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Glorious News!!!
We have the pleasure of laying before oar readers
translations oi official document- recciTi-tl by i ue
Uay's mail communicating the GLORIOUS NEWS
that the whole Spanish army nmlcr the command of
General Isidro Barradas which landed near Tain-
pico on the 4th of August hail suxreudcrcd on the
llth of September to the Mexican wemy under the
command of Generals Santa Ana ainLTKRAN. Thi-
bighly important event was celebrated dMnsflacc
hytbe arias; of cannon and by nch oner demon-
ntratioM of joy as the means of ouVinfant town
'would permit I
There arc few if any events which produce a
more jntense interest than a dccisivc(aattlc or mil-
itary movement. The political fate of nations and
the freedom or slavery of millions have often turn-
ed upon the events of a single day and hence that
peculiar and indiscnbabic anxiety watcn pervades
all clashes pending a military operation of impor-
: taace. We have a striking exemplification of this
' -in lh lat invasion of our countrv bv the Soaniards.
The Mexicans were deeply and personally intcrest-
- ed and the irec and iincrai oi otnernauons were
.animated with good wi-hcs lor a people who were
ozhtincr in defence of their homes thei liberty and
their country. But the hopes of manywere proba-
5ly not unmixed with doubts and fear whether
. The institutions ot wis iniani repuouc ana acquirca
j that system and stability necessary to sustain the
taock and paralyze tne niow aimea ay apain at
their political existence. The result ofTfce late in-
vasioa and the surrender of the whole Spadub army
. in the short term of thirtv-seven days ai
lientauoas disemoarcauon ai i amnico
it waa never able to leave will have the el
vt those donbte and to proclaim to tni
it fiwt mminiii Knnonc ajinoura in u
rad although it has been said by our enei
ane government wescrnraoiiugoeioreiH
tafnaa. am. mtt with the nromntneM and e
tare age and the strength of anion if it
lio do so.
This triumph cannot fail to have a d
'nee It affords a proof that there is uni
anoiMBvaavsagst uk .-nexnas ami ii
tr dinnate the manv erroneous impi
-have been disseminated abroad on that
briU rive new and invieorated confidi
"freatmass of the people and thus add ii
their nhvsical strentrth : it affords a pi
'ate of the imnortanee of nnion and harmi
.will -teach the Spaniard that instead ol
friends amount the political parties of M
will meet a Natiow or Freemcv firmly
resolved to die rather than yield one
There probawj
e influ-
arid pa-
t; it
to the
and it
pec ting
was a
ieoplc o.i t-.irlti mure gnu rally unitnl on any one
Miliject than tin .Mi-xiran.irp in i:i.o-:tioii andlia-
tnil to tin Spani.inlo. Tin- Im-tihty h.n greatly in-
creased -inci- Ui'i owin partly t J tin intriin-s of
the 3.;iiu:ir.l- irim niii.iiinil in tliu iisition ami tlu-ir
rirorts to create cmlusiDii and rciii-jiir.icic-. which
finally earned tlic-ir iajiuImoii: ami partly to tin: nb-
stiuary of Frnlitiaml in refusing to aekuunlide
Mexican iudepi ml ui.c.
At that linn- (lU.!i) Mexico w.u lo-t to the mo-
ther country forever and it would seem a- t!uiii-li
sound policy n ipiired a prompt recognition of litr
iudi'jiendeiicc for by that art Spain imht have se-
cured nearly the whole of the Mexican toimum-c.
