bo frequent until tho next 4th of
July If not longer.
ftT" What a difference there is m people in the
qulckpcss of preemption of nn idea. Wo note it es tho reading of different individual?. You
are reading a newspaper; joncomo across a para-
graph that seems to you to be vastly funny you hand
it to somebody "sitting near euro of his enjoying it
with you. Ho reads it slowly to the end and tecs
no Joke. You snatch tho paper from hhn and read
tlio paragraph to him. lie sees that he is expected
to laugh and ho laughs but evidently without know-
ing why. You endeavor to explain. 'Alas for him
wvlio drops a joke and picks it up again." His dull
nes's ditguMs you nnd yon feel liko beating him for
Ids stupidity. Moral. Don't wu&to your wit upon
a Hollander.
left unconsumed. Hence the depression In price ot
till staple. Hut the Incoming crop is less than that
of last year nnd this will l.nvo 11 tendency to equal
ic the demand and supply nnd there is good reason
to suppose that the price will soon raise to some ex-
tent in proportion. IJut this is but ono of the pro.
ducts of the country. How is it with others?
ttrendttutfs generally have been produced in larger
quantities than heretofore and the present nnd pin
pective condition of European nfl'nirs lead us to sup.
pose that the demand for them will bo good not on-
ly uutll the present crop Is disposed of but for the
next crop as well. Tho 1 eult of this will be entire-
ly beneficial to all classes not only the producer buj
tho distributor at the expense of tho foreign con-
sumer. The same to some extent may be said of tho other
interests of the country Tho tobacco Interest for
itiatanceis in a sound nnd healthy state. The iron
interest and this is an Interest of no small impor-
tance wns never better. Iron in foreign markets has
lately advanced in pi ice and the present tendency N
still upward. Our tuaikct U governed ton great
extent by this. It will be readily seen that no harm
can result from this to denlcis in this article except
In the event only of largo contracts to supply tho ar-
ticle being on hand. Again the shipping interest
wad never in a better condition. Eicighlb arc high
comparatively and tonnage in demand. The produce
of sugar depends upon the home market nnd thig
and doings in das gone by. Ho offered to compro
mise tho mutter with them in hi speech nnd Midf
If hi? policy wns not a weo one it had at leat prov.
ed a lucky one and ho thought the pn-t should be
forgotten so far ut least its alldllfon noes were eon.
There were a tlttniber of I.lpans In last week who
held a talk with Generals llouton and Hu-k. To
mo (! rccno wa a novel and interesting ono diet-
ed as they were In full Indian costume nnd painted
in a variety of singular nnd fantastic ways. I could
casilj imagine their appearance in the limo of war
and felt an inclination e en while looking nt them
to put my hand on my head to save my scalp. A
remark of one of the old chiefs indicated very plain.
ly how deeplj the "poor Indian11 feels his situation1
and his utter inability to cope with the "pale faces.'
Something said hy Houston or lluk probably in
refcicticu to their being settled somewhere Xorth of
their piesent homes elicited tho following lemurk
uOur whito hrcthcrii say go n little further and
we go but they come after us nnd say go a little
further all tho lime. When wo alt go to tho
ureal Spirit the white man will come and tell the In-
dian he wants more room ; and tho Indian will have
no rest for it will be it little further Xorth all the
There is a deep interest felt by mauy members of
tho Legislature relative to thu quieting of land ti-
tles. 1 should for nuo bo pci fccHy willing to scon
general law passed having for its object a final set-
clement of this matter. If the State should relin
quish all her rights in laud claimed in various ways
commencement of a series to he given by the Messrs.
Chcccuiju I wits "a" looker mi nt Venice1' and
amused to see grave legislators (the ttciifltu was folly
represented.) making their feet tly chatting and
promenading with tin girls n it' their heads were
in. 1 lilted with wNdonti and the sitfety of tlio State
ami her institutions did not lift upon their sltoul
The wrnlhcr hn been truly delightful for three
weeks past though htt week we did have a wah-
ingiain. We hear bad report- from the coast reh-
to yellow fever and 1 expect ttiuy tire for the most
part true. God grant that the pestilence may soon
be stayed for upon our coait It has already laid a
hcavy'haiid. 11. O.
ilmtulir Al.:.1 Jei.Mn W living "far beyond hi l'i1 mm mnde imvlgnWo I Jlut It Mid tl.nt tl.o
ii.vnne. ntnl Hint l.o III m. doubt burtt up bih.ii. 'nl cnmiot W i.h.Io imrijp.Uo for MwimbiMrta.
l.iivutlllii8..uknur thty m..v lc bus Mniie-l l't IOt.1i.mld bea.wwMred il .lmll bo .. so;
failed i.ntln.rr 1W Jenkins be wnsa good fcllow " " w !lavu1 0 1lnl "B 1iraB"9 r"cF P.H. H(
i-..i tlillik nnd tt In too bad. Yon rail upon bin.- S ."'l"" f" tlmt kind nivittli con.plytlon .
