Galveston Weekly News (Galveston, Tex.), Vol. 17, No. 21, Ed. 1, Tuesday, August 28, 1860 Page: 1 of 4

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Blcgls Oopy Jtr yrar (payabls quarterly) ...tS
Kates eTAdtcrll.tii;:
One sqvxAre or eftrMHrier first rowrtlou tl W
each sursequect Ins to
ftariJtendlOuoraniidterreement.ITOaqusre CO
Quarterly lisiryearir and rearlysdvirt semen's publlsUd
a reduced rates : arid contracts for rdiAtureaWe dvr Ua-
menls to any g vsu amount wli be tnads cm mtderate
or srstr nEBcmrriox
Inclodlm aw Hud Business BlsnVs BIT Heds. UlnulArs
Pamphlets and BooKe from handacme Visiting Vard
to k Mammoth Ponlr.
1 he Nw Job Orrtoa U a separata depailruent with
ire hsnl-presses and two steam power pre.Atoh6r
with k ctu-D.lvw asiurtmrsit of trpmand ornAruenis un-
aquiUasl by any otter vtslili.hauuttft the Sir e
Imi lASIirTirraWlT- " rvi.
fiuilucslon Xcius.
i mi'U'W.iy ncrST a mo.
IC Tlicrcwtre 110 deailis Ijv yellow ferer in
- Orleans last wecV.
i-tT" We have bad and continue to hare
drenching rains.
J3T"niat excellent ealabhaLment the Baa
troji Military Institute a to commence lu fall
session on tbe 5d September next.
fceJTbe Austin Uuuacil liave closed ooii-
tract with Heurj' and George Lucius ami 11.
1L Allen fur lighting that cil. with gas for
tbe term f twenty livejeara.
Wasted. At Bellrille Austin ounlj
good DniR Store. So-ays the Uellfille Couu-
trvmuu on ll.u-uutlionlv of the liviclall3 uf
that ilut 1 )oti full apeak at once.
jgy Dr. MT R. Kiddell 1 the State Oeolos-
icnl Survey win Bastrop counn maLitig sci-
t'utiiic ltirtMipitiotis. He is Bcccuipauiad by
11 r. S. B. Jluckk'j bolui.t. and will Iw joined
in a fen darn In" Ifr. Shurirard.
tl5The .steamship Victoria frutu Galrea-
lou urrit ed ntilVev Xotlc ou tbe Ulli lust and
the blilp Panama on tbe ISth.
Tbe Yunkee Blade from Oakeston. arrtTed
it Uo&tou ou ibe 14tb.
iTUo steamboat Kra Capt- Jenkiur
Itfi bete on tier first tnj. Tia. lbs Canul for
- Brazos rirer on Wtdnesdav last and returned
on Siiurda morning. Her trip va success-
ful and" her officer!) found the Canal in good
navigable order. She leaves agaiu to-morrow
ufB A. 11.
HP" A man calling himself IT. J&ctsoo was
uricsUd in Liberty yeateiday and a larg
quantity of matches ioucd in bia carpet bag.
As the quantity excetded that rt quired by tbe
most inveterate Muoler tbe Doctor is teqncst-
td by the citizens to account for such unrea-
sonable fondues for lucifers.
fX1-Judge Vt'm J. Jocis at Tiriuia I'oint
calla the attention of the owners of lavea in
Galveston to tbe danger and impiopriety of
allowing them to visit tbe main land on Sun-
days. Tbe Judge has Buffered the loss of a
valuable brood-mare by a negro whoevideut-
I v came from tbe Island and who was seen
about his premises last Sunday.
G?" Col. Bonuevillewith three companies of
theSd Infantrj and a traiu ur loaded wrgous
left Santa Fe on tbe 2d of June; was joined on
the 10th by another company started in the
llh ofJnne down the valley of the Pecos
river and arrived at Fort Clarke on the 2Stb
July. The road was found to be good and
shorler by more than two hundred niilrx than
the route by the Rio Grande.
T ' ..
Fbou llEXJCO.--Lati news from nor'iiein
Mexico reports that Geu. Tidaurn had left
Monterey with 8000 men for allillo. In the
night of the 11 while with Gen. Zuazua aud
at an advanced cuaid they were surprised by
the troops of the Congress Zunzua killed and
Vidaurri escaped by a miricle.
Zuazua's death is a heavy loi to Vidaurri.
m 9
Walker in HoxdcbA. Xe to tbo tltb
from Ruatiin Island 1ms bren ircitvd at New
Gen. Walker jtppcarrd ofl' Truxillo Hondo
ras ou tbe 5lh aud took the ioh u w ithout much
oppOfllion. As tbe British fleet bad captured
-off liuuduras one of his veseUatid takeu
her to Belize it is ituppo?ed he went Ui Tiux-
lllo to capture her.
Hib captured men have been rent by the
British to Xew Orleans.
JSy-ilr.J. O. Shook of tbe Waco Demo-
crat gives notice that his eldest sun. Charles
S.fibook a lad of H years has becu entice J
away by Jas. V. Luugenuw aged IT years and
Mr. Shook's apprentice. lurorrnatiou of theni
will be gladly received. Tlie notice suys :
Charley has dark balr black ejei aod lump ou
tffe rlgbt wrist; Is modest and unassuming ; sets
type well for a boy of Ms age. Lusgenow has dark
hair rather Inclined to be sandy; excitable when.
t2f Tbe Chiunicleof the Htti
complains that the mail contractor on tbe route
from Nacogdoches lo Mount Pleasant in Titus
county via Henderson one of the mostimpor
tant in the upper country has -taken nearly
all bis stock from the road und coureited his
tn-weely service into an indifferent ntekly one.
The parallel route lo Tyler runuinc through
a country k bcre com aud fudder aro equailj
- ..
scatce with that of The first uaiurd route con- through the towTiwSriS8PP1iaSel0
tinues to perform its tri-treekly. setvico with- Austin provided the-tizen?CT Bastiop coun;-
outfail. - ' ty.subscribetlioaum J' lbOW0. "The Adver
Who is at Fault. The Center ville Times
of tbe 17lb says:
..c uc uvueu ujceriie ni-iieeiciy r.cws iirs
beenccmbtrto ci.uisivhm .n. i4nn.nt
loterestlng news was expected the TrI-Weekly wss
sure uot to come. At nret we were el tho oplalon
that tn the hurry of putting up the mails orsom.
bow tdse we were overlooked but en endearoringt.
borrow from subscribers whom we know werermitl
pay we discovered Unt they too were mlnut How
is this Mr. Sews t
VVc cant say Mr. Times. Wc mail our ex-
change and subscription Tri-Wceklyreeulailv.
If they do not reach their destination we re
gret it exceedingly bul we cannot help it.
Who can?
Iupoktaxt EMEiipniSE. We this morumg
had the pleaaureof a call from Mr. L. D.Slitt
ney of 'New Orleans who lepresenls Ihe new
"McKee er South Western xpi ess Company"
lately organized iu the Crescent City and
composed as u e know perroliully of some uf
its ino-1 influential and wealthy cituens. Mr.
McKeeyerhas been for some years the New
Orleans agent of that ubiquituus and stealthy
corporation the "Adams Eiprcss Company
which lias its agents daily tiavtrsing nearly
till parts of the Union conveyingvast ainuuuts
of Valuable property sind delighlingepccially
in beating Uncle Sam's slow mails.
Mr. McKeever is an active eueigetic strict
business man and courteous gentleman slid a
thorough prxihcient inhisresponaibleaudcoin-
plicated Evocations. Tbe company of w hich be
is the head propo-e to extend the Adams Rx
press business thruugh Louisiana aud Texas
and Mr. Slickney is here tu arrange the plan
of operations iu our State. We wish bimabnn-
dant success.
lie is stopping at the Island
City House.
Uc Knows Hm. Id our edittou of the 4th
tnsU we copied from the New Albany (Ind.)
Wk!v Tribune nfJnlv 2th n iisnurnnli In
tho pfTeet Hint " Pnt Mill.. m. renrIe .it
tue etlect mat loL iullon bUpp lonnerly ur
Madison Indiana bat latterly of Texas is vut
fur Lincoln"
' e 1 1 m
In view of the bogus Texan tlele;ales at
Cbicai'o uunuTactured out of MicbiEsu tl.
publicans we naturally put the question:
"Who knows him?
Yesterday we received n nute dated Goliad
August ISth signed " Milton Supp in (rlucli
the idenlity of the Colonel is eslabliahed as
abort ret forth except that ba is "nut" out fur
We was an old line Whig of some atanditig while
they were a party; imt lost that staudlug In Indi-
ana la the Prestdental contest of 1S06 la conse-
quence af his Independent defence of the South
against what he thought to be uncalled ror charges
made aga'nst Ihem b the Republican". He dors
not expect to gain a standing tn TeXas because he
baa Ibe Independence 10 defend the North against
uncalled for charges made against Ihem by the South.
He is a fronservailve.Unlon man one who wmild not
exchange truth and Independence ror all ihebnnur
and standing that could be bestowed upon Mid."
1 .
No Farm IImh: Tbe Houston Telegraph
says reports are Current tbeie of yellow fever
existing in Galveston 'aud from tbe fact that
quite a number uf persons. hvc come up in
the list two days fleeing from It vrcare In-
clined "iys the Telegraph to think that
tbe reports come directly from the island f of
their correctness we ciu give uo opinion."
We eau. They are not coirect We liars
made enquiry mining ur medical men i.i.d
we base vurusseitii-u mi their rjpoita to us
We further sppend the following natefmm Ilr
Hurlbut Hospital I'liysiciati.
Gsltsstox August 2zd 1SW.
MEMs Eoiroas: In reply tu 3 our Inquiries I
can only say that no case of ) ellow fever has 1 el
appeared to Gaivrsua Hospital n.irla this city vo
raf as I e in learn nliuln my eiperlence and ob-
servation Gal return vu never healthierDal only
Galveston but tbe whole Tela eaiul Ne Orleans
Is also health)- and from present Indications I be-
lieve that njt only Louisiana but also entire Tekaa
wilt escape the scourge or yellow fi-vrrUilsjear.
Dr. Hurlbut iu banding us tins cimtuiuni-
cation informal ns that tbere bad not yet been
this itpa.n a klm-lp p nr vpllnw rer.e i. lh.
tins seej n n-kinglecase ol TCllow lever In the
viuaniy iiusjMiai at ;vew uneaiin acu inai tie
does not recollect the time nheii (rath New Or-
leaua and GIvelun were as bealtM as ihey
dow are.
We presume this aUWiiidiii will ssttslt iur
fnends out of Galwluo without Jnrihei cm
ment on the filly uf tOse whi epiead the dan
gerous reports alluded to.
Ilouelna'a BlncK Ilepnbllcanlaiu. I
Tbe Albany Evening Journal-a strong Se-
ward paper thus notices Mr. Douglas's reoent
speech at Albany. Let every Southerner read
it and ponder over t . .
Mr. Lincoln. If ealkd out by Ml friend. would
haiaelten ezprwalon to Ihrae aoiitloieiita. Ttiey are
th. lenllmenta or the Republican party. In all the
".Urery aBllatlODi" In Ootmreii .lnre IS50 Ucpub-
lleans have acted on the defensive. Slavery has
been the aggressor.
The round Judge Douglas Is compelled to occupy
thoas where tilings are drilling. His section of tbe
Democratic party has ceased to be the pro-slavery
parly. Illanowlnthe position as to slavery of the
Ormocralle freesoll party In 1543. Wheiher.Hke that
crauo irceiuu jpanj ;u .jr.j. " ..:...;..... .....
It wlf when the .lection Is over slide bicV
remsliis to be seen. Probably not. The ceosus may
ltl.te . f a A.a-a f a flit a. m tit Im tat ffiiBintlTMraiai
""" "" "T" " V iS 'i if . i l i bis "boon was answered uy a negro minujug uiniri
here announced by Douglas will be vindicated and . . 't The cimIl wae examlneJ and II was
established by tbe election of a Keublican Pre.1- rWwit Ullt miny peJonj bad camped there for
dent. .everal days whldi as Ihere had been no hunting
Vbalwill ilr. Douglas'i Southern friends i p.rtles out and the place not suited for a parly ol
sa to tins unequivocal declarat.on from lead- ' tSlX
ing Black Republican authority of tbe mmi- thihud been spoken toon tlicsubjectby a white
lurity between their leaders doctrine aud thut man (new comer) near Danville. Darly one morn-
of Seward Lincoln and Geley on the rights j ;-- '.f. JVS" ?Myr who
of the South iu the Territories? earae for water and told her that the negroes were
There i.nocam.K from the dilemma H-ia flVu.UU.n have been touod b.. ..otv
declaration places Mr. Douglas in. ttlher be lng t0 inuaCl. a belief that any euppllen ol elil er
tells one tale t.i tbe South and another to the
North or visa the South and tho North bolh
agree in political doctrine and are bolb aiili
His squatter sorereiguiy iuterpretatiou tl
Ibe Cmcintiall I'latform has been shown by
the author of thut memorable documeat to
gay nothing of the opinions of tbe leading
Democrats of the country lo he utterly con-
trary to its real meaning intents and purposes.
Mr. Douglas nor any of bis partizans have
attempted any reply whatsoever to Mr. Halleil's
CrUSUing ICUCia uu igmiues iiuuurmu uti .
over the country -iliat would be attempting
to piove to asane man mat ne nau loatuisrea
son. With all his boldness 31 r. Douglas can-
not dsre to contradict Mr. Hallett'a plaiu and
unequivocal statement that in drawing up the
Cincinnati Platform he had not the remotest
idea or as-ciling or intimating the doctrine of
Squatter Sovereignty a doctriue -o cleaily
opposed to the rights of the South in the Ter-
ritoiies; adoctnneiu compl:te opposition to
tbe decision of the U. S. Supreme Court ; a
doctriue which has done much injury to the
South in her on n domain; and still more in-
jury in tbe "ortb iu enticing away from our
cause most of the gallant band of Democrats
who until this fatal heresy was preached to
tbetn had fought so valiantly for our consti-
tutional rights in the Union.
Tbe truo Southern press have often asserted
itbat Mr. Douglas's Squatter Soveteingty doc-
j trine was but semi-Black Republicanism. We
j have recently quoted paragraphs from the
' leading Black Republican journals m the X.
Y. Tribune for example in which their admi
I ration of Mr. Douglas and sj mpathy n ith his
j cause were freely aud frequently expressed.
