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r«l'K — I'NMS DAILY NFWR — Friday Evening. February 4,
of Mr. and Mrs. J S. Kit eh-
Bardwell News
A 3 c Raymond Krajca, station*
ed at Ardmore Okla was a week-
end guest of his parents. Mr. and
Mrs Joe F Krajca of Bardwell
Mr and Mrs. J. E. Thompson
spent the week end in Odessa to
visit their .son-in-law and daughter
Mr. and Mrs Murry Spidell. and
.lister, ivirs. fSattiict* Anthony f.frr
J B Elder accompanied them to
Odessa end her daughter Mrs. Dee
Armstrong of Monahans met her
tjhere She will visit with them and
h*r son, Charlie Elder, and family
in Crane
Mrs Ella Chapman had ns Sun-
day visitors Mr. and Mrs, A. T.
Hale. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wil-
liams. Mrs. J. W Whiteside Mrs.
O L. Stewart, Miss Ella Jane Stew-
art and Billy Bob Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. W. T Pierre of En-
nis were Bardwell visitors Wednes-
day night.
Mrs. J. W Roach and daughter,
Miss Ruth Roach, of Waxahachie
spent Sunday at their home here.
Mrs. Roach was able to attend
church services for the first time
in months.
Miss Nettie Davis and Miss Ona
Davis were in Ennis Morning morn-
ing on business.
Mrs R L. Curbv of Waxahachie
Mr. and Mrs Burk Wheatley and
family of Buena Vista visited their
mother, Mrs. H. A Wheatley, on
her birthday, Friday in the home
of Mrs. Dick Wheatley.
Mr. and Mrs. L C. Ballard visit-
ed her parents at Athens. Sunday
Mrs. Albert Snipes of Dallas spent
Thursday night with her mother
Mrs Ells Chapman.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvy Collins and
daughter, Sharon. Mr. and Mrs.
Bud Watson and son. Jimmy, of
Dallas were Sunday dinner guests
of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. C I
Tucker, in Ennis.
Mr and Mrs B T Harris of
Waxahachie were Sunday visitors
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Williams
and Mrs Lillie Robinette.
Mr and Mrs. J. C. Shaw and son
Larry, of Austin visited her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J T Sutton, over the
week end. Mrs Shaw and Larry re-
mained for a longer visit.
Jack Wheatley and Mrs. H A
Wheatley visited Mrs. J VV Roach.
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. W. D Bozek left Monday for
a week's trip to Waco, Fdinburvj
and New Mexico
Mrs. P H Rn.-e returned to h< r
home last week d'e -]>*-■ ui.::! .sev-
eral weeks in the home o! her
son-in-law and daughter. Mr and
Mrs. W M Forston. due to an eye
Johnny Don Kendrick ■-pent the
week end in Plea*ar.' Ormc wnh
his parents Mr ••mi Mrs Janie-
Kendrick H.. fro nd Wess I iggr't
and Mr K aut:. k or urh! him
back ftuiida'. : m-iv
I guest
Mr and Mrs. Jesse Goodman and
family were in Grand Prairie Sun-
day to visit his mother. Mrs. J. F
Mrs Dnreene Ramsey visAted her
btother, W. O Dawson, in DeSoto
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Campbell of
Reagor Springs and Mrs. Earl
Hayes of WnXMhnchie spent Friday
with their brother-in-law and sis-
ter Mr and Mrs. Walter Williams.
Mr and Mrs. Alvy Collins and
daughter, Sharon, visited Mr. and
Mrs George Grammer and daugh-
ter, Dee Ann. in Ennis.
Rev. and Mrs Kenneth Wyatt had
as their guests during the week
end her parents of Wellington.
Mrs. O P. Cook and Mrs Henry
Shaw ol Ennis and Claude Cook of
Bristol were Sunday dinner guests
of Mr and Mr*. L C Cook and
son Larry
Kathy Tribble and Billy Otto
Tribble of Kernes spent Friday
with their grandparents. Mr and
Mrs.„W M Forston. while then-
parents. Rev. and Mrs. Thomas
Tribble shopped in Dallas.
Mr and Mrs. E B Hollabnugh of
Midlothian visited her daughter,
Mrs. Robert Underwood and fam-
ily Wednesday night.
