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(Hhz Matly ^utB-Sfelwpram
** OL. 61.—NO. 227.
Atomic Blast is Reported in Russia
Battle for Two Americans inj Reds Claim Balanced Bud9ei
Farmer Vote
Under Way
TROIT—Mr* .Julia Roka St. Clair and her st-vcn-ycar-old
.*on, I>«11 ;*h>. rest on their wheelbarrow after their arrival
,'U*)ctr«it. Michigan Mrs. St. Clair pushed the wheel-
pPr'»w. from Jacksonville, Florida, to Detroit. She and
wr son were refused entrance to a fashionable Detroit
hotel after the long journey. (NEA Telephoto).
4,000 New Victims
Found at Dachau
Landing at
(By Aaaonaied Preaa)
Warsaw, Sept. 23—Two Amer-
icans were in trouble Unlay in
two separate cases in Poland.
One man — Hermann Field of
Cleveland—was missing. The oth-
er—Anatole ilerton, k New York
furrier—was in jail.
Field is an architect whb arriv-
ed in Poland a few weeks ago. He
was last seen August 27th when
he Was to take a plane to Prague.
Twice, the State Department has
asked Poland to explain Field'*
disappearance. The Polish For-
eign Office has replied it is rea-
sonably certain Field was not
taken into Polish custody.
Helton is charged with bribing
a director of a State Enterprise
last year and was arrested when
he reached Poland August 8th. A
telegiam from Helton's wife in
Paris brought the case to the at-
tention of the American Embassy.
f The Embassy has been advised
that any representations to the
Foreign Ministry might result in
Herton's transfer to the criminal
court. There he . would face a
more severe penalty than he does
if convicted at a scheduled com-
mission hearing.
•By luwi alH t-ern)
Dachau, Germany, Sept. 23—
An unmarked grave with four
thuug*'ta. victim* of the Dachau
<'«n< e^.atlor t amp »•*« uncover-
ed t<wh* by » corntniatHM of j
German*. The
rommi**" a
investigating the t
another burial,
ground by
a building contractor. J
An invei
DttgatUm- i* being eon-j
Criminal Cases
Set Next Week
By Judge Berry
'By Anaortuted treat)
Sioux City, Iowa, Sept. 23—in
the last presidential election, the
farmers were credited with lip-
setting the dope wagon. Where
New York Governor Thomas
Dewey expected to go to the
White House, President Truman
returned. And political expert!
said the farm vote turned the
Now Republican leaders are in
the nation’s corn, cattle and hog
country to see what can he done
about regaining the support of the
farmer, They're in Sioux City,
Iowa . . asking farmers what
kind of a farm aid program they
really want.
And what the farmers say may
he written into the G-O-P plat-
form for the I960 elections.
The Democrat* have shaped up
their ideas for a farm program . . .
it i* called the Brannan Plan, and
failed in Congress this session.
Two speakers at the G-O-P Farm
Conference in Sioux City made
the Brannan Plan their target to-
The Republican national rhain-
m«n Guy Gahrielson had this
to say today:
“We do not come to you here!
with a neatly packaged panacea I
for the ill* which may afflict the j
farming industry . . . with some- j
thing wrapped in rolls of red i
tape, with the odmonition that >
you must, accept it because it has ! -- I
been worked out by all-wise super-1 Members of American Legion Governor Allan Shivers has an-
mcn in Washington.” he repeated Lost tit) held installation of offi- nounced that D. T. H. McConnell
I Republican charges that labor ver ceremonies at the Legion hut jjias accepted chairmanship of the
I sponsored the Brannan Plan. jon the Cooper highway Thursday | HbjMtins County committee to
j Ami Republican Congressman |ni*ht- (raise funds for the Gonzales
I Clifford Hope of Kansas also! The following officers were of-|"arm Springs Foundation
Legion Officers
Installed Here
Thursday Night
(Bu Aaaonaied Preaa)
Canton, Sept. 23 — The cruc-
ial battle foF the Ghineseport of
Amoy was under way today. Amoy
is the best port left to Nationalist
Pro-government reports said
that Nationalist air and naval
fortes were crushing Red assaults
on the Southeastern city.
A pro-Communist newspaper as-
serted today the Communists
landed troops on the island on
which the hig port stands.
But this has not been confirm-
Lpxs of Amoy would be a major
blow to the Nationalists. It is the
best port they still hold. And
it is the mainstay of a big Nation-
alist force north of Canton. What
is more, Amoy is within striking
distant of the island of Formosa,
which the* Nationalists have forti-
fied as a. last-ditch retreat.
