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fEOKSnirnOX. Os aBraxas..-
;PTHS (tot a aavisoe).. -
tdnbs and Democratic Association
famUUcd at libcralCaUjratO.
-rTTr(MT cf Orr aawotal. Bonk r. ""- Jy"9' .
j0ABi)PEIXTWC. BtttfOT UWK-. MMg.2.' fc
rytximiteh UklKM" P" StVe "
-.1.T.TL nlw -.itbiB Itav ? f T biffin
S7ir ffck-t. t Sr e rlbJT? To
ISSTprii. I! rr JKtte ah. tt-e 1 OTk.
Ffwn the Coteabta (TetmeMw DearwraUc Herald.
SamS rntcwcH Son?..
A. JprSau it a hari rnntf loiratr
cSL Ht wS wTtt lata ep-Mi the kt
Aod vr WT tor the driMTfWt t J-la.
Then pan C tw eo mri r tip yw ateere
-Kaarw fc MkH nmd San
Ifcea f-3 rf fWH- mtwi r- to. jfor ateere
r Samhasiz herd row! tn-Tt! I bWrre.
" 'I 3e TfMw for to !ive 3 HHh; !
AM ! Manry I n -iJ"J-et Cat. Goniun;
IM AAiapeta. Kii her Jr- etui Jttnocrttfc grain w
Then I-- '
lVrrnti he necalk-d Dr. LKflu;
-' "!Iui-mW taw the pbHt wl Ixra- the thfcar trwa! (turn
JAnd timvi Mm aailxe-etfeer Hc of Jk&ui.
4- Tfhoi infll 1c.
jiCeer p- BHrX W STe Cterl I e He
Ahd hr k't K fr Jhe ohtr Me T JurdH".
Tlrta Ii c
iiIirfBMoC-itnri ?iw w! a! en Jtr.Cn.wE.
. fUt WfrtoW to !"" "tart " 11 Wlhi ;
?Jt1Hi wmUn U t r "Ue irVt
-Oh l fi " f JwJJ.
' Then imiB Ac.
In Iawrenee. Iriwm4H.)inftercy m aad
H itci hs then cntiM)crI certain ;
JMnSm Brown Aud Wrfajht hi Uw k;HgM
' ntut iOTt Mm to the MhrrM (rf Jordan.
Thtn W At
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Got Grtrr tr h Swne-5 " ttf UseV
Ap4 m2e ht4 mfiii ociti' ;
1 I1IA n "jmlBg" en ihe br ibhrU Jdrdati.
Then .
JJrtF Mi! fai dram the curtail;
twfoaei'' m Ik oUwr irtde Of Jofttas.
J' -3hen im Ac ' ' ;"
. OW AirfreTr K W trrit po Sim m
ltAt Hme-Je lari'kr'' w " pre'
fm trtlee lUw" Bti " whht ifnto" OTtMag vtev
JtttaH jb tt ortier Je f Jardiii.
ThHldlAc. I r
-aPir R Kim 1 ; ' yur J'mj1
' slJereVtoJfeanamIloVi-wlK'recloi9er
Anll irWhary him -oa llw othir We c Jardii.
Then poll Ac
" Cru. J. l. lScmlcroe.
Vc an? Mad to spc by the following from ihe
frorptt Printer that Gen. Hemlcnon lias Iiccu.
Urging tho Democracy of'Houfton itftavor if or-
gamzatkin. We ninko du& ullownsce lor jue
oginlona of the writer who isdouMle a joTltical
"omibneiir or the QrmraL T
TBSatunlarLiStNltu:B5 tlicrpctvs ifihe court
tSltc a conccmrsn of the democracy pf HoitOii
"awaWwl in the cimrt houBi- aij Crocksttj
ftflMrcupon a ilesaocratlc niectnif: ivw'orffin.2t
fbrvlhe liarpoM oflirtenlug to an aaarc frum Gen.
J3 illeriHn; after smhc HtttejiriaHhiftn-
arraneeravnu uvu. uuhi--... ..-v. .. .. .
J$S$d.thwigtt anahlo one came not tp tnuhet
Sliad espccteil from Elicit an" oratir as Gen.
'llffiJerstin; true thero v.-ere flights ordlnq-.cncc
ittatcjrriAlhhhearcwby $irmasn-area(in ol-
ftryaUel'vtUe qolA diort breatbinn; jfthe nu-
dmncc; th'enbr n well timed jolxc tvrcatj ng oery
fteoitlia f mile and ilraw ing forth rejiat-d a
.pfiu'e; flurin? the (hVourse several liriirant
lafitanhoric flights were taken that we maid tain
nVftf.. mirivaiters could wo xlothc theki in tne
preofe laasuage uswl butthoeniphafis lad ft.rce-ch-en''tbein
bv the iinpusMone-l orator ould be
Jottgin print. Ho particularly nrpcil iron the
!coocracT to form or re-organizo and jirupare-
toHfich appoiiit delegates to the grani denio-J
cratft meeting at AnntiB and m tnoso appmJtmer.tF
(b&ire thatthey are good and rrue ibu lot nu'ii
PSjiro&esed'one Uiius at home arul tnotlur
"-airtwj! alludiug to tho touthcrn men at lie late
jihrlhcnr ctmvenriwu """'1 sometimes b-cawo
prctfiKvereon the K. X.'. Upon the whpethe
piei wasreHimo nW0"?hi not t?o cliqnent
jl wfcxpected from the -.vida sproad faao Vt the
tpeaUar. CrocLelt I'nntcr.
BsTJIr. Beiamin? the distiuguithetllwhig
Senator 1'nun Lwana. in his late letttr on
ltsnrincMu8. And In statinc
onnuflfion. o wonder he eslaims. Oh J w at tr
Avretjic!.! .fell from tha proud traditions u the
'gallaatwMga of ta widen time! Thoy an as
JoIIoivp: t
n"jllicanfe they are ami-tJejwUivan in refuting
qual firhts to all American atizens : !
.. 1 . .1 ? 1 .! xl 1tr ... i.n l.m.
-vieeouse uiev Tioiaie iur jmiii j"' v.
Jettar-of the Constitution(lT tlie .prnscriptioicf
cluxBSqn the ground of tbdr religious belKjfl
' " ItmriMKo tbpi nn a rrro!rrestn tiiWtirds tie
' errors of the dark -axes ia tending towards! a J
ifoioffof Charcli and Stntc a urnou oquplr. dang-
JOusTto oivil and religious lilierty : - '
) " RcanBC thev present Usues addressed In ill
jnassiotu attd prtjudices uf tho people and thit
tcifta divert their attention from tho? e hiaher
Subjects over which it is tuelrdtrij to hecp cfcieeV
UefyiVfttiili ;
"MBesause above alf theyinfrin?e thatprice-j
InffinrivilMii r n frt-eman. the rscbt of iudeiten-1
i)ohe6wnonran s J'" " "w-jfw4iip'"
fSaU'occnpv toorawch nfiej; piOTr an.I to
f nnk itrtiHiH'V.-iiaile to mar iha hole the
. -1 i-if !.-: .i:A....-i....:.i.
Know; Nothinipm declare ttunseii oppociio n
anarcaaieatam : niaouiDromiMngn unin; vuhi
the gAKJiws i fcift
enernal action guided Jij independent prfhe thml in tlfts sixfli icctton of the I iattormgu.
jRoiuujmicmenv. 1BI
ltC.t one of all these oblections. iusupcraW
Iii tnr-oimiion existwl caninst this urgauizafou I
Pnnn;t-tVnt I i.nH ti-ioso to loih a 'body held
tocoAor nor bv thw tiQB of a cumuiou belief in
certain irrindplcs aud meajurw of publ :policj
'littrsimply b- tWir lrwronc oi uiemseives at
CthemtdaSsuTmontfermcoiioiaers.. onii
At.tLr .... icvii jnilip ionic eiii-Ji .in
-i am uicinii:ui.t vi w -- j - - -
aupa&lttti docs not deverve tie name xu aiarfj
3fi alopaklic! jt lacks tho ewontial olemeutsflt'
jne it is a baieJess fabric unsubstantial and
ephemeral." ' - " " .
TtiECiiAUACTKnoFAPATtat. Xho editor fcf
the Herald has commenced at his old game of part
lang tirade J.d penAwal abuse. To Our certain
knowledge he Connected vith four differ-
ent public Jurnala4p ur Ste: -and with how
manr'nfore hi otIier;tates we have not been to the
troutile to detcnumo One peculiar fact howev-
r ande promiatrnt before the people and that
jhst hj.i made a comtdctc failure inecJfaid
vi?-uch atte)t aud for thtrreasoas mentioned
iohoveandther''reAions which we1 hse not thi -
Bjeordispoattoato CMiumerste. One tkLigia
certaitt that Av8lean editor takes Mich aivjuiMi
ind opens his CiJSuiniM to articles ot" fuoh ji cbar-
acter. uewvu wyer nc svppuriiiiBn. -n-uuxum-
-disappe'ated aspirants Jbr public favor
AioliEcai demagogue biill these vcrj- peroBs
HrrJl-srand aloot when tho cxlitr of such Journals
- i$ in aforloni conditio sinking for tlio want of
patronage; as we tmtv uasiratiy csmciow " avw
-the condition of the editor of the HeraM.irouJ an
articlo which apiiears in the last number of Ida
'paper from which w e extract tho following : uWe
pave no other resource from which to -expect
rnoney than cur- -friends and patrons. If tliuy
' jwish "the Herald kept np now is the time to in&ni- bv ilniniptly peving tqv Money wo must
' 3iavc!. "froulises will neither buy tyve nor procure
bread. A'oic-isiiietjmf.Mjjsarfneads if ewrjuu
Cintend to.helpia." ISjss&m Tessa.
jTIic "WTit Party Ahorbctt iu the SoulU.
' If. T ..1 .M.3.1ti X.rirtfrco ?iArTrftpe.
'Tr- AMl&lil mhiuxumii X.'. jwx.Bxx)XX9xnxx-
4 The rrttrt trSigBartir. ofTvhich'IhavecIwavs
"heca afnend and cuiimtuat supparrer (n whose
;4ehalf I-have ever dtae bartlej and for whose
pmdples I-shaTl ever entertain the. wannest
tfestgaaandlpre lias hecouifi oBsolete has dls-
'ppwxedan1 ben:Jarlifitntfe dtitiericoe party
Bus nem sicpsjuwi u occmjnc me great ucawruutc
Of coarse the folhiwingltenis are frmtiu3
iftXnOW KldnaitGbordaJlljarfl nnder'
&""3 x: JKt-vm:. ..i- -. it
SOBfe; . r. m - - -- '
9bRiaenLiuH vxxw-jLixxxvixixua lor tccctcF m ine
ytgfvo conwqpKicittao jjeinoaspj-at'ihet
&pEnow yoliliJlxjaimne are the
rfin i atr nirammiinn i rm .
