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Curators Notice.
&Y a decree of the proper
-Judge for the jurisdiction
of Austin passed on the 29 the
day of December 1831 in the
; town of; San Felipe 4and to be
found on record at the court
house in this town: the 10th
day of April next has been ap
pointed for the creditors of
Me succession of Lewis L.
Jt eeder deceased to meet the
Curator of said succession be-
j.. fore the judge in the first ins-
tance for this jurisdiction to
have their respective claims
discussed and make proof of
the same; and in-order that al!
may be heard they can con-
tinue from day to day from
the 10th to the 20th day of the
said month of April; and fur-
her by the same decree before
named the 20th day of April
next has been appointed for
tnebefore named curator to
seltle said succession before
mentioned make payment and
distribution of the means on
hand amongst the creditors
thereof accordingly as thev
may be clossed for their "pro
rata" shares Therefore all
persons interested can attend if
they think proper.
I. R. LEWIS Curator.
SaiiFelioe de Austin January 4th
THE subscriber respectful-
lyinforms the public that
lie is now prepared to do all
kind of black smith work on
moderate terms for cash or
approved notes payable on or
before the 1st day of May next.
.411 persons indebted will please
call and settle their accounts
contracted in the years 1833
and 1834; otherwise their ac
counts will be found in the pro-
per hand for collection and all
those having demands a gainst
him will present the same for
ALL persons indebted to the
subscriber are re quested
to make immediate payment as
further indulgencewill not be
From the Lowell Times.
Mr. Editor. Do you chew Tobacco? I did till last Sunday
when I put my veto on the practice. The why and wherefore I
have sent you hoping that if you are gailty of using the Indian
weed a leaf from my diary may be the means of reforming you.
Saturday Oct. 19th 1833. Took my hat for a walk wife as
wiwes arc apt to began to load me with message upon seeing me
ready to go out. Asked me to call at cousin M i and bor-
row for her "Tne Sorrows of Werter." Hate to have wife read
such namby pamby stufljbut must humour her whims & concluded
that I had rather she should take pleasure over Werter's sorrows
than employing her tongue in making "sorrow" for your humble
Got to cousin M 's door. Now cousin M. is an old maid
and a dreadful tidy woman. Like a tidy woman well enough but
can't bear your dreadful tidy ones because I am always in dread
while on their premises lest I should offend their superlative neat-
ness by a bit of gravel on the sole of my boot or such matter.
Walked in delivered my message and sealed myself in one of
her cane bottom chairs while she rummaged the book-case. For-
got to take out my cavendish before 1 entered and while she hun
ted felt the tide rising. No spit box in the room. Windows clo-
sed. Floor carpeted Stove varnished. Looked to the fire place
full of flowers and hearth newly daubed with Spanish brown. Hcie
was a fix. Felt the flood of essence of cavendish accumulating. Be-
gan to reason with myself whether as a last alternative it were
better to drown the flowers red.iub the hearth or flood the carpet.
Mouth intho meantime pretty well filled. To add to my misery
she began to ask questions. '"Did you ever read this book Mr.
!" "Yes Ma'am said I in a voice like a frog from the bot-
torn of a well while I wished book aunt and all were with Pha-
raoh's host in the Red Sea. "How did you like it?'' continued the
indefatigable querist. I threw my head on the back of the chair
and mouth upwards to prevent an overflow. Pretty well"
said I. She at last found the "Sorrows of Werter" and came to.
wards me. Oh dear cousin Oiiver don't put your head on the
!ack of the chair now don't you'll grease it and take off all the
'ildinjr!" I could not answer her having now lost the power of
sat and fumbling in his pockets drew forth a formidable plug of
.Tobacco and comenced untwistingit. "Then you use Tobacco."
said I. "A lectle occasionally said he depositing from three to
four inches in his cheek. (I mentally pitied those who used
more.) "A neat fence that of your'n" as flood after flood from his
mouth bespattered a newly painted white fence near the window.
"Yes" said I "but I like a darker color." "So do I" answered
Ploughshare "and yaller suits my notion. It don't show dirt"
And he moistened my carpet with his favorite color. Good
thought I wife will ask him in I guess. We were now summoned
to dinner; Farmer Ploughshare seated himself. I saw his long-
fingers in that particularpesition in which a tobacco chewer knows
how to put his digitswhen about to unlaid. He drew them across his
mouth; I trembled for the consequences should he throw such a
load upon the hearth or the floor. But he had no intention thua to
waste his quid and shocking to relate deposited it beside his plate
on my wife's damask chlhf
This was too much. I plead sickness and rose. There was no
lie in the assertion now I was sick. I retired from the table but
my departure did not discompose Farmer Ploughshare who was
unconscious of having done wrong. I returned in season to see
Farmer Ploughshare replace his quid in his mouth to undergo a
second mastication and the church bell opportunely ringing cal-
led him away before he could use his plate lor a spit box for such
I was pursuaded would have been his next motion.
I went upstairs and throwing myself on the bed fell asleep.
Dreams of inundations floods and fire harrassed me I thought I
was burning and smoked like a cigar. I then thought the Mer-
imack had burst its banks and was about to overflow rae with its
waters. I could not escape; the water had reached my chin I
tasted it; it was like tobacco juice. I coughed and screamed and
All persons indebted to the es.
tate of James J. JZoss will make
immediate payment to the un-
dersigned and those having
claims against said estate will
present them duly authentica-
ted within the time prescribed
sby law or they will be barred.
Ban Felipe Jan. 24 1635.
speech entirely and my cheeks were distended like those of a toad
mder a mushroom. "Whv OHver"said my persevering tormen-
or unconscious of the reason of my appearance "You are sick I
know you are your face is dreadfully swelled!" and be-
fare I could prevent her lier hartshorn was clapped to my disten-
ded nostrils. As my mouth was closed imparturbably the orifices
i.i my nasal organ were at that time my only breathing places.