The Nationalists, themselves,
said that other Red forces were
inasamg North of Canton for a
major drive on the temporary Na-
tionalist capital,
Dr. McConnell to
Head Polio Drive
In Hopkins
For Governmeni
Held Unsound
(By Aaaocuited Preaa)
Washington, Sept. 23 -— A
group of economic experts believ-
es the idea of a balanced federal
budget every year is unsound.
And today they passed they opin-
ion along to a Senate-House ec-
onomic sub-committee.
The 13 university economists
represent the National {Manning
Association. The association had
been asked to survey government
financial policies.
The economists said that the
principle of a balanced budget
every year has serious disadvan-
The economists' claim that gov-
ernment expenditures would have,
to fluctuate widely or there
would have to he "perverse chan-
ges in tax rates" if government
spending and income were to he
balanced in good years as well
as bad.
The 13 economists also criticiz-
ed last year's income tax cut, as
approved by the Republican-con-
trolled Eightieth Congress,
Ben Connally and
James Allred Get
Judgeship Bids
(By Amoctatrd Preaa)
Washington, Sept. 23—-Presi-
dent Truman today nominated a
Houston attorney, Ben Connally.
and Former Governor James All-
ied to the two newly-created Fed-
eral judgeships in South Texas.
I he nominations must be approved
by the U. S. Senate. Connally is
the son of Senator Tom Connally
of Texas.
Statement by
Truman Implies
Reds Have Bomb
(By AnotiMtrt
Washington, Sept. 23,—The White House announced
today that there is evidence that an atomic explosion oe-
cured in the Soviet Union within recent week.
That .startling disclosure was made by President Tru-
man at his Cabinet session today.
The fact that Mr. Truman had so informed the Cab-
inet was officially announced at the White House in a
statement from the President to newsmen.
____j____________ I President Truman stressed that
I ek
Behind The
World News
Such appointments usually
j spoke. He said the Democrat*! ficially installed in office: Henry {Shivers is general chairman j ma<je by, the president upon the
j want to pay part of everybody's Sartin Jr,, post commander; Mel- ‘be start-wide campaign commit-1 recommendation of the senators
[grocery bill , . . The Republicans 1 via Patton, first vice-commander;I***• n “Bring Dr. McConnell to
ducted to determine why the maw
grave »»« not marked.
The mayor of Dachau say* that
the gta
District Judge Charles Berry j
ha* *et Monday a* hearing date j
on several criminal cases, mark !
the beginning of the sixth !
f an* who
camp in !
th« Nani
' Jk mp
a* dug by the Ameri-jaad final week of the August
berated the notoriou* 1 aerm of District Omit.
District Clerk Bayless Evan*
ha* sent notices to a jury panel of
10 persons to appear Monday for
jury service.
'46. He explained that
icrimx found dead in
ere placed in the pit, j
j only to help low income groups.
(By Aamurutlr'i Preaa)
Washington, Sept 23 — The
farmer's share of the retail food
dollar ha* dropped 13 per cent in
20 months.
This decline ha* prompted
from the state concerned, provid-
| ing those senators are members
of a party in power. However, Sen-
The local Legion members
Wartime Scandal
Plants Go Into
ifty Al>inif44 team)
Chicago, Sept. 23.-—-Three *vg-j
menu of the farmer Gansofl Mu-]
nit ion* Combine had gone into >e- 1
cetvership today. The Garaaon {
blether*. Henry and Murray, and j
foimet Democratic Represent*- i
live Andie,v May of Kentucky
were convicted on bribery charge*
in 1947 in connection with oper-
ation* of the munition* combine.
The companies for which re-
envers 4err appointed today are
the Batavia Metal Product# Com-
pi.ry »f ’ Batavia. Illinois, and
tinee oi it* *ub*idi*rtf» — the
fh;ill«i .tr Company, the United
State* < liailenge Company, and
the United Start* Wind Engine
and pump Company, all of Bata-
firm*, which chiefly twin
equipment, will continue
rtl WH'i undei a receivership.
Senate Agriculture subcommittee
to undertake a full-scale investi- j voted Thursday night to sponsor
gation of the spread between farm j a Hoy Scout troop in Sulphur
~. Tr . , v. ) I •"•I consumer price*. Hear-, Springs. Devoe Carter will he the
The following triab havi^^bccn , jnes continued today. , j Scoutmaster, assisted by Bob
(Continued on page eight) Lemon.