?&iing Baathinrog Iigbttf of the Qrder.
If A poWie Joanal ha a character -the same as.
an individual and aliikmgh fuch arricJesvtBay for
"t-. iteftiinoment tickle the preternatural prejudice-i uf
aly "
".r;i.'A'y;;' .- "t -.. "j ;Sieiisw?!ff5?gSsf?L - . - "-- .;--- .H tt
' ''ml! " ' ''Vif . '' : pIFytii? :;-y- " y t-' . A '-'.'? -r ' "V"
1 . . '
ttat t7ti " ViT-. rri .nnTr-T7.niTirT7?tTm a TTrtmrivr mDTr t a ct k TirnvTYA ir CM?TirnD'arrT)iri- no lore ?irn p .
1 . v 1 . 'M..i .1. j ni i-rri v-h.k:r 11 m. v v irirArt irt n- .rt r i" rur i n.ivi nn.n w n.i;i i n sia
os iirtr roucY Sit leGauty of the
JCuoir o:Eii:ip OrjjintfcaUibii.
cukclvici raoit ui;r wxav
ltetlhe order haTe publiBed i National Plat-
form of ininciiilffl at Phikdelpbia ivbich is pro-
ckiim-diu a- uuirerpal -panacea another brazen
wypent of tbajtaaolkci whiclij to enre all flic
sfl psutne m be land and Jin? ahnctilio tail-
KTonni a conjury inTjuvaiiu" ' niu aiiniJjBiaj..-
prriod. With itio cond'sfcnsion thej con-
K-rnMiee "inai Aimumrr uunz tvbii xuich v
tbo LVawir .' ther are "iirtrfirthidh" !
3n their Auirricwi feeling but fpntuics the le-J
cinmfeV!iiis ot xl irrc coreninifn;:. tacvinajn-
tam tin' Tnion as the irannnonntnoliticslsood'
It initc!r not that the Union mav be o 061
as ti nrortiicc the "nptucs or?oioin aca tnei
nranos of Goreorroiieb" Rtill the Union Is the J
A'priinarr object of patriotic ilewro." In any-
OvCUu Hie Niiarnii m inv 'hhuii i "" jv if
ftncixaK and "Anieriran will crtntinuo to role
Atnenca." "WitJi all tho isceljiw of "latter
day faints' flicjt profess " a liobit of reverential
ribwiitnee to thp lava" " a tender and. sacred re-
Jjsrd for-acti? of Staternianphip ' " Veneratia.i for
the bamirm thct prcchutatcfl enr llevolutii-n"
iitd m orflrr to :.oid the vulcar dltjcusMOn of all
troublesome qmttions thatnnijnir mar the Jiar-
laonx of " the American nartv;" ihv Fame arc to
pbb " deckleil In- tho Xntipna! Council" in secret
efon wliero rte public wiiio will nptUe vesgd
wid embroiled with disftntin opinion aiid Crudc-
nnliens of die ' iuiiracnlitti conception" trat
"Anierlcaas only tUnll govern AmOiki" The
"-National .Coinleil'' Ti graciocft jicnnifwim
liawi) af fliwil the decinijOii " of all Tiiatter(j t ')-
taininc to Ivatioiial polilicV and it baving bcrn
fnrtirVcxecd tliat whenever a mind i siifil-
cirBtly illmnii.ateil to j)eree;ivo. ILo sablicic.tin r-
taiW nod eini'rueo tue dirine'-otaelop of th'
' AjBericafl'order" that be is etKncntlr. nnaliticd
fpr the hip5et ktatious in tic i&3 lb f-Ui as
a 'watbeiuaticsl Corroktr that we aro iiu
AMiertcaiw and the people arc .American." In
othcnronW'wearethonileraiaid Jha ri"oplo
arc Hits rulea.'1 ThU bein" the " huinamlato
cunccDtion" of the order "the reformation of
the character of our National Legitdaturc bv ele-
vating to tliat dignifii'd and responsible position
men of higher .qualification? purer morals and
iaorc unseltlf h iauit tisin ' ivHi follotv a ft ne-
cctar) result "tyuoil cratttMomtraxJnm"
In matters of religion" the "iNatiomJ Orancil"
ackuowcd"t'jio huttinor but Go3 but ' icafttnu;Ti
a chrietianitjvl'y the Constitutions of nearly alt
ot'tbo Statfei -liV the dc;sionsof be.inostfeinit
nent juidalaHthorinee-t.and hy tli -pmisoilftif
the p'inleif JLierica h enr.i-iaercd rieletuenl
ifli ojrpoi
1 . t T -1 f-nMTtl.l
at enco Ui
iorr iindfonntein
wp'bnwoFc'ovq'vsrtcbmt to esdufliit frdm the
Scoids Jims i-stubiriilicd in the Umed btatts."
V.'nat u':iu!C condi-sJetBionJ InliswtirTi as the
.Ribie-ettu i;8 CliriRtian nbu-trhics are now- lawfully
taught in l11 the Schools of the Fiutec" States dc-
irtieal as Is our own Constitutional creed '
hum conclufleil in this oar Philadel-
phia platform "to nlltiy til. apprehension 'on Ibis
subject by issuing this our American Ball tl ut
the Iiiblc shall not be excluded from the Sdinols.
Who ran now sav with the leant show of rerity
that the "National Council" and its follower
have notmndethcercatestof all oarthlv sacrifices
In order to consult the convenience and prevail
ing prejudices of the "people 1 AYbo'iv fhrllJ
me K..f o.i..1i A..rtVi4 islmll lf -wnrifv"U.
such Alilericahi sliall rule America
oa luuu ouu. .UJii...t4UiJ Kiitm
we not had a government oi lxAW&tor
more than half -n centuivi
Has uot that ittpuri-
iiintit failed 1 Tb not tho counlrv In trouble and
tfn' Union about tri be dissolved f" Is it notclt'ar1
that we jnusf now liavc a governmenf'Sf ilEN?
Have noctul nations reported to governments oi
iu6n in Midi eincrgeseiesj Did not Cromwclf
and his men govem FBlaiid;j Did not the Jaco
bin Clurs govern brnnceJ J5:it wlij multiply
-precedents on a Eeir-.ovideut proposition? Tbkiv
what man so" eapabis of sroveninicni as "we
Americans." Vdl aty ouc be ro demented as to
serlc riilcTi) an;on? the " anti-Americans ?"' Wo
cannot find it in our hearts with our "profom:d.V
mtcnbcv American feelings to' " prctennit" ins
expression Vf opiinott on flil- vital question ; audi
have therefore declared in our Constitution and!
A'iBiiiirm mar -.nicnrans oniy miuii
amicucb. - jiius'ur ficicixui-ciuat 'vjor. ciniv) expect ti carrr against our common
liialifitOn-bE-cr topio- pf less viallty yo mahp Bpf; of-tjI -onat Was ever an infatuation ho
compromise here. Lven the ceaipi-omise ot
the compromises of the Constitution nil ell othoi
ooinpw:iiiet mubt jiebl o this great jat'oaw ju Uj i-r.j.t'nithQ duty it peiform. Ihev
necessity- AVhatever may wi the ojwiotjs 6T veatAnmon i.itciesKmpcriledbv a crtnimQii
othe we hae ever doubted iLat ttip " fire ioav --.iirlBhoald unite in all tho bonjii ofiirplher-
and t.o.bshs' were tho sole berime of tK i.rot .viFbre-t the storm. tcEkher..'3'ut as this-
" AtBerjCAas.' We regard tits "mott Ox put-
tags' as a'part df otr fnrrh-figJit and not to Bl
(finidced bt JEtatt-hKc for any consideration wnax-.
cfcr- . i ... jS.
Another salniari' "provision of the plattiirtnlt
xxxi.n ..x.i;if'1x tiJ. frnT..o " M5S.
uk muiui . j.""'v 4 --; -o ALilb5!. AR1S CJt ail prpvious cccasii'UK'inix eueuncs
imnenoe uas- suown tunt ic i-rexj.uuui. .i i
eaiiwi iiw mwa wiMixu x....- .".- ..
menxuen ol tlie ij.xcn urprrc oi inu oxo.-
N one can fail to jrcfcve tne goon recit
tii) wlutaty rewnn. AJUt greai. cs tucsc nauw
mm Westings are a greater good js yet to-.bng-
tiomdr-a. greater potyer yet to uscrciy Ii tpi
be found in lift) sixth .section of the Platform id.
" f1;
""'Jr" V . . .AR.
""Rie Ucl-r.U. TraiouT tipTUOACXjvnlbj.
XK-t!ox or ALtrAiTa i? LLOPItEas ..iahiks.
ffltasrsj ok LASU...TO
ElovtRS.4' .'"-. .... I .
Win snbUnd as 'm to roeiii i t!asncv'mjn
uirawiwo uu cuiio kuu vy &$"-.
u ik-. " '" lA" t Tr.ClhMl
- world? Heretofore.-lesishiiioutf tne clmraer
. - . -'. i .
dea aJicr postjatto m its oneKtion andtherefe
!."" v.. kh .m . .. ' . fc
........... ik6-. v. -- -
by Ciygros has been regarded as cpncluje
-j v. .....- --; . --p--- t " rf"
upou (Vmgress anil the country and wliereligni.
waaol title in the United Urates; such gravis
hsMi-faled to be acquired by the ;grauteeCOnsgsS
wuuuui icwHiwu v fc - -p-.
....... .. .11... ..Ix.1.1 miuT. !! t.nnP- ilWl
. . u .... j.... -." - ff
nt . mnLm.mrnnr irmrB T .xiii:ii ...ill
owxuu wei. cijuililUH.'' ixxinn; xxu .. - jv
lhttonai rii-n of the Know Nothings the itcj
soientn enactments o".Congress and the JB.iJ
binding Contracts are to be "-rtvcahd vithovU
iraaruTf: m.-TTXirKJ2. i mt iitiiv ruinix tt i
das of ttjracle have passed T 1
T ?fef ffiij be reppaled "wifiimr
11 VfUe iuii u
erarion;l!iwt all lawttmd all grants inay-t'
twaliv? h"uW tin OTmtionOf this wondl
power. ILe exposition of i'ho maiinor in wkph
JilrflHi If Tnl.Ai iT'lmt
but the Intention of tho order to wveep awam
-Ua-ttaMU tUaHV.O VUkWIV .- - - -- m ---
Miirgovtrnmentof uvws anu i3-iaa a jju-srn-uient
oPmk.v. ltli a -"National ConaciK'ot
"prcibiulilv ictente" Americans to ihintaamtaci
for thy wjTile nation we shall be rid of aUur
carrstht iiilllnuum will Lave arrived aniwe
?hall he Hiic the lillieiiof the ficW who toilnof
neitherdolftev snin.' S
On tkeVubject ofpolitiial eeonom;. ani'tho
; internal adainisrration of the governmemf the1
) OpatiratioiaBd thejdatfonn of the order arjjoth;
sueut; auipiesnons 01 nuance iciixur xiijgjiat
improvement pacific raDr'-ad? appropriatitosdf
the puWio tots dUh-iBnrion of their prowed!
natwoal tuifj are entirely "pretenmtteiLIn
rcganJ to tha fereisv pbey of thS- eoaziny.the
limroe doclAie the acouisjtion of Cuhaiur
South .eriian Japanese and tlhinese tmfsjr-j
CxiuTfC Uiey uro as sueni as mr luxuii. 1 "rjiy
nothing of torciga commerce free trade orof aa.
armv and can- policy. In short .tipoa all Ore
great questions of Thai practical importaaw'to
tho counth- and Which siould ic uppennMia
the imndFbr American statesmen they eo-as.
prtfoundly silent as if the-jjicre jirofouadljjig-
iTnnt Hthn nnti-CathoIic and anti-Forrign
policv of this order is to prevail the proewspjf
sEnexaUonlrr forever at an -end. Cuba iie-acte
ami the islands and countries adjacent thereto
are-all Gatholtc and 001116. uiidec the proscriow
of the order.