Mr and Mrs. Bud Rogers and son
of Dallas and Watson Rogers of
Corsicana visited their parents, Mi-
ami Mrs. L. W. Rogers.
Claud Cook of Bristol spent the
week end with hi shrother. Mr. and
Mrs. I, C. Cook and son.
The WMA met Monday. 2 pm.
at the Baptist Church with nine
present. Mrs. O. J Hayes, presi-
dent . in charge. Mrs. 1 C Cook,
secretary, gave report. Opening
prayer was bv Mrs. J R. Splawn.
'Watching You" was sung. Mrs.
Joe Cummings gave the devotional.
Prayer by Mrs. I. W Rogers. The
lesson was 7th Chapter of Mark.
Closing prayer was by Mrs. J. ft
Mrs. Raymond Boswell is man-
ager and operator of Joe's Cafe
Mr. and Mrs, Oscar Adkins vi-it-
ed relative* in Waxahachie Sun-
Aubrey Venable and son, Rex of
Grand Prairie spent Sunday with
his parents. Mr and Mrs. J I, Ven-
Mrs. Drue Venable and son. Wini-
fred. ami her brother. Ben ftt Clair
moved Sa'urdflv from the drug
store building to her home in Bris-
• i which she rcenUy bought
Mr and Mrs J K Wood and
Mrs Robert Wood were in Dalhm
Monday and were dinner guests of
hm sister. Mrs J H Hubbard.
Mr ami Mrs. I. C Cook attend-
For Sale
One-half aero of ground
with good five room house,
double garage, poultry
house, shade trees, nice
garden space city and cis-
tern water For price and
term? call—
Opposite Post Office
Phone TR5-7261
ed funeral sen
Lt u is, a year.- ol
Home. ;n Fun.'
burns re, ,■ •, ril ;
Mr- 1 .1
od Mr a :
Mr M.
ftp! mu - t
held for Susan
- Bunch Funeral
all accider
mi of Fur i
A F We
Visit -
'. pea;
Splawn and B W
Springs were Fri-
ri. \ \: c . \i>- and Mrs J W
! e’e; S :.da\ visitor-, were Mrs
I Mil : : Cedar Hill Mr
!)■ :.) 1 . w Mr Fpjue ftplaw n Mr
■ M- IP n. : ■ Ja. k and s..i- Mr .
' - H ' ... k ami M. E Ina I bind-
• ; . : !■•;-■ md Mr md Mr N
fhde r-. enian -md M.-\
Lacy Cake For Lazy Ladies
To Make For Valentine
This romantic cake for St. Valentines Fay, complete with an easy,
chocolate filling made with semi-sweet chocolate morsels, is ready in
mere minutes. The secret .’ Slore-hought sponge cake, quick chocolate
filling made with only two ingredients, and u sifting of confectioners
.sugar for the Valentine lace finish. ... ..
Men have been known to complain on Valentines Day that the re-
freshments'are too frilly and fancy to suit them. But here is a cake
that is really Boston Cream I’m, quickie version, and everyone knows
that Boston'Cream Pie is a favoj-ite masculine dessert Thanks to the
j'aet that, acini-sweet chocolate morsels have a complete, candy-like
flavor, you'need add very little to make wonderful, quick fillings and
frostings with them,
St. Valentine Lacy lake
1 package (1 cup) semi-sweet 1 teaspoon vanilla
chocolate morsels 2 8-inch bought sponge
1 flip evaporated milk layers
1 kisli salt Confectioners sugar
Melt semi-sweet chocolate morsels over hot (not boiling) water; re-
move from heat. Add half of evaporated milk-stir well. Add remaining
milk, salt, \:ini 1 la and stir until smooth and thickened. Cool slightly
Spread frosting between la vers, reserving about 1 tablespoons to spread
thinly over top layer. Sprinkle with sifted confectioners’ sugar. 41
attractive design is desired, place paper doily on top of cake before
sprinkling with sifted confectioners’sugar. Remove doily,
V I Kl.D: 8 servings.
Senator Margaret Chase Smith
Wants Rose for National Flower
Senator- Margaret Chase Smith
of Maine has introduced .Senate
Joint Resolution ll. reading a.-, fol-
lows :
Hospital News
Patients In The Hospital—
M m
I >a\
.! -r ■
Salle,: ! ie
M ullica n
i CnVUIl'tOll.
