Galveston Weekly News (Galveston, Tex.), Vol. 16, No. 41, Ed. 1, Tuesday, January 17, 1860 Page: 1 of 4

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' tranusKED rvEKT Tuesday.
toKE(X)rircr annum In advance IS a
. .. sotpaldwiUilnB!xmoa4 00
..'' .. lor two years. In advance. 800
IhMtnvrir Himltttnp twnilftllftrs&nd flirVCeatt tCT CaCh
Blvancesubatsribcr.-wliTbeenUUedtotheoUier fitly ccntf
for commissions. .
Single sultscribert at a theurleuwe
othertrtake iu remittances at our risk by mall ItaUn
U.C roatma.ster'e receipt.) or procure such private convey
wees as tiicy may hare confluence In being both Bare an
expedition!. .
Ads trlMng littles :
For each square or ci"jM lints or space eardvaJent one u.
lar for the first Insertion and fifty cenU for each ml
quentlnsert'ou. . .
very consWcrahle reduction Is made on aaTtruaemenU
Insertrdror three. all. ortwelvv mouth;. .
PtMishcrt 4 propricton
trrnuinxo asrcatxT )
Orders will be received atany lime
iie prt prompt! rorwardeJ
aloeston Xcihs.
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NO. 41
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...JAVU1UT 12. 1S00.
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Co!. Thomas Rose advertise a. flat-boat
ready to leave Palestine . fay Galveston on tho
firstiriscof the TrinitjHku
Jf-We learn rrornBP that the Texas
Telegraph Co. hare finished their lino from
this city to Houston and are now only waiting
for the.tuT.ral of the necessary instruments to
put the line in operation which will probably
fie bririeit'weei.
. a v
Otso Man. Vc are again indebted
lo the oveyland mail between SanJ-iego and
San Antonio for San Francisco papers of Dec
16th .received here on tho 10th inst this
being; within 2 days after the day of publi-
cation. c
Col. Fobd. The Ranch ero of tbeTth in..
says Col.Tord and its men fiad just arrived
in Corpus Christi on their way home in con-
sequence of Cap. Tbbin Having 'been elected
commanding officer by seven votes.
IS" The Complimentary Ball giren at the
"Trcmont" on Tuesday evening was decidedly
. tic most recherche alfair of tliti season. Ihp
fiiirlajrain trTTodolionor the Ball was gtrcn
were the"briphlpartiim!arslar!."of thenight;
but onr own lair ones shown brightly. maVing
all cheerful arannd them. Owing to the brief
notice many were unab'c to attend who would
otherwise hare been happy to participate in the
pleasures of the BalL

25' Ynt of room has prevented our giving
the details of the fire in Xew York which took
place a few days since destroying property to
the amount of about half a miljion. We regret
to see that Sir. Cyrus V. Field who has sup-
plied us with paper for eight or nine years
past is Wong the sufferers Hi loss pot
at SITO.OM of which SS0.000 -was insured.
jgyWe copy in ourpresentpaper thearttcle
f Col. Bingham in relation to the valedictory
speech of Geo. Hooston in the TJ. S. Senate.
f I Whether the facts stated by the writer of this
I i artiele.will be deemed toamouut to a refutation
ofGen-Ilouston'schargeagamsthis troops or
! not we pretend not to say; bat the facts are in
themselves interesting and belong to the his-
" lory of the country.
I ' nit.
Texas I.egjsl.itcee. Mr. Hnbbard in the
House has introduced a bill to prevent the cir-
culation of incendiary documents and punish
thoj declaration of abolition sentiments.
Id the Senate Sir. Dnggau has introduced a
resolution that the Committee on the Judiciary
be requested to report n bill authorizing the
postmasters of the State to burn all incendiary
documents received at their offices the same
was adopted.
3F The VkVrtUTJf WMc ' Informed that a maa
vai whipped last week in the neighborhood of tfer
reaton in that county far selling liquor to ilavca.
lie had been Uric? in this State for three years and
pretended to he Ignorant of Ihe lar ; whereupon
lose of the tlave oirnen In the neighborhood learned
If such summs'y punishment was inflicted
on those who Rnpplr ihe negroes of Galvcsion
with liqusr the community tfould be much
better fi'. Many or onr.ncgroes are made
nearly worthies" by thoserbo jnaVe it a busi-
nCKS to tell them whiskey.
" e
Col. WiorALL--rOa bis way to Washington
Ool. Wigrall passed through Charleston and
was invited to be present at s meeting of the
Chtmljer of Commerce when after discussing
the important subject of direct trade with Eu-
rope which at present is engaging the deepest
attention ip that city the inetiri resolved It-
self into a convivial party and after partaking
of a supper. President Abdrews proposed the
health of Col. Wigrall.
lie congratulated the Chamber especially and all
true soas of tonth Carv'inA on the honor lately re-
setted on the State fro"a sietjr of the far Weet by
T r-' el UCfc"n -k-u-iSmVHP-
-rj- j.jjWj the plMuate of
MKj? JimmeBtr'-iijtr Hon. tauli T. Vf ljiall
.'f3r!?&7w "".I" oav h'Pmiuent'a right
hZ -7?. Wlth enfttle applaoe and
long .J.'e: Jlter oo and before rising to reply
lie KxpvtssaS most eloquently hU acVnoirledraents
and hla jrircfaJ enioUona on reTialtlag hU native
"O .v
tSJ" We have received second copies of Sm
art's gold mounted oil portraits of Washington
and cf Mr. Edward EverctL We have already
given notice of this superior work of
art executed for the ilountTernon FundAs-fociatiouc.-It
wiUibciecn from the adrertisc-
S We have but just now received the fol-
lowing proclamation. It seems from this that
our Governor is not satisfied with the.Judicial
investigation that has been instituted into the
murders perpetrated by Cortinas and the find
ing of the Grand Jury. It will bo quite a new
featuren our State Government if Judicial
proceedings are to be superceded by the Execu-
tive is tho investigation and punishment of
Proclamation Uytlio Governor.
Vfneaais Information baa reached the Executive
that armed bands are noir in existence creating
serious disturbances affecting the peace and dignity
of the State and the aecurlty of a number of Its citi-
zens now.
Therefore I Sara Houston Governor of the State
of Texas do hereby command all persons connected
with and engaged In the samewho may be dtlsens of
this State to return to their homes and to the exerci-
se! of their lawful occupatloni ; and all peraona
holding allegiance to a foreign government. If any
there be who may be connected with such disturb-
ances are hereby notified that If arrested with arms
la their hands they will be treated as bandlu and
Whatever may tie the causes which have glTen rise
to the dlioiden mentioned It behooves all good cltl-
aecf who love the laws and wish to maintain their
auprrmacy to unite their endeavors to atop Oils law-
less enlcrprite. If Injuries have been sustained by
individuals they can And no necessity. In a free gov-
ernment lice ours to resort to deeds of vlolerce to
right their wrongs but roay rely upon the guaran-
tees afforded IhtJt by the Constitution and lawi for
In the name of law and order I appeal to the cltl
xens of the Klo Grande country to stay the hand ot
violence that araiUierrrrorl to vvtanaiery meaiurci
maynot be oecasary. I ask thoaewho have been
deluded Into this enterprise to abandon It. The
laws are to be executed alike to allourctliiens ef
whatever tongue and noneneed fear prejudice.
The Executive cannot JnJge from the Information
before him as to the easses of these disturbances.
That they exist Is apparent and call for this Inter-
poiltlon In the name of law order and humanity.
If co tinned after the lawless have been thus warned
be can only resort to euch decisive measures aa may
be necessary to maintain the public peace. Investi-
gation Is necessary and thall be made. If any have
been wronged their cause shall be heard. Farther
rebellion against the laws can only tarclih thelr
clalms to justice. If as alleged by those engaged la
these disturbance! they rely upon the present Execu-
tive to "begin with care to give them the legal pro-
tection within the limits of his powers" he can as-
sure them that no Constitutional means shall be left
untried to guard the rights of every cltlien from In-
vasion and that those who return to their duty may
relr upon the brotectlon ef the Ian
oVaf DOSE at Ihe Executive OIEce lo the City
of Austin this theTrenty-Etghth day of December
A. D. 1S55. By the Governor
E. W. CAVE Secretary of State.
s I
CarrotE or Rto Gnayns Cut nr Cojitlvax.
Some ten days since we published n letter
from our Brownsville correspondent giving
news of the Rio Grande city fight between Cpr-
tinas and the American forces. We are now re-
ceiving other accounts from diflerent sources
of ihe sime fight with idditionar particulars
The Goliad Messenger of the 7th insL says a
letter has been receivedt there from Capt.
Dowd dated Rto Grande City the 29th ult and
stating that on the 24th ult. Cortina iiith
400 men bad captured that city with two
pieces of artillery. We give ihe subslanee
of the letter us stated by the Messenger :
The few Arutrlcaa lohabltanls of the place or a
tnijorltyof them concluding that resistance lo so
large a force waa in vain pasaadovtrto the Mexican
side of the river.
Previous to the entry of Cortinas two merctants
of the place went out lo escort him Into town ihint-
lug thereby to save ihttr slocks or goods. Tselr
stores were the first that suffered and is ihe full ex-
tent as far as Wearing apparel arme atumnnl-
tion. etc went.
At soon aa he had taken formal poaieaslwo f the
place be dispatched aflle of soldiers ! Camp alng-
ald one mile below the town where thsy nnrdered
In cold blood three estlmablo American HIatka
W. H. EobtrUon formerly depaiy lector and
inspector of customs at Edenburgh Mr. Uox and
Capl-Speera (prabably Capt Oharlrt ipcert of
Qalveeion) and two Mexican servants They also
robbed the atore of Mr. JlcClusky t Oaop Ring-
gold of everything It casulnvd. Ttilny or rortj
of the Mexican population of ths pUce. joined
Cortinas. Many of Ihem were lookod upoa as
arnongUie beat of the Mexican oltixcns and had
sightly stood guard.
CoL Ford with the Volunteers arH M"J lielotalc-
man oi me iteguiars reacnea urbii tiny in
the morning of the S9th nit and after a rliort
skirmish drove them precipitately from the town
and pursued them nine miles UP the nvcr scatter-
ing tbe-m lo all directions and killing a large num-
ber. Many wereshot by our troops la. aueplng w
cross the Hirer. The Americans had' but me
men wounded; among Ihe nurnbsr CoL Jord re-
ceived a Hah wound In tbe hip ; also Capt. IV.
Henry who was weundedln the leg. Dr. Huff of
Capt. llenry1 company wca also wounded and air.
Eich of same company wa slightly wounded. The
enemy lost their artillery and camp equipage ataall
rta alare nvn'-er cf hcrfifl. ..T. Ail the Mtx
lean famtuies or the plate hare palled oter the
pursuit waa o" Hai
as items s'
liberty Count)'.
There are 111)0 square miles In this county about
one-halt timbered and one-third bottom land one-
half Ihe prairie ltnds being unfit for cultivation and
valuable chiefly for pasturage. Xbout one-four-h ot
the Ills stiff ahd black and thros-fourtbj aaatdy-
Ioim with as average depth ot two feet. The oost
per acre ef placing the stiff lands In cultivation Is.
abont ten dollars; while tho expense ef the rtndy
lands lssame twodollars Iej. The average valneof
cultivated lands Js ten dollars and uncultiraled from
three to seven dollars per acre.
The staple productions are cotton and corn with
an average yield of abaloof the former-and thirty
bushels ot tho lat'er per acre. Vegelablea ( all
kinds flourish and the average yield or aweet pota-
toes is two hundred buahels per acre. About Jghl
acres of cotton and the same of corn is usually .iilll-
vated to the hand. Tlowing usually comm.iicca
about the first of February and planting a m.mth
later. Both plow and hoe are used In cultivating
corn which la worked from two to four times and Uld
by abjut the first of May.
Cora-cribs are usually built of.Iogs thecorn lining
but little damaged by the wcavel.
Crops seldom suffer from droughts and the effects
can be obviated by early planting and deep pblng.
The ground Is usually plowed from four to six It dies
In depth one and a halfaacres being the am unt
plowed daily. The harrow Is but little used and
only for running over very young corn and covering
cotton. j
Fences are constructed ef oak and cypress ra!lj
tbe material tor which Is usually abundant.
Labor Is chiefly slave not more than one-fojtta
part of white labor being employed In agricuiture.
The hire of alaves averages about tlT5 per aowam
while the demand for their labor Is Increasing and
their valne Is enhanced accordingly and they are
twenty-fire per cent higher now than three or four
years ago. The net value of a slave's labor hi cul-
tivating cotton and corn la about $300. A reduction
in the valne of slaves wonld greatly increase the
amount of land cultivated.
Our emigration U chiefly from the? older Sou hern
States a small portion only being foreign.
Liberty the County Site Is located near the Trinity
river and contains about 300 Inhabitants.
There are Methodist Baptist and Catholic CtiWrcb
organisations. A school having some sixty studi nuj
Is in successful operation Mr. A. IL Tfrigbt Pioci-
pal. Horses cattle and hots are raised with good pro
.St ; twenty per cent per annum being realise 1 on
the former while cattle and hogs yield nearly at
much. Beeves are worth l?j oxea $25; Liws
f 10; horses SO.
Ot fruits ire have peaches firs oranges a raw-
berries and considerable attention Is being pal I to
planting orchards and cultivating gardens.
The County is watered by the Trinity river and
numerous creeks. The surface of the count -y la
generally level. The first settlements were raadj In
Galveston distant 110 mile: Is our market. 1 1 as-
portation being by stesm charges are very tnuder-
ate. The projected Railroad from Houston to the
Sabine will past through the County the advanta-
ges of which will be a choice ol markets 'ew
Orleans or Galveston. Ths Trinity Is navigab e to
Liberty at all times. Thero bra some 4000 beeves
seut annually from our County to New-Orleans.
1'ine lninser Is abundant and generally use I for
building purposes its valae being about $20 per
M. Water is plenty both for drlnkiog and s'ocfc
pur;ose3. fleatth generally goed.
Eoada are good during sammer and fall and bad
In UiaVloter aod spring .Tha alroams aro gener-
ally bridged.
Thirteen bnndnrd baiea af aotton an forty Midt.
of sugar vcre mad. in the Coaaty Is 1S03.
SZif i l.LS aMpf ibp
At -.; .tat Mh
number i? 1
Since th'
lag left HCSrv. ' ..?
ult anirarvr -quarters
eff? i.
some of his. ." V" v
Allthe abSr
vine "
eltv. A larce
" JtMftlver.
arrived hav-
lirnlsht Slst
rms the head
r at Cortinas or
p with some 2
H" shove
y &m frowns"
.Jhristi has also lel-
"-afc. .' .
ters from- CaptT i"i?iSnd JoliSe J- B.
meat which we sgain publish that a like nor- Johnson ; Cant." "JiW
trait oT Martha Washington Is how coinrfk--!!(i?2ea"i6A::sr'"fthe2(!lh.Dl!
throutrh thenr.. and w;il .nn. ). .S- r .. '.'" k&TT?''?Z
3 f -. wvaj wv 1VUUJ JUli
. : Kaurnirtn County
Wu oreatoiin 1545 from the county oT llcodii'OP
and comprised the first prairies reached on asccn !Ing
Ihe cut siila or the upper Trinity. This county i8
well adapted to wheat and other cereal grain col Un
corn and aiock.rai.lnx;. There are now in cultlva ion
'6SS ecrcs lu corn SSS acres lu wheat l29i acres
iu cotton and 6M scrrsiusorshumesn:. Population
Sd0 a-luica snd SSO ilavea. Ths county Is aaurcd
by the Trinity river Fork Cedar Creek K Dgs
Fork ltrtrhy Creek and other smaller streams rhe
town of Kaufman Is the connty seat is beau!irully
ltuated and abundantly supplied with water It
conialo. aLoul400 Inhabitants; has two good hotels
a latge brick court-house cow building; one male
and ue female Institute of high character ; oae targt
Cumberland Presbyterian church andonoMeth-dise
church commenced which will aoon be completed The
town la supplied by stage or hack malls trl-weekly
from Palestine to Vf Uaa !!?.-" lit-n Tjl-r i-J t-j
Kaufaiao and Mag""" ' '" 1'"''" leTTajTSianJ -
taiBrJUknni-C"r' 3"'' i"oc"
R.ekwsll is a tlgaaJar lawn la this aountr. ii nilea
JVont (hcllous on TtlcjraplL.
