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* . .• ' • i
Welcome, hunters, to Wild Game Dinner
With the exception ol
needing a little more game
everything is all set lor the
annual Wild (lame Dinner
slated for Saturday night at
Hondo City Park
The W ild (lame I tinner is
sponsored annually by the
Hondo Chamber of Com-
merce to show "appreciation
to the hunters who come to
the county
"Korgte thy tongue on an anvil of truth,
and what flies up’ though it he but a
spark, shall have .weight."
...can {fifty on one's etnolions like a 12 string
glut III
Von laugh; sou er\ ioii gel high on
exhilirating tales ol rlavs gone liv: soil leel
depressed when von realize those dais are gone
I lisiled Cast lesas ol el the Ihtlltksgii ilig
holiday \ and strongly tell each ol these emotions
M\ XTi ear-old Ytltll Ine/TIItri I sat on her couch
in her mobile home where she lives-alone and she
brought laughter to my heart and tears to my
eyes as she recalled tales ahold my mother, ms
father, ins grandmother and all ol us kids wlieu
We were being jerked ,up by the hair ol die head
hack t hen
plated the piano lot me. hanging out a
couple of long forgotten "all das singing and
dinner on the ground" gospel tunes on an ancient
piano that had more stuck notes than it had good
ones, liul eiei.i at; that she did a good job.
We discussed the changing world Irom hei
youth when the old fashioned philnsophi kept
everyone fn a straight-laced picket to lodats.
fielief that you do what you're big enough To do
aud io hell with the world. W liieli one is better'.'
I don't know \uni Inez said Thes sure seem
to have more tun lodas ' \nd a -mischievous
twinkle came into her st ill-clear In am n eyes, "or
this think so am way
I laughed when mi sFti i in law told me ol the
lime she attempted to teach hei third gl ade class
about ei aporal ion.
She said she placed watei in |ai and sa|
it on the window sill We would mark it each
dtii 'she said liul tliei couldn't mark il met iIn
weekend and oil a Moild.n i( was all gone
Bertha said she thought she had made her point
until litter,, she overheard one lining hoi tell
anothei, U hi■ you know that s a lie she inine up
here Sundai and poured that water out “
Otice-upon'-aTime scenes ol houses and streets
in ms old home town are non nothing hut
timbered areas and . the thick undergrowth
completeli muffles the slmuts ol tun we had
romping around there as mini sins
I asked about long ago li in ids Ip I hid some had
died, some are in had health some are, happils
married, some are not Hut tires are all like me
. older, and at times much less wisi-thatrl would
want to lie
yes, going hack home stirs mans memories
that tug at som emotions 101 a is Idle Hut es en so
tlies are not all had. because at least t lies till mm
• mind and tempo) arijs Idol out a luture.that holds
little happiness
low aril Houston os ei the next t is o si eekemis,
mu might want to rrserse a little lime and stop
off at the International (hrislmas Village at
Schulelibcrg. II covers about three acres and
T .. •*
features Christmas in mails parts of the world.
( il is.-so take along ;i little money to
Inn the mans pretls things they base there
I stopped oil |here Sunday on ms was hack
from least lesas and walked through the area
twice. Ibis is the lirst year il has been held and
tiles told me it is as ruined out the lirst week but
attracted something like X.llilll people on Satin-
clas. Thes were pouring in Sundas when I left
about I2 "lit p in.
... . :r
, we seldom see here. Hut last week as I
approached Nacogdoches the strange white stuff,
began falling and ensering up the ground. Hi the
time I reached ms brother's there was about
three inches on the ground and it was peppering
Hul. dang it if it didn't stop about 7 pan. and
ss as completely melted by T'hanksgis ing morning.
.I’m sure I saw it. Ihmeglt? Didn't I?
Serving will begin around
7 p in Saturdfiy with ( ham
her directors manning the
serving line
We expect ;t good turn
mil ol hunters and land
owners," said Hiltner
Mueller who is co-ehairing
the event with Charlie
Hot tie The event attracted
some soil hunters and land
owners last year
Kothd is in charge of
’"gellingtill the meat and says
|je "sure can use some more
rattlesnake." Anyone who
kills one can turn it over In
.Johnny Wilson at HiWay (to
Drive In ,
Mueller has charge of
preparing the meal and hits
,4 named these chairmen Bar-
becue itnd wood. Bobby
Zuberbueler: Beans. Kichitrd
Schweers Hot Potatoes.