Bn v n.
Hr NieV
1 .urn, k.n
WiiiiM.: c
\V i V : i 1 O' i
I 1 Kb-mm.n
Kr h In
Bil! Re ai arid tlauglv
Mi EM."-’ liorm.m c-f Dulla . were
Sural..v ii:i n* : a ;s of Mr and
Mr \ W Gorman
B 111 i -11 ! ('h.iprNil 3*50 < v dn
I.! •!.. ! • : .: la-lei -ti
n • - • - Mo 1 H Cl Mr FaVe
: • : ’ ft K.o jr-
. : ■ .. ,i, a Mr
"Designating tire rose a.s the na-
tional llower of the United States.
Whereas the United States of
America is trie only major country
in tlie world without a national
flower; and
■ Whereas the rose has for many
yrars been the favorite flower ot
tla American people who prefer it
by a margin ot eighteen to one
over any other; and
"Whereas the rose has long rep-
resented love courage, lovalt.v, and
devotion mid has become an in-
ti i national symbol of peace; and
- Wia-rea - several states of the
Union already honor the rose as
tlit-ir ot la ,al flower; Then-lore lie
■! td bv the Senate and
House ot h’eoi e.senlatives of • hb
1 mred st.-.te ot America in Con-
gress asst milled, That the flower
commonlv Known as the rose is
la it bv de-ii:i ..led and adopted as
tlie national 'lower of the United
Si,.!cs, .md 'lit President is :»*-
t, .< s'- d 'o < ••etaie such fact bv
Texas Farm Cash
Income Hits Low
\ : ■ i - ) ,i rm , a*h m nine
Girl Scout Troop
Elects Officers
New officers of Girl Scout Troop
1 are Betty Ekholm. president;
Sharie Kelly, vice president; Nancy
Nowlin, secretary; Dianna Maloney,
treasurer, and Linda Kay Yowell,
Patrol leaders are Jnnnan Pow-
ell, Patrol 1; Judy Newman, Patrol
2; Linda Bt. Clair, Patrol 3: and
Jacqueline Purcell, Patrol 4
envy of her friends, planning a
Uarribean cruise, HUBERT ROG-
ERS telling about his interesting
trip to St. Louis with his HU-
BERT JR of Huntsville and Al LAN
of Temple... also making the trip
by motor with them were WALTER
of Cleburne,
Those who will celebrate birth-
days Saturday include MRS. SAM
will their wedding anniver-
Tommy Moore. 5. son of Mr. and
T O. Moore ol Dallas, who was
injured in an automobile accident
Sunday, is improving according to
a report received here today. He is
m the Methodist Hospital.
Returns Home
Mrs. Sam Rothschild returned
today from a visit in Dallas.
Ill in Dallas
Mrs. E. L. Owens is ill in the
home of imr son. W. G. McDonald
in Dallas.
One of America’s largest breed-
ing colonies of white pelicans nour-
ishes in Pyramid Lake, Nevada, in
the midst of seared desert and bit-
ter chemical-laden waters.
— 10 YEARS AGO —
Cnpt. R. E. Erisman. home on
leave alter service in China, svd-
dressod a meeting of the Women’s
Council of the First Christian
Mrs. A. M East attended the Cen-
ter,!).al celebration at. Marv Hard-
in Simmons College in Belton.
Thom a* Moseley returned from a
four of Tt xas and New Mexico as
guest piani.-t, with the Apollo Chair,
Rev. Robert C Fling, advance-
ment chairman of the Bay Scouts,
was making plans I'm the annual
Scout ami Cub supper.
Miss Ami" Ramsey, student in
Abilene, Christ4an College, silent the
week-end with her prnvn's. Mr. and
Mrs. A E Ramsey.
Miss Dorothy Jack Gaultney. stu-
dent in North Texas State College,
Denton, spent, the week end here
with her parents, to see her bro-
ther, ft-Sgt. Gene Gaultney just
back fr,.m overseas.
Mrs C. P Cook was honored with
a suij.iri.-e, birthday party.
Miss Willie May Rowe was host-
ess to tile Junior MacDowoll Club.
The Southwestern Belle Tele-
phone Company distributed new
direct ones today.