Until the publication of the Texas Almanae for
me year isou l nan not Known mat me aunject
matter of Gep. Honston'a last trleech ip the United
States Senate was hit "Carapalirn of 1SS0 and lit
termination la the name or aanuaoinio. aiy tar-
prlsa was great whea looking over the arllelea oon-
taioedInthatpubIlcatIoaI taw It forthe first Urns.
The subject being to entirely foreign from any ques-
tion that could legitimately come up for considera-
tion In that body; besides. It seems so queer and
odd that the General should voluntarily place him-
self In a predicament In which as he says himself
"he would teem to be fighting his battles over again."
And above all that he should have chosen as the
arenaforthe exhibition the floor of the American
Senate '
Ifa an CD In nwnlaniiflnn nt m nit lrtrin tlitkt It !
aVCajaiU ViIIUUBjHV11 Wa tlUjvinvu nitnv aw u
assumed in vindication of himself "against uncalled
for charges and unjustifiable defamation'' and
"that Ills duo lo himself to posterity as Weil as to
tbo truth of history." With such an exordium to
his subject a plain man would have a right to ex-
pect that Gen. Houston In a speech which he says
has forita object tho double purpbse of showing the
true stale of facts connected with! tbo campaign of
1S36 and the wars of Texas" and "vindicating
himself" etc would be careful not to render him-
self obnoxious to the tame charge' which he so freely
prefers against others; Thathehaa done this not
only In the case of Individual officers of rack In the
line and staff serving under him. but also to the rank.
and file composing that army I propose to show.
Of the former I may not speak. Such men as Gen.
Sherman and the Rev. J. II. Perry D. D. are
quite able to take care ot their own reputatlons.-v
But the latter that "half-fed hair armed pa&I
stricken erowd. vhnm hftld from. Ooneales on the
nijlitof the loth of llareh 1SS3 and which theft
own unier. irom nis mace la me American penaici
hasheldup to the reproach of thdworld a wording
In connection with tbe retrograde movement from
GonzaleS Gen. Houston says : "An incident that I
will mention of the most unpleasant character oc-
curred on leaving Gonzales. On that night about
twelve miles from there It was announced to the
General that the 31exlcaas would suffer; that a bar-
rel of gin and a bairelot wine had been poisoned
with arsenic and that as they cam$ to consume It It
wonld dettrovthem. I presume no man ever had
such feelings of horror at a deed being perpetrated
of this kind from which all the waters of the Jordon
could not cleanse the reputation of a Gener-tl. But
fortunately the rear guard without dlrectlou set
fire to the place on leaving It and at Peach creek
fifteen miles from that place creday dawned ex-
plosions were heard whieh produced some excite-
ment in camp where it was supposed to be the
enemy's artillery ; but the General rejoiced In It as
he knew from the difference In the explosion that It
was not arllllery but the poisoned liquor. That is
one Instance that occurred among other distressing
events." I
The assertion of the author of the "Epitome of
tbe history of Texas" that "the poisoned liquor" is
most probably a figment devised for the purpose of
giving Iht retiring Seaator fan opportunity to express
the horror his amiable sensibilities would hare felt
had ltbeenia fact. And that ef Major Heard that
he never heard one word about poisoned liquor of
any kind at Gonzales does not refute Gen. Hous-
ton's statement. Hut although Maj. Hcafd's testi-
mony dots not disprove this charge yet It must
raise a doubt in the public as regards the guilt of
the accused; because. If this "distressing event" Is
true Maj Heard ought to have heard of It at the
time it la alleged to have occurred.
It Is always difficult to prore a negative andta-
peclally la this case when the question In controver-
sy If troe transpired iwenfy.ihree' years ago. la
tbeflrit place the reader will bear In mind that all
cotempora-ieous history Is silent Id regard lo this
matter. Its credibility rests entirely on the states
ment of one witness; yet that witness a most po-
tent one indeed the General in-chief In command
at tire time and of the very troops charged with
mixing up the deadly decoction 1 the proof I ad-
duce in vindication of their Innocence Is wholly
presumptive; butau Impartial public will see that
circumstantial evidence In relation to a matter of
this kind ought to ha more we!gh than tbe state-
ments of one hundred men present at the time and
who may assert "they never heard of ll before."
The troops In position on the east bank of the
Goudalnpe below tbe town of Gonzales on the nlcht
of the lSth of March ISM wilh tbe exception of
Letter from Autlii.
Acsti Jan. Clli' ISM.
Hus Kawai Richard Ite.ilr the Secretary of the
Provisional OovernmeriCof Old Oi-awntomie Brawn
e( Harper's Ferry aotorlety was arrestee! yeeterday
tnornlnj" at the house of Br. Alexander by 3fr.
Jenea the Seargeant-at-Arou of the U. S. Senate.
They left here for Tftjhlngton cliyralerday eve
1 understand that 3Ir. Realf wilt be a witness
against some prominent "AbMltlonlsts of senatorial
robes" who are guilty o( treason.
Our Legislators are having evenlog sessions and
seem to be desirous to adjourn at an early day.
On Tuesday the bin to amend the Second Section
of the Act to create the Twentieth Judicial Dis-
trict approved January 2d 1SG0 passed the House. ;
also a bill to authorize the Commissioner of the
General Land Office to Introduce Into his office a
system of Photography; and a bill to amend the
Fourth Section of the Act of May 12th 1510 to regu-
late the licence and practice of Attorneys and Coun-
sellors atTaw.
The bill to reorganize Ihe Court of Claims with
pent In J motion to reconsider the rote otlopllnjr
amendments was taken up and the vote recons!d
ered. It has been made the order of the dayttfrej Texas iuvcutur of a steam tdoutrh and inter
. jt4iDaailrerTninu-Jtt-'Meico. When (
Saturday next.
'Messrs. Backlry and 0.uTnJr?'ofrereirresoIutlons
orj the d-atli of Gen. M. B Lltnar and made appro-
prtatcspetches. The members of the Legislature
are wearing the usual badge of mourning.
kOn Wednesday the House was engaged lnan anl-j
mated' dl-cusstoa oa the Apportionment bill. Mo
tions were made to amend by Messrs. Mills Mundlnr
Henderson and Fleweilln ail of which were voted
down Mr. .SlcKnljht moved to amend so as to gel
Nacogdoches and Angelina together two Representa-
tives. The bill allows Nacogdoches one member and
Nacogdoches and Angelina together one. This Mr.
McKnight contended la a labored effort was not only
grossly unjust to the Voters living In Angelina but a
manifest violation of the Constitution. Ihe House
adjourned while HcKnlght's amendment was pend-
ing which will be the first question when the subject
Is resumed. ' The members generally admit the force
of Mr. McKnlght's argument and the eorrectaesi of
hit position; but as It is generally understood thai
there is a sueket rasjorlty la favsr of the bill dis-
cission rrllj hardly avail much.
Mr. McKnijht is a gentleman or rare abilities and
strong Intellect He Is a good lawyer a forcible
speaker a well Informed politician and a vlgp-roos
and faseinitlog writer. He Is acknowledged to be
not only ote of the beat scholars but one of the
most grateful poets in the South.
The blntoproilde reilerror pre-emption selllerj
and their assignees under the Act of the Hi of Jan.
ISIS Act of February 7th 1551 and actual settlers
In the Mississippi and Pacific Railroad Reservation
awaits the Governor's signature to become a law ;
also an Actio authorize the Governor to postpone
the aAle of the University lands which have been
forfeited for nin-psytnent or the annual Instalments
required by lair.
Inotleetbaithe bill concerning property conveyed
to and held it trust by the Bishop of the Catholic
Church In Teias for charitable uver passed Ihe
Senate yesterday ; also the bill to grant condlilonai
prl'llegca'to tie company csrrylng the overland
mall from St. Xonis and Memphis through Texas to
San Franriico and the campany who have the con
tract for the orerland mall to California from San
Antonio to El Paso.
The Heme Is now engaged In the dtteusslea of the
Beware of Abolitionist In dlastulNO
amoiigat us.
' Tbe. following has b'een handed to us by it
planter of the lower Brazos :
W learn by a paragraph copied Into the Xew
Xoik Tribune from tho Richmond Uramluer that
Hoary Gowlnf loi-ditant Inventor of the leant
plow was arrested In Uanovar county TlrglnIatom
time aro. for tamoerlnt with negroes.
Our citizens will recollect thai this tame Henry
Cowing paid our city tsveral visits last ran ana we
believe he vat here a rw times this year. When here
ho waa trying to dispose or ths patent-right ol hut
steam plow but spent most or hit time harrangulng
small squads around the streets upon religious sub-
jects and riding a large gray stallion through town
apparently to show his gaits but most likely to show
off the rider.
The paragraph alluded to U descriptive of anoth-
er Affair and merely mentions the arrest of Cowing
aa a-parallel which leaves nt withoutanyof lh par-
ticulars further than that Cowing was arrested for
tampering with slaves and that he Is not the real in-
ventor of the tleam plow which he repreaenu. Cow-
ing Is an Englishman.
The planter tb whom we are indebted for the
above informs us that thU man Cowing was
at many of the plantations in the counties
situated on the lower Brazos and Colorado at
different times within the last two years. lie
professed to be a Iurgo land holder in Western
froccctllui:-! ot Con-;rcB.
In'theirouss of Representatives on theSOtb Mr.
Perry of Maine offered a resolution that on and
after that day until an organization" shouldbe effec-
ted no member should speak more than twenty min-
-5iSn in these counties he was supposed to be
ouihis way to Mexico lie said that he was
froul Canada where he rutrchased. wheu a colt.
'lire large1' gray stalliou" spoken of. Ho and
'Sis horse aro well known on Caney and in Bra
Ttie Harper':) Jj'erry affair and the faetd that
have becu aud will be developed in consequence
thereof it is hoped leill open tit eua of the
planttn. It is now but about nine months since
Cowing left Brazoria and adjoining counties.
To what extent he may have tampered with
the negroes of our planters is not yet known
though it is reasonable to presume that he
availed himself of any opportunities offered
htm for the purpose.
Iu this connection vtc will give the following
extract from the proceedings of the present
"Mr. Vallabdlnrlism. read from a circular which
recommended certain extreme measures lo produce
a slave Insurrection In (at Souin. ir. Ashiuore (S.
C.) announced that at this lime that programme ft as
being carried out In South jCarolina. une of those
most vile and Infamous creatures were caught la
Ureeniille district with ten or fifteen copies of Help-
er's book for distribution among the free negroes and
Mr. Cobb of Alabama exclaimed hang him !
Mr. Ashinore said that thej would. He charac-
terised Mr. Helper as a renegade and thief from
North Carolina. A man who dared not show himself
oa the toll that gave him birth. Correspondence had
been found on the person of this Barrel! Willis that
made startling revelations aa lo the compuclfy of
Northern men His treason was discovered and the
fact communicated by x man who never owned slaves
in his life."
Gov. Wise In his message to the Ltglslalureof Vir-
ginia says! "In either case we are clearly thrown
on. our ttlf dependence."
From luChjrUs'ou 34 er ury.
Direct Trade lu Charleston.
Sherman's company of rlttcs from pentneky jjap'?
naa auraacea to mo west oyeaey marches 'v' ---
jl Z ' ' -
feT straggling filibusters from the OalteiT'
were composed of the setllera of tbe Gv5
the Colorado and the Brazos assembled! -
in response to the call of Travis wltlT''..V '
expectation of affording succor to Y' " w
the Alamo. They came up to the rear r' J
nanlrji. hVsnuLdt. Ami in files. E.V 5VH ". K
Ian.. a .nm h.n mrrr f .J il i;S
Ibatwastoprotecl him Irom thqV-v! $&&&
we&thcr daring a campaign to WSJ ' ? i
then be felt hlnnclf equipped?' - "
he nerer thought of prflTldIff5irl'T -vij
as amaierial of war nor t2&i. . IviV
liomuonzalcSaas AoeaBmv.'T. t-t.. via
Ir.m'n.nrrrln 1 1 I. e.!..iU.Fi'- - . ' T
tu ti v vi hiui w v.vttr s "- -
T -TV labandanl rail.
"am. G. II a j a I a has bem ippotntcd Saptrtn-
of the Blind A-jJoa.
reiaeipisni ata iau morning o.ea Dienea
abnnrlAnL rata. ft.
- - -- - -.
s ra
.-ii;. r
r 331"- - -
trnenre it with thelWO 3&?J'&-
that arsenic was taken J
the trooDt marching t
as medicine or other
not take tbe .arrenlc
-r.1 trr
Ee: .j.r.'y&.
-l. tflfflnf
x(i-aortUunrj Action or Cor.
hac heen Ihns tiruKftKV..
ounce oO'OTPj - jf " ?.- ' '
leuredoSy-JaC - vJ-"& v
celled. TlH
town eerlyitVJ
vards weattaV
delivery. The three portraits will doubtless 1J
eagerly Bought for by all persons of
throughout the country nnd will be deemed s?
necessary embellishment to vciy drawing
ro om. r
tSTlie Democrat and Planter says the
Houston Tap and Brazoria Bailrotd bas al-
ready received from tbe School Fund J21O.OO0
and suspects the Texas Almanac is in error in
Etcling that there was less tban $100X100 of that
fund remaining for tbeToads west of the Trio- J
lty. The Almanactvea simply (pace 221 ) the
amounts paid-cfut to the several railroads
namcly":Jo'uM0 t ne Houston and Texas
CentraJfeni0iO0 to the B.B. A Colorado Rail-
roarJ.ind'teG.Qa'todhe Washitijrfiib. couuty
Eailroidjaaltngni3l600000. If Iheaniount
ppropfitSnToijeds tsor the TrinityS;
butotmiliioa'ribenHhsrBSan be but SslSSS
"-"ofTiberamiremrratloriMmafnJn' Thi .ii?f3"y Cortlqa's men.
IT. ...r 1Js. . Z Vs "iaball bring ynu Jlllst of those who have been
' 77g: i.uHW4i lauugu we are-; and -arewlth Cortinas whlchwe Jound oa the bodies
twelvn miles.
12 "jS1" w "bny klBed and his two
- 4f iCZZzffT- ve know of eighty ofhls men
.u.. .... vc.v icr. auc otnera are
mall parties. Slzteen Ranrert wonnd-
erervbodr tars did welL It ?mt slrarb.
. . . .-.- - - - i
nut not wounaea."
Judge Johnson writes :
4'0nlte26lu we fought Oorllna's forces narzber-
d) menrrvr as near that as can be ascertained. We
had ahout'450 men all told. The fight eemtnencrd
necr this town and we took hit artillery aboat eight
milea from here AB tht t could get across the river did
ao and while they were swlmmln; the beya played
trpon them In the water and they tusk Met lirick-
bals. "Cortinas and about 200 of his men crossed over
into Mexico aboat eight miles above here.
