Galveston Weekly News (Galveston, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 1, Ed. 1, Tuesday, April 9, 1861 Page: 3 of 4

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BUirlct Attorney.
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VT'ttinuVMtliCICI uvttciai U-UU Kiu
ry We are rroursled ti announce H. 3 J0E3
of Crimea county aa a candidate t or the efflce or
CoromlaalonererthcGeneral Land OtSee.atttie next
Humim UATS.-Ourne.irl.bor A. 1'ickeTTi
Co have just opened their summer stock of clearly inatcaics tno intention aim .Pei.-
Eats.Caps is tncludmi; all the latest styles tation that this loan should not be taken up
now in vogue. They nave li receivea a stocc
of Lone Star Buttons from the manufacturers
Which they offer at very low rutes. Seeadver-
tttements in knothr column.
X3T The Tredegar Iron Work at Richmond
Ya are domic a heavy bcbiness in anpplving
the Confederate States with cannon. Alabama
and South Carolina bare received scores of
Columbiads from there; and Georgia is noir
receiving part of 75 Columbiads she ordered
C?" The flag of the Confederate Stales hs
been formally r&ieed in .San Antonio and tn
.1 .:.... .....I .... rt.a Cl.ln
In this city it floats proudly from several
private edifices and .stores also steamboats
hat m-Mtc Ta.sinir of the flse has taken
Ggr-The State College at Columbia a C
is in a tnoit flourifbing condition. Judge
Longstreet. the President has left on account
ofhis wife's bad health.
ET.The Texas Bspti-.t College Is. a first
class school and wasToundcd on a perma
nent basis. We notice that the trustees
have lowered tho charge for tuition in the
primary department from $30 to $20 per
" " . .
DP-The Roman Catholic paper and the He-
crew organ m iue vtij ui uiuviuu.i . wv.u
ifrtendlv to tbe cause of the Confederate
Tbe Israeliu dVtiares in iu last numbc
every passing day we get more and more con'
Tinced that Uieccessiontsls are right."
ST Tishomingo county Miss. which voted
strongly against eeco-nion has already organi-
xed three military companies for the Confeder-
ate States army.
ID" On Wednesday lat th( Army Worm
appeared tu such immense numbers on pnr-
tions of the track of the B. B B. C.
Railroad and such was the resistance they
offered to the progress of the tars that tho
motion of ihe engine was impeded by them
and the engineers tadtoresoit to various
expedients to overcome the difficulty. At
intervals the wheels becimc so slimed and
cloggel as to arrcstthe motion of the tram
"entirely. Imagine the power of a fclcam
engine to be set at defiance by en army of
.The train did not arrive here until nearly
three hour after it had become due in con-
- sequence of the delay occasioned at Harris-
burg from tbe above cause.
Jl Xew Oostentiok. We were informed
ta day or so ago by arrivals from Austin
he Irgal title
We should di-liko to have the State pad-
dled with more expense on Sam Jnltu's
.account; but libtj
individual rapjtSfc
i. .r.rt
f 4
ing about 500 forf
pate in tho rnqv
delegates erpv0
Faction a coffee!
nit. RnpsaSofw
.of.bidi-s rcceiveVP "jS"
rn.;ri: . fin i..tTfinta.'
.r v .IUU3. -&
and a team from Cli
longing to McComb
SbU.UUU in rpccie to
S.UIlD0'to Kcr McKee
---- -
place for the latter Tiort on the 23th with a
full cargo of cotton hides and copner and
.B. ... . -
jjOU.uuuw specie.
Tlieschoont-riilary Emma Hnlsc sailed
on the29th for Kew Tork -with hides cot
ton and copper.
Saeuci: rASslTE3is.-The steamboat Grand
Bay arrived from Wicss' Bluff with 300)
crossties for the Eastern Texas yailroai
" that the Submission Clique there contr-m- tions transferring to the ConfedrrateStates all pect that tbis interest will be pa.d very soon
"Opiate endeavoring to get up a State Coiivcn- ihe U. S. arm- munit.ons and other moveable nd. in the meantime the Mate is deprived of
tion on their own account. OurexExcu- property lately taken passion of by this lb '"" Tj" " "Jif "J
tire it ispresumed. will issue the call and State. The bill provides for the appointment I ppose the smull balnce of the School
.' ; "4"'u'ul-u. " " u- "" i-"i. '" r. r rnmnrtent nemon as Tnnd now remaining will soon be taken be-
wll do-oas which poiUon by jh. -wnor of . 'l";" twecn the the Texas tnd.Vew Orleao-. and the
F- "" - alMcntor
je J ; d the
sT r 'AS
-LBiBBnnr - tt - imi -w -v t "--.. -aarssasr?
Wm - -tVKv tbe
TwfliVi - 4Par5
T7t-s- - 3flF
m Jit T .RfTbt.ta been Occupied witl bffl &?nerc4$ jeeved nflUnsto fay same erms Tn. ath d ... tfie e.ma5.d " '.- J;M J &
onnnef? B1r- Urged lnavor ofdbSaiio.fbr evcryW-Wd dqllaSvlbat. ScJtqnj.Ol? heef hldps S3 350 bqr- u x&m2ll 52 expeued from taxtt.on. will drawn from tnc Mandator. It it worse than
S0.003 lbs. lead for McireK?T&L 4 ' j''OT .ary tp pr?- -u be istedjnbffrfaringpursuilirr s;3130O5sTcl;s wool l-bbalcsi Texas Lowells give ?6333' 02 lor the -upportpf ihe govern- n eless now tod scuss them inner oroiirwih-
he steamship Ofaaba has madeV t -'lasted that the obj-ct thi.SUte? . " " " -WTR? L'Jh Road it finished .to- ilillican's and the men up to tbe Ut of Juoe IS62. Should he f I!Sb?ta"?J":IJ' 5?r
f ....i. .t -..:.. t . - - " .tfh. ..H!.t.f ..r ' . i J' . ' in...n - L cir!!. menses of the novernmeiit he reduced io one Inllv suhsenbe tn its legality and. rjrL.pri
a-.. .8a. e .u A..-v ... . '&;;r" 1 " Ivl ir.' ACSTIX Thursy April Uhm&L eJib -" B i jSM0uu a3 i3 oppiM-ed there vM remaln of eiy. It mar or mavnoi have baea a question
io me wwn ol iriivacft. &no louua it prc c - jbvs.m...... - -. t . - urennam na uempstcau is compietea oy tnu the above sum t2;J3S05 02 to discharge any wnicn twmiuwio. qisiiiition. nwi..snoi a
ticable. ' .iV. srs. Buckley 4 The Senate held a srsiion er -g wulca m 0;r0ln tw ' qnest.ou.huM po.tv8 v.tal fact Thepeop'e
fCi . - .. ... .. i. 3ht jfr emuhntie and forcible vaspenlchieflf in discussimt tbe Hoilse hiillirj-. iJS it.. l.v.i -.i. -Tit. . hsye 6led upon it and approved It at the bal-
The steam propeller Mobile which with lf. ZessTS Priding to give e2ht actions of the pubfi& h Z beeTfS ?t to $3 ? proposed diversion of .he above men- 'j. 7 -""J"" Cf- "
the Louisiana runs regularly between Lava . v- ?ed L-y ia fart. 'land for everf ten thousand dollars invested t- ' i! lttU'!-l(2:ia rr"? . v!? X tjoqed inns shopid nqt be mq-Io unless the de- wir. ." whicn hve cou-
ca And New Orleans direct left the former ?V IZflll "";.! In the etirtl rtmcot of certain .r 1 Xt "r ear ll0-.?-' t h Bnds of fhe Stale ahsolutety' required t f P ebrr ardand d-fta tbe o
r ; :5aue;riunnaa uiKing upirciguiiorme ycx-
s-s i.Ifew Orleans It R The stuamtoat
Dime built and owned at Orange has Been
bonght by Capt. Tom. Davis and is to jJy
between Sabine Pass and Orange carryin;
the mails. Tbe veteran steamboat Mary
Falvey after a long career and a long list
-of'captains is at last laid up tied tip
efopped. Arri red at the Pass in week end-
' ing'27fb. ult. one steamship six steam-
. " rtta. and six schooners among the latter
"the Whirlwind from Kew York? Departed:
... J . steamship sir steamboats thir'een
-. .j schooners. The Whirlwind brought out
- itwo passenger and ten platform cars for the
" TVxas 4 Ifew Orleans R R and iron and
'"material for the Eastern Tfxas Road. Ex-
' Sported. 215 bales cotton 85 hides 1 bale of
T. .- ... .
ueersiuns i ooxMeswnz. Y ( . "-".-.-
n i s requiring property to be sold under execution
?& 4- STCE We Like. Tho lalcAt Rio for two thirds or its appraised value has been
Grande Senlincl ha-s :he following in ac- dcfreJ b-T wo " lDtl !t
knowledgement of which wo respectfully
"i't" doff our bat: j Arsror Monday. April lsl 1861.
t &" TAf Galcaton Seat This paper comes to This morning Governor Ciark's Message has
- ns reenlarly tr-ighted wih matter of m-men- been read in the House but as it will be prin-
toua and lutere-tin chsracfr Wb think it 'led irr-mediatelv. I will be able to morrow to
as taken in eiiber apolitical 1 cwg r literary
point of view. Aa a cenernl thiuif 11 vields ns
moresitisraclorfclijipiogs than ant-sheet m
onr exchange list Tlio.e wbo do not tnb-
senbe to his valuable paper should do-so im-
"it f -rre bare taken Bperial p-iins not to fill
Cf onrcolumnn With thirtplcternnliinilt.nalotiaa
1 in the Kew Orleans papers About half of
J -bthnaa Hi.nali.lina nw ..... ...... . t
.!-.-. ' - -- j
1. ?.0UReta our readers; and we prefer uihg
T' instead condensntions of newa iiems edit-
orial paragraphs correpoiideiice etc
a'hichcome to ns in a ery large exchange
list and which we e amine carefully and
contantly in order to keep our readers
juiui. U.TU.U..IU. i.ii ill.... . . (.1
Veil Adviacd (.f what is going on.
' v t y
' W Mr Byrd Holland. epDmnted Secrelnrr
ef State bv Gov. ClarV. .or? .. nv.H
- the four ears the Governor was Secretary of
s "Elate under Got. Peas-; for the lent or uro
-' years under Scott Anderson Gov. Rannel's
Secretary; and up to the present time nndcr
: E. W. Cave Secretary or State under Gov.
' Houston.
." a jwUe understands the duties or ihe office tho-
: rontnlJW" mike amost excellent ofileer. a-d
-- Ufa 'appointment will be received with satisfac-
"S All boaia coming into tbe Confederate
. ..- . ia me wiesifsinpf. Irom above thn
State cf Mississippi line laudai Nnrfnlk in ihat
t State Just below the Tennessee line; furnish
. J .lne c-s Customs ofii-er a list -of cargo etc.
j tbe officer ihen endowing the same and giving
-'permit to laud at every point.
tST" The liarion County JeiTersonian is of-
the opinion that tbe grand jury of Travis
eonnty should indite te Au.tin Intelligencer
for circulating incendiary doruments
Tne'llooston Ttlegrapb savs ib grand jury
er any other county in which the Intelligencer
v Utakcncoulddo.ojastasweIljSan4"itwoald
be a good thing perhaps to test the law on
j stfjimme.of the papers now preaching treason to
tbe (Jonrederaey "
( j j. -Let it alone neighbors ; its own venom will
v;n it
V2 The gross amount of trnsteeboad be-
longing to tbe Chickasaw Indians and how la
tbe Federal Tre saury is-fci.sic.ssi.
The Confederate Stele Loon
"We learn that Messrs. E. B. Kichols Jis.
Sorky and A. W. Spaight llie Commission-
ers for the Slate of Texas to raise tbo above
Innri. hare nnnointed local Commissioners
to onen books of subscription at lbe follow
.- - j. jB interior vix: Houston
. - c . . w.. uit.:ili.
