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... reunion visited the Museum. This family celebrated their 100 th reunion in 1989, and the Museum... DeLeon Free Press/ Thursday, August 23,2012/ Page 7 m - JACKSON Memorial services for Jackie (Jack.... Private family burial services at Friendship Cemetery will precede the memorial service. Services...," or that there's no hope. This is not hue. If you get better or the disease goes into remission, you Museum.... Jones. Ray was a veteran of World War II, serving in the United Sates Army Fifth Armored Division

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.... Additionally, in the lead up to Golden Saturday, there was an increase in museum traffic. Often, it was a local... host of visitors who brought them by the museum and after a tour would comment, “ I live here and I...’ve never been in the museum before, this is great!” New eyes. I was pleased. Recently, a chamber director... at what you’ll see and what our local merchants have to offer. Or, stop by the Terrill Antique Car Museum

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... THIS WEEKEND!!! “free parking** 2 1/2 mi. W. of Stephenville !54-968-0888j FAX SERVICES Make us your FAX...#28470 MSRP $18,915 less $500 Bruner Discount less $500 Bruner Discount and $1,000 Rebate. Expires 9/4/12..., Kerry Barefoot, and Allen Stone. Not pictured is Chris Reyna. Courtesy photo Class of 1982 Enjoys 30th...,2012, to celebrate their 30th class reunion. The reunion was held at Jim and Martha Farley’s home located on Hwy. 6.... The class unanimously agreed to meet again in five years for a 35th reunion and to hold the reunion

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... coupon '2'iarge"”2 [Toppings, 1 order! cneese sticks $1922 ♦ Tax ! Offers expires 8-31-12 FT Small, "T...'Tmlng! 20oz. drink I $422 .Tax ! Offers expires 8-31-12 Try Our Steak & Cheese Pizza C-Cubed Computers...: August 24,25, & 26th. For more information call 254- 643-1611. ltc. MOVING SALE: Need to sell ASAP... One Day Only!! Sat, Aug 25th 7-3 Furniture, Toys, Home Decor, Mens, Womens, & Kids Clothes

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... heals over. Another option is to spray the stems from ground level to a height of 12" to 18" all the way... the soil temperature has reached 75 degrees 12" to 18" deep and applications can continue to be made... through September. Leaf applications would include 1/2% Reclaim, 1/2 % Remedy, 1/4 % surfactant and 1.../4 to 1/2% Hi- Lite or blue dye. You will wet all foliage of each plant until the leaves are almost... _western Stale University in TX 3 TXiem" "don’t give a hoot__ holler" 12 TXism. outhouse Bible" (mail

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... and $250 Rebate. Expires 8/31/12. I $27,644 I $37,999 2012 CHEVY CRUZE $17,543 2012 CHEVY TRAVERSE I $25..., defeating the team 25-12,25-23. This put the Lady Cats in the championship match. Not surprisingly, Millsap... with 39 kills. Chelsey Golden added 17, while Gabbie Mailloux and Ashley Valdez added 12 and 10 kills

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.... $59)500. $54,500 • NEW: DeLeon: 3A, 1 1/2 story, 3-2.5-2 Texas brick, 1812’, CH/A, carpet... of heavy brush and cover for the whitetail deer, wild turkey and hogs! App 1/2 mile creek front, Pecan... and Elm trees along the creek! $3495/acre. • 45A1/2 mile east DeLeon on Hwy 6, some Coastal, 2 ponds

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