"In a few daye It Is expected that abent S60 of
us will across over Into Mexico with fonrpleees of
""aj auuuemauujiiiu oi we antnorities as well
ay all the Degroct Ac The Government troops ro
with us.
'No one killed or dangerously wounded In the
fight How they escaped li amlracle.
Corllnas caused three men to be shotln this place
viz: Wm. RohertsoirOatit. Soeara andJulm nrl
TThelr bodies were margled In a mott shocking man-
i. u EMiurug vvsa uiaueaoioazst ory JEOOUJ. etc.
Itir rirt(tf. n "
notable; tn.give
3t. at
y 'li.
Ixirthote killed. W had no use for prlsohera there-
"V. tw I fore only three were permitted to be tien. Ox carts.
fphirpm the StateOixcit of tbsttiffinsrT the neck.
a!withiUndias the rep-d efforts- cf thaJrlends "To-morrow our company (Tobhi'i) goes to'Roma
of the tar bill and the expreastoa of the prcst In i "" ateamer will be here to-morrow and bring us
favor n!reforja.nothinfliasyeljeendon with the1 ''oeUiogto eat. The Rio Grande country Is com-
us uuijir me bezuisxra . ficicij viuscu 0(1.
North-weit fron KHfman near t East Pork ef the
Trlaliy.aad jp a bady of rlchltadthateanaetbo ex-
.ebrated IZoci: Wall from whence the
a name Is situated a few hus-thd
dlv from tbe town and Is a remar ble
An been traced for a quarter or a mile
or msre running In a strait line from S E. lo X W.
occasionally cropping out abovejthe surface bet
generally found a' little below. The wall la ab .at 6
Inches In thickness composed of one rock laid upon
another as If dene by masonry. The people have
deg dawn about 40 feet until water prevented gilng
further without finding the beltomor the walL The
question whether Ihls wall Is a work or art or of na-
ture hat not been safisfaetorlly solred and t the
curious and scientific! mind this voader Is wonby qf
attention. There are no other rock ef ilmllar char-
acter f fund anywhere in tbe county aronnd.
We hare some rohvr'towas In this eauely a-iong
which r-rcslrirvtl!ep!risrtry sjtusted 15 mll S.E-
of Kaufman which Is becoming a place of'con-1 ler-
able Imparlance. Cedar Grove is another new ow&
IS mliet V. K. cf Kaufman and alrMdy nnraers
several atares a hotel dwelling homes and oilier
buildings ; a good s'ehoorle" meetiog house and a
steam FIturing Mill. Oar county teat la 235 miles
fraui Ifonslon 173 miles froat Shrevtport and 183
miles fron Jaffenon on Red rlveri The Sout'iern
PsclSe Railroad Is located through our canary and
the Central Railroad irithln about 2b miles of onr
Western boundary. s. G. P.
be Pre-ErcMlM. rMUEf the.iIIitiS3lirlnr
Greslacltlz-lnSwle att.ttlme?of the-
ItlO '
We an-
- Ul
" bl
W .c:
Still Later from HIo Grande City.
ssgeof the bilL-nqSlyr-asied tblJlsnie-We n- Gea. U. McLeodlias iindlr Bhntrn -
LSaWiTlSI!JS. ;ed this ofa Col. U. Clay Davis
We learn that'Gor. Tjeeulnn has mriainMi rt dated Bio Grande Ciiv. tho ;n.t Tl.;. ;.
SSiiStS M4 W- V1afle to' !l"t date yet received. He gives the date
' MuchtOTijJJntls made by the members of the of tDe battle of Rio Grande City as the 27th
?Sr I ii 'SV experienced settlers on -the . or Dec He says : "Two days before we arriv-
fmnUerbdngferuted commissions. . j .. r n t j IL
Speeehcw were made In the Senate and IIous- ' " of Cornil5 W murdered wm
and resolutions adopted la respect to the- Umarr - ' J. Bor and Capt. Spears who
SS-JrJSH bftd ist n"i"d - He told me he
GeorffeOaloan maSeixiaent efffirt in ..-&. lived on or near the TrmUr. A Y.v.n(
-5 S2.?.i ???t' .uaW?. "d Eenevel- and bad formerly been a ateamhnat ranfttn '
do addressed the lipase. In an impresj.Teandear-
un uisuucr
He bad been io Camarrrn. hut Mttirnprl in i1Xt
We learn that a letter frmn TTnn i t TiBnr-. - . . .
bat been received by a gentleman oTour town In ? ucep0Sliea in UamargO four hundred
which herajslhatsome of the oldest members of o"srs ttDd a certificate was found iq his
vuupea entertain serious apprehension of tbe pocket to that effect. He had
safely of the Union.
We devnlr rerrel lo learn r.f f ha iSf-afT. f r-i a
G. Wain ofManchac He died at hla realdence on
Thursday nlxht last alter a severe Illness He vu
i a man of at-ongly mirked character warm In lilt
liXriendshlpt noblo In his Impulses and always ready
to take a.potHlon laimtalntoEUiepoUtlcarpol'icy of
tbe Democrallo par.y. I
He was Chairman of fit Democratic State Con-
vention at Waeo ; had been U. S. Marshall in Mis-
aiatippl before his settlement In Texas ; hat been
Bherlffof Travis county and wonld have been run
" fbrStale Senator .but tor the rapidly .declining pits
dfhll health. His decease Is deeply regretted by
our whole community.
3?" Wo copy the followinir narazranhs from turert of thlt State at an earlv dav. for ih
the Gonzales Inquirer or tbe 7th inst : of !ip'inf .TOC!" ""lotions and taking euch action
Txxaswc-rjnr friend IL L Klchols. arrived $SZ2?!X&
In Oonzalet a Jew days since having left hit sheep la ! and relatione of the country and Zo mMerlallv
HIB connty He Informs a lhat bl. flock stood the weakened the- tlea of a common political sfnd tM ill
drive rrom Missouri remarkably well having lost only brotherhood among ua. A call for a ollug of U.1
Jve out of about dgbt hundred head. His dipping kind Is already Ir! T circulation and has. ! under!
of last Spring realiied him 45 cents per pound. stand been aimed 'h.. '..J..?.
. - . -T " " --O J "" uwuiUICI
more monev
Del tea aronnd uim. which Cortinas took.
I am satisfied if a representative of Captain
Spears was here tbe money would be paid over
immediately. - -
Cortinas was getting men On the oilier side
of the river yesterday. Ho has 180 men in
Maxccvcxaaa' Its into. We nndertlaad;ihat a
large number of manufacturers from different parts
of the Stale convened at the Tontine notel in Ibis
city yesterday afternoon to take Into consideration
the propriety ofholding a meeting otthe raannfao-
A Scape Grace.
Cor.sicisi Tens Bee. lr.9
Kds. Nkws: Have you heard anything of Br ther
Taylor? Tou answer no 1 Very well allow me to
cireyou a 'scrap of his history. Iu the first pt ace
Brother Taylor is a low .plump dandy-lo king
young man of perheps27sumnert. He came into
thla region from a septentrlou direction and wa en
ployed by oar worthy presiding elder to occupy Jha
TelllcoelreaItpirtly in Ellis and partly InNartrro
counties and having such endorsement pass-1 at
par amengjsur best citizens.
But Brother Taylor had a clorea foot; uOIka
most hypocrites he did not remain among us t a ex-
pose tte deformity. Conference was approachlog
and Brother Tajlorcomneaceahlspreptrstloti fir
attending lhat convocation. He came to Ihe su
try will) little msre than the jioney he rode lpon
the credulity of his brethren he nan aged to start
wilh two borrowed mules' and a hired buggy To
gain credit la Navarro he bottled orhlapltnta-
tlon la Limestone c&ualy.. Off he started from Cor-
sicana with borrowed conveyance with from fi-e lo
six hundred dollars. When he reached times me
hetold'the 'borrowed'bnggy for $150 poeketc 1 the
money and borrowed the same buggy and a p ir of
match horses Worth I 'nnderstand JlOo. r da
this he told the good brother he was not dcce'rlnj;
that lie had a Carayard lqfavarro ; that be w'shed
to take the mules on and cash them and won! I re-
turd the baggy' andhdheJ after the adjournment of
Conference. i .
But Brother Taylor did not go to Conference nir
has any ono of the gentlemen that he hftiwlr.illed
lesrned where he has gone with his Ill-gotten giis
Tills thonld admonish our people to !kbow-aarae
thing ot all strangers before lney trust liiernjo i far.
We now learn that Taylor under probatStyoiher
names has plsyed the same game saccessfalj t6ft
siitsouri ana Arxansas. l wisn i coma aeseriblshlm
better so that after be has been honored TriJhNa
The nroeeedlnn of the lata PMiartinMa rrniKn
notice from the Galveston News and a few niherj-Pe'tlng were lobe puhllshed In the Commercial List
t i i -t ...- .- l- .. ? I ahd-trentv thousand enntaa 1a ha l.tlKni. K ih.
Mexican Lreed and hla Is the only loss we have yet
heard of in this coun'y.
The Baptist Church In this place hat called to ltd
Pastorship the.Rev. Dr. Stell who takes the place of
the Rev. Mr. Thurmond. Dr. Stell bas notlong been
a resident of our county bnt the lime has been tuf-
ncient to gain mm many warm friends and admirers
and that its action wUI tend to nromnte h i.;..'
embraced In the call. Success to all conservative
national and TJnlon.IovIng demonstration! or this
kind Kevc JTaven Jiete.
We have morb confidence iu the sincerity of
fens convention of manufactures in behalf o f tbe
jHe will be a valuable acquisition to the community! Union than in those great Union meetings of
andan efficient and useful Pastor. nnlitiriana wi har versanti.. rn.(l r .u.
At far at we can learn the peach treea were nearly
all killed In "Western Texas by the late severe freeze
Too bad I
Several of our cltizcnfhave been summoned lo
Austin as Jurors In the U. a Federal Court. or Neosoks. The Inquirer lvt
the roUowing result of a public sale lo Ooniales the
first Tuesday In this month :
Shelby 14 years old told for caih for 107C; WH-
Bam 49 years old. cash for $S31 ; Jnno an old wo-
man cah f825; Ellas CO years old. twelve montha
credit 43t ; llannth 1 2 years old 12 montha credit
11545;-Charlotte M years old 12 months credit
politicians we have recently reported for the
reason that these manufacturers are doubtless
prompted by a prudent regard for theirown in-
terests which they have reason to fear aro in
Tub Dextii or DtQciacsv. The Asia brings Intel-
ligence of the death of Thoraat DeQolneey which
happened on the Sth of December at Edinburgh
having considerably pasted the term of three teore
yeara and ten. For many months pasl he has re-
aided In Edinburgh prewiring the town to hla house
In Lattwade mainly for the convenient e of tnnerln.
tending the passage through the press of the eollcct-
Glrl 19 rears old. hired for the mr fr tens - v. ed edition of Mi works now iesulnr bv Messrs- It.
ili'ycart old for $150 R-nben IS yeara old for $180; """d oI w1eh the fourteenth and laetvolumet nearly
Simon 30 years old. for fS5; Grlf years old for ready for publlc-tlon. The deceased wet princl-
ISMS 50; Jourdan 30 years old for $235; Jeff. 21 Par" known by the graphic autogrsphlcal tketchet
years old for 450 j Aleck -SO and Jane 18 years old which tinder the title of "Confession! of an English
'hired together for fS75; Ttob 15 years old for tlTJ Oplam Eater." aa vividly portray his illusions and
50; Giles 12 years old fo"r 120; Wash. 80 years sufferings while under the influence of that pern"
old ti5L clous drag. '
VST The Washington correspondent of the Socrxux Snois. One of our cotemporarles atks-
Charleston Courier t-eys :
Some of tbe Northwestern and Southwestern Dem-
ocrMIc members have declared that they wBI not
support for the Speakership- any Southern opppsltlon
membar. The anti-Republican members cannot com-
bine their force against Air. Sherman the Republican
candidate and he must be elecUd If there be any
- as.
Among the passengers Ay the Persia It r'S young
Baron Solomon EottachUd of the Parle oute of
UothschUd ho arter spending some with his
friend and New Tork correspondent of Ids houte.Mr
August Belmont trill probably make the tour of Die
Southern and Western States
What la to hinder na from raannfartnrln. A
thoet!" To which we answer the want otfShoe
Ttgt. Thousands of buihelt of thaepegs are brought
from the North and told to Southern shoe-mskere
It It possible thst there Is no wood In the Southern
Stales suitable or that tbe manufacture of a shoe
pec Is beyond .Southern Ingenuity? We know the
contrary aud we think that those who very properly
advocate the manufacture of Southern ehoea had
better begin atthebeglnhig and let their motto be.
Independence In Shoe Pegt. Augwta Dlipateli.
" ta
A convention of Bloomer damsels Is reported to
have resolved that they will wear short drctsrs or
nolMng. What an awful thing It would be If they
shouldn't wear the short dresses I
Journals of large circulation he may beeaptnrel
and taught useful lesson! at Ilzatsvllie for JO if It
years. BrotherTajlor Is One of the few white m-n
onrcltfzens would pay half the price of a
maa'for. 'Any man who will return Brother Tj lor
to his circuit I feel satisfied csn be compensated
wiro tne iioien ouggy mmes ana uoraes t
Like allscampt of hit oiass he was lavish f his
promises. To onejuvenlle lady he promised a liberal
edueatlon ; to others fine-trained houseservants and
at low figures. He also mentioned contempler
Improvements; a country seat; pretty collate ; ver-
dant lawns; shady groves; graveled walkt an 1 or-
namental gardens.
Jf any one of your Island City speculators will
cage Brother Taylor and place him on exhibition In
this up country his fortune Is made sure.! Sicha
rush would not be made to see a circus and totua-
rerlc combined as would be to see Brother Taj lor.
Brother Taylor Is no eommon thief; perhsps in all
the catalogue of clerical ehort-eomlngs no parallel
case of cooler calcalating Impudence has oeci-rred.
If ho falls to gain admittance Into onr Slale'irntltu-
lion at nuntavlfle It's to be hoped ho wli( find a
sltuallonjn some ilmllar place In his ownNbr'hern
region where peeple are always on the alert for men
of his class. Very respectfully yours T
Noarnsas Doccnrxcis XT Wasnixoios. T e fol-
lowing Is one of those peeoUar explanations rpirtcd
to in order to exonerate Mr. John Sherman from the
responsibility of his elgaatnre to the republican C.m-
evetalonal Helper circular ol tbelaat Congress
axraacTraou a lcttjh or nos. s. n.uoun.s
Araoas Dec 8 1 "siO.
Mr Dux SlK. Ihave. within ihelastfewmm ..
observed in tbe ew Tork papers your remarks la
the House to thlt effect : "That yon had noireeal.
lection bf ever having ttgned tbe recommendation or
nelper't boat" The facto are these and von mar
recollect them. I called at your seat during ll e 't
tlon whlieTjod was much engaged and req'usted
your signature Your reply was "That joj 'had
never tccn tne wore Knew nothing oi it 1 yon
gave your name it would be to oblige me aa-1 en-
tirely upon the confidence yon reposed In me lhat It
was aU right." Very truly J ours.
no. Joust SnSRitir.
This Mr. Morgan we believe was a member I f the
last Congress ; and as such what are we la think of
his endorsing Helpers' inraraous book "to Mj Mend
Sherman as "all right!" And what Is the value of
such a defence as this to the confiding Mr. Sherman?
la he not a culpable confidence man f And urn not
his friends who are ready thus to help him inio tho
Spesker't chair the most aneaklng of No tbern
doughfaces? Indeed the Congressional debsies of
(he last few days. In both houses have rcduc d the
late blustering abollllon republican leaders to a pack
of cringing doughfaces mi Jail for the spoils.