Terry Tilley: Chili. Dooley
Eckhart: Dove itnd Dump-
lings. Fred Johnson: Fish
and Rattlesnake. Gene
Harrison; Beer. Jim Gerber.
i . i-
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filth ^ I VK Vo. Ill
HONDO. MI DIN \ (Of VIY H;\ \s
272 percent intense
t.OINt, I P I s in s seal
just like clock work the ( its
Electric crew s string si reel
( hristmas deem ,u ions i iglil
aftei Thanksgis ing. Here
three of them are snapped in
the act They are Ered
Mendji/a. I I Hernandez
and Buds I let eon. Photo
Its. I oils Mendo/a 1
Public hearing
to air tax rate
\ 272 percent
the tax rate lor
.proper! y (I.u tiers : m proposed by the Hondo City
Hondo Council and a public hearing
being ssfll be held for discussion on
l'h<‘ proposal on December
flic public hearing is set
Deadline December 17
Interest almost nil in charter election
Only one pi : - ,n has n
dieatitfl intent intis ot :. ng
lor t he i 'baiter 1 omin: - -.■■m
1 to tie voted en at t*-lie -pei
eg y elect]iin on .l.mii.iry
i It V Secret at". V c; v. ic
Pimentel said 1 ha! Ba hat ■!
SOme iier has been mailed
at ipphcation to use :! lie
i’.le.s as ,, aommissitm ctindi
I 'll -pe, i;,i elev!inn w ill
y1 ' ■ ■ re ’ I!ne t-n e.|s! ti.ij'll it s
oft the (jut's!iitn shall a
commission he clioscn to
trami’ a new charter'''
It w :!. .11so In 'he nnmi-s
ol ,’tll The.persons who has®
tiled a.- .mdidates p.r that
commission The la names
receiving the most votes will
make up the commission.
\ns qualified voter who is-
.a resident ol the City will be
eligible to vote
Zoning request to be considered this issue of the Vusil Herald ctMtlahfcy
some informal inn I would like to explain.
The adsertisement is on the public hearing
which will In; held to discuss the proposed 272
percent increase in flic city lax rate.
It contains the names of those sslm soled for
the increase and also lists as being absent-and not
voting, the late Reno V Stanga,
. That suit' was taken hack on 'Mas IT I (ISO and
the Council never took another vote on the
proposal. That is whs it still lists the name ol
Stanga who was mayor pro-tern til that time.
.....on who ss ill occupy cabinet seats in the
Reagan Administration
One of the names being mentioned more often-
for the Secretary of Defense is Texas' Senator
John Tower.
He would make a good one lor he lias studied
military problnivs closeB .i- a member ol the
\rmed Services ( cWimittee
Blit personalis. I cannot see where he would
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' The Plam.urg' and Zoning
Commlftcc ot the ('its at
■lb 'lido :Ii nr I )ci vtt it I. -r it 11 ip quest nr; n| w" bcHu'!'
to i ccommend re /muni!
.ilmiit Iwo tbirds ot the cos
Jo ('.hiss \ rt’siden' :,il mi air
family dwellings
\ group nl property
on net's, w hose spokesperson
is I'arplyn McGuire base
requested the change Thes
are requeuing a change '"
Class \ /nmttg ol an an i
bounded In Vsciiuc E m, the
E;ts!. 22nd SIreeiI ot: Nutt h
\venue I' oil the \\ esl and
Soulh (Ms limits just Minih
ot :i it h SI red
Spai'kmg the rcijucst is a
proposed apartment aim
plcx far senior etti/ens is Inch
is ould bclocatcd just sou! h
o! leisure Lodge on A senile
Steve Hogan, who. heads
up 'he firm planning the
. proposed development, said
at a meeting last week the
complex would con.sis! 'of
, approximately 17 duplexes
dot •shnior citizens only
This designation is a
change from tht-^-previous,
request in that it now is
intended for senior citizens
and not as rental housing A
source close to the city-said
this change was brought
about by the objections o|
Spokesperson McGuire
wrote the City on the sub
ject on' October 2<r and
clarified that letter with a
follow-up letter oh N’osem ,
her 25. This-let ter read
"This is to clarify a letter
written to you on October
20. 198(1
“Representing-a group ol
citizens of Hondo. I am
requesting a zoning changed
The area we want re-zoned
includes property South ol
22nd Street. East to Yaticey
Highway. South to the city
limit*. West to Avenuei i
and continuing North to
,22nd Street We request
that property in this area he
zoned Class A
Re-classification t.q A will
affect several existing lari
ities in that area should they
ever decide to expand.