f....n. u ....111... .n.i 1 w. oltbltwork? J5y no maiiiivr ul iiit-niii lluttU
-.."... ' I.- ... r ...... .n vii. .. I- "
You wonder at it and put hhn down ns n hypocrite
of the rtrt water! You at last find however that
canal will work. It fe said that mud Hat at the west
end of tho Hay will iumedu the navigation. Innn.
depends to n great extent upon the prosperity of the I uV OUP 0Jd settlers it would have a beneficial effect
produce of other staple articles and the price of j n nuiru Ways than one particular v in inducing em-
labor. Tor if the laborer gets lemuncrntlng wages j 'ration to the country which will not como in so
37" The following is a lUt of the sugar plar.ta-
tions and tho probable crops of this year in this coun
ty wo clip it from the Xtirs of last week one o(.
whoso editors D. ltichardon Iq. has obtained it
bv visiting all tho places in the County.
V. D. C. Hall i00
it is easy to see that lie will bo tho moro ready to
liisburse his earningsfor necessities or luxuries. And
at the present time labor is worth more thau ever
before. Indeed thoeommou workmen outhuNorth-
ern Railroads receive from thirty to forty per cent
more than they have dono for ears past. And be
sides the price of sugar ought to lmen tendency
lung as land speculators and locators hold litigation
oer the heads id' thu Id settlers. It is a tyattcr
f perfect astonishment to me that while tho legMa
tuio has always been ready lo give to every Indi-
iilual who applied for relief all that ho wanted it
lias never jet been willing to relievo the citiens ot
tho State in a general manner by quieting the H
upwards for another reason. It is well kmmn that ti. til0V l.fiv.. tiitlmlrlniuL ntUxlt r. ... ti.
tho demand in this country exceeds hy far the sup-1 St.Uo o TcXa- u illtcrt.bUl(l(ir uonconicd. The State
ply irom our own producers. J.arge siiqimenis aie
"Win. Sharp u 450
II. G. Itunnols i00
It. J. Townes 150
D.G.Mills up'rplacoOUO
u lower place COO
Gen. Hamilton GOO
8.8. Perry (2 places) 400
Mrs. AV. II. Wharton 200
J. Hates 150
A. Winston 150
Mr. Hanton 00
Mr. Yoiscr CO
Jordan & McNeill 100
A. K. Wcstall 200
A. Jaksou 175
0. P. Sayro
Morgan 1- Smith
(J. II. Pattnn
1. T. Tinsly
W. Manor
T. K. Mark
J. P. Caldwell
Sterling McNeill
Mrs. Cahet
.Mrs. Minis
T. C. Hell
J. K. Wilson
Dr. Stilton 75
Mr. Ho wo 125
J. G. McNeill 250
alwavs made from the West India Islands to tho LT.
States Hut there is reason to suppose that the
West India sugar crop will be a shoi t one tills year.
Many circumstance lead to this conclusion and
prominent mining them has been the ptcvalcncoof
epidemics during the past season in the sugar grow-
ing islands.
Hut in addition to all theso causes why no unfor-
tunate crisis in commercial affairs need bo apprehend-
ed is the enormous influx of specie from California
mines. This iutlux amounts to no less than from
3 j $1000000 to $0000000 per month. And this has
"j : been and is still going on with haidl an appreciable
150 ' depieciation in their relative ahie. Tho cause of this
fiOO t maiutainanco of relative value of the precious metal
75 to so great an oxtent contrary to the expectations
l of the prophets we havo not time nor U it requis
ito to enquire into. It is sufficient that It is fortnn-
ato that it is so.
Here then we have every reason to believe that
tho apparently threatened crisis will not occur and
that the present stringency will soon pa away.
And although there has been and may continue to
bo here and there a failure such a thing nsgcueiiq
failures is by no means tc be anticipated. Theso fail-
ures aie no doubt caused by injudicious speculations.
And tho very fact that they ha e not become the nu-
cleas of a whirlpool is proof oi the real soundness of
has nothing to lose by such a course but everything
to gain.
A bill has been introduced Into tlio houso hy Mr
Palmer of Harris the prhmlpto feature oi which is
to set apart two millions of the live per cent bond
now in tho treasury ns a permanent school fund
the principle to be loaned to railroad companies and
the interest to bo devoted to educational purposes.
