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7 I
'voL. NO. 71
Hospital Meeting Well Attended
Red Cross Gives Annual Report;
Membership Drive Next Week
HOSPITAL VISITORS — Leon'discuss Medina County’s propos-j Steinle and Parker are both from
Steinle left. Dr Milton Parker, j ed hospital during a meeting) Jourdanton.
miter'and Jack Winkler, right, I held '
last Friday night in Hondo.
High School Band
Wins Sweepstakes
For the third straight yedr, the | scholastic League’s highest Betty Bali and Carol Ann Rath.
Hondo High School Band has been
awarded the University Inter-
By Ralph Cole
AD voting boxes in Medina
County will be open for the Sena-
torial election next Tuesday. Polls
»ill open at 8 a.m. and close at
7 p.m. City elections will also
b« held Tuesday. Voting boxe£
•ID be located at the Fire De-
partment in Hondo. W. J. Nester,
Milton Batot and S. W. T. Lan-
ham have been placed on the bal-
lot for councilmen. and Dr. Thom-'
15 8 Knopp is unopposed in his
hid for mayor. A special city
election will have to be called
if Knopp, now a member of the
City Council, is elected mayor of
A total of .1.4-to license plates
"»ve been issued for all types
« vehicles, according to figures
release:! by Alfred J. Rohrbach,
county tax assessor-collector.
Breakdown shows 3.840 passen-
ger, 975 commercial, 425 farm
md 200 trailer. Deadline for
purchasing license tags is March
jh this Sunday. ThP tax asses-
ws office has been remaining
9pen during the noon hour this
eek-aiw will be open Saturday
until 7 p.m.
Another Highway Patrolman
„ the Medina County
P L M Hondo- K*v
|8>M. 26. moved to Hondo
and •* ww resid-
ual uard nrcle' 1,15 wife’s
s ■« '"'v h...
Harrv w.a hy' s’x -vears old
£**■«»" is the other
■ Pjtrolman in Hondo.
IX, , . rt*
,MA.ri''l,rnn,'‘rvat;on Service
Conservat!' n'r'‘ S'abehzation and
from the Hon/"v haVp ,T'0VpH
Ha# , , Tdo Na,lllnal Bank
tn> io'‘° old Medina Flee-
noveC EIVP b"ild'n*- 'The
•^end h,0°k p,ace ,ast
« for ivx.K b‘’ mnre conveni
farmers ^ j a?f‘ncies and to
5ass*|. ranrh''r<1 Peking
agent and n r 0 T h e Countv
Mration^gem’T' h°7 demon'
to new J, h:u'' a!so moved
iw” !n »’d
Wind floor
of the
W hrPfthe0nAnuVP V°'Pd aWn
torial e u,, ' Sena-
award for superior performances First division ratings in ensem
in concert and sight-reading, ble competition were awarded to
The award was given at the Reg- the cornet quartet — Kenneth
ional Band Contest held in San Nietenhoefer, Mike Bali, Harry
Marcos March 21-22. Haltman and Roberta Faselcr.
The band has been rated first
division in concert performance
for five straight years, and there-
by establishes itself as one of
the outstanding Class “A" bands
in this region. Contest judges
said this year’s band was the
best yet, and said this band could
compare favorably with any
band in any classification.
Hondo had 36 winners in solo
and ensemble competition.
First division solo ratings were
awarded to James Moss, Ken-
neth Nietenhoefer, Ramiro Ybar-
ra, Larry Schweers, Richard
Corder, Barbara Brucks, Judy
Nestepp Frances Gray, J. W.
Meyer and Richard Morris.
Second division ratings were
given to Nancy Burch, Kathy
Bendele, Anna Beth Eggen.
Katherine Muennink, G r a dene
Rogers, Joylene Tilley, Herby
Faseler, Olga Rueda and Linda
Third division winners were
Saxophone quartet, Richard
Corder, Barbara Brucks, Judy
Nester and Frances Gray.
■ Clarinet trio, Ramiro Ybarra,
Roxene Schweers and Betty Bali.
Flute trio, Connie Schweers,
Nancy Burch and James Moss,
won second division ratiflg.
Bob Lewis, director of the
band, said “the band members
excelled in all of their musical
efforts and in their conduct
throughout the contest. We can
ail be very proud of this fine
group of boys and girls that have
represented their school and com
munity in such a fine manner."
There were 66 bands entered in
competition at the San Marcos
meeting. Hondo's band, which
has 78 members, traveled to San
Marcos Thursday on school buses
and returned that same night.