Judre then what a communication a full snuffof hartshorn created
among my olfactories.
I bolted to the door and hearty achche.hcc relieved my pro-
boscis and tobacco chyle &c."all at once disgorged" from my
mouth restored me the faculty of speech. Hereyes followed me
in astonishment and I returned and relieved my embarrassment
by puttiug a load on my conscience. I add her I had been trying
to relieve the tooth ache by the temporarily use of tobacco while
truth to tell i never had an aching fang in my head. I went home
Sunday forenoon. Friend A - invited myself and wife
to take a seat with him to hear the celebrated Mr. preach.
Conducted bv neighbor A to his pew. Mouth as usual full
of tobacco? and horror of horrors found the pew el ecantly car-
petted white and green two or three mahogany crickets and a
hat stand but no spit box!! The services commenced every
peal on the organ was answered by an internal appeal from my
mouth for a deliberation from its contents but the thing was im-
possible. I'thought of using my hat for a spit box then of turn-
ing one of the crickets over but I culd do nothing unperceived.
I took out my handkerchief but found in the plenitude of her ofR-
ciousness that my wife had placed one of her white cambrics in
my pockfct instead of my bandanna. Here was a dilemma. By
the time the preacher had named his text my cheeks had reached
their utmost tension and I must spit or die.
I arose seized my hat and made for the door. My wife (con-
found these women how they dog one about) imagining me
unwell (she might have known better) got up and foK
lowed me "are you unwell Oliver?" said she as the door closed
after us. I answered her by putting out the e3 of an unlucky
dog with a flood of expressed essence of cavendish. "I wish"
said she "Mr. A had a spit box in his pew." "So do I."
We footed it home in moody silence. I was so sorry my wife had
lost the sermon but how could I help it. These women are so
affectionate confound them no I dont mean so. But she
might have known what ailed me and kept her seat.
Tobacco oh TobaccojBut the deeds of that day are not alt told
yet. Alter the conclussion of the services along came farmer
Ploughshare. He had seen me go out of church and stopped at
the open window where I sat. "Sick to-day Mr'" Rather
unwell;" answered I and there was another lie to place to the ac-
count of Tobacco. "We had powerful preaching; Mr ;
powerful preaching; sorry you had to go out." My wife asked
him in and in he comes she might have known he would but
women must be so polite. But" she was the sufferer by it. Com-
pliments over J. gave him my chair at the open window. Down he
awaking found I had been asleep with a quid in my mouth. My
wife entering at the moment I thr w away the filthy weed. Huz
if I were you I would not use that stuff any more.
"I wont" said I. Since Sunday I have kept my word. Neither
Fig nor Twist Pigtail nor Cavendish have passed my lips since
nor ever shall they again.
From the Franklin Western Reacw.
Almost a miracle. On Wcduesday last in the forenoon it 13
known perhaps genara'ly that the state circuit court was to as-
semble at Bedford in Wost Chester county; among other things
for the procurement of an indictment against and the trial of Ro
bert Mathias as an accessary to the murder ot bujau f lerson.
As the court could not organize or proceed to action in conse-
quence of the indisposition of Judge Ruggles the prophet Mathias
was suffered in iustruct the hastily assembled audience outside of
the courthouse in now and authodoxicil doctrines of his oracular
belief. The situation of the localities of the neighborhood was
favorable to his purpose as there was a large grave yard near
the spot behind which rose an almost perpendicular acclivity of
rocks like the palisadoes of the Hudson frowning frightfully over
the "canonized bones" of the dead. As Mathias was sermonizing
with almost superhuman energy on the correctness of his opinions
and the divinity of his creed he turned suddenly around and point-
inc to the rocky stalectites that overshadoved "the charnel hou-
ses." he raised his voice and cried out with an alarming emphasis
"lean destroy the mountain" andalmostin a instant the apparent-
ly solid structure gave way and the colossal mass was precipita-
ted fnto the valley below covering the graves and splitting more
than one hundred tons of the massive pile. A loud scream of
alarm arose; one lady fainted with affright and the whole auditory
were overcome with wonder when Mathias turning suddenly round
and pointing to the prostrate mountain told his hearers not to be
alarmed for that was nothing compared to what be could a ana
they should not be hurt. This incident which was purely natural
will no doubt be used to impress on the minus ot tne creuuious me
man who is to be tried for murder and to" create a belief in his su
perhuman powers.
For the Texas Republican.
ODD CRUMBS frok a bachelor's journal No. 1.
Never teas a more delicious sunset the ramparts of heaven
seem hung with gorgeous sunbeams of purble and gold! but this is
romance what makes me so sentimental all at once? Oh! I re-
member. About an hour ago I took my gun and strolled into the
woods so after forgetting what led me there I seated myself on
the gnarled root of a live oak rested my "doable barreled" as
gainst its trunk and wandered through the rich domains of my
memorya juggler would be puzzled to note the glimpses of buried
hours" "which flashed on the eye of fancy" there in mingled con-
fusion and beauty came the pap and spoon and rattlebox of in-
fancy the whip hoop nnd top of childhood rainy Saturday's
when I wished.them pleasant and pleasant Monday's when I wish
ed them rainy the free games of ball and marbles on the smooth
ground when the sun was sinking and his level rays flung long
solemn shadows on the earth then came the school room and
the master's ferula and the delicate hut ominous birch the-
countenances of my companions the cuts and carving on. th
desks rude mementoes of "knives that were" and for which many
a juvenile devil has been made to tingle I could even remembr
the one2 of the cleanlyswept room whtnoa some bright April mor-

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