Compared with tho Declaration of Inacpetij.
UCUliC IXJD UCUCXJUXXX". ----. . v fzz
forms or the more reient principles procjWffipS
Kp-fhn IVhitr bt.3 TJpmnpratic ualtie. thaWafcij
form sinks into. -empty verbiage andKteriialgbS
wa"i ordincry means of p'oliacai- infonBS;
couldhaveuhacribd tootmmcanitig an olapoan-
1 ihistniRnls to be ;pgrforifed:i6as-yer ontof
the ublintj urysterics uf the orders b;it on tfeg
I is ceSaiVi! malics apparent not oulr.tlio pover
vi rj p. y .Im&i fr --' 1 - 5 . . j. - - - (eboa ' v . v p jr - - . . .. ' . ... . . -1
-f : ?- r ' . . v
anan' r aftith to; tho crutipT.of the pyljh'c
sueh a "sounding brass and" (ichlinff srrafinr'
is a scbWctof nfeipntd afitmuhmer.t. 15nt when
we .reflfcB: -ttafiflanj mnlJioiyS Southern ro'ulk
werecniea5.ijrme proniuicabon of tins modern
nfil!rirai.thCf!8astomfdirnpTtr Hilpn intn i-mnJi!
meat. tVhtf end have jaduced iSohthero "men
to vl. i fiance with anxth-boimd secret po-
liatii siTOCtiihoiJidzerrtoiore anlinod xclively
to.the fi Snijftft'aihl which 'hfld provcdjelf a
powerTil Bauornsid of the Alwlition party?. A
patriop; dcsiivto kvc the Union is the nJecipfis
nretent ' Before' ihcrj.-urercd tho-.PhiIadeloIi'i!i
t'onviti"!); they were Lnmvn ns. the firm adher-
ents of the Jljgisi'tji)i. und Georgia: pjatfonns
uppnj' oBnyyiMur mas iiit;.- eaic our 01 lue-
Ctniveitfon with "pretenqitted" opinions and
uoanab3e tirrne in. this j11 jifisorJimtr tAnitc
Jmtt of saving the Union they made mirtyrs
oi impwivez. ineoay uaspafsea wnen fcoutji-
ern ram can prenirimt the assertion of a conr-
tutioisb'rKht ot'ital Importance- to the tlave-
holdhS States. ZThd peoriJe'of Missi'sirmi and
GcorB ftt least havetnKoa their portion in
apacity of yivorcign States jinu they will
scarwynifinoon rneir oni government iortltf.
prhe of sweariLg alleRiancotolhc Cincuinarti.
ConlShtii a or the I'hiladclpliia platform- j
Cfc any tran fUrnith a nlauilrle pretext for
Ji-.fara alien if ivcret political associaiioa5? in
t!e 3p uJat eutnnes LaaSvc in our mlilsr
iuw4B'9Sru.'htana of jiofiee'shoidd be ex-
railiSftS Jiai sornccira -Iter npriurm hi 1 ir
pnHt'J 'jysranorai religipnor Icgnl object
)i3ji'4ni.iew' eeparate'and'apar itam- the
a ija.j ...-. - - . - x r' -
wliw eqsnnumn' nv is it made t penal of-
fisMn$!t murder to pott-n sign .adopted tor
jusiUfauon at anv otnor tune tiian jroii
ighslv orte hour before dav-brealir' ' Wh
arcJpAiic alphabets and wyetic .igns- grip?
aiJSesiorordJ! icOdirv-1 Do wo lire in a bar-
H)anxge'J -Are.we surronnded by thifcvej? nib.
Hjed rmlrdtfrcrs J Are v e ' rufrd by ajlespo-
ara cviupns xs to ccnspirejorsejt-protee-'tB'll8'
-f the Ta'nd' h "pretended Aro
LjdWfe-gftt lectins of 10 Jjo wlflsseil'
tipwu" 1 4H e not secret political cpnibinaricns
cvhcti ifiu.bane of all social.-ielatjoni? and the
faesnyfiS or ad free-cvemntenUt .WaA there
Xi 1c BlcpUhhc on earth who?e deftruchn was
-aifeomtosediiy this infensal inaliine7 SVhnre
ataaD3."1"?0" RJnbIies'7 WTiexo are Pior-
ena v
?nna. Kologua Pifn Cremona Padua
llapitia tl at brilliant clnrtecof Ital;an It. -
jiubcBjuuipmiuuieagesi i aero is Kepuuii-
Otf- 1.!.. p -4 . .n ...
canaiciuMi anu wuero ice' iaie ifepumic oi
I'nnce J Arc they .not nil all in riCns the com-
mon viaims oi tiie .sntno dreaji spoiler now con
Stj&tfr" &a t-o mueli tlpmanded as rt fi:e present
tennm :1 fa'aiticiam.of the Northern members of
fii u": : Ctqrc-s already eleefed ve cannot hut
toreeei -an n.tpi numg oisrupnon or tue icocjai
t'rn ti:i v iii on the riavei v issue. Th's imminent
per 1 1 h been precipitated upon us.Vy the adher-.
vflspihe Cinciimatti Ccnetirntiuudndflio ''Na-
tional Giuntil" sxting under it. Itib but ajillle
iaorcA:n a jear since the "National Council"
commaredits operations' and in that hhort period
ot tipSi hey have swept away almost ei?ery ves-
tBreollEie constitntioiial artv in the free States. to Eny Souuifern men- in the tdhid-
ujofeolincal partizanship have consenrcd to
fircf tlif to vijry men in Philadd-
tiiri r-rnsi'iitnjT In ndnnt. flip. fKurcnmiti Omnoti-
'jj hijnOfSol toek tho cafhs of allegiance -of
"J M ftStf how'el their necks to the'yohe of the
s .t!(! Council ' and agreed w.Jh them upon
v..j t . . ' .. . w v M
sljsii-jptts except the slavorv cutstion. il.oy
Hfuivt ros'cuiing 'aii Itlnnaelitish w
:I men who arc lint of their faith.
ji!Tiioutiv iiuvi':uii:u wuu
it the present
in tLf iMiuih. It matters not wlncli parti
SKtjecdnSn the Eleeiion Hid result wjll bo divHS-
roist. he unity of parties in life slave-holding
C nj.. iihm v.... tnolTi l.of.n Orilmi
chin Mftm nuin.iv.i (nw.t..w. v.wij -
ril byicumbcr?' in tllo Northf divided and ijiii-
tnt'te'l'tihQUic IV i ianaticr-l onarrcl unwoitln'
l-iHi(1. ratioi
itioi zl uiiinfs whnfmorcl mental or physical
aror Swu-um eo crimincll' -
j ;n;m g0utliern men have' an unmis-
w (lie D?niocrsticparh-breast. the-bft)ttnalo;ie.
vLY(.r vfc jierc n Kfl7ti erilcui or a. -nroudpr
ilj'.Jnour-nairransBnaK AVfe'-have won many
uia1jij1. iH Pinpre3 nianr dfesnerate''
ilr i2 ... . .:. -
tearfeaihuhe open field and wagerpa i public.
mkhij; ivwr too order oi ratue is cixnugcu.
WithiTii exdeption -of a few sqtiuljng jarties who
H'lVL' nu Mlfl'A 111 III il IJUt UUltli;. I'Ul UHlixLi'inq
fetATPtrrMH inbinarine batteries" " inferw.1
.yapf; Mid inidnighi. nmhusades. Overpow-
t aCl? abtljroneti inallthetnlgslcs of inWlfect
fi fig ae8p5se3 aml ilfiT eanSidaf es re:-
leeted tl ev nowabnndoii aiilttj tlie light ot Tcason
tho h ef ypou the .pretence of a
patent tw rrionspi anu a owinc jevciaiHio4 iukuiu.
i- . fllC otiier too sacrel hr the pub-
liCjKU0ihe-'ecite euriositrv and decor numbers
jafeHij vr'dof r'nrhtiL-ss t'o explore their fsbti-
Ions iij-.teriep With mock -oleifiDitiv & hlas-
.pBrowuBWith is ndnmilstercd and when tfco u-
snitoii lis( ciumiicd tne eitcuinooaoi tne vow
faf a unknown tongues should bo adopted to
.oiceiroiaTnermiiio eve so iuu an uLiia
all t!l(J WhTOWieW rights Of hmhauity.
n urtDpatipa of
O.U. WO BCIvPOW ICIlgeU TtSUVS VI xiuixjuuxiv. int.
ihanhstqihe tinifi-horurcd rcvealhig-lnaxint that
'.nrforjn out" their whole-plot has he.ea
dlscvczl and exposed md thev now stand be-
4 n w I " 1
lore tLe-unsl ot tne pe(qie Jiiip iremuiuiff
.."i . .. it .-i? l : ..x.M x. L'A r
nvuorr.iwnt tue rreatuavni Jinaiuewuou cun-
f"-- . " - . A . ' '
ctd dfcradeil ii their fiwncr?timStio:in
xiStoh- ct JKx5nvirs in their dire hecestt. Shall
$b?y-Se j-erairtcd to achieve it J Is there no
rgnuHj.l'..EO liatriotism no religion in the land I
Artke.Ecs6ftho. Ke-wilutjon cll;dcail7 Are
itMrrircroles otirieTl hv ike Eamc-cW.s that
trover- thlii- eaYthlc remains'?.1-' -Call then their
; Spin5LSi tie ?' rtjEty eep.w- TJally the people
'ta'Thi- iiaiidnr.l of "Washinetbn. JetTersou and
Jackson " Cry alDul and spate-act." Proclaim J
tfie tirtues nt tne dead in pc cars qi.tnc iivm
until shsng shall coypr our egenlie8with defeat
and crpfvn pur principles with their accustomed
victory.A .v i.j ' "
- I ait. sir. with OTbaf-resncih '
S- .. r '--! . i J-.1. . '-i
JOHN D. FKEfiiliViS.
f Goveruor aauuoiij.