The family intimacy between SqnitterSover-
i tignly and Black Republicanism are now frank-
! y admitted by Seward's own orgaul-whal
moro need be said ?
state Hallrond Mnttcrw.
Tho La Grange papers coulam the falluwiuj;
letter to Col. Jas. U. UJ Horn ilr. .t. tiarri!1
Superintendent of the G. H. AH. Railroad;
1 mm Inrormfd that ihe uurlllon Is ofleu atked by
planters as to the conveniences of shipping to Gal-
veaton all the way by railroad or rates 4c
AW are preparing rapidly iracki etc at Harris-
bunr ror Ihc easy transfer of cotton rroracar of lite
Uarruhurg R. It. to t)oie of this company and olU
be fully ready to receive and promptly forward what-
ever we may recelte There will be no charge for
handling at Hamsburg none f"r wharfaee aud the
rate will b the same as that rharged by steamboat
at present vll : Mceutper Lale. We will pay to
the Harriaburg R. It. all charges lhal may have ac-
cumulalrd on the cotton and collect here.
The Uarriaburg road Is not ready to adopt the
practice of advancing te this road charges upon
merchandise going Into lha conntiy and hence ship-
prs here must become respomlble to this cempany
for charges to Ilarrisburg
The subscribers to tbe extension of the Ilar-
risburg railroad fioni Alley lown l La Grange
trete to meet at the latter place ou the ISth.
Fiftten miles of the xtoniou have been sub-
let tu be completed by 1st May 1801 atid re-
sponsible tiatties areieady togo t'orion
the nmaiiiiDL' 13! mnes.ti be nrii"n'J1ne
aame peiiod provided the uiJil?i?. T
assurance uf their uilliugn
"j "
meet ibe payiueuts as they
SO per
cent on the CO:
'ctos-tying uf irrf
The I.. Or
tv. Llg
70i ml
the best 1
Tho Br1
people of IU
road through 1
0- . - rjrf'
risbunj Cnninnnj. . i-'t-afen- rutii
tiser shows the entire ability of the county to
da ihis.jvlthes-e.
Five vesseA Are t'w due at Latacu wiib
. - j. v:-....n
. irou for shu railroad to ictona
Two mure
locomotive S have bi en purchased for the road
flu.ij .lrilr Tl .
K"J 'cex-cled out shortly. I he new one
already arrived has been put toother and
placed on the track. It is from the foundry of
Oaulforlh Cook A Co Patterson J.. .1.
The presideut secretary and two directors
of the Austin Air Line Raihuad tvrio in Hous-
ton a few days since to procute implements
and supplies for the Toree of bauds to sirive.
ordered to lw employed by tbe direcujis and
tu bo put lo wnik grading at mice. The right
if way lor r.lmiist all the first 23 miles or the
road has been secuicd tbe properly owners
duuntiug the land; the survey of this portion
is completed and 7 miles of it staked out for
Tlio ICanscr ICesirncii!.
" sis
Lt. Col. Smith of Col. Johnson's Regimtnt
uf Rangers writes on the 28th ult from Camp
Eadzyraiski a letter which we find in the
Waco Democrat and which contains sumo iui-
portant news
Cul. Smith commences by liis return Train the
expedition ngainsi the KickapOo Iodisbs who
hearing of it fled to Fort Arbuckle for piotec-
tiou and were recived there uuder the guard
uf the U. S. Troops. Tbe expedition then te-
turned scouting back by companies many of
the men falling sick but all getting back in
safety. The letter says :
The scout of Capt. Peter Ross and friendly Indians
tiave also returned from a scout 150 miles up Ked
river and report no Indians to be found. Also 1.1.
Lang from tbe Canadian withthe same news. The
U. t. troops under Capt. SlurgU bave gone a hun-
dred miles still rurtber and report lhat all t!i hos-
tile Indians have Bed IntoEansig and Utah where
they nave lertuieir women anacnuarcn and taken
to the mountains for concealment. They also report
lhat U Is impossible to pursue Uiero on account of
llie crclty waler nd p-j. Tney naTe lx
horse teams to haul barrels ol waUr which we have
&oL -u'anr of our scouts hsve come In with their
tODruea swollen nd their lips parched and cracked
open from long fitting for water. In many imtancei
after marttdug ror dajs and nights they wouldal
last find water and rush headlong Into tt only to find
It so salt that they could not drink It or. If they
did they would be Immediately taken with paloful
purging and vomiting of blood. I have iften come
upon men who have crawled 01T their horses and got
under a brush to die; and would have to order their
comrades to lakethtmcpby force.pnt them on their
hours and drag Uiem on until better water could be
found.' Even then 1 had to put sentinels over the
water. to keen them rroiu LllltnK themselves
Tbe sun blazes In Ihe heavens as a great ball uf
fire end the trbole firmament Is like a fiery furnace
throughout the llveb-ng day Kvcry living thing ts
burned up by Ihe sun aud In nivny places by fire
which has broken cut from our cmp fires and by
Indians who had s Ore 10 the prairies to keep from
being follonrrd. The . tliermometer li attvats from
101 tollGlnlheshade Wesre 170 miles above ihe
last white man's house Darnell's Company refuses
to budge "Lecause lt is so hot and will be discharged
to-morrow. All the other compsn'es hsveobejed
every order Hist wc hAve ktveu andsay they win
stand by their officers lo Ihe laL But none want
10 go any further. Even our friendly Indians who
flistgolln from 150 miles aboveyeslerday evening
tell ns that no human being could live up ihere.
They hsd lo kill their horses aud takeuut Ihe maw
to pack WAlerin to keeplbemselveS alive.
Since my wrlllug the above Col. Johnson has de-
termined to go tn In spite of water fire and heal.
In addition to Darualfs company. Captain Burleson
and Dairymple's eompiniei bave preferred lo go
hack. They all start to-morrow Dirnell to be dis-
charged. But as Burleson and 1 alrjiaple did not
absolutely refuse to go on but only asked leave to do
so they are ordered back on the frontier 10 their
eld posts to guard them while we are gone. Tbey
are gallant men and I regret to part with them.
We go en with Wood's Flixhuah'a Johnson's and
Bms companies aod Capt. Peter F. Eoss'JndUn
spy company of M men sceompanled by the brave
and faithful aid I'uet.lo. Andwe will whip abjUdng
we come across In II" shape of Ihdlsn or devil.
Hut Ihere are more terrible enemies lo eneouuter and
to overcome. They are ihtrst hunger fatigue aid
s s
jaTMr. N. P. Willis in one or 1ns letters
from out West say t :
A startling effect at Chicago for the traveler's eye.
Is Ihe sadden crossing of the principal streets by
arsc vessel anu appareouy wiiii no more interrup-
tion to Ihe moving tlde6f vehicles than would be
mane tiy tne transverse
liaaslns-nf a rail-ear. The
busiest onarler at the eltv ! hnttt arnun.t tti nrinIi
lnes of a deep creek and by means of a most Inge-
'"'u "l "r 'lm htiiltrt. watehoasH ahlch are
IU n Jlw fnln v 1)e cjn brInBn lbr
snips 10 nnioaa cargoes at llie door Hie bridge be
lng part of a broad tboronghrare one minute; In the
next mlnole whirling around to let a large vessel go
iS-land in another minute restored to Its place
again 1 It Is wonderful to stand near and watcn the
uperatlon of one of these beautiful machines; but It
Is I repeat itlll mare wonderful to find It pan of
the perspectives ol different sirens reaching in diff-
erent directions as If shipping and cart-hnrsrs were
moving rquslly well over all the paved thoroughfares.
Tlio Abolition Plot.
A letter or tbo 81Uinst. from Dinville.
Jlontgomery county to the lluntsville Item
! says :
.V??"' "?J t?t niT.i.wti.'. ..lanlallnn.
" "'..ij examined report alike the earae fact
"v'u.XjiauT"aJt of the San Jtclate
J? "" ' tl m ' 0Ve ililte men btcn camped
for aereral dayi who had frequenOy commuiilcaud
Bllh them autlog that there -a to be an lunurree-
llon everywhere on the fliat Monday In August;
that Ihete nesroea must Join and they would aaabt
ihem. A boy was taken out to show Ibe camp aud
Ihc wlille men. When about 1500 yards distant from
. ua ho. and he was uuunciiy aar
JJ. a e ws Uen sent forward to briog the per
lh h hat oa retarrng staled thst
" a .. I-Jl-.. !... .
have been brought hen to supply me negro. ..
The Ilendersou Times of the 11th says
We have seen a nele written fronf near Danville
by ColPunn'a overseer to his son Cnarlo Duuo
which s!d that a negro bov Allen formeily belong-
ing to Mr. Dunn had confessed his connection wi'li
ihls Insurrectionary morcmenr and was to hare
been hungiceierdey.
The ctlizeus of Wood county .wepj to bold a
public meeting ou the 20th' to consider the
condition ui tho country and devise uieam lor
protecting life und property.
The citizens or Milrillc Rusk county held u
public meelinguii the Gth to exanuuc iiiiu Ihc
character of ceriain suspicious peisonSnud to
j orKan;10 patrols.
Col: Allen Gib?ou jn elided
and Dr.R. II. Graham was tbe secretary. Bun-
dry individuals weiv "ordereil to leavu the
The Quitman Herald uUbe 15th says:
A gentleman fro LHlle Lira In Dcnlon county
on Saturday last Informed us that the elllzms tf
Denton ate as much excited as elsewhere In the
Slate. A negro had been arrested In that
whose possession twentt-four botiles c'f strchilac
were found.
The Bellrille Countryman of the ISth comes
to us with reports of the. proceedings of large
and euthusieslic public meetings at Bellrille
on the "tli and at Travi and Forkston Heals
on the 4tb to appoint vigilance committees
and patndi audadopt such other mensurts uf
safety as the rtct'Dt abolition movements in the
State call for.
Tho'paltul system has hud u beneficial ifl'ect
at Cauicrnii Milam county and oilier places
iu making the negroes keep nhuleioine hours.
A meeting of the citizens of Hockley jtu
tin county touk place on tiie Gill Rev. E. I).
Julin-oii presiding and J. Y. Unnkin acting as
secretary. A vigilance committee and patrol
were appointed und rcsolulionsladnpted ex-
piessing sympathy with tho citizens uf the
northern counties In their distress agreeing to
co operate with similar committees in other
places and counties and to stand teady as
minute men to render any assistance in their
power etc
Fncdernian and Uoteuburgtivo German Jew
pedlars' luve been arretted and cXitmincd by
the Ru-sk vigilance com iiittc. The former
was relcase-J nothing being proven ngaiust
him. Ritenburg wa accmul by several ue
grow of inciting them to insurrection. His
case was finally submitted In u jury of fifty
men from vniious purU uf the couuii and
the accused was allowed counsel. After u pa-
tient examination of Ihe evidence u vote was
taken on the question of haiigiug him and it
stood eighteen for aud thirty-two against
the latter believing him guilu uf very impruji
cr conduct towards the neruc but thut the
evidence did not warrant a death punishment
Thejaxy were unanimous in ordering the uc
cusedlo leave the county withiu forty-eight
hours and tbeState in funrday s. Roteuburg's
family reside iu New York.
The Ru-.k Lnquirer lis that u Yankee .ib
jslitinn school master was huuj ijilheJfltJTTi
cinvicteil liictl
tin: the negroes to insurruu
1st Iter from Noiv Orleans.
X tr.s -ot ell ei.f ILeNewr.J
Nsrw Oblxsss August 16 1 SCO.
Mxssas. Editiies: The tricksters and huctsteis
iiVioughtjju-ihe dlerupttou of the Democratic
patt)TaTlTaitimore in the vain hope of Imposing the
Little Giant on the Sjjftb now find themselves loan
unpleasant iltQaiion 'rebuked and reproved as they
vcau "TsiJ 11 uopieaaaui iiioauou reoaaeu anu reproveu as uiey
fcjSfc'"1L tl have been by ihe Callous! Democracy In every IKm"
ffiW'"' '"Cp'sKrailcMale of the Confederacy. Ihe peUy dema-
vues snd tow Intriguers here headed by the great
"yitrreSoule ainlmaluly consisting of disappointed
v tjffice-sctkeis had too confidently expected iu gull
people into the support or the arcli-lraltor lioog-
Now finding themselves notwithstauding ail
Ine hubbub ot lheir orators and newspapers. In a
hopeless minority too contemptible in numbers to
do battle acalnst ihe well orgsnlztd ballaliuns of
llrecklnrldgeand Lane Ihey have come to an uner-
standing wIlhAheDelleveretts or are nu the eve of
doing so for running but a slogle electoral ticket In
Louisiana. Iu order to efTect tilts end ftandall Hunt
Esq.' the big gun In this city cf the old fSrills siymrg
theniielvee the Unlou party proceeded last week to
Washli-glon where In and MHci Taylor the rlji'il
bower of squailerdom In this itate will arrange mil-
ters in the satisfaction of all concerned. But though
the tidy old gentlemen suppoiitafh til and Everett
arid Iherakia attached to UitSSjBfrate fortunes f
the Little Traitor have formed a lusisn rest assured
that badly ss we beat lheifi!ast fall for the glibcrna
lorlal tlcctioDS so we will best llietn again next No-
vember for the Presidential contest. .Breckinridge
and Lane will carry the day by 10000 majority in
despite of all the Intrigues pUls and aciiemrs of the
Opposition. Can you say as much of the Lone Star
The litlleverefr or rather lheir organs are ibis
morning all Iu a blsie at the untold numbers that at-
tended their melting last evening on Washington
Square In this city. The truth Is Instead or 7000
persons being present on the occasion net over 1500
-ejwere there at aD3 lme during the assembly.
The friends ur Breckinridge and Lane tlnaVvei
lng hold a motif ler meeting on Canal street. Thou-
sands of the hardy iocs ot Deraocrary men who
never faultered lo the hour of danger will he there
to listen to ihe eloquent words of tbe gallact young
sptnkerv now so valiantly battling for Ihe endanger
ed cause or the routb. Among these arc JulrS G.
Olivier and C 0. Moutoo two young Creole gentle
sen now reckoned as Ihe beiloratora In I.oulsiaos.
Your humble corrfspomlent will he Ihere to report.
The number of deaths In the city during the week
euding Sunday 12th lnst. Is 147. We have had bul
four cases of yellow fever durlog the pat wetk. I
On last Monday 1715 bales of new cotlon were re-
ceived at This port. This Is rather a big load for Ibe
season. GLEANER.