L. G. Phillips, second vice-tom-! accept the chairmanship for Hop
1 madder; Floyd Carrol, third vice- bins county, the Governor wrote
commander; Joe Martin, post ad- nee** t0 pr0VKle mor<; ] ator Connally made it clear ear-
jutant; Travis Gafford, post ser- j facilities at this great treatment | thj# week lhat he js lo[|ow.
vice officer; 1.1 St. Clair, finance center and more money to msure | j # ..handlt_off poliey» regarding
officer; Marion Hood, sgt.-at-j oi^ration on a vastly enlarg- j his 3y.yoar.0,d son, ‘young Con-
arms; Lowell Hudson, chaplain; icd < nally has had the backing of at-
and Sam Specif historian. | Directors of the Foundation are j toriieys with whom he has been
also Pi*
rva/vi* "f’P
set for. next week
cases; ohe theft of chickens; one
auto thef!; one burgjarly case;
one theft over $50; two assaults
with intent to tape cases; and one
rape case.
proud that the state’s own Warn: j associated in Texas.
firings Foundation for treatment | Allred is fifty years old. He
ajd re-education of the physically | gave up a Federal judgeship to
handicapped is a truly Texas insti- i run against W. Lee O’Daniel for
tution which was built and hax Lgovernor of Texas in 1942. He
(By A*aoctn:ed Preaa)
For months, some of the lead-
ing scientists of the nation have
been telling us that Russia has
the Atom bomb.
And now it’s official.
Presiden Truman told his cabi-
net today, and we quote:
"We have evidence that within
recent weeks an atomic explosion
occurred in the U. S. 8. R.”
He did not say how the gov-
ernment learned about the Soviet
a-bomb explosion.
It’s taken for granted, however,
lhat the explosion was recorded
by the elaborate network of radar
gadgets that have been set up
with just that purpose in mind.
Our defense planners have at
their disposal a series of delicate
instruments that can pick up an
atomic explosion anywhere in the
world — even in the remotest cor-
ner of Russia’s Ural Mountains.
The news wires were still crack-
ling with Prescient Truman's
bombshell statement when the
British Government announced
that it, too, had received the
same information. The British said
they also have evidence in their
possession that an atomic explos-
ion has taken place recently on
Russian soil.
It may lie significant that at
this very moment, negotiations
are Jroing on between Britain.
Canada and the United States on
(Continued on page eight)
Mild Weather
Here as Fall
Makes Entrance
C-l-O and Steel
Men Begin Talks
been operated through contribu-
tions from every county. “Big-
hearted Texan* are not stinting
thetr efforts to provide the best
in treatment facilities for our
small children and our young men
and women who are crippled by
poliomyelitis and other disease*,"
(Continued on cage eight)
was -defeated bv O’Daniel.
Weekend of Mock
U.S. Bureau O.K's Warfare to Test
Red's Order for London Defense
Oil Machinery
f H* tlMmM PrfUl
Washington, Sept. 23 ~~ Big
steel and the C. I. O. were back
[together again today at the bar-
.•----- i gaining table.
Fall wa* officially ushered ini Representatives of “the <’-1-0
today rather unostentatiously, as i Steelworker* Union ami the Uni-
mild, clear weather prevailed in ted State* Steel Corporation sat
the Sulphur Springs area. down in Pittsburgh and resumed
Ralph Hill, official weatherman.: contract talks which may clear
gave the early morning tempera- j up the atmosphere and prevent
ture reading at 58 degree*, while a strike. The deadline is Satur-
at noon, the mercury was resting: day, October 1st. So they have
(By Aaaaeiatfd Preaa)
Administration picked
<£.- fii
■ ?«£
op the 79 degree mark. j just one week to settle their dif-j more support than was expected
Temperature high Thursday [ ferenees on a company-paid-for 1,1 pushing the foreign amis pro
State Aid Asked
To Hall Strife
In Coal Walkout
(By Aaaonatnl Preaa)
Pittsburgh, Sept. 23
enee has been reported in the
coal fields of Blair County, Penn-
sylvania. And Sheriff j. II. Sum-

(By Aaaociat.rd Preui
London, Sept. 23 — Five of the
! Atlantic treaty powers were ail
| set today for a week-end of joint
There j air maneuvers,
in the Beginnings tonight, war planes
about. ! of the United States and four
wax 87 degree*. Hill disclosed.
h 4
New York Stale
«4-"L DayolAulwmf
Become A-and-M : 1
New President
tP, Jwxulrt f’rn)
* San Antonio, Sept. 23 —-1 ex**
A. and M. College will have a
new president next year, it was
learned today
6iie i* 47-year-old Ur, M. T.
