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Tkrms jHtft per y" "" I'1"' "" "'
P'eaae rinw jour Mihcnpti"ii hci'.ire tlm old
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Hrmit b) mail at cur rlia
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" Ommi Prlnllnir and Honk Hind
ill ll.i.i.
Wo would .all the attention of our friends
to our advertisement in another column
We have one among the most thorough and
complete offices in the South for the exo-
ration of evory nrfirlo of printincr and
Our merchants clerks of court and
others would do well to vivo our establish-
ment a visit before going to New Orleans
or the North. Oar work will be delivered
to the customer It atl own I'ost Office and
at as reasonable rates M it will cost him to
obtain if from those distant leeflftft
rwi - i i iti.
On last Saturday evening. Major Mar-
shall left fir Mississippi for hi." fimily who
have for several months ben absent on a
visit to their relatives and friend'. During
most of the time Mr." M. has been in bad
health and unable to roturu sooner Major
Marshall will be absent i or eight weeks.
The writer of this nrticle promised hiui
before leaving to render such iditvHal
assisLuico to the pro tern. Editor il he
could consistent with nil duties to nil
other pursuits.
That there may be no misunderstanding
as to whom the writer is. he will -tato that
he was for three yearj associated with Major
Marshall asoneof the 1'iopriotors and Edi
toil of the Qmlette 1'or that period of time
he was responsible for the political course of
the paper he hat received his portion of
the abase heaped upou the paper Marshall
& Oldham and the "Austin clhiie" for
the course the paper ha- pursued.
The abuse first came from the Know No-
thing party while it acknowledged an ex-
istence as a party. It was repeated by Sam
Houston and hi- -trikers find now it i
reiterated bv thi anti-judicial nomina-
tion" party compoeedof E N. Houstonites
and Democrats who have appealed to thtm.
to reverse at the polls the action of the De-
mocratic party in uiskip.- nominations tor
judicial office".
On last Saturday the Editor t f thin paper
turned upou his pur-iier- in . cm-tic arti-
cle. That urticl" provoked an exceedingly
personal article- iu the ntdligenoSTof Wed-
nesday. That portion ot the article which
reflects upon Major Mar-hall individuilly
he is douhtleil amply able and willing to
attend to and will no doubt do so upon his
return Tint portion which might by in-
ference be made to refle?t upon the writer
of rhil article has been adjusted.
As the writer ha- come in for nil full
'tare of the obloquy that ha? been heaped
upon Democrats at this plaoe for the oourae
pursued by himteif and others bo feels
called npOB in ielf-defeuce to vindicate
himself and h:.s political UfOOattOl from the
odium that has been amopted to bo heaped
upon them.
At the same timo lit: teels called upon
to discuss freely and fully not only the po-
litical acts of himself and friend- but al-o
those of their MtUtttl aiweil as the mo-
t'ves which have or may prompt them.
This he will do fearlessly.
' i
At the samf lime it will uut be improper
to say that he has no disposition to indulge
in personalities or aspersions of private cha.
racter. When a controversy becomes per-
sonal it ceases to bo a fit subject for the
columns of a newspipei. ;.nd lAotald lie ar-
gued elet'-lire.
The political ac's of men aud their trans-
actions with the public so far as the inter
eat of the people are concerned are leejiti
mate subjects of ierutiny and coum.nt; it
is different as to the private transactions
between man and BSD Thus far the writer
feels himself perfectly justifiable in going
in the performanue of the duty he has
taken upon himself. Circumstances have
prevented an article upon the subject this
Marble quarry of white marble
has bceu discovered en the land of Dr. W.
C. Phillips about li 1-'.' miles from town.
It is found on the surface of the earth
over a space of five or six acres and is
doubtless more extensive. The Commis
sioner aud Superintendent of the Lunatic
Asylum have adopted this marble .- the
material for the construction of the Asy-
lum building. It will sustain a fine polish
and is well calculated for building purpo-
ses. A house constructed of it will be
beautiful and durable. There appears to
be no danger from disintegration as this
stone will bear unchanged any vicissitude
of temperature. The geological survey of
the State about to bo commenced under
favorable auspices will bring to licjht many
hidden resources of the country aud ren-
der lands extremely valuable which were
before entirely unappreciated. It is a pity
the quarry in question had nut been found
previous to the erection of the Capitol and
other public edifices in the city.
laV Wo have been presented with a
bottle of Sorgho syrup by Dr. Sneed who
resides near this place which we can safely
say ' fir better thau auy we have se-en or
Libteu and think it equal to tbe best
sugar-house He Bays it yields about 30
gallons to the acre. If all of our plauters
will use a little energy iu the manufacture
of the syrup there will be no occasion for
importing molasses or syrup from New Or-
leans Sentinel Orrtrt One half interest
in the Sentinel printing office was sold at a
trustee's sale on the '-' I tb inst Mr. Shelley
is the reputed purchaser.
WlATHEK. The hot term is uow draw-
ing to a close The days and nights are
becoming more mild in temperature.
OAaWAMN or nan.
. ...'.. U'-- '. ' lb" tiro OS the
campaign of IS.Ml will ! la active one.