To sh te the Southern peoplivho- Wilson'Shan-
j non the ewly appointed Governor pf "JxaniaSt is
TegarilejlIiyahe?AJwHtichiMF we quote the folloW-
ingTaajihgcf fihatiarrant- Free StScr.John
WentwothxOf ChTcacoi:1' '4
"Thosww tttH-rWilson Shannon In-few that
uowafctten"crruimlliw notions as much to
as hj 6m of tlio -ltrnirflr Douglas AtchisonJ
fctriogfcfliw-and Qo- "Hfcfgoes to kausas t-pniaBl
Kansasa ehsve Statwfi"Il anteceueutsust be
Laown hlpel'ierce liewaa-aifold Tyler man.
Alth(Hl4dtelpted to thOjofficeoFGovprnnriifOtiin
Iff thfellfeaocrag- ie catac out wiih a letter en-
dprring John Tvler.''ana3)y the same JohnTvler
I -m .. " ii" - ' v -i -
ww elfttfed bf (.'-ocgnJK for one term and for one
Only. Djrocgji-S Oureis;onal career he was a
soutacnier is-alxhistMinKi3 and all hirotes. His
record itiright 'and wiat is betlerAis heart is
right ISripcaglas anddavgry. He goes to Kansas its rising-hopes and
to CHTmLfT'smf! with hnn3ap It Trvmntrtv
TffiioTEtht-tibo-dirighter futnic 'Peeder or
ShsttnonrltKe'laSioCljetLe traitor!
" '"'Lei ShsBiKmirccogckB this mob of Dcngias-
1 ites tbate6tvprpti3seiflto bs the Leghdatufo of
Sanrasndttfcon!gF House brBpresentatrves
vnll J$a acIaEso $6 thJJext appropriation hill that
wuldixJaroall'sudiiiifamyToia. T"here ishopa
ja & next Congress "
Irnvt enlf!i"d the services of .several Clergymen
fn ijeir political ivasfi-je and iLe" w'oili of malig-
nant peiwcution for opinion ssLe was never
"boimili? hiuxeli alfie tfcCvblindOeioteeot aespo-
niln politicA'and f Infidclily in JTclii;ion No
Wnnrlnr V.t- imdnlohl iripf tinB. eabalistic aipllS-
j"ilu? Z-ouisvillc siJid.tiio tor.-
New Orleans Spt. 15 1555.
To lie Editor of the Louisiana Courier :
Sm : In the Louisiana Courier -puMfihed to
day aud just come to hand I read tfieTbllowingj
extract Iroin the l.omsvil! .Journal!
"The American order in Louisiana rejpet fhe
principle of excluding Korean CntHolic from of-
fice but it is because IJolnau Catholicism as it is
recognized in that State is. a ery jJifTorent thing
indeed froia what it is recoaiized as clsqwherc.
Tlie TJoinan. Catholics of Louisiana are Koman
Catholics oaliyin nmne. They that is the most
pf tl'enl do"not goto confession ; thoyccknOwl-
edqo no ailthority pf thtf Popp over them ; and
they do not allow hiuJ iii ajir. one elsei to appoint
B.sbqps oirBiiefiU over thein wUhout. their own
gom-ent . .' '
"At Philadelphia in June last we li:id.raore
than a score.Of tree couversatiotis upon. tlu su!-
jecfi.wtth.)cading meuibors of the Louisiana Dele-.j
gatron tT the American Convention and although.
they were extremely anxious that tl.o ritual of
the order FUould vn medilied upon- the Ltitnoiiu
......Sitn !. t.A ..rt (rrtl ..-"lit.... t).it ! !.
modified ibrm jfr-shpuld birjtl 'tho jneuiber of the j
order uolvto supwjtt for Ofiice any. confusing Hi
man Catholic 'or any ons a'-Kitowlodging th
Pope's authority to impose CJinrch.'uuctfoi-arits
upou peojJleaigaini tJ-er will.- All the lneiJieri
of tho-I.QuTsiajia .Delcgatioa cm confirm what nv
say ; and we will'name fliy yenarnble Jndp1 '.Irore
ii&'ihk delegate With Whom We hisl'the tulleutand
mo3t fjreqtit conversatidns ttjinrrtjif snbject." -
au. tlio tnemiiers oi tiip A.ouiT.a:;:i delegation
:. . x xr - .. r .... ..- j
I was thV' only Cathidic in tho delepatieirand.wlic:i
f.'ora meru.cuiiusif anil uniy in the hope of re
lnotyuprejucllces tlnt ;I oriift answer aiij qjf cs-
ton 'An the "subject I said in the com roof a
speech to .which no publicity ha ever lieeu given
and which is not iu bi confqunded w ith Juv ai!-
'dres on the "JKligiou- Test": "We are im
peratively apd uneqiiivocall;. instructed gentle-
men nntto affiliate wilh jou.if you retain in joar
Constitution and in your oaths the Uigiilett nllu-
sioitto any religion nimlcVer The 'delegation has
nO optipx-af i'oune to purs-ie. TlierCfofe the
"oucstiori of a religious tet' whatevei it be is tiit
Idel'iiteable "vvlth our consent. In relation to the
(Cjitholies jof LpuTswn I havcj:ndea' in (!-
'hCn;!trate to ou tliat they are free from tho-
'grp&s superstithnis which you attribiito to the
'OTiUTch ttf iiomc I iiave-tlu-j')thnt-ti'ePcpo
ajipomtcd our Priests and Bisucps but than w e
acknowledge no other' in tli head of our
Church thru one which h jiurtly spirihial. I
have told j Ou that the" Louisiau'ans are eniighteli-
ed Cafhrlicif who w oidd not penni t the mtst dis-
taittcccJi'siastieiutciieicuccwithpiliticE. 'I lrive
toldcu that they would l.iclc out. of the tate
any Priest who would hai dated to fipn a pro-
fcfct againsti the Nebraska bill ot who wuldeu-
tnre to olStruc tlie exerciFc of anv reliaious be
lief cpntrnrj to his own. I have lntornicd'ypu. in 1 1
jrcply to y our inteirojatones that very few ot the
male Caibcl'c of Loidi.i.ii"i go to confession.
But I wish it to "be distinctly understotd that if
I make this dcclaiation it is because truth re-
quites it and not rre.itisp I have the intention of
conciliating vpur lavir by showing that wro are
bad Catholics. We give no excuse we make no
apolegy for what w e aire'. 0n the contrary I am
...WImiu tr. ftnnr1 npmjit-.f n.l' ?nff.rrlnfiii TT.liir!l
U.1.1. .'... W wUU... ..U...V- ... ..V.S..W ..
micbt induce vou to roppote that we are Protest-
ants in reality5 and only Catholics iir Lame. No
nPoL aud nure
Whether we goto con)e'.-ion Or not is no 00 1 s
concern hut our own. But let me Ml you if
there is anything which will lnahc as fhch to the
crafceslciial itis the mleiligi pet tliat ou dare to
interfere with cur fiee action in tli3 matter.
With 1 egard to myself I -would not to be nude
President of tho "United States great as the tctnp-
tathn might be.-iidd pa iuch in nlatipu'to fhe
cstahlUT-mentof a "'giousTcst-" Ton mui-h 1
engrosted bj the cares vf the wtirhl. I
di ult omitted to iull im?iij of the duties of tl.u
Cllristian. I am a Intif udri.ariiiu Cntiiolie But
since Catholicism has ldesed the oiadle in which
I was rocked I am dcienniued to be laid in the
tomb whiiiit slic will Consecrasfc. I bear not a
'name which can be coupled with anoitacj. hits
ft" T eonlfl irnka tho tl Dhto'.t CduccRrcu to On
"thesacrtdjfnageyof mj ucpartcd .-ncest'irsf would
virC bofure' me cnddli.ti.ib my sleep lorevor. 1
woaidssoen consent to the daiecatlon of'nij
motheV'i tomb as gho ii;.-aeut: to tm thing
which might le construed info nu aipcrCTn-en
the'religlim which was her consolation iu life and
death. I have no hesitation in saying in the ranie
ol niy constituent tuatJat.iudnianartsastli.jyare
1)1 Ca
tho?e who know' their generous hearts that tkoy
would do the same asf cnegrtaiiy to protect as)
Piotestant in 'the free and uncontrolled exercito.
of hia VeMgiout. belief.''
Sly colleagues will tastify" that these are tLt
sentimentT" wieh I expreia;d en th.tlmeiu(rahle
ccca"sioiialidIhavc good t-a-cn to ie convitccl
that thp "report b( the committee if consultel
Will cpnfinuovCry word of try statement. In.
justice to my colleagues1 1 muet siy that they cave
the mdsfc unqalined a-ent to ail mj decura-
tioc? and that .they - even had thp "-kinfliresiJ to
favor mo with the "most grat.ljing cimpliuipntb
onthciiositibn which T h.tdtahei. We wtrc a
dnit in Philadelphia and it Is therefore impossible
tQapply to them what is. not cppFcahle-to myself.-
A Jlppci. Mriuat. )uu ivui ueeai it iiuc iu mi;
Louisiiina. delegation and to voursrl: to pullihh
ho lcctiticatinii Of Jin error which you have iu-
volcntRnly contnbutPd to circulate
ncrectiullv cur ob'.C t pn "t
Kcss jtcjeiiwof the Octuccracyal
' ." . f Anstr..
' ThcTexn'State&nzetteof.tbe.55th ult. con-
tainf ad iuvitatiOa-To thp Detnocr:'cT f Texas
and (iTtilfifvntnki:id opposed to theKnow-No-fiTnT
liPrter .''' to assembla at Austin. on-Sarnrdai?.
the "Thiril of November next "to coniiheniorate
the-gloribus victojies recently achieed o7er lip'
Bccretij-tnarshslled forces of the" nbiquitoub SaiH."
. We coi uialiy sympe tlnec with tne editors ui. tec
Gazette- when in speaking of the proposed de-
monstratipn. thej say; "ivnow-Nothingism dries
not jet rise nt Texas upon the rctss of the De-
mocracy i In view of the lpng tho sad the Halt-
ing evils rp our Governincnt-aud pebple thatwe
have escsped it Is a fitting season for rejoicing.
