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Probate Notice.
niEREASEmelinc TownsW. Mn- nrii
lalC lloicrt Townslcv. of ihn rnnnlv nfJI.
ragorua lias nieu nor petition praying to bo appoint-
ed Curatrix to the Succcision of the said Rofccrl
Townsley Notice is hero&y given that if no oppo-
sition is made within Ten Days of the publication
hereof at my Office the said Emelinc Townsiev will
6c appointed curatrix of the said Succession upon
giving the requisite sccuritv.
Matagorda November 23 1S37- 17 2t
j --. v-... v iir
1IIE Papers belonging to Spencer II. Jack dc-
ceased.nrc deposited with Edward L. Holmes
i-.sq. wiio is Inlly authorized to settle and collect all
sums due to the deceased. Persons having demands
against him will please present them as soon as con-
venient. The Professional Business of the deceased has
been confided to Mr. Holmes and when practicable
will also be attended to bv nivsclf or mv brother P.
C.Jack. ' ' TOI. H. JACK.
Mala.Torda Novem&cr 21. 1837. 17 3t
$30 Reward!!
HTBAYKD or STOLEN from the Town of Mata-
gorda some time in the Month of July last a
Bright EtTl! Horse with a white face one
or more white fctf and branded trith the letter K on
the Left Shoulder about Fifteen Hands high and
cmM or tunc lears c'. wncn saul Horse went
away ho was the properly of iho Hon. Im.v Inrrah.
The" above Reward will bo given for the Horse and
no questions asl-ed. SETII INGRAM.
Matagorda ICorcmhcr 1 1S37. 15 tf
Succession Sate.
"O Y VIRTUE of and in pursuance with a decree
-" of the Probate Court of Jhe thirtieth day of
October last will be SOLD at tnc Court'
JFotlSS Jfoor in the county and town of Mata-
gorda on the first Monday of January nsxt between
the hours of 10 and 4 o'clock of said d.iy fio two
following Tracts or Parcels of Laiui I'clongingl
to the Succession of Jacob Belts dee'd : One Tract
ot 60a.Xerion i'cacii Creek and UanOy near
uic late residence ot William lvwcncioe anu uici
other Tract coutamin2 about 1 0 (0 lcrc$
? nn
three Gghthsof a League and lies on the Last wlc
01 ami on itieioioraooitivcr near mc roau leautivM
lo Cavce-s Fcrrv on said river and is a part of ahalY
1 I x-l t T t I
league of land obtained by the said Betts as his
- n. '....'. -.-.... .- '
Head Bright as a Colonist of S. F Austin's Colony.
On the day of Sale a Plot of said Tracts of Land
will be exhibited. THRJIS of Sale Twelve
Mouths Credit from the day of Sale the purchaser
giving Bond with approved Security. The land to
remain pledged until final payment.
Matagorda November 7 1837. 1G tds
ildminislralor's Sale.
X virtue of an Order from the Hon. Sinclair D.
Jervais. Judge of Probalc will be sold at Pub
lic Auction at the Court-Housc Door in the Town
f Matagorda on 7Zondaif the twenty-seventh
day of Nov. (Inst.) One Waggon Three Yoke of
Oxen belonging lo the Succession of
Caleb R Boostwtck dee'd. Terms of Sale-
Three Mouths Credit with approved Sccuritv.
Matagorda Nov. 11 1S37. 10 tf
Curator's A'otice.
rpiIE UNDERSIGNED having been duly ap---
pointed Administrator and Curalor of I he Suc-
cession of Caleb 1L Bostwick dee'd hereby re-
quests all persons indebted to the Succession to
come forward and make immediate payment; and
all persons having Claims on the estate will pre-
sent them duly authenticated within the time pre-
scribed by law or they will be forever barred.
Matagorda November 11 1S37. 1G It
NOTICE is hereby given to the Public that in
N consequence of fh? death of Andrew Mitchell
Esq one of the Aldermen of this Town and also
the absence of other members of the Body the is-!
...: r i. t :... ... i.j :.. i. ri:
suing of llic Licenses contemplated in the Ordi
nance to be lEiiicd on the 15lh instant will be
postponed unlil the first day of December next.
By Order of the President pro tern.
Matagorda Nov. 14 1S37. 1G tf-
mldminislrator 4 Curator's Notice.