Thecommittee on Kducation to which the bill has
been retertd have not yeft reported upon it. There
are seeral other bills of a similar character in the
Mr. HHey of IlnrrU introduced on Monday last a
ulunKt.illinl ll !j ti...1 1..1.K t .!. t .
thry are n.Wtnkvn. Hut ul.o In tbe name of food- "" " " ""' " '"' " "'"' ' "
..J urc they I All I Unit In tl.c .nictlin nnd wc rOjcr Crock U now .elllng througl tho cmnl
IctV tlio world to iimwer It. Mnr.. Imd It tbnttbey I nml 11 w;ok "' I"-'1' Wftter in tle 0r--'k will mnko ft
ii' Uiimor will n tlu.UM.nd tongues nnd n lonn tlmt "0'1 ? tl.r..MSl. the Hat. Why tho
beennw lllllhlt.'lv nmglilltal nud ctntnly i-olonil """1 H l lie liHlilcrtkHid ol Mdlmoiit nud will Slant
... nll'iili llillli illlppnlit lit-. i... .1 .1...i l.-t
t3!t Wn linvo n mm nf n Hill Iin4 linnti hi nt I'V.TV SttMi of I iO OlO-'rCSS. Jlllt WllO arc tllCV i V v "v " .m.....h uu.i. nuu
.. fi 1 :.....'. 1... it n . i...-..d. t....i ..' ..... i! i...r.. Or If tliuv thcr objector says the wave-caused by the pad-
llt'UUvX'll Mil" IHU JiUHPU !! Jll'lll v-M.IllU v'rt" UI III I AW.ll l.liifciiNvT -vi -miJ i .v ..v . v. . ..-. - - -
1... 1 i.i.. r... .. 1. 1 .1..1.I iA ..n .rf .l.kt.itMirfiiiit 1l.1t lll wheels of the Htwuiiboat will wash the sides of
JA'lXIMUUirCt III IHJV(IU HU ll SMVIII OI IUIIIIUUM lllv uivm mihv hiw imhiv 1 ii" o -
Schools for our State and also one to provide for
the construction of the Mississippi and i'aoilio Hall.
Uoad neither of which have We had tlmo to read as
yet No action ha been had on them.
AVitminstkii Hcvir.w fur Oct. American Reprint t
AVw Yor& L Scott & Co
Art I. Iteligion in Italy. 2. The progress of Fie
lion as an art. 5. Partnership with limited liabili-
ty. 4. The Hook of Job. fi. School claims of
guages Ancient and Modern. 0. Herman Mysti-
cism In the 17th century. 7. The Universal PoMif
laic. 8 The progrcs of Hussia. 010 II : 12.
Contemporary Literature of England America Her-
many and France. Scarcely one of tho above sub-
jects but is Fuggcsthe of thought at the first glance.
They are such as in his Ic'iMiro moment every one i
glad to inform himself upon nud such as well writ-
ten essays upon arc certain to supply good material
'or profitable reflection. Price of the KcViow $0. a
oa.l fur iiniol1. And v..u know It too. Yon Imtcn't ';'; T"uloi """C'lualmal with them.ture nftlie
fowllu.. how ou tried to trace up .lander tlmt t" "'""1:I' W.'eh "V'''""'.'1 ' '" lf;f"
nearly ..c! Nobody know where 'J tenser oh 1 9lntllet plv Indlcn....
.t wn fcWrcl What then n.ndo it m. enrrunt t- V ? U n U l 0 S "k'l kld "f c1" "' liu "1"111
Why simply a way people have of eagerly devour-
ing whatever is new. Jt is a passion with moat
people this desire for news. The lirst question ifkcd
on meeting nn acquaintance Is liwhat.& the news?1
Wehnmiil gest a slight rumination for u short
time on facts or at any rate a cultivation of the fac-
ulty of diacrotton among people at large. Look be.
hind the speech for the motive and consider our
own character before you retail goaMp. They SaVM
Away with ''they I" Cut them oil. Get clear of
them. Let us have done with "icy Miy." It is
tiseles-! nud wmse than u-elcs
n tho world and u short exposure to theatmosphero
rendei it almost as solid as rock. I never heard
this objection urged by any one who has seen tho
bet the canal and the railroad be urged on with
all spirit. Together they nrc just what f c Colore'
do valley wants they are what tta Hrazos valley
wants and they are what Galveston wants.
yours truly
irUm AVc understand that at tho Court now com-
mencing its somom in this county seveial civil suits
of great magnitude and importance will be oointiiclic
cdi Among others It is -aid that the tiltl Motiroe
IM ward's case will be revivedi If so a large amount
of personal properly will be involved) nud the sui
The following parngicph and remarks should have I
been inserted in our last week's paper. Tho omis
sion was inadvertent. The letter of Mr. Hiown will j will prove to bo one of great Interest and attraction.
be remembered a. appealing tn the lust number. j-p. TJ0 Vti 1110111" LegMattiro'luivo elected ft
"A writer m tl.o CoHunUia JHmocmt urn uitunii . Democratic CnHeriior Lieut. Hovcrtior mid Secreta
ry of Start.'. There mo now but two of the thirty-
one States of the Unii'ii which hnVe Whig governors.