It will be a contcM between the DUMonoj
proper the lnen who adhere to their party
bocauso nf its principles and ote lor its
candidates because the an thn raprSMntt
tives of those principles and the men
who oppose orgmio'aiion mid Democracy
The programme id the oppositiuii seems
to be the defeat of the regularly OTgl luted
Democratic party in this State by starting
against its candidates set of ISpirantl
who will be hoiltad as tbe People's can-
didates." 'I'll y will deelar. war against
conventions and detuoitioe 101 and OTOIJ
thine- standing between them and the so
quiaitioti of ollieo and power
Certain notices of lien. Houston his
invitation to this 1 1 iea bv one of the lead
ers of tin Independents hit invitation to
Washington and hi- nception by a giutle-
maii who lias personal reasons for being dis-
sitisticd with Democratic Conventions j the
oomph cent manner iu which 1.0 Wl spoken
of by certain biggnni of thi disorg misers
all pointed to this distinguished indi-
vidual as th( probable High Priest of this
new rangiea Jackson usmocraey. tt i ip
pea red 1 1 bo their favorite and his return
to the Sonata of th i I nited State a toi-
mary object of the nty Tlic late .pooches
of the (leneral hiv. 'oniewhat alarnod
them as to his availability and the word
"incorrigible" i applied to the great
chieftain. Whether this breach BM1 be
healed remains for tint to determine.
no nal strength by their desertion. Do
not Halter yourselves that they will ever
come back again and unite with vou.
You hive to contend against these
against the old American party and against
all the dissatisfied und restless spirit" in
the coiinfrv The question to answer is
can it be done successfully without organi-
zation without every member of the Dem-
ocratic partv inarches straight up to his
tint ' We think if cannot and urge upon
ou the propriety of looking well to your
ranks and ot plnoitiL- "your house in
They are afraid to go into the canvas- of
IS39 upon issue whi;h defeated Hen
Houston with all his popularity anil the
prtttiije of glorious Dame in 1867. l'or
the present there Is some doubt as I a their
bringing him prominently before ;le people
ot texas in IPO'.' lint that lie is one ot
them aud at'ain to become candidate for
the Senate is we believe a fixed fact It
is probable he will not allow them to use
his name for Governor this would be
staking all on the cist of a single die and
far too rash for even these desperate players
to risk. It is probable some friend cf the
Gcuera! will run the rae . and take occasion
to m'-utioh him with luanv eulogies on the
stump but the defence ol his - . i
course in the Senate will not probably be
Col. A. J. Hamilton is already looked
upon as the candid ite of the opposition for
Representative of the We-:;i. Congress-
ional District.
The chief component of this pari) is the
members f the late American party. Some
old line Whig" who have never forgivon
the Democrats for their defeat and annihi
lation a considerable "sprinkling" ol
fishy Demoorets win an dreadfully op-
poaed to any convention whatei r unless
(Aevr mtn ean not the Dominations the
odds and the ends of all panic- aud the
fragments ot nil urns known in the I mou;
broken down politicians reii.-ed office-
holders and disappointed office-seekers all
will be mixed together to compose this
simon-pure ".laekson Democratic Party."
Such a ring-streaked arot striped array.
such a oolleotion of discordaui materials
such minirlir.!.' of
HUN. mux II. Itl) M. !.
The vute of lhi t'enlleman airainst the
deficiency bill has been the subject of some
iMtinolvorsion.'is well as misrepresentation
Wc are well aware of the DOsition he held
on thi" question and it affords 01 gTOaH
pleasure to lay the facts before our readetl
a" tin v transpired and influenced his vote.
A provision w" Inserted in thedefloienoy
bill OOntaining tin appropriation for the
I'tsb rtnv appropriating an additional
pay ot lour I tlOllStS to the re
porters; and the provision gave back pay
to tho clerk" and other employee! of the
Bouse lor son years in addition to their
regular salaries Stblch are ample and
which they hid received amounting to
about sixty-eight thousand dollars. This
was a pure gratuity of the people's money.
Sotm twenty-six Democrats took the same
position ami when tKe ft te was taken it
was fbnnd that tbe bill was defeated. In
or '.oi to save the Utah appropriation these
twenty-six voted with others to re. ODsider
hoping that the rebuke administered by the
defeat of th" bill would cause its objec-
tionable features to be itrioken out. On
another vote bovvevr many democrats
voted for the bill and with the aid of flic
Hlaek Republican vm . li was carried.
Many others however like Mr. lteagan.
"till refused to endorse it with their votes.
Mr. Reagan bad proposed to tl e Chair-
man v' the Committee of Ways and Means
and also to Mr Letober who had muoh to
do with the bill that if they would consent
to let him and his friends have a separate
vote vviih eyei ind nsys on these two clauses
of the bill thai tbejf would be satisfied and
it they could nor vote them out they
would submit to the majority and v its for
the bill with these provisions in it. This
was refused the parties saying that these
. la isea gavo the bill strength.
The bill pastt d and went to the Senate ;
and there nndet the lead of Demoorotio
Senaton these two clauses w;i itrioken
- hi. on! bv Democrttio votes mainly. They
wan faithfully donounoed in that body.
Tl Hi n-c however refused to concur in
tin Senate's amendment and on the ap-
pointmeol of a committee of conference
the House inexorably adhered and the
s i: iti recedi I
Mr Reagan appears throughout to have
been influenced by honest and worthj mo-
svhjpiihi r rm
It will bo noticed thatlluckley has got. a
majority in MomoOMHR county where
the trial of his client's case took place and
whore the tlrand Jury examined the
charge of perjury against himself ; that lie
has go majority in (Ikimkm where
Kellum who wrote the pamphlet against
him resides; that he hns pit a majority in
San i hi . stink where Kellum formerly
lived and was well known ; and that he has
got a majority in nIWttl where lladley
live- and where olfO file trial of Hucliloy's
client for the City Hotel property andl
slaves took place In these counties the
issues against ltuekley beiti" personal and
the tails all well 1 aown. it is mi) o si-
ble and preposterous to suppo-o that ihe
intelligent voters could have sustained him
If what his em mitt chained had been true.