Letter front Austin.
s t s
fs scsl 1 r ts sindeiica of the liw.
Acsns August 17th 1SC0.
Missus. EniTOsa: In Ihe last Issue of Ihe South
ern Intelligencer that very demonstrative sheet
which so often "o'erleaps Itself and falls on t'other
side" I notice lhat the editor has republished my
communication of the 3d Inst and asserts that many
such letters sensation lettcrshe calls them were pub-
lished "Just" previous to the late election.
The editor Is no doubt sore at the deftat of his
party snd withes to give a reason ror It lie in-
deivorslo create llie impression that the Democratic
party hare excited the teellogi of the people by ex-
aggeratlng abolitionism and he goes on to prove that
the tires which bave taken place In Ihls city are not
the work of Incendiaries. If such was the reeling or
our community why It lt mat our citizens are pal rol-
ling every night! If no danger was lo he appre-
hended why did the council decide to make a search
of the negro quartets and take all tbe weapons And
ammunition from them?
That pistols guar knives and powder were r.mnd
la the'last Investigation Ihe editor or ihe Intelli-
gencer admits. Very well. What else did I assert?
The excitement Is now allayed; but was It not to he
supposed lhat when the authorities had resorted lo
such measures Uial a conspiracy was apprehended?
Opposed as I am to bringing the names of private
citizens btfore the public I can assure the editor of
Intelligencer lint. If neceisary I can show that Ibe
Information contained In my above mentioned lettrr
wss obtained from two members of his own psrty. 1
have decided poltthal predilections; bu while set
lng as your correspondent I have always endeavor-
ed to give a plain statement or racU In my tellers
and cared but tittle about promotlog the Intereats ot
polltlclsni. The Intelligencer knows and I repeat
It once more thst the fires which have occurred In
this city .were not accidental. This Is now estab-
lished beyond a doubt.
If the editor can tee uolhing lo awaken dlssa'U-
faction or alarm In (he burning of large and dour-
lshlpg towns like Dallas and Henderson: If be be-
llevra that there Is no danger la avert; that the at
tempts lo poison families destroy property snd tn
cite Insurrection among the slaves In various psria
of the State are Democratic manmuVres j lhat Texas
now enjoys entire domestic tranquility and that these
attacks upon her Institutions are only subjeex
of merriment or Indifference I can icadlly under-
stand the position he assumes and have nothing
farihtr to ssy. May his dreams of prosperlly and
peace be realized! May his path be strewn with
roses that shall not prove to be thorns lo Ids feet I
J3Erihe Hartford Times Iris out the fallowing
f nt-op rblui of a icholsr of lhat rliy vha astonUli-
ed Ms schoolmates lijr the following uolque cnnipoM-
tlon : Once upon a Ume there tea a profit named
Klliha was walking out one day wheuso(ue traall
bora raade sonn nroUoe and facesbns i emarks Into
tils hawlf d bed ; whereupon he caused two she bares i
to devour Uiexmallboya. This was the flnl time i
nan air.s. 1-nABIn Ml 11. si aa tllll't isjtn (I '
"""" --..
UF" Mrs Sdtau Ilecstur widow of the Commo-
dore died on the very same dtv with Mr. Dales of
the National Intelligencer with whom a life-long la
tlasar hid existed.
Tin: ni i is Pir..i .i: uki.'kaa.s
The steamship Orizaba Capt. Place from
Rru-dicnr Wednesday arrived to-day with the
following passengers :
Underwood lady & child Mrs Laroeti .t Infaul.Mrs
Walker Miss Sloce Mrs Oblcr Capifu lady 4 ulece
tVarc lllllhonfe Wilson Belleg Mole Slone Dal-
sellllutnes (louder Darnel. H llilams Milby Uan-
del Sirouss Itegler Wellman Uanell Walker ft bro.
hery. Hill I'osey ft strv'l Ferris wlms Jr. Kngllsh
T on deck i 1 negro.
By this nrrtvnl wejiave the Tuesday and
Wednesday New Orleans papers Irum which
wo condense the fullDwiug :
I'orelEii Ncu'f.
The steamship Arabli at New Vork on theiOth
brought blseipool adtlctsof Sunday the 12th via
fairs ol cotton for tbe week ending lOlli S2.00O
bales of which 2JOdO to ai.eculatorsand 10801) to
exporters. Sold on 1 Ith 10000 bales 8000 to spec-
ulators and exporters favorable news from Amer-
lea caused an advance of .dnnjlower grades and
iid on middling). Quotations .
Ml idling Orleans 0 d
Middling Mobile 7 )
Middling Uplands . (jifd
Kalr Orleans 8 d
Talr Mobile 7 d
Pair Uplands .-.. ... am
Market closed steady and Urm; slock on hand
10th 12030110 bales.
At Havre holders pressing sleeks on Ihe rnsrlet
stock 227(110 bales.
The Neapolitan troops are concentrating around
the cltr. of Naples. Two. Neapolitan regiments Iu.
Ualabrlaluve uotlnled In" favor it fi.!nafdl who
was IiuuTly expected from Sicily Ato army of 7303
Lnli? but t wss coutVlemly expected they wojld Join
mi lias ucen sent aeaiosi nira ur we. iiac: or ns-
On Ibe Slli GaribalJl had not yet left Mclly for the
mainland but he was making vast preparations In
thatlw. Ho has wilitento Ihe tiardlnlau King
asjlog be euruidera it a sacred duty to deliver Vene-
tia trom Austrian rule and lo do thTa he requires V
powerful naval force
Garibaldi's forces aud not tbe Neapiditsus have
Invested the formsj.of Scylla opposl eMejsIns
The eapotan envoys to Sardinia to endeavor to
arrange a treaty of aillence hsve failed to do so and
are about to return home
1 - Laroorlclrre baa suppressed a uopuUr dejionslra-
lion in favor ot uarlbaldl Iu the Kumaii stales.
-eyiioq afTalrs are ttte absorbing tcpic In Curopeau
pollileal circles atpresent
Englanil deellcj to take any active per' Iu tho ex-
pedlt'on to Syrls.
itnstla willseud four Ships of tbe line aud two Ill-
gates to Syria.
Napoleon has conferred the grand cross i-f the
Legion uf Honor on Abdel Ksder fur his scrrlces at
Damascus lo protect the Christiana.
I'uad Palilalias arrested Ibe Turkish Governors of
Ueyroul and Damascus and had execultd 100 per-
sons who participated la the mss3crc there. He will
ci-operate vigorously whh the European commis-
sioner. Dsmascus Is quirt and the u tan's authori-
ty restored.
Ivapoleoq has given 300000 francs lo aid the
fuglltrcs from Syria and continues Tu send troops
The Drulsli Govermurnl has decided that Ihe
whole Iron-plaled steam floaUngJiattcrlts are In be
put in thorough repairs for Immediate tcrrice.
Oonics-tlc i"es.
A dispatch of the ISth from Washlnzton In the
N. i. L'icaynne sas: Mlon. Howell Cobb Secre-
tary of the Treasury has Just returned Ironi a brief
Isir tu his native Mate. He reports that It is his
firm conviction that In case the lllack Republican
ticket is elected Oeorgla will secede from the
The Philadelphia Ltdger quoting coinuients on the
lale harmonious proeecdlags of the Democracy la
that State says:
"These are Indlca'ions which foint to h more gen-
eral fusion than wassupposed possible a few weeks
ago and It may terminate lo an arrangement which
will Include all the opposition to tbe republican par-
ty In which case the contest will become more later
Tbe Trlnce of Wales has been received In splendid
style in the Cauadas.
The Itrccslnrldge and Douglas State Convention In
Virginia have Instructed their electors to vote for
any candidate so as to defeat Lincoln.
renstor Seward is making stump speeches In New
Kngland in which he reiterates his ductrine of lha
'irrepressible cocflictbctween freedom and slavery"
and procleims the Republican triumph In advance.
speaker Pennington declines being re-elected lo
uangress. '
Klghly-elht counlies in Missouri give Iheregulari
Democratic candidate lor uovernor b3.iti major:
ot'rrthe Bill and liveretl candidate.
AJrlieS of the Sih from Sin Francisco reimi
clilug Seconals of ihe new gold and sUn r mV
South California
A nrovlsional government Is to be
Nevada on the fquatler Sovereignly basi;
A man named Morrison who
liom Mr. Karris near I'tttshi
cviiotv a fortnight ago was pi:
in tvuod county brought back
sod hung unfile 0th.
nt'ttudrrsni tinmes cuuniy.Vfi
cnmauT ofSf
- 'Til
ale-iiiir uri?1
iftexutnh V I
(illh urgaliizalj-j-
111 tin- f5Ass'rtir;
huie liiUireir.
The J7wVSiiir Key of the
dredge boat under Capt. BradbeX'Jri. ;-
orgslrj Jl
.Ci-i&SS ...a
S -
u-. .T.rin-.
13 ni tost at worn ou me uars in ..
mid no doubt a channel for ateamt'is will he
icudy by November. Tho channel dredged
out sevi-iitl years ttgu is fund not lo have
filled up.
Seventeen bales of cuttou new- emp have
arrived at LarnCit Irom the ilaiiluiiun oT Mr.
Hall tin the S.111 Antonio riier. The.coltoli
was nil ol superior quality ami clean.
The rums in the west have Marled Ihe grass
etrrt wlnre ; und with water enough the wug-
011 trains from San Antonio and intertill dtfttc
localities have begun io came intu Lavuca And
Iuduiiiolii bringing down wooland hides in
!argu quantities.
The S.111 Antonio AIKnid or the litis learns
Ibnt the recent rains have greatly encouraged
.the hopes of farmers between that jijnce and
llie coast. Soiiiu are planting corn und other
'vegetables; the cotltm fields arc grenlly re-
vived aud some uf'them Inuk well.
In our edition til the Hilt we tdltliled to the
feci fiuni a pi!!maslct'a letter in lln- llellville
Count! man that lint Ucimcieholer at Cat
Sptiu-rs Austin countv nas tho tigcnt of u
BUck Republican paper published at St.
Louis Mo in ihe Buhetniau language. lie
publishes acini m the Uuloiuuii (litiz-'n stut-
ing lhat ihe Bohemian paper wius 'siaru-d at
St Louts udrlv this year fin the purpose of
making the t-iiugrinls finm Bohemia familiar
with the institiitiiiin ur this cnuntrt ; aud in
this vic.v be cii'itriliutnl lo it it -mall itmoiiul
of muiiey. He icf-ised he says the agency of
Iheptper. Shortly after the cditiirhtp im Ihe
pper was changed mid ruth 11 the uominus
nr the jouruul 1 Inn Mr. R. Mty- hi uidered it
In bv slopped and to In- icltilllrd.
Corn is -M-lling in Colorado county at 1S0
per liu'slii I ; fodder t 5-2 per 100 lbs.
There have been abundant rains in Uulleson
county ; Cameron Milam cminVhClurksville
Red Hirer coimn The Clatk-tville Slandurd
Bays or llie ram .
Indeed It Vs a blessing. Cullon wss sulTeilng;
corn latecropv almost t-xliau-le-f; but itiu h of the
corn and nearly all the cotton wtll retire use and
grow apics flourishingly. Thousands of dollars that
one glorious rata has been worth to Red River coun-
ty ; and If it has been west or us as we hope It tins
been of similar use to all jheblacklaod counties. -We
fear that most of the sandy Und crops are al-
ready past redemption.
Mr. ilurchisou's ic-udencein Butlcson coun-
ty was destroyed by fire n short timo since.
The family were absent at the tfme.
The ClarksvilleStaiidatd cmilniiis tlio offi-
cial rep nit of the proceedings T n Rrcckin-
riilge mid Line muss ratification mfctlng in
Red Kit er county. Mr. J. C. Burks was called
to the chair and L. C. Do Morse chosen secre-
tary. The resolutions uro in excellent tone
strongly urging llie South to unile 011 one can-
didate instead of frittering away their strength
nn useless candidalc?.
Col. Reiner Democratic Presidential Elec-
tor we see by our exchanges has been doing
sotul service in our western counties io tho
... . .e .1 - L- 1. -..a -..!..1..t-...lMl-V'
-Jrti!-- Ul lilt- .-iillllil lillil Ml i.-jiiaiiim-;ingw
clear logical mauurr the relation uf the Slates
iu the Union lie is mnv mi Iiii way to tli
eastern counties.
The printers of San AugiistTno give a bull
on ihc 3d which was well utleiided and went
oil' to general suliflfactttin.
The Sab Atij.11-.linc Express oppose. the
liropnsitinii to rail on Ihe I-iyLliliire lo aid
tbn-.e who arc in metl ol lmid fioni the eflects
of the ilrouili. The Express iidvocules Ihe
org-auizatiun uf cilutity associations to devise
ways and means for supplying the wants of tbe
The citizens ol'Edwitrdsville lime held a
public me"etltjg calling for aid from tbeState
government fir tins distressed und needy and
requesting tlie Governor to couvene the Legis
liiluro'bj the 1st September lo give this aid.
Ri-v. Alex. Black nf Johhsoii county in-
forms the Ilfllvilit) Cuutilryniati thut tlin crops
in the county are nlher sliin ; bul enough
sviu-al atjd corn have been made In nniwerine
wauls of the peiple and furnish a small sur-
plus. 1" Eslract fidtH h letter from Tyler Smith
Ouiinly :
"I note)our remarks ln the news or the7lh Inst
boo the course of the person In Guadalupe county
ho orderrd a quantity of blanks to bo printed and
bound ln a lllack ltrpubUcsn office In lndlanola.
Bring a full-blood Texlan I was pleased with the
slap you gave ihe (luadalupe Individual whoever he
may be for patronizing the abollllonlsla especially
when Ibe work can be done equally as well at home
Wc had a very refreshing shower a few days since.
This county will make sufficient corn for bread ; cot-
ion 1s almost a comphte r&Unre.
Ihe news of the burning nf Henderson eresied
considerable evrlletnent among llie Tylerlles who
have been nn the alert ever since. The town Is well
truntded every night
vy-pi Ami inidiigrneer sajs:
The alamo Eiiiteas Is the litis of a new paper
boul to be established In San Antonio hy lames P.
Newcomb. It will advocate the claims of Bell and
Newi front ironic.