The eons of the Democracv the Of Know-No-
thingwm must come together from even-part of
the State to ceieoratcinegionous inumpu 01 oiv-
ilSludKeigionsiibcrtyi" '
The invitation i signed by over cnt" hundred
and fifty of the most tefjicctablc and influential
nitfrxxim of Austin and tne.t-urrnundin-: tounfh'.
among whom w care glad to notice the 'names of
innnv nil aTwitrherished friends ifany of onr cit-"i
"rpni- will "doubtless have hu"simssv at the State
capitol about that time and tve gjvp thiRinfonna-
rtioniu order that theymay avail thenuelves of the
opporthnitv to attend wiiat weoouiitr.or wyi ne
a gathering worthy of thb'Democracy of Texas.
WifmKtHiatall who can. will attcndJtiiatvCsss
countvmavnotbesetdoxvn as indifferent to tho?
principles the triumph of which it is proposed to
celebrate. x
"Wemust not Omit to state that there will be a
mammoth barbecue and that the LADIES are es-J
pecially iixtlteil. Jejerscn Henuti-
Kxow SojiETHic XT0VE3ICSTS. The Fire-
sojl and Abolition K. N's pf Indiana. Ohio Mara-
chusetts Wisconsin NeV Hampshire 3Iiebigan
Vermont llhlne Ciinnecrlcut Illinois PJiode Is-
land and Iowifhave issued a call 5fo7ember21st
in pursuance of the action of tho hue State Cow
tSxl at Beading- Pa thus juakiag thirteen States
the partijhi to this general. anti-slavery K.N. pi;
Know Sbniefhing movpnipnl;
3 Capt A. K. BLYTn& has- received th&
nominatioa cf tho democratic party for the Legis-
Jaturo in Yallabusha comity Misp. He is oho of
tlhelrcest and tnorf brilliant men m the State.
being appealed torn carJlrmriott(ii ijivse strnsge
assertipns)! d(;etn ir my duty ai one of "the dele-
iiattoif to statctbat so fr i my hr.owjedgo ij.-
temls'.'there is not the (liltest ftiuiiia(iou jt;r the.
puliicatioii to WxiichmvattcuiionLas booucillled.
1 appeariKl witii -uv coiteactics. bipTevp.p L 013-
rtiitreo on cicdnnfiaK 'aftCr Imving iryte ted
hgainsttlicriI'ttiun!i(Ttoiiiluir.e iiitp aiir man's
r-lrgjon ami after liavmg deilan-d that?' it wits
sirs" we are UatliOlies jn tne real acceptation ot 1 i"; -. "r" V "'""' " l"'0"""'"'" l'-"-''
the word: but tt do net worslip the'inonster 1 r"'!3n1f KVliji" rtio'-'l Saratoga 'J xth
which jmt suppcse'Catholicism to be. Catholi- whence it k:isoeetironvaned tomi-nttii' plaeej
cisn- as we un.lcn.fand iir jn mv opinien as where I hac been nee the li.lioi this month
ft reunion as ter fxiitei '""' ..pi". .i. riy
tholicihin thev woyiu sued u-ueceis.-iy
fast dtop of tneir blood-111 deftnee-oi the
oK.tlfcir.forcfuthers and I nc e 1 nit my to
J.ettfcr of Hon. O. Unrxiairei .
Sam Hoifftxm in his Know Nothing letter for
the last cauvasj aid
" TheselectiQn of fhePresidentV Cabinet al-
though it wc hichiy excejdionable tn the Demo-
cratic party they mado an efiort to swallow it.
General discontent was jjrov.'inq up in the country-
This fei'Knz was artrravatwl by a report that an
tiBTCeiMcut ttos made Utieern a Catholic Jjisiwp ttad
(cn'I'ifrci conditioned t!nt Gtn. Pierceirns tore-
ecird tie Ca!hcic rote 7;x7 in llu crcnt of liis. elec-
tion atiluniioninWis Hiould bo-utttntoa
wrniher if tie Cutholyc denontiiintiun. As thi w as
pnbxiriied ax tdi-nieo 7t ten Iciured."
Jt will be recollected that this statement WAS
DENIED andthcproofcalledforimmediaiclj up-
on its frstpromulgationinafourth of July Oratioi;
at Washington: Tliat re.ectallc Whig sheet tli
InltUigcneer also repudiated the es'-ert'i n. 4
simihir roorback had been got up previously in
wiiich Gen. Scott was made to figure in ir. H6
immediately and in few word aho denounced it
as it deserved.- This was all known to Gen.
.- -
ijuc it was lien iu iieuuetu Jiainer vi-.orjii
Carolina to "reconstruct the .roorback ai.d put it
iu shape. In his speeches lie boldly asserted upon
the authority of IMr. l&rrinpcr tx'iat the Pupo's
uaeio tol.l him when iu IMudrid that .'. ( .ttlfolic
itpsld la-in the Cabinet .ird workcdmpcn'hix. au-
ditor's feelings by creatine tlie impressioii of tar-
zaltianHintrigtih hetwean the Pcpeand President
Pierce. It wa3rn eriou4 cliarctc.'' If tri't 1.0 mfii
gtiltjrof it.'waf fit to IxolA 'oither tlie bigi-eatcr
the lowest'- officii "Ii.w av an act of iicdacity''anu
iii'a.ny uupniaih'led. Jf hi tree "the accuser lin-
ks jLiioccutly ix accuser "dtscrve.i a xeproach
and h stigiila of liauupondiis'furcbcad.that elioujd
brjiidliim to hu lasf d.iv of a iuntf 01 rOpent-
acqo President Tierce sinks l;ofirc our e;u:cn-
ptatipn of the character and proud staidltg of ii.e
American nation. Thp'- otf'iii'o is ..gainst cur
coontry. It is no personal matter. Ir is one o'f
nationhl iirido and.elorv. Dastard b l.e v.lo
would lay soiled hands upon our woihl-wide lop-
utation for the purity cf ike Procidentia office.
Whether Sir. Ifciyiiox is innocent or guilty wo
will not f-cy. It is within Ids ov.ji bosom. But
we do bay that the following letter from jL. Bar-
rir.;er .vill itiifyv every one 'tl'atv IJayner'wss
more intent upon circulating the 7ioorb.:ck than pf
guardiritr'against jnisrcprl'nfat'oii. Jlr. I3arriu-
ger it will he seen deities h statPircnl of bar-
gain in tola he dcnit?s aho any inference of the
liud from a single leifark ever made by h'm to
lIr- Bayner. His lanjiuage is dignified and it
is sometimes very cauttic ncte the sentence "In
reply to your enquiry whether I intend to say n-j
opinion uoir is" &c. ' '
The advantage sought to be taken by Sam Hous
ton in tLc election ol iexas 'vitu unsiooroacli-
bv Kavner in North Carolina and their aids in
Tennessee and Alabama has been utterly defeated.
The emphatic censure of tho people is on record.
But the infamy of the transaction is jet before us
and 1
like the ghost of the murdered Duncan will
continue to haunt its authors.
Sharon Spring's. N. Y. Aug. 2 ?":
DKxMt Sir : I have this dav received ronr let tor rnj Fceining dclav m a'lswviu
vour letter ? delay winch 1 t egret as well as
j'our.clf. I now hasten to reply to it ii? briefly
Kr pos ble conwdaring the nature and length (if
j orr colmnmiicatlon. Omitting all co'p;i .it mi
the tntie and Hpint of your lettc-. I shall refer to
its material parts with' every disposition to do you
the most ample justice convitent with
inarkhigo:.; that in mj opinion jour ierte was
ni.t needed lur Tur own v;iiulc.itl!::.
As to the principal sul-jrct of jour h'ffe- iV
subsfani-e of the Conversation bad" wjth tue by the
Pojie -vNni:c'o r.5 (lMii-Trid In reference to liie ap-
pouitrppnl of lie. Campbell as a isemlicr of the
eabinent I have uotlilcg to vary add to or dc-
b act from the contents ofru h'ttor to vouoftbe
LCth .My. or irtl at ra Mr: JillU of the a 'A .Tu'y
which latter has oeen puulsn. d. It is tn.H teat
the Nuiieiowfik thu first person who tol.l me of
thia appbintinetit and that thi. (ii.k nl.:ee before
I tho orgiL-iiz?1ion of the cahincnt was re:iert:lli
know 11 at .Jiidn J. Bin it is uot title that the con-
versation occirred before the 4fh of LMareh or
before the cabinet was formed or before intelli-
gence of this f.itt had hern ree-i-ed at IMadrid.
Iniormatio'i of the formation of t.';e cabiiit' l.rd
houn n e&ivsd at Hadrii on fhit very dav 1 ut it
1 h.n not yet reacLcd the public mind rmr had it
then readied me. until irifoiinei! by the Nuncio
You -ark In your letter how is thiC-poysU'lo 1 The
.inwcr is plain and may bnh-jOie'dovhrs which
j cu seem to have and remove (ho error into which
you bav m.Intennmiallr. fallen on the m l-y?i.
There i a telegraph' fr m Taris to Madriu. and
from th" 1 rinco nnd Spanish ir(iuff.r v" Ich i'
Fome fcC)-) miles more or less f. rm Ma.-! id. 'f ins
telegraph (which is nut electric but ofs-'gn-Js or.
was thtnjis owned rj and is nnuert'.e duectoi)
ofttheSiam:Ji s;n-eriinient'a' Weji as the "correo"'
or mail express from Iir.jonne to i'adiid. la
this way the government ofter sad ill fact gener-
allv obtains iDfurmation of important events one
fwoor cvrn suvoral dav bctoro iitelhgence is
received in the nsual and regal-r u.ode of c i.vcy-
ance by the mail. I romenioer :i striking instance
of iliVm the circumstsnoe that the death of Gen.
Taj lor was mude known to the government In
telegraph and that the then Jlinistpr nf Foreign
Aifuirs. in an nnoiuchl uote. eominuniCat-'l the
inclancholv-event to me the day preceibng its pub
lic announcement ey tlie pre ot Jdadral and
several days before it was finally continued by
the regidar "arrival of An'oricau pnerh and lef-
tera aMhp legation. Sointha case' oftlic con-
versatio'i referred to-nith th" Nunc o. the c-jvern-lrnyit
had douiitlfess r-'Ceivt-d iiiferiiatxop ef tlie
formation ol'tha cabinet ;t Washington dther hj
tciciraph or express m niTvance nftlse iotPlfigcrc
niadtjjubl'c-hy thp ordinarj manir ana rte per--!oa
connected wirlrtho goretirim.nt or that
t department ofithr.ylng 1 ftrol of the despatches
and tire man. oeiicving tr(o-5:r would be agrees dc
to the Ntrn-'10 to have tfnsinronuaiion especially
as a member of the cabinet wao" reported to be a
Catholic taenrioncd ittO Lini ; and mi ir happened
that 'I rawnim soon arterwarus when ha men-
tioned the fact to me before it was known to the
public generally who were rtill in Iimcrancc and
doubt a.rfo the matter. "Wli ether tlie- news was
actuailv received bv telegraph or bj w ntten de-
spatched 0 the qeft eminent as was often the case
and-then mod- known to the Nuncjp by s. me per-
son knowledge of the fact as I have stated
J cannot now prefrnd to suy. Nor Is it material
lam Mini there was no improprie'ry in tie mode
in which he was infonned and liar thtr wts iio
surprke on myiaind aljoy t it nor 1 presume yith
any othprperioh fjir.fiiaf with the facf;. Wlipthcr
othsr names of the cabinet were mentioned or uot
or whether Zd r. Campbe.l wrpg mentioned by h:m
asl.avingcharee of the Pet Office DeramiTenfc.1
camiot lUiwYeitainlr remember teot-vli my belief
is tnnt lie nw not state. All -however was made
known t.) me very soon thereafter and I think the
next or succeeding uay was maue Known to the
pijblic generally. At this dLtacce of time Wo not
remember thp exact day. There was nothin" ex-
traordiaaryatall in thev bole ailair as extratr j-
cary as it certainly would have'heen if the Nun-
cio had Eiexuloned the circumgtacces to mein euch
a way and under such circamstances a toinduce
mo to believe he had a previous know ledge that
the appointment would ta made; a&d ranch more
had (here been any reason to believe tuathe WITS'
cognizant of any political bargain or intrigue to
tljteffeastiereceTiilywcpuxdhae been if
he iadf informed ma bj&re he received infonna-
tionoftite appoiafmentheic5acfaalIy made.