.fMlHE SUBSCRIBER having been duly appoinl-
-- cu Aainimsiraior oo curator ot tiie Succession
Vof Joseph Hall dee'd requests all persons
having Claims against said Succession lo present
them duly authenticated within tho lime prescribed
by Law or they will be barred; and all persons in
debted. to said succession will please make payment
'milium uciay. jjiu. hj. wuivti uuralor
end Administrator.
Matagorda Norcmber 8 1637. 15 if
1 RmjEtic of Tex ts Cohstt op MATJuainn
THE Citizen B. SEGUINE has this day made
application to me to be appointed at the next
Term of tho Probate Court of thiscounty the Ad
ministrator ol tne vacant aucccssion ot Daniel G.
:Connor dee'd; tlierefore this will give Notice
'idaU'whorn it may Concern that they must ap-
pear within.Ten Days from the date of this Notice
arid TOako oppositioirfif they have any to offer) why
'trie .said applicant shall'not be appointed by'filing
.Uieir.oojeciiuiib wiui uie oiuih.ui uju vuuiiiy voun
1 of this County. Thus I have decreed it acting ex-
fifficio Juge df Probate..
iai.-.-. ."" SINCLAIR D. GERVAIS
---'.'- "' '"" Judge of Probate.
Wdagorda.tfcvcmber 15.1837. lji-lt i
.wZfc '!4 3r Vi ix ." ii. t'n. . ; . - . .1 ill. . .
AVING obtained IJttcrs of Administration
and Curatorship on the Succession of Samu
el Love dee'd this is to Notify all persons ha
ving claims against s.ud succession to present tliem
duly authenticated within the time prescribed by
Law or they will be barred; and all those indebted to
the said Estate will make immediate payment to
the undersigned. NANCY LOVE Ad.Sc Cur.
Matagorda Nov. 15 1837. 10 2t
Sheriff's Sale.
Rrraiuc or Tkxas Countv or Mataooiwa.
BY VIRTUE of two Executions to mc directed
viz: One in favor of Rachel Newman against
Jesse 1J. Atkinson for $2(10 together with interest
and Costs of suit dated September 25 1837 and
renewed the Ktili of 1ns month: and the other in
favor of Jesse 13. Atkinson against the Curator of
Thomas J. Dasher dee'd ainl'tho Curator ad Ufa '" pursuance of ibeirdutics as such officers and
of Joseph Shaw absentee for 100 together with j lic requirements of Law without a written license
interest and costs' of suit dated October 2S 1S37 "" this Hoard as Auctonecror Auctioneers.
I will expose to Sail according to Law at the door Sec. 3. All persons professing to be merchants
of the Qaurt-IIoiisc in this town on the ISlh day ol r keeping and helling goods of any or all descrip-
Dscembcr next to the highest and best bidder! for ' l'"'us; by w holosalc or retail or both are and shall bo
Cash) the following named and described Trad requited to procure a license from this Hoard and
of Land situated on Caiiev Creek an.l opposite to I "' person neglecting or refusing lo procure a Li-
Robcrt H. Williams1 Plantation containing 300 ?C'"SL" a3 ' this Section is required shall be stib-
Aci'CS? seized upon to satisfv the befo.c-nanicd 'jeet lo aline of not less than five or more than twen-
Execulions; and the said Land bciii the same J tv-Hve dollars per day unlil such License is obtained
which was and is inori-Mjicd to satisfv"lhc said Ex- or llc party sh:i!l des'st from selling goods and have
editions or the debt for which judgments were ob -
tamed and Lxccutious issued .
Matagorda Nov. 14 1637. Hi tf
Adm'r and Curator's Notice.
rfnilE SUBSCRIBE having been duly appoint
"L ed Administrator and Curalor of the Succes-
sion of ROBERT D. STEWART dee'd requests'
all persons having Claims against paid Succession
o present them duly atilhenlfealcd within the lime
prescribed by Law or they will be barred; and all
persons indebted to said Succession will please
make payment without delay.
October 31 1837. 14 tf
7rj'i and Curator's Notice.
- SnnSniJIBKi:. mrin l.nnn nmminir.!
jl ?... llei jn tI n i it 5 ftti'iimv m
orl.t . ;.... r wit 1 am jtnnii .i....