In view or the recent gatheringof African
negroes at Key West the Brownsville corres-
pondence of the New York Heral3 thus dis-
cnurselh :
Padre Island or rather Father Island Is called sa
'from being this largest or a nuinbea of similar Islands
along the gulf coast ot Texss aod is about a bun-
dled and tweoy-fire miles long by from one to two
miles In nlJlb. It Is an Island because between It
and ihe main shore of Texas there exists a regular
belt or estuary of theaeaexleod!ng from Ihe harbor
of Brazos Santiago to Corpus Christ). Ill) not as Is
generally suppasul a barren sea front or sand but
Is rather a rich fermentation of pulverised shell and
decayed vegetation. Muscle shoals form In ripples
of fresh water here and theie dlong this coast
which being swept out loseaby the ebb tide are
powdered up Into the smallest particles. These par-
ticle mixing with drift wood and decayed sea weed
are agiln thrown upon the shore of tlio Island and
here form a soli entirely freo from grindstone sand
and peculiarly adapted to certala very useful puri
The peculiarly to which I desire to attract Ihe
Southern attention Is the adaptability which has
made I'adre Isltnd a resoit for the Initiation oflbose
roessurcs necessary to mske popular a. matter of vi-
tal Importance tn the South. To hare boldly ven-
tured into Nlw Orleaca whh negroes freshly Impor-
ted from Africa would not only have brought d jwii
upon the head of the Importer the vengenceof Un-
cle Jam but also the anathemas uf the whole sect of
nhllanllientita-s Anil beeronhilllts CVervwhrre. To
Import them for years however into quiet places '
evading wtui impunity tne penalty 01 me law aon
Uie ranting of the thin siiuned sympathizers with
A fries was gradually to popularise IbelnHIcby cre-
ating o-demand for !Vore;Kn'irtL.fio pave the
way ror tne grauuai revival ui isolate 'sue. -
To tills end a few men bold srid tenerge iiic deleft
mined ten or twelve years tgD-sVWnrunee the bus-
iness of Importing negroes slowly at first but sure-
ly; and for this purpose they aClected a few seclu-
ded places on tbe-ioastof I'orlda Georgia and Tex-
as far the purpose of coneeallog their stock until lt
could lie sold out. Without specifying other places
let tne call sour allcnlluu to a deep abrupt pocket
oriudcnlallno Id the coast of Texas about Ihiity
miles fiun Brazos Santiago. Into this pocket a silv-
er could run at any hour of Ihe ilibt bee itue th-re
was mi hlsdercnce a. I'jj entrance and here she
could discharge her cargo of ruorablrj upon the -rejecting
bluO" aod agsla proceed to sea InslJeof
three Inula. Tbe live slock thus landed ccnU be
tusrebrd a short distance across the msln Island
over a purous soil which refuses to retain the re-
cent fiiutptlnU ualil they are again place 1 In boats
sud were Loscaled up?n some of the Innumerable
Utile Isbnds which Hllcken ou llie waters of the La-
guna la the rear. These Minds being covered with
a thick g uwth ol bushes and grass oiler an mscru-
tible lik'tng place for the "black diamonds."
The plan sumetlraes'Ij.-wheo It II supposed to be
hsxardous lo land uponthe shore tu disembarathe
negroes npon the coast of Cuba and then detain
tbcra mull a suitHble oppcrtunlty offers for Impor
ting them Into Texss. A gemiemin loi 1 me that
once while engsged In Investigating the business of
some parlies who had purchased stores of him on
I'adre Island ho came across an unclaimed African
wild as a prairie dog. After considerable coaxing
this piece of properly told my Informant that the
camp was a short distance above where he was and
that seventy-five of " his sort " had Just been landed
from Bayou Honda lq Cuba. Searching further luy
friend Informed ma Hut he found the camp amide-
llteredop the negro to his master and was rewar-
ded with many thanks.
In pursuance of the above line ol policy. It Is my
pleasure to luforni you that quite recently a.cargo of
negroes were Imported to Padre Island and that be-
fore this they arc all probably distributed amongst
the planters of Southwestern Texas lt Is said that
litis Importation was made by a man named Forrest
and as I happen to kaow that such an Individual Is
ingsged In tbe trade and lhat now Is about the
time of ids regular return to these shores. It Is more
thau probable that my acquatntence and the recenl
Importer are one and the same man. It la further
said that he burned his vessel at sea aud that the
tight of the conflagration was seen at Brazos lan-
ding. Padre Island Is at present under the dominion of
Mr. John V. Sinner. John V. Singer Is sixty-nine
years old small in stature bony and muscular with
it atroogiy marxcu countenance lie is said to pos-
ssess the will of a mule and the energy of a beaver.
In 1S49 In attempting to reach California with tbe
rest of the adventurers he was cast upon Padre Is-
land wilt a wife and two children a wheelbarrow
undsradc and nlnely "smooth dollars." If e was
a Cxurelu3tantly because he could not get away.
Wiil"1 to 's talents hesetileu and In Hie Brsl year
.. 'Hvlr.i. m.lln. l.t.-Alu. f.n... .... ....
I eV
1 iifc uit.B.i.g aiiiu.ifa iiuiu ijiiii-
CeKiie Island by tbe Gulf stream
-e iSaks upon the Island
ouuii. a large jiexican grant
fie enure isisnu. tie nas also
;p issueu ny me lexas govern
.1-upon a portion 01 urazos is-
almost Ihe entire command of
SanllueO. lhi- nnlP f.iM-f in
. " --
isy to Tamplco a distance of
..-- V. ' '
to wtitclt vessels urawlnK eljcbt
an enter Throueh this nort
Cs. ' -1 i --
-3S-r.H -. --7-
luiporlatlans of the Rio Grande
nd lt is not exaggeration 10 say
iraae win axceed
rmallou of the Island renders it
tannine purposes and for stock
t requires rain tbe water belog but
below the surface to lrrljate Ihe
Sfifie constant dews refresh the growth
. jir. ciugcr tiAa uecu successiui lit
." enlton fnr IhiA last r i srs-.r from
. and tnerro-lBCt hes11-ln Qlveson
aalsW .... JK-.1I-. Iks. ...AiTnltf tit -.t tssti
-.n !.tr.fa at fit9neri1 inr iiaimd. Su-ynr
a" lX63s'ed ihhty-iis joints in lengili twtrniy-
- -MfcntI twolnrhesln thickness. Corn
.1 . atiJ onions Krow In the wIMeat abun
L- M&urce ot wealth o be found on the IsUtid
-. Ihenrut ilfpoiltsftt lh-cTmInaUon of Lnguna
Htracli where a cont reef fotecepts the warts In
bri-aking oter tbe bicb. .c thl polbt. in a h'gli
wlod the breaVers roll over the coral bedi and
up read om a wide extent of luv. land Ai the
winds ro down and as Ihe naves reccde!arge qoantl
ties of ttiii saline flood continue upon the low landi
und briog evaporated altirirarda by the son there
remains deposit of pure and crystal salt exten-
ding fur Hallei and miles orrr the coutitrr at a depth
of from ouefochli) fourUti. It is a reasonable cat-
caUtlon tu si; that sUty ships could load with a su-
perior article of salt ntthee natural deposits enry
Mr. Singer Ins nimde application to the Legislature
of the State of Ttxas for a chirler to build a canal Brazos harbor ttvtbe Klo Grande rirer. Th
Cftnil UJLO hesriven miles long cl the bnl Is alrea-
dy denne1 hy a lago-ln of silt water almost deep
inouKii at presett for navlgalle purposi s. Another
charier hts hecu granted tu h company In dig a situ
liar channel from Corpus Christ! to Urazos which
when completed will mh.s an entire circuit of In-
land navigation from Hrazas to Saline river.
TiieOiiuiix ToBiccoTainc The State Depart-
ment has rccilved during ihe list yesrbfiy Consu-
lar dlrpalches respecllog our tobacco trade la various
parts of the world.
The low prices or the wine crop for some y cars
and alto tbe fallures-of Dial croptnilucei many large
owners of vineyards in Qermany lo convert at great
expense their vlueyards Into tonacco fields tobacco
then bearing a good price. Rut the last two or three
j ears htve proved excrjlent wine yesrs and the
prices of tobacco hare been consider ib'v reduced.
tn the tobacco fields are bilogtnrnedha'k into vine-
yards. fienoan tobacco has been bought by-American
speculators and exported lo the United States where
It Is manufactured Into cigars and re-exported to Eu-
rope as American tobacco. The American traders
found after a while that they were not buying even
dermaii tobacco bet beet and turnip leaves with
which It Is extensively adulterated. German cigars
made partly of beetand turnip leaves are also expor-
ted into the United States andlo the other countries
Ilelgium and Holland and the Zollvereln are the chief
consumers of the beet find turnip leaf tobacco and
the article stands lit II15 Wl'yor the consumption or
thupuro American tobacco. Tlicquantlly of (lernun
tobacco now on hand Including the beet and turnip
leaf crops ts represent? 1 as. Immense It Is held back
forbighirptlres. tlneslngiehquselusflve bundled
quintals of leaves 011 hand waling for a rise in the
lrr market.
The Amerieau tQbacro trtdch Is manufactured Into
snutlis mUid with live percent of Get man tobacco.
In consequence of which all snuQ manufactured at
Ulnclo.ic Is subject lo a transit duly when exported
ta Nor III Germany Thnf the American tobacco
which his aire lily paid uiily paja duty a second
time. "Ihls" writes one or our consuls "Is a splen-
did specimen of dl-united iTermany." The United
States will be a perfect paradise for otstomhouse
officers under like system.
Tna ItsnRivta ItirrVrheStirevfport tha.l Gazette
contains Ihe report ofjlhe CJtociisiInnerj appointed
uy tue J.guisiauu lose nuu jmjuu ttavigatiuil uuiu-
pany to select anddocate.a route for temporary
navigation around the Itafl The following Is the
dlscrlptlon of the route adopted. The commis-
sioners say they have no fears but that the naviga-
tion through lt will be cquil to what lt has heretofore
been throufli the Hsftv .
" We now camr tt the ru(y-ii.'clt we have adop-
ted through Blmpsop'i Cake. This Liketyiit'iated
nn the western tide of the liver opposite the present
head or Ihe itafl. The rtrer and the Ked JUvou
forming a crescent or l.'fter U enclrcllrg this
Lake by going above the held of the raft thlce and
ahalf miles with a cut of four hundreds yards. This
lake can be reached having at the present from two
to three feci water with a thannel and current
conntcUug ulih Slump Dam bayou a half a mile
from where It empties Into lied bay r.11 paklog a
distance of llircc tailps between Ihe extreme points ;
theieby shortening the. former navigation about
three miles. Though thU Isks thirtx Is plenty water
when a boat can pnsi the falls In Ited ilsyou." '
Sp'stliLKCllAnp.Vf-ftile CuntreviilB Tunes
(Lcou rajtnTypay!f
A shoit lime slnce"one of otlr riilus hid a negro
man whom under sonis arrangement lie bad agreed
to take to a free Stale ntsiny time he might chose to
go. Not long since he was called uptfa hy iho negro
10 perform that task which lie did carrying Mia to
Cincinnati and there leaving him. Hid gentleman
conllnnrd Ids Journey to Sew Vork and nn reaching
thabcltv fonnd thalihenegro hid sent a letter to him
requesting lhat he should either call an his return to
Texas for him or send money to pay his passage In
New York so that he might accompiny him "home."
Why can this shiewt darkey be sent round
among the misled negroes hi thu Mate who
bave barkened loabolititin Irailors? UeCiiuld
enlighten them ou thu beauties uitd blessings
of fieedom among tlleir abolition friend'.
A Letter- from itnriiet.
IIdbset August G'h 151
Mxssss. Epimbsi A glorious rrvolotlan Is going
on In this frontier county the people now see lhat
they have been sold fornsught aud are rapidly re-
turning to their true friends llie Constitutional He-
moeracy. At last August election this county only
gave about GO democratic votes at this I am confi-
dant It will gtvo a majority mid at the Frrsldenll
election almost an unanimous democratic vol?
Voun In histe W. l
liottor from AVIInoh Couutv.
(Corres pondence of theJTefj.J
Eatehjih Aug. fith t30.
Tk-1ttW1 rn(Tiib.'Pe-rrtiUr.A (A nnH Vilttf Bllptl.
tlontolhefollowlng- 'nnie? as candidate select for j
lheir several offices In n 1 son Coubty : Chief Juailee
W. Sutherland; Sheriff' S. W. Barker; Clerk of '
County Coutt A. 0 Plcketl; Assessor and Collector
J. Wilson Cook ; Clerk of Ibe Dlstrul Court Jack
Sutlierland. i llespcclfully W 8
Letter froli) (.'.liil.
('..He .-iiilence of tbo luw.)
Gousn August 16 h 1SC0.
Messrs. Ebiroas t I send you the nfilclsl results
for Ibp election o this epumy i
riournoy 23f McAdno 1-02 ; Johns 'jns. Smith 1M ;
Itandolph 229 Shaw 151
Joseph O'Connor Is elecl'd Plslrlc' Judge of Hdi
(Uth) Judicial District. '
Brecklatldje aad Lane will sweep this county.
Truly yoar'i Vf. W. D.
rtatSi WjMMrafl&t 1
KfS r.y T- "Via&snBRStll
raou owgs usbeditu's "lbciu.."
And the storm Is abroavd lo the mountains;
He fills .
The crouch'd hollowa end all the oracular hills
W Ith dread voices of power. A roused million or
Of wild echr.s reluctantly rise from theft hoar. I
Immemorial ambush and roll Iu tbe wab.
Cf the cloud whose reflection leaves livid the lake.
And the wind thatwllil robber for plunder descends
From Invisible lands o'er the black mountain ends;
Ho howls as be houndndown his prey aod his lasts
Tears the hjr or the timorous wild mountain as!?
That clings to the rocks with her garments torn.
Like a woman In fear then he blows his hoarse horn
And Is off the flerca guide of destruction and terror.
Up the desolate heights 'mid an Intricate error
Of mountain and mine
There's war In the skies l
1.0 1 the black-winged legions of tempest arise
U'er those sharp spllnier'd rocks lhat ere gleaming
III the soft light 19 fair and so ftul as though
Some seraph bnra'd through them iho thunderbolt
Which the black clouds uubosomM Just now. Lo!
the lurching
And shivering piue-treel like phantoms that teens
To waver above lo the dsik aud yon stream
flew it hurries and roars on Its way lo the while
And paralysed lake then a.ipalt'd at the sight
Or the things seen in Heaven
S)iiiiitt ana fj.trllmlili.
' - .