Lewis said the group will enter
the Battle of Flowers Parade and
Band Festival held during April
in San Antonio.
Joy Tilley, Devine, Chapter
Chairman of the Medina County
Staff Photo) Red Cores Chapter, has issued a
report on chapter activities for
the past 12 months. He said to-
day that the chapter has seen a
rapid growth in its activities,
with regard to military welfare
inquiries and first aid training
in the County this year, and that
plans for the forthcomng year
are in progress.
Tilley pointed out in his report
to the citizens of Medina County
that about 60 to 75 military wel-
fare inquiries were handled by
the! chapter last year through the
home service secretaries in each
town in the county. A good ex-
ample of this type of service, a
primary responsibility of the Red
Cross, was that of a Captain
whose mother died in Castroville.
The Captain was serving in the
Air Force in Korea at the time
of his mother’s death, and the
family requested the man's pres-
ence for the funeral. Through the
world wide teletype network ope-
rated by the Red Cross, it was
possible to notify the Captain of
the family’s request within six
hours, and he was able to obtain
emergency leave to attend the
funeral. Tilley made it clear in
his report that the Red Cross
toes not grant emergency
leaves. This is the military auth-
orities job, to make tho ieaw
decision, based upon factual evi-
dence furnished by the Red
Home Service Secretaries serv-
ing voluntarily for The Medina
County Chapter are Hondo, Mrs.
G. O. Braden; Castroville, Mrs.
Eugene Suehs; Yancey, George
Heiligman; Devine. Joy Tilley;
D’Hanis, Alphonse Boog; La-
Coste, Marion Keller: Natalia,
Murray Young; Dunlay, Mrs.
John Krenmueller. All of these
WHEREAS, one of the primary responsibilities
of Medina County Red Cross Chapter is the relief of
human suffering 'resulting from disasters; and,
WHEREAS, the maintenance of communications
between Medina County Citizens and their loved
ones in the armed forces is a responsibility of the
Red Cross Chapter; and,
WHEREAS, the City of Hondo and the citizens
thereof share in these responsibilities; now therefor,
I, O. A. FLY, of the City of Hondo as Mayor,
hereby officially designate the week of March 31
through April 7, 1957 as RED CROSS WEEK.
I urge all our citizens to extend their full co-
operation to their Red Cross Chapter. All agencies,
public and private, are requested to extend their
full support.
".Sr;'---*** ■
aV’V; , '
•it!-'. • **>•
* - -
• '
:r<’ ■ «,' >
h:, "'f'i ?■ - '
:-4%c *
4m** *
Y-I" ■;
*1% r ■ - >;* • '
CALENDER GIRL — Sara showers bring the flowers that i is April 19. Miss Moore is a
people serve without pay of any 1 Moore daughter of Mr. and Mrs. bloom in May, as the old saying | junior at Hondo High School and
kind. Their job is to serve the, Con)ey Hondo, tries on goes. Easter Sunday is April 211 was a star player on the girls
people of their community areas: ^er gaster hat jn preparation for and Palm Sunday is April 14, the basketball team
provided by the Red Cross for
servicemen and their families.
In time of emergency, when lov-
ed ones are across the sea any-
where in the world it is possible
(Sm GROWTH, Page 8)
the month of April, 1957. April, week before Easter. Good Friday
Staff Photo
Jt May Be Your Own
Yancey Builds
New Home For
The Yancey Independent
School District has built a new
home for their superintendent of
schools. It is a three bedroom
modern house built on the school
grounds in Yancey.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Moore
Done this 22nd day of March in the year of|j«ve
nineteen hundred and fifty seven at Hondo, Texas. | A°™efiau"n' uneder direction
O. A. FLY, I of Mrs. Jimmie Heiligman, will
w r hold open house Sunday, March
' 31. Everyone is invited to attend
Help Save A Life...
Medina County doctors and
nurses are joining with the Na-
tional Foundation for Infantile
Paralysis in attempting to strike
out this year’s polio epidemic be-
fore it starts.