. -" "-;.'--';.... .
No(icc ;s Jicrcv C1 1() ;()SC imclleiI lo 10 saM
c.rf.p.:)n tn 1M.i. :..0i;ii. i.-irmonf- mul -ill
.lu"!LV" ll"!".'- 1 1 "'
'"" u-iiiuj; uxilllll? .IU.IIIUI uiu iiiu iu I'H-tii .
t.'iom duly auincniicated. lor adjustment aim seine-
"..I. .- ....i r. i:... . i ....!..
mvui. j.iiiiu.0 nun i wi.
Jfatagorda October 31 1637. M tf
ci'ic'Jt i tcirit viij ikuj 'i .!..;.
V7ift ..aI 'j..4vi. Al.kf2n
ID-.' SUBSCRIBER having been appointed
Curator and Administrator lo the Succession
of HENRI SERUGGE deceased A'oiicC is
hereby given Jo those indebted to the said Succes-
sion to make .mmediate payment; and all those
havin" Claims against the same to present them
duly authenticated for adjustment and settlement.
Matagorda October 'M 1&37. 11 tf
Curator's Jioticc.
THE undersigned
a .1...:-:.. i
cd having been duly appointed
rs and Curatoia of the Succession
luuiuu&iiaiuia uuu uuiukji;. u ..... kj.iui-3iui
forward and make immediate payment as it is ne
cessary to close the affairs of tho succession; and
all crsns having claims against the estate will
present llicm duly authenticated in (he lf;ne pre
scribed by law or thev will be forever barreo.
Curators. c.
Matagorda August 2 1S37. ' 1-tf
LL PERSONB indebted to the Estate of Suc-
cession of PETER ALDRIDGE dee'd.. arc
hereby requested to make immediate payment to the
T" "?' ' ""Y "v a 'um T'"51 l'1C i
S"S'" "' f Pl??Scd T'!: ein.properly
lc settlement .and judication
Curalor &' Adm.
County efJacison Oct. 10 1S37. 12 tf
Admin istrator & Curator's Notice
npiIE SUBSCR1BEI5 having been duly nppoinl-
- - cu Aiimmisiraior ana curalor ol tiie Succes-
sion of JOHN CHILDRESS deceased requests
all persons having Claims against said Succession
to present them duly authenticated within (he time
prescribed by Law or they will bo barred; and all
persons indebted to said Succession will please
make payment without delay. A. B. FLEURY
Administrator & Curator.
Matagarda. October 31 1S37. 14 tf
Administrators Notice.
nplHE UNDERSIGNED having been duly ap--"
pointed by the Hon. the Court of Probate of
luaiagorna county uuraior eintl Tami-
nistrator to the Succession of HUGHS WITT.
dee'd and obtained an Order for Sale to sell the
Land Claims of the said dee'd will SELL before
the Court-Housc door in the Town of Matagorda.
on the 1 1th day of Dcpcnibcr next all the Rights
and Titles of the said Hughs Witt dee'd lo one
Third of a League of Land as a Settler of this Re-
public before the Declaration of the Independence
one DischargCjfor 320 Acres and G40 Acres as ba-
ring fallen ui the balllo of his country. Terms
of Sale wjll be on a Credit of Ttyclve
Months v)lh Bond-and approved Security.
and Administrator
r Matagorda Notcmber 1837. 15 tf
iJVAs: Ui.i.vit
of CHARLES W1LLSON deceased hereby rc. - anu cos.soi removing c same
quest all persons indebted to ll.c succession to come ' S- 8' n a"d aficr the fifteenth day of Nc-
i ' . ... . . . :. ' vcnibcr next the forenoin'' Ordinances shall be nut
Town Corporation.
Sec. 1 . No person or persons shall be allowed to
retail or sell ardent spirits or distilled spirituous li-
quors by the glass or a less quantity than one quart
lo any one person or persons within the Corporate
liuiils of this town without a written license from the
Hoard of Alderman and signed by the presiding offi-
cer. Secretary and Treasurer thereof under the pe-
nalty of five dollars per day.