Auxin San Antonio. Waco Hu.iUwlIe
Wheclock Columbia Kacogdocbes ban
Augustine Tyler Marshall.Bren.iam.JelT-
ereon Dallas and Lavaca. This list is to
be increacd as eoon as i further Ripply of
books and documents is received by tbra.
As w!1i to BCCrj jC;r adverti. eracnt in
. '. . ... f
another column io wnicii we iiivhc i-pi-cim
attention books of subscription
rill bo
opened by them in this city on the 17th
Fl-rt . A lt. Aalvn !n ill la(
ncre Br lR "B .. t ....
ot uongrcss aum irixmg uii mail ouiui
cannot bavo c-caped the notice of the pub-
j; jje ciaSe providing for tbo issuance
of bnnd for Minis as Wu fifty dollar.
folelv bvnicu of larce means. The humb
lest ci'iren can manifest his loyalty to the
caue of his country and at the same time
advance his pecuniary interest by taking at
lcat one snare of this most desirable ktock.
i'otwilhstanding the hopes of all for peace
and the obvious fully and madness of a war
of coercion no man can tell how soon :be
fanaticira which drove us out of the old
Union may blunder into a conflict with us
to drive nsback. In our judgment whether
this loan be a'stricJy paying investment or
not tho interest of peace demand that it
shall be promptly and spdi.y taken 'up
"J "-""" "- ..
the failure of this loan wilt tne biacw ite
publicans judge of the fealty of our peoplo
to this our becond Declaration of American
Independence. 'We beg our monied men to'
ponder well this aspect of the question.
But there can bo no doubt of its being a
good and safe investment If as is well
known. United States Stocks year after
year command a premium of from 12 to 20
per cent. we can see no reason why this
Confederate States Stock should not reach as
high a figure. The security is even better
and safer for by the Act authorizing the
Loan a special duty is liid and a special
bc . by ft( dut ;g pIe(lgcd for
a larrrcr net profit than 8 per cent- per an
num. the interest allowed on these Bonds
unless it bc where the risk incurred counter-
balances tho increased rale of profit. Then
as is well said by tho Stato Commissioners
in their advertisement tneso ionas nave
tbo peculiar advantage of answering all the
purposes of ready cash in hand and at tho
same time of arawing a high rate of intrr-
wt. In confirmation of this view we heard
two of our princip-il merchants say they
would receive these Bonds and would rc-
gardthem as quite as good as the bills ot
the Xew Orleans banks.
These Bonds let it beknown. will at first
oe offered for sale within the limits of tha
Confederate States alone atd it is to bb
hoped that the home demand will leave no
occasion for the Government of our young
Republic seeking a foreign market
Acstix Tuesday April 2d 'CI.
Last night's session of the House was entire
ly consumed in a discussion on Joint Resoln-
commissioner to act in conjunction with tho
age-itniwbere on beh-Jf of ihe Confederate
Slates to receive aaid property and to pro-
ceed with bim to ail th posts or-placet whV.5
sa d properly iaTHid to make full and complete
inTaJpnes ol tne aatne at an ine posts unu
a.. . II .1 . 1
i to every article. lbe-
-r iMi .... . .
- - n -uomtaerate oki-s
- - ?j-fi' .
- -tnsrty shall be
45f-tais Stste.
uiovu-oiug svaao Will fa-auxitasaa ava (svsv J afa fc-
ment of pronertv levied on under execution
and requiring the sale lo be forno less than two
....... . . rf.
thirds or the appraisement. i
lean find very little or public interest in tbe I
proceedingsor eithej-TT.BCS' of tire-Legiela-
tnre. The-iretciit nrnbahilitv is ihat antraV
journracnt will take place this week rid that
ortsnt me-asurcs will not receive anv proper
legislative action.
Gen. Uouston and his family left this dlr
yesterday for their future residence at tbe head
of Galveston Day. I learn that his family will
probably remain for awhile at Independence
until tbe General can make necessary improve
ments at his place.
inere now appears to be quite a caiorin
ica here and there is somgjcesSn to hope
that the red-at excitement wTlTsoon die away
that all further opposition to thejfieEent
established Government will be abamroned
and a" wl" umt8 harmoniously in csrrying
40ut thE t8' T"" JTZ! '"
"'". "!-"' f ""w "' th0 Qoakd"
to which we now belong.
Endo.ej I send Governor Clark's liessage
which will be found lo bc a well written docu-
meat. The sentiments aroSuch as must be
approved by every good Secessionist and I
trust many others may now be prepared to
concur in tbe now i expressed.
T Tine.. t.a lirtr-iail I hftt tiA hill in (h.Rt.flli.
. .. 'A ; Vdm-.m --
send it io full and will therefore now
mark that tbe Governor alludes but briefly to
tbe extraordinery events tbst have recently
taken place in our State and throughout the
country and which have resulted in devolving
upon bim the re-poneibie duties of Executive
of this State lie then proceeds to call auen
tion to tbe present and mast pressing necensl
ties of the State requiring prompt legislation
w. .. ..... .. .....
lie tnioAs mat to meet our present mdebled-
ness and to raise tbe necessary revenue for
-eat d rect Ux of 12 cents should be increased
to 10 cents n the hundred dollars. But the
precnt bill now befoie the Iiouse which has
occupied most or this morning session) and the
provi.ions ot wnicn 1 nare oeiore enumerated
provides far only an increase of 4 instead 0
8 nU on hc one hundrfd dollars which s-
l bare nown- wl11 be a moat ""hie pmrision
nTewof the increase of the taxable properi.
ortBSt.te- This bill is likely to
mach timE- Tl prent nnd c!liff ohjeciioi.
DriTed is to the provision allowing the Comp
iroll6r to r8eP1re. 0 a ilm'"e amount th
trailer to receive.
notes of the specie paying banks of New Oi
leans for the bonds.
I notice in the Naws of the2Sth tha(cpt.D
M. Short's nan.c. of Shelby is omitted in tin
list of persons authorized by the Governor t
raise companies to compose the Texas Reu-
mentnf Mounted Men.
I notice this morning the arrival in this cit.
of Gov. A. C. Hortnn who infnrms ma that th
PruIP"t fur crops jn Wharton and Ihrougt
tha counties wbno he has traveled were neve
better thpngh the fiost some time
down tbe small corn. I am sorry to lenn
from the members from Eastern Texas tha
lhey had received letiers informing them lha
he rust bas made its appearance in many pla
ces ia 'he young wheat and fea-ssre eniei
taincd that it may do great injury.
P-Brewster E-q arrived in Austin tbi
Jnorniog. direct from WnshiDgton City. H
lelt lion. Mr. Wiglall there but thinks he it
Probably in Montgomery by this time. H
has not claimed a seatin Congress since these
cestion of Texas but as his name is rcgularh
called he bas a&swered to it whenever prep
tut lie has been detained there by othn
puuuc amies.
The Senate bas been engaged during all thi
moraiog session in discussing the bill rcquir
Ing an spbr.smtut of property to be solo
...rmgni fCnlhiuf' can impair tho SO- Clark transmitting a report from tho t ommis-
Sjtates. 1 - . .. r .lTln.inr1arT finrviir Mr Hnaaxll
r "with curity buttnciauureoi couumugiuw. no o""" ' 7 i ."
"" ' . .. .. . j. Tlnrnnrt wi referred to thff CnmmiUpnnn
. know ot no capital mat is supposeu iu pay "" "i"-;
1 ifTaaaiuM TlwirisMBmMtnws.sssssiwi - -- AMtMs""-
! saw I sassssssssssM I I n ilsinjim i - 'Ussl-i - .. --liWr va
sj v ' Wr o. r "" - .V ' T V HSliWUl
" i " ' 5h"
- - r ?asE3r
r . . "" " - i-. . n .. r . s ....... o a .. .-". . .. invprnrnBrti- l.i npirrnni. ir nni n.trAtr n- i
tinder execution and requiring -the salo to be officers and customs revenues. Another ordl-
at two thirds the appraised value. Mr Potter ' ' anco K'ves the legislature power to legislate
Made a very able argument on the constitution "Pon this and certain other ordtnnnces epeci-
.. 1 1 1 :. ILI- Lilt .1 !.. II ' flpd
al quesuou ijituhcu iu mis uui miuwiui: iue
probability that such a lair will never be on-
forced by our courts. no air-o spoke or thrj
- policy of such a law and ihougbt it would
have lbe effect to embarrass if cot to defeat
any loan that m'gbi be authorised by this
DIltarai tfruet would ba t0 requile
onrcrcdlt abl0&1 BS it would be equivalent to
a twelve mouths sty law. I know not what
.j.. oe the fate or this bill but cannot believe
;t will pass both Douses. 1 should slate that
this bill has been before the Judiciary Cora
niittec and was indcHnitely postponed on
i.t r1.nmmsndation. Tha diarntiinn i
" --- --
now on u monuu m .ctuusiucr. it. u.
Acsvtir Wednesday April SJ 1SG1.
Last night the House took up the substitute
s I 1 .. 11 ll linns .l.T-l J! I i A .
ouerca oy Mr. .ic-iaou n ucb uispeuseu nito
geincr nun au aBwi. iur .oia oiam in turning
over the late U S. property to the Confederate
Stiles but simply requires that the officers
now in charge of it deliver the same to the
Agent of the Ci'Dlcdcratc Stales now here and
receive bis receipt therefore. This substitute
was adopted; but on its final passage Mr.
Hartley of Galreton offered an ainindmcut
to lbe effect that tho Confederate Government
shall assume all responsibility to the U S and
re'ease Texas from all liability on account of
this propeity. It was said in opposition to
this amendment that the Agent of llie Confed-
erate States Mr Brewster is fully authorized
by bis written instruction'' to release this State
from all such liabilities on the delivery ofthis
propeity to him. The amendment was adopt-
ed as it was understood that it might at least
have the effect to prevent any doubt or misun-
deivtandmg hereafter in regard to property of
so much value It was stated further lliut Jlr.
raster was authorized to receive the pro-
Fhj .. ......r...r...v
muMoners appomtta nytheumvcntion.
Joint Resolution was passed as amended
A Joint Resolution from theSenate was then
taken np and passed recommending to the
Congress of the Confederate Government to
ivo the neceessary repairs to tho revenue cutter
Henry Dodge nowljiug al the port af Galves-
ton and requesting that Government to con
tinue tho present Commander Copt. Roger
with his officers and crew in the service in the
no;tion h.T fiu
m "Jfc nolIingjworla and C8pU
Jonn0Todd j238 each for bearing dispatches
nm he convention here to tha Confederate
G0Tcramentwas passed to its second reading.
A Mtt Mes!0ge wa3 then read from Gov.
State Attars.
Tiii morning bus been mostly consumed by
the Iiouse on a bill providing a change in tho
Tax Law. so as to permit tbe owner non res!
dent of any county to mnke a return of tbe
lands he may own in that county to the As-
sessor of tbe county of his residence at his
own valuation tiworn to in like manrcros be
returns the lands situiicd in the county of bis
residue. Much opposition is made to this
bill ; but complaints have been very generally
made by the people or tbe hardship and injus-tice-of
the present law requiring lands situ-
ated out of the countr of tbe owners 'residence
tobeasses-ed at the average valueofthelanda
of the county where it is and I presume the
present bill will pass.
I herewith send a full statement of the
amount of money now loaned to all tbe rail-
road companies of the State tbe aggregate be-
ing tlG(s500 and also a statement of tbe in-
terest nuw due and unpaid lor these loans
amounting in all to 101254. It will be seen
that the annual interest now accruing on the
loans is f 99590 or $5332 per month. By tbe
time of the meeting of tho next regular Se-s-lon
of the Legislature in-Xovember this in-
terest will amount lo just about $160000.
Froni all I can learn there is no present pros-
Southern Pacific railroads. Applications for
fut tber relief may as a matter of course be
cxvected at the next sesiton.