The major problem now is to
impress adults under 40 and par-
mts of pre-school children on the
mportance of inoculation Chil-
Iren from six months to 19
vears are receiving the shots
Control Of Water
Is First Objective
Courtesy Dallas Nows one fourth o f the flow of the culated to stir the ire of lax-
Control of Existing S u p p 1 y 1 lower Mississippi to the Gulf.) payers and the political oppo-
Firet Obieetive for State I Still another would send
according to Fo ^m^ T the sixth in a | westward via a much enlarged
L,^^rh,l|,;n:V;PrkrVf>! 6-part series'on Texas’ water (Gulf Intracoastal Canalto serve
R H Corder Trvinl Problem written by Stuart j the Beaumont-Port Arthur and
Hr Hd"’,!'and and Mrs Fd McGreg<>r. associate edilor of, industrial areas.
b»V ' °^ns°n jr AW„f. The News editorial page i It has also been suggested
ll0,|ag fndx Mav x.,„v, ' I editor’ of The Texas Almanac. | that an inter-river canal be
,, rbc ! By STUART McGREGOR j built from the Missouri near
111, S" faiH;on sh«„. with aii A number of proposals have Kansas City to Texas, inter-
jo»i Vm',n d'v’’ ladies’ been advanced for bringing to j seeling the Arkansas and the
'ioajl r ^ ho1'1 at th. \a. Texas a great volume of water) Red on the way. j
idK a,’iIar<* 'r ”n’-v prpi„., from river basins lying entirely qhvo projects have been stig-
'itibK »:3n fnr ,h Hondo a< outs-ide our state. i gested for bringing water from
W mil' ,V|f' Raintvvv oir’-- i The most practical of these ^ (;r(.at Lakes. One of t lose
how lrl V 11 -nr'id-- rn- ) suggestions, because of the near , oui,| he in the form uf a b'g
r.,„ ness of the outside source, i- .iiug' ne la: I heneadT a t > ' roa 1
the project for bringln” wa’er n,proiecs stir the imag-
Two Burglaries
In Town Monday
The Medina County Sheriff’s
Department is still looking for
he person or persons who enter-
ed the Hill Service Station in
Hondo Monday night, tak i n g
>39.90 from a cigarette machine.
Entrance was gained through
a north door, when the door glass
was broken, allowing the door to
be opened from the inside.
'.'"it- fnr a 1 tilts
sition of the residents
stales from which the water
would be taken. Water has be
come a scarce commodity in
many states other than Texas.
If Texas lay downhill from a
big supply of water, the long
dis t a n c e transportation would
not present such a problem
As the land lays, these sug-
gested water sources are either
below or on a Icel with ihe
populous parts of Eastern and
Centra' Texas. It would take a
lot of power for pumping
Out-of-stato sources inav he
lapped eventually But it is
free. Only 9,000,000 people, five
per cent of the people in the Unit-
ed States, have been inoculated.
School children in the county
are being inoculated free o f
Dr. David B. Allman, AMA
president elect, summed up the
situation when he said, "It seems
to me that we face a situation
where we have sacrificed thou-
sands of lives, years of Research
and millions of dollars in search
of something that after we found
ve refuse to use.’’
People who remain unvaccinat-
ed have just as little protection
against paralytic polio as if they
ived in the days before Dr. Salk
ind the National Foundation.
One of the hardest groups to
■each seems to be the young
a lutts, the National Foundation
ays. Although this group is not
tit as often as children are, it is
ait much harder. Almost three-
fourths of all polio patients using
respiratory aids are in this group.
. If 65.000,000 Americans will
take advantage of this life-and-
Officers are also looking for
of the1 e*ues on an attempted burlgary
the same night at the Frontier, limb-«aving vaccine now,
Cafe. The burglars could not'will be conquered immediately,
gain entrance to the building and The Foundation wonders if you
no loss was reported 1 win do your duty to yourself
A glass was broken in the and your family by taking the
cafe’s east door. shots immediately — or will you
gamble your health and perhaps
your life that you won’t be a vic-
Children must be taken to the
Medina County health unit for
their shots. Persons over 19, to
get the shots, must make an ap-
pointment with their family physi-
Two Candidates
File For Board
Only two candidates have fil-
ed for the Hondo school board,
it was disclosed here this week.
Deadline for filing was noon Wed-
The two men are Bruno Sch-
weers and Herbert Moehring,
both seeking reelection.
In Yancey, Alfred Wiemers
For Meet
A crowd of approximately 150
people filled the district court-
room at the courthouse ‘FYiday
night for a discussion of improv-
ed hospital facilities in Medina
County. Citizens were present
from D’Hanis, Yancey, Devine,
Rio Medina as well as Hondo.