The follow iug me the standing comlliiilecs of the'
Cth l.etfil.tture of Tvxuc
Sknaii: Committee on the dodleinry M chops
Wo find in tho State littxtttc of the Sth Inst a full
teport of tho speech of this distinguished gentleman
delivered on tho occasion of a ll.irbccue given in his
honor at that place on the tth lust. It will be te.
memheivd that he visits Austin on his return from
bill contemplating the relinquishment by the State "H exploring expedition to spy out tho country
ltf' The South YYe-tern Amcrtcariy printed a
Austin luw been re-christened and in tutiire is to be
known as the Texas. State Thnc published tri-week
of all her title to a leiguo and labor of land to each
iudiudual holding the same in tho "border let '
together witli a relinquishment of all right in nl
grants made in AustiuV colony. J sincerely hope
thi bill may pos hut there are strong iudicatioiih or
opotfiiion t tho hill and I reckon there will bo a
hard fight over It
Gov. Pease is in tho city looking In liU usual gwid
health and receiving tho congratulations of Ids nu.
ineroiis friends. We are all waiting paticntlv until
his inauguration for wo havo a great desire to see
his menage.
The health of Austin Is excellent ut this time.
I hear of no ono sick in tho city. FIuo people in
this region hutdepornto1y In la vor of accumulating.
When I next write I hope we shall have gotten into
tho now Capitol. Yours 1V0. II. (J.
to be Mr. iJugnld MrFiiihiud one of the oldot sel-
j nn v MTnns i.rtr.tikur Mi:KVOEn tor govern- tiers ot Tvxns h publishing an interesting HUM niti-
bei Ihttfaloi Jctfctt) Thomas cC Co able chronological table of events in the history of
This is the first number of this interesting mouth- Texas from its discovery in 1158.1 to the present
1 1.1 1 f iiit time. There aio u lew errors in (ho mmib.M w
ly wo have had the ileasureof seeing. In looking Uvtf m.Uu w l( b(l ()aU h1 (m.tMm! in.
it over wo are agtecably surprised lo iind it ii led t.u!enu emitted that shmdd have been inserted yet
with so great a variety of excellent rending matter ! there are iiImi ery many fact brought out nut hcte-
Imtli iirirrtiiiil nml vi-Im-Ip.!. t t oniulitntcil liv Ar ' tofoi'C liUhllhed III UllV tumi.
f " . " ' 1. ' .....- .. .. "... .1.1 MV.l 1 II l. t vj.-i 1 .. 11.. .1 ..t ii.:.. L... .
Clement rn. well known as a good writer both .f I . l P-; y- !V-""V "' ' ? 1 1 '" 1 ri . ' 1 .1 V V 1 i i-Ti ' l
J' h 'stage ot action placing their knowledge ot hitorl I viele Martin l.vtle lVdigo and Hill.
prose and poetry and as a monthly MagaJiic f"' ral tacts on paper that they may be pi served 1 but1 Coinmittee on Finance. Mi-wrs. Seott IJryonr.d-
general rending W equal if not superior to tunny ol t(M fuW lmu done m. .Much ot onr early history ; wards trim borough hitaker Weatlieriord and
its metropolitan (otcinporaric of greater pretcn Ini" thu- bet-li lust already and moie will be. 'o Kyle.
slons. ltesides thisthelow piice of tho Messenger Mm of thi State ; ueml be a-hamed of its l.istory ; Coinmittn on the Militht.-Messrs llurke New-
... fc .. . if. t on the contuiry it t rep etc with events ol startling ' man WiirM McAucIlv Uhitaker bupcmvlo and
will recom.ncnd it to many. Mi0 -per year or ve ni& n IH We f iipill.ciing the actions ot uiilici foul.
copies spj. lake tt and blame us if ou dont like . ft nob tfi 1 ttm hao.Hable poi ide iuthowihUi CommitK-o on Public IjumIn Mesrn .lower.
.a I ..... .. . .. I ...! I...... 1 .. .. l'..... II II II. t .1 . I 11 .. .. I ....
01 aioieign j40eniiiiem 000 wncn wnuni o n ' r-cou 11001100 neenao -icj'mie iioeii anu nn
competent hand will torm one of the most valued ; strong.
and thrilling ulmnes in the chronh-lcs of tho new' I'oimiiiltcc mi State Atfalr. Mes.-ts. Huge llill
woild.M l'edign luit McAneli Millieau and Scott.
We copv the above from the Indianola JlulletinA Commitiee 1 11 Imiuin Aliaii. MtspjN Doaiic
. 1 1 . . . r i1(Wrt . ... . Durst. Kill. Niblett Allen W mi nud Newman.
It is ui 0 to the author ol tliese sene o 1 1 pe to .. ... . .. . .