I find from an examination of Col. Brews-
A r. -.... T. .. IL.iV.Il.l..i L. .....
vera resuiuuuus .ua.iuu miucui iub piupcnr
the State of Texas may now turn over to the
-. . .... r. j
tooieueraie oiaies is to oe uureaiier aeier
j i. .u -. . i.i n r j ..
mined between tbi. State and the Confederate
State. or between the Coofrdarate Stales and
the United State as tbe cae maybe. I un-
der-innd that cverv article is inveu-
ts.ned.nlh. UVr Detriment of the U. S .
and its value affixed to Hacording to thcori-
ginal Vutchaee fcLd that the Confedente
1frle willine to recr"1"i'litmt nwm-
ervalf stiorrTarid "tiUtstlie reponiibIlity- or
herclTjfreltlrig with the United States upon
...-v redoction from the'onirinal ratuation us
may a5'"V for the depreciation at the time ofport embraccOmjles ofroad and opera-
tatTivery to Texas and that the .State ofSjons for 705mi!!!f a j. shall be endued with the raluition-hvrVT'reight carried from Houston to Cypress
lhti2"BcJeratc 0jTernmc"nt. which Govern.-
n.cntylll be credited the same by theUnited
w re- - y - - - l - --.. ...
parsuitim IbisState. ThiJUill I believe con
8u thti land bonus to the manufacture of cot
ton wool iron and leather.
understand this new policy in-our State
Us been suggested
Mugrove for
Kew x icuri.
orsrgc amount
mgs purchasing steam engine etc. Lut is not
b a o purchns the necessary aacb nery
..... .j tt. .
wnnoni some aiu. cswousumeni i am
told il situated nearthe liaeuTi-Wood and
HopMns counties." lie believeiiihat in tha
purchase of tbei macbinerr jhe wants he cm
ITake the land bonus ava.fe at two'.da.lars
per acre. The Senate havoraade some slight
amendments to the bill as it canje from tbp
A great deal of interest is manires'eiMn thii
bill and the discission has been somewhat
protracted. Mes-rs. Gentry Shcppard Whi.
ley and others udvocatcd the hill with xcal aud
ability. It was opposed among others by
Messrs. Herbert and Miller. It will probably
pass. I have no doubt that Mr. Musgrove is a
gentleman of gnat enterprise and that his
U contemplated manufactures will be greatly
beneficaitotheState; and n fact neatiy all
lnduslnal pursuits mechanical manufactur-
ing tic areoeneaciai iu me pqDiic at lajve
as well as to thoje who embark 111 thom. But
c ' "
llSri!. ""
il J. j . . a" r ""nurc'1-
lion be drawn? As tbe aid giren 11 from the
Public nruP&rtv beloncinc ennallr to all thn
people it must follow that no particular
branches of in lustry can be thus encouraged
except at tbe expense of others. This princi-
ple is to say the best.Tery questlonaWe. Ant
bther difficulty will probably arise under the bilU it will not be an easy matter to telj
when the amount of rrjon-y namely ten thou-
sand dollars shall have been invested as re
quired. Tho advocates of the bill howevor
?h.nrll.nlVm. .m'
... -l-.- . u. luw.
ism and should have no weight in this pro-
;-. -. . -i u .. .... .. .
gressive age. I should remark Ihat several
amendments restrictive in character wero
any manufactories
for and
in this
fixany limits to the claims for the land bonus.
The Houte Committee tnwhom was referred
thedutt of re.ortiDg a bill in regard tod-vid fln.r...cin.ITl ..:...
withnvew man election of deleg tes to Ihe
rnriu...i n. r.n.(j i.... .t. .
. . . .... A . . 'til"""''
commenainz that me nisinciiniT tha stain
should be postponed to tho next reirular se.'.
1 .t . a .-.1. ' P . f
sion as tbe subject it one of much importance
tnd will renitlrri mnrfl timnlhnn mam!.... ..til
he willing to spend upon t at this extra res-
sion. They therefore recommended a ceneral
- -
State ticket at tho next or first election. To
his general State ticket system a majority of
he Uouse is oppoted and bas voted down;
and "o day there a e two or three bi'ls befora
the. H. use districting tIie.Strto diffwrently
Afer much discussion a motipo was offered
referring the bill back to lha CommitTee with
finstructions to report another bill giving as
near ns potmble an equal slare population to
ach district. This lead to several warm
I ...- a-. ...
necessarily produces some esc! emcot owing
irHopiing the Federal or mixed basis or tho
srhite basis aud excludlccr alar" nlitirroiita.
. . . . . . " . ..v..
To t. 4 l.aa U-I-J-I T tllinl. .1 - 1
lion Should now be -dialed in this i...
..... . ... '"'
Bills to retrerrch ihe expenditures Of the
state government have been recommended by a
joint commitiee of both Housos. They provide
nmr.neeoth.r thinr.. fnr ori..: ...!. ...
orelerira in nrm of Ir. TtZ.. ' a?tv
..rcIerlM in some of the Ijqreansi.pd reducing
the salaries of thnC retained. The rcduotion
e 1 ..I . .
. cajmuuituio auiuuni i. nnacrstand to
nany thousands dollars.
A bill i In nmri-.i ...i: .i Jt
of the CoBTentioa io relation to custom-boqso
hr ihe snnlinjimn nf sir- cencc. to Dsv thltnoannz neot not eeenrea nr
ihisUaaorStateuad. Mr Mu - ' ?" -"ra the.SchooI
.his already 'eroradtMfdtiiu Uil;fi mi riAm .. tnnn m forwhich
of moneT m nnttiniVunihnilrf nrntipftHi?sJ"rftrn thnfcarniiiTii nf tho Mad. Pftrlf
aown one oi wmen proviaea that the r... ...V. . B...rl ...r.nnn " with the Abstinet ot mli.nri :f ...' Unnartf ofanver hnu and left I did not wit
. ii.t .. .. .. .. T-iHni.1 i.pi.r-n... buiiinliiipi... .uu iu v. ...- . ...... .. .w. .. buL.MG.:kii.Mi.i.iif.. .-- - .- - - . -. -.-.-. --...-
of the bit! should nut ba received by ' ... vantage ot ideutilying aud tecnucilinir the ucss the tikina down of the flag; for though)
now in progress. The pro- i......wtM.q.atol.n '" paid nponwththT AVtraci would not T.lA?Xi"?'3ll
.. i f.-- iu. M ... anrn..on - . ..v.-. . .... .. only vueu oi- neiiormea. out it wuula iilo iot- ' "4M "i-" l"nv " wu.c.i ims war
ty IS therefore that many existing . ..'.. ...A : ' .v-.. .: rJ fi.- ...-h. . r .T. '. ..." "JU."'M ed over the free and .h hn. nrt in Ix.H
- -.- ntn -. ii ii . now uiiorc llli-ol lor lucir voio in u buuih i.. me itn-uLuru. . uh eapeuuuurr in :i . . ...-.- -i- .-
s now doing very well will apply ' ullUM- "i ..' ...... the Couiptroller'a oUico which is H..f.ri f liberie for f0 many tears.
receive Iheland donations provided for Hiao qil oroiiiljnpo oj secesMon auu ruso.u- toobi th(J ..... acinni -"" At 3 o'clock P. M. thf Lnns. fltar flig was
hill in wittMi rrt. if Krilt riii r1ifTT..l- tinno fnr rrv.nnir5ltinn Wltll tho Border SlaTO nf which iiAi hfpn t.nttui tn no niin.1. . .. .. nil! UP 10 tho V'QOf the fllLTKtdi. tvild ii Hiilutu
wia au uv- -- tj. U1U1LUII) U !..... ww v......- -. -- - . ... ....... .uwuur-t.! ! le-UiJIUU
Mr. Walker introduced a bill to suspend te-
al process after judgment for thecollectionof
debts. Referred 10 Committee on State Affairs
The Senate hs spent nearly all this fore-
ncou'd session in dicusing the bill for the en-
couragement of boin-j maaufitctun-B and final
ly after reducing the land bonus fiom eight to
mx sections for every $10000 invested tbe bill
wuspas-ed to a third reading by a vote of 15
easto 10 nays. These is scarcely a doubt
therefora that this bill will become a law of the
iitute and it will ba found to bo ooo of the
most important enactments of any session.
The Hnuse bill providing for tbe loan of one
million of dollars en the bams "of Slate Donds
1 1 thataraount hasunderginemsteriat amend
r.ienta in tlie Senate and has Bnally passed
t'lat body. Ooe of tho amen'lmeQU requires
that tho boad ah ill be for J1000 etch and
rone les. I think the Senate's amendments
trill be concurred in by the House. I may aUo
add thatbt another amendment the Governor
i isteadoftboComptiolIer is required to ap-
point a commissioner to negotiate Iheae bonds.
Tns Texas Ci.nthil IIailkoad. On the 2d
inst. at Houxton as we roe by a circular and
by an editorial in the Houston Telegraph tho
" Road-bed track franchises chartered rights
and privileges" and othor appurtenances of
the Uouston and Texas Central Railroad Com-
pany were sold under execution by the
Sheriff and Messrs. W. J. Uutcbins and
David H. Taiise who claim to be large stock-
holders and creditors became the purchisers.
1 he execution was on a judgment for $10000
obtained at tbe last term of the District Court-
tnd the sale was made " after doe advertise
merit." Yet it is stated "some surprise was
manifested" in Houston on tbe morning of
tie Sd when it was reported that tho sale had
been quietly made. The surprise we nnder-
s and was much greater bere among some of
the stockholders and the qniet way in which
Ihe affair took place did not quiet their feelings
si speedily as might bs imagined.
The statement is.that the Company were un-
able to meet their Itabilities.thcir floating debts
atid the interest on the permanent debt being
f o embarrassing cause.
Messrs. Uutcbins and Pago stc( they
purchased subject to mortgage and liens on
the road to the State and others amounting
In $1173000 besides the interest accrued and
due and also (or their own protection and
benefit They are they say the luwful owners
tf the Road and are desirous that all their
Ids associates who were londjidt holders of
paid up stock shall be entitled to equal advant-
ages in it with them "if any (advantsges)
there are." The enterprise musl be in an un
enviable position indeed cn such a doubt
is published concerning it by largo stockhold-
' . . ....
crs and creditors and now its lawful owners.
Messrs. Uutcbins and Page say in their cir-
cular lo tbeir former associate stockholders:
" We have advanced in our purchase more
than ten per cent on tbe amount of our stock
and propose that you and such Stockholders
.-tl It. .Af-)Af ! with 114 ton Am.1 tnrni. Ii
piying ten per centum on the amount or your atiug the ordinary civil oxp-nses oT the gr-
soct within six months from this date. This ment at $350000 per anuum and it is thought
fund is needed to pay the interest duo on tho
S'ate Loan and other mortgago debts on the
road now pressing subject to which we pur-
chased; and also that class of debts to road
laborers which ought to be met promptly.
Tbe land and other asets of tbe old Company
cuht to be tf prudently managed sufficient
tn pay their general debts not secured on the
road. If It should be otherwise then we de- to pay the defisiencv whenever tbe earn-
ii gs of tho road will justify but assume no
obligations to that tff-ct without tbe consent
of the stockholders wno may unite wnn us.
;i- nuu liiai uui.c ni.u us.
i.i ..1 j..; .iii nisnimn in n
il.rnurl nn a firm and reliahle foundation : to
conduct its business on a cash basis; torerive
piblic confidence and faith and to urge on the
completion of the road as rapidly as prudence
uf.rl fair ditllnr will enable na.
The last official report. 5 t "? at
prospects of this roaq r
pirtment. was as follot'sC
Stock iued and ? '
1".b0. 815S.209: Stof-'
r aSt
- ed
. ' '"Jbnrt-
- tm Vlnrn
' ?J475; due for S?
?;l124-total tU
Construction Ac J. ' '
my and Isavisots . .