The whole ainonatofit is dnrplylhis: That he
happened to receive tSnViaformatioli as tofthe for-
mation of the cabinet a short tissabeforo Xdhki
and before it was gsneraily known at Madrid who
constituted-hs nieabers.
Tho reason why" I remember the circjmttacce
I f A" lnfxi7 7f? IMjNmt l.n nn.liim.l .... T?1. ..?'.
atpjl is tat le exptsed his- pleasure at the ap-
pointment of a Catholic to ofiice. and his admira-
tion of that feature of our republican government
which excludes no oue from nfijee 0:1 account of
hi reliinous opfnU'iiis'. He did nor as you inisun-
dewtood me to say according to jourletter "tx-
prus gratiffeatiou that his church was- so strong
and influential in the United States as to obtain ;
such an honor" but he more than once on subse-
Oilent oecjiHoiiS.alhidfed to the nrineiiilu of reli
gions toleration as one ofthefiiiHumehtal bases of
our political intitations. lliiTe are other map-
ureher.sions curtamly inadvertent in jour letter
to w hich I do not h re deem it Iniportaiitto allude.
I have referred to this conven-ation with fhe Nun-
cio when in social Intercourse with others as well
as jourelf surely not for the purpose-of proving
a political hargain with Arclibifhop Hughes or
with any other Catholic person in the last presi-
dential election of tlie United State - for as j on
properly remark I " had been for j ears out of" the
country and was. nut thoroughly comersant with
the charges and issues and under-ounents of the
presidential election." I had nothing to do with
tr; but as a representative abroad endeavored to.
serve the iuterests it mj- (.ouiitrj without refer-
ence to party distinctions of any kind whatsoever.
But I IiaVe !iu'uribu.cil this conversation for the
purpose of shiiwtiitr tlie interest taken in our coun-
try ljy the higher order of the Cathelic clergy in
Europe; ai.d illustration ot vl at! liave Lad
epverui uci-aMbt.K'tii observe as I did to yourself
on this Mibject and In this veryx'onnexrenthat tin;
fc.i.IInir memliers ot that church are as fuuiliar.
orir.oreoperhjps with the character ofonrin-
stitulions and peiiplc our resource-- our geogra
phy cur general history and progress tbanniauy
01 tae wisest statesmen ot iiurope. i re-Hat I
havenever cnnuectcl ir in mj own mind or other-
wieit rli'c; parpoi ot proring tin- cliarge oi'pn-
litirai corruption- to which j oil refer bnt for a f o-
fallyuiUereiito!ic(.t -ti just stated. And hercm
lies jbv.r great iiiistahe- but one into which with
j'oiir views on tf.e qbjeCt or that charge and with--ihit
the knowledge of the facts connected with the
convciT.tion Uc!i I I'Osfets jou mlglit nafutally
fall. "I mentioned if for one purpose 1011 einplov
it for tiiother w itliouf .is I think anv just ground 1 uoiu sj. lo-i avd :m- taken in supposing that
J ever menrlcueu it to j-n at anv th'ie us confirm-
airy of (L-: political charge tv which you refer.
1 (-mho. not ooiieso tur j never oelieved o.
I do not now believe so. It would have been ab-
tu'rd in lhe to believe so unless I had imagined us
j7u ejeni to think b'lt which the facts do not sus-
tain thurHfcc Nnncid'Lad previous knowledge that
tlie aj-poir.timiitwas to be made aud before it was
reallv n.aje. Tl 0 nr.f tune I taw in what I re-
gaidedus an iuiperfeit report of jour speech at
Washington putdibheu hi tlie Bc'leih ifegister
the circumstance ot this conversation used as
proof of this charge I hastened to correct the er-
roiierusiiupiemoii 111 my letter to jou oftLe fith
ef Jul? at Nucura Tails xVi-d when I saw fiiutl
wab atierwards ijuofnl as tuthority lor a htnte-
ment iu a4ik-cf.JuxV onthm atWathiiiutim. for
ayiLg-nct wily .that the PoncVNiaicio at IMadrid
gave L'.e this information hut taut it. wa- given
even ""before th cabinet ot fhe Proident v.. -is
known to the publ'c here" in thu United btates.
and fLifr it wis used to establish in part this
charge of political corxuptivu I wrote to the au-
ihor Mx. ccrrect tlie statement in a let-
ter which has been published.
It was entirety proper aud not " out of record"
that I hhruld Eti.te as I lave done in tlie letters
011 this subject my own inferences from the infor-
mation communicated to me. It was essential to
the whole truth; for without it erroneous im-
preHfiims were being made never intended bj me
Hid. in my opinion not justiiied bv the facts.
When this matter wag reierc.l to bv us at Balti
more in June last when I met jou hut for .1 shorr
time I did not at all support' tf at it had been or
that it was to lie titd :n connexion with this
charge; nor did I suppose in our first conversa-
tion at Raleigh that it world h used for any pur-
pose publicly; lor slrhoPi.11 fhe conversations
w ith jou w ere not.ccnSdeiiti:-! but in the freedom
of eftsiirl social -nteie(.ure I tn Id not suppose
I would be quoted ns authority on s'i.-Ji .1 si.bject
ai.d lor such a'purpme i;i public al Irenes with-
out a written permission and .tatcment front me.
lit rep'j tujouriu.!iirj whether I intend in my
li)tt-r. to !.rj that mj onixJou .iy is " that there
was in) sucltunderstanditigas u-ferrtd to in
regard to the ltomau Catiuiiie vote being giien to
J'r. Plerc.' or whether jour opinion noir is that
tue Pope's Nuncio lit.' no prevxiuis.kiiov.ledge of
ou inteiitiou to : upoint Mr. Campbell" I arsAer
ir.' ".titlngly tl at t-.y opinion fc:.s not changed
and that 1 ertjinlv tinid: the communication made
to me by the Pope-V Nuncio jffonts 710 proof cfiucli
a change or vndcrsiandinc. Whether there bf alleg.itiins and facts circnmstant'..l ordire.-r
which ii-ay be iiresented to eubtaiu ri.i ci.-rge or
not J am not aware. A..d. as an houtt m.m I
am bound to jucume iniucence imtil c..IIt i
.howu. in ail eases aud especially in .; matter af-
fecting to deeply the honor of the country as well
ts the high parties immediate coimectc'l.
You need not fear my di ar sir that anj unwll!v
ii-gi'.ef s on inj that I !-'iih! be iriireprsent-v
ed to tlie uijurj el Mr. I'lereP or the dope's un-
'cio '-ould operate to allov. u-y uanif. or opinion
to Ik' used or perverfi d t.ijojr mjurj'. X v.iidi
to do jiicticc to all and the c.iis.- cl tr;'ith. Your
iutecnt;. or vcrae.ij is n-.t-. i.uestion. You state
f what you belifcvc to be tonect. Youoni. draw
au I'.fercwa and form ui oui.don from a fact which
you think is h-gltimate b-it which T with prcessa-
rily a better know letlg..-ot the circumstances leel
confident is erroneous and ii toui.dtd. Xi to my
supposed V.i'. p'jl.iicitl or otaer.vhe. cbntrarv to
(tmrii.tis I uudei stand it. it i stMrcer. necesEarv
tivsjy that I would scorn to allow it to iinluence
me. It'is hardly i.ert-Baiy to saj to jmi aud
others- to whom 1 am at .iii it i"nw n that w hiie I have
nevecbe-'ii a violent or zeaiot I have al-
ways bes-u a Ausistent ulna in politics and in rc-
ligidus faith :'rotrti'ir.t. B:.r. in the one aud in
the other I have endeavored to cxeicUo a spirit
ot tolpration as most congenial with tnith and
5h.ccrityiuboth; ai:.t if while in active political
life though now li.rMxise time(pastoutof theor-i--x
I Lav.- endeavored to practise toleration to-
w.irdMLy oppo-i-its I certahdy will not now
abanden a fpliit so essentiil to republican free-
dom and cpechilij at a period in our aFairs when
the n-tmu needs the nmicd efforts oft- her con-
servative patriotic and truly national men. of ev-
eiv party and s-cthn to avt'rt imnend-iig dangers
'which fhr. aten oiix- govennucnt aiid jinple and in
an eepecial w-anuercurowu region of the country.
"As to several particulars w.-ueh jou report of
uui t.uiit:it.iiiuii ia aoout the practices
anuv.oiMu-i ; iu- jjor.mii uhurch 111 Spain anu
especially:.! to the stateme-i.t that msu or that
asy Pate-iaars deni.-d the right of Cbri-ti.-.u
hariak 1 en g given over to thp ar.-.lnnn .is :" in d
ad to the " .We (f indulgence:."' if j on mean the
tale of inuiilgtnces as jime-ticd in and befiirc time cf the iMonnatiua aud no: the worship
ojthc. Virgin and theCiOK pwr.ntanilv fou:il in
public puces of worship and often in the p-iblic
oflices and streets with inscription; md pla.'ards
attached promising indulgence for sits on condi-
tion of prayer and payment of certain limpet k
with which every traveller in Spain and seine
ether parts of the continett is familiar; tml a to
some other lets important parfculars to which
you refer in this part ot jour Mtcr.I can
oaly remark tl.attheie are sveral discrepancies
from what was re-ally said and that you a're evi-
deutljdlistakeu without intending "to be eo m
scvpialmattcrs I ailmie to it aho for the- pur-
pOre (.1 e&a-.vinir how msv it Is to make intuit rt.
ar.tmistakrsinattempiingto report a caual con-
veralion bad in a eiin-ory ne nner and in the
traiikness of social aud friendly intercourse.