. ..nil Committee 011 l.ducntioii.-Mur. Holland Hart
state that no doubt many ot the mistake- alluded (;nillt N.a t(U.0IIjjiu Kalian J l(v. m MeAnelly.
to have aren from the eanlessuess of the cmpos-' u mmittce . 11 the -Mesi. Mil.ilan.
itor nnd proof render the nutlmr living at t w o meat N'c" 01.111 W uvtlicrfurd Martin cai borough Pedigo
.. .1:.. 1. ..i- i.i. ..... ::... i .......i .1 limn imiKs.
IV UIIIIII tu ll I'Uliilli- U III" lvP'iij niu j'Hivn rmiir- I
'I'lie.spLicti of 'cu. ICtitkat .luvtliw
through wlncli the proposed Southern touto of the
.. . . rr.i1Bilt .. 1 A . ' . .. ! Ctmmuttee on internal improvements. Messrs.
Pacific Kailroad is to run. I hopceWi is charccte.r- The publication of the -Index' lias been suspended I WllIf 0 Ml.lM(l AnclI dwa.d- J.Mle Hart
ized with his wonted ability and usual sound sens. . t;r a pur t-ItIK. t0 l0 SvXmi iUncsb of the 1 Millieau ami Keeiian.
Wo wish wo had rootn for it entire but must con" writer. We nro hnoov to leain. however that he i i Commiitve on I'nvelcgeand Elections. Mcwrs
tentoorsciveswitha very brief uotico of soino oni5COIvaWet(uid will soon be able to resume Id-! uU Wi WMtuker Mi-Aiiillj HurU- Mai tin and
lolntsV iuterestiug and teally valuable contrihutionf. HP tvimnitlee on Counties and Countv Iloundarics.-
Ho first alludes in a happy exor.lmm to tho has been urged to publUh these umiiiisccuccs in the; Mcsis. MciJadc Woaue Scott Wicn and Hill.
53?" It is generally supposed that thcro is a road
leading Irom Columbia to Hrazoria ou or near the
river bank. Candor leads us to say that tho above
utinpositlon is partially correct but equal Justice cum
Iels us to declare tlint whoever undertakes h travel j IP iIlttroftls with w hich they were connected. roan in mo wuuo.u oav.og n.b uiu ...sur- t niHV lfC WV W0) cliUlJ ft roUhtrv liaper
ed is running a risk that he lias no right to run nn-1 ftVej nb jt wcrCi jnlo wiat w onI( moro Iirop-
less ho is an old bachelor and tree fr..m debts. Stir cHv WoIg t() mu. (.otcmporoi.ics (r Inl.g0 .
vyors please notice. A special Edict with aver- Wct i the first place we do it to please our readers
inUion border! wjI0 arc jntcrC5ted in these matters and in tho see-
RT" In a large nnd xery excellent list of Xorth' nd place to please ourselves who would williuglv
em exchanges wo noto tho Cincinnati Dollar cek wc tA interested as they.
ly Titntt as a paper in cory way of the first class.
Is filled with a greaty variety of good matter and
lain fact ono of tho best family Vupt-'W 1" l'ie "Wet.
It has recently como out in a new and beautiful dress
nnd looks as nice as 11 new dollar for which its pub
H-dicrs nro ready and willing to exchange It copy for
copy at anyjhne.
fcST" Those who were not present at the exhibition
- f Tl.iPonl'd Sihnnl in itn7.nrm mt iiiursuav . . ..! i i. .. 1 . ..1 . .. ...I. ;i .
iit ium. i'" " - 1 rj we unserve inai jiaj. w n. ceurrv nas ne-' ng out 01 me piuicipai i i.iiuuiw cunipanied wun
night missed a treatsuctias is varen n rmuij 10 ttfcMK.att.a m J. Umni.tou i-f tho State such safe-guauU thrown around the fund as to make
bo enjoyed in this or any other country uioocca- GazcttCi yAtrmh' knows Mid. Scurry to bo a the loan pertectly safe. It proposes to loan to anv
Ami: Xov. i:)(l isdh.
Dear Cutshing : f)ur Legislative bodies are plod-
ding along 111 lh) same old way though one might
reaMin.'ibly expect that their legislative speed would
ho a milo a minute if the railroad mania might be
taken a a ciileriau hy which to Judge. The friends
uf education are active and there are sundry bilk
before the House in rehition to tlio subject. The
early history of tho State and rejoices to see many
of the actors In tho stirring times when Texas was
won by Tosans from its semi-barbHrotis fillers and
barbarous poscsnrs. He then goes on to re-capit-idate
somewhat his oouro while he has acted in the
capacity of Senator in the United States Congress
nud then enters upon tho subject proper ofhlsdis
coursp which is th Pacific Ila'droad Ho remark
that Itailruads are the must potent means tor devel-
oping the resources of a country. And they are more
needed in this our own State thau any other coun-
try in the world. The schema of the Pacific Hail-
road has come from being a subject on which letter
writers nnd fancy orators might exercise their imag-
ination to be considered one ofluuuedinfo praotica
bility and one of immense importance. The South-
ern route i given up to be tho very best that can be
found. The excitement on the subject of !( ii'n-
htruetionis immense. All we need i energy. We
11111-t work and wo shall secure the road through
our own State. The route through Texa has the
orm of u l-umphlct or book or amplify them to an Committee on t'uiinis and Accounts. J esrs
arithmetic and complete history. Whether ho will Wll'n' Tr (Inin1l.i iumI I"UV!'