This result in counties win re (except
Harris I the enemy had earritd everything
last year is a nio-t ligolflosnt and satis-
fai lory repudiation of the charges made in
the i 'm' statements of Kellum as well
as a powerful i ndorsement of the chsraoti r
of Judge liuokley agaiosl whom the bit-
terest porsoual war R r kimwu iu the
State has been eonatautlj and widely waged
daring the past canvass. It is said that
:!Ulllhl of the Kellum putHphlets were
thrown brondc:-t over the State 00 the
eve of the election when it wa impossible
t ml OUl a rejoinder to follow the
pamphlet where it weut. and disabuse the
public mind of its obnoxious statements
The defeat of Buckley's enemies on the
very tield where the charges were laid is
most emphatically tin iliimt ! th'' chary I
Memiefess Tmjwjj of tin vicfaogtrt
turns o verdict of KOT OVJLTY1
Ml AllAI. I A.
A correspondent of the New York
Tine" represent" the Nicaraguaus as tretn-
bling at the naval demonstration being made
agaiosl them by the United States. The
friftal Saranae arrived at San .luan del
Sur about tho ".Oth of duly and was to
be succeeded by otht r vei ils
tien. Lamar was said to be in line "pirits
at the pro. pert that the Covcrnment ore
about to take tl lottl Dt of the ditli-
oolties wiili thesi double-desling people
into sneir own iinois i no wenerai has
be i taking depositions in regard to the
murder nf John l Lawless and the
proof i- quite eonclosivi against (fioara-
gaan offior i-
It is time tbe frequent itroeities perpe-
trated b these semi-savage people upon
oitisen if the United Stales should be
atone I I r. and it is surely cause of gratu-
hitiou should i hey be taught by n troop
arm to re.-pect our iiL'ht- and I he persons
of our peop
adstiiv amn ihiimmi naiiMiotu.
The last numl'cr of the liaUiange True
Issue contains a letter from L V. Price
Eiq. in nnswer lo tin itivilntioii to the
Kailioatl barbecue at Hit-trop on to-day in
which lie takes stroll;' u'round against the
proposed ratireaa trom urea nam to tins
place. Mr Pri 8 has the right I favor
any road hi pleoSMj an I -o h ve the
people of Travis ll.istrop and I'ayctle
comities. Wi are not disposed to enter
into any QOOtTOVersy with Mr Price or the
True i-"Ue upon the subjt 1 1 l.very oh-
joe loli uigeu lias ii 'en tuny ennsiuereu ny
ton naotde The DOOOle have e'oine to this
conclusion that they Will never ei
railroad Until they build it themselves ;
tl it the are under no obligations to oitbi r
the Harrisburg road or the Houston road
that neither will ever be extended to A it -'in
unit"" tlit' pt opie sloog the line turnish the
means and that il thej are to furui-h the
means they conoelve the hare thi right to
make the application to such load as they
choose In doing so they conceive it to
be their interest to selsol the shortest und
eloapest route i no letter 01 .Mr. trice
ami tin ed toria of the True Issue would
Indicate il. it the Interests of the people of
the tipper counties of the i .hnado rtre
IttbordinaU to the parauionnt rights of the
HarriabnrB Company We think tlifler-
The Harrisburg road was commenced in
1.V' Il now has tliirti'tini mtVei com-
pletetl and hrentg-flvt miles graded. With
this i. pid progress the road would reach
Austin somewhere about the year 1 875.
If it i- the interest of Mr Price and
thoso whose sentiments be speaks to old the
Harrisburg road we have not a word of
gbjeetion tour c to it. And if others see
prop.r to think and set differently wo are
impressed with the conviction that it is
no IC i f bis D rr their business for people
will do as they please in this Iron country
We can as-iii v Mr Price of one fact that
up-in no nth. -oboe' whatever are the
people ol Bssl op Travis and the siir-
rounding counties so thoroughly united as
Upon ih" construction of the road from
I'rntoiiliri if
" I have often observed atn public I o'er
Iniiinieiif that when there - any thing
particular to be seen and every body vv t
particularly to see it everybody iiinnodi-
diutely stands up and elloctually pro cuts
any body from -eeing anything
" Men ON born with tWO eye- but with
one tonne in oitler that thev should OH
tvvi e as much as they say. Ihe same i-
also applicable Id boy" and women."
The writer of thi" certainly hs- never
been to Austin or In would lisro made a
spc dal exception in our f u vol. Woof this
ejt never -laid up at an entertainment
unless some one has had the ill uiiinic i It I
SSI Us to sit down III order to let tin mselvcs
or the ladies see. This isan invariable rale
As to talking the hopeful juveniles of
Austin never indulge in confabulation el
oept during a sermon or whil some on-1
making an interesting speeoh which ovi ;
curious people attempt to listen to. The
ladit Heaven bless them are remarkable
for silenei -avo when excited bv loo-le
... . . I -I ..!.. . I ...
ami then they no inuuige somewn.i. out
by close attention a listener could tell
whether a band were performing Yankee
Doodle or the Marseillaise Hymn and it
is very certain the DOtWOl a trumpet could
be distinguished from the griitin. ol a
band-saw and a drum might not be mita-
taken for a flute.
r.i.M rictA Ml !
Wc I live now official f turns liom
evsnty-two oountiea which give Bucklsj
a Bl ijoritj of 808 're lire Bfl onuntirs
iriii whloh WS only have reports in whlofl
I ci ley has a nuijoriiy of 8 1 making a
total majority ol Ml votes with Cooke
I. rath. .lick. Palo Pin to Refugio Van-
.tndt end Wis- to from ' Van Standi
i" reported u small inujorty lor Buckley.
The tot il vote in then I JUnties at the hut
election was 1186 of which Runnels re-
ccivedt'iTT and Houston B08. AH the
premise- being surveyed we noneludc that
Buckley'- lootton Is Kire iy It
shallow of a donbl
say I no offli i il vol for Buoklay in 7-
ti. i 18458 lor Hell 17862; "
. until n ported fot Buokley 8821 i
Bill 2070; total for Buckley offlc
reported 21 7B Total for Bell offl H il ; id
reported 110828 Majority for Buokley
Sim writina the !. .. wi bavi . .v .1
the official vote from Hay" Wblch gives
Bell 120 Buoktej 7s. Majority for Bell
Whan oi I at ftfara srs stwn Itrapreaaati
i - o . i . a. ofllc'nl.
