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Transportation Line.
THE undersigned impressed with the belief that a great
portion of the trade from Rio Grande City (Clay Dais')
Mier Loredo and oflicrpSints on trio Rio Grande will pass
through Corpus Christi have determined to establish lines
of transportation for freight and passengers from here or
'from New Orleans to Ih above points at the follow inn rates :
From Corpus ChriAi to Loredo per 100 lbs. 00
Return Freight . ' 1 50
Corpus Christi to Rio Grande City . " 2 00
Return freight " 130
Corpus Christi to Miff ' " 2 00
Ucturn freight . ". " ' 1 M
From New Orleans to Corpus Christi pcrbbl 1 23
From New Orleans to cither of the above mention-
ed points per 100 lbs. 3 25
Sick freight to New Orleans " " " 2 'Jj
In addition to the aboc points a line will he run to San
Antonio de Bexar (110 miles) from Corpus Christi at the
following rales: '
Back freight " " " ' 73
From Corpus Christi to San Antonio per 100 lb. 1 Ot)
These wagons will start every two weeks and run at all
seasons and it is intended so to arrange tluir departure that
goods brought down in the semi-monthly packets from New
Orleans can he taken away as soon as landed so that the
method of conveyance will combine besides cheapness and
safety expedition.
From the central position of Corpus Christi to all the
enumerated poilns and in fict to all the Upper Rio Grande
Country the undersigned Hatter themselves that their under-
taking ill meet with success.
All information desired will be liberally imparted By the
J. IT. BLOOD Commission Merchant
New Orleans.
E. FITZGERALD Corpus Christi.
IT. CLAY DAVIS Rio Grande City.
sopl") Audit for the Proprietor.
General Cntnnitsion and Voncardhig Merchants
Corpus Christi Texas
WILL attend to the receipt or goods from New Orleans
and other places for the points on the Itu. Grande audio
Bexar. They will also attend to the shipment of such articles
of produce as may be sent troin those laces to New Orleans
through tin plica. sep I!)
A T T O 11 1 E Y A T I. A W
Will practice in the counties of Starr Webb Camtron
San Patricio Ilifugio and Nuecc and will attend to the
collection of Note- Moods and Accounts; locating land
cramming title5 etc. A ten years rei-idcnie in Wcjlirn
Texas gues luni opportunities for mfonnilion in Landed
IWatlcrs that leu possess.
For information etc. he refers to;
Col. II. L. Kixxkv Corpus Christi;
Tiios F. McKinm:y Galveston-
J. II. Blood Merchant New Orleans;
H. C. Davis Rio Grand City. sop 19
Corpus Christi Hotel.
Formerly calk-d the "Khuny Ilcuse" hiving now heroine
the property of .Mr. George Noc-hI well known to the
citizens of Texas as mine host of "Noiscl's HoIlI" at
Bastrop and the ' Colorado Utchangc lintel' at Matagorda.
Mr. Nocsel has the lionor to inform citizen" and strangers
in general that the above I ou-c iww open tor the reception
ot all tho-e who may favor luni with a tall. lie Halters
himself that he is too" well known to make further comment
netessarv. The house is now boms materially improicil lor
the coiiitort and comenienrc ol Ins cu-tomirs; and as the
proprietor has fishermen and huntsmen engnged Ins tabic
will alwas be well upphul with lVh Oytcr. ami Game
it all de-tription-. Tne Bar will nivvjys'bc well supplied
with the choite-l Wines and L-quor-.
l'K ices of tiik court's ciiniSTi nori:i..
For each meal SO ."0
Board by the day without lodging 1 UO
lr lodging 50
Board and lodging per month 30 00
Board by the month without lodging 25 01)
For a hone feed SO
Taking care of a horse liv the ilav 1 00
scplO " GEO. NOESSEL" Proprietor.
Administration Notice.
THE under-eincd having licin appointed by thr Hon.
the Probate Court of the county of Nuccis State of Tc.a-
ndimnistrator on the tstntc ot" Bartlett Annibal deceased
Notice is hereby given to all ptrons indebted to said estate
to come forward and settle ihe claims against thciii and to
all persons having claims against said estate to tile fhem
within the Hue prcscribcil In law or they will be forever
Corpus Christi Sept 19. Administrator.
Having been appointed ascnl for the proprietors of the
town of Corpus Christi and jhat hrge and b aotifiil section
of country adj'ii.iini' comprising upwaids of forty leagues
I will beprcpircd at all tiino to give information as il-oto
show the property cither town or country which from it-
position and natural advantages offer inducements to the en-
terprising seldom met with. The lands will not be sold to
any w ho do not intend to become aUual settlers. All letters
adJrcsscd to inc. post paid will inci t prompt attention.