Alexunder Dumss whir i-r tn Sicily with
Garibaldi thus describes the"- JuleVbatt'e uf
1 4lr!ssn wuit tiv 4us.y itnotg-aiithe point f the
li.V3fc..t . - .. rt 1
uajoue. mrriy'JmAAru .'Kitn. o? rpsSEA.-The Arieaohip
'"'e'" uUVllprllumui;riuliu Timnery-
Dumas ra.s an ere wliuresf nf 'Jib haflli
At dawn on the 29th all thelroctis were In inure-
ment to attack the Neapolitan at had cime cut
of Ihe rortaod village or Melsizo wiilch Ihrr occu-'
pled Ualcnchlnl commanded tbn-fele.'i; .Oeneral
Medici andCosenz tbe centre; while the right-was
composed of a tew companies ontyv-dnlendedito
cover Ihe enter aud left wing from aTsurorlie.' OarV
Ibald! was Iu the centre where theactlon was ex-?
peeled to be the sharpest. The nrln? bezan on the
left from tho Neopolltan outposts concealed In al
reeu-ocu uai: way between Men anil xlelazza. A
quarter of an hour liter the centre attacked the
Neapolitan line and drovo lt from Pa first position
the right meanwhi' dislodge the Neapoiilans
from some houses which they occupied. -As tbe diffl
cultlrs of Ihe ground prevenlel itinforcententafrom
striving bosco with COCO men turned upon the M0
or COO who had driven Mm hick. The latter were at
first obliged lo retire before tho superior numbers of
the enemy ; b'H when other; troops came op tn their
aid they again attacked the enemy many of whom
were still concealed amonif reeds and protected by
Bg trees so that a charge -Willi the bayonet woa Im-
possible. Medici while advanclnir at Ihe head of
nu men hail a horse killed under him. Cosenz was
struck In Ihe neck by a spent ball trad fell ; he was
for a moment supposedto be mortally wounded but
he was only tlunned and almost Instantly he was on
his legs again shcutlng " Vlea V Italia I" Oarl-
baldl. at the head of the Genoese Carbineers uml
some OcJdes attempted lo take the enemy in Ihe
flank but suddenly cane an agan placed In the cen-
tre or the road aad Bhlch-he determined to attack.
When within twenty paces the cannonrloaded Tilth
grape was fired by the King's troops. The- effect
was terrible; only five or six meff remained stand-
ing daribaldl had part of his boot and his stirrup
carried away his horse wss also wouaded and he
was compelled to alight. Major llreda and his
trumpeter were killed bv his sld? Mfo.nrt'
fell dead under him; Slalella was left stau.lingun-
hurtln the. midst of the iron storm; all the others
were lilted or wounded. The gun which had done'
ai. mis mtscniet was taken soon after. Ihen the
Neapolitan Infantry opened and gave passage to a
charge of id cavalry for the purpose of retaking the
Colonel Donn's men who had been tut Utile under
lire threw themselves lo the sides of the road In-
stead of receiving the charge on their bayonets. The
cavalry came like a whirlwind the Sicilians firing
from bolh sides. Thusassailed bolh right ami left
Ihe commander of the Neapolitan cavalry stopped
and wanted to ttirtt back but tonnd the passage-
barred by den. Raribaldl JlUorl. .-tatella and 0ve
or sir men. The Rcneral seized Ihe oulcer's bridle
and cried oul "surrender 1" The Officer replied With
a blow from his sabre which Daribildi parried and
by a back stroke cut ibe officer's cheek open The
latter fell from his horse. Meauwhlle three or four
sahres were raised agalmt the General who woun-
ded one or bis assailants with a thrust or Ms sabre
while Mlsorl killed two others and Hie horse or a
Ifilnl with Ins revolver. Statella brought down one
antagonist while another who sprantr at Mhtorl's
throat was killed by the fourth hol t.C his revolver.
While the straggle was drawing to a iloje (Jirlbaldl
milled his scattered men charging with ihem and
either took or killed the rest of the fifty horsemen.
Seconded by his centre he next rharged the Neapol-
itans Bavarians and Swiss with the bayonet. The
Neapolitans fi'd at once. 5ut the Bavarians and
Swiss madeji short stand before tbey gave way. This
decided the fate or ihe day. .
Pbicticsl 1'iiii.osOrilV. Not long ago Iu one of
the Eastern cities a competent maitre ds 'cuisine
delivered a public course of lectures on the art or
cooklnir. ffe had fitted up. In the lecture room a
convenient furnace or eooUog-range; andbls lec-
tures Were Illustrated by practical eaerlia.ota In lh or preparing iHareS articles Of TOO fOt the
tible. One dav the nrofessor. rucexamnletouic inv
ed the nature and virtue foapj then dlTldcdlhem
Into Ihe diihireiii clssjrs and pointed out Ihe dis
tingulshlog feature of eaca class. The peculiar ex-
cellence of this kind of food was entorced and in Its
making Ihc lecturer futly made apparent the con-
ditions that the cooL must keep In view as the end
lo be produced and how every tblog done must have
tint dallnct intention and tendency. In this way
Ihe reason of the thing was forced home to the minds
of his class; an I after the lecture was over and the
attentive hearer recalled what bad been said and
witnessed the practical Illustrations made for lheir
Instruction each pupil was master of the theory of
making soups and only required a little ramlllarlty
with the practlcNl prt ot tbe work to make her per-
fect in thai branch of-.cooklog. Ingoing Into her
kitchen she knew what she wished to do how to be-
gin what matetlals lo use and when she had succeed-
ed or failed. In this way the successive courses of a
dinner and the dishes Tor a break fa-1 were separate
ly lectured npon and illustrated lnfurmatluu was
also tlven upon the subjects of choosing meats and
vegetables fowls and fish. Also upon tbe best season
r jr selectlni-- ibe different articles In common 11-e for
food ; with hints upon the prcper diet for sedeorarr
persons for Invalids and for young children all
these points the educated ciiUinlcr had made mat-
ters of cartful study. Ills dishes were prtpared ac-
cording tn chemical laws and 1 ts standard wsto
makelhemlnperfectharmony wllh the hjgieuio prin-
ciples of uAtbre. Uben he cooked be strove lo
gratify without over excldng Ibe -palate and to
make by Ihe agencies of fire condiments and other
means the food aa easily digested as it was possible
for art and science to make It. In other words he
labored tu replenish ns completely as possible the
wasted elements of Ihe human machine snd at the
same time cnsble that niachioe to absorb and appro-
priate those elements to its use Willi the least pos-
sible exertloa and labor or wear aod tear upon its
vital forces lhat food prepared by such an artist
Is found to be more palatable and at the aame time
more nutrilloua and wholesome than llie aoddeo
bread and greasy beef cooked by a sluttish domestic
Ignorant of all chemical laws and rules cf hygiene
is not 10 be wondered at.
At the time these lectures were golngon they made
a great nblse aud were largely attended by theyoung
ladles especially of the city where they were given
lt was admitted on all sides that Ihey were or the
srcatest utility sowing as they did a rich erop uf
tree (because philosophical) ideas npon a subject
that touched closely the comlort of the whole com-
munity We are suro that no intelligent ladyconbl
hear au utile course of lectures ou this topic from a
master uf the art of cooking und afterwards be con-
tent to have the food for her family atrociously pre-
pared ns many uuduubtedly do who have never had
h proper opportunity fur obtaining instruction. A
mother trhese attention had been drawn to the sub-
ject and upoti whose Judgment the contletlon bad
been forced that certain artldts of fond prepared
In a common method were absolutely uVtlrucUve to
health could no mure bear to see her children fed up-
on those articles lhattihg could beartosceibemslow-
ly poisoned with arsenic Mie would have her co k-
log done better and kuowlog what excellence was
would soon attain It. And when such knowledge cumea
tube universal. We predict IhtrO will he much hss
ork for doctors mmI deqltsls. People's stomachs
trill hoi be worn ont In youth iij Ing to tlhs jive putty-balls
called biscuits or lheir teeth corroded and
dissolved by alkalies uuder the name of yesst nilw-
ders. iSkii t'ranclfico Herald. v
Slit X.oveisjeooil'js OJJ.
When I wer a boy and my legs not loqg-r nsr
John' Weutworth's did fotch home a wuihless
mangy fieabltlen gray old fox dog good for nutln
butiu s waller up what orter lined the bowels of a
brat. Well I niterly tuck a distaste to him and
had a sorter hsnkerln arler hurlln his feelings and
dlscomDllnoTehlnief cry ttmc'dsid'sback wer turned
Tula SO"teJccpt Jtlsr atuicr isllnrsloronls eyes aud
an crful yell In bis Ihroat redyto-pdfe OUl the rust
most-ga he seed me mile. S6 beUsrnt to ufallef
things ss he tun anj alien ke-1 Ids' legs well under
himself for ho never iiode how euon he- ntoul wanl
to use em In Irotlln his trilling carcus beyond the
reach of some flyin rock. He node the whiz or a rock
In nioshun so well that bo never stoptto ire who
Hung it but jltt let his bead fly open to ginahowl
room to come and set his lalgs to go In Ihe vry his
noichappened to tea pfntln (le'd shy round every
rock he iced tn the road for he looks ont as a
calamity to come alter hlni some day. LI he left
home some nabor's dog land his hide and ef he stad'
nthome I was allers arler hint to tan it; so he dident
see much more peace oye mind nur a surkit rider
das In a Baptist nabourhood. And lu all niy born
dajs I never seed h.m gnlne the same way I wax he
made that an on brakabll rule. I think I got my
tun noi'ugo 01 giiip away irom jmagunary uubtl
and common itlublasln from him ; nnd with the van-
tage of aholesum par or latgs and the power or usin
em I alless found his plsu tu work well. I tell you
Georgy lhat runln are the greatest Invenshun on
yeartli when used cArfnlly. uay wharM I bin tuby
ih's time en I hadn't relyed onto these yare lalgs'r
Duycsee. em? Dont thejMnlnd j ou era par or com-
pulses blade to divide Inio quarters 1 ihri'ltrtd
I'll he alrcumstanthtlllly iladrspped if lln dont.
Well one day I tuk a pig's bladder nigh the slie ove
a duck alg ami filled It with powder and corked it
up with a piece of spunk roled it up in a thlu sculp
of meat aet the spunk afire and flung it n-11 be
swalloed idl at nueyerk then sol tu gitiln away ror
dolu hit I heam a noise like nUnithln hustlu and Id.
tall lit alop ore my hat; his htd war way down
the hill and had luck a deth holt onter a root ; Ids
for legs war fifty feet up the rode making runnln
moghuns and his htno once war a straddel over tbe
fence while his Inntrds hung In links tn Ihe cabin
cblmly. As to U.e dog as a dog I never seed him
no more. Well dad flung five or six hundred under
my short -wllh a twisted cowtkln and gin mc the
balluas next day with a waggon whip what be bor-
rowed of a feller while he was vatet(n his bosses
ihe trj-fglner gotsnrry aod hollered tome loturn my
becgln and sqaealln ta fits ra'e Tunaln Mcp I did
and the last 1 ck tn'st me near trn frst.
Ccaa roa l'asckb?. Our attention say. the editor
or the Milwaukee Free Dcmocrathos been recently
called lo a cure for cancers which la ofso much Im-
portance that we wlfli to make It us wldly known as
possible. Some eight months ngn Mr. T p. Mqion
who keens a musla storp on WUconsIn street and
Is a brother of Ihe well known Lowell Masou ascer-
tained that he had a cancer nn l.fs facs Ihe sise of a
pea. It was cut out by Dr. Walcott and the wound
partially healed. Subsequently It grew again and
nuens was in uinctiuiaii ooxiness 11 attained
fecIy cureiI Ttis nrow f iWl A ptei 6r .tkUng
plaster wasput over iheeancerantlastoallclrcnlar
rim of Ihe heallby skin next to lt was exposed. Then a
plaster mane of caioriqe. or aino mood root and
tthest flour was sproiilcnapleoenfnimtlnorihesUe
or tlila circular opening sod applied to the cancer
for twenty four hours. On removing lt Ihe cancel
will he found to b burnt law tad appear of the
color and hardnr'a of an old shoe sole and Ihe dr.
culsr rim outside nf tt will appear white snd parboil
ed as If scaled by hulsteiro. The wound Is now dress-
ed the rim soou suppurates and the csneercomes
out a hard lump and Ibe place heals up. Tbeplas-
irrxiusina cancer so main siniiins out ime (lead i -.wr Uii iimimrrn tir.a Aurtrtlier
flesh And neter grows again. The remedy wss dlj Forlmtance John Vorayih or the Sfoblla. Rcgls-
coTeredbyDr Fell afLondtin and has been used by j ler John J.Felbels of the llonigaoiety Confeder.
hlra for ilx or elsht years with unfailing success and j tlon br J P. llambletoo of the Atlanta Goofed
not a case bat been known of the reappearance oil eracy Pierre Soulj of Loulilans.W. B.tlauldeD of
tha cancer where this remedy bai been applied. Georgia and a host of otheri. CAarfstto-t Courier.
ar TV. OaxTMsl.
Where once the Indian's keen unerring aim.
With shafts or reed transfixed Ihe forest game
Where palmed warriors late la ambush stood.
And midnight war-whoops shook Ihe trembiiog wosd.
The Negro wins with well directed toil
Its various treasures from the virgin soil ;
iwept by his axe the fortsts pass away.
The dense swamp opens to the lignt of iiy ;
The deep morass or reeds and retld mud
Now dry now covered i-y the rising flood
In snnares arranged liv lines of bank and drain.
! Smiles with rich harvests of tbe golden grain
I Thai wrought from ooze by nature's curious art
' To pearly whiteness cheers the Negro's beart
I Smokes on the master's board In goodly show
I A mimic pyramid of seeming snow;
And borne by commerce to each distant shore
Supplies Ihe world with one enjoyment more.
0n upland slopes with Jangle lately spread
R"i ne loruiy raaue upmis us losseieu ueau ;
Broad graceful leaves of waving green appear.
Anu shining tnreaus adorn toe swelling ear
The matchless ear whose mllty stores impart
A feist thst mocks the daintiest powers of art
To every taste ; whose riper bounty yields
A grateful feast amid a thousand field
And sent on mere) 'a en and from tbe slave
To starving hirtliogs saves them from the grave.
In broader limits by the 16ftler maize.
The sllk-hke Cotlon ail its wealth displays;
Through forked I-aves In endless rows usfold
Gay blossoms tinged with purple eyes aad gold;
To suns autumnal bursting pods disclose
Their fleeces snotleis as descending srowt :
t These a rich freight a thousand ships receive
A miRlou looms with mry l-ngers weave;
And hireling multitudes in other lands
Are bli-ssed with raiment from tr.e Negro's bands.