OoneUaa. BVSfclaf Hell- Oonufka.
Mil 170 lentsraon .... '.'- B8
lei lohnson I'."' 167
IS .
A 1. 1. LOW II VI It I". AI.M Itlll.l IVt
Bsatrop .
Bell' .
It r. toria"
A.nvilaiik. - On Saturday last Capt.
Kirehbur' lired atl VMViladt in honor of I
the success of the entire Democratic ticket
of the State. The election indicates the
ability of the Democracy to carry their
ticket under almost any circumstances;
but it also incul Ntttt the necessity of or- Brown'
aanitttion and circumspection in the choice
of standard bearers. The Bell majorities.
sounding in the thousands so triumphantly
paraded in the columns of the Intelligencer
have vanished Bell men with elongated
faces wore -ecu iu the streets on Saturday
who tlid not relish Kirchberg's music. One
of them said : "I dislike the uoise iMni-
nabhff but I suppose I shall have to get
used to it."
Prophetic word- these The Domo-
cratic party of Texas will make many
requisitions upon Knchberu' and hi- anvils
hurtle lo:
na: Kaufman 19 806
I- i Kerr- ....::: ol
31 1 ii Lamar' :- log
lo.' :iii liampaias ()p) 03 Ififi
Burleson. -Bornel
Calboua. .-
I Illl'-loll
I lernkee
( . Hie.
Dallai ..
i.. itl
Ellii ...
El Psao
Irenham to Austin They believe that it i .en unon jaak Hamilton Paschsl Pa I
is the only project thai promises suooesi. I aod the "Independent daeksun Domoo- ??J..
All that vv.- have t.i as) to those who are racy " to the contrary notwithstanding ion Bend
not with ii-. i . that we will make a fair " - . ''' ' "'"
i A SlNOOLAR CoiMCIDINOR. After the Oalveaton
U.ll-ni Willi em ii- ic. u- aionr unu ; . . . l.ii;.-! -
' ..... .. I . .. ....! it... I . u - '. ' .
eit-eiiou ut I - tii'.o .iu .-s -... ...
about tie- Qerman and tho Mexican voti . o
. i . .
. Ml
' re i
. 40
.. :;.;-
i -
. 93
. :'.ii
. tei
we will let vou
these naturalized oltisena were
639 Lavaca
.s Leon'
'.i Limestone '
1- Lire link- ..
;i- Llano
IM VlcCtillecli .
i lloLennsn'
i.''1 liadtion. . .
it. tlatagorda.
Jo'.' kfaverioh
!" Vl.-tlina
18 Milam.. .
tlnntfomei t
Td Hseogdiichea'
794 Navarro' . .
34' Sew ton'
3 3 ; 163 Niiecei'
364 36OraDie(l p.)
ii I'niii ruitn
Panols. -.o I
oo 138 l'nrk'T 131
l'PnU ;ti-
100 I're.ii...
JO Ke.l Biver.. 299
179 Kefturin .
Rusk' 304
it- Sabine W
.77 8an A'lto'stoi' ' 104
' .:'. San Patricio.
I- ' s i ssl ; 38
:a - Shelby"
19 Stan '
1)4 I'm rant
.. '' i on-"
in rravi
.'7 1 111
880 38"
i -'. :;;
96 r.: i
x t 51
.. i;
166 t:ti
38 to-
all Is;
-..ii 24S
;t60 06
remarkably ringul :r ; Qua I dopi
We nave been shown a re-oiniion i'oi. -i-i. t;. t.
V -.. I l . ...II.. I... . I.. L . -i . . . e . :.t. . . . ;.. i tlarr
1 ' "i i ' .' -- coinciuetice inai ine eiiui-i-pmi- in u--e- Harriaon
of the above road It pledges them to I hnn amnntr the "intense Americans." are Han
raise i lurLisu the same amount ol stock
.;: 344 in.. I-
. to
Bad ap nt ami arhua
lllark -pints mil gra
hs not been seen -ince the formation of
the Government Yet they will posse-s
one feeling in common hostility to tbe
Demo ratic party aud an in inrablc i'.i bing
afttr office.
Th" Britash have b.en inoeeasful in the
recent i perations in India Late advices
tiv.- Wc have never for a moment eu-1 renreseoted tho rebellion in Central India
tertained tbe opinion tost tus vote naa toe I u eraahed though it appears from the
oorrespondei "f per-ons on the -pot that
the English . iii only control the country
oommsm iiy their gun-. The ipirit o
This i-- ht .. mbinaticn again-' which
the Democracy will have to contend in
1859- The 000 test will be fierce every
inch of ground will be disputed and il
tbe rogular'.y constituted Democracy re-
main upon the hold with victorious banners
waving well may they call themselves in-
vincible iu Texas. .Never have the
enemies of iJjinocraay combined with
more determination to effect its defeat and
prostratioo than on tin- present oooasjon
The onslaught of L850 will de'ermiuc tic;
fate of the Democratic party iu this State.
How are we to meet them ' Bv remain
ing supinely inactive ' That would ensure
lefeat aud disgrace. There never has
been a time when organisation harmony
and concert of actioti were more essential
to the welfare of the Democratic party and
thesuooaasof Democratic principles. Do
not allow yournelvcs to be deceived. They
may cry "Peace peace but there is no
peace I" It i political war and that to
the knife. They will tell you "We are
all Democrats what is the use of conven-
tions aud nominations 7" Don't believe
them. When did they ever or when will
ihey ever vote for a Dsmoorstio candidate '
Your victories have been their defeats
Could they by any means defeat one of
your candidates the triumphal shouts .f
victory would ascend front every part of
the State aud the prints which now
modestly oppose organization would then
boldly show themselves as your enemies
and denounce you and your principles.