I answer that there wi
iauii"iio .u "'V. iAA.
16S6 where an ounce "JmWSiJeJ V
C0E.1O. flow uo prucur cu
son In the world:
nnhlt ahrnlrl tnotr
..... I . li.
aline tiny; oi vniwvwr
r. eoe"Stnaj. tioJtaijdboair tiGjfLSiafiStlt'-j
rtvan tfXaOli what kJ taa a t a. i .. " r
"-"- siama a.- uiaa HIU UCCU DECUDICU U O. ISVITrl
somedoenortwentvenestsrvhaniM. hMitr ami
-neof these a mere beard Ihanry ontalntd the
eatlre stack ef llqtors dry eods or other commod-
ities on eaie ia the place to wit: thlee barrels of
whisky about twenty bolts of unaleaehed cotton
wilh perhaps half a dszen belts of alazy hemp
linen. Th cotton and hemp were quickly disposed
of at half a dollar a yard to the troops who re-
quired It forlentt. The liquor was retailed atth
xounler at a bit a drink. Owing to the great de-
mand thete barreimn down fast. Tbe proprietor
la order to keep up theanpply added water; butthe
adulteration was Instantly detected by his customerr
who warned him to hold his hand threatening to
confiscate his remaining istork. Incase of a further
reduction of Its strength. On the morning of the
12th oar merchant having sold out and being a man
devoted to the arts of peace mounted Ms horse and
with the proccedi of his sales In a pair of leather
saddlebags went his way towards thefsreast.
Ithlntlhare Ihown that had a conspiracy been
conceived amoog the troops at Gonzales to take' off
the advancing enemy according to the novel meth-
od ascribed to them by 6e. Houston the means to
effect their purpose were not at hand and could not
beprocureit I said novel method ef making war I
Do the wars of Europe or this continent afford any
parallel case? Is the Idea original even with Gener-
al Houston ? Is It not a plagiarism ? Did he not
borrow It Tor the occasion from the East'
Some time before this speech was delivered in the
American Senate the newspapers were teeming with
the account or the baffled attempt orthe Chinese
bakers of Canton to distribute poisoned bread to the
teaman ana marines or the combined Brltith and
Trench Heels lying off lhat city and threatening Its
bombardment ; and the failure of a similar attempt
upon the European residents of Hong Kong. Wheth-
er thlt Chinese bread leavened with arsenic Is or it
not the prototype of tho " barrel of gin and a barrel
of wine" asserted to have been poisoned with the
tame drug at Gonzales why let the public decide.
One thlug Is certain. It was reserved for Gen. Hous-
ton to Impute to his own troona the rtttemnl at emn.
mission of a crime only conceived in the brain and
prompted by iho heart of an oriental despot of
huuui acunaa uic vniei.
Thesagc author of the "compendium of a history
Texas" remarks: "General Houston professes a
capacity for anticipating events that would have
enhanced the gaina of the spirit of divination In the
damsels orThyatira." In addition he claims to
posess another rare gin almost as marvelous. I re-
peat him: "At reach creek fifteen miles distant
ploslops were heard where It was supposed to be the
enemy's artUleryand tome supposed it to be the aban-
doned magalzne but the General rejoiced In It as he
knew rrom the difference in the eipioiionlhat It was
uu.aiuiim buiuie poisonea liquor.
ir Gen. Houston had given no orders ror the burn-
ing or the town which he disclaims he teems to
have been laformed of the fact by the peculiarity
or sounds heard 15 miles off! If his sense of hear-
ing was so acute as to bo able to distinguish sounds
produced by the explosion of liquor and sounds caus-
ed by the explosion of powder at a distance so great
as fifteen miles It does teem that the circumstances
occurring at the time ought to have excited distrust
m ms own mina as to ine reliability or his hearing
and induced him to ascribe the explosion to the latter
and not (he former cause ; for a magazine aban-
doned in the rear or a retreating army thnuhj be
destroyed wilh ortrlthont orders while poisoned'
liquor would hardly be left to decoy an enemy to his
drath-a-wllhont .the knowleitre and mmnlli-ftv nf a
Uisaf guard.
auruuguout win wuoie scene ; the abandoned iwo
six pounders submerged In the Guadalupe and the
exploded magazine arc kept entirely out of view
while the enemy's artillery forty miles distant and
"a barrel Of Cln and a barrel of vine" at- nrraanlf ft
.conspicuously In the foreground of the picture. But
"""it uauu lor us main leatures with all their
sombre coloring are not true. It Is a gratuitous un-
called for charge not necessary for Gen. Houston's
own vindication preferred against men who stood
by him in that long and dreary march when ho
dragged ths standard of Texas through the fillh and
mlro of an Inglorious retreat against the men who
"bound hts broart with victorious wreathes and.
plaekcd up his drowning honor by the loc.i.!V'a
The lemarkt or ourcotemporarlet as a whole hare
been very complementary to the card lately issued by
the Charleston Jabbing merchants. A sound patriot-
ism and discriminating judgment has pervaded aU
the notices that have niei our eye. An earnest desire
teems to be sincerely entertained to sustain the mer
chants of u.'iarlestoa In their endeavors to place our
Queen City In her proper station as a leading seaport
of the world. But we detect In some indications of
an idea lhat no direct Importations are made In
Charleston and that belter terms can be obtained or
juuu-ra lu-tcn: igia to comrjat tnis error apa in
some degrteio convey more accurate Information we
propose a few words.
At the oaitct let as premise that lp no great extent
do jobbers Iu any market import the goods ibej
SclL And the retailer who bdya his slock la New
York thinking that he Is buying f the importer
grostly deceives himself. Importing Is a buslnrss of
Itself which completely abaoroa Ihe capital ordinarily
eommand-d by mercantile firms rhe Importer sells
by the case to the jobber and the jobber by the
piece or pieces to the Vetaller who sells In the con-
sumer by the pattern or quantity desired. Such is
the division of modern trade The simple question
plainly put lo the Interior retailer Is TV ill you sus-
tain the Charleston jobber or will you sustain ibe
New York jobber who are equal competitors for
your custom?
Tlie Charleston and New Tork jobber alike pur-
chasevfthe Importer who Is mainly an alent In NrW
Vorjt of'lorelgn or domejtls manufacturers. The
manufacturer no matter what his goods may be
aends tliemto New Votkforamarkel through atoeal
anenl In that city and he will send them to Charles-
ton In the same mannen If- a aitfni-tnt ma.k.f rn
tJpfc f JXo Klreimore force or effect lo what hud I goods be created here- For th ver- r-aton. tf-Sl
v . juueeu'-tiir-u iu iri-i-r"ri--rnpn n - p -- i.i..-m m i i i . - ngcciw iu --vii-rCBiuu
- svcttsorAna-atireT;s u.uiitaiiU3riieQc; is on- l ou
TT. 'J i. j I . ...a- i. .. .i. .. .. .... t
ate Garette after giving a brief outline
reer bfCortinas fiom his first taking or
"ville and murdering several of the in-
!s in colli blood down loour latest ar-
f his outrages in tnttrdeting tbe people
io Gruide and pillaging and bnrntug
'':?yfr 'H-J'roperty after showing tbe overwhelm
- ".' 'iTiiliii1r nf liltt nnnrmm imaa na..! va-faa
. tv itanaivn wvuiaj uiiwisttuai aaiato uuu ItlCi-
. ' ' to the report of the Grand Jury finding u
. j-T ... tl iwii. hltM Hfe.. J......1..
?ll agutut. uuu jllULtL-ua Oa lUllUtTJi
faee of all these faeta and nf thla tnriti-lat n.
'- ' -Tin the eaases'df kite diilurhanera hv the nnl
Jfty known'tolhe laws Gov. Houston Issues
proclamation in which we flud nothing nf a
aftd-twenly thousand copies to be distributed by the
merchants Irfthe-Somliern'Slates.
ii seems to us the south hat no need to have Its
abhorrence of old John Brownlsm intensified by any
such reading and that the twenty thousand copies
had better be elrenlated In the North. The mer-
chants raay make a good thing ef It by thus adver-
tising themselves In the'South end this little matter
may be a key to tho animus of the whole affair of
the mKtlng to promote or retain Southern trade.
The STijinurs ArrLien. The Washinffton
correspondent ol tbe New York Journal of
uomncre says:
The members of Congress will bo obliged logo
through the holidays without a cent of money un-
less the House make a Speaker. They are getting
pretty hard up now. Some of them have given drafts
at abort dates thatAre maturing. The &ergeant-at-arms
hat advanced the most needy about forty thous-
and dollara ; and his bank must be nearly exhausted.
The whole amount doe to the members Is about a
million ot dollars
A Jury was being empanneled some yeart ago In
Ouachltaa Uncle Zekp- frnm Ihe Tilart hllla a.
the panel. When called up to be aworn ho objected
to titling on the eaie. It required tome urging from
the Court to get his "reasons." Finding it neces-
tary however to divulge ho said: "Judge C I
don't like to expose this town but the fact Is I've
been drlnllngmlghly mean llekerfor near a week
and have had nothing bnt cat-fish to eat at ll.e tavern
and fear under the circumstance ray narvea being
Bowerful weak that 1 eouldn't do Justice." Of eourte
ncle Zeke was excused. JJaitrop (J"r)rjlaue Par-
UK) Advocate.
a at aa
Minister Taneey ooJiIs return from Ssuth America
was made the bearer of a magnificent snuff box
studded with diamonds and worth 5000 from Gen.
Urqults President of the Argentine Confederation
as a mark ef his personal regard to Ei-COmmlstloaer
Bowlln who Is notet aware of the present
TVasKlaQTOS Ims. The correspondent of the
New Tork Jlerald of (he 15th ttys threats are
made by Southern genticmea lhat 25 members will
withdraw from the Home If Sherman is elected
.Sigis ia RtcniioxD Ta. At the parties and balls
being held there the ladles now go In homespunand
homespun It Is said Is to be the order thla winter.
Northern dry goods stand no earthly chance at the
south now.
Rtvsa Caossrso. Some fifty stage pauengcrs and
two tons of mall matter were taken acrott the Miss-
issippi last evening. The river is entirely c!osedand
It is thought the Ice will be strong enough- for teams
Cold Bjuf. The thermometer run 23 degress be-
low zero last Friday morning atSt. Panl 23 at Win-
ona And 10 at La Crosse. The cold extended lar
Tho Postmaster-General accompalned by Jlrs.
Holt left Charleston on tho 21th ultimo ror Florida
whither Mrs. II. goes for thejcatoratlon of herheilth. '
'serrcartn adJae-stocihesfi traitors .as to the invest!
gallon already had nndrr the forms of oer govern-
ment by Ihe Grand Jury and the declaration still
made that"inreefi;at!oai'ii:e'iart ctnd shall lie
had" and that )f aay have been wronged Iheir
cause shall be heard. Thla la spoken to scoundrels
who know the natnre of the late finding or the Grand
Jury and wh6 now are led lo hope lor Immunity from
theirerimes atthe hand'of a tribunal perhaps to he
scat to the Rio Grande by Sam Houston to super-
sede the autoority of a I'gally constituted Grand
What farthcr-Iarettlgatlon Is necessary under the
laws of the State after the Orand Jury have Institu-
ted their enquiry before the aocused can be put upon
his trial we cannot understand.
"Gov. Houston can establish no tribunal unknown
to the laws whose Investigations can supersede the
jurisdiction of 'the District Court. In all criminal
cases and over ail suits complaints and pleas what-
ever that Court has original Jurisdiction and Gov.
Houston has no mere power over a criminal case be-
fore conviction than the humblest citizen In the State.
After conviction he'lras the po wer to grnht reprieves
and pardons bnt In cases of treason he can only do
so "by and with tbe advice and consent of lite Sen-
ate;" and during its recess only "until the end of
the next session of the l.eglilatnre."
We learn frod Capt. II t tl that accompanjiag this
proclamation was a letter to be handed to Corteoas.
On replying to a question the Captain having said
that he expected tbe duty of delivery to devolve on
himself we told him what we think most be Ihe feet-
lag of every citizen of the State lhat he wonld cram
this ejtlstle down'the month of a 22 lb. howitzer and
lend IS accompalned althatraln of red hot shells
flying into the Camp of Certenis or into his black
heart as die csb
But after this (lsotlilatlng spectacle we hareyet
to record tbe final act In the drams. On the d day
of January 188 "and inrfulfil-aent we understand of
certain pladgrs nfade to Cor'enss in tins letter Gov.
Houston scuds to the Rio Grande Seuor Navarro of
Bexar-and Mr. Taylor of Sannln delegates tent by
their respective counties to the Legislature to rep-
resent the Interests tf lh-lr people and lo aeslitln
framing ihe lass. What the purpose of llieje min-
isters plentpotchttary art was never whispered to
ths Legislature : their assent never r.iked : their
Judgment not taken nor the Immediate Representa-
tives andSenatorof Cameron and l!ldlocnntcItrd
This fact we learn from one of the delegation all
of whom we understand are highly liiqfnaed at the
novel and extrtordinary course pureurd.
If these men are simply to see whtther the Uwa
have been executed His a must wicked Urce. Mr.
Taylor of Fannin epunty in tht northern extreme of
the State without we believe any Knowledge of the
Spanish language or any personal acquaintance
wilh the people or country he will now visit can be
of no practical service whatever. So far the ap- a mere sinecure Senor Navarro la of
Mexican origin and a very proper gentleman ror any
positron or the kind. But we ask in all candor
how much satisfaction can Scnor Navarro give to
an Executive or the State of the local concerns of
a county than Us own Immediate representatives?
Why substitute at a great expense and In an emer-
gency when no favor should be eliown a black heart-
ed murderer. Senor Navarro of Bexar countr. for
the whole of the Cameron and nldalgo delegations.
and Ihe finding of the Grand Jury nf Cameron
county? Would the Legislature do so? Wo need
not ask the question. And should not an -Executive
trf Ihe State have adeccnt respect for Ihe legislative
department of the government?
Thla however Is said under the supposition that
these gentlemen have been sent to inform Gov.
Houstonrrhelher ornot the laws have becu excel-
led. For any other purpose w"e must look to the
judicial tribunals of Cameron county and to the
military potter now placed at the disposal of the
Executive bjsjposlttve enactment of this Legislature
The excitement' arocsed at Ihe Capital by these
high-handed sets or Gov. Houston will extend to tbe
whole Etatcltjs impossible to' justify tho course
he Is pursuing. ( "
' )
EETZTno Uemoerattind Planter has an excel-
lerirfrticla.touclifejr (be late Un'on meetings of
he'KrJfth in which" tho editor docs not have
much confidence. Speaking- of tbo Boston
meeting be says :
But "actions speak louder than words." Right
upon the heel of this Union demonstration In Boston
comes the elty election and the Abolition candidate
lor Mayor. v. Lincoln jr.-ls elected by a plurality
of 1500 votes I This tells the story. The "solid
men" of the North are nowhere. The fanatics are
Ihe governing power. Asa Massachusetts Senator
Mr. Wilson very trnly remarked the other day :
"Union-saving meetings are of no earthly signifi-
cance. He bad nothing Joeay against these political
eunucha who gather Arpnad such meetings but those
meetings did not wtlgh a feather's weight In Massa-
chusetts. Boston had gone for the Republicans at
the recent election Notwithttandlng traae threat!
on tbe floor of the Senate the people of Massachu-
setts would give 50000 majority for whoever shall
be nominated as the Republican candidate for Pres-
ident" This Is all too true. The "solid men" of the North
talk very well but the action of the fanatical masses
It a different thing. What then must be done? We
would respectfully suggetl that Ihe South would do
better to quit talking and act.
our Jobbers Import more often than the New York
Jobbers who can oblala any desired article by send
ing a lew streets or Blocks r litre are no large ttneks
exclusive to certain department! of trades sold only
by the bslecaseorothermeasureofbulk. We select
at random the foilowlog direct Importations ef last
Thursday in evidence of Ihe variety of such impor-
latlons made at this porU
Per ship Carolina arrived from Liverpool Dec 20.