O" Galveston Civilian and New OrlcansDelU will copy
three months and send atcount to this office.
dry!odsstore: '
Wm. L. CA7sr.AU being nuw in the northern cities for the
purpose of laying in a complete stock of Dry Good- is de-
sirous of selling off his stock now on hand and in order to
induce purchasers to come forward the prices hac been re-
duced. Come one -come all. sepill
New York and Corpus Christi Packet.
The A 1 fist sailing Inrk MuPANG Capt. Simpton.w ill
ruircgularly in this trade and is to sail from New York
about the If l of November which affords a favorable oppor-
tunity for shipments from that point. Forfurthcr particulars
apply to W. MANN fcCO Agents
. . Corpus Christi.
sept. 26 J. H. BLOOD & Co. Agents N. Orleans.
The undersigned i3in daily expectation of receiving a bjrgc
andcompletc assortment of Dry Goods selected and manuTac-
turcd expressly for the Mexican trade and would respectfully
call the attention of Mexican Merchants and Traders to (his
point as being the most convenient and cheapest to make
their purchases. Try it and you will be convinced.
scp20 WJI. h. CAZNEAU.
F. BELDEN and CO. Merchants
Will receive and sell Goods of all kinds on commission and
will forward merchandize entrusted to their care to any part
the state or Mexico.
Corpus Christi Oct. 10 IS IS.
OXEN::::100 3'oke of gentle work oxen
'for sale low. Apply to
Corpus Christi Oct. 10.
Whiskay and Tobacco In store and
for ale by nlO 11 OHLKK.
Flour Bacon and Lard The sub-
scriber has on bind about 1C0 bids superfine Hour a fresh
and sweet article which In- will dispose or at moderate
rates if iipplieation be soon unde.'
lie has aIo in store a hit of prune western cured bacon
mil lard winch will be sold low.
j2 n. onu:n.
Boots and Shoos . A lot of first
qinlily in tore and for s-ilehy olll AS M L PA'.XI'AU
II a ts . Campeaclry and American.
n sinn-nnd fur iln liv cilfl WM. L. CA'M'.AU.
I'.iv votir State Licences and save costs.
oct3 Ascsnr and Collcitor Nueces county.
Fresh Groceries and Provisions.
L. OlILEIl hasjiist received an assortment of Groceries
and Provisions which will be sold on reasonable terms.
Among other articles his stotk comprises
Flour Bacon
Lard Butttr
Potatoes Onions
Corn Meal Sourcrout
ntl Pliers'. p.
Hums and Mackerel. Sugar cured
Hams and fresh Mackcicl. in Mure and for sale by
nil) i: ( ilILl'.l?.
Powder and Lead. A small supply
of Dnponl's lines'. Ponder and bar Lead ii store and for
.i-1 ' I nrir ii
STIC H Kill 'iim.......
Purchase of Ccn.v. The New York papers have
several times spoken of the offers made by the Span-
ish Government to sell Cuba to the United States. A
late number of the N. Y. Herald has a letter from Mad-
rid which states that the Court of Madrid appear to
be very anxious to sell and tint the Hon. John M.
Uotts of Virginia has been written (o and requested
to bring the subject before Congress.
Since the annexation of Texas no subject of equal
importance with this has been brought before our Con-
gress. In caso of a future war with any maritime
power the posbcssion of Cuba would be of the first
importance to the United States giving us the com-
mand of the Gulf; and should the ship canal ever be
cut through the Isthmus of Tcliuantcpce w c could
control the immense commerce of the Kast. We
hope the purclnse may be i omplrtcd at the next ses-
sion of Congress even though it should give another
opening to Northern fanatics to raise an outcry against
the admission of shvc territory.
Ketsup and toweet Uil A superb
article of tomato ketsup and a few dozen bottles sweet
oil for table and other u-es for sale by
nio r. oru.nn.
Sundries . Vinegar Hops Rice
Bolngna "nusages Table S ill Sala n.u Bai-ins Almonds
Drud Apples- Pickles Tea Tobacco eta in store and for
ale by olO IMniLLI!
S u n d r ie s Just received a large
stock nf Dry Good5 consisting of Man'a Sheeting Shiil-
iii2 Illankets Calicos Gingham etc. tr. for sale by
nl 1 .l. L. CA'Ni:AU.
Commission and Forwarding Merchant
Corpus Cirisli Texas
WILL attend to all business entrusted to his care and
despatch it with promptitude lie will receive and store
goods from New Orleans and ship thcin to any and all points
on the Rin Grande and w ill rcceiv c produce from those points
en storagCjito sell here or ship to New Orleans or elsewhere.