Miller was lost iu iuui lost by
striking un 3 roc!. duriDg;a btgb sea near
Bombay. The Bombay papers in giving ure-po-l
of the wreck furnish au interesting ac-
count ul' llie; rescue of Ibe crew and officers :
About twenty minutes after tbe anchors were let
go the vesse. struck ln five fathoms of water.
jteavy seas were now sweeping orer the decks with
ape.fect calm prevailing. After the first shock the
parted her port anchor and went on shore; aad by
almost a miracle on a sandy point jutting oat be-
twi'en jagged rocks on either of which poults had
the sIp struck every soolmusthave perished. Tho
rrseis were Ihan cat away to eats tex as much as
possible-- as she waa now lying; stern to the sea
whli-li -iiadAklaireomnlta breaches over her: the
captain i ds rIKr and ttts cres- betaking tlitmjelvej
to'haioi'i gallaat forecastle for safety fearing that
(he ship wo uld go to pieces before daylight.
As soon ha- davjlfitit appeared ad Ksgllsh lifeboat
of the most Improved construction which was yett
unnarmeu wav .got reauyranuiauucueubauoubc-
X. The mate' And two men then got into her but
she had barelycfr-red the s&Ip'a side when a heaTy
sea itrnet ih irrebost. snhtling the how open and
trolling the boatover.tnrnligoutlbecfacer aod his
two men who wtTe nowever lortuuaie cnougu so
again grasp lt wh.m they were safely landed by the
line being slicked away Irom the sbtp. This meant
of communication with the shoTe was however lost
to those on board the wrecfr having got font of tie
broken spars tn thei heavy sorf. An attempt -was
made to reneir this e ommunlcation. by letting over
water casks with Hoes: attached which safely reached
the shore but of whl-h the natives woald take no
notice bight rafls Were then constructed of spars
but Capt. Mlder coultl not persuade any of the men
to venture npon them sifter the accident attending
thelanuchlngof the lifeboat fits aim was to see
every man clearof th e ship before the departure ot
tonseir and wife to accomplish which only one
iWdrse teemed Itft him: to puisne. He knocked oul
Ihupanel of a door lying on the deck and asked his
ton If he would go to which the latter cheerfully re-
plied "yes." 1 his laot was then bound ta the panel
by bis father his arms ai id legs being left Tree and
launched Into the aurf. Being a good swimmer he
succeeded nobly la bruti og the seas which now and
thtxt washed over hia and when hair-way to Ihs
beach turned and throw Ing himself almost wholly
from the water saluted c) s toother and father who
were anxiously walchiajr the result of this venture
from the ship now rapidly going In pieces.
rtio noble lad's success e ucouraged tbe men to ac-
tion who then went off in -twos and threes on- light
rafts constructed of spsrsTl The cook got roul of tbe
rigging before leaving Ihi-sl dpV side and becoming
exhausted t7eot down -vitht 1 a rabla's length of tbe
wreck. After the last roan or ibe crew had gone
Capt. Miller fastened hlr wlis to a plank and with
raitliog3 to bear ihem up .and a life itue passed
around tf-r body pushed ea" from the wreck. The
heavy surr rolled litem over -and over but with ai-
tuost superhuman slreneth ihey were enabled to keep
their heads above water n 3tit when about half way
to the shore Capt. Miller succeeded tn gelling the
light plank head on and th en w em safely and more
camforlibly tn ihe heath. Whaii ashore It was dis-
covered that the earpenteri tnd at seaman were missing-
or whom none of those saved knew anything.
FstA.sce ao Italt. T. be Paria-eorrespon-dcut
of Tbe World in a 1 etler ol theTotlrBU.
sava : 1
31. Craner de Ca3sagnac t hrough iliifiolutoia of
the Pays which U considered aa organ ot tne gov.
ernment of at least a seml-o .fflclal character has
given ns what he considers to be xlusv! cf the
French government in relallo fc.tdUZe Italian aftUlrs
t th .i.i--t.i . J.fMi fTfrj-.lAf. be
tffeeti IltiTfreWim iu.LUie unity ot Italy. Me eon-
tenrisrthsf Tsn.-is cunferriirjhr frn3Cro-oon ner
any; Siluc'lne latter her tr- ii is 1 conilnge.-T ct
very donblful realisation. fLin-i. u-m -r.a. TL -e-ry-
iblug to maintain the union. ortomiTarde ith TwVovl
mont; but the rest he contingent and -d. v
r.n.t. nt.f.n tia .1.J up
...... u... ub U.WU1..UUWU .uuunj courai-e ana
union of tbe Italian themselves. They may dream
or ihe unity or Italy; or tba conquest of Naples
Rome and Venice. That t their own affair and
Frarce will judge of tha result when lt becomes a re-
ality. The policy of Prince In the meantime he
considers a very plain and simple one: to malntalu
the Independence of lisle ba r.e. mvriiuiii.
terventlon Is corscerened and by urging Internal re-
rorm3 lo consolidate the existing states. In one
view or the coss.thls seems very favorable to the
plans or Count Cavour and Garibaldi. AU lha Ital-
ians demand now Is freedom Irom foreign Interfer-
ence of anyflescripilon. Tbey ask nororelgn aid
but they want no forelsn ODnosliIon.jinil c.vnnr
and Garibaldi are confident lhat. In snch an event.H
..... ..t ...B v -wiij nits etc many monms De UOat-
ing alike In Naples Home and above the lagnnas of
Saa Jlarco. But the article referred to contains an
intimation to Count Cavour that he has enough to
do in the territories already belonging to Sardlna
and that- France would not look wilh pleasure upon
the rejection of the proffered alliance with Naples.
In the meantime It seems u though this alliance was
not destined to a realization and that Sardinol
would either refuse lt entirely or offer to accept It
upuii such terms as woum cause toe court or Naples
to glvenp the idea. Should Sardinai demand ror
Instance ihe annexation or Sicily In case a vote or
the people ln that island If favorable to it it is prob.
able 1 rupture of the amicable (?) relations now ex.
Istlng between Peillrsor.t and Naples would joon fol-
low. 1 1 Is by no meAns unlikely that the matter of
difference may yetbesellledy a war. Instead of an
alliance between the two pffwers.
ItnocGiisu. The Sew York World indulges
in u few reminiscenced about bis Lordship:
"Lord Brougham Is now lnhlselghty-secondyear.
Probably no man In Eogland or anywhere else ever
exceeded him In that unflinching quality vulgarly
calle I cheek.' Of this he has given numerous In-
stances. He accused Canning ln public debate of
the most monstrous truckling for office that the
whole history of political tergiversation could pre-
sent bringing the premier to his feet with the ex-
cl imation II Is false P and barely avoiding a duel.
He altacked Sir Robert Peel lu the same manner re-
ferring to the Duke of Wellington and crying 'Hlra
we scorn not it kyou we scorn; -you his mean
base fswnlng parasite!' The patience of Peel Im
pntarable and politic as he usually was was not
poof against the insult. Lord Brougham also Insti-
led ou tbe ejection or Chevallerlluosen on apartlc-
ular occasion from a seat in the House of Lords
which though Improperly taken might have been
conceded hy courtesy. In early life when he
wrote fir the Edinburgh 'review the managers were
eonllnuilly alarmed by his Indiscretion and Iu later
years his appearance in the upper House was said
to be 'dreaded as ihe fctplreot revolution. He Is
Ihe most learned vetsatile. Impulsive Inconsistent
and setr reliant of men. When he became chancel
lor he entered upon the docket like a destroying
anger. The lijg wigs ' never danced to snch a tune
betaieAriliice. tie absolutely cleared the docket
a feit never before accomplished and dfT out the
caustic remark we thlnkfrom Sir Edward Sugden :-
' If our new Lord Chancellor only knew a little law
he would know a littie of everything."'
Jons B u.' OriMoxs. ' With regard ta tho con
slltutional power of Congress over this -subject 1"
would say that the only doubt I hare of tha ex-
istence of the power either to suppress the slave trade
or la abolish slavery In this District Is Inspired by
the respect f have for the opinions of so many tlls-
tlngtt'shed and eminent men both In and outot
Consres who hold thut Congress haa no sueh
nAtr.r. iraillns -n CaCLUnLruEL fnr T
believe that Congress has ILlba power tier the
subject in mis district wnicaine tuates have wilh.
ln their respective jurisdictions." Conartsuonat-
GloJitrol 22. p. KG3-elFi Speech.
Again v "
"Bul however grat my" respect tuy be for the
e-pfnloos or others on tbe questions or power there
are some considerations of soch high account as In
my Judgmeut Id It desirable that unless by
connucn consent the project or abolition shall be
wholly given up and abandoned tbe remnant of
slavery existing in Ihe District should ha abolished
at once ; at the present moment however tbe
excited state or he publlo sentiment la the South
growing out of territorial questions may seerato
forbid such a course." Joltl.
And again ;
"I would be glad is are all cause of disturbance
and contention lu the district utility removed ;bdt
let me siy that they never can be done hy the
abolition of slavery nnless 11 be accompanied by
some adequntu provision fjr the removal or the
cueciive control oi tno siavea auer iney shall be
emancipated. Y1 Ith this qualification and la order
lo test the determination of the Nojih Io regard to
any farther andeontlnned aggression qpon Southern
property I would be content tn see slavery In the
District abolished lo-day." Ibid.
On Ihe abolition of the slave trade In that District
he said.
"With regard to Ihe proposition lor suppress the
-lave trade In the District aa already stated I had
made up-- my mtnd lhat it ought to be done oa
severs! good grounds." lOitt.
l'osToffior arums Welesrn from a Waahlngton
dispatch that In consequence of the failure of Con-
gress at the session previous to the last one to pais
the PostofGce Appropriation bill Postmastera all
over the country became depositories of the public
money arising froai postage. The offices m the large
cities transferred their receipts ta ihe aahireaanry
whlls in eltlss where there was nA sub-lrea-ury' the
PoslolH6e to such elites became the depositories nn-
derorderi for other considerable offices Surrounding-.
Bul the mass of the offices tbonghout the coantry
which pay Over th-r does to mail contractors upon
drafts from the depa'tment held Iho postages until
Congress convened aod pissed the PastofEce Appro-
priation bill which Ind fatM at ihe previous session
la sttulog ihe aocauati now ofihls elm of Poit-
nixsleis.itU found that oonilderable numbers otihem
arj unable to square their accounts hsvldg uied the
sums that had accumulated In thelrhandsforprlvale
purpose. II ie true Ihe sums are small and are cov-
ered ln most cases by ample sureties but ta failure
of pajtlog up upon demand the Postmaster General
will remove tbetn from n"flce-
sa a a." - -
There Is naw lathe library at Wl Point folded
around the likeness ot flea. Scott tha Identical
asx which was first hoisted on tbe Ilto OtmiK d Hn
Ibe Interview of Generals Worth and La Tegi oi
in?uioi diarcn 1010 anu wiucu was againnoat
log from the National Palace In the-city of Mexico
on tbeday when Oca. Worth lamed over tbeclty-
M (lea. La Yen sod th" Untied Slates forces
finally evacuated the place.
Tlr ran Tsr. fthnw-us adisuniontst. a man that
boa beetl regarded always as an " fire-eafer"
and wrswlll show vnu aBreeklnrldeaaml lansmsnt
NO. 21.
I hear pair of little feet
Come tinkling np the stair;
A bird-like voice In chirrups' sweet
Is echoing every-wbere.
And now a head of silken hair
Just peeplngHato view"-
And next I see a forehead fair
And eyes of purest blae.
And then a softly dimpled cheek '
Is beamiftg on toy eyes ;
With sueh 1 Joy I may not speak
I tee her rorm arise. .
At last she mounts the top-most stair.
With shouts of merry glee "
And stretehlng out her arras so fair
Comes bounding unto me.
LOOK Oct 1-01 Uia. The Brenbam Ranger
or tbelstn says
We are lust In recelnt of a letter from Mr. James
RIngoId of Navosota staling that s man passed
through Galveston en route for Washington county
whose speciality was selling "Wind Mills;" he was
accompanied by a young lady said to be his. daugh-
ter who boldly erpressed abolition sentiments to her
landlorJ and said sueh were the opinions of her
tXT Welflnformed politicians who hare expressed
their opinions say that the Breckinridge- branch of
the Democratic party In Connecticut will poll three
fourths of thft TAt03 east hv Hi nart-r In that Rtote.
The Hartford Courier thinks this estimate Is a fair
one and goes for a Breckinridge electoral ticket to
prore it. Run a distinct Douglas ticket alongside. It
says and It will be swamped ; but a united Breckin-
ridge tlcketmlght.avethestatejbrthe Democrat
Osn. trm. (J-Bntler.or Kentucky who was ihe
caddidate of 180 Democracy to 1543 for Vice PresI-
dent ou the ticket with Gen. Cass snd whahas for
his services been named the old war horseof Ken-
tacky Democracy Is enthusiastic I. hi. sopportof
IIELMIWLWS liCCHU fcrtae Bladder.
UEI ilCOL.D'S BlUHU rortbe Kidneys.
UELUBOhU'S HUuHUforlie Uisret
HEI.alltul.irs BCrraC far NervoVmeaj.
HELlttOLDS BUCHUforLorsof Muocrv.
tlEhHBOLD'S UUUUU of Vlaia.
ilihJIU'Jl.D'S IJlfCtlU for PUtout BrrathlEg.
UsSLMBUbD'd BUCMUlorWeakAervu.
lltLMBOLD'S BUC1IU for Cetera! Debility.
Ha.LMBUL.irS OUi.HU tor Universal Ioiasitude
IILLUUGLU' 11UC1IU r. rllorrorof Disease.
nKtMBoLU- tlti'uliU ror I'tTn-ts 01 tha Skm.
IlELltDOLD-S HUUIHJ for EriuU...
lIKLMBUUl'd BUUIIU fur I'aln In tls Back.
Hrl Umil US lirrilirrneliTiviiJZrrshl r. e.
al&Vw fmSZfo teSKlsSS?-
llLLMi;OIJ)'j UUUIIU for Excaaea st-W rnm In.
u acretlon aiia all disea of the rlexual Unraxis. Exist-
lag- la eltaer s x.trom wltater r caa e orbdaated. and
no matter or
HOtV UJ.Mi eiTAAUnu.