. . . n w . . 1 ii ( ommituo ni hngrosftcu Hills Messrs. Jirynii.
do so or not we cannot tell. At any rate wc shall ; CJuIIl mi -uVxVt b J "
gladly receive and forward to him notltigs oferioi; CumniiMeeon Kniolled Hill- Me-srs. Sublcit
that may be detected in the matter 11s it appears in ' Paschal and Lule. (
the Democrat. Kverv one knows how hnpo-ibh It i jmmtUe on Public Debt. Messrs. 'laylor; fclth
. . t .. 1 :... if :. . . . r .1 Metl .lowers Halt McDade Scotl ami Potter
is for one man by nun 1 in co.npo.mns . . M(. (l
nature to attain to absolute periectlon in date and 1o t)0 Comiimuctin Piixeksaitd LUctions.
inciilent though he may hao been oe witness uf! Unuoi:. CoiumlUe on the ludlclnry. Messrs.
everv -eeno described. 1 I'liiuklui Doole.v Ihtll Moore ol P Iravis Wile
In another column will bo found a communication ! .Mnve.-ick Lrosl.y outicss l aluur .Mat-
iaro ano jci-m .
1. Wo ui;h viiti 1 find liiel; lii'titlit't Jitit.t. hum
hone vou will eniov a luuir and haimv life. You are I ".ininitteo "" i:dKlnn have a bill in their charge
aphilosopher and are bound to keep cool and oui; whiuh contemplates if the Legislature should set advantage in every point of view and particularly
around. Mav uii live n bundled vour! apart two million of the five per cent bonds now in I military. This last is the only reas.m that will iu-
' Ll "1 1 the Treasury a n permadent school lund tho loan-1 duco tho V. S. government to aid tho work. The
natural facilities nro ahuudant wood water and
evervthing cle. Tho country is level.
Hut wo must find capital for our rall-roid enter.
from Mr. Ihown edltorot the IhUlettn refining to
some of thee errors. Mr. Hrowu has been long in
Te:m Ids father having landed in this town in 1821
and died In this neighborhood ten year? after. Wc
are grateful ti) him for Ins communication nud we
know 'Iugald" well enough to feci assured of hi-.
sharing this feeling with us.
piOn was that of tho closing t the session. A 3 Iinti j Krnecfui vrilor mid a tlucul ppculcer. ilo is an as- road four thouj-andlullai's per mile at 0 per cent ! priesont of this stnte it is opcos-ary therefore to!
not tho pleasure of being present at the examination .j Inftn ((m rrfl Ior Congress hist Summer and j provided titty miles of the load is built belore any . make friends of rail-road capitalists. Tlio road must
during tho day but from tho testiuqmy ot nil vli( j c..tltl0 itliin one of leiM olooted. Like a sensible ' money N drawn tho State taking a mortgage on the bo so constructed as to accommodate them. The
were thcro it must hnve been in over) rcsptci initr- mm jl0 iciioVt.h n hoiking up and has become an roail together with the land which may be granted plan proposed by the General is that tho state of Tex.
t-tiug to tho observer as well as gratifying to the jvlpltur may ho wove! to the company by the State. J am somowhat ' ns should stipulato that tho road should commenco
parent nnd teacher. HuUho evening exercWes wo
can answer for. Tho easo ami grace wmi which
the children performed their parts the excellency of
their articulation and tlio propriety of all theirmuvc-
merits on the stage together with tho perfectness or
2i"Tho time now tixed by tho second advent
people for the destruction of tho World is tho PJth
ot May 1854. Wo well remember tho excitement
caused by Miller and his disciples mhiio ten or twelve
loubtiul us to the policy of this measure though uir j ?.ml) of some p.unt to be dc-dguntcd mi lied Ulvcr
their preparation was such as to elicit tho fre-' years ago. Tho day was then set upon thoSUdof
quent npptnuso of tho audience. J lie Oosiamations
of tlio boys of eight ten twelve and fourteen years
of ago might well bo taken as models by many an
older scholar by many a man in fact whoso profes.
(don is public speaking. It was indeed a delightful
scene ono that wo would go far to sco again. After
tho exhibition tho festivities of tho occasion wore
prolonged ton lato hour with dancing to tho feet-
Miring music of Mayor Ahrens nnd with such social
intercourse as the good people of Urazorhi know so
pell iiyJjL'iyL-
VVT No" mall hist week from above San Fellppe
Cause high water In Mill Creek. Hy advices nt
the hands of travelers we have AuMin dates to the
old Tho Legislature wo busily at work.ond from
thu number 01 bills Introduced and referred wo nro
led to believe that tho cession will bo a long one.