Saltlo J. Welstcan; bark Netherlanri from Rotter-
dam Hay to O. Wltterthip Othello from Liverpool
Hardware to Wllmans k Price; Coal to J. Sehnler-
le ; Mdze to A. & R. B.McKentle ; Earthenware Po-
tatoes Oat Meal to 3'. Bones ; Ruin and Wine to
KUnck Wlckenberg & Co. ; Ale to Ravcnel & Co. ;
Cotton Thread to J. 4 S. T. Ravenel ; Nails Hard-
ware Chains to Ctinrtney TenentCo; Saddlery
to Love & Wlenges; Tola Camp Oren Carers Chim-
ney Backs to M. Ogilvie: Iron lo 3 N. Hart k Co. ;
Hardware to Gravetcv JkPrlnele. Iron Pots. Camp
Ovens Carers Biscuit O fens Stlllrtt Spiders Hard-
ware Holloware Orel Iron Sheet Iron and Bar Iron
ttj. E. AdgtrACo.; Hardware to Hyde Gregg
Day; Merchandize and Hardware to Hyatt McBur-
ney k Co.; Bottled Ale to R. II. Chapman ;Earthej-
wate to Webb i Sage; Bags to E. T. Walker; Hard-
ware Chains Nails fans to II. F. Strofaecker; Mer-
chandize to Crane Boybtoa k Co.; Stationery and
Book to Gourdln Mattlilessen at Co.; Bagging to
J. Fraser k Co.; Merchandize to G' A. Trenholm ;
Machinery to S. 0. Railroad Co.; Earthenware to
Brown 4 Palma; Herring! and Whiskey toGlbbsi
Co.; Merchandize to Johnston Crewa k Brawley;
Hardware to W. R. Morton.
A large class or goods in common use throughout
the South are or Northern manufacture whose de
pots areloeated la New York as for example: cloth-
ing boots and shoes hats and the thousand-and-one
small convenience) or every day lire. Large amounts
of capital are there devoted to their manufacture and
jo lonras the Interior retailer at the South will sell
such joods there will exist establishments In Charles-
ton for their supply. Charleston merchants are like
merchants everywhere they will keep what people
wlllbuyy and Itla perfectly utterly Idle to expect any
different condition.
The pertinent suggestion to all Is shall a leading
market be built up In Charleston? Shall our jobbers
double their business snd manifold their numbers?
When they do Importing houses agenls of foreign
and domestic manufactures will be established here
and bonded warehouses will rise on East Cav. For
eign mauufacturers have no Intrinsic Interest In New
iorlt. They will establish a branch or their houses
la Charleston whenever the market will warrant.
Trade It tensltlve It gravltatet. and always win
Markets create merchants but merchants do not
create markets.
The question then simply recurs upon how shall
our Jobbing houses be sustained and strengthened?
Mardfrsly only by Interior merchants seeking a mar-
ket here. This cannot be done In a day or season;
but the commencement may be made at any time.
The extent of country naturally aeeklng a tupply
market here. Is large enough and 'rich enough lo
create all the trade lhat Charleston can conduct
Should this trade concentrate here should our job-
bers find their stockt readily exhausted Ihe manu-
facturers will directly ettabUsh agencies here and
we shall possess an original market limited only by
the amount and extent of Its custom Oar harbor is
ample and all original laclllties provided liberally
by nature.
o t
member who detlrea to speak hat been heard ; and
and aU raollont to lay o the labia- shall be decided
without debate. Objections were made hotrefer.
and Ihe original debate resumed.
Mr. Bojce of South Carolina slid that the Son
.eels mat oa unt tiavery question hangs their very
being because you cannot overthro the system ou
which their civilization and social fab.rle rests with-
out a war of races with the South ; therefore It Is a
question or lL'e and death. The arch fiend could not
have round a device more effectuaUhan a sectional
party to eonvulie this gteat Republic Jeffenou
looked on the sectional Itsue wi'h regard to .livery
as one ratal to the Union but he' was consoled with
the reflection that ha would not Hvei la tee day of
the disaster. The Republican party wai purely sec
tional and did not propose a modification of any
laws outside of the tiavery question; they proposed
a strictly sectional test
He proceeded to show that this It a Government ot
delegated powers. He had looked to the Republi-
can organization generally to ascertain their ob-
jects. In elchtof the Northern Ptafaa ih....t
terposed all the obstacles they could to prevent the-
eulorcemenl of lhat plain clause In the eonstltutlnn
providing lor the rendition of furghlre tUves. Sena-
tor Seward bad sattl von mnat rn-Av it.
alave and defend blar as you wouUyour lousetJJ 1
awwa. a
Mr. Stanton- In reply to Mr. Boyce said h under-
stood the position of the Republican party oo tho
fsrgitlve t lave law. There were differences among
iiciu as m arnas lugitive aiave-smjuia he and
whether the provisions of the diminution imke It
obligatory on a State to provide a remedy or wheth-
er It belongs to Congress.
For himself If It were an original question he
Should hold lhat the power was vested Iu the Slate;
but as ll Is he held ta the contemporaneous construc-
tion of the coostltutloo which bad been acted upon
by the Departments of the Government and which
had been acquiesced to by the people and ought to
be recognized and so conceded to be the constitution-
al power ol Cooirres3 to nass a furftlve slave late
So rar as the law oriSJO was concerned he did not
believe It waa constitutional lo Ita details as to the
mode provided ror making proofs. He wanted a law
which would be available but not to encourage kid-
napping under the color or law and capture persons
nolslavet. Thejudlclal power of the United Stales
Is vetted In the Judges appointed by the President
and confirmed by Hie Senate ; and he held further
trTal When the ruzitireslavelawaiilhnrtzeaarntr.mla.
'sloner appointed by the judge and not bythePresl-
aent ana connrmeu oy loe senate to sit In judgment
aa to whether the person arrested ll a fugitive or not.
It la vesting constitutional power where the constitu-
tion dees not authonza It He held the law io be
unconstitutional la Uili : it dcorlves the narlrnf thn
right lo a habeae corpus to test the question as to
the process under which fugitives are claimed and
whether ll is conformable to law and whether or not
there Is a pretext to put Into slavery a free man. He
knew la the point ot fact that Hie lar is grossly
abased In tlie free Slates lleknew-men were con-
stantly kidnapped under color of lis provisions. He
knew of a person In Obits who had received a letter
asking him to give a descrlollon of frte nerroea. the
wilier saying he wonld find inaslcrs for them lleuce
the dltBcultica arise
Mr. Cor ia the course or his remarks referrlnarjto-
Ut. tsunton said he was not the exponent or the Tuo-
mlnaitttectlon. He was a mahojtauy WiJr slightly
varnished over with Republicanism. The Republi-
can party la all seetionallsci when you gu Iq OWo
but here It is to make the country believe it la natljn-
al to give the order or nationality.
Sir. Stanton claimed lo understand as well whai the
Republican party U as Ms colleague. He was qulier
as much an exponent as his colleague was. He waa
a member' or that parly la good aiandlng. Ilia cot-
league mistook when he said the Republican party In
Ohio Is sectional. The Itepubllcaas iu- Ohio go for
the Constitution as It Vis framed and continued for
sixty years after it was formed and will make their
platform and for lis support quote the opinions of
the Fathers ol the Republic
Mr. Klllgore ol Pennsylvania said he had heard
the RepubUcaa define their position whlchhe as one
ur the peopie'a Representatives could not cudvrsc at
alltlmta. lie thought It time to aay that he and
those elected on that ticket came rrom Pennsylvania'
on an Issue entirely distinct from a disturbance of
law. iweniy-twooui ot tweniy-nrd members rrora
Pennsylvania owe their seats principally to their
principles of protection to American industry as
well as to the resUUnce to further tiavery extension.
Let the gentlemen follow out the suggestions of the
President and give us specific Instead ofadraloieui
duties. They need not lear that the oppoeition mem-
bers lu this Congress would disturb the Compromises
or Ike constitution or the laws as they stand oa ike'
ttatute book. No parly could carry Pennsylvania
without recJgnlzlng tho protection principle. The-
National Republican Committee hatl i-nored it and
unless they name candidates whose Uvea are living:
Illustrations or Ihe principles they wuuIJ fall. He-
spoke for the laboring and mining Interests ef his
State Ihe gentleman from south Carolina. Could
hate peace 11 he would extend the ullve branch and
glreua specific duties on coal aul iron. Laughter!
sir. .ucl'lernand stated thef position ol ihe Repub-
lican patty In Illinois did not agree wilh that slated
by Mr. Stanton.
Mr Horence replied to Mr. Kiltoire; tcllltg- him
he had better part company wliu uia Republican
because in the call for the Republican convection at
Chicago nothing was stld about a tar.ff forthe pro-
tecllou of American Indaatry and asked ir fie did dot
auun tttaa mc.icw A UTK - T-"lrI- I nS .milt
the P -'t- ' a't-i'auagfayitfcUarAtnaa t
Itb our purpose to write as brtiay u powUiIev coo-
ccrnlriz' the cnsartlera and riiaia fn3t.. a M.i.
cupaiisaa hmludlni thiv causes symptom sad mode of
met nor more than onoecu aoy question until every 1 S""' WeilU'IdaioimpjlniairiiandhiaUralxkt-
tnataaaaaal. aa aaaaW . I..I 1 . 1 ! a.' . '. F TYl 1-laaT a. Wt f .. Asia aaaaai a a.. . . a . . . I aa .a '"
- ---. - - - - aa- taaaaauat ' ftf. sUl.iJI WtlUJUlaV
forward way. Otr pnrpuM U twa-foli-Ur. to rivo
feme cur ou fact act jtsneraJr aSown; an eeodlr
to fcrlnr more forcibly to Tie w ihe rMdr rtflaf at bud fa
trouMawearatAktna-la hm!u. .... -....
I K..!. l.;T.iZZB r. T- "". a-naia
i "-"' taaitutaicaoa ottnuTec
aneoiseaao apnaxlar troavarlotu trtdeaf aabs either
rrom the very nature ot tie ocenpatioaa fron ike aiato-
misnandlea or used or from bota these cautes. Scarcely
any or these pur aula are aeceasanly uahealtty but mea
will be as Imprudent la their buatnraa at ia laetr pleasure
and sufferfor their aexleet or preeiTttton. J"".
let ua first look at UOaO waa suffer froat poltaaoua ma-
cprraasiuias ualss-rocxttiaa. ixtaats a rassuss.
irom. tlieir maidpulattoa of copper Jand Ua coapouada.
SiJu"dr Jai either the lmnalaiM duat ofita
oxldesoraatjortheirrumes. Thwresultla aoopperdls-
5. ac rfflelml K-r vry mete or leva ia vlelenee.
d or else op zun aa atrenee to more appa-
f" Th victim to the eobpardisea.. notices.
Perhaps on rising la la- moraing. a atiatlr aorut taste In
the mouth a tllxht coaatrlaloa ur tie throat the buiiu
nTStrdteda "ometliaes. sfrtneM at ihe itozaach.
ir.i5?."i1"6MClallt'a"!nd- Probably takaaaome
sarertia'd exp-dorant which leaves hlmworaethaat.
till"! . TT" . r1"? eotaea an as-acJC or eoue. IT O Jtca
iPi HS U e"demlc; he la very h4S. t tx attackKtaad
hit totmlaa andtenesmui aa the dosUaraeaU them naaw
J; ujjmau tna Bowels an d!aiocai-iavaTerx?
I ceetangly violent OnenatMjaa- aJCvcacaanctatioant
r . v c3tdk?isefc3oeaeriar blacki-Aoolt sughtiy tcteak.
cu wja Duoovaraa raaeuaala aaxfeiy. is tae eommeno
lax symplonx aoxt la scarcetv notices Crasta aotnezunea
mare laetr appeirsncr ta taa Jlmbai aas ttomacx. ttar
t or rax
'" irU13DA7STIITrriSDATa4!il'aTrEI7ATi.
Stxle.CopT Per year (payat'!eqaxterly1.. S6 OO
JSatra of Adrertfslssi :
cneKuaij;c'3Mf!ncntSisert; itt
i "- tacnasateequentlas.. iff
CahaIteraUOdofanadvertlsemeutpernare. so
li-X'ta.-half-yesrly fiidyuryiMlvertlaetiisntsputlliba
at reduced rates : and contracts for chanxestbls advert) r
rseats Xi any given amount will in zcadj orzcoceraie
tenos. T
t 1
ofarvaiT mrscan-ROi
faeradlsg Law asoTJlualncss Clanks. BUI Ilntds Clrcnlsi
Pamphlets and Books Iran a kaucsoma Visiting Card ta
s Mammoth Po-Jer.
The Nzws J6a Vina la a seyttrate department wHb
Ive nand-presafl and two steam po- vpreaao tosettie!
with an extenjivaasAortni-ttt ot im-s ana
equaUedfiy aa .tterMtahf.shr.i3i; in tho SUrte
t thiuje of a rarstratsr.waleh chocks they aaaSga ta the
lunftorttoinaeaoruiedunoxvapor.'aadgtoves takeep
It from the pores of the sllu-. A generous diet should tw
used the bowels kept open by moderate dotes of Itas-
wats Rxocxaizxa- Puu ; a done should be taken lu the
morning ana evenlec or Bad way 'a Bead r Relief anal the
use or Rauway'a Renovatlsg Resoireat persevered in.
until the tyotem Is rid of the rajaoa-Tipt-Poimdcri
fncttrtn Fdialtrt PlimUrt casd
allien aiul WorktribilcadJiivfaciartuoFSAot
Ars exposed lo the lead disease. This like the eoDsercfis-
ltiw If-nitK.
Itcitmrtheypul the tarifflnto the pIafornrr ll would
us u.u . u ..-..tic ntuutvt iicatrcn. a ou nau oetler nee
from the wrath to come. f Laughter T
Mr. Klllgore. The New Tork Fosi -Is not the or-
gan In Pennsylvania. We repudiate ll and tide up-
on its diwtrluej and un'css the Eepulican conven-
tional Chicago shall recognize the prluclple of pro-
tection to American Industry In the platform or
places- ou thai platform a candidate who Is a livln-
lUnstratlon ofthat prloclple aailsfactory totheneo"
pie of Pennsylvania lie wlU not getthe electoral
vote or Pennsylvania.
A colloquy ensued on the subject of the tariff: bill of
tcwi anutneacuou oj me .Republicans and Demo-
crats thereon In which Messrs. Campbell Mont-
gomery KUlIngsr Florence and Covode af Penntyb
vanla participated. The discussion was In perfect
good hamor and two orthree were adurej-
lng the chair at once. Mr. Montgomery alluded lo
Mr. Seward as the Republican candidate tor Presi-
dent Mr. Kllllnger laid that waa a mtsreprensatlon.
Mr. Seward wai not their candidate. Uuifhterl
Pennsylvania had a candidate wilhla her own bor-
ders. Mr. Montgomery Would you vote for him? Mr.
Kllllnger ir he stands upon the ptlnciple or the pro-
tection or American industry we t-hatl support hto.
Daring the debate much waa said about the disas-
trous effects of the tariff oa tho Interests ol Peantyl-
vanu and that ths iroa manufactures had been.
compelled to close Ihclrworkt. In .p ..'.-. i kt-.
when several members front that State were adgfess-
. a I simultaneously jir. Vallandigham re-
marked lhat every Pennsylvania furnace appeared
to be In fuU blast Laughter
Mr. John Corceran of N ew York- with the content
or Mr. Boyce who bad retained the floor during thete
Interruptions suirzested lhat the ltn. .h..t.i
ceed to ballot for tpeaker.