The habit-ol Uic peole would have naturally inclined
'.them to give the- M'jfcrenoc to pnnicti ft'rrcfi'nriuTr'
ami to Siani-h merchant- for tliry uevi r bad i :i'ii
accustomed to any other; addrd to ubii h a
ily of religion and Janguae vrnuM bun rtat
weight; and thus Spain uiitit b.if ticrivn! aiu:u:l
as much aiUautai;c from .Mi'Mco :i !n; ili.i m llie
days of her dcjiotio dominion iV?r lit r roii.iiii rcial
prolits would not h.ic been ha rcid uil!i ll.i; i.nor-
iwiii cpnip of keeping up the Spa:.i'!i ow i r in tb:-
country and whu h in mjiim- yiar; e;- -idd t: in-
come to ay uoiliin ol th- iiiiiii'.ii-:' l.i- ol .in n in
the iimncroii- army that u::- netc-ary to j..iru-ou
the whole ol .New spam. 'I be be-t i:i:ere-t- ofth. han: tbut -irriiicn! ! llie o!i-
stiuacy pf tlair kiliic. Ibur !o;i tl.c Spaniard- mil
rub.iut to sum abjeet ul)j.ctto:i to the mil of one
man it ii iwKi::ibl" to -ay ! They appear to lnic
lust all energy and all t of duty to theiii-eli-
or they would n-e in ma- and replace the cou-titu-tion
on ibe political altar- of tniir country; and
lia-ten to i:tead tU- baud of Iricud-bip and Iratcrui-
ty to me iiii'epi ntient govcrruueiit- ul -iintrica.
The re-ull ! the lat- irn a'ion it i- hoped ill open
the eyes ol the -pani-Ii people and Miew them their
true intere-U cvt n :l it -ninild have no weight with
Ferdinand; and ie cannot but belx-vc that the re
cognition ol our mdepuideiicc by Apain - mar at
Iiuik!. The tine has oow arrived when this event
would do no harm and it ti even desirable not
that the mire lact whether Spam ever acknowledge-
the independence of Mexico or not i- of any iuijior-
tancc to the staliilitv or -ecuritv of this government:
for it u not but it would open more widclr the rloor
oi commerce and piiitanthropy would rejoice to -re
inc unionnaic spaniams wno n ivc occn expelltd
from Mexico restored in peace to their home bv a
removal of the state of things which rendered tbeir
expulsion necessary cXioIicnt and just.
It is truly fortunate for the AraricatiF that Ferdi-
nand has been so obstinate. Without intending it
he has perforincd an essential service to Spanish' A-
mcrica and greatly promoted the cause of liberty
and the progress of intellectual improvement through-
out its whole extent by refusing to rccogni-c itt in-
dependence; for the natural rcstlt of that measure
if it had been adopted at an early day. would hate
been an active commercial anil friendly intercourse
between Spain and the people o.'thc new states and
tudi an intercourse at that time before their ancient
prejudices had been weakened or removed would
not have been favorable to the progress of intelligence
or to the cause of freedom. No rays of light would
have everemenated from Spain to aid in disipating
the mental darkness in which the policy of this same
Spain had envcIod her American possessions; but
on the contrary there would have been constant im-
portations of fanatic and monarchical precept'
which would have been cunningly infused into the
minds of the Americans. The people of Spanish A-
mericaat this time understand their own rights and
their true interest? and they know how to appreciate
the blessings of libertv; they also fully understand
Spani-h principles and the Spanish character. Mer-
cbmts of all other nations have freely participated in
their commerce and all the old partialities for Spani-h
goods arc totally removed. The recognition of the
in lepen.lcncc of Spanish America therefore at this
time would do no harm; America would derive some
bcie.'it from it and Spain a rrcat deal and there
would be an active commerce .with the islands of
C ib i and Porto-Rico.
When the fate of the "Van Guard" of the inva-
ding army is known it will no doubt halt the u main
kutv 11 fnr ifHtfln mpn .n itnrif-lf. i!irH nnn fi-n
beyond the place of tbeir diseabarcation and were I
compelled to surnndr in the short -pae ol thirty-
seveli !'iys mid that too without any lo-- nf uuu
on the part of the Mexican- worth ineiitiuuing: what
can the "inain bodj" expictfiotv that the iintiou
i- iinilrr aim- ami reaily to mwc tbtm! They
ti.utn.-ht not tiexi-ct a bittir late than tl.e "va.i
guard'' and inditil Ibey will In: lortiilutc iltluy
li.titivitb uoor-e.