The Hues are being drawn and very soon
the Democracy will be able to see who are
against them and who for theie
It has already been said by an Indepen-
dent in this city "The campaign of 1859
is opened (ien Houston has laid down
his plan of operations "
Is there a man in the State so utterly de-
void of common sense as to believe that
Gen. Houston's plau of operations embraces
auything couducive to the woosai of De-
mocracy ? If so let him go and hear the
most remote bearing upon the defeat oi tie
appropriation 1 r the Texas Regiment.
Popdlatioh ii: Bcxab The San
Antonio .' r takes a typographical error
of the Gtuettl very much to heart. I
the editor will add 'V.1 and l.v'.i7 he
will di-covcr they do riot male 1017s
The lirst number is too small and here
wis the blunder of the typo. Any wa
the paragraph win published a- an item
nf news and th I editor ot ti;s sheet could !
have no"reason much less inclination to
say aught iu disparag imenl of Bexar
lie would rejoice to see the vote of that
truly Democrat trongWd 8000 instead
in the extension of their road from Brenham
kO thi Bit! 'I A t iu that mat b raided
and fum:-! d bv tic citizens of Instin
and oountiii of rnviaand Bastrop to aid
in completing the road linn Hempstead to
Brenham and the. a-ure us thai they de-
sire tic iti nsion "f the road to this city
at the earliest p ri '. practicable We are
glad to see the e roast seal of the citizens
of Washington. Our people are anxions te
see the railroad completed and will do all
Kni.iv- us iiik PjtOOB. Tbe Sui
Antonio Ledger learns through a corres-
pond: nt at Port Davis that a gentleman
driviog cattle to California was attacked
on the PeoOS by a party of three hundred J
Indian- and they robbed bun ol five hun-
dred beeves There arc no mounted men
lit Port Davi-. unl the Indians could not
be followed.
ta.. The Waco Southerner has been
shown a speciuu u of suirar made by llobt
vv IIS00 WOten utter they pro-
nounce very fun There have been says
;lr Southerner larje quantities of the
cane rai-td in McLenuau from which t ii i .
has been a heavy yield of excellent syrup
SO I vve bop- one da; to lee lUgar mills
erected in our midst.
disaffection i- deeplv rooted. ircat loss
ha- ooorued from beat. The Itritish sutler
intensely. Sun stroke is very common in
many oases producing apoplexy ami death
The Itritish force in India is large and
reinforcements are till being sent forward
There i no telling when thi- war will end
It :- one of no -. TheHiodostans an
: strtl'-clin'- to throw off ihe Itritish voire
It :- questionable whether or not their in
depandenoe would be detrimental to tin
oadfe of civilisation. To say the b -Ft ol
them thev are semi-savagee idolstors is-
tremelj luperstitiouii and apparently inca
pable of administering their afi'airs with
any degree of success Their triumph
would but substitute despotism tor British
Geucr 1 tpoak and he will be cured of his
The election of this year haa detached
meu from tbe Democratic party Some
have gone off upon grounds which will
probably never sgain preeut themselves
Tbey will soon re-unite themselves with
their brethren The fact is they bavenot
left tbe party. With others the case is
different they were waiting for au oppor-
tunity to bolt and found it in the late
asj Judge John T. Mills arrived in the judical contest. They will never return
city oo Thursday. He fine health. w lBe aajayke of tbe Democracy as long aa
Wiikat OBOP. We see by a letter
written by .1. W West of GnySOO eoiintv.
I. the Olarkaville .Standard that be has
ti ii ten - in wheat which yielded twoiitv-
six bushels per inre weighing 02 1-2 pounds
to the bushel. Mr. .1 M Douthilt his
neighbor made twenty-four bushel- to the
acre and Kubt poster another neighbor
who had twenty-live acres in cultivation
made tvveuty-eiiht bushel- per acre
('apt. Pre.-toli living on the Clear fork
of the Brazo planted seveu bushels of
wheat The gentleman who thrashed the
wheat allowed him 800 bii-hels aud ex-
pected to L"t 80 or T't bushels for his
P 11. Reining living on Pint creek
Bed Hiver oouuty raised tweuty lice
bushels of white wheat to the aon . in
poor sandy laud. W
tfjrTbs Waco Bontherner says that a
serious difficulty occurred iu that placo
between two nogro meu ot o the properly
of dudge Hemphill and the other Lowis
belonging to Cowan Kvans Lewis re
ceived several severe aud dangerous stabs
in the tight. Jim and a negro boy by the
name of Winfield Scott beloogiug to Robt.
Wilson were brought before t Justice ol
the Peace and tried by a jury of twelve
meu who found them guilty of au attempt
to murder. Their punishment was as
je-il. Jim's at 150 lashes on the bare skin
and Winfield as abettor 7.r lashes
RAIN Several showers of rain hare I tbre '" pnPt of succeeding against
en in this county during the present I They have gone from choice and
will remain from choice The party loses
S.l'l Ullt l"t I l l'l IIS.
The following is from the Color id
" We believe it is generally conceded on
all hands that Judge Bell is elected AsSO-
ci.ite Justice of the Supreme Court Thi-
will occasion a vacancy in the office ol
Judge of this District. The names of se-
veral have been mentioned in connection
with this office bin wc believe that of our
follow-townsman tteeri'c V . Smith meets
with more favor with the people Wo think
it i- their uesin thai be should be elevated
to the position A- yet wc are not aware
that he will permit his name to be used in
connection with the offiot . but trust that he
in iv be induced to yield fo the urireut soli-
citations of hi; friends."