; nignioi -. V-v'
" ""
:. r. . 7? . "
i-Sn... ..i
I s- I i-f I J - Iri s-SA n-TT "TLOssO
c--y " ""-ikiSijpi
- r "
ir(ateriais 5Uoif5Sfe
i'fyii&jt Q State
Kiinn.m- iln- secuLT? "-xili'i.OM
.- -- tiriaV iirSr . '
Amoontof OonstruclionrvS-vsevvi Amount of
f m"""i. . .(1.'na ! p"!.-
i t..
ouia pu"- s--- -y-- - """p-v
cter ana tm. '' . w-
wTelS'h rassenger ... .:.u. .rom
fptember. 1359 to June 1st ieC0 2 0150 j
Repairs Of all fcinrjs t5qqq lintldings aud
platforms u.!. engines o.uou; uar-
i isio oiiait.-i 9tuo.w ...piuu
pense sav; nooa inducing siocx an
hsnd.iJSOlS. - -
No dividonds mnder 00 salea of land. The
Uocklev1 flempstc "Courtney Xavisota and fijim Oct lst 1859 to June 1st 1SC0
months bein tZZrf- f&Zr
The Telegraph .says ty "
That tbe lands and fcib'er asset's of the old
w -oiiiauj inn ua o-.ui iru. ij uar- 111.1 J" 4
unJ'ur00 0bl SVdon 'we hav'e The
- Eeatreaso35 for knowing tuat the objects and
'designs Jif-taa. new proprietors are honorable
d laudab'e. As a creditor of the company
to a small'amount v e are satisfied with what
bJJ! d.'!n.B- StTVr 3?
jprf this will satisfy tbe people
a t 9
Tho TOitsourl Convention
The Missouri Oonvontionfter appoint-
: ji-io. i nrA... ci.t.. cn
ing delegates ta thfl Border States Uotivon
Hon adjourned until December unless
...a..tti.iin....Uii nommtrt.a r.
. - . . mi e 11
doreif.r that purpose. Tho following are
tho delegates : Hamilton R. Garablo John
B. rWdertqn Wm. A. Hall Jos. H. Moss
Wm. Littlebury Hon4ricks and
vm Q. Pomcrpy.
Thefollowing from an editorialin tbe Re-
1 .. e- ml it
pibliCRn is a fair resume of the proceedings
f it.. n..Hii.i!nii
"ThrcVTM-ssouri hs been spoken
through the Convention called for that pur-
pose. -That votcajms pro-iouacol that further
ivinroissiont shnnld ba mado Willi a view to tbo
restoritjen of tbe Union of ihe States aud that
lesolutiona for their basis It declares that a
rc-union would be imperilled by the ue of
force on 'he part of (he Federal Government
ain-t th? p-oplo of tl e seceded States and
specisllr advises met eaei at troops in oe witn
drawn from the States here o collision is
....... J. 1. ... 7.. ltn..1 tn
tion. hoping it mav secure a re-union.
that there is at present no .adequate cause for
"fhe same mice consistently pronoupcea
rtirlnj-rorn tho Union and tefqses n this
time to nledue Miss mri to secesti.m.
..... 1 - . i . .1.. ..-
'Tbi- inference to bo drtwn trom tho action
of th Convention ithtMisouri favors every
Tho Hon. R. W Johnson a decided So
Arn!.lnvtl 1 Is- nlrnrl1 W ntlVlIlCn iA
" - ".. - .""" "'-J .-"..-v
PO - rU'" - - ''. for caWjn? tho
his patent influence enn scarcely
ri. !..:.. .... .. .!. r.l .....Ii Til.o
w m n rarau uh 'uo 'ct' ' "ii" viv
Tf n nr n .!. ir It rt TI!..I
Hon. E. W. Gantt tho ilqn. T.C. Hind
man tho Efan. Thns. DFlournoy Albert
n.1. n.l tr T n..... .. -...1 (1...- .I!...!..
M.n.el Jh.JL f Rn'nlr..r riaku. will
b "--- "".mj..... . -. .-e .....
tnTtPr mnrirpt' inn iiiu rtriaa rnr tin nntt mr tk itv.puwui ..r -. i .- n.AnnA. .. t-iuuvi tcAni. i. uir nuiv uu iaiti. iuai hqqh
ituui uavrt -vjt .-v --.- t" " " i -- AUD nituuia im ua tVAAS iriMs usaiautuLi; ca
- rt ....... n-vtt-ii-l-e. JTtT-" i--i. u l..i J..u. . ttiiam fiver
TJ'l.i J iU.rj .jn K? nnl rinrenFnF rlonnnHa All) lULft
I' UC.llUI SUU Lr.U Ut. UWUVi U1J.II II u.uvuuu
also tako the field fur tbo purpose of assii-t- Belpre eftncluding my remarks on the mous-
ing in the discnthrallment qf their State taO'candiuoant the State I wnl ailuduio the
. i r -ni i n rn- ot the agency to the lutf Umt-d States
from the methos of Black ItFinuhboaniKra. fr por)0.?0f obtaining money due tahe
Wuhstrri nnduubts asto tho result. Ark- State ot Texas lor expendltu et mdp' In de-
ansas will bo a member of the Southern fenc of tho frontier. Tne Co-jiptroiler who
Confederacy. lX1! H"' t.-s..t- ??''
t o
Who is He ?-A Germqn rpsllng nt San
iaiHiou w uu
Antonio writes to the N. Y. Gorman Demo-
.. ... .....
wi" " 2 W Teas an. entire cbnae in favor
in all tho othereceded States as in this.
Tn n. ITnl.. ij.n. .... m s.nn ... . in
t - atalr. Ilaalas sr (TS...
- --- -... w-u O....U.;. .. ... ...j .
nothing would ptovont
ns ccmmandinir. Our
ltiranable General was commanding fliir
ftrlaareal easy tqtake and da not require a
rrgular be.eig..g; and in less .baulthrea
ifldjilb. lnusands of well disciplined Uerrnsna
"P0'1'1 have made up their minds to assist
therein. Punch the ribi ct Lu.colk. and mil
forls are all easy tq tike and da not require a
l- 1... ..r..V. 'a . .. 1I....S...
him never to giVo ups Western Texas I This
coqrM1 of 8C)nv . ie pplj. mcana ot 'pit
fnn the niter ruin of thousands of German
J".. ?'l. . -
The Germans of San Antonio owe
n-i-n. . . .li.
rrtCt"" '"'" UUlpS nDonl7.
Exacorivii Orrics AcsTHf )
. March 2'Jtfc 1861. J
Gtntfanin of the SanaU and
Ihusc of JliprtitnltiUtu
Toe nffico of the Uliiei i.xcciitue ot the Sute
so suddenly aud I am constrained to iav re-
gardless of the rumora which have prevailed so
unexpectedly devo'ved !i(n rni ihat 1 wad ut-
terly unpremred uitn aeominnmcation adapt-
ed to lbe present occasion. And thin being
an adjourned tcstion of your Honorable body
when under ordinary ciicamsunces. ciecutiva
messages urn not usual or expected it i nore
than probb!e that on the pie-ent o cuion 1
should have not tre pns-ed upon your atten-
tion not were it that the cirooinsiniics atten-
ding mr suceoisiou ip h i-lfiVe of Governor
have engendered thin expccuijun It wa tnv
nV-in' to liarec'implied t itb thi-iexp-i.Ut.oo at
an early d-y hut un essentiul iuveatlaton in
to the nublic business conducted in th differ
ent department- of the Gorernment. and espe-
cially the necejs tyuf re' e.ving official iniorm-
atiQii of the actions of ihe Convention which
haijustadj'-itfi'iied have Cohered lo render
me niore dilatory in tho fransiuission of tin
ro iimumcatiou thau I otherwise should havo
I tudulgA thetrust that itis not yet too late
to acquit myself of whatever obligation may
attach to me in this rog.rd anil of winterer
want of respect and courtesy to jour honora-
W" body my silence may aeera to have indica
he position of Governor is one which"my
experience in other and inT-rior slations-of
public t ust ba shown me to bo environed at
all time' and under the most auspicious cir-
cumtances Vflttl Texitmns and embarrass-
meats It fa is into ray hands at a period
moro pregnant with future doubts than any
which has preceeded. Tho onrupuon or that
govornuient of which we for no many years
formed a part has pi iced us in an attitude
tbreatening war with tho-a from who-n we
Cave separated and hnncndered in our very
midst a bitter spirit of dn-conteni and of ua-
j t..i .nn...itlon tn is the exnrrased
wiMof the peoplo- i
Un1erafullseoeof the circumstances which
surround me I can say in all sincerity and
without foar of being disiru-tcd that I hato
assumed tbe responsibilities of office with a
great apprehension of my inability to equal
In snbmilting to your honorable body those
suggestions which are deemed important and
expedient I shall begiu with that which most
essentially demands your deliberation the
legislation that will pi ore adequate to the pro-
spnt fiosneial condition of tbe Government
It is an evident fact that taxation alone will af-
ford a revenue inadequate tu the present and ac-
cruing necessities nf the State ; and the provis-
ion of a sufficient fund is at once the most dif-
ficult and essential labor which dirolros upon
you. Eren those most familiar with financial
affairs differ inatwmlly on ihm subject and the
Executive feels reluctant to submit any defin-
ite proposition of his own for that purpose.
Upon consultation with the officer io charge
of tbe financial department of tbe Sta e it was
proposed that State bonds to the amount of
ono million of dollars be sold bearing an an-
nual interest of eight per cent. payable in
semi-nnnuil instalments. Tomcetthtsintcrest
there should bean annual appropriation of a
portion of tbe revenuo arising from taxation
and a siaking fund derivable from the sums
source should be created to liquidate the prin-
J cipal. The sum obtained in this way assu-
I... .1- .. . 1. 1. ....I. ..ll .-.1. till .
ming vnjt toe u juua iu cna wu.j wuio
on tho dollar though it is probab'o ihat they drawal or Texas from tho oil Union of the
will be sold at par will be $1)00000; add to this United states and heruniou with tbeCoofedc-
thn revenue nrisini; from taxation and other derate Suites of America to make provi-ion
sources which is e-timatea at 350.000 rir ihe
enrreut year and theiu will be th sum of
J 1250000 to meet tha dem inds against the
Trca-iury up to lei oi june istu. now estim
thattney cnu oe gnratoniiiuio muusuiu wuu
out material detriment to the interest of the
State; and allowing lor the entire civil expen
dilure of tbo State including the cxpeat-ea of
the Convention ana oi in present aoa luture-
sessions ol the Legislature up tithe let June
1832 the Bum of JfiW.OOO and thero will re-
main $60t'w0 to meet the other obligations
of the Government. The sinking fond estima-
ted at five per cent. and tho lutereat on the
bonds which would tbeu bedn would amount
to 130.000: also the sum nf 19i.00 now un
titled in ten per cent lieasury warrants and
.--- - -
the inteiest Que tncreou wuitu may ose-'iiiua-
ted at 230000; ana theclaliils of Minute Com-
panics cilled lino service last bpiua and oth
cr Mihtaryi cUimt unaudited wb cbr will
amount to about 430000
Deducting tb-se amounts from tbe $300000
there remains 170.uCu witn to meet the
debt which will arise under the Ordinance of
tbe Convention tor the defense of the frontier
and pay tbe forces now iu service under Col.
bat amount will be necass irv lo mcetvlbe
debt that will be incuired under the action uf
the Convention cannot m.v be deiernun d as
We htveno di'a up u w dchm base the estim-
ates Shonld Ihe sum of $170000 prove ulh
cieut for the purpose specified the gor-rnment
Wuidif noQihermtraonliimrv demands anse
aga-nst it "be -nblrd to inet its Ii-liihues up
to the first if Juu- ISG2; at which time tbe
ns-.istii rlueiwarila f pviiii T . -r .. tt.ns ter.t I ti .(full.
i'f""t-'ii'" ....uu ..... ....-
A. hiwever the ah itb estimates m iv prove
!nnf!i ii.t tn rm-.'tlhp pi .en. ic nfih-Siaip.