Sec. 2. No person or persons shall be allowed to
sell or offer for s-ile any goods wares or merchan-
dise or any properly either real or personal within
llic limits of ibis Corporation by auction except
ShcriiSs Constables and Administrators or such of-
ticers (not of tins corporation) as arc required to
inal;es..les by auction ;& those shall have no privilege
' ' sell c.i:cpt such properly as they arc required to
! "lvc'n cc " h's Hoard that be or they have d.s
cotttimii'd Iho sale of oods.
ec. 4. AH person-" ownins or occupyin: lols in
; this Corporation arc required to keep the streets in
. front of the sitnr-. free from lumber shavings or any
I nil.n -!.. .T r.ltl. C .!.- Till.
wiiiti iiirauuciiuii ui nun r.s i.irns mc iniiimc or cen-
tre of such slrcels; and anv owner or occupant of
any Lot or Lots neglecting to comply with the pro-
'I visions rC lli'e Vnf.ttr.n ctiill tin ?. .- n C.n
. lh"nT'ZZZ'nrZ
day such obstructions arc left in the streets after ha
ving been notified to remove them by any officer of
this Corporation.
--v.. .. iw i'ui.-uii snail iju iiuuwcu io uatu or
transport any goods or property within this corpora -
: .. 1 :..u: :.i. '. ..... 1 1
Src. 5. No person shall he allowed to haul or
lion for pay or hire with cart waggon or dray unless
the owner thereof shall first purchase a Iicsnso for
that purpose from this Board: and all carts wagons
ordrays used for the purpose of transporting goods
' J:."' ' I V:.'V ".. :" T """'-V;
- .....' i ' .1 ....1 :...i...i .. ... o ' .
iuuhii.-ch.-u .iiiu n.-t.aiuieu wan iiiu occrciary 01 lin
Boird of Aldermen.
Sec G. All boats or vessels of any description.
i r- . . -r r
uscd as L'llcrs or for ho transportat.on of
I' ' - : a.j --- i . - ;
i I)rocr.. nr . .r nrnr Iri. .inn rnmin
or occupying a place at the wharfs either in the
Jiucror Jiayon. shall pav an annual license.
j Sec. 7. The Side Walks in all the streets run
- ; ning from the Bay to the River of the width of twen-
ty-fivc vanas shall bo made ten feet wide and no
more; and all the streets running in the sam2 direc-
tion and being forty vanas wide shall have side walks
nficen feet wide and no more; and all the streets
ramming parallel with the Bay and from the Uayou
street prongs N. E. and being thirty vanas wide
slnll have the side walks twelve feet wide and no
more; and Centre Street being fifty vanas wide shall
have the Side Walks eighteen feet wide and no more
or less: and no person or persons shall have the
right lo plant trees or posts in the streets that will
I in any way obstruct the convenient use of so much
"f cane strceis as arc herein contemplated for
I'0Iwa .s ntler Penalty of twenty-five dollars for
in- . . n .1
in force and ellcct. HARVY KENDRICK
J.uies Nortox Sec. Pres. pro tern.
Matagorda Nov. 1 1S37. 14-tf
- i
Notice. I
nplIE SUBSCRIBERS having sold their entire I
-- Stock of Goods and being desirous lo closet
their Old Business as early as possible reouest all
masons indebted to them cither bv Note or 2?oo-l
A I"!
Account to come forward without delay and settle
the same as no longer indulgence will be given on
Debts duo at this date. HORTOX & CLEMENTS.
Matagorda C7c.311S37.
M tf
ftV We shall continue the GENERAL AGEN
bcral advances on Cotton shipped to our Friends in
iCW UrlCailS. 11. CO J.
w .nm ii ro'?.c' T . (1; T
TT FORBID all persons cutting Wood at Batlle Isl-
and or on any part of League No. 12 lying be-
(wren Little Boggy and the East Line of tiie Mata- j
gorda Town League as I shall prosecute any per-
fon or persons so trespassing to the inmost rigor ol
llic Law. SKTH INGRAM.
Matagarda October 31 1837. 14 tf
HEREBY forbid all persons culling Wood or
trespassing m any way. whatever on my Largo
Tract adjoining tho Town and Village Lois of Mata-
gorda as I shall prosecute any violation of this man-
date lo iho utmost rigor of the Law.
Matagorda October 31 1837. 14 tf
!V.diTiTinist.ra.t.or?s Sale.