N. B. Ho has also a large and conv-iiicnt warehouse at
Rio Grande City where he will "also icceivc nny goo son
sale or storage.
He solicits the patronage of the public assuring all who
may entrust business to Ins caro that it will meet with the
most prompt attention and be executed on reaso lablc terms.
All orders (or horses mules marcs sheep etc. will be
thankfully rercived and promptly attended to and Idled at
the lowest market prices for cash. sepl2C
Commission and Forwarding Merchants
No. 31 Camp-street New Orleans
WILL give particular attention to the execution of orders
for the Mexican Market and to consignments of Hides
Wool etc. addressed to their care as well as to all general
Refer to Col. H. L. Kinney Gen. W. L. Cazneau Cor-
pus Christi; James Powers Esq. Live Oak Point; V. E.
Howard Esq. San Antonio; H. Clay Davi Esq Rio
Urondc City. scp2C
Groceries Provisions etc.
Manilla and Tarred Hope Sheath A'nive-s
Brandy Cherries Porter Cliret Winn superior article
New- article of Havana Smoking To'iatco
Fine artitlc of Half s-panish Cigars
Churns Buckets and 'J ulis
Onions Irish and Sweet Potatoes
New article of Lamps Stoves
Sailors' Ntcillcs and Twine
Fresh Malaga Raisins Ground Cofilc
Turpentine Linseed Oil Limp Oil superior artitlc
Butter Crackers Pilot Bnad Beef Tongues
Co flee Mills Nutmegs Gardeii'Sicds elc.
Just received and for i-alc by nil L OIILEi'.
H3 Having purchased the house up in the Old
Camp and obtained a lease of the Uir.con the subscriber is
prepared to stable horses ami mule: and Ukc the same on
pasturage. The Riiicon is. covered for about o miles with
abundance of all kinds of gras- and contains the bc?t shel-
ter for annuals. Lv cry old settler considers this ground in
the winter season to be better pasturage and more produc-
tive than any prairie near town.
Three tun's a diy the annuals will be watered out of wells
the water biing superior to anv in or near town not except-
ing our fiuious artrsiau well' lloises will be sent to
and broiisht from town whciievcri.'c-ircd.
'Iravelleis or visitors arc politely requested to shut the
highway galu alter them.
T e r. m s :
One animal on pasturage only per month SI 50
" pasiuraee and slaiiliiiL' " 3 00
' paattiragc and stabling and corn twice
a day per month 10 00
Animals taken bv the day or week at ratC3 in accordance
with the above. LEWIS M. DREYEU.
I will still continue to be everywhere with my team and
take as many jobs as my friend will bestow. n!4-3t
New Grocery Store.
The Subscriber takc3 this opportunity of informing his
friends and the public that l.c has opened a N E W G R O-
CERY STORE next door to Air Kclsey's store and
that he has received an assortment of Groceries by the schrs
Win & Mary and Uncle Bill which he ofll rs for sale at the
lowc-t prices.' Among his stock will be found the following
articles: Whiskcv Spanish Brandy Wines Vinegar Ver-
micilh Sugar ColVee Codfish Mackerel Culosna Sauagc
c. nl 1-31 E LAN'.A.
Tintelinr's: Slinn
The undersigned intending to make his permanent resi-
dence at this place offers to the citizens of Coptn Christi a
superior article of BEEF MUTTON $. at his stand op-
pos'ije the Corpus Christi Hotel. As many of the citizens
have already patronized him he trusts that the fact of hfs
becoming a resident citizen will be a strong inducement for
the continuance nf that patronage; particularly as he is de-
termined to deserve it by sellin" none lint the choicest arti-
cles. nll-3t WILLIAM LA.MY Butcher.
New Orleans and Corpus Christi
Schr. WM. AND MARY Capt. Roberts;
Pchr. T. F. HUNT Capt. Mitchell;
Schr. UNCLE BILL Capt. Miller.
The above first class fast sailing vessels vvilHeavc punclu-
ally every ten days so as to council with the Transporta-
tion Lines lot the various points on the Rio Grande and will
be commanded by captains experienced in the trade. For
freight or pi-sage having supcnoraecommodations apply to
J. W. KINNEY Agent Corpus Christi.
s2G J. H. BLOOD & CO. Agents N. Orleans.
Farina . A new and superb arti-
cle for soups puddings etc. combining the virtues ol Hour
vcnnicilla and invroni fur talc by ulO E. OHLEU.