Deeming this portion of your !trer irrelevant to
tho main subject aud that t y reply may not be too
longI omifony further obs.-nation uptin it.
As to thaf portion e-f your letter v. liix-b refers to
the publication of mine to jou of the 6th of July I
have to fay that my desire and expectation wa
that if the suiject wa3 eiladed to again in public
the cortectior should be made by publishing all
and not merely apart of the letter the infcjmrng
made by me as w ell'as the facts ftated for I think
that boih were necessary to the correction reques-
ted and a iust underetandinir of the matter. A a
how ever a similar statement was made in my let4
fl.n fr "rH'a n? Tnt. 'VM ttfli.h 1 IiAn.. KH1.
it. t. .i....-. .. uV ..u.w ..o reuipuu-
llshed I do not now deeni the pablication or the
one to vou important. -lhe copy ofit which vou
.-supposed you had forwarded to me was not "the I.n.- a a. m rtTrr..-tnfXt fn -Mn f A?. XtrXt.
xxxxxx- xxui M..J WX XXJJ ...... IV vu UXglXJU mU.I1
of Jtlly rcquesnng the publication of that cf the
6fh as soon "as possible; of which letter however
I kadretsined c copy Virivritfen.
Astd tie statement '' UitH&iion of July a?
ciargkigyoJ: with suppreseiijgmjlter8 &c to
I freely" admit there was cause of compltint; and
6eoon as I taw a noticeofit in taolherpapcr ("for
Ididnot see fhe Uuion itself.) I scuta note dsteil
July'SO -to the editors bf that paper of Wli.-h I
enclpse a copy Whether it has appeared or not
in that paper I do no: know but presume not
trom vour letter; and therefore I will again at
Ltince forwardacopj w itli a request that it be pub
lished or that me oueusive onion ot the state-
ment be corrected. i
I remain very tnily and -Uespectfullv
Hon. Kenneth Kavner K.tlejjb N. C.
Col Jobn A. 'tt'in-.toiiN vietis of the
Ivnorr Aolliiiico.
Gov. Winston's friends aid neighbors at Gaines.
viller on his return from the canvas3 tendered
him the honor of a public dinner The Governor
replied to the invitation in the following leitec:
Gainesvilli: Ala. Aug. 13 JAw.
Gentlemen : Your verj- kind and compliment-
ary note inciting me to a public dinner or some
expression of the regard of my in ighbors and
friends fills mo with emotiors pi" gratification.
I was desirous before the cluse of the late can-
vjisr of-addressing those whom I hteso long
represented as a legisl itor hut other obligations
prevented. I was desirous of an opportunity of
expo-ing the new political heresy Know Noth-
iugi.'iu which has so carried away the better
judgement of many honest men who have but
lightly twisifli-red tue eoiajqucnccsof the e.'idri
proposed bv its adi ocates
The proposition to proscribe our adopted citi-
zens is a pilpabie violation of tlie good faith and
plighted honor of the people of the United States'.
We hive imited tlioni to becolue citizen- on cer-
tain tarm-. For no crime orolfease ontheir inrt
no matter what may be the worth or servWs
of any nnn.ber'of that class of citi7eft. to entitle
t'inii to the confident of the country the Km w
Nothing party propo-e to exclule theni from al!
'1 kej-nttempttu alann the timid by high wrought
pictures-of the' consequence's pf the miiux info
thu country of a large number of foreigners; ycr
tliey propose no remedy for the supposed evil.
They did not propose foprohiblt their coming on
the eontrarj- they invite them to come; but draw-
on tiie fears of their followers fn depicting the
consequences to ns of the South from their a fiais-
sior.into the country chocdng to forget the faet
that they will ail lie estimated in the apportion-
ment oi" members of Congress whether they be
ailovvetl political privileges or not.
The queftiut -t sud'r.-ge too i-n matter in fhe
control ami jurisdiction of each State respective-
ly for itell and therefore bey oud all remedy by
any action bj a national v.irtra. every State will
doubtless continue to regulate that matter tor it-
selt. So they make a false alarm and present no
efficient cur- for tlie asserted evil-iu evil uot ex-
isting in Alii
TJie qnesfion of religious freedom was one that
seemed to forcibly impress itself on the minds ol
all the sages and patriots vyl.o establi-ncd the in-
dependence of the country and fmin h-d the Cmi-
stitgti ui as thp solid basis on w hich those l.betties
were to be preserved.
The Constitution -nys titers ei.ail be no n-lijio-is
di-qualiriciitiou for ofhee Know NotMiigitiu says
theie shall be. Tha party baring the Constitu-
tion asau obstacle in their way propokj to do by
party enactment and party oaths that which thej
cannot do bj- legal enactment o making unto
themselves a " iiiglier lav-" which is to be para-
mount in coatroliipg their action. If any party
that may spring up in the country nisy make a
higher law tor itself how long will it be that am
provisiou of the Constitution way not be set aside"'
The scenes of the late canvass have convinced
me that fanatical bigotry and religious persecu-
tion may lie dormant rea'dy to be moused for n.u-
cliief at this enlightened day of political aud Bible
light as they were in the darker ages of "the
Christian eni : and I look with the utmost dread
to the unfol ling qf the black and blood-stained
banner of political rehg'oii ia ourpeaceibl land
as en event fraught with more danger to our fa-
ture progress as a p -ople than any other question
that has ever been ag-'tated in the politics of the
I look upon fhe whoi? movement as the de-
perate e!!urts of disappointed ambition oth -rvvi-e
without hope to pii-dead and deaeivc an over-con-hding
people. ljut having annbiling confidence
in the- intelligence and honl-aty of the- people of
Alabama I tin assured that their quiet and tu-
passionate judgment w-II b that Ivaow X.i'hiixg-
isiu is the greatest political ever attemp-
ted to be practiced on an enlightened pLojde.
Such being mj opinion and presuming tlie people
toheiiir'-ad; weaned with political i)iscus.on u
I am 1 beg l.-ave to decline the proposed
at preseu ; but if it should be th.? v.L-h of mj
friends to make so public a maiiifestafloa ol their
re-j-f-ct and approval of my emir-en'- iai- Piib-u-queut
period J wpuld wifli pleasure accede to
their wishes.
Feeling grateful to my friends for ihe motives
JI at prompted then ar.d to you for the manlier in
which jou have ma-ie l.iiown their wnjhes.
I am -very respectfully
Your o'ledient seiv't.
To lessr. Yvaft Van de Graufi" ar.d others.
A Talr ol i)'rai:ilils lor thu -f o:i!idcra-
tion i Siotit;icrntT.
A R K A N t A a
N O II T II C A U O L I 2.' A .
t. t n'Z'SS.Z. ir T- IT r- - j t 03 Atlania to-IlMiof w. 'h-v- the rente cafa-
Tnn LktbRo n Br ft'. TIfour couthe-rn fricnos dtnuti t.xvtnrZiU of lLK H ra iA tlptle
st.Il hate ol the ainicaWoundera5flin? he- -ap oar hands and laugh x: S" rhe flnoii
tw ec-n the AboLaop and anti-Cat ...he knov.-N - T dt . Bfct w;;b tkfar t draft
lung- on tin s..lo ot Mason and D it L. ..- u lc stros:.fcos of tb. G... r;a i Tfco
let them weigh well the nobsnr ol Co! h. c-r I .Al8r(03rrfl ltT1 majf & upOHlL j 1 becontiiiBed
aj herctotoie noticed. Six hundred Pohcerncn. ' ...: - .1.. t....f t!r. Zm. .iT
armed and equipped were within five unnnns
mtrage I ut
." oitman-
and -d tLe'
t.uin ui iixu rucuc hi uidi ii.n-Ltiacu tiairage I ut ' -
the i-ervicx- ol tiit a single one was to be 1
ilea. They jre ail Know-Nothing an
oath-i.cund stamp and it is ao-olutcly certain wha
they unite in a part.cular course of action that
they are moved by orders in Conntll Their first
allegiance is du to Know-Notiuneifui and th-
Know-Nothing flavor is the .-xp. und- of tLe
ta ro It the sons ot South (.. orgia
and Louitwna are willing to cooperate uith-lhis
"highw-inw combination toe; are prepared to
ie party. If thi- with the Personal Liberty law
of xMassachusptts will not recall th-in to the faith
of tbc-ir Lonorx-d leaders now-no more wemti't
laJjor henceforth through a way of tlnty rather
u.aix xxi. u 1. x xxiix vi fli.ur3. xcc Slaixx Ox
slave stealing can never rest on 1'ennst hatua. In
an unguarded moment she may havedeJegatitlLer
sovereignty to a cabal of traitors and tfiaf cs!l
may have compromised her in a treaty ot amity
v.uitxiiiiiuiiuiiiiiiii; wx. xxereocreigaiv win De re- i
captured and her fidelity to her swter Statea via-'
dicated. Bnt.-vs for her seducer sue is ioi'ii to '
her idols 'ether alone. She is MIi"acausertS7 I
iiame out she is rotten to the c-re. Once the cra-
dle ofLiberty she now aspires to become ita grave;
oncethe etandard bearer of the fctates she now
stnvcrf to become their undertaker; slo who as
T xaa?itirfi ra avi v mA at. I rt. .. 1. . ri.. . v
x:.iut.ouul.iWiu;i si.uoa ixie rxrst wow-ior
American Icdependercp would now han" the
weeds of the Uniop upon tbeEagle's beak? PAit
adtlphia Pcnnsylvaninn
.1 . .......i . i ...... .
A French author say: "When I lost my wife
every family in tho town offered me another: hut
when I lost my horse no on ofierrf to maie him
beisiirUH at 0t StKm'Hivi
aad S.T
. tte Jear -iti the prirS trf thaajiai qaarte
xjmesi uaraK sot rare isaa sag sjtirt
terteJ for r depart per aa&aa.
Anaoacctctnu of Candidate e ftHrr.iiJ iff piltiifnl.
peneaol aad hoisni ratmotiicBj r-rsoiTe tC
AU A4Ttrtlvnenu th wibKcaUoa tri1 waMte'retralxexl
bylair.iBMibepihlMrlBaiTaoee. x -
PITlTtAl-VV-lAW T... . . ?
i.x&.xw. .iv.ibu:. .m xvRiij-weif ie
Uir rtmUtioe teej of oSce. nro-rhWj UttiJ
where citation or otiier preit is Teqairett I
uypunmcancnia a atwjpaper Hwonwsr
U saj be to taxxe lata ree. uH he rc
the printers fee fur inch pabUcatisa hefcre '
rrqeired to .Bare saa secvice raade.
njGlTIVK?t.VTES.-ne&rtteeUMrtto aetjif'T.b-
raary 5 11I regaladBy the rale cf raaairxj- Ut.
proTMM al tbatvhere sjj-sltTe U eaajSekwU to'jMl
as a raaaway a nntiee it the arprthaariiin. tmiatm-
' nltratnt wlti.i IWI xfcicrIrtkKir sock natTt ahJIbi
puhHjhed wily ia one of the papers at Sent T Cor-
ernmeot furthespaeeof oaeaeslh.aad p(tej cefS-r-thereof
farnUhed to the CJtrk. n( the Coantr Crt f
the county where tflecammltseataliallaaTeibeaaBaile.