J53" The way $omo of our cotempornries mW In
the and tho HV in their writings is a caution.
Ilio oditor and tho individual aro in a constant clash.
Notice flndobfcrvel
pir Is there or is thcro not at the present time.
a war between Un-wa nnd Turkey? A mwer bv
mlttnlns and stcaMi nnd dont enquire of stock
May 1813 Mauy a time have wo heard ilug out
upon tlio still air of night and tho song bwelllug
from a thousand throats.
"Eighteen hundred furty-thrve
Will be a year of Jub lee."
Wo wonder if the song may be altered to
In eighteen hundred fifty-four
Tho fools will rave ns they did before.
"Wo well remember tho preparation of tho ucen-
sion robes and the curious notions connected there-
with. At tho lime appointed tlio poor lunatics ns.
sembled in church yards and other places appropri-
ate. At ono of these gatherings n lady who had a
dozen children wluwo mental and moral culture had
been neglected to somo extent was determined nt
tho hut to make amends for her neglect. So when
her robo was made sho had appended to it a doeu
strong cords. On being asked what was the design
of this improvement she replied They are for my
children. When I ascend they shall go up with met
57" The ljigrnng Monument t speaking of Judge
Towucs who is taking the jdaco of Judge llaucock
fays that he not only makes a very good Judge but
is personally very popular ainongthciueinbcrs of the
dcr the provUhms of the bill it is likely the Stato
would be perfectly secure. As longns thu money Is
hi thu Treasury just so long will there ben fight
for it nud if there U no probability of our retain.
Ing tho fund as it is note invested and we shall haee
to loan it out probably we might as well let railroad ft
have it.
A bill was introduced into the Scnatoto rcjieal an
act paying to tho owner of any tl.ivo that might be
executed 0110 half his vnluj Tho Senate uUely
concluded that the law was neccsmry and refused
to entertain tho Idea of repeal.
There is a discretion and wisdom displayed upou
tho part of tho friends of quieting land tttkn that
J am glad to see and tlmugh I have no Idea that any
bjll having such an object can be passed ulthnut pru-
moting cuiitidcrablo discussion yet I do sincerely
hopo tlmt wc may be enabled to cllect something
not only of benefit of our peculiar or particular sec-
tion but something that may bo acceptable ami ben.
cfieia! lo every pan of tho State. Were I to con.
1 suit my feeling upou this subject 1 should introduce
a hill so comprehensive hi its character as tu cover
all old claims and though individuals might eulfo
from the pawigo of such a law 1 believe that tbc
&tato would bo benefitted beyond calculation wpie
she rid of this perplcxlu; subject. Such 11 bill how.
m'oi fmi1.1 nftt nnii (Vita T .nri.JittitM nml uta inn at.
content uuralvcs with m hut we cau got bclicrinV' c
and run thence to El. Paso and that It should make
grants of twenty section-to the mile to tho roadt
HrNTsvn.LE Texas Xov 12th. .A heavy whlto frost has made
lis appearance nt last and there is now no dread of
the yellow fever. Although our town has made its
ocape yet our neighoring villngo Cincinnati ha not
been looked over by tho fatal disease. ThN place
U situated on the Wet bank of the Trinity about
twelve miles from Iluutsille and contains 7o or 100
inhabitantsnpd fnan this number n'lont 15 have been
taken oil' by the yellow finer the most of whom
were the oldest sellers of the country though all aro
well nt present and enjoying line health both here
and there and i-J-intliere about. Nothing cxtraor.
dinary going on about here but wo are looking every
day when we shall havo something now as tho tel-
..1. .-....... -j Ii1a1m nh.'.l!nn I.!.-..... !..- Tl.n
... II 1 I .1(1 tH 111 I Ml V ' HI 1- I" UV III " 'VIMIUMI UvllU V I HI 1 1. 1 i II"-'
Th 3 propo-itUn seems fill v ample and is we think 17 ... . . . .
' 4 ' ' A Huntsvillo Devi came out todav In a new garb un-
opeu to 01 ect'oiw on account (tt tho large auionut . . . u .... .. . " .. .
1 ' ' ." dertlyuiLc.olors with head and tail up and nnmuzled
of and mentdned. It would amount to 10000. J
.. 1 .1 c-.-ii r A right sharp paper that. L. C). IL
squaro miles tor tho vholu length. Still l J
Husk goes on to say no man dure undertako to tel' rj- we miggcstod last week tho recent rains
tho advantage which would accrue to Texas by this )mVl) i:t(1 tj)C vywi t0 pndncj n rise in tho river of
road parsing through her border. TIiIk would
amount to only about one-tenth of public domain.
The other nine-tenths would of cuurse increase ex-
ceedingly In value.