ThesyutoraslDartareexperleacedofteaby.arler. 'f'.'tJitSS
era with diseases oftha Ulodiler. KUdieTS. Gravel and "JTiac !.AiBfcX3CiaJacsnicx;irxsuM nxi
L.aavayb7ttTi1rudlnrSd LSIk USSIohI
deUlltsietf. Itlantuit long atcce crobd died ta-1 any A?ilMItOT1L E JSllii' 55S 'Ji'Hi
dssaaT of ties organs iffeiu the- ndod more th-ia-ml 1 (astliotisaadscanteasJiyjnri-TWErrT MDrcna. IT Two
IV TailcabSnrldlf! edloowlUdrzoedJ oaTaazaTxasisxsiroj-areJlakenal crviruarMementor
fS2&ittffi.lg l.SSen't "'wbocs rr atsaorvrxa UeUtestlmony Ur IU avar-mayexplre-
Whocaasay ihatttese exsses are 11M fro- MIX WATER IN TUE MOUTH WITH TIIE TS-
que.tly rohowed by those rhiefui fllseases lasonUy and VIQOKATOB &SV 3 WA1LOW BOTH TOOKTHKR.
uonsarnpuau r wr-ujiLa insane isyums. 1W
SL ...lAfisilhnlaT sfj4tha Ks IJAS J !-. trts Iimb t - x
nijsi to tao iruih of these asderUons Jn Lunatic sasyannu
the i.ot. nietaacholy exhibit on gop-iaw. The couacen '
acco .ssctualty suduen and quite dvititute neiiher nurtii
nor &Ut ever vtslta k. bhoaU a sound of Le voice occur.
It hi wtly -utlculite.
WitU woful mcnurcs wan Despair
Lo r. su-len souno- ills grkf teguued.
Dc'Mty U most; terrihle! and has brought thoitaaada
upou thouauU to untimely jtrave thus bLeXlnz tha am
onion ot many Aoble youtiw. cared bytliauw
of this
Xi racu ut rotantaryi4tlmony lu poajt-Joa tf thtt
Prontstor voetcitla? tta virtues and cuia lve powers i
Unme.a. erobraciiiS name wcli kbown to mOKnci mad
fam. Cmtlacatea of cures ftiim one month ta iveatj
je is BtiaUUQg anu ox tne most reiiaoia aad responst bia
character ore open f.r 1 spectioa from Governors c?
States Judges eminent l'nj-sdanj and distinguished
HeLMBOLD'S ESTKACT IiUcnU Is prepared 01-
ss sseifeifrntth tarn t hsst Bfssr STlT Phnsn4SiSBi ahH slfcwss Is-O-sse
rect 7 acLOnlln t th rales of Pharmacy ana ChemiitrT-
with me ereatest accurac and Cbetrdcal lOKiwledaa zni
care devuted la Its combination fees Frofesaor Dewces
valuable -wor on the Pr-else o f fbyslc and most of
the late Standard Wora or Medldne.
IIELUDOl.Ll'a 1IUC1IU hmfeai:d pleasant la taste
and odor baclamedlate In iu action.
rersocolly appeore before m an Adennan of tie City
ot I'idladelpha 11. T. U ELM BOLD Chemist wbo bo-
tng du.y sworn doessay Utatats preriratloris contauz no
Narcotic Mereuiy. or irdurtocs Drag; but are portly
fl.t.n KlZlbvLD Sole MsufacturiT.
Sworn and sbscxtced twfure ms this 23L. day of Novem-
ber KM. Wis. f. Humana. Ahermaii.
PrlosJlWjerbo'tic or six for 15 00 delivered tossy
JMfl- TI11.C CERTAri".
And bs eoDsrlaeed or Its ealaev : arul It Is aexornria&led
byrellsiieandrespotislbleCeituicates from rroftauorscf
.ezes. sjldnmnea. and others. Prerr-d. bv
H.T.HEUinofD '
To re iiitiixaii utiuxxiu ana aeiMni Urfw.sJ.A .
.AXmcttaut2tittr.iiTiM:ii.iihV "
Beware oTll.'ounterfeita.
Ask rcrUELMBOLD'd IskenOotbcr.
Cures guaraai.
iltvoleiit IntUtuUo citabUtheJ Zjt SpcctJl Sndovr
fiuni for He Elite clht &ekaniDi
tresudAJJlicledvilh VtruUnt
and Kpidenws VUeoiet.
rrsiiE 1 toward Asauctailoo. la view of tbe awfy de-
X jtru. Itlon of bnraan IHa eaased by Saiual dlieasea.
S e?i. Hi leases by quiet" severs! years ago directed
fTT'l. drln-'Sarzcon. sja caaarrattx act wortajr
$ .Life?- v to onto J Dispensary for the trestaiait rf
and tbe tt cesiums' . wuwuiiiwb
im. e!"rv- ' diseisj' la ill their torms sad to give -earctuig ana uaerruig: rcmeuy tuspecses a trom tt.
LlnrSifaDX 7clToaaVo sit who sp?'- by letter will. paLezfs system.
oSnin.rftheiTaSiiinr faze. ooctrpaLon habits boo liss. on. soaxs. aot rnvexxs.
ItSSOtStil jnareatrV''80 "nt3Ia Ou-t many years standing thathava pertliiacSoaslT
Vra?i&zataLltal eft51alOliddttattta refused to yield to any other remedy or treoanent haw
ISodauoamnkSIctbe VtSSSuevL- i01' toTtWaaorvat-
age aad will turn! b tbeii.os-. approved mt """ nlungueat.
TbeDIrccWrFof tHa Assodatlon la their Annual K
port express the Mgt'eat satIitu.-t.on with th cceuj
wide lua ute ailed th labors or tLeir surgeons In the
cuieor apermai crrhoru Seminal AVoaltne. Uoaurrhcea
CJIet'tbyphiUJL the vice i f Unaniiny or Self atrasev Dis-
eaaei ut the Kl deys and illaUder. &e anj oaU r eon-
unoanceoi ine same puajor tne enjuinj; rear.
muuwui iajc "rsuae piaur iu e sx juiJie Tear.
An s-ulmjaMfe lWf-or- oa SDeiraatorriKiVi. or Sfialnal
Weakoesa the -vice of OtriLtaai. UsturlAUon or Self
abude. aiid oth a Cl2xa of the Sexual orgasm 67 the
Consulting tici gwn will be iwt by uutui (m a sealed en-
velop rszs u1 cmzKtr) ou zxcvlpt of two sxxxn for
.duresaL fwr Jtej-orte r trestiment Dr. Jw3KILLL
'UCJUTOoT fining aareeon Howard sUaocUdoi..
. 3 aasxh 'Jintk Street PlJladdphU Pa.
No. 1 3
df tinlsfrof the LIrHtors.
oi.ti3 wlc Ot.O. X'A7UUILf.Secrct&rr.
Orroaiiu iHotrsaDtaci 2Lvix Cuxascr t icTwiza
JTirra asx Sixth sraxir
TEIOIH ..... gi AO per day
ft 1H Eapciior location of thts hoxu maie a dea rati
- uuniuiuiuN FtouLtag uuutyra i-muimvi uitasurv.
tetBK COOlimleat to tne CItaelFal Jobbing houses of Mar
ket and TMnt streets places of amusement city passen-
-- oniorisuoaevuiungineoi5''n Dismessor puasurv
geriAiutiaiiieaaiagtotiuaiauiuege rvrmouat. Laurel
HUI.andallotaer ports of the eltv.
1 he room are large. -wen Tcatllated aad svmlorly of
tiemliavet!eennewrreuedandrefaraishe.t. .No wLUis compare favnralry iu a I Hasp.
X12EL&? ' ""
polntmeuts-vrilb ihe tsc-t
xd-j.......t.. . -.. e Til e.
.lwvwl.urlfH n.UM.Kruu. u.M.a uu
mronnectionwriiitanoujerrom-wuica wearesappcea
cat y wi;d Fttre mux cream DKr. Fruiuaod Ve-eub-s
DiroaTias or
Drufa and Cheraiaals
-JIO SIsAelct: 105 SfercbantSf.
Fresh Drags by (very pscktl from Euiope
an 1 sold at the owet rate on I beral terms.
Drugglats may rely upon gett-ngpure Drugs at Utelo.-
e.t market price lanlOwIy
XVASHlSGTllSr HOLbB. Ho.trs USesteotatrect
vf atoveventbruUsdelptda.
junlS-wlv A. r. GLASS.
U'l; 1UI)KKIH)I i.CO.
-. U7-liionil ritrest Xio-stsaix.
ajp Urrsls el S.IS
la Addltlbu lo tae usaalasfvrimvtit of sxratbsf uir
own laanufsctire. LemairJrail's lloseleeSfamiue
Boucbe rVs sod Druust
V II A 31 I' A G iV E
Vin lu.pettaVtsotutiidbiuay.naLf plats. pIataidKXl
an ttEXtnnnii. i
Otnx-Muo fossa"
uordeaui Oil Sao. Jco.
octt-wtw ly
niYi naatiD to
A0. 3D
tVater S.roet bet n een Kilby and Cuiigrv! Streets
fit ..ILIIIUlf A fI. I Wsshlnrloa stnrel. Ir
I c ton. 'flier- my uvoau actures of Coleman's raten.
jollan AtbiAbaieais for otassachusetts. All with iron
riaxuesaiul du lngtuekut year x aaxar nttiovxKXST
tSTnaacTro-s baa been Introduced by this arm. whten Is
ud bvnno bermake-s. wBkhrorsimpbdtyor oonstroc-
lioa. ease or cxccitt-'n eTsttdty la tba toticli.A.laptatla
to every variety or .hat ta o.d temzeratare. without 09.
nulla 1 t block orgct catuf crder.aud for proluezg
the Us t ne.tiducMtdy the best the world has ev.r pro-
duced. Tho 0 llanos are all u ode of tbe best materials
and In the most thorough manner with a practical expe-
rience f tMrty-eneveaM.
This "rm Ons kated Ubi Currier . Ollberr have
niaauf ct redncstrBgitlbousaed tMano Pur.ea;tbets
I'liiLoit i;isvds
Aresupeelori ah tbeis; tbe most ds'lrabhr t-ortor fn
str men lo be round o c pyhs.' Itts spa 0 . the Hour
loan the largest luOa es quart.
Tdersby itaUscatd-iTsttothezo-snuraetory I B-aoti
will be ailed si tbe 'owest ware-room price aad pattli-ae
toaasy rsf zded if aot f uod satis actory oa trtaL
T. OILHllT CO. 1S A'aatflagUD St.
Noversilierxj wlr.
TtrivTjTm w. ouji v sssa ... . .....jbatsiawti.v
T. L t ffAl. llC. JTT A. I J H mitt Ar Btau sa. ....
Vtiau Cottons sod WnoUi.1. Nas. Tl. 73 And Is Frtnllln
street corner lisvocsblr v Boston aIsas.
aucoiaaaa Ta Loarsa nu co. j
Foreign add Vom 3tlt n.'rJwure and CnMerj
No't V -Sii-I CA run SraaiT BosTtUI.
Xtyoous tsxtsetlaCv adaoted to Sonthsrvi aadWea
tanann 4't' " uuui.aiLii tn .anuruan
"lerr Trs" aoal-ly
NO riltt. Itavin fea nualHel twr r the nonor-
ahlsi keCuonty Court sfOalve tta'oiut7. oss'sr.
vlvlng VTdiw rf J.t-a'S. dec"-d. la eerdue with
Ihssc-or mntilstonrevf 'te lale sppr..l August
J8lh ISM etitl'ni An act .upnleroe Uryto tse act of
March t &ti. less. n'Ted -so ei beitsr di It! tug 'h niart
ilrtti orjaitw." t "tT-rr-ir aals to tn-idrvd aud
ftffyscresof lUM In BllCiunly twvaty-tlr acres are
nowenelae'iSMd Ihere sis on tne-prHTl'ec a rsldvelt.
Inc hotil-v carrisge snd errant.' sou ea aad all oilier
aecssssrv !raprovero.&u t m&ke Ihe asms a cowpleit
anddsslrabldrtHurni . KLIZsUKrU MAS1
"VTEU lUUljsKEI 13 hilfbairslssidllts stout
X't laadlag. Uulj3IJ 3AM HAAS.
'!".ancfg(.anl-v-j5ySjaaaTO1 $i
llo- . - - notpswttaiBjlxmos. 00
ft-two years; Idadvariee...... 503
Potmd3tenremluIC2 tw toEoxsiadlifryceE.s tor each
ttdvasceaabscrlber. will be entitled to tie other fifty cents
for commissions.
Siogle subscribers st dlstsneenay at their pleups
e ther make ni remittances at OTu"rIss: by matf. (taklag
- tbe Postmaster's receipt) orjjrocuTB inch private convey-
ances aa tbiy may have ecoii&neaTu.belagbothsaf.'axia
AJreiiMnz Bales
For uch square of eight fines o ttaes equivalent owe
doUar for tha Srjt Insertion and HI 17 ceaa fvz.aub sub-
sequent Insertion.
A very considerable reduction la made on- fidTertlsemexvt
fnsexlpd for three six or tweivd months.
Ptraxxsri iia Ierarziou.
CrtrszosaxD ostsuou-T.
OrCers win b received at any time ctalug the year apd
toe wors: promptly lorwazcec.
Thousands are dolly spealdax In the prals. of
IIt. JBlTtrS'S
aeawhy? beczaseltnntrfaitstaaJordbiitcnlaKtcuJ
relit when given la ties lt acts as If by tragic tai
frr trial alon will coa since you that wool ws say Is truo.
It contains
ot tsny Kind aad therefoiw relieves try removing IAa tr-
feringM or vourerdltl instead or by dcodemt-t? Us serus-
- Aiffiies. for this reason tt commends Useti aa tawontif
rtliaMc preparation nowknownrfor Children Tecljilnav
Diarrhoea. Oyntery. firlplnz In tbe Bowehv
Acidity 01 ihebtoinaeh. Wind Cold In the Heaa
and Crotitr. also roe MOtenbtv lh Oumt.rtducinyii
K flUlitVl 9
VITA. Atrt .u" e iLdJt the lift arLt htauh of vour ehli-
dreri ami tetsnio lave ihturvm Vtos sad antLMigtU-
iny consecuutro sohlch arm certain 19 result Jrom tha
t4C O ' IsaeeutSCr OJ Wli CS (lCT rKlM(.l Ur urjurimv
jfrVTfLS CfJvWi uus ytm cat rcyupon. It Is
petfe uy 1 armless and cantos ojure Ua most deBcata
Utiaofc. XT Ke.;'GCXiis. suit unusiLa snvwiMur sjmi
bottle. I'rcporedonr by
So oa Broadway Wew x.ric
jleolfiv Lumou upon being
aiwavsp-eaeatsus-witrt. tbv samseeutlalele-rieatasx4.
gives of course tba T3UB HTA21DARD. Analyze lha
itlood of a person suoeruig from Coojcucpuori. Liver
vompEkZO uyspeptisvis-aotiuav.sCH sua we nauio every
fnslosK-ee itaia dejlc snifeslathered globulesor Bloed.