Tub Tituu: to (Jimiu viil-a. As far bark as 18IG
the merchants of Missouri seriously entertained the
belief that the rich trade which was tarried on through
their State with the northern provinces of Jleuco
would soon be lost to them and the following predic-
tion which we copy from an old number of the St.
Louts "New Km'1 is about being verified
" Santa Fc is conquered rc-aiinpcc(l.and it is pro-
bable tint the same fate awaits all the Northern Pro-
vinces or States of Mexico. The question then is
what will be the cflcct of this change of government
on our commerce 1 W ill it increase or .diminish our
trade with that country? A valuable and lucrative
trade has tieen heretofore carried on between Santa
Fc and Missouri which Ins offered employment and
reasonable profits to many of our cili7cns. It may
now be a question will the trade between this place
and Santa IV be diminished or increased by the new-
aspect of alfairs ? Some who are conversant with the
subject entertain the belief that the trade to Santa Fe
through .Missouri will now rapidlv fall off; 'and that
region of country will now rccieve its supplies of
goods through Texas and Arkansas."
Incident at aIadkid. The Madrid corres-
pondent of the Loudon News relates an occurrence
of rathcra ludicrous charnetcr which occurred there
Intel. Mr. S.umders American Minister was
about to visit Seville to be present at the accouche-
ment of the Duchess of Montpensier and had en-
ir.igcd a piss.ige for hitiuclf anil his interpreter in
the diligence for that place When he arrived at
the s'ation however lie found the phicc of his
companion was occupied by an agent of Govern-
ment tvho would not budge. As the Minister's limi-
ted Knowledge of the Spanish lawruag-c rendered
the company of his interpreter absolutely necessary
the expedition was given up. The Government upon
hearing of the occurrence apologized and offered to
place a post-chaise at the Ministei's disposal but the
oiler was declined.
Liter advices from Spain state that a fir more se-
rious difficulty than the above had occurred between
Gen. Saunders and the Spanish Government. One
of his servants a native Spmi.ird. had been drawn
in the conscription but had procured a substitute
who difd shortly after cntcrinff the service. A party
of police proceeded to the residence of Gen. Saun
ders and demanded that the man should be given to
them. Upon hearing the circumstances our Minis-
ter refused to let the man go and the police then
slated their determination to tal.c him by force.
Upon this Gen. S. told them he would resist them in
the same manner and after considerable altercation
the police left without their prisoner. The nc.l day
Gen. Saundcis demanded satisfaction for the insult
from the Spanish Government which being refused
he had demanded his passports. We shall hac loj
teach these hrflighty Dons a lesion.
IInAUTi.i:--s CoNnticr. The schr Ann Captain
Archibald McFic from Limerick for Quebec.vvith
one bundled and thirteen emigrants on board while
working up the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the night
of the 2 2d ult. was run into by the bark Hampton
and lost her masts. As soon as the accident occurred
the captain and crew fastened down the hatches and
with nine of the passengers escaped on board the
Hampton. When the victims of his heartless de-
sertion succeeded in reaching the deck they hoisted
a lamp on the stump of the mainmast which fortu-
nately attracted the attention of the ship Princess
Ann the captain of which came to their rescue and
took them all on board carefully administering to
their wants and safely landed them at Quebec. The
heartless scoundrel who deserted them uith his
cowardly crew deserve the stenie: reprobation.
Ri'i-t'DLic of Nkw Gkanada. A letter from
Guayaquil dated August 10 says:
' I would inform you thatithe mail which started
from Quito this morning brings the alarming news
that -100 of Flores' partisans have intcrcd the Re-
public under the command of men in favor of
Flores and that they have taken possession of a town
immedi-itcly on the frontier of New Grnuadi. We
have great fears that this influx of Iroops will c.ittsc
some disturbance in the country as there is much
discontent shown against President Rocca; and
moreover it is supposed that Flores himself is in the
Flores it will be recollected was recently travel-
ling through the United Slates.
How Ike was Jilted." Where's the Squire?"
inquired a short stout angry-looking sucker who
a few days since walked into a lawyer's office near
the New Market.
" What do you want with the 'Squire?" inquired
the man of the law who saw in the countryman's
angry countenance the clear indication ofa prospec-
tive fee.
l I jest want him to git mc my rights" said the
sucker. " I've bu'n owdaciously chiseled : dauilurt.
my foolish pictur' 1 I might have known that 'Puke
wan't to be trusted I might hev known it crty I1'
"State your case" says the lawyer ; "perhaps
can aid you."