"CHATTY CHATS" — Plans for
tlie lovely Colonial Home to be built
by Viola and Bob Banner. Pre-
rrved minnow*... something new
to aid fishermen were on display.
Pvt. Robert E. Thompson, son ot
Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Thompson, re-
cently stationed at El Paso, lias
boon sent to F . Rilov. Kan. His
address is: HA 18472915. Btry. A.
24;h TA Bn.
Mrs. Cooke Speaks to Writers Club
On Writing fiction for Juveniles
Mi*. Byrne H. Cooke spoke of
Walt Disney as "foremost in mod-
ern fairy stories” whefi she address-
"Trim Your Garden
Down To Your Size"
College Station. Feb. 3—There's
plenty of satisfaction and amazins
production in a "small" spring gar-
The garden fever however often
persuades lolks to plant a larger
area than they can properly care
for. So when you plan this year's
garden, trim it down to your size,
advises B. G. Hancock, extension
Spread out your plantings so the
harvest will extend over a longer
period ot time, suggest,* Hun cock.
A garden planted at one time caus-
es over-production for a short per-
iod and then supplies are gone.
Plant a variety of vegetables,
about 32 are commonly grown in
Texas. Why not try a new vegetable
each season, he says.
Have commercial fertilizer, in-
secticides, seed treating chemicals
and other* needed equipment on
hand ready for use.
English pear.', turnips, cabbage
plants, onions, head lettuce and
white potatoes can stand consider-
able cold weather and may be
planted four to five weeks before
the last killing frost.
Other vegetables adapted to early
planting, two to three weeks be-
fore the last frost, are radishes,
mustard, beets, carrots and leaf
let luce.
Finally, Hancock says for the best
results plant those vegetables suited
to your particular area.
Returns Home
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Betts and ]•’.
N. Wilson have returned from a
trip to points in West Texas.
ed members of the Ennis Writers
Club at a meeting at the home of
Mrs. J. W. Tolleson, Thursday
Mrs. Cooke was speaking on
“Writing Juvenile Fiction," and
recommended a book of that title
b\ Phyllis A. Whitney.
The greatest reward in writing
is "reader res;xmse,” Mrs Cooke
Juvenile fiction must have n plot,
she said.
Mrs. Joe Hawkins’ description of
"stillness” was acclaimed winner
in a woekr-hop contest on descrip-
tion. conducted by Mrs. H. J. Stone.
Service Award to
Sam J. Roberts
Sam J. Roberts, meter reader for
Hie Texas Power and Light Com-
pany, received a twenty-five-year
service pin in id a wrist watch from
ihe company at a party given in his
honor at the T P & L Banquet
room Thursday evening.
The Employees Club was host for
the party, which was attended by
approximately 50 persons.
N. D. Speers, local manager for
tin company, the awards.
The most easterly town in
United Stales is Lubec. Me.
FART KHIIF! Whin rath minute »*«a»
■ n eternity while jruu atruffle end chvke, ipi
within I minute) by NEPHRON INHAI.Al'HHl,
TIIIOlAFY, Molt iluhhorn curl relpond. Re-1
t.irillr»s of what you hare tried er hgw h Met odd
your cate do not (Ire ui>. See w* f«T H lO-J
Oculars. Inski oa NtlPIIKON. -
Most stub
hat yo
not f
dt oa
Will sacrifice for quick sale. 3 Bedroom Home. 300 West Waco.
Pitied, all conveniences. Can lie financed.
Contact W. L. Maroney,
»*. * ni in* «»\ii hi
I >iicil I'm s* *.!*»»« r I itilur
In PriG€* roa
ir>f Three"
THE 1955 BUiCH S
i. locally far la s than somv model* of the
i in i
»i In tills s,>u it . tl [H i I«M
I t l*v M»ll 11UI k \ v I hkI G UI
10? S DAtLAS
PHONf T»S 7651
\ ihI w Ik i
lilt s* t t >
IkI.MV, \
till \ . ^
W, .
ihilMl) It «t'
\ Ik
h.ip id
Thrift of the year Buick
PMO* «l* A*| feu*it Mfe*C% M .» few 14 t»l**
ITfatVt X 1
i r< tt \ v ■
\ V
21J Wz»i Aizwif

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