Do prevail upon Mr. Smith to lav aside
his Immoderate modesty and become a can
didate at once do .Mr. Hiker do. Would
it not be prudent however to wait lor he
vote- to be counted ''. May be lied is not
elected There may possibly be a small
slip between Mr. Smith aud the judicial
criiiiin that slip may be the failure of
Judge Hell to resign Tho latter gentle-
man may look upon his present office as a
bird in the baud. The way the figures uow
stand they give no consolation to the mauy
anxious aspirants of Judge Hell's district
The date of Judge Wheeler's resignation
of the office of Associate J ustice is not a
matter of concern to them now. He adv ised
gentlemen and yon will save the labor of
wtitmg lettor.i ot i-injuiry upon this stilije't
In the inciiti time if you can't be cool be
as cool 01 you can and support the agony
of your disappointment with the samblanot
of resignation. Ah that " Dutch and Mex-
ican" vote but M U K you '.now saja
" Hell g ts a large majority throughout the
white settlements" let this console yon lor
the present.
they can consistent with a prudent mid
practicable policy.
tn the last Intelligencer a writer who
signs himself "Junius" makes an effort
to vindicate -s. M Swenson. In reference
to the matin- of tin- bills of the I'nion
Hank of Louisiana and the state Treasury
.bout which a oontroverst took place nearly
two vears since when I was one of the
editors ; tie Graxette Ic says: "Mr.
ditor the charge of Judge Oldham was
false and lc knew it when he penned it
lohn Marshal v!v- the charges kuowing
it to be false" I oaunot recognise the
right of tl - kt ight ' at this late d.iy
to become the champion of Swenson or
have any controversy with him upou the
object. Il I made S fall charge ajainsi
8wi Dion he was tie- proper man to pro-
oouuee it so and at the tunc lie has no
right infill! n into question n iw through
this vicarious agent. I have never at any
time shunned responsibility I may
huvesaid about any man. I did not to Mr.
Swenson when webad "u friendly inUr-
i ic w "upon the subject.
As the chap writes like he is" cl -el; full
jf lioht and oabbage" for his accommoda-
tion if he will avow himself 1 will engage
bis equal in tho person of some mean free
negro I i light tin in itter out with him.
The public will however remember that
I made no eharge against 8wenscn I put
certain "imp rtiiient rUf-t. ins" based upon
minors which I had heard Tim answers of
Bweusonand the State Treasurer developed
the facts I colon. ertted upon tho facts
and drew my inferences from them.
Whether mj comments were ju-t or the
inferenoes correct were for the public to
now in the mouths of many of the Indo- ; jjMd
dents. Sir..vv- frequently show which way I Hulslto '
the wind blows Are these political straws npi'B -
setting in the direction of the campaign of 'l"""c
n Hunt .
Is-V.i ' Uow many of the defunct Ameri-j jK
can partv voted against Hell7 And bow I -Jeckaon
. . . -i -fa'
many ol the onif party win vote lor me
candidates of the IndcDcnder's in 1-.'.'.i"
"JkFI KBaON ilt.l' Messrs li. H. and i
J. S Ward have purchased the office of thi
Jefferson Herald They will continue to
make the Herald a Democratic sheet ol the
.'"'M'ialiiir' ..
.9 i raids
Van Zand!
Victoria' .
. To; io
Private 1 1 ' i In this oity )l
nomber of deaths in New Orlt
hiiudri d pel
l.aiist Telegraphic aid Ptrelgi Ntwi
'J III- . : :. ''. e. .'.:
ari n- d at Valenl in tl on
.1 i . .ih in I with hei end .if the V
ii in inl tool. tl
Khglish people and all lonope by -urpri-.
t Atl nf i ' ti : I isrei up i
one day I ' I "' '! " "
CiOOfJ Jsl I per si
.1 e p r I. o '
were 'l in
Tlir; i .if I III 'iir.ii. Btl I I I 1 1
Thursday inst the ' ueen 1 1 lie.-
I ind and the I p tb P.enel n
on board thi I i I ' line-ol '"
ship Bn ' thefl I ' eiqu
Her Majt id i
' the t ius to the mi 1 1 ti
Thi : " I ipb n ;
dinner to llU gU I 1 srd : '. I '' !
Tic . mo . ursting antl iiai it
lag tie lenn III and of Isui
r . of-batth ship illc d Nat
w re conducted in the mo I mngn
manner iu equ tnan natue oi a-
I was ale in ugui ' ' during the I I
I'n ; ;: 'i he relal mi betwi so S It
France are ion 1 b resum
friet ' in
The cr-'p- In Frsm 1 1 been i
what injured by raini
I" e in piratg si 8t Btienne
tran ip irh 1 withool trial.
Bxuitt m. The Belgian Chambers I
ctel the proje'et. fot the fortifies!
fwi rp
Ti iim v Il i- rumored that the I
i- about to njpli j Ah lei Kadei to
thi n ligi u oxeiti mi ol among i
of hi- -ub sol
l'i:i'.IA The relation! between Kn
land and Persi i have bi rjjbi esl iblishe ! .
a friendly footing.
Trooi's fob i in pai n to Washin
Aug i' Tw ' t '"in i -I troopi foi
p ii- has b otrati i at V
V ills diir'n thi p ' : . inth "
with the SimIi Regiment of Infant
en Ute it is thought v.l! I a a Suffio
Cass iiiut-Aiti It i- pi '
the Governmenl will igreo to the ameud
Cass-1 : ii- ri I': iaf) Jorez sayi
full sutl . it ijunci : tl :
to act in tl matter
PlBST BALI of ri.x.v.s i '. ' or rciv
Our c.'i;. ni market ha- been firm tod
with prici lie in fat of 11 e seller
The fot M li ling I
l' (nl3c.
li rd is s vi
fhe ol the new . rop ol !
at l'l
w Mhtngtou' 560
13! Webb
i Jo Wiee. .