'' It's such an infernal mean case of woman svvind-
lin' that it jest sots iriy teeth gritlin' to think on it"
says he. " I made an arrangement after near two
years' courtiu' Jemima Darsey that we'd git mar-
ried at last and 'sides settin' up with her and car-
ryin' outs-vcet things every time I went home from
inarkit I took her out a new calico dress last time
and a hull lot of muslm to make up new under rig-
gitinnd a pace! of fiuelicd (hups and a fewebaney
things I needn't mention; well wo agreed jest to
do the thing up nice that we'd ride to town with a
lot of produce in the wagin sell it out and git mar-
ried on the proceeds. In markit I sot my wagiu
agin another feller's who belongs to this side of the
river somewhar. and dtiriu' the day told him con-
sarn him 1 what I wasartcr. lie became desp'rate.
friendly right oil" and said he'd do any thin' he could
to help tne and thinkiu' he'd be gsgood as his word
1 left my wagin and Jemima under his care whilst I
went to buy a bedsted and thar I put inv foot in it
elar over my boot lop for when I come batdc this
sticakm' varmint had clar'd out from markit and
carried Jemima off with him."
'Did they Itaveno message behind them?'' in-
quired the lawyer.
Oh yes" said he' " and that war the u list ol
it by jee-e-cminy she told the fcllar in the next
waggin below me that I war the slowed fcllar in
the whole country that I hid been courtin' two
years afore I made mv mind up and that I war so
long-gone arter that furniloorc. that she didn't think
I'd ever git kick in time to use it to any useful pur-
pose. She jest concluded she said that 1 war luu
duinrd sloirf
' Well think you are too Isaac" said the law-
yer "and if your fast friend pushes along as rapid-
ly as he courted I think they hive got so far ahead
that the law can't help you now."
As Isaac took his departure he merely remarked
" The next gal who gits inc in this liv agin will
have to git up airly that's all!"
Si. LouU Reveille.
Tun IJiuds Leaknt to Stxo it. We finJ
the following touching incident recorded in the Phil
mklphia Model Courier. To us there is hointthing
inexpressibly pathetic. in the soldier's reply:
A few weeks since one of the Mississippi steam-
ers having on board a detachment of U. S. troops
stopped at a small town on the Indiana shore to bury
a dead soldier. The line band of the 2d Infantry
placid the solemn march of the dead as the body
was borne to its last resting place and quite :i
crowd (it was Sunday) came around to witness thu
ceremonies to many there new. As the escort
passed slowly along a large stalwart soldier was
observed silling upon a piece of hewn timber his
face browned by the hot sun of the tierra calientc
p-rfi'cllv devoid of expression and his chin resting
upon his hands. He seemed to be in deep thought
when one of the villagers approached and said to
him: "1'spose you've heard that tunc play'd be-
fore V The soldier raised his eyes to the intruder
and looking sadly yet sternly in his f. ice answered
" Yes sir 'lill t'te birds learnt to sing il." The
inquirer walked away and left the soldier to his
A Tribute to Meiut. The Union Club of
New York have presented a magnificent sword to
Capt. Kearney of the Dragoons. The N. York
Courier and Enquirer describes it as follows:
The guard is formed by a large spread eagle m
gold holding in its peak the head of a serpent the
folds of which constitute the guard which is stud-
ded with agates. The handle itself is of solid sil-
er richly chased and it is fastened to a blade of ''the
ice-brook's temper" arabesqued and polished in per-
fect taste. The scabbard which is also of solid sil-
ver is iflieved withornaments in gold and'etchings.
In a long oval is a sketch of thfbattlc of Churubus
co where Capt. Kearny lost his left arm and within
a circle the word " Churubnsco.'' Upon one of the
bands is a representation of Hercules crushing the
serpent and on another a military device admirably
arranged. The following inscription shows the
purpose of the gift:
" Presented to Capt. Philip Kearny Jr. 1st Regi
meiit U. S Dragoons by his friends and associates
members of thc'Uniou Ulub. New' York 1S-1S."
This costly and superb testimonial has been well
won by the gallant soldier to whom it is to be given.
Minksota. A convention was held at Stillu ler
St. CroW county Wisconsin on the 2Cth of August
for the purpose of taking the necessary steps to se-
cuie early territorial organization far the country
known as Minesota Territory formerly within the
boundaries of Iowa and Wisconsin Territories.
By the admission of Iowa and Wisconsin into the
Union the inhabitants of Minesota (formerly a por-
tion of those Territories) arc left without a govern-
ment. At the meeting above jncntioned it was re-
solved to metnoralize "Congress and the President
upon the subject i Henry H. Sibley was appointed
a delegate to Washington to represent the interest
of the'Territorv.

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