The lb-leal of the Sp:mih expedition i-a Inrlmiat
Mint ieed uilli a relerence to the iiiihii-n-cit ui!l
h.i- on the projre:- of unproiemt nt in Texa-: it will
gneinorr onliili mc to tl.c niL-i:inl-:ii.d it willai.-o
euabh the gi rnint nt to ih-totea jorti(-.of it-a(-trillion
in promote the advancement of this as well
a every ulher part of the natidn'We" hare there-
fore abundant miw to rejoice both :m Mi-xicar.s
and ruTcxian-. at the triumph of our cotintri.
Long live the
Republic X X X
Tin: mi:m ..n i:.i.K has m;ain ti-
rM!'i!i:i) Tin: mloud lion
of caviiu:.
The Spaunird' nhmland to tollute our l.ore?
nitb uxir taib.illoived In I uirc cuuipi Hid toi:r-
n uili r on the 1 1 tli till . u ith all tbeir arm- lb'.-- niu-
uitiotii of ami all the fund- of their military
chi -t:i- will appear hy the annexed article-of caju-
tiilation to whu h they v.ere obliged to aecnii. All
i.ti ut a-botiorible lortlit-glor ol our nation a-it
is di-rai el'ul to the tj rant of Madrid i- nor thy of
being ci li-hmteil with every de-criplion of public re-
joicin.' and ou will tberelore iau-e this inloniia-
tiou to be irri:l.iti d auiou tin in op-
dtr that they may join in the ilemon-tntioii of pub-
lic joy with all the iitht:na;in and inttre-t of ln-i-
men nip) di te-t i- ry ih-vription ol di -potie pov. -er.
Cod and Lihurty .Bexar l-H)ct . VJil.
To i uk Alcaldi: or Austin
Jll 1'iublo- icjo Slate of Tamauli'pas
tVe-enl the following olTiccr-: Colonel I'eilro San
dcro Major-GcneraloftheAnny of Operation; Jo-
!c Ignacio lharri Colonel of'-. inccr and Antonio
Mcjia Colonel of the Third ' .:alion appointed
by his Excellency the General in ief of the Mex-
ican Army Antonio Lopez tie Sant.- na; and the
otliccrof the invading army: Brigadirr General Don
Jose MigucrSalomati and Lieut. Colo.n I Don Ful-
gencio Sala Chief of the Staff appo-: led by the
General of the SjKini-h troops invading tl Mexi-
can Republic Don Isidro Baradas: And ::fttr an
interchange of their respective power for !c pur-
pose pf funning the articles of t-apitulalinn which
are to be -ubniittcd to by the latter and guaranteed
hy the former in conformity with tjie official corres-
pondence whici) ha passed on tnc subject the par-
ties a creed upon the following article-:
I . To-morrow morning at 9 o'clock the Spanish
forces hall evacuate the (ort occupied by thtm nt
the bar. The officers will retain their w-on!-- and
the troops will march out with drums heating and
underarms which they will deliver together with
all munitions of war and public property belonging
to the army to the Mexican divi-ion under tin:
command of his Excellency Manuel tie MinyTrran
Second Chief of the army who occupies the position
railed Dona Cecelia on the old road to Altamira
The viid troops will then march into the city of
Tnmpico dc Tamaulipas with their officers who will
retain their sword-'.
'2. The day after to-morrow at fi o'clock in the
morning the whole division of the Spani-h General
that occupies Tampicoof Tamanlina- -hall march
out in the' same manner prescribed for the force at
the bar and deliver up their nrm standard- muni-
tions of war and all public property belonging to the
army at the barracks of Altamira under the com
mand of his excellency the General Manuel delMitr
j Tcran. The officers will retain their s wurdi.

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