. . .7 i i
would .tc m' that tli ad valorem mr
bcincfearod from WW to 20 cent oi. .he Slut
0fTalue-nd toe t.Qii -.(x- be raised t'om
so c-nt to 1 dollar pircamla Unth-supui
a on u. pr p nj ;e-.a ins
jear m ut Iet tquul iu n nlue tif( ear ihe
n.nn..n ...--.... . k . ..A - il
jro5uce tbennn ol J-'092.:i5.! T.. ihn mv
he af d d $30000 the amount recetr-tb e from
other fcQurce- aqd wt- hare a lotul rereune fur
Ibi-nrXttar or 5539221 ."8.
If however tbe f.i eijn a; e-timstes shonld
prave inadequate to answer our necessities I
umm iuu(uu.c iu auonc. un iiTvcs-inrn. L
womd sugge-i ihe propne-y ol bormwiiig (or
atate purp ses the one tenth revenue wuich
ncc.ucsa..uu.Iiy to thu cioital of ihe -cnool
Fund ; which under exiting regulation. w
jrom tha
loined to tne tmiruicl uoiupioirsna jw riito
crest ine principal uuainterest arising
SdFe nf the Un. realty Lnu (? ainon it
r .'
tended by theSrate tn our Rtirods ruards otner01 WBiotj ederate Mates i has given such
their prqgress and must impair the r ability ' BI 'mBvessive illustration of the great Amsn-
to get asistauce from other s.mtces. Their can idea-tbat-goTorntneqis rosi upon the eoa-
Cottructipn is 9 settled prnp!e of internal 1 fentofthe governed and tt is theirright when
policy and therefore abSuld be extended to . thv wl1 x ater reform. orabolisb them.
V legnimate encouragement. And'
Fund in co itemplatiou ol the object
t was created should bo rcirarded as .
onr relwi m. It is a sacred tbinir. t
which would endanger its safety
shouldvbe for a
moment entertained. Veil '
may remark -thai it would be as secure in'tho
use 01 tne atote as in tne present condition.
It is appropriate in this connection to pro-
pose that such amendments be made to the pre-
sent tax law as will secure (he ipfalhble and
rigid collec'ion cf tajea ; and subject to tax-
aiion every uescnpiion 01 prpperty wnieu I -----.-.. ..H.uh vv. ...u.i. .iicub-
shopld not be especielly exempted. It has hi- fdar'e J'V63 ' IS tt oonneotinn dictated
thertobeenjfoundajmoat impossible to collect 8llke by feelings of relative tics byjeontide.
in all casesfthe taxes due on tilled lands of tho T 10n3 or mutual safety aad benefit and by
Plate. mntires of identical interest.
An irreculantv in the ratio of receints hsn L.JMl'AP0? ;he discharge of my du-
nocurred tLTromth";
toe law. inn nas arisen irom the tact that the 1
owners or linds especially in those ca-es in !
which the 1 tud is situated in different
from that in which the owner lives from lirnn
ranee perhaps of their real value give it in
to the -Uc-sors at estimates far below its real
To remedy this injustice t.heprecat law re-
to an arbit.rv and often fictitious value af
nxeo nyjue uomoiroiier was adopted. This
feature of tha law isnot only pecuiiaily repug-
naut t0 most all of iho-e ufJ whomlt oper-
ntnfl hit) it fail Jrs mjnti inilinrii.1 l-. w.s..A oppt.intowtichitgendero
accomplish tho oHect for which it was do-
signea. Ana the Uomptroller who is .crtain-
ly most conversant wun this enbiect earnestly
advises it repeal. Iq itsatcad tie- rscomtqends
that ifte tax payer be peitn.tied to render his
real nrnnerlv at a sworn thIop. unri ?mv !.
. .. ili.... .. .1-.. . . nn.n I r. .11 . T. .. ...
ta-v tumcuu u iliu .set:n-ur uuu JOItCIOr OI
tha cjun'y in which he resides.
Ii is confidently believed that the adoption
of this change will incicae th revenue of the
Slalf by reacning lauds which have hutioti
I.AAI. WJ.Il. l.ulrl Imrn l-.l! in. u. .. .Ill ..
tainiy render the law more ucccptabfu to the
i'aici um " iu;icn. in ut operation
Let.t also be roquned ol the Ass'estors and
uoiiectors io make comparisons or their ass-
essmenl rolls ol the lands reudeied lo them in
.1...: -.-p.. nn..n ... -..J ik. I ..i ei ... .
tbeirown count es and (hell sis of Ian i fur
nished mem f om tho Comp to ler's Olliec
licauie. An a matter or jubilee und a niadnaf
Uiinen-iDiriDe rtr nu it 13 vpedwut ibftttt
ta 1 1.1 ite'nt..n.Al ... ..' I1
lUA nifutu UC llkjl'ii Ui iu pi urj QuQ $VTJ
hceu sum.orted
hy the Uws
... - . crt.:. ..... j .
1 tne irovern-
"""'. "uiiBii uuseoipyeu a. ingniar imoiunt
ty Irom tixatiuo. It is ui-culatrd that ihe re
venue arising Irom this sourca wouid ncrea-e
too revenue ..f the -utgut lea-t iBW.ftuOjBnd
K?i""" ' PruT"ton "V"'1? "Vh.e oyer
at Washing on eaily in Febtuary aiidfarih
wllh rr...l F.I. .Tni.. ...... .'.""iW'v1'
- "s "" -.w iU leu.uarj ana mrtht
with nre-ented his cta'tns tor unvmant. It ia
0.' "Mef' lba! he "i.nw Jf l " -ulficiently
.' - .i' ..1.1. .'.. rzi. -?
ij che wgro- Immed atoly Tor warded to
Tex.s.foj:t!io requieite voucbeisthnt nnort
II..II. a.rivui ... . I !..-. A-J.t...2 sir . -.' . . "
"l the .etxure otthe Federal property in TJw."
would bo defertt. Tb eonduetou ihe part
or tho authorities at Wahintrtnn. rin. . h. ....
t . . --- " -a-l-"
'"" wi'i""" i ior it wut evtr nannu.l
Tfth that Goyernmoot to retard andemb.rrats
Tfth that Governmoot to retard andembarrats
the claims o Texas upon it : claims too which
h.rn sn.nrrin n mnnni.r .Itnll.r (.. ir.-.....-l
tneciamiso texus upon u: claims too which
haToan-Dirin a manner similar!. iUeprot
tioai having been lorced to upptouriate Our
own means to sccuie that proieClioii from
frontier depredations which had been -i-nnran.
his an- character ! p-tumary oniuaiion. n nneciLs of
I. ..-. -(. . !.. ti .. -..I.. .-. ' s ." leam thAv
State and Sir''':i.T""-" ".'-'. ?uu " uwqqieus -- .
r:i 't "1?" '"'I'I1 "s"PHrv u' VO'e urq-t r the .
fill tO be n.rlit in if nn.lo. ...... unH ... .. 1... . . (..lit Lit e
t-ed und should Uve b en given by that gov-.;'?
crnmsot It (s much t. be eretted that tho
ftropei office- of the State was not allowed tho
- friVitegB uf proceeding to Washington at an
n 7S carlvday. when he would have secured tha
" toimoneywh.chwasduetous.
WAellir '..
1. n ...I'i.. ..
tiro to ihe fi-tcal condition of the State are
based upon hugestious and data suuplied by
the Honorable Cumptioiler of tbeStute.
I hare no very important iuformilion to
communicate to you in relation to the fron-
tier. R'ent intelligence not authentic ho'-
erof hJ been reeeivtd reporting thepiesence
of some small bunds uf marauding Indians on
ourcxtietuo .Northern frontier Col. Ualrim-pl-
with UhufficieutfbrC" under his command
is in charge ot that sec iou and it it hoped
tha- ha will beab'eto giro It protection. C"l.
Mo uiluch liS jttt arrive.) Irom the noitn-
western border. He rep irts tint there are no
Indiana in Unit porti In of the country whro
heha4b--en in cummnod a conditiou of th.ngs
wh cb I am In .py to m-ki- kno-rn t-iyou In
some of our western counii;.- however ihe ci
t'r-i.H bTe been mi fortunate. The In-
dians in c ins'dersble numbers d-acen)ed
upon them and comm t ed atroci.u dcpiedu
tions There is also much appretieu-l-in felt
at El lo as no protect n lorce is there. I
trnt thit toe troops now betii ranted for tbe
protection ot the frontier rill liat'en to the
Held.bndfrom theunmberand characieroftbe
men nd tho will known eueiyy coumga and
gllantry of the ofll.-ers who are tn command
tnm I feel satisfied thai otir frontier cittieoi
will nave protection more perlect tbaa lUey
have ever yet eijoyed.
lbe exiting law which provides for theor-
gduiza I m of the militia does nutaeem to be of
anr p actiq.l elD ioucy and in view of tha pos-
sible if not probable cuntingebCiei waich may
citne upon tn invite your a'ten'i.m to tbe
consideration of that plan wEich wilt render
Upon an examination of the Ordinances of
tha Conventio i I find manyto which the a-ten-
"n ol 'he Legilaturu is specially requested
f"r actlu necessary on your psrt to giro
'us force and effect. There is first an Ordi-
nance respecting piione propeny socona an
Ordinance relating to Custom-House Officer
and custom revenues : third an Ordinance au-
tnonzing the purchase of arms forthejUaie ;
fourth an Ordinance concerning arms stores
'i recen'ly surrendere-1 to Texas by the U.S.
Oovernmcnt : fifth an Oidinance to provide in
part for the di fence of the frontier and of tho
State; and sixth au Ordinance; relating to tho
l1 of Texas. There are other Ordinances
equal in importance to thoxo enumerated to
the consideration of which I respectfully refer
J"ou- I have only called your attention to
these Ordinances since a reference to them will
he essential for the purpose of such legislation
as tliey may require.
awu a-tcuuuu it respec.iuo uaauo iu iub
disposition of the property lately acquired by
Una State from tbe Government of the old
Untied States. Among othertbings there is a
larg-f number of horses an I mules now being
kept in San Antonio at a ho ivy expense to tbe
Htite. If thev are not transferred to the Gov-
ernment of the Confederate States which with
all the other oca aired nronertT. I would urgent
ly recommend ihey should be furnished to the
lorces now abonc to enter tbe service. This
arrangement would be highly acceptable to
mauyo'f our troops and as the law for organ-
izing these reuiments requires each man to
furnish Ins own horse these animals would be
pstd for by the services of the men and thus
we miht m t only in part pay onr men bat
als relieve tho State of a h-avy expenne I
suftge-t tbutali the property received from the
old United Slims Government be fairly np.
praised and fully and compleuiy scheduled
and the copies ot the appraisement and sche-
dule be forwarded to the Comptroller's Of-
fice. It is necessary in consequence of the with
for her ri presentation in tbe Congress of the
latter Government. In accordance with an
apportionment recently mad by tbuCougress
in ression at Montgomery official information
of which however has uot yet been received
at this department Texas will be entitled to
two Senators and six R-preentatires.
Slsy it not devolve upon y.iu. during your
present si stton. to apportion the Sta'o into six
Congressional I)is'riCL'fnr ibeelrctimiof tbuse
memoert wnom wo will ueent'lled; ires
nectfullv commend this subject as well as the
provision for the election of Senators to tbe
consideration of the Legislature.
In relation to tho lakmi of Government
property which has been beforo meslioned
there w of neces-iity. a considerable exDense
incurred in lli transaction ; and among other
i wish ip reieryou tn tna claim or General K.
Txrt.i it i
i nicuois wno oorrowefi mr nur uv. upon
his individual credit about $W000. Thisisa
debt notonl ofjustice but of patnoti-tn and
of honor and I won d iugieat that it be fully
paid at the Terr earliest dar.