.(JrertleaentntiaaTtedwUhthehe far -Wh tier
are to be pi. Wi-hnl. oil! he cnaaod oaliL fethW sad
chaired accordtas'.v- ji
rther. AdTertleT3 ami reatt rawer at
Air il.s and expense. All coramnMeaHotM iobiv bd
dd tewed to the Editors.
rrem the New Havea JaaraaL
The Trratarc Chet ol the Atltintlc.
Intfkesting LETTiUt. We arapursiittd-to
make the following oxtraet from a Mthr frwJa"
oentleiiHui iu Canada V."st to a jcntlsmaatfaltWs
citv. It Eves an interesting account of aBM&nw .
successful attempt-to reeoter the tftutt? fosfr iu
tho steamer Atkfitiorbn Lake Erie 'afcouVAreb
years ago : f
Pt. DoBftAucnst2fi IK
You no doubt frave hcant'of tne uany uty-uc-ceseful
attempts to ohtia the money chest' lst
with the stcmerxUantIe three vearsagO-sMd Jo
co-.tHin .W(H)l. ' Theotatute 1 believejlimle
c'aim of ownership orer paperfy limit h tujhn o
years. In this ease the time liifiifeiUeipired'oa
the iOth Inst ami Grru-n the celebrated subnw-
rine diver reached here ou the 51st m the-f casal
bont schooner-:Yorkttw'p Captmn. PittrntrnT.' oti
his way to the wreck twenty-five mBes (Hhtant.
TJioy retunied ypoten'a-j and brhi weH'at'qiu8iH-
ed with Capt Pattcrsou I obtSiiwd the fWfewfag
account from him t t
44 About I" o'eJoci (jays Captain PO on IfcegMtJi
all being n-aJy Gtrcn dweunth-d" by m$m af.'a
line which having a grapple- ou thi"Vflri had he-
come f.t-t to something below H we.sJlreed
w'th thriepiirtd"i1aiiuelri4werMkwcsWrw ab.
flannel r three pail-of woollen patiM lhrt? vtNti.
an-1 three "iair of woollen stocking ormoHiitjtl
by his submarine armor; on his feot he bad a pair
of stogy shoes vyithaleiHl stde oiw-halfor flvt--eishths
of an inch ihiek. ami a belt of eighty pminda
of shot areuiid hi? hriTy to rink Lim aul the
breast piece of tho annor cannot weigh h?s thftti
fiffy pounds TnkiiuhoW of tle lie. he depend-
ed "finding itpeifeJly light so that he coulfl sffii
all around Idm to tho depth of "ruy feer when it
grew dark and for th" balance of bi tearful jcur-
upy aniul the c.wcril of the deep he was guided
solely-by tlle-Hue until at tl-e depth of about oust
hundrcl feet when be stitck bottom orsomethinfc
which he itoun imV out to be the wheelhoiwo of
the "11 fitted bat groji"rg along he slid tm the
bunicauu deek irtra ti ? c; to the guards of tj.u
boat : bypoking artnd. houisct vcted tlttt precko
po-ifioit of tlie hat. ainl fauni hiuiaelf not far
frmr the suuglit fiiy otSce an i made fast the end
of a line which he had carried down with him to
a stanchion near the gangway and giving the sig-
nal he ascended. earrvlBg with hiniapkce of the
wlieclhouse which lie had secured (a piece of
w-hich about eight iuches long four iiii-hejid
anion iuchatid'aquffrter thick. wa sawd oti
and prespnted to me By the cap'ain of tho York-
town.) ne had gone down in all me hundred etui
fifty-two feet atid ifiiiaiucd juufiirtj minutes.
xfter resting he again descended. Laving first par-
taken of a hearty meal w ithout rcuMiviajj his dross
save the Lead piece. His exi-iteuent wag intense
at his great success thus fur. i.inl whon he descmi-
ded the second time In? was ipiite hot (the day
was intc-nseh hot ) Bwci-udiug by bis scediid
line he soon stood on tho deck ; feeling by wav
a'ong he soon reached the " third'' window whjeli
being unbrokeu be shattered it ainl isjojirfnCiitt
l.iv l.aod at last laid it umod the much cm'td fefc
juet in tho position whic't it !-al be-u de-wribeti
t linn. xSot iienig aolc to reach tar eiHiiisti to
make (his line fast he again ascemlcu for a hook to
hook through the bandies; reaching tho duck ho
made known his success and requirement and tm
no hook was ready sat down until one could bo
secured to n line. As they wore about ready he
rolled over tilting he waa sick. They stripped
niiu mid aid c'i iu ii e r power for him bat ws?re
finally obliged to Iiciy the lines and make sail for
this plfli-e for medicai attcniiaiipe. They reached
here at noon yesterday and two physic'tans were
immediately called who tpred their opinion
that he could no: Iir"; however they Iaboied
faithfully with hint and at night pronounced him
better ar.d this moniing nlthocgli not out t)f iIhii-
ger it i? thought In- will live awl is in a fair way
for a speedy n.ct.'e t "'
He tajs if Iu lit-; ie swired lie will vet be the
owner of that cht-t. lie will iio doiiht h'l more
caufioas in tuture hew he makes xdive- wltottho
is wanu and on a fi.l! stomach. His first excTa-m-at.ou
on his second ascci.s.uii wa "t touched
the gold."
A Short Sermnu on a Sjort Test.
Shoes. Eighty thousand pairs of rfte hava
iicen sent to Boston from Haverhill within two
days. Thej are mainly for the Southern market.
If the Southern people are surh miscreants as
the Northern Abolition Fusion pres is now busy
repri se' them to be wlij- have any thing to do
with them ' Why trade w.tb them I uot the
per-ou who knowingly rece-ivuh stolen goods ca
had as the thiet ' If -lavc-ry is evil of the dvil
wicked sinftxl the ol&koot of total depravity ikn't
the If orthem shoe manufacturers become parta-
kers of the crime by exchanging their sl.mrs fbr
the money of Southern slaveholders 7 Isn'tthat
money the "wagis of sin" vvruug from fhelabor
of the down-trodden and oppressed ? !ii't it
death I Won't it burn tho finger of every Nortl-
orn "philaathropist'' who Lauilli-s it nay who
even touches it? xnd then vteatealiout
it hadn't we better leave off eating sugar here at
the North f It is the product of siave lulor. Wo
can do without it. Why ird xlbohtiooiste continue
to buy si.gar to dr'nk in their tt a aud coffee and
sugar candy for the little A boHiionisls ? And then
there is cotton. If it wan't for cnttn there
wouldn't :c a tluve left in the whole South ivr a
mauuiactiiring C9tabl'uhu.e-a: in the whole-North
e-iiher. m tea j cars. It is thj very main stay of
slitvcry. It is a product of the devX The
eitiilj thousand uf Mum were going South
ju-t us likely a mit to sho-; thenegnKsoitsiagac
aal cottiii plaatatioaa to keep their feet in good
order wh.l'e our happy and contented N-rtfcni
free negro population becoming larger over
the uadcrgroixnd railroad can go barefooted even
d the wic'sr season with the tLeniioineter raof-
.ngfn or twcot de-g.-ePit In low zero. Let ua
have no more to Jo with cotton. L-t ni bet(ii it
from our borders. Let u vear low shirts and
smocks Fretxca silk? arc todt-r ttwt. Jit m
;oodsv New Etgknders Ktipiuiog Southent
sugar ri."e flour ami vt tt t hall we get lid of ilal
veiy. Tlienwegli.l jrol-ublj fiml time tofru
our attention tow. j s aome and Pe if we can't
improve the comiiiiiii of our own. worWng-mu a
little. Acre Iluutpihtre Fatnet Aug. 'J.
Asothei: Drift on Georgia. It is current?
Iv rtrortcd that four huiuired ihouraad thdrWi of
jtce note of the Atlanta and Interior Basks of
"Georgia ownci by Ocr.i Smith of iLi oily ilf
'lcaveGalena to-i'y f'ric?puiptn.n in crinattS
counter over wiirh . a.- non a-.i.y iaexl.-r-Tlu
the tune n: .i.1 thes the toTdisahes
lahruk clrca.t inui I w Yo k ti Aflaota and
! .lfCBiati0fi: qdiell it ra .Mg.f -nt (Bir tobe
l-lfCUIBlilli; 4UU IXIl'U lb 1IH1 rmB" (JUL (CJT IOJ BQ
ZKm c;ve j whcuver A:!antaand InteriWrreauoears.
t miune 'M int. "
" J
p m: Dici:ev. What ill ilood v sav now T
i jjUk. ciitenirizigg Yankee has la-en kve'trtins a
I ... ucj;t y ; a ikev made .J foofceati obo
' rhoiisand of which he can tunit-if inanhtan-jcHt
. t stitchcd starcced a.t.I st.rT. hke wit oUer
u.j.ey ; and the best of all Ls that thev will atsnd
; al aROU'at of perspirath n awl pre"-er.-e their
..'uilrium pidish awl si ape even longer fhatt
of linen Thev can lie cijfrredfhra
ripaTime each. awl ther have (hr owtkawbadt
thev' will not stand washing. A." O Viwyw.
Pn-sident Pierce has appointed JohBxV. Thowp-
son of V.tginia to a Spcowd Lieutenancy mi oh9 ot
:Se New Cavalry Regiments. This gsatlemaa is
a nephew- of Capt. Walkc the fauww Texas
Ranger who was kill.I in a cowardly roaaaec ia
. v !.... .t
MJXV whilst galkatly Ita-lmsa char;atast
the enemy.
. r
..Hrfrttca Wtn is JIihSOtHi. The people of
Hen- aud contiguous cmuiric M. have oow-
n.. rl a war on the cattle drovers from .rkag
. " -rgat to the North becautr they tajf the
Cattle hare the "Texan lever" a caissds-.
eae ai 'rattler a they aliedge by which uVy
have already suflered lsr-y-
k Ditteasocahle to suppose that ween ay etng
I . h. - ... t.J; ..-.tifxfi fnr si tpi
ladv- oners v aero t3iwiiiaoxB.- -
boti-helor she mean t sew in order tast she may
Ma ' funcAirtua
nriess M tto tjpe. r ttt"firiiartr.
ce&M r eaeh nati:sRsBrniknie.
b- cuifo tkeM Bbo tl4rA Ut
WM to-
h Inftr-fWi

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