Mr. Stantonsaid that the House had been ballot-
ilfi 'or0Jr.isi aod thought It evident lhat ad-
ditional balloting would amount to nothing. He be-
lieved lhat the House could not b- orgadlied except
by the adoption of the plurality rule. Several gen-
Uemen have In their hands tbe balance of power and
knew how they would vote under the plurality rule.
h a . i . . "opca a reaoiutlon would
be adopted fixing a day when they would vote nn-
der the plurality rule.
Mr. Wlnslow moved to adjonrn until Tuesday . to
give the members time for rejection
Mr. Clark said after to-day he should press a vote
on bis resolution respecting tne fitness of the endor-
t - nsaw aaaeaaaiaauaiaH taaaatsa- HlAl yyt-w
In :i.elr mouti mora particularly at rUung. a suzarv and
tl'iUvsstriairattae.eoiisrrltiaa otlus wmdrnaia
and uneasmrsa la the region ot tSettaraaeh. and occasicnal
nausea followed sometimes bT voadtiat -i.
CsocA raixUri
Or those who use much verml3Dcn.wUiaave a teadaaev ta
ulirrtcea. for uulixe copper this shows at effects more 5
the tmall L&testinea r and the blatseaa- an ..??
a rwwwwIIVH MAU Alt UUaUa OiJ-jT OT Ol2BOlOr
ed ttrine-. The KexuWtcg PIU and lift nttnt r.S ! be
maiiily rcfieJ oa and the parties should sever go to work
w tb an empty -stomach. For the more palaful tymptoma
the Ready I ieilef will be accessary ana will try io means
bene Its name- It should na used mternsaly tad externit-
ly. lapslfltertastaReFllaringrilI..ouldatlae4
tv produce a free evamtion. aaa arterwarda nunnun-
erately. to keep up regular action ; and from laa vera ttAtt
uvReadr Ks.lef. xlren In roll oVmcs. la naxraeed or ailrj-
pcTTvhn tea orgum "ter. Taa met taoukl be uaht.
chlelly beef tea i.nut beef soup.) or emcken train liom
wbleh the fat bat beta trimmed. Ia paraJyats. lis nerala-
Uatusoor the tUraltttafiMls with (he Readr fetuet
.lt nft .t.a.ttt -i.t.t..a . . . . . u -
..iw..wuj muucuiuwiaoaunCAlllSlDOr PSXtlOr
at least irteen mlnutea th.-e tunea pe4 ixr. aad a cener-
cma.butcbre.tble oletwUleffeeta cute ia all eiernll
appllcaUonsthepalmor thehanaltUa best thlnrlomh
w ih.andaieuu.ehaad.Dom ltt aortueja sioud wpre-
Djat and & FHnitn
are liable to several severe symptoms: Those who use
muriate or tin sometimes perceive its eaVcu la their tvs-
tcms. They observe an austere tasters their mouth whuji
la apt to turn lata a well dennad metaUconvcretharwlth
n.tu.-ea. tacecillr after rtalDj Irom a neol. T&elrtulaaia
moreiamau&a3;han2andbeu morefrtviutrntlytlLaaaai-
uraL one vetr caaunonsymptomlaarrtqueaey laasfltJa.
. . - . . u uu. U.J-L3 uua au inj m.
tended bvnam. andlheennsitai.evar i
normal. Twitcili:X(iftliteanat-a.-aMaUleisccm-
utvu uui. uiutc uaoreroua sjatptact lar umess premstlT may bt followed by paralysis of ths parts aiuacaect
The trearanent In thla la the aaroe at In the copper disease
vlx : Rajway's Ready Keller Eeyilitjng Puis and Bel
are sometimes aftVrtM In a nianaertuallir todvtrs.hutIa
a leu degree. Their attacks ar rare. It peculiarly tus-
Grntble ih-y may take the lead poIaouTrron the touer
but we never inew but oae case or liar klau. Tee aria
rjmesol etarcuat la this aad jtuiiar trades aumtdmea
p- oduce Uaammattcu of the bladder; wai h auay be et&cz-
ually comted by the Relief and Reauiatloc: Pin.
iVpcr-trainert aiul TaxidertiUU.
occt&lousuly auffer some most cuatresalnx tyraptoBia the
for ratr from the showy areeas they use. aad the tatter fraaa
their trtnatant taai. llug or" arsenic OI lie Briealveclilorlde
of mefcury ArietUI brealh la not us.CTrjimoa.wlin a rxilier
austere taste at times tccrease r
ennatriction or the luwer part of the throat which seems
to ulcndtatoUw breast rrequeirt nJccoua. aometlmita
fsuatinz sensation whkis cornea and goes very suddenly
vtry black aud ttfianalve stools or aeh-coiurext urine
These are some or the ss mptotas walchmay occur separ-
atclr -r totretber. ItisscurtaulVttxattkjjBepeojajea-
aaiattXeocarpatlona gn qmte plump aadapna-
leatly enjoy tht beat or health having esperaiby a fr-ih
aad dear complexion lrriuwevtieygouitoasynihcr
employment or refrain rrom work far svme weeks thev
areveryaptin be isterl wjhmany or ajot thealtore
sympt-jn.t. Ia eiUercasatha Kesolvant should beuaeo.
aloua with the neaulatlng PUIa the Eebtf belox resorted
t tnordertoremore ImmeOaate- pain or sllatresa
EUctrttlyftrt Olart-atalntrM and Card ZiutitcUtri
jran-acturfiT of Chemieatl QiAlaull Sttctr
naiaa atunujinat
XSinlr$ ardJImerr
the former from thebrsaiufixigtotoit atthe rjue. anil the
latter irom their ccvnKd. poattion in ttu. rmties. autetl tau
doubt by ttieaaiapifen naro mute or esstrubltss&aieaxfee-
Uonarthej.iiJSvaawrntitr. Tbeav will arwajayeti
zntileReUet antXittxulatxie; tlfia ut 'ea salterett torn
oecati!eiiallycavelhjor Cic etulacxenil 07 as acratdi or
caixfroraaaxiafcjaichkaa Jefuttseui ta 'lrtasttir; or vpeu
utaranaalata. tvt tqaa; lllci-- wellLta; of ae; part itch-mgandenIaTaeireot7t.itlaelt)alia-;
fiajiast (aetauls
uxuerar. xna wcuiusTtwians waac&aaatt.wirBau pvt-Ucet-uctveauaiid
&'-) aoauwt with slw untaef
Kc-vly Relief -idjSI -t rite a-eiTrt alkutj las balueat
withtiie Kill aLvtLt-lSgtUaU: aaaU Uot Uattll lUt
vtclestef te t)rtcja h-saiiVai ttiiatK aavet b
oer-'iir-diieret.laia-.j xXaf M a -aaaiy x-)J- fuluca
UtaafleTstA9u"t-leireaj eu ertau. Jtlaaa
HoecrjaU.iEilpliO'l JiasovB-p -- tUaaiaSJucer.oaer
whl(Jl.-watir'seAt ttirj trw be c--ui atj A t t-lbr
plate or saucer la tiaaa to IM fta ed er ttjjija tw
giaspeU arral; and tttaiiaup shusw ya; to thaa sue arat
w til uraln oux. Ibv a t oitna a w araeanbtaediiiio
a pasty at tpouzt placed oa a raal at oucv
aud applied tJihepaV. aa warmest titatpatieai wul sear.
Aa aooa aa it brtfks totnta aauad the ea.straa
onetltoult be satbtattetaal saio ttos a continual fermenta-
tion be kept up. Ihal ta tao troe ntu-tace. wntau may b
ateulcaacdtry tllt3l-aia.CTflterwlae.lf reOaU-att.
Jkuketmakeri Jfoot anol ShvanaUri and Tiutart.
frons their sedentary haaitt.arB aublet to pilta. -aatuJa.
tympstmtea eoativetis-isw nypchosiairl-tv allataEtlea. c.Vr
tuaauaace-tlraparot ciast Ccntr-i turuuay u a
kablt 01 the taxly untt matsa-io Sposay vr if not toI
iifiiminli1 I 11 iti 1 itarti'ITTia 11 Hi Jlliet trratitirnt f tltaaaa
wrr-rrmHi m. Mtnatrr arttl arT.a-t..t.t K-rtMa. ' M
cltonwrla.llvvltcady Keltez aod Itla rorarOHy suicsa;
Viluss dance the tlitrutum PLla and rteoolr eor. anal 1
anetnlaatt tltrecsrtK reauettea. Tae treatmestr ltar- J
ahaareM-flrCTTa tt .at ln tin. A mit fatSal V ." -
TheeumDlauria of ftjctaiasa enteafctt ax varicAlt' ocerta- f
dauaretoriaewliatOarfetent.iTjwiiaalca ut eonaecpenee trf
toadr DeenHailtv of orilau2t!iua. it urwJtt.t.r)..-a. -
lead a vflrnt-iry lL'e or iro occupied in tumuiu wfiica '--
nntrn thaffl fA kr.-ut.i nr ma nver their innor. are snaitel. "
sixutar cLseases with ihoee ol tne oppoette sex
patloas. Thus
ynUterWretaert HXintn fuper FoulJtr. Paper Xoi-
ilaitn. Hatch JXfptr: 6camttrats and he Uic
are noble to costive-teas piles and gexerat debility. JJc-
whas they have moat to drctax la the tieningfmrnt of tfynv
aecrttlotis whicn natoro ha. wisely tittu Uttm lor iticir
aealih aad comfort Itey are i-arucuutlyilablotvbjste
rlx otatrrncled punfal or Irregular meuatruatlonv bites
kidney weaknrM. ttervotis debtilty swmunln or the haa.
irtTtammmrta-f ot U1B OVailCS. aula wwtuta uiaa-KC aw. at ya
areniWetomanyof the above sjoptoraa. Beotrotypers
arc e-pvcatlly tUotctoderaiuemeruof lotiUaileer I
T r if.l.r- lata III m '
aauauatii-E-iua.aa.cuaaracauieciiecta-or azitlinoDy. This
19 shown by lie temporary pa.-a.yala of tae Snxera aad
hands copluua stools. cold xuVat-sarcara. lose of aaenrta.
leaucrneaa ox szmaca. oowets aod throat .sometimes
though dilnklnriotnlitgtnurMtr.lheT reel a confused
eeml-mtolicsiea teosatiOa in the hnid. Xhe Ueartneat
hcreUren-Je parglnr- wiUr Radways Rrrulsiltr PlUa.
aUedwlhlhV.adyFu!lra.Wk. wj?n taedlieli
has become ehronle the Itenovatlnj Keselren: mutt be
tn-ed as au adjuvaiiL to the Relief and PlUa
Ifasoni and Aric&lavcr'a AJiutanU. and aaoreeapeai-
aitt Linxeoumers and. WhiUvathtrs.
... . " constantly liable to
vott-Itlez p-il&s 13 UsiDs or temporary palsy walcti lattrr
aotcctliues becomes perm. nest. A milk diet muelltclaoot
rfrfnVtl anil naataif ika IT.aa a at . " . . -
.. wo tuta vi uic im-i .t.-Aa wiUTzxurrzaosi
of tl&e jmt)Ujtost the Kesolre&t btlif &1m beceMaur
where palsy roperrene. Sometimes coatlxeaesti follow
dem inilii)t; ihe use of the Regrxatxiag ITUa. THe panlele
of Unie lu the eyta are Terypt to pnxtaef coLjaociiYU
TTaj-ata -imjtciuiiucirwauuBiace()i "TinTtrilTaiiiq
water ictowtudx the Keadj Relief la pot la the proper
tloaot six drops to ererj two HW-fpoOBral!a IflcrHwed
nadtulsT to ten drops A dost! or two f tbe ftejniistiar
Psllj maxateiially assist in tvfototng ite UilAaaAtioii.
are subject to hturttlralitlj5s aa4 hi?art-iiaatAaf. with
l&o&enedso bo wen ; aad both taoe anoT
Themaktrtof Ztxo-fotxrJfatcAcs
are Dali.e tu a vtrj- ttoutettomA kin-ilxt ; deTelopinr
Itself .n the rspandsoraetlmw lalltUe patches oath
baec of thethomta or fonflnjjer cr atthe ta-rtr cits em-
It7 of the plie. atteaaedwliJavltehlii-; anditcallnr mrof
aenbed : or subject to ehioroiij tu t ituloTed by tit oee
of the Keaafreuc in iVliiiUoa lo the other fra xtnxotes
rerhapjof aHfenioccapiaUcaj thasof
The Factor? Girl
U liable to tabs most d&rcs3in sjmptocL more pedally
when the eatlunoaof the wor-roomls aet tntA-
pwnlclCT&'ntlanwiianaUtthc ax parages alleoiavr-Olaetoweaaiea-
depreaaaad taUtroja. Yet by pruancei
care ami the oae of iuflvsy'- reineiiles vrvalMntUa y
tiri mar bid delaoce to duth aiuat tao utxtun otherwIm
a. Terr formkiab.e parlJiietaUlti to flgLI
r6t tha preafiiit we (ttwourrenMlace- Bsttt
fijvaEBtftJUvf lalialalt oiupittaioi. a&oillU ha AtoliduQeia
rtalf lTTilg Taporaor parta&ejt. tntftng aoaV chiiiErtm v
weata er expeare aal tho ie ttillzigeSisCUOtiiLilltuamry
oraxMnlnea potdtlona. Wlla oxttiaur praftcn ei.6-
doorezercleaadlha waf when aa)atifd Djsjnptoni
af Bftd way's ce!aorated renwei i&ejr iires niy nut mvJr
bMreoMixthelrrateiixf fijitiiisstl aad ihcir ooBilotiia
sMiei. TtadW.y'a iieaay relief and itniatin Jll wet
bit t sad ttlrOTsddfnt lxprTat cm- nixc except La chtumc
naa-cilhoK tzwtxkalao ijytUhi-i wii proiaralcJ.
aa4 even there Kadwa'a iltuivatuis Resnasz iu
f peedliy ramore all oostacff to Ul kluLy tiiatiuef tu-
tare.andthzurwtore.taessilcut to yfcttcct health
atn troih U the Hady ittilef be Kepicciusuntij as haad
aacnsada&theoatattcrf ereir attaut accurUisjc todlree-
ticaj. It alOio wlU c f-uad entanih tt a ert or ootaumi oil
the daJctaioua. elfccts we iLtitt ULaOicO aad tbay isawiKiC-
treJ lha gnat shield vf imp wi cthcanrarats -mnukt tie
OTcrccac py diseuq anti doua
ll Is hot su many )eailucs iLwIway'j reitM3da3 fcara
hetalnlrodoced;iWUMhlrtJbot thai petfealoa of chtuJ-
calaadpathoioiEiCti science oponvhithey areU4sKdl
liaelf comyaraUrery new. Th rlaapies bf tnir i.taait
ara vUXntbxxnaaxcyiiSnirbni. it itmalLcd &ir nastVera
cieccoUJ detelopn a4 apjilY them. hu svAxsuwiy
tlnajtxta done; the OTexnelminj; poimiaxity au.uw
renal ale of itadway rtinealici tnow. Ilia aorenlfA
poirttlihhi&iiles&ii3tohi sjckaod yuiTviinx ts jhi-
puuhle; laeyarelalheiBseiTCT uu eatlre rr&UAne no
urla-medlca : and ther are raDWIy saptnediuz aa the juvrt
or polsonotij drag whose ove aad atrose lus done so mosa
to o.infi
"Death Into the world and all oar wo.1
The price of -RadwarV Itemedl'jj pUce them within
llhertachwferearyatram.dbetcfx thoHcwiy TUixfia svd.
fur so cents. So cents ani$l r oottw; xUiwy9 .nil
23 centa per Ewx lt-c-WlVeiit ft it. huUie
Phyalcaa and hen!st
norUwSm sSaiohztstreeta-A i".