L. E. Pope, president of the
Hondo Chamber of Commerce,
presided at the meeting. He
introduced Dr. Dean F. Winn,
Director, Division of Hospital
Services of the State Health De-
partment, from Austin who told
the audience about qualifications
for securing federal money to aid
in a hospital building project.
Dr. Winn stated that money is
distributed in the state on a basis
of need. As a general rule, the
health department says that
Metropolitan areas require 4.5
beds per 1.000 population but that
2.5 beds is frequently used in
figuring requirements for rural
areas. Medina County is on the
"B” priority list, which is a high
rating. Most of those counties on
the “A” or highest priority list
have had or are having their
hospital needs filled at present.
Our county’s high priority
would almost insure Winn said,
our getting federal funds as soon
as the local money is available.
The Hili-Burton money will match
up to half on the total cost of a
hospital and its construction, in-
cluding architect's fees, and for
permanent type equipment used
in the hospital. The money will
also cover sodding the area
around the structure, but not
landscaping. "That’s a job for
your garden clubs," Winn added.
The speaker emphasized that
only the money is supplied by
the federal government and that
otherwise they have no strings
attached that the state and not
the federal government sets up
the rules for use of the money
in Texas.
Sonv: of these rules are: The
sponsor of the hospital must be
3 political subdivision or a non-
profit organization of some type
— no individual is to profit from
its operation; the local area must
supply half the money for con-
struction and equipment and
show that they have adequate
money to operate for at least
two years; there must be com-
petitive bidding on the con-
struction work; the structure
must be designed by and con-
struction supervised by an archi-
tect who is registered with the
state of Texas; the completed in-
sitution must provide for a rea-
sonable amount of charity work;
no patient shall be refused ad-
mittance because of race, color
or creed; leasing of the hospital
to other than a non-profit or-
ganization is prohibited; and fin-
ally, adequate accounting and re-
cords must be kept at all times.
Winn said that one-third of the
local money must be in actual
cash before a Hill-Burton fund
is granted for use. The remain-
der may be in cash, liquid as-
sets, bonds, pledges or loans.
In concluding, the speaker said
that he was impressed with the
good crowd that turned out for
the meeting and gave a word of
caution, "A hospital without com-
munity support will fail.''
Pope next introduced Leon
and Fielding Wiemers have fil- Steinle of Jourdanton who was
ed for a position on the school in charge of finances tor the re-
board. Election date is set for
April 6. (Sm MEETING. P«g« I)
ttlf haleT-1' r'lllim sossion
> ;,n b<>
"Nay n..,),, r J'3''0 theatre
•ions of a 1 20 Regular
0ndi2 nigh! -°"r-P Wl11 h(’l!ln
from thp Little an(f Kiamichi lllntlon They also can he cal , n|)vj0Us tt,at our first job
Rivers and Boggy
Southeast Oklahoma.
There are several very tenia
tive suggestions floating around March -
for bringing water to Texas March .A
from the Mississippi. Qne would March u
at 6 30 'at the1 tap the Mississippi near the March Z
-ion e'°n Mal1 F,lr more month of the Arkansas Another March 21
apjari Pe ,hp advertise- would tap the Atchafalaya Vi ' arch „>
^ tohUfr um ,hls issue of short dstance from where, it ^arch 2h
s* Topics „ spl>‘* off from the MU.i.*.pp.
,cs-p*9. ») 1 (T h e Atchafalaya now carries —TOR AL
. ortnath
Texas is the conservation of
all the water that is available
n 14 to us in hur own state We are
n6t letting much of it go to the
0 00 sea unused
0 00, The first objective tin ler such
0 00 a program is the establishment
10 00 of a statewide, integrated pro-;
0 ik) graip and policy for water con
0 00 servation This is necessary to
0 75 (S*. WATER, P«9# *) J
Texas will select a new senator next Tuesday.
With more than twenty candidates, every vote is
The Anvil Herald believes that Martin Dies is
the best qualified man for this job. Twenty years
ago he was fighting communism in high places, and
got run out of congress for his thanks. When the
country woke up, he was re-elected.
Today, he is the only man with congressional
experience in this race. With his Eighteen years in
Congress, he will be able to step into action the day
after election, and with his wide circle of friends
there, Texas will benefit.
We hope Medina County gives him a big
TYPESETTER — Mrs. Carol next few weeks. She will replace
N. Zoelch, wife of Lt. Robert Mrs. Harold Keller. She attended
Zoelch, has joined the Anvil school in Portland, Ore and
Herald staff and will take over will be in Hondo for the next six
the teletype machine within the months.

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