Herrington, who will replace Dr,
Frank Bolton a» president of A.
and M in June, 1960 “
Herrington wan named at a
meeting of the board of director*
of A and M. in San Antonia. He
wa* nominated by board Chancel-
lor Gibb Gilchriat.
Herrington, the present dean of [ Cool from
the college, in from Plano, in
Dallaa County, He will be the first
ex-ntudent of A. and M. to ma-
mma the presidency,
HI* AtmrHttiA Vr*«#l
Chicago, Sept. 23 — Summer
[officially faded into autumn to-
, day. And temperature* across the
[ nation generally were seasonal.
But it was more like winter in ortc
part of Cortland County, New
York, Snow fell at Munson's Cor-
ners, near Cortland. Boy* of the
area got in a bit of early *now-
hall-thrtwing practice.
Elsewhere the weather lineup
was as follows;
Fair skies in the Central and
Western Staten. Cloudv in the
East and in the Great Lakes re-
gion. Some shower* in the Middle
Atlantic State* and New England.
the Northern Main*
Eastward to the Great Lake*. And
Generally normal temperatures
throughout the rest of the coun-
I [tension plan and other matters.
The Governor of Indiana,
1 Henry F. Schricker, today urg-
f ed the C-i-0 and big Heel to
j entire to terms at the earliest pos- j
[ rible date. In telegrams to Prcsi-j
| dent Philip Murray of the Steel-
I worker* Union and President Ben-
[ jamin Fairies* of U. 8. Steel, Gov-
J ernor Schricker said:
"The future 'prosperity and
well-being of the entire country
depends upon an early and amic- j
able termination of this dispute. |
We rely upon your wisdom and:
spirit of fairness to save the [
country from this threat of eebn-i
omi* disaster.”
One Booked by
City Policemen
Thing* were rather qpiiet in Sul-
phur Springs Thursday night, a
cheek with the Police department
and sheriff* office revealed Fri-
day morning.
« The city policemen booked only
one person, on an Intoxication
charge, while the sheriff's force
did not make an arrant.
gram to victory in the Senate
yesterday. Crippling amendments
not only were beaten down, but
the Administration was able to
roll up 65 votes for the arms aid
MIL Twenty-four Senator* voted
against it. Nineteen Republicans
voter! for the measure to re-arm
anti-Communist nations around
the world, especially our Atlantic
Pact allies.
The arms bill now goes to a
joint committee, which will try
to -work out difference* in the
measures passed by the Senate and
the House. The Senate's measure
authorises a foreign arms pro-
gram .of one-billion-314-miliion
dollar*. Some time back, the
llouae okayed a program of 8fi9-
million dollar*.
And both these bills are only
authorized measures. Actual ap-
propriation bills still must be writ-
ten and passed.
Today the Senate moved on to
the matter of pay increases for
members of the armed force*. The
measure would boost pay about
348-million dollars a year. Most
everyone from private to major
general would get more pay under
the measure. The llouae already
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f'By A*t*nciat4‘J Preaa),
: New York, Sept. 23 —
! was ,an interesting story
[ New York Times today
| American trade relations with; allied nations will roar out over
[ Russia. • | Britain in a make-believe attack.
1 The United States Department j American B-50's and B-2U’s
j o'! Commerce was said to have f based in London will carry obt
" , j approved the immediate export of j mock daylight raids. The R-A-F
y. I a half a million-dollars worth of j bomber command will attack at
10 j oil field machinery to Russia. j night. That was the technique
j Since March, 1948, shipments of j used in wartime.
| oil machinery had been barred j France, Belgium, and Holland
. , ... . , ; under a decree which forbid* the ! will join the United States and
meis o ay as " "r ‘ a 1 ,Kl 11' :cfport of war potential goods to Britain in air maneuvers for the
to help contro the situation RuMia, [ first time. They'll provide the
The sheriff telegraphed to Gov- Thp Nw Y()rk Tjm)?H 8ald the j %htm.
ernor James u . am 1 Commerce. Department's easing' One of the main objectives will
ahie personally, with the men. at ,f ,h(. w>a thp first outWard j hc to test Britain's aerial defense,
my command, to control the s.tua sijf)i th,( C?)H war in (ra<k, New i<kag for the defense of
ieply yet from j,thp Russians and “our-[London and other big English cit*
pelves may- he abating. ' ies will be on trial.
tion." There’s no
thc Governor.