Tour utti-it'inn s directed to the fact that
lbe lute United Stat s troops in service in
Texas are still within nur limits. They hare
cnncetitra ed atn point I ear I diasnla; and al-
though I do not myself appreiiend any dinner
f i.m them jet tt would he ihe part of pm
denceto requje that they be withdrawn r f-r.
their presenc-is not only ofleisirr lo.nmiiyof
ourcit'ZeiiK but in c-rtaiu they
might inflictupotl usterioiisinjnrv.
rhep Il'ic-il er lt'.s wh'ch hare transpired in
seven nf the'ou.lhern tiit-s since Korernher
are thegrandcstinirapnitin'-e wh ch hart- ever
occurred in Hie his orr of our country and un-parmli-lrd
in ihennnnlH of mtiont in tbe ede-
ntvandqiite'tiestof their a c iilpk-lim-Qt.
Ourpsr. in the -bsirbing drama has been
import cut aid ne.-ul ar.
We ere no' Iu g connected with the gorern-
ment which hat pas-rd nwai. We forinedonr
cotioection wi'b " under th- full exa-ois-- of our
siverclgnt. a- aS'a'e uidit i in itrc.rdaDca
W h 'hat-atn- norereiguiy that wo have wi b-
draafl foni i'i
lo .lulv lB4i was arranged and in Febrnarv
ISiG.wut cunsuinina'ed verv near the npot
where vou are nuw Kneuibled the Union here
tQf.Mcexitt.iia; berweu Texat and the Uu t-d
State-. of Am--ieu ; and buta tdwwtM-kt-guwV
wUiieS'ieditmiiihtv movemi-nt springint; trom
the petipl". and which has re-ulted iu undoing
what wo then did Impelled br a strontr telin-r
e.i. .e. -. ..
of a thm-i.tfor the people of ibe old Union
---e-- -e. j.-i.uuuii
T0' ' who then composed it we reiddy as.
"""r""0 ' f .. . .A .... .
. ------ -r a----- .--.... ...j..-
r.!v -.t- - - j .--.--.. ...... .pa..
sis iiita niLTiiiiiii iinriv tyiiifn n nctiirtan tint
- w --. -.- !-i j ...... u ua.
unrernmens i. aerne. ir no. neirov
"--"'""" .ihiiiiiiik um
r lo0.e wn. hare driven ns into separation to
remedy their error and reclaim us. To this re-
HP00 x am opposed ahsolutelv and eternally -.
abb experience ui recent year nas. canvinccq
meinatii wouiri ne
- an unsafe and iniudicious
assocution becasa (heir visionary theories
can never harmonize with onr settled convic-
t jqos of th9 right
The idea expressed by a few oor'ons that
.v"'' 8?u ' s -fl0??' " EQ P'epos'erous
bat Ti not notice it but proceed to congra.
:. fi .i. .1 ...... e
7." . '?'' .' V" 1 ..- .
?..'? ' ' n? oa b?ju'ee patrintism and
intellmence of mv fellow citizens f.r an.ta.
nance under that opposition an4 disparage
ment which nftqe who occupy responsible of-
gcial pontians can hope to escape
I conclude by inviting your aid andcnnnsel
and invoke the guidance of the All wise and
l$trual One in whose hands is the destinies of
nations and who has hitherto showered so ma-
ny blessings upou us. EDWARD CLARK.
Iiettcrfrom Hroiviisvlllc.
Correspondents of ihojfiw
Bkownstille March 2ith18Sl.
Mcssns. EniTOas: Since the "Steamship
Rusk last left Ur.zos Smtiaeo all tho U S.
property bat been turned qre-r to the indefa
tigabte State agenr. Col. Waller. Thero were
ooiisiderahly over -200 American horses and a
I.P.u nnml... nf .h . n .. L. t. 1 1
""""' " n atjuus niul SIX well orOKeil
mules to each. Those or the hnn-tui formerly
- oj .W io companies oi u h. uavairy
also the rqqles were in sarvtceablo conditfon ;
hut the A'tillery horses wero in rather poor
plight. Npverthelew they are Gne burses and
with good care will do gnnd service. Many of
"m vuairr norses nave Oeen purchased of the
.. . i . -.r . .
S'"" "? V me!ab" companies or
"i'l'"'.i. -t .
In the morning or 'ie 2lh tho long
IOVC0 nlar- nnn St' lnpt wr-r hn.ll-rt rtAwn frnm
.r---...- - -. .. w...
of artillery and "ih ee t(mrs threu" irom thn
State iropps who anivi-d dvtnnu ihe morning.
TU s jt qriw tl a h-adquai-ters or the Siate
trnaps oq thjt frontier and hs near s I cats
ared-spo-eil as IoIIovts: Caiit Vo-
iau. mo a. fh-OSKO" ijtaijracjtt
ton and Comnan? ... un u neurit
aOer lb- ludiant rrnprFi n;r Stnts. Rosa i
"'"""'i . SPi I'onaiqsqn ami Voay
are jni-niaped to ."toe lijornMd.CBdv Tor
anr i-M-HCn Jif JeCeNon 0'egn. Cpt
riwers. hat rno.mi.ed.ara garr..u'1.d at Brains
Ba.n ago A 1 tbe rest or tha Slate trnops. un
Uer . ol. Ford s com.nun!. Mr0 RarrinH here.'
v.I .r.nr81 Br'l!a a-u'hgSareaarollnwa:'
t ive 4 10 Uiifj iron aiexa giun.; u0 BUb b-as.
bowiijor i two 4S lb 8 inoh i-ea coast howitzert ;
'vo VJ lb iron field pieces j two iron 6 lb guo;'
qqe lUinch rivrir j and plenty of abot shell
fixed amtnuiii ion ec.
TM gun. al ihis post are a f.llows : F. ur
l0 nr "'"- ; eiirht 12 lb bra-s field
piWStlWO 9 lb hrift fljl S. .tl
- . . -u Jsaai-" en nl
mounted and ready for service with ammuni-
linn wagons extra wh-e.s. imrl rr.i.a
VVxea th" V' 8- U"PS vnt aboa-d the boat
Vaoro.' of the 20th. tbey were heaitilv
VJ.WrCU UV ItiQ CHlZGll! lrt nilsltisf ih.m rintk
Bnd galUm -and were hev ???t"'
ftnnree. qnr . TO.. .. ... . ..
f i. n .- """" H taraine's
.?.. tasmHua to'assert her independence
" ';S"'lS'1-J?!?f.s.ert herindependence
X "' T '"' ;' "UB'B "n"ea many oi her
TSlU'J2!lmthnT rara"'nd
fpn . ? fjlli! Among others wa
' Pri i "? wnPton" E-q. a wealthy
0I.1 8.n ot llocnngham county intends remo-
' 1 TJ "" . n"B8rm'ned many or her
WB - Uldy dtliens to remuVO their famili.o inrl
0 our dl'-t- Mr. Kllmgion is a large
obaCCi.0 n"Durcturor and intends removmz
?" '0.hooo screws and presses to Souih Caro-
"".! "? """nwc'u.e tobacco from the raw
mi"''.Ieldea heing a gentleman ofmesnH
we earn he is a trustee ot tha Douglas estate
ill AIth PllSrlllHa 111.7 Al . . SJ " . . . r.
in North Carolina. This estate belongs to Sen
S.r."??.fi ""U"1?" y W fflf.-
t lellaif s'afiTin tho (Jamannnnd Hhn.iK-nfi-r
inn rnrrininrint. nr lit. 11 u .n..n.. K.... ....... .
emm nervous headache t
Brttt bk of ttw rili. tne ptribdlc Uluti srjTa-
tocj cr ies Kzasachi but e prtreated ; sad If tiles
at the coauacsomeaioraa attack IxtstlIstreSef &em
pain and llckatu wjl ha nhtftnrf-
lary ps'dnin fU tn rtmaTlnf tha Hicsxi aa4 Uaxs-'
Acax to which fersafes ara to i-Aied.
Tieyaenratlyapsa lit bnrrli jsaorUX CArttrx-
us. For LtterSrr Men staSefi'i Sellestf Feealtt aid all
pOTorjot MdeatxTj-hmUiA they tra TshaUa aulas-
Attn tofirorlae lie appetite diltitoiu mi vigor to
htdlxntlra orjir.and rMtorinf tis aatsni etajtlelty
and ttreafth of the whole rritan.
The UEFHAUO PILLS are tia remit of loaf lartl.
MUsa sad eartful'T condocted eiperlmeaui haihi t e
la nie miay yean darici which tlrat tier have prrreete!
ind relit red a rst amount cfpila aad rnftriotfrca
UiADAona whether orituiatlci la the xmovsrjttaa
or from a dencied lUtt of the ttomaek.
Taey are enUielr rejeuhlj n their eotajoattiia tad
Qij be taken at al llraes with perfect u'ety without
csxlaturehuga of olrfaivlle aittnu o any du-
airetxiU lull rtnitri U tarj to aimlnltttr tiem I
Bewarn of Counterfeit! I
Tfcej-rarlae a- Ire alaaatorM of Ilsasr C. Btau-
rza ob each Box.
OT&olAbT Drux;!la aad aaothee Deatei la Me4-
Idnes (eneraSr
0T A Box wEl ba tent by UC1 yetfM n reoelst of las
AH orders ahouU k addreaMd to
iirrmr c. bpalducj
3To. 4S Cedar Street 3w Toik
$1 I
" " I A.
At then Tutlaonlalt were wuoU itid ly Ms.
Sr.inno they afford unqueitlonailt jiroof of
tAi efficacy ofthxi Inly tcitntltc dtieoxtry.
Pis: hire tried roar Cephalic PHI. and ll'ht Hem
soioelltSttl wjnrouoseodmatwodo la s -.eelhmorv.
rrI-.rtof these .re f-jrlhe &es;M-ors to whoa leave a
lewout iin-n si oox ifovjrotnjou.
&na the I lilt by rnaa. and nbhjte
Xoaroo't eerr-nt
FlAVisriis. Fa Ptb. 1 1H1.
eint-l y ntoindmeon. moreoxof yonrCr t-Uis.J'Aa -ereecIreifaoTt-iIdeuI ofbenejttjrom
tm. Yoam. fe p-e-Ju!!T.
Brsccs Cax.x II ntlsttm Cn.. Pa1
Janu.o- IS j
II. ;. Srxior9.
Ma: 1 uw.l please tend me two oozes ot ronrCt
l hal.c P its. ae&d them Immediate y.
Kesp-ctmit tours
P. . fAareujedcncdoxosOuriVIs andjtnd lAet.
Billx Vsk!n3 Ohio January 15 1MI.
Ilasar r-r.t. iso bn
Plea.eaod ludo edtien .-flfe eent f'-r wLIOtsel-c
n.i- i.u bo.f lourl'e hVIc PUI. TAcb-arafrwl
IA. leit JMU 1 have evtr intd.
tmcl - A. STOVER. P. It
l' - UeDa Ternoir W Mnaol uinat). 0--
Sirxn.!. IIass D:mber 11 11
It. (I k rami to. t. q
Iwlsar oi.& eiiu Urs or tarxt iho-w bills to brhi-
ynnrOerhall P.'iricr. paittcaarjr berorrmj etst
efs. If lOaluv asyttilpxo the kind leue sen I tome
UA rt in) cuetunier. bo 1. uttlecl to M.err bUi
le iticne. t iviallr la.ilna tvn da k) . cured of at
attticJtl one-'oi.rvyiuri'trwL1lh 1 se&.h.r.
K.vectfu.lj uar
1Y.U. w ...... A--
RxTSoLorsno JTiantlln Coa tT Ohio.)
Jsnnsr) t Lit.
rttacT C. Srat-Biso T.
Das. -ia: In-led Sad twenty See. cants &)f-
wh ch send boa of Ce htJlc Pil Send to adaret. i
Ker. Wm. II. ll-r llrinol nvrraltnl!oO-lo.