V. order of the Court of Probate will be sold
-- (if the appraisement can be o&taincd) on the
20th day of Dccem&er at the residence of Isham
Thompson in this county a negro woman named
Sarah the property of "tho succession of Elisha
Hall deceased. Terms cash.
Isham Thompson administrator
Jemima Hall administratrix.
Matagorda Nov. 29th 1S37. 17 2t
SL dminis trator 9 s S ale .
Bii order of tho court of Probate will bctsold'(if
' the appraisement can bo obtained) on the
30th day of December at the court house door i n
the town of Matagorda one half league ot land b e-
longing to tho. succession .of John Childress de-
ceased situated upon the Brassos. Terms cash.
A. B. Fleming curator and administrator.
Matagorda Nor. 29th-1837. 17 2t
General Agency
AND ttj
Commission XZerchanls
. ' ' T
BAGS ' " ".
NE Note of Hand drawn by Charles Caravan
payable from him to James Cornctt; a Bill
drawn June 4 1837 payable Seven Months after
date and a Due Bill of Five Dollars drawn by
William Jacobs in favor of James Cornett; also a
Letter of Citizenship.
Head of Bay Prairie. '
October 7 1S37. 11 tf
$200 REWARD.
1 WILL give the above Reward for
the delivery to me of two African Ne-
groes named GUMBY and ZOW
who absconded from my plantation
0)sler Creek county of Brazoria
some time since. The above slaves
arc about 30 jears of age one about a feet 10
inches the other 5 feet S inches the largest has a
broad face the othura very-wild look.
September 27 1637. 0-tf
Juan el for Sale.
pi ALF a League of choice situated about
"t-- 30 miles below Mina on the river Colorado
and having a large front on said River. Will he-
sold very low for cash.
September 20 837. 8 tf
Livery Stable.
rnnrrr c i -i i .11
! T f i '" .fc""8 T J " '" r"1'
1 J"- vcment SialMC and madearranfremcnlsfora
ent Stable and made arrangements for a
constant supply of CORK and FOliAGE will be
happy to receive the Horses of all who may think
proper to fitvor him with their patronage assuring
them of his personal attention to business.
Feed by the Dav - - - $ 2 00
" ': Week - - - 10 00
" " Month --- 35 00;
OO- Persons are expected to pay their BILLS at
the Stable. BENJ. NOBLE.
Matagorda Oct. 18 1837. 12 tf
"jWJTR. A. MITCHELL is my duly authorized du-'-'
ring my absence from Matagorda.
Matagorda Oct. 1G 1837. 12 tf
"3" HAVE quit the selling of goods I must be
paid for what I have sold. Call and settle with
mc or the ShcrhTwill call and settle with you
Corner of Matagorda and Cedar streets.
Matagorda August 2 1837. 1-tf
FFERS his professional services to the citi-
zens of Matagorda and its vicinity.
Matagorda August 2 1837. 1-tf
AS removed fiom Louisiana to Matagorda
and will also practice in the adjacent counties.
'inuznxcK. lion. a. y. iiorton; H. k ttoyai.
Matagorda September 17 1S37.
8 if
To Rent
gY PLANTATION situated at the head of
-t-" Bay Prairie at its junction with the limber of
Caney. It has upon it a convenient DWELLING
HOUSE with all the usual Out Houses the best of
Well Water an Orchard of eighty Peach Trees a
um ill jiuuu uiuciniuui uiiuuiauus u him iiub iuu
of custom' aud sixty acres under fence.
Willi twelve or fifteen acres cleared and under
knee situated on Caney near the Demoss Settle-
3 Yoke of Oxen 2 Mules. Apply to
Corner of Matagorda and Cedar streets.
Matagorda August 2 1S37. 1-tf
CHX to ten Labourers for which liberal wages
f will be given. Apply to
Matagorda August 30 1837. 5tf
BBLS. just received per brig Good Hope
and for sale by
Matagorda August 9 1837. 2-tf
JLook at Tliis; 'A
nnilE subscribers arc-now receiving per scu'oon---
er Oscar a largo and well selected assortment
of Fancy and Staple DRY GOODS HARDWARE
&c. &c; and fcelihg'contidentthey can sell them
on as reasonable terms as the countrv-afforas they
would Tespectfully offer them for inspection w tho
citizens of Mutagorda and vicinity. 1 ' J '
.i.xo-:;.it. 3 '
- e is t. jh

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