The sheriff said 95 tons of!
coal were dumped on highways
and that independent mine opera-
tors used shotguns to hold off;
what were identified as roving
bands of striking miners.
October Bids
Slated for F-M
Road at Brinker
Hopkins County 4-H 'flub boys I coriipetition in that class at
will compete against each other! Saturday show here.
I here iii the City Park tomorrow in
their annual swine show. Judging
will begin at 9 a. m.
The competition will be between
Bids will be received in Octob-
er for the construction of the
farm-tp-market road from U, '.S.
Highway 67 to Brinker, Glen Fry,
district engineer with the U. S.
Highway Department,, has an-
nounced. [the Dui-oc breed.
The bid* will be received next Winner of the show will be en-
month by the State Highway De- tered in the District * Swine ghow
partment i nAuxtin. The farm-to-
The following youths will show
Duroc swine gilts here: Joe Wil,
liaim, Sulphur Springs; Jeade
William Orr, and Robert Lee Caj|
youth who ha\e Men awarded penter, both of route 1, Sulphur
gilts-by the Sears Foundation, ac-Springs; Bobby Lee Hammonds,
cording to County Agent Brooks; Saltillo; Duane Beasley, route 2,
Emmons and hi* assistant, Albert Campbell; Hugo Klee, Cuntby;
; Blankenship. All entered are* of
market road will extend slightly
over three miles.
William David Reynolds, route 1,
Sulphur Springs; and Frankie
Winfrey, route 2, Sulphur Spring*.
L., M. Hendley, Delta County
slated in Paris Sept. 27. Johnny Agricultural Agent, ha* been no-
Campbell wUKako take a boar tv lected official judge for the swine
i the Paris show. He will liave no I show.
the development emphasised the
necessity “for that truly eff
tivc, enforcible, interna tioi
control of atomic energy, w|"
the government and the large Ma-
jority of the member* of the Doi-
ted Nation* support."
Mr. Truman's statement made
one point sharply clear — that top
American officials regard the de-
velopment as meaning the Rus-
sians have learned to make an
atomic bomb.
Mr. Truman said the probabili*
ty that some other nation might
develop an atomic bomb “ha# al-
ways been taken into account by
When the Cabinet session eiwj-
ed after a more than one-hour
meeting, newsmen crowded about
Secretary of Defense Louis John-
One reporter asked:
"Have we made any change in
the disposition of our forces since
this hapiiened?”
Johnson replied, simply: ‘No.”
He then was asked:
"Does thc Cabinet know ar»y
j more about this than is contained
in thc President’s statement?"
Said Johnson:
“The Cabinet knows all about
it. It was fully informed."
Here is the text of Mr. Tru-
man’s statement:
“I believe the American people,
to the fullest extent consistent
with national security, are entlt- •
led to be informed of all deve-
lopments in the field of atomic
energy-. That is my reason for
making public the following in-
formation. ,
"We have evidence that with-
in recent weeks an atomic explos-
ion occurred in the U. S. S. R,
“Ever since atomic energy was
first released by man, the even-
tual development of this new
force by other nations was to be
expected. This probability has al-
ways been taken into account by
“Nearly four years ago I point-
ed out that the esaential theoreti-
cal knowledge upon which the dis-
covery is based is already widely
known. There is also substantial
agreement that foreign research
can come abreast of our present
theoretical knowledge in time, and
in the three-nation declaration of
the President of the United States
and the Prime Ministers of the
United Kingdom and of Canada,
dated November 15, 1945, It was
emphasised that no single nation
could in fact have a monopoly of
atomic weapons.
“This recent development em-
phasized once again, if indeed
such emphasis were needed, the
necessity for that truly effective
enforcible international control of
atomic energy which this govern-
(Continued on page eight) ”
Plea is Made for
Broad Range oi .
County 4-H Club Boys industry Funds
Annual Swine Show at
City Park Tomorrow
dent of the New York Stock Ex-
change thinks aid to the real of
4he world can not be successful
unless American economy is
sound. And the financier, Emil
Sehram, aaid today American
economy will not be sound untB
industry has the benefit of « wide
flow of equity fundi.
Sehram spoke in New Yofk to
the National Industrial Confer-
enrt Board, an independent non-
profit research group.
Thc Stock Exchange, incident,
tally, has offered aomo propos-
al*' Eliminating double taxation
of divided income and
of obstacles toward risk
ship involved In
capital gaina and Umm.

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