Xiiur J'Mi vurk He a clrm cure Jleidaehi olnvtH
tiutjnter. rm.r yours
ThtLASTi it enlxan Jisuirr 14. 18(1.
lla. ffrataitso.
rn: Not ong to ycnler aboxofCepha
lie 1111s for the c i e of the Kerrous Ileatache aarlco"
tleene.tan recel edlhe-ame .ndfAiy hlttto gootlaj-
effect hativailTiduudftiwdfor mors
Pteus lena oy return rr.sil. ItireLt to
A n. ni.J.l..ll
TptUAnu lllch.
'1 1
t W
. Iv
Trtstt'uJUimlnir.Sorfoli Td.
Cephalic PUsaceumplbhthaoblect for whkh thsy were
made rli: Oort of headache la all IU lorar
irOFii lAc Brawmer. Xtrfoli Ya.
TheyhaTabea tettedlamore tiauia thoo.ss4 tasae
wlurenbr. isoceu
from Me Dtmecral St. Cloud. Jfiiw.
"II yo-aare orhaTs been troubled ith th.beAds-it
end lor a box (Cephalic Pi!!)so that ton stay haiauejB
... but Ul .a MUTI.
i'rom IAi 2Tsviitnct.2.J.
The CephiUc Pit s are raid l b a ramarSsVy sffeeUT.
rtmedi tortheheadifa d ons of ths eery best or lis'
verjr Ir qntnt cuaiiU'al .hlch has ercr been dlscorcreo
Jtrtr th t Wtilcm B R. Oaiette. Chicago 1.
"WehearllT tadorn Mr. Spalding; And Us ua.lral -Uelull
irrom lAr SijnauAa foKty efcr. XanaaMAa Ta.
Wiia.eiareiba' peisons suaa e with lis hetdach.
whotry tneui wUlsseJt to'beci.
FnmtSi tovttrn nA.ifivftr. .Vew
Tryt em !jou that sresS.ced. andws artsurathsi
)9tir e.Umor.1 csa bs tdd lota already ruim-rouins
hit hai recelreJ &ens j th.t no othu medicine can ptv
From W SI Jjouit Benocrat.
Thflmtneaita temand fhr he articls (CsphalSe Pills) I
rapidly la levins.
jFom We Ouray Diire-tnort Jortr.
Hr ipaldlas won d n I o-snccl H name with ta ui
Mlehealdacttnout pQi-. r a' merit. ' ""
i"rotn las Jdfr-rtjer. J'rorUs-u-c.'B. I.
The eitliriinT In. hclrfaTorUrrt&r.fromthtBortxe
ipecabie qui'tcrs.
I e .
iVoni IA Da-IjF Xevl. Xncporl A 1
C'piuLc Pill. a. t Uevnjr. the pt c 'ofaS litdl.
rum tht CVTntmerelrf Hnltettx. Svil-m MU.
&.ldtabvTar7tfa.ii-itslor the eIaeha. fi'
I'rm IA Cttiam;m'aL Cuteinaaff fMfo.
&a.?uur haa-anlt can now ba rcUerid.
I.JBV 1 .
s."mtr il
'-.e.i.M? JH 1
- T-Jifaji )sSt
ft i
-i "' l!l r&? ; ."'
tST'll slnife bottle' or 8piLDINQ'3 PKKPAEit?
QLUK aliVara ten times Its cost anaaaUT. . ri
SPALDKa'8 Psta-Art J CLUE.'
13" " A Sines ix Tmn'sATsa Nu."sl
A aonldtnls wl 1 haprii tt tn wel rerouted fa I i ret de-lnbe w hsvs tome lep md csavtUtal
way forrep.Ir n Toys Ororie ry Ac
m.itsa'lsueh emrrrenclea an nohcnseholdeaa afford
ta b. without It ltli always ready and np to the stick
Inz poln'.
IT. If A Cre-h aecoaipsnlea escli Bottle. Price W
eats. Address
ICo. 4 Cellar Street Srr Toik
As eertAla snpr'aelpled penoas are AWespMsr te nil-
of on th antus petting tiuMla. lsat it'ooi of ay PRE-
I'AKED GLUE l w..u drt tlos all pt scuta sxasIbs
btfore pu-cbsslnf and sea that the fail wee.
ton the onUld wrapper ; salotrMri art iw!sdaassja.
tetlts. c
Keep eoastastlr for sale all klndi of Vsssss Carts
Timber Wheels. Wheal Earrowi it raids of the Iks
wooed material! -which will ha sold at redaced pdOb
Purchuex will tut & to their Interests to call asdexas
Iaorstocxsereparccaslii(elMwhtrt. Wo us Bon.
betBIaekLoeuatnube with WUU Oak Spokes and 7e-
toea. AUwork made bras warranted. aort-wtx
1.B IHiaeral. As Tela.
Orrnsmnl these AlTcctiaaa onlrl
T t PtniM. FUtsea resn trial ot tali "HhtrttM'
IftvwOrlatia&b raUT tested Its poWiHsad riicm
ttoaeprajadlte wMcl pbraldani md ti panili .taeralh
hare azahiii an advertised medldsv. br Its mrarliB.r m
eew lo all Urethral UUeaaea. ncl. a i!roaorrtcaa. roal(
OonoTrt-tnu Olf Upaxmodlc Stricture. OrareL XmnU
of tha Bladder and Urethra. Affections ot the audseraTIx
coatlaenc of the Brine. Wfaltea. eic
r no uzmza arc nroneiy PKoamenaed u trr is
It rcperiorlty over every preparation i
It U onrslrveretable. sad not aanseona. eaa ba take.
wiuontear or aeucuon ana ezect a cars la from urt
to etznt dan.
We rtromnr recoiiunend this Mixture In those old atu
obstinate cases of Gleet In males and Whltei la female
which harraai patlesUj ao mcdi ooth in bodr 3 olsd.
In aU ordmirr-casea one hnttla wiU aniScav PIUOl
It would te weUacueiorChrscleOonorrhaiaandaiMi.
tanselgconatctlonwithths Mtxttreonr-Caaphontf
Balladonaa InlecUon." Price pPhliLMceati.
Vtmnt reelclnx at a distance wUhic f to eon nlt Dr. L. t
Thomson hz corcpUcated cases where the tflxtnre ma
have failed or for anj other Hracino XHjeue can do a
by wrlLu a foil titxtil of their case. Address to hhz
Rjoozxzct erery rreneh IsheT has the a!cnatnre r
DR. LlKOI.iad tichEatiUhlaSel the fao-sunile slea
tars of L. V. TUOabOH h CO
Bole Proprietors No lUCaroactfetstreet
Hew Urleaaa. La.
Sr-TherennbearUcisan ba had slH.CL.A8GB
OrrSDraixistKarXet street sola AxentforQalreatof
lot ma details and dlractlocj.procnrL.C.T.a''iis-
tlse' to be hadf rra of cAargc. from tha Axeats.
leT-wtw re
onruopjEDic iummiwS
So SIS Coromfof-t street osfween. Qlrod. end Jiu
tireett KevOrteeonaZa
THIS ISSTlTDTIOKls ow ooen for lis special tfa
Steal Treatment ot all dttormlllef cf tn body
nothcoisenltalandastaired ncbu TfrrMecIt CLir
root Clns-Hind Distortions ct tht Seine ct Joint.
anchylosis xiuiocauona uontrseuon com Barn.
Wounds tic Sp-djJ etteatloa will .'jo oe paid to tl.
RADICAL CURE of Hernia. Vt lea Vanal rural
falr-LIp ana Cleft Palate and tha treatment of all dV
-asea of the Cenito-Urlnarr orxans.
Ereryattentioapaldtotheoomrortand welfarsof U.
Wllte penoas fren Sx to 36 per day.
81ires.....a..........aaaai tv do.
Operations charged extra.
Ail appucaa
1 appUcattoas or letters shonld be addressed to
uoa.i.uurrij asunurraai.
W nfle hoarib frAn.1 tna v. w -Bie-t-w.
Bxnrxza aaaoaaz anr. oaaossxratr rra.
Ttins ISaTlTUTIOS lsopen. forihe recepeos of per
JL sons affected wllh dlseasea of tha Ere-
Xh bulldln la new the rooms are large and alr
Erery attention will ba paid to the comfort of patiests.
Wards devoted to the treatment of Stares with Xv
A competent Physician resides la the house.
Wasria from S3 toss per dar. If mom. I per d)
ssnis 2S "
Ur. Sasinel A. Cir-.wrUi- I E. KendiH Carter & O
Dr. E. D. Tenner. I YrtllstxSU-tZK3tG-Or.
SAmntl Choppuu I B. C. Chmmhiri t Co.
Byrne. Vanes Co.
Georze U. VlnteB
OS Pordru street between Camp and St-Chaiica !-
' -- ISewOneaaa.
islllnet of erery description si oaiiafA-'lnrer's prioea
Axtsta for the rats of K. Hoe's Presses and Ju. Co
-r A Sons' fypea.
eaftv Old T yp tahen la axehas xa for arw at 19 eats t
laad Aaeond-haad Prs-me. hnfiant aad sold.
115 UAH AL dTKl-hrr. nXW USLEAS3.
ITlno V9"atob. Clrxilts. Jowelry XSD PLATED IVAitr-
lsaanrracl v -9 to una
Silvevw x-w ami Jwelry.
MsrehH.lVI wA'w. t
lzu froa 8 to 10 InthrJ diameter of Cjliadei
fn.m IK to SO hone-jo""
from IS to to feet diaatte
r.sXNtsa PTjups
from S to S3 Isei dlamc e.
tILLS with both Iron ssi Wooden mnes will Ha
oei' Koclrer Boxes and 8 eanu'PauntXecentricBe.
51. : and S3 dlamtter
aehes la Clineter byllfHtloiu and icared foreitn.
jorse o r steam power.- -
or all sacs.
tociM la dliattcr and toa II to W ft Ion
np to 73 Inches la dlsaetcr
cf various !;.
SIHTEL H. Giiarf
ConnrotSt.ChsjrIesaadOraTtr8trseW. -NEW
So. 31 Cams Street
Blank Soolc IVIarxTiiactory.
nr Ws sollelt a can aad examination of onr Stock am!
WorlCpmlasa to purclmlrj or crderlni.
General tatIon-r Printer and
Blank Book atanntactnrers.
M Camp S-Teel.
Sa. i (Nw no. ip) canal street.
" Das eonilAntly oa hand and la aa th time reealTin
itEblUAL EOOE3. sad
Of erery kind adai ted to the wants of the Soo'tera trade
taf Country M rdiaats will b. .applied ntoa ha mo
rararat) mnw .d pror.H onJ mt eat aa their r-
ders SI td for LA W or HEMD L PO-iKt a- a ditw"r
offths pubUha's pric wK'i rsialt baytrs will II d.
n of th i ttoa. a Mirtmente or Oensral and MliseUn-
ous Books to be foand La tha South.
y - T. a POWELL A CO.
Importers and Jobbers of
CB P Svv-
Hreea Trimmings
Wllta Goods. Lsces EmbroUerlei. C-arata. Gloves so
Hcierj Straw Goods and MhTnery
jio. BO Ilanil ear rt. Srw Orleans.
j. i. lcs - ce.
Hats rtmovsd to their nrw and epsclons Wanhoass.
74 L Charles t) t.
One Mock abot tha St. Charles Hjttl New Orltaai.
CAKKIAOI A.B HAiWEsb Ol erj deaer p noa
alwarsonhandtalse. completaassortmentorCoach
TrtmmlTur. xA tvch Hf1w... ATSa-wti-
s Be W. etAYSK
(Lais of Tsylor- Rsyas'i.)
Wk4wra Bt Sfee M. Mst Wfwe.
No. a UAfailnt . opposastht Arcads.
"ro 9M4uirK Street
-TI9-1fl SsTrTOIlIJUHl
Wfceel-TOTrlsht-Worlc Keuowitorj j-
Sa' 9 78 etc 72 Carandoiet i-um J
KeesicuMUa-JyaatAnda lugi assoruimit K
wacb.w. -1
OX and 1
TAtV&3 &r Aa.