. -. . L --a'aiaulU'IUS(ti !
y mer -ne rejoinilan khi.tii tKtntn..ii. t- " j
j I . - "ia s'taait nl.T t UiC 1DU
he desired vote on it berore the election of a Spei-
Wc acknowledge the receipt of tho Texas Almanac
fer 1SC0 with tlie accomparjylng.msp. The number
before us contains 23' raes of a useful historical
andetastlcal matter. The map In a mechanical point
is a decided improvement upon that of 1S59.
Aa a book of reference we take pleasure In reeom-
mendlnjr the Texas Almaoao to all classes and more
et peclally the farmer and lawyer. It la retailed at
tne usual price Wets. ; the map alone Is worth $2.
JO. Any of our readers desiring thlt Almanae by
remlttlnp; G3 cents to Messrs. Richardson of Galves-
ton News can obtain a copy post paid. ifWco
Wo would etato that fifty-five cents will pay
for an Almanae and Man post-paid 4o nny part
of ibe United Slates. . Una. Nek's.
1 as-av-tt
Tub EoaorxAH Uat at Ciulestoji. The oWles-
lon Courier of the Id Inst. says t
The cargo of Europeauhay received In the Nether-t
land was pnt on the market on Saturday and was
readily taken at $1 23 per hundred by Mr. J. Oamp-
sen who oSers It to purchasers lo quantities to suit.
The experiment will ne doubt he repeated and will
anist In developing andVxIeqdlng the direct Inter-
course with Qcrmsny and Central Europe which Is
nbw demanded. Northern hsy now sells In dalvei-
ton at $3 per cwt
a a
Dy the death of Linn Boyd Hon. Thomas r. Por
ter. President of the Senate and Senator for the
Thlrty-Seoond Dlttrlct composed of the countlet of
Woodford Jessamine and Franklin becomes Went.
QoTcrnoroI Kentucky. '
Com WsaTHSit ItQlrssissirri. The Handsboros
Democrat of Tuesday list says :
One of our citizens had three oxen frozen to death
during the cold spell or last week. The Orange trees
were killed as are turnips and cabbages 1 It was
decidedly tho coldest weather ever "experiooccd In
this locillly. .Opr cxchngcV frqin the Northern
portion of our State all notice i fail ot snow and'
J ."'
Death or Dit 1'almeii tbe Alleged Tes-
.nesjee IstStrimzcnoxiST. The Memphis Argus
of the 2d inst. says:
Wo to-day record the death of Dr. William Russell
Palmer whoso arrest and examination for alleged
conspiracy In the late attempt la Incite Ihe servile
population or the South to revolt Is still fresh la the
minds of our readers. It will be remembered that
he waa required to give bonds In $2500 for bis ap-
pearance at Court- After his release from custody
he remained In the city and boarded at Ihe Plan-
ter's House where consumption with which he had
been afflicted for many yean terminated hla exis-
tence on Saturday morning. Since the develop-
ments of the late trial facta have come to light
which teem lo warrant many la the belief that Ur.
Palmer wat innoceot of tho charge preferred and
thst the letter said to be written by the underground
agent Thatcher was lu reality the production or a
gentleman well known In this community (though at
present assent in tne atiorwi who was Interested
somewhat In the properly of Palmer's wife. Of the
truth or falsjif of thlt we have no direct know-
ledge yet hoHUiat the whole affair may be shown
up In Its trueHorS let the blame attach to whom
It may.
O t ta
Tin Tax Dili The object or raising the revenue
Is now the subject of conslderaion by the Legisla
ture 01 our state its mint lhat considering the
aomain mat our eiate owns as wen as the lari
amount of funds that ouxht to hare been in t)
Treasury that 001" Taxes have been onerous. I
however the general Government falls la Its duty
la protecting our frontier and the State has to keen
a standing army on our exposed borders they are
not now a moiety of what we will have to pay. In-
deed If we do not forret the estimate ofthe Comp-
troller In 1861 ihe Treatury will be empty arid a de-
ficit or tome seventy thousand dollars will be round
even under the preaent revenue laws. The prospect
for .heavy taxes we think are good and the times
ominous ol atlll heavier. There Is now an oppres-
sive and marked Inequality between Ttaldent and
non-resident tax payers. The citizen by hts Im-
firoTcmeata 111 clearing ana Duuuing nouses yearly
ncreases the value or his real estate and. In an
equal value hit taxes'; whilst the foreign land own-
er resps much of Ibe benefit of this improvement.
We hone our preaent Letrtalatnre will. If nraetleahte.
remedy- thla crying evil and In passing a new reve
nue taw so moony us provisions n not 10 let it
operate unequally and especially whilst that Ine-
quality Is unjust towards our own cltlreni. 7fcrvt
ttc 1 -
r.SoonitRM Sicxssioa Awd Tnea? The organa
of the Southern people In Congress and out 'on the
atumn and Iu the prett are unanimous In dcelarlcg
lhat In the event ot the election or Seward at Presi-
dent they will secede from Ihe Union. How la thlt
to be done ? Jiy raiting an army or a hundred thou-'
and mrtn anrl Irinn nrrrsnlrlnrr m rmttiniinant ..?'
ta-nsau aaaw.j tiaai V vlgHHHHWg dVIUUUltlla JU a
Southern confederacy. Suppose that Sir. Seward
were elected and the South had Ttakeu this course
what could he dof The trade of the North would be
broken up If not altogether destroyed. There wpuld
be panics distrust desolation and finally civil war.
The President would not only be powerless agalntt
tho South but he would Had the North la rebellion.
Tlie federal government would bsjnst no government
at all; and while the South would present a united
front agalnttlt the North could give It no material
aid. -Probably tho executive would hive Iu hands
more thsn full with the work of putting down the
Northern disaffection which the stagnation of com-
merce and the ruin or our Industrial literests would
naturally create. That Is the "Uicn"' of Southern
Beleaaion. A1 1" Herald.
"' t
Atls fob Tilt lloors. The long rumored fact lhat
the Empress Eugenie has determined lo abolish crin-
oline was announced on the 23th nit. In a quasi-official
mtnner by tho lady who lings the "Courier de-
ls Mode" or the Paris Patrle the Viscountess dc Re-linevllle.
The Michigan Democratic Slate Convention for tne
selection of delegates to the Charleston Convention-
Is to be held In Detroit on tho SSd of l'cbruary
Mr. Hickman ialt iht tfWr. .... i .
? . 7 ?' hIf? ?. P""11"" er Mr Clark's
resolution. lie had had his pending for the last two
weeks-a prlvllaged question ou the correction orthe
journal which as It had been determined lhat all
qestlons were open to Interminable debate could on-
pleasure or the House.
No election eonM h r.-f t.- . 1 1. .
uZTL ed-( ".' 1' I"! Int''a f the country lhat the
House should be organized. They had stood there
long enough on principle and these ballotlngs were
a mere matter or rorm.
1 J1.'; wlnIow remarked that In all legislative bod-
ies there were only two parties really one supports
the Government and the other opposes It. llere
the tnpporters of the abmlntstratlon were In thev
minority and thereToro. not responsible ror the de-
.t.j au uigauiaiug
Mr. Clark said that he would consider any gentle-
man 1 who voted for the plurality rule as responsible
for the election of a Rebubllcan Speaker as If he-
had voted directly for him. He thought lhat the
motions Interposed by Mr. Ulckman were Intended
to prevent a vote oa hit resolution.
Mr. Ulckman disclaimed any such purpose and
said that be made them Iu good ralth.
The question was here taken on a resolution that
when the Houso adjourns It bo till Tuesday next.
whtt-h araa m..l I. ... Sta -n. - '
..... .s a.Vvu v jeaa aw nays lin.
Mr. llolraan. or Indiana said that Mr t...
a former day had read the proceedings of a meet nr
1 S Aaror Indiana sympathising with the
uronn movement out no inch meeting wat held
there. The people were convertatlvr aod did not
sympathize with such forays ; they would not disturb
the peace of the country or any portion of It
Mr. Montgomery asked leave to Introdaee a reso-
lution declaring Mr. Crowln Speaker for twenty-four
hours at the expiration of which time his power was
to cease and the House nroeeed to the election nf
permanent Speaker and lhat the rules of tbe late
House be adopted for the government of thlt House
excep that no member ahould speak longer than five
mlnutea and that said temporary Speaker ahould
not appoint the business committees ot this House.
Amid calls of "order" and objections from thelte-
publlcsnsldeof the House Mr. Montgomery stated
that his object In offering thlt resolution was to pro-
cure the passage of tho Deficiency bill to pay the
suffering mall contractors and the other aa-ents
puieera and employees of the Government to whom
we are indebted and whn at-.nnM kanM .-.i ..
ths Mil .Ml. ...-.. .. .7 ""
i .aT """" "" "" n mat lengtn ot time Then
it this contest ror Speaker must proceed they could
carry it on without cross vronrrs tfc nnMU ...-.wiir-
or ... vuhout ny action the House then adjourned
until Tuesday next
Mr Rice or Minnesota Introduced a bill exten-
ding the provisions or the aet to enable Arkansas
and the other States to reclaim swamp lands to Min-
nesota ; alto a bill makinran appropriation for bull-
dlogamlitarypost taearthe 4in degree- or North
I de' la or ntr taiejTalley of the Rt.l River of
the North; also.a bill making anapprtaVUtioaror
erecting a building In St Paul Min.a j. customi
!" " ""- t- e atau .lie uouco OI SD11I
providing lor a temporary government lathe Terri-
tory of Daeotah
8everal pspers withdrawn (rota the filet.
J.0 other business waa transacted and the Senate
adjourned till Tuesday
a ta-
XSS Eldrlge T. Paige better known as "Dow Jr;
died at San Francisco on the 14th ultimo. lie was
one or Ihe original proprietors or tho New Vork Sun-
day Mercury and the author or Innumerable "pat-
enilrtermoDS. Reduced to poverty by dissipation
he died It ts.snpposed from a dose of arsenic taken
forthe purpose- of self-destruction. lie was a native
of Connecticut about fifty-fire years of age talent-
ed' learned wretched. As an indication er Mr.
Paige's scholastic acquirements It Is mentioned that
he act up in tew York the entire work of Ray's He-
brew Lexicon. He had recently returned to his or-
iginal occupation a compositor ia a printing office
aod hla melancholy career and exit afford another Il-
lustration or the sad fact that tbo "tree of knowl-
edge" doe not always yield the feuR or happiness.
An officer with a requisition In his packet from the
Governor of Maine recently went to Illinois to bring
on Mr. Cillcy charged with abducting the daughter
of Sir. Wlthereli. of Dexter. Its aeenrpd the nMoct
ofhls purtutt look the Grand Trunk for home ana.
aaitnug aa aioo.reaj me prisoner iciormea tne oineer
that the had concluded to tarry a while la Victoria's
dominions ; and he did being In a foreign country
Aktisuh' Wxua Our worthy and enterprising
citizen Esqr. Patton ia tbe Northern part of this
county Is making an effort to obtain water In the
prairies by boring. Esqr. Patton has gone to the
depth of some ISO or IOC. feet and Is progressing fa-
vorably. Ha 6 now bringing up with the augur a
avaav utaca uuu ana san-j fairjieta j ioneer.
in lhal'electloD.
any 1
tieoitlcie. la lata tormerct-m tne Kegulttlae Pills will
be found SufSJeLl conlolned. with the Ready Kellel- la
the tatter the Ke-olientlniaraajy with the KellefaiBll-
ed externally diluted at first but sadualry mereMeato
lufuu extent That Btgulstng puis maj; ta- adraata-
feoua7U3edifk0acatilbylhettaU or Iter stomach aad
The effort or alkaline (ontactla Kmeilmea shown oa
In choRe. e-nvulaloru. and diarrhoea. Th Ready Belief
-utituiviE t.w:. aacaau-iaut. OUUUiU DC USCa CCCSAlOn&lly
at a drink and oranges or any ripelnlt aUttly add wilt
be found to be a pleasaatas well assva.'ualtlo adjavaat
Dultermllk. answers a sood purpose la these cases.
Mieachere andotheri exposed to Chronic or'other James
of Adds
are apt to be attacked bv-palos la throat atosaaca or bow-
els excessive thirst and tenderaeos of abdomen. Ir the
exposure laloiig continued at one timer there comes aa
acid taste lu the zaouta which leaves after the free alrls
inhaled; but tail only occurs front sheer ceiled Tbe
symptoms uamed first give way to the ttettdv iteHef. The
addiaoa of a slight dese of caidsed cinesiiiwiil ud the
action of the mcclcme slightly-; but it la net aba -luteiy
necessary. The Relief whi do iu work well without lt--The
mixers of loco-foco matches are- Knaetisnca troabled
with the above symptoms caused by the phosahorus which
enters Lbto the compoattlon of tho Upa. JLehroale Isaam
motion or the tuottis and tonsils la m.atwlb h. -..i e
lalltlacomlaxoa very huldioaaly.ajid If not checked exlead-
111K o uic wmuyipe auu tveu. u tae aiaacaiag- air-tubes of
the latga called oy the doctors me hruaehlas. When this
cummeucn it may be soon ducked by agara' made up of
equal propoiticaa of the Reaoy Relief and water.
WewIUneatezamlcethe cases rrf those who are affect-
ed bj dlseaiHT from Irritatlag tubetauces appdad to the
lunsandalr paa-area meetnnlcally. with watch. Incecd.
tome ol tat se cieiavu.ned previously wtVt be -rsmrt" '
Carpet and o'her TreaceTs Chareoatdaien. BoOcr.
matcrt. IFhUeimUhs Lud-tpilJu.MacAtnil4 far-
rttr and yurdcalerr Qtais-cuUen and DriUcrt
Jlattraas-makers Tcapackers Cutters TUt-maters
xa-iuacs. acutjMora. oume-CKaaers olaleTS. Caroet.
;?''' Unmtert andlriluhers ttrcet-swiepert and
are subject f articularlr to branchial affeetlona and eon-
stamptlon. arising irom the floating particles of laTraui&x
traatteAaisauraaeildurlDgthe proeea-ealn which thar aw
engaged and cnterinarthe air-paasagea. la alt tuca case
Uadacat "a Readv Jtealef.aDDLed extaraalla- antth. ......
a- ta au(tauauvaaaacaeoiTanttarenmrtrEalIy
will tpctdilr effect a cure aad removeaH traces of ladpient
were formerly Included In the same position but tie adveat
of sl.ahauhcagrKitljalminhedihUieadeiier. Amtl-
ratorlsvery neu-ssoryas a preventative and. ladaect aa
au aattocuns. A alia haiiUcerchirf loosely tied over the
mouth and nustrlls. warn turecUy exposed. Is at rood aa
anything. A ientrsus diet vlguroua out-dxtor exerdae.
and the use itf the Keady Keller and itesolveax. will aoon
teslorethesjstej.toheJta. " ""
Farmers Otters Brooms end all who handle Iliy
are liable to the tilstrcaslsg. thouxh rarely fatal coasplatnt.