Sirtply these trzCeienres and )uts are made- well. Tra?
BirjOXt i'QOD si founded apori. 'id Theory bencn its
astealsilngsuaess. There ire
FIIE rilfcI.KAT!bm
aoanri-d lo- tho deficiencies of the Blood sa cufercnt dis-
sc. For COUGHS COLDS. BKOSCmiiS or ssy
jod I0- alt cBhOnw COltPLAtSZS arM- frons
FPMSTKJTroif. Ny.S. UtLIYEE ' j3tflAlSI3.
So. J. brDlllFSrsI.i. gV' "!
rrvsTPura nriLiKXEXIES. tc.
seo specrsi arreo-
tions lor ihls. r.r SALT MB HV if EAUPH0H3.
rLAJyT&le No.s. tn .Ml easn the- atrectlocs must
b S35CUT roilowed. Ilice or the BLOOD FOOD tl pee
iMte sowtrr ciiUHiai utruvr
xo.vj uraocway. is-7 Aorc
L. Asebtr? Oo.veston Texas and by all respectable
Drusgbu-s iLnaigcout tae eoenirv. arllwtwly-'eo
ITis coasro3xxX3rrrazi.Tvaoii o-cis8and bastecoma
oa e&tabilsred 2acta Standard Mslicine. kaowa and
1 approved by all tbat bave used It and Is now resorted
toivltbcoaadeneelaall ihem disaisea arwtlrs K tsra-
commended. O.
I Itnascursatnousaouswiiiii me usr-two year! -wno
SrtPB"5' Sa "421".- quuiutles as to ad
- V ------" T W. . . ..
. nrr h 1
' 7 TJ
jjCa ins ajdaies 01 TTOiMJuudwru kuiu jwu us las
leofthe UVEIt LSyiCOKATOEand cwiUccub
ijvts (Jotss-zaxars. Bizxz .oca Attoczs. DTsazrsxo.
nmnsria irrsjucnozA. Sineuxa Conrzorjrza. XTTaxsr-
Txav. DaorsT. Sotm iirois- oar HaaCTaz. CosTrtra-
. . . s.
tvxi VtarcxsLZ Einucrs asd tvt vt ct GLA.S5
C A ES Axa TrB h xxd inn zr v at cxolltx.
ThFain.T CxTUAmuJiVnxa U a gentla but
tive Catliaztlc whkh thej proprietor hia used U h
cractlca more Han twentjyeaxr.
Theuzita&tsiTb3aasUsgM(ieiiiiad from thos who
Have long uawdtna PlLLff.? and tte tUtctLiir wtOch
kll expreaa ia regard to thert mte ha indacnl me ur p.ict
ti(m wltfiin the reach ofaL'L
UuulIcsaclcJidlfierHit pop"" tions of the bowels.
ThP proiifcIOB eiiWUOw uiM uiissrenfc uac-
aduenfereneeWtMa vellrsUtJlihM iSct. b3n coo-
nrmrwiMl from s varirtT olTthe ouxest Vezctohla Zx-
tracts wh-Ji set a-ixe oojj ererr part of th alimentarr
iu fnt.ng3JooopallulliM'g AU ""n wucto a susui-
.ll. Ml.l n!S 9.S mSxBBTllXSXB (if thft SSTQS-
aca.Sx.gsriazasFaisa Influx Bocs AST Locxs. Cfts-
XTVXSES!sPai3 oar Soax-H sxsst ovxjs zks wbou bodv
from saffllen cek) which wfreq-tallyltneglecta(I. eod
la a Urn courw of rever. Loss or Arrxitrs a C1itn.-n
sti3sA3iri3 cr Coio ovxa ra b-dt KxsTT.rss.izss.
Hxanacax or vnosi rsr Tax bxao all isrrutxoiAToxT
Dtsxosxs. Woaots la Chixxixxsi or Aliens. KnitrxtATlssr
a great itrsmx of tbe Blooi. axut many drsowea to
wnlcb the tlesb Is heir too tranenrcs to mention la trds
advertiseneat. Dcsz i tu 4.
rnx Livxa Ixrisoaaioa jjro Fav.zz CAizuano
Pins are retailed by Druggists generally and exjM whole-
sJe bT the Tr.e lu sll the lirga tawss.
8. T. W. BOFOKD SI. U-
Manufactrn-eraxut Proprlexa.'.
33d itroaiwar.acvi lora.
.aOO Wt-a-lV ;.
; :
e. . ...T.
' '""- lir' B'tlfl-
BtXX073 BiaorDxM.
IN whatever rorm dlseve attacks tue liver tt Is repelle!
ana extcrmliuted or this searclsUsr paLilesa ana ure-
utsiblti curitlve
IC ihe sl t? Lorn tie C-cuv iavs atudoce-1. resort
with to this powerful aaUtuQouAjeat antla
restcrailoa to teaJlii ana irtlvlty wll be tHe 0373171112
No reiay lias ever done oo math tar tha curs of iHa-
eaaea of Uie aklu whatever form tuej 1337 aa-rame aa this
Oiatinect- ocaaecf Salt Rheum Scurvy Sore Usad-i
rffTOfula I-i jsjipehu cas locf vlttutasd Ua tojlueace.
The great scourge of this eoaUnent ylelfla qulcltty tat
course of these aauseptie oTils ami tnedigeuiea organs
re restored to their proper toaa; no raaair ta wtat
hideous shape this hydra if dl ease exhlMu Used this
f 'ilT'tr ar sasTS IsS t .taws-1 wsan wa -yaw..
from whatever cstoe fattmess 0 sptnU sad all ether
"tii of a diseased liver and ether dI5ianlzstUjn of Ua
- "-to varush trader tteeridtcaaEg lalceacaot his all
syss. -i actlsepttcaud detergent remedy
powertu. KCXIT
TRa1n trein r . mm tln-uk At ttila rny-stl.
sjuvwiaoujinf. ixLea
ShOttldiisBtj- tix&ri whatever mav bo their com-
Ungaadrenovaas. sVsarety ta all periodical aasi
yusua ! t-iii uu biavcu -sc-t-ji m;j i"iit-": mtriVTllOTjis.
.ar lUswiLaizsuoas ; its is. glv
Kurnosi ox arehrdn!t;Jiici
ArBingiroiaaoadsSiarao ihei&x Jrarlisrejjaljiol
re rKicadana 3 aearacl tnspareia. xl smrassej
by tha itatunsve acttm. or thu Oin:met- " ta lu
many of th coaaieUca aul other toilet amUm. " Q
power to dispel radhes and -therdiaflgnrtmTOtJStiu
ntxsjun nsxcjii.
this enolfient ; warm tomettsoionnSSd wczdetaav
pUcaUoa. Its healthy quoise will to "fcuattS vS
thorough snd lavarSoble. -uvuiu u us
BoAlh Oi'tjhouU I la tt
Bardocs buarisehaprsrdlianCicdiEb!alB!L flstnla. enr
lamtaao mercurial erapUons.pUexiSiucxitoiiuji'w1?
saltrheum scald skin diseases ssolnSSS:
sUire hlVAjkiU. SAJM- i-j1 anna iKk... TTTT 5ireSH
-i. ... !. -. . t -Virata ajj stinajt.
IfJifftJ?? ioiua- lKr- Jm' Maenad sores WOTaos
"i unu"
-n!- tT? IZZtT . -r.-rr?- W-3B jKa4fc
oiouiix aius are un oett rtned'j Xaasn .- tt.
nwifor thtollowinj tuata- m "'
Asthma towed eomplahits. conk ..' t
SSiiTrtVSLr.r arJS.- ?oMs ciest dls-
f.Ttr aadazue. feni;aexSi3aiiTr S.r.i-'btntT
";" "".'"'-"". """I weinaa n enr
ntuais.iawneS3or SWT.ts. olteit.sxmi airzz. -;
ay symprxims. venereal aictloia.wnSr.i.T.i.'"
jctiL riu. Snii?;
nnlln Km isi rZZ ".!? ".e.wona
a U-afcr-muri ia every leaf of taatMlotSrerHrr?!
! around each not or box: theaome may twwiirJSrxi:
haUuijlhiUaju V light. A iLaCsimtZlJK
oa as may
spurious. " ' ""- " "
otdaaibeMonuCictary ofFioreaaor niiaw-r pn
UiaMt Lani Nsr TerB aad by all rapetsaJaaTfSiliS
sad Dealers In MeiEclM icrsughoai ihs Unlici litA d
ttedvllizedwortdhilxaai eeatsi M ceaiMUl
gar-Ttere la eoaslderoble saving by titltg tS h..
sizes. -
N. B. Ulreetlons tor tbo mliiats of patients Iterre-r
iHaorder are a.axed to eoca box. octSS-sxnt
The irerriatiire
jcst rcausaxo sr no. sto.
PHYSICIAN to the Troy I tug and Hygelnla IastHris.
a treat im on the early Decay orAmericart Vontit
Inal Wtiintii and other Ul eoc& at th& ScxuaU Uri-aiUL. ki
tsMTrnpitwwnrlAswe.1. -
.mv . -w v. .?..-...'. .mi.. ...uieiu. coasetxuexioes ; sent
Th above wtirx has received the hlhnt iv.iyirtuxu
from eeril kali jupera of the Untoa! onaof lha
most able tver publiaiW on this subject ct such such vita 1
nterut. It ta for gratuitous dliruratlon and lt vlli 5
eut by tn a aaJed envelope to any part ct the
coumryfrwrf chirKe on receipt of two do.Uz staino
t2ffjtt not t? tend and QbUit tXU-iook.
A IVord orslAuiu Conaeientlauii Ad-
yIcv to Choo Who wilt It c fleet
iLisa wlemabUutl4Cis0s7 die annually In th UM
Ud Matt?a with oonsumptloa.marasnna or prematura da
cay. Tbens cannot be an effect without an adaqnare
cavue. In Imw oX the awful dettruetlon ot human t.ia
aat health by manumus ut pn-nuturw cxhanstioa &nd
ftxeay of tho nervoa-- system nervosa debility ouaed by
-iuai dLKa5 inch as the viw ot Self-ihat Seoiliial
ViikneiASSpnnatanlu&it Q6n0rrhcu. Olear Impotenoe
LeuconLssis yif3ii priiau dl3ea3? bzit ta ca. sad
fjEmiv and titruly &nd GrauJc dtiwasea ot the Kidneys
ami la Tie of tha dep..l3Ui ar practiced upon
the iinfortunie vitttaLr of inch tiLjeajeJ oy Quacxvaod
bcuep.t:teiidra.theDnctorsortha trtiyLuse and Hy
(pcialc lutituu 1 ave lnamit.ted their attending pbyu-
iaataxtTeinMlteu lvu gratf-vtuall patients thus af-
flictcd tnale or female who may apply ty Utter or par-
SvinaUr.lth ds-auipllua of their cbm MUi trU4 AAd
reUxbus r eaha uf ciiKu
(V-yiHi.j MliNsii-3rmzfmt2i!aifalIIbwlJI
revdv fur & - atle Uf iP Pr tbe Life PUlr aaa
s Nenes uf Ur 1th Kul x-d perfect Chart of -lr-. wh h
will be to ihtjn a'rue polar a ar throueh Uf.
Ta tr lilt-ALk.. Tb Mouthlv Puis pr-smi .y Ut
fnUu'hm an tofsuhble Beverfsdiliic ramedy vij t
lent by nu i o uy part of tho cointiy oa Uhj receipt of
l with tunp 3 InsuuctMua tvi usv ondrr all c-rcam
3T The uhAt fetUole coflSfiieniloja advlw will ss aJ
times be penby te pbyiciaa tt it a limitation both to
Maaud tetualftfpectiEitdlseasesof theSexualonrtos
iienlkin-$n.i treatment will -eaent y mailer express to
appQ&ntstoaU parts of tbeo0rtntryka&d tbe lajtiiction
wit- ana atWa th- sneeas of treatment.
fy the aueudlmc physician wbl be fonnd at the in.l-
tntlou for consultation from 9 x. x till a p. x. of each
Czy StuidaysL la tns tbrnooa.
Physician to theTrg LunndHjjreJbiclatdlisuoaMAa
PhvacL-w fordieaws ftbeHeaitfcjtriatsji4LLa3g2
5aFlthsirvtt.Troy.N. . Iani4wly
taisTrrairrcaxar or Ttur
" ISStStsau W -1
' 101 IOOl09200ind20tf lTtit23llig.
sith &roxsr. bet. Sth oa-J !i Ava-taea.
lAREnOOtf iO..'iUCl!rcalwav..V.V.
8QOARK GrsaidandKccoio.wTIpiigltPuuiriyortss
in prous and iirwsit-jtal case.
For purity ofloP. delicacy f trttih lnj tifi;ttS7f
the stodort Piano Forte stands unrivaled.
The floao of tha above inonufactare hava steer the
test of a quarter of a eentuvv and axa not surposavd by
tsosaof any other ma.sala.txirwSa the -world. Jftrrtlielr
superior exeelleriee we wouU rtferlothftiriAnytaassacd
purchaierstn the illy of SivfeiH aud ail tbe principal
cities i'.d towns lirmi.lioat the Uolted SIsta aud
The- Stodsrt PAOO Forte is Irs oil- respects. A VEUXST
usTatruto-r TbB " actlou " of AU their Plaaos Is
xcitratxv tiuen Tbedltrerincei pzlco Is Is te xronsxii
orocTAWsairU tbssixx and trvzar ot the oastx. Ora
taruf or pn-.- wilstie ruund la everv way esdlslactory
rsrEtsx (nira ttSi IS ILOUV.
isrties oon syi faeortng as wiib tbetrforden eaa ff-1t
oMnt-elneAsweD-ervMas a tli7werttatm!teat!'
Con to pwvol. Allardars -pouptly executed.
tctSo-wlt Kl Exa-a-AT. Jtiw Tntc

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