AadAUctacartlueslatl;slnie.uiaati.irrareUe I
Lownuczt. ?t
Br-pnrchaaerawiaindjteto laalr Inte-eU oealt
Ureetthelr merchants to da o. Factorr Ho.1 Scrt 1
'"hlrdtuett ralte-ieliiua.
aAggrCoilAWHilea wU dhrpuclt.
ocas-wi i t
This Is tie only w ttamj ijia ffersisia ric hv
uAf. ftasa this that arc to iAIai aad -e-sT m
Let mothers b. timely wuned. aad not allow thee
d anrdcrera "o rernahr la th. sTsteani oT Uwlr o&
PTZ. RimssnberthAt
QI at osc and forererlriiIh the reptiles and lis
ounA-wUIbesareJ. Think of this. I
Cotantl VKr of iulps la a lesUr te J. W.
'y. Esq.. or hw Aberdeoa Uouuratlre. thn wind :
p a oommuniciaioai on th Tain of Ini. medicine so
isown family: "Jly experlsaie his coa(rdn.s till
a the experiment rc wia Winer's Cansdlo Ytni-
ltUladnetohamaiiitr.Mwtllas lothemannfactorerFi
. tht osuieinev to mryubllo tha result cf my cts-.r. f
TSlinedJ h VA3SEIV I"
TheVeimIfifUforjawhoUaa!e andre- U.D7 I
StasdUlLitru street.
Sole Prcprlet v. i
the onrEr among ten tkouhand.
si unlTeiuIly Mpolanted aU other CX2itc.aiU ad berkt
izappueaUcaa!nboththrA)Ursasd W tmHmmi.J)
pherei wtsiirtr latrodaced; ui lu Inttnac mtrli u
is true secret ufhsneoesa hrQ enfeinsows offKUotm '
'leii.catdtj accUmlotdlaait
t - THX7EJiiJ0rriII3CiSRT.
a CUIdreaart ftfOTei.taf-ererftrcneiteniltatar'e
espeeaUFy Zrutn fluid andfJsphenvEsputftussihsre- y
'lore every mother tiara this heumx pnrpw-
ttton constantly on hand atbeal. nore Bre.ui a
.qnlclLl Maims ua TillJtS or JUNle WUaUt. so
jirevalent la tac nursery.
J The Marhli.Mths Trarler. aad erery ether tsSl- j
;rlaual whose lot la tfetnrows cha wltala tha '
chance of accident rrcm ex p-oaion. Ins er coICaxf. k
srcniidbeauriaciI.dlhiTtMsTlaaital ExtracorlaabeeA
aud 00.7 irknd- &la botainnavla aad eheap. aac
shuuh. arrro. his compaivaTn aa a friend la aettf. -r
'rnereszetlionaanCaotllT-lnKT wlinease to testify .a- i
.ua marrfcluu virtue wnoowe their limbaand uic:-
jTht followiax art a few of the UaiSnf almm S t
PREVENTIVE as well as CUKE :
Eirsfpelsl Sor-s ot all ii.
StSLuIa. tj f.hnt Kmi.A
tntm I tm DIVC9
rokes Breast Feeer gores.
Jti4 of Kewia. Pelona.
Bears T.
sneer G!rr Dbessix ca!dHnc!
racxea laps sercuiiaicsires cp;
nappi tianns rsans senerauy
nrft-i-. Pimples
ran. p. j-ues.
on&acted CorcXPolrcn.
aafe Khtomatism.
isessea ci osoi.r.ainea.-
Venreal Seres. J e
lr.ll ... Ji:rri - . T. . . .
and 151 Utiles street. New thles.b) J.WKIuUT 2
COOtceal Aitent. It cm also ie obtained of ab re- r
actable lFr&2is and alerchsnls thrcUsaloct the UmteU
atesand i.n ala
for UmatwUrfr JwioJeaiIeandrttAl!bT -
Stand la Cnutre strees -"
G eneraiaVsenta
a the strictest Phancacantical Prindplea by osa e tha Jk
atu Chemiats or the aier rtneiare of
eaeal Debty
afanutand Physical Orprisslca.
Dttarmlnatlos or Blood to tie Head.
Confuted lce
General IniubEty.
BleeiilcamusAt NIat..
aeactof MnscnlirlSdescy -.
loss or Applets. -
Disono-iCnn cf tha
urpux. of uencratteo
Pa.paM)n of the Hdut
for tale la Jf tw Orieass and retau. 07
anauiinnn.etrct. t-
Oeneral Aaenta. .
T. I. B
No. 5 Cajie wrnirr.Nr
ipcrter and Dealer la the InerdeeoipUou oz WatcosM
tor Ladles and GeaUcma -'' jt
ri.NOEB rttjlto. EAR kt.SOs
'SOTACLSs w ux aa sunti
SILVERWAEE tuje te rs-irnality. -
Arccnla aaentlou arvett to reiaanna Ifins WatasT
rir.sie Ip-ioa of oita Jawe&y a uinrorra la t 3
lnMioad. r vt. a.d t an. ua) ktad. Jjar
M TV .... U .Tt.. D.u..l..V.1 .. . 1.
alon set tn erer; str.e of tlpcXkeies. at ery rui
awa. and .mran teed ia erery pargcUMtr.
GKEuOltt CO.
Dae.i. is
td.piofotaaaa yjttvx uwv03 "
Ot-Ii ilamGnftUoas t Wao!c i BL
?ebbl topoct-tsolea.
Th-!ritw itsil t itjr rMJ-edprin.
juturf -ad V our JT KwtfiyjjtsSEL afXtn rei
ve losL4r5. F ar iuaei drMaity aa ct-
Zt lry A.r n .wlfp-.-'ri .h.Tl
vVtuj.ei d.J-yxt.rrel-Qd wjTa-4.
em auaU r LDr ajr Ttt R.
ig liuoni rx poa oiT wiuui w w Jstzs"
ill-CCTa 0viij di-a 13 tpr :.
a4 iW a ixy il
iU A .enei-t vaorenc of K.2a SosG.
AaiuUjLi. Corx C&A.f aad Cai stNtr iNcTnth-
- sCtcIwrwtr
iilhlOE & SiJivllv)
flew urlestus
Vould respectfully call th. atteanoa ot countrr ar
eis&ta to their ? and wen selected stuckot
oa.l7 aad 1 New Larec a 13 anu 17 i-a-ton sr-ed
aortl-wlT . .
A.'S.'jyXBT iaS- 1KAIB.
. . 41
'SSi Ciartres Street-
( -v C - .
-axa '
Copuesxt-Plato A?ritor.
17 St. Charle. Buret. .ew Orleans.
7ISITIXO and Weudu Cards. ele(tlyVii!ST:t
WeddkiK Envelopea and paper atnooased with X. a
eSmetxla without charxe fox die. Busln-s Cards e.
lisds. Drafts. Btlcr ExFmasxe.Chicks. 4r mrs-l
aid nthoenphed Door Plat's Silverware and st;
ranch of Ea.nvici eifcuted with the sreMest nratlee .
ldcare. s3f" Orders br u- - rteadedto with dispAA-1
IBOHPS05 it ftUS
nur.Tss ct
ND EVERT rarletT of- Step- andTaoiy GrooUt '
O. xboacco Cljort. WutxMiLt-puri ita So.l. a .
d S3 Oommon street Ntw Urk-nns.
r Orders from Texas t pecrJSly soHcfied aad prom j. u
r attended to.
fioodsat the IQwert markAt priUAndxnarantaidi&.v-a-rpartlcnlAr.
' . octss.wit
J0i.n.iaau...u.....'l...saa03.icuai .
JOS. H. I. iV. iJlAKliS
lfllOliiAie tro aad Commission StrtasaU
Nw.43 45 47 NrflJTli
A 33 33 tt 37 ro ns Sum
Bstwean. PoydrAS and Grarler Streets
marS-wly Nrw Oarjaaa.
EJ.ll.lKTAtU.OSuOXKS AND COil 4.-1
. SlOJl UEKCHASTi'.loa.niaii.J.TcSroUe'i.M
taef- Asw OrleataVaBalers ti Ziv' of all sij
draadT.ula WhliXtri.Kunii-annea Card .Teas. . 0.
snear Cbears Tobacco
aalpnat. of Qttlnhia by the jasa. an.1 tt'ipis Pmxt i.4
Paper of all iocx una spina kletcnnps Puklea. riia
ttzrea. Hams Lard oacon. Boztea Cheisse. Seef Pork a
uidaliklndsoi atapl. and Pancy Groeerl aos-wir
CLliTi.Lltft OttTULIistl
KOBKKf flThLV The waacrtferevemf-it.auv em
hand on. of the- !ra and best selected jtccXt t
achhia aud Qents r&rcaihinx Goods found tnthaSont
Tho. mte&ie.tvrrtm. f.w tmeans. wousa aa w ta
j Ion his at nls expensive Aatab.ltriTr.enl where can In
( inna y articUl aectawirvfor a.tieaAa s ontct.
r Guods.
uuyi araaaiv 'auicaL'u.vrT.t.uR-
(unixr GuodA.. Dont fomt'tt.4 jLki .putl. ii
t..-isii.w. w. v.-
rsmcessc- to -eatung a aCvtti
So.UUssilnconiei UnTiusTreKs.
' ' New Orleans.
5 joay a scott; co
No. St (vmberastreet.oppblfcPark
New Tork.
apl-wly -
NsAJiVBcVlURPcaV'H.lkV'No.s:. Royal itreri
w Orleans Deanln eerwlftcre. PeaiA.1- af a-
trosiet. AcolnoAXMs CAOtrv7tz6lei and .Terr .-'.-erlption
of Uouseliold ruraitaiav of tha testuiaaaf -
FSetsorruriuttfrsoompiiti ta.sswi rwooa. 2tAaoS2i u
Watnstf Also Parlor and ChASiber svtiof erejrv var.ty
ColOsie Chxmber eta bAtated and enannllstl. Chsiit
WwlntandA udTabteA boxed s
AlljrondarekMwUhtbcsraareft cart. h.lS-wis
SLABS STAUFTKl: A CO- ft Can. street and IS
and IS Cn.-4nl-Hoiueearfet.Nrw Orleans. Impor.
ters and Dealers Id ."or-lxn Aad Done.'lr. Hsrdwarc
Swedes. American and- Enelh& tna. StHl. Tin r.t.
Tlnnei. MswrJals and Tools BrAiiera Copper hf"'
Im.1 In-JwnMl. Ir-Mwrfl... fl. lull tnf ... ..a tf..
rjUniaialr'sSararPlo-SFtha.asd Calhoun & Atkiu-wa s.
R d's.Halt ASpMr's.uid John-Jabes Albert Una's
Cotton Ploehs. llinu; OUa. Glass Mai stosw 1114
Irons Gin Oeuiitc Uln Uakers stark. 0 A
fvtaaftSiz'icalanrt ted A.XO. alark. StanffeT A l?oa and
Sluk's solid and tUat
AfeaUI0ruswia vor.urr. xaaaiaear.
rtnl r-nrtb;.jlw Mills. The VldL'e. JtOSUaTl. & U.'A
F3eJaiuuiJROttrand.-)B.ZUiCanu: ibclv..-
Also Ensaiah SiFvithhM Cojptr and -iiuiii t-ateat
Sheathlai Slats ia.L QCtlS-WK
a PIG FATTewiEuj-r asLr iuavia3UAUTi
ra ana ujat.acon u. .wi.
rertor Is 0 ! .tSmusli ihs nio:
Of Thorlrf rrvixl frsdll
ndtbsIAa siDWeUuiof T03iicri)rl"&-aft.
r -".. SZ '- t- .. - 1 .. '-
x ito rwnyjr
f p innwiMf vv.f
71 ti 1- yw.-if -.. iyRnTiuv(o v rinierpnsci
- -

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