. ar-ks..a Haaat a'taaa-aaaaa- aat aatallaa a. J.. a-t . . '. "
sVMUllU aT.UO tUiiltO VI OlaWaaSla. J IWWW t.a3 (MSaS UtttteC
andhvnrehartcn aad especially those whir makf seating
wax are tuhlect to U Asthrn-ulc people are prorertiiaUy
Joar-tIrtd.yet the complaint Is bjno meaaasxreaahie
The Heady ReUet will mltile orretnoretheparaxjiaxs
ofthe diKafe and the KenoraUug KesolrealV taltea le-
corilliiKlo duectlo cs -uili tffect a care.
fiom the actlua of the acid of fenntnUUoa ca the sUn of
uieir nanus aoa ine aunos. consiant excinsloa or ir tram
the pvrts by the Soar are sapjtct to a troahleseme Itch.
x or uus i- e iienorauns aHeeo.Tvnt is a sure remedy bnt
the Kctlcf diluted and app Jed as a wash will aid la effect-
ing th- drtired end sooner.
uccupatations wherein traddox mental emotions ctrpro.
tractcG tDeQaf Uhor forms a part are not only productlre
or brain disease bnt of a r;ual ramoUietantnSvTBOti
cntogOt LhOffU stance of thebraln. whose appraach may
be tuid by Leurolis elttci tost beiow the rjc. or ahore the
ej ebiow. Afetnma and coa'Jyenes the latter the pars! of
piles Ci-tuA and similar tKmhlsome complalnta. are oftea
thcresait. Heaoo it Is that
Lavpjcrt Authors dUorj Teachers JfcreJurnts and
are cTected eo much with ntmral&a and costlTeasts. The
txcaiUaiiTutbithciKtiaieataaHadwaj Keady KehrzIaUr-
iiany aadextrrnaR) he pain immedlatelj cawraftrlts
ippucatlon Hadways IlcpiliUc Fllla will in a'fcvr
nuursa rawre rtzuiojif.y u ijac. ui-feij ua ivrf in a
Uln Caisca of HaCTAiou. and other ncrrons afertfana. i y L
-SaaPaaaa. .taa-aava. taa aa- fwa. I alf-aa B J 1
AklTuawcUfc aa i-tij-aajini..
nipoi-ure ta Jj-at chaxaiiteTlvea some ocsapatiajni thus :
ImfJouiidTU FurnOCC-UndcTSy Go&k JlKUgJu 2taiiU
Are Katls to asJana costlTenesa. Thetnatlfm and Inflam-
matl nof tt.eer.leen acd liver. aiilarctmeEt. tthmhwrn-
Is rery coniTiivti amoo jail persons expoeed to iaieMe heau
iieoceiwis icai. uvrr cumpy uti are so comaoa 1 tropical
cUiaatea. It u. .it carcdy la cild that th4 Urer U a reouel
Iliij: wjio and th-1 its iteraaaeeiseat lnrolres all tw coa-
neUaiC vlcera. The- ileraniatemect. of tiUTlnis mirtw
combMed sO( Sifktlly fy the truper use of the Belief aai
itejruLMjiiii: rtiatt wninuiuia sptecn oisrase also act witi
upeeojrgotMl effect for rheam.-uTurjr. lfacine tn Hedy
llellef apkiiTlMtb externally and mteraiUy Is zenerally
ftiunil liUnciClX IhOUtCh Cahronlc Ctkates. or inrh aa mi laa
unitneit wUh a tcntiina. haUt wlU nnt ylete without
tM Kenurins; Xier lvent which utterly roots oat fea dls-.
eabc auu rt-Biurss u.c jsiciu- io iu normal icute
Sltvtdons lanjfihoremen JUrUrt QuarrytMnfe
QtLTcrktAS tt-Aa Ujl great weights
are expose! to attacks of pleorlsy. The Relief wia break
thtj violence of this and with the Uegulating riLs tffect a
Boatmen Deck HatJtJ)itcIUr9. Docbbvil&r Seafar-
tn'j icUylidlantCHy l'hy$ittlnjtagc4tntrcratTrvcJitTisi&
and aUcxDOBCdto sttides dianecs ef weather art IlabU
to liver coraiLAirit ani rhtontatie fftlOsTs but more cnp-
clally to rpleen d'sease.
thntlf H long abf-tiiveree from reetanle diet are ri4 to
soirarr. The use of lU'twijUjlatloxl'lI s and Keno-
Trvtlne KeaoWvnt Is a nre anjtidoie for this tllxcmptT. In
all cases of in.FTBV.UL tXALi-rtx cmolka orTsiaLOY
rxrxa Radvay Iteady KcLef a d Iteaolrent iTlla are
poeltlre prtTcntrrca. If tatca beforelhe attacai1 aad eer-
ttvla turaHMsIf tisea aA?r
ire liable to snffer froxa tatlahetcff for wMdi the UtgiHitlag
rills anaiKeventrUoiildlTised.
who are freTOenv!y much exposed. shouhiaeTeib wlthesA
thentrUcUerciipeo&iiy lnTLeiOcx pal!tnls!exwttli
coataglons rtlwases. ThehiAtaUahands.andaVathBronjL
wiuhtrd wilh lit? andafaU doiu(.f ttLikra LiUnaAlTvlnaL
provlotisTtothe rlslL will eaTectiuMT freriictconticsB
'aaThifpQweroftheKelleflff Uw mailer of contajctons dl-
eaeosisreaywoQaann. u.iavaTpTcvntfstQ9XAUr
rqxiasdlaawell known disease among catth known aa
BEaavcc-TOsaut. dependlag. no doubt upon some ccxalor
Ifrcvers and Caitte Daltrs
throuxhtheSoTithand WiVlvloolt npea tt'aa a MTEfelJpa
andmftl-ib.-rfmciaUnch cw. Hcoctoc
JlaaUncn aFtanftTor Fiirmets residing Mfotaor
occasionally overflowed ground
othtf niilirlous ttfsttaesi
wm sua i ua i tcuei a proieahm BirnmujiTiaKaAQsra
liADKlir TUE
AtteutloiiIauivUvdtiathe ionowiog staueatcta aul tbo
accumpaajloglctteaof rcttmtndastou ad tvstlato- jis
of theae ceiebratel n atchea.
A ro d rtiaalal traaaxaadaal the CuOaiaa-iy b. that aL tata-
chuketta Mechanical Aaaueialitja. lata.
A goad ratealal waaabo awaninl ttaaua by the Ata Tt-ll
lllalituteat-teaa Vuik. a ts.7.
The acmijliiy also lecelred le .rat vitnuai. ci
mecsilfrrutuairrxiixlinlitltutetiii d Vu a e3
These W-ttah-Sjjyejalilg i i nau'a luaimarltav fcta .art'"
tlaUsWaaJWg wlaetiiBfia) tra!rlT7tc. ktt aa taa
aocuraitUuradtUtBnLdrtdabditirlh:rrys9 etivahtd
aiaaatr. aad have pr-Vetl UaematVeai to he the m. a- sulta-
factor. tUbe-plet-w ever ofTcrtNa to tasp. oLc;
ThlsreaUlt aaatpvea brutegh aooutay a trAtapttarx-
tloa of eaeciraateal SLience lo tea taTpatroc ton of Us r all
from ita Ttr lltCrptlwtl Ta aOaaitia; U WW Suluaaasuiil.
emalisaU-jsjrnslinalliUprtporlwns.aa ""
as t-erlcct a tnuexceperaa h. upoeaUiatamaXe.
TheCompaay navvteated UteEr Wajcnaas ut ruwa m
staxtotaby acataaf datt noting ami she rtmutoj tv
IcslAaaOeenaAaX rAey AaecexAiOaCuf a'ale quaitnrcg-
ulant'j to aaeoeti Marin Chrvnomeur. That awwiua;
ceriiCee are frvm geataemen. Wt.o stare tiii.x
tValcheit-witl. thear in th ir daSy &vo.aticneL atd ar .
thers.-OK. nulabe ii-di kUoa sTotui may oo e-a-ectcd.
laumthe aVmeiaCaU rVatcit waeaiaordiiay activauae "
Letter from PnulMorphy. the celebrated .hess Player.
Mx.U..BoatatraTa.Treaa.Am. Watca ' omp ny;
Saw Tour. October t4h. i!
Draat SraThe American Watchlo-. stio presented
me by the K ew Tori Chase Club has proved to be a ttoat
reliable and accurate Use keeper alaaoat tiiuieaesmnly a
lar aiCnsrr pm-poaea. Itls now aearly lira montheauic
ltcamelL.tainaypc4eBl&aaaid dtuisg that period tit va
rlatlon from trnndird time haa been bur- a trio more than
half amiaute. Tho fblloariiig Isa recontor Itsr-enorm
anee. It waa act June So correctly.
Jim IS. fltt f seconds. Afg. IS fa-t 1. lecciura.
July 1 fist i seconds. Sept. 1. fast S3 scarnds.
uly IS last 10 lecoada. Sept 15 fast S coica.
Aug. 1 iat U Mccnds. Otfr I fast Xa secouda.
give yoa pe rmtsaioa to make atlch use cf this statemeat
youicay tatlax proper. 1 am with respect yours truly.
BotTox. tseptember ssth. ti.
a. B. E. Eoaaixs Trou. Am. 'Watch Co..
Sxaz Bta : It gives me great pleasure to comply with
your request fur a report ofthe performance of the Amer-
can WsOch which I purchased of you December id 133S.
It wm tet oa that day ard Its variation from true time to
the 10th of Tebntary 2St9 wheal let it run aawa.waa
ten seconds fast. Fiumthattiietothepresentlthatrun
with nearly perfect Keadmest havtua durmg the elaht
moEtia. varied not more Una two seconds and Jila with
uncommonly rough usage. X can commend your mauofac-tu--e
In the highest terms. To irs truly
JAAIE3 H. CLAPP. Firm of Cbpp.
FaQerAIarowna Hankers Isostora.
XijoltOttina if from JlrPorter the iciH-knovn 3fx
rlne Chronometer and TTitcAmakcr.
BoaTcof SWpff rnber BUi. IB.
ltat E. a. Bomnxs Treas. aim. "Witch Con-
Paajt Six r I have sold durieg tho laa. year a conalder-
ablo number or watches of the Waltham maaatacture and
am happy to say thatall of them without exception have
lulslled cry guantnty and have given satisfaction to the
purchasers. GEO-JKORTER.
7riiox-I!J.iaTr. SouQ Cirollaa taTSOtb K.
K. E. Coaarxs. sq.;
Dux Sir r-Tie ttrea watcisea of voir caauiictnre I purchased ta be used on my plantataoi. have prov
dto be the moat correct time-keepers I have ever known.
leavenryhesaTaerraxitmy head: eatrpenteranclmyhead
earlaeer each atbe of tbem ; and since they have been ia
their reapecttve pcabeaatan every thuig on the ouantatlozt haa
moved like clock-work; m eonaequence or the extreme ao-
enracyaod regularity with whiti these watchts perfum.
Truly yours LEWIS JI0KKI3.
EotToar. August 30th. 1SS0.
K. X. Kosarsr Treat. Am. Watch. CoUa
Psua Sua : Tit M Wattham." wtica I pxtrchaseil soma
six uteataa tiaee. has given eatlre- titUftcllmt. Its tlrao
baaaecst fuEy! to that of a Frottham." whtchX
owied -ttore Una a year. "Truly yours.
ALBSS.T" IfETC'AtF. IS FmakHn street
w N"m Y-easvltVs"Jac Cth. ISCJ
B. E. RoaiusaTreas. Am. Watch Co.;
Daaa Snt ; 1 take great pleasure In being aile to certify
that for the last six moata ahiveearriedaar tehfrcratha
auafactory ef ths American Wateh.Compaay. aad that
II haa ftren perfect satUfaellrwaaa'tiae-keeper. Jadarna;
fnot t one I lave 1 da not nesitalc to predict that the
dayh not far distant when watcAes maJa lathelnited;
State will tuperctde a I otters.
JAJlTtS ftaOT r D
Hook BooixtsaJOlulbttrry atraet
BosTCcrl Auguft Sth i3y.
K. K. RoMttsrt Treas Am. Watca'C.
Draat BraI taxa pleasure lo. stating that the A.3 S'
ltaa. watch IJtave of your matiufaeturet perOro t av
entirt aattaraitiOD luannig regularly at tl.. ra:ejl (hir.y
scconcs faat per moatb.
CapUtMKHAil ll. BASjlr a
B. K. KcraciaiTai.itxrii.vvatch Octr-
Draat SiA: netwatch lbooghl ofjou Oift otScr r
4piateti Chro.a-ar. lacliierlJr-itlsatcranTeutrisea;-.
faction. FwtbepstttlJterfieatttslttaj aotvaStaloaf
than too minute and Is no rmm rnrjtsjfl jt rate It tsw
teen Utt hardealservIeetetvwaj'vwcfcecmotKi.
tours nniy v. u. estu-AiTSa
Nxw lUvav.jHm.fcSjpM'ioar ITth.
B. E. EOTiarnsgl&q.r. j
Daax S: Vouri of 6m xM w rjjy r IVC j
leptylwouldtay'livatiheAurcattVrsJetVX. VS hat
proved Itsoifbao ofthe bcstwalcsea- for nh -ny nurpojea.
Tho Ametacan nichlnm1iojJu&d.ia iK:erta r-
aay watalit have ttsetftl.eUaW&urtoe-ira ta a
toads 1 remain Kspectfafy yours '
a .. Aa atXIata. Bt OcndtttSaijCva Kac
' IlaatfOrd'abir SpA-grltiJ UCtZ
SsrwTusVitxxv AlVTsst zr .
t? UT It Aiaare-a. Trcaja. a m -SVa-rK: tL. .
Dsaa ; The American watt1 tint Iarcttseuo-'
Tfuabouyeliirertis6h't3vr3?tai ua n
ilaaorubdrgsoaHAfct Jiai I aitvu oot jf aadj c a.-v
assar!vtril-rar.tto. T.aa .rulr.
-i. IS. SP AS
C VCTlOV-ala our Watch Isnow eT"---. veiy am
tarfeilrt by rorelgu manutactureraLwa aar tv apt-ns tl e-
paaneVstaowatehis of (tur-JS-aucJo. vpi-b It -maj.
eroipaattat by a cer((Jlcaiejtfpfmneiuu bea: o. th
mrmbaraf tbo ararch auclataitetf by vdf reaa' r. v.. t
ROB81S3 or by our pre.rTsorv AiClXata-. atti
CTACO. v"i-
ksY' At theaA watchefvara far asJa tvagaialai a -nlTa-
- ' -- - lu a. .. ...Tt. a . .-
uuimamiut. uunti q ma n-ja at-uui. Wf Cja .ta s-A i
waacaif a a ttr lays t
o-aat-nr. "Wl"arDpanv.
itoui"t j'jt'k
. uuoni irt ta. -v- -CI
General Agents Xst Crt IIX7; 2t-v
deatO-K twAeo-rCw
IlilSBt IiIaSTTn-vro
CoutunwsorKtcaajuMoVs Lraur3jinJ thoasiie.'TOcs
of obtaditljigtheowtnaaocozitr shcaal teiuattheaxtl-:-itheypurdiaJoirKKl'a;iiilhe.'U3niiiortlarn)
J. .. KrCHARDe-O:. SOA5 taV UWBKV.
as a rnrantceof ttisou'tiei.iaaddi.iMlity ofthe gooij.
Tilt esuttou la wz esacaatlally nccescary u large
ijoanttlea of Inferior-sou tVeTectlvt Uneuaar rrvrareJ.
soar by IrWt Housfst Va lagutnest cf ta In 5y thus
lafilcted alike oa the . axircoj)ariera3tMaiea)rxnu!ae
turenof thegenulo-' trauda a-tCnot revilrjracJ-Am a
bustnees to rrolltablr. while pa-chasers circpoacd a
who uoccts os a wcr aurr-t'-aXKr- 1

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