.I Wharton'
W i
119 v. ung
i". lapata
. i
Buckley 31 779
Bell... '."--'-
'1 i oi or Backler
9 1
nsw John i istei'hoiit of Austin county
called on us last Saturday lie was on a
short visit to the city attending to pro-
1 feasional business.
New Post on tut Bio (Juandl
Capt. Lee has seleotad a site for a new
post on tbe Rio Grande It is ' about
three miles above tbe junction of the El
Paso road and the Rio Grande " So says
the Sau Antonio Lcgder
Cotton Cito Of Alabama. The
Montgomery Mail announces the proba-
bility of a short eottou crop in Alabama.
Rust and worms are damaging tbe ootton
in that State
Oob H.vmi As a matter of informa
tion to the music loving oitisem and citi-zenessc.-
of which we. ol course arc one
of the fomer we would state that the
baud sill play to the public on the first and
third Tuesdayi in eaob month It bus
already assumed the position of an institu-
tion and a popular one. as all who have
come within the range of itl pleasing in-
fluences can attest We have noted with
pleasure its rapid progress in' improvement
since the period of its introduction and
the ictereat taken in it by itl member.
Mr IV Bray is the leader of the band.
tf. Wt understand that tho finlvcston
News i. complaining of the loss of sub-
erib rs When it holds out that is nut a
politisal -heei a- it ha- often declared
heretofore and then places m editorial
OalumOl at the disposal ol political writers
in t closely contested canvass the editor
oupdit uot to feel disappoint' d that a por
tion Ol Ins subscribers slioulil retuse to
oontinue ou bis subscription list. Let the
terms be known beforehand Say that
you are up for Cones and a market and
then no one will lubsoribs under a tnisap.
prehension of the objects of the paper
asoi. We sec that Sam A Blain tho
District Clerk of Falls county has been
appointed a Special Indian Agent for the
Wiehitas It is said to be an excellent ap-
pointment. CAl'TAiN Henkv The Texan tuentioLs
the departure of Capt Henry for Mexioo
at the inv.iuuoi of Vidaurri and Garxs
"States Bights school."
character must succeed.
V Our old friend Capt. ('. S. Long-
cope of LaGrauge lifts opened a commis-
sion house in Houston We reoommond
him to our readers who do bu-iue-s in
Houston as a business man ai.d ont that
will give In- patrons satisfaction.
stir The Mar-hall Republican sty- that
the si vera drought in that section has cut
th- crop short but that it will novertbel
be larger than i has bl 00 for the 1 ist three
jiS- The Upshur Democrat sayi Mrs
Thomas Davis on tho 24th of July while
at Pleasant Hill Church in that county was
.seized wit i- a violent pain iu one of her
teeth ; ill the afternoon of tho same da; the
pain left her tooth aud entered into her
brain She passed i restless night and died
ucit day.
Rfci'uiiT oi 11 jx. Ai.e.v II. Ar. niuu
We have perused a report on the tWO od
three per cent trust funds aud draws de-
falcation from the pen of Mr. Arthur ol
Vioksburg Mis and we are tree to say
that he deserves well of his State for the
searching investigation a- well a- ils rc.-ull
in laving many thousands of dollars to tha
The Houston Telegraph learns that
Messrs Kyle aim Terry have a mile graded
on their contrail on the GalvestOD 11 ind
II. Railroad. Also that the trade for the
purchase of the iron for the Sun Antonio
and Mexican Gulf Railroad has (alien
I'riend Cushing says his Bell friend- are
very lealoui in counting votes in his bear-
ing. We think they ihoul 1 be allowed full
scope for their mirth and crowing until the
whale returns are in.
B-k. The Telegraph says the citizens have
b"!eu enjoying some pleasant showers; also
that P. R Lubbock Treasurer of the Mon-
umental Fund has received STo 50 from
Hon. T P. -lack amount collected at tia'-veston
' -tliilr .i . . '.lt.-rl.
r '. e "inuttlfrom oi r Uut
:-: tl ' s.- chief iu
papered this 0 vol . iheriff; Hedspeth treasurer; T.
v.' k county clerk: A. Coohran cor -
' . . . . ior no oolleotor : il . ii. li mo-
V' i urvi 3 ir
i tiixnON -Stephen Power- chief jus-
tice; Jas. G. Brown sheriff: Jeff. Bartho-
low county clerk; Jose Maria Cortinas
assessor ndoolleetor; I!. .1 Lawler coun-
ty tresurcr; II. l-i unions 001 'n r.
STAnn lohn Dunlevie ohief justice ;
I . i. nnty i 'eik ; J. B Caro dis-
t i rk ; Manuel Balinss issessor and
colled r; . v Norton district surveyor;
I -herifl' ; T. I R( evt
oi i lharles Plou b soronet
Nacoo iii.-. Bennett Blake chief
!a. P Hunter county clerk : C
1 ; ' . iirvcyor; W. E. C. II
bet If; R Coon assessor sod
J R i: old i n .i-u-er.
Tin- W B. C ivvcn ohief jnsti
Christi .it 'istriot clerk ; Josh Btej bei .
couutyclerl . Joel Airlngton assessor end
collect' .
Hopkins. G. H Crowder chief jus-
tioe; .. i'. Soott district olerk ; Poff
iheriff; M. Hamilton i or ind collec-
tor; K I Matthews county olerk
I'm.. . D. D Moore distriot clerk; W
McCcrmi k chief justice; Levis MeMiok-
eo county olerk ; H W. Monery assessor
and oolleotor ; Robert Booker sheriff; J.
R John m surveyor j J.S. Brown. tn --
urcr ; John P ColllQS to roller; .1 T. Svle-.
L G Clevelsnd J. !'. Eokford and W. 8.
C ichiaii county commissioners.