What miy be dono hy our Legislature cannot yo
be told. Jt is certainly to bo hoped that it. will not
jet slip so great a prlr.e a- this would he were the
(ireat Pacitlo Hallway constructed through our
t-if" Tho Grand Jury of Fayette county as wo see
hy tho Monument bus pethmed tho Legislature for
more btrlugent lawstosupprcs ihe practice of gamb-
ling. Thev also make ugnestiniis that tho fact of n
Have going Into a house without an article and com-
ing out with it nnd rtec rcva prime face evidence
ot Illegal trading throwing tho onus of proving the
legality upon tho trader; ami also that the giving of
liquor to a slaVo should bo punlsbablo equally with
the selling of it. Theso suggestions aro useful if
I w
several feet and there is now doubtless a goodstag0
of water as high up as Washington.
FIf The Xew York papers are qnarrelling as to
which has tho largest circulation. Tho Herald
claims to have .12.000. The Time declares its cir
culation to bo over 23000 and that it is larger than
the circulation of the Herald the Sun claims that Its !
circulation 1 eleven t i ono of tho Herald and tli
y'ltfwfif will have it that Its circulation U larger
than that of any in Xcw York.
t-T" The cholera wc nro sorry to learn is raging
in Xew Orleans at tho present time. Tho city seems
nooincd iMicrme unpreccuemcii monniny irom
the yellow fever during tho past rrtiFou that it should
ho vMted so soon by another sweeping pestilence
seems an almost unheard of calamity. Perth Jns
already dccjtpitcd tho papulation and should (Ids
last pestilence rago malignantly tho caly must bo
greaUy depopulated.
On State Alf.drs. Messrs. Menifee Marshall Pur"
deu Ho'iuan HoberU Throekmoiiou Thorp Wil-
son and llurd.
On Finance Messrs. Fields White Adrian.
Hurke Turner of L. Holland Taylor totapp and
On Public Peht. Messrs. Charlton Hourland
C?uuiion Parson Slmw Menifci' Muvuticl; Wood
Turner oil;. Hell white anil rainier.
On Education. Messrs. l.andotph Svvearingen
Cone Cannon Holland Marshall Suns Laird Lov-
ing Ferris and Palmer.
On Laud Ollice. Meal's. Uourland Hogers Stroud
ThrtK'kmoiton Will MiCullucli Ditoley Hands and
On Puufm Ijmds. Mesrs. White Frnnkl'm Yta
tress Thorp Melton of X. Muckelroy. Wood of L.-
Moore of Wood and Laird '
On Public Printing. Messrs. Coilo A'ontress
I'ieldo Marshall and 'liavis.
On Privileges ami hlectlons Messrs. Jloru Jay-
IorCrawtord of V Moore of P. Muuckelroy Chail-'
ton and Crawford of Hexar.
On County Houndarics. Messrs. Turner of L.
Shaw Lining Wood of 0. Gaston Travis 'Hillings-
Iv. Witt audPulaiiy.
On Private Land Claims Messrs Humoy Whit-'
more Pardcu Pulany Wooten Laird Tait ILtylor-
Melton of X. Hirdweil Melton of 11. Hull and"
On Public Uuildings. Messrs. Hanks Stout Hart
Mellon of IL Edwards Hirdwell Daniel Collier
MuCulIoch Slallard ami Ferri-.
On PeiiHeuiiarv. Me-rs. Wiley Wil-on 'Moore
of W Wood of L Hoon Fowler and Sweariugeii
f)n Claims and Accounts. Mcsm. Italns Par
sons Daniel Stroud Hoon Drown Schleicher Cal-
vert and M0010 of W.
On internal Improvements. Meftsri Hall Dour-
land Sims liohmiu Hurke Turner of It1. Wnlkert
Swearingen. Iteiley Edwards Kingsbury lluntr
Crosby Hilling-dy and Loving.
Ou Eniolled Hills. Mcssrn Crawford of W.
Throp Dardeu Parsons Wldttnore Holland and
On Contingent Expenses. Messrs McCiillOcb-
Mallard Drown TIirockiiHtrton and Melton of X.
On Engrossed Hills.-Mcssrs. Speights Hurt Cone
Tftlor and Ljdav.
On FcdcrarHolatUuis Messrs. Itetley Horn Der-
ry Wiley Hunt Lewis Collier Mallard and Crosby.
kg" If everybody havo tint made np their mind
on the subject of "'Education" or if any body want
facts nnd arguments on that score we fhoulrt bo glad
to know Cr- We hold ourselves in readiness to go on
with n leader of nn indefinite length and ai (tedious
ns ever whenever tlje public rcqulrcjiit .ddro
the Editors (pofrt paid).
;k I
t '
i.) Ja
nor . ffl ap'.Oi0faiLv - " uufivjib dcii'Mh iiecucu j rwtmc.
tho father; "that qMuktwcU tr.wnatm"" U"m "r'
s f
-- '

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