Tiiimtv. A. Blacksheur chief justioe;
H. L. White sheriff; J. 1. Uottte'l dis
trict clerk : Bryan B Mangum county
clerk; V J West assessor and oolleotor ;
George Gibson sur reyor; Graham Hooker.
oorom r
SABINK. J. A. Whittlesey chief jns-tin-
: C K Hlanchard county ekik ; A.
Il- treasurer! Wm. Mason assessoi
ind elector j -I. T Strug gs sheriff; 1.
Noivel Geo 1' Clapp J II. Bmith and
All s li rr.s county oommissiooen
Madison Rayburn re-eleoted chid
jttstioe; lliirms county clerk: Collins
distrii t .I ok ; C. W Crabb ihcrif . I
S Harrison asn -or and I oil' tOI . S i
Allphtu treasurer; J W. Park Jno Cal
heu" I . ) We il crsby and iii
-:i. i. i mntj oommiisioni ra
III)' I minor.
Depradatiom by the Indiansare f fro-
u. n oi ourri nee upon tho frontier. Capt
.: i f pinion there is an organised
band i f robber.- ettendin i n -- tbe 8t itc
There In s h en oroof elicited to lusfa in tl e
i rii.n tint tnc-e ar. .
i . - t i I'.u rEI.RGB vrii
l'l. t . Mid the Pn
are ven le'ow
: 111 QUEEN'S ii Sf . 1.
Lonoi vi 16 Is
.' ''
Hei '
Pi id nt upon I
0 thi- . . ri:. in 1.
ihe Qo 1 1 o tin t inter es
'i'i.e Qui P
hat will join witl ! si in fen ntly 1 ;
i whicl
in- its with the 1
8t additional link
:v : d hip is foun '
upon thi ir com ad i
The Qi
oommut at d Presidei
tlui rem wiug to h i bet ; -
nrospi ii; j i i1 I ib tee
S"C. We learn from the Lamar Enquirer belli f. Il
that Newton Boswell killed Irviu OutleboV- sod have teen sotinn iti eonjuuotlon with
' l( UOH ' 1 III nt I 'ice aioi .seeuitit I.
- nt.ii r 1 1 ii nnly I h ol by chastising
1. uiv ind ii il cting summary punish
ry iu an auray in Paris 8. 1! Warren an
accomplice anil Boswell have been bound
over under 18000 bonds the evidence in
tho case of Warren was coiillieting
HaY The Kditur of the Seguin Journal
has several notices of success in the manu-
facture of syrup from Chinese lUgar cane
Ho says :
'Nearly every farmer in the county will
make enough for home consumption "
.. i the hi ad- of the inhuman leoun
.ill : m I '. U"' i'h theui l lie two liuvt
canst i nslderablo bloodshed and the lost
I ol much property in this State Tho acts
I of the LndiSOl tan be slightly extenuated
hui ihe while ir iramlittg cut throat- h ivt
o i n to eui iii extenuation of th ir
s- -
ScBOOIt Iim Teachers and other!
i I- net reed aie r' lUWted to r. r I the notice
AccilifcNTAL The Houston l'elegtaph of Judge Qray in to-day's paper
notices the death of a Mr. Quorles naai inn imiiui HkIIhi.
Hemnstead occasioued bv the accidenti! The Houston Telegraph learns that the
discharge of his guu
C.wii'-MKF.riMi A Methodist eamp
meetiog II progressing iiOBr Fiskville iu
this county j
BeS Capt John Derrick an old Tonan
died at the Tremont House Gslveaton on
the 19th inst
contractors m tl.o third -ection of this road
have received i. 'ice of the purchase ol
'JfiO(J t .us ef iron which will be ship; !
immediately Toil tin Telegraph tlnnus
will en.ibh them to open the road to the
sixty mill station this fall.
Si BMAl i-1 CaBLI . --The laving of the
subma.inu cable between Ireland aod New-
( foosdlsiid ib said te have oosv ll2&S2oO.
T '
The Preside!
died by I
. erg
the tw nt - ph i
g'on ii-. bt cai li tl
by I
'. y ". . ..;. h i
p uiv . unuei th
ud ol I friei
twet the 1
instrumi ui d ' ' int ;
to diffuso ri 1 : -
law ihroughoi t ti. - vt r'd In thii i
will i. : all 'ic ion I I Ihr iti
spi ntsncousl onii a tl c declaral
il shall be I net and th il
ored .
plat of tliei 0 Ina ten ii
midst "i hostiliti -
Date 1 al Wasl in n Vu i I
'I he Pic ivui ' - all
followii .
" l.iM'. . A::. Iii. '6
i h Din I
l'i. an united
teli graph.
the highest I
ciub ; : wards men
-..;. I Din ttl intio Teli
r I Hiitain
... I I l"V UABK1
-. John's August 10 No n
i .i ivi ; ol agent I
ii i are obliged to rob in
in wspapcr I ii. r o-ir ret rl
Tl all i ' . Cotton i n the wi
' :por - 10 I a!ei
to ; ' iii iu . I'. ; M
M I . 07-18; M. Idlii I j land I
Mi ' . - . apvices were favora
Breeds! iiff market i 1 1 i orted
C ru was v ry dull Pork
ion dccliti .in
ii tii- I .
ant ind i I Rici bu
t'oiisi! : ii. irti .
Later id neeu rcci .'. I
Iioliii whii repot i the
i .- India ished
Lord ' ' .oi 1 a plocl
'. .
eoi oi no d iu the murdt .' ';
I i i
ri i'
It was rumorod in 1 I
M . :
form a n with the l'aai.
I I.
li i.. i. portt 1 thst thi tusiriau liovei
moat i. i . 1001 troopi
the Danubi terril o-.
Theaunoo i ful Uj
iog of the Atlas is Luodon wis r
oeived with the grea.ot entbusissm

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