The department of Trans
port at ion and Highways has
talked about constructing a
nest office building. It.would
require a variance under a
new zoning classification
Should the Medina
Memorial Hospital plan ex
pansion. it would require a
New owners of the Young
Apartments have talked
about building muix1 new
un t> Tin- would require a
la - 'li tl!" all the arete
.-ISA ' ' ‘uiv- hi • tr. ic:
let1 em by ! he City inlormtng
them ol the re(|ttcsl lor
re-zbtimg and- i|<o telling
them ot the Deeetnlier k
f’ and Zoning t 'uni
mi tee members include
Paul R-. fiee cliiiirman Eclix
H-'ic- Fiank sandotal Jr
Charles Tondre and Jim
Gerber Any recommenda-
tion \i ill be submitted to the
City < 'ounetil.for appropriate
act ion at regular meeting of
the ('oijncil on Dec (t
Records to be filmed
\t; amhitmus program to
pi.t' e .Jl Mcd;,n.i 1 (Hinti re
cords on mict'olilm was
afiprov'cd Mondai In the
' 'yilTmisMoncrs t 'ourt
Work will begin right
alter the first o| the sear
is i'll CF.T'V personnel re-
ceiving training to operate
to head
the camera and reiidcf
The Court accepted bids
from the Kodak Company in
San Antonio bn both (he
camera and reader 'printer
The camera hid was
Sa.HtCi 2o and the hid tin the
reader printer was
5h 27
y ('ommissiopi'i's also oon-
tfaded with Mrs Barbara
Broherg to train CFiTA per
spiinel to do the work, which
„ is expected to take from two
to tiso-and a half seal's to
'Attending the Monday
tneefing were District Clerk
-Jean Marty and Counts
Clerk Connie Koch They
were present to help decide
on priorities for the filming.
"We.will start hack To
years." said Courts Judge
Jerome Decker, "and once
that is complete will go hack
until all the. records of
Medina Counts are on film "
The judge also said that to
help defray some of the
expense the founts will sell
copies or material to Quality
Title Company and Medina
County Abstract Co. and one
company in San Antonio
There may he others inter-
ested in this material at a
later date." the judge said
Charles Rothe will, head
the Hondo Chamber of Com
merce during 1981.
He was elected to the full
tcnnxajong w it 11 these olfi
cers Rosie Aclvoet vice
president, and Roy Coe
Elections were held Mon
day after the lour new
directors were officially
claimed to be on the board.
They include: Aut'lvne
Tschirhart. Milesj_ Hutson,
Steve Kosub and Joe Fohn
■ In ot her— act ion the
directors named ;i budget
committee ol Charles Rothe.
Steve Kosub. Rosie Aclvoet,
Stuart Franke They svill
ptyeptire a 1981 budget and
submit it prior to the Jan
uai's banquet
Directors apjiroscd Diane
Wolff as the Chiunber's
official representative to the
annual South Texas Chains
her of Commerce meeting in
Austin on January 28 and 29.
The theme of the meeting
will be state government.
John Melton. Roy Roe and
David McGuffin comprise a
Chamber committee .that
svill work with the Museum
Board on the Hondo Con
tennial plans
Castroville city council
approves repayment
The Castroville City Conn
oil, in a meeting November
25t!,i. approved City; attorney
John MogfordS ”cont ihuing
negotiations' with FA A
attorneys for repayment of
$109,928 which was ow ed foi*
completed work on the air-
port prior to the city's
rejection of a grant from
It wtts unanamiousiy
agreed $14,180 svill be paid
in a lump sum from the
revenue fund for engineer
ing fees for a runway reno-
vation plan The airport will
then reimburse the revenue
fund on a monthly basis until
the total is returned to the
city's revenue fund. The city
of Castroville now owns
complete plans to renovate
the runway.
Optimists seek members
Deadline for filing is
December 17 at 5 p.m, in the
Hondo City Hall No city
employee or member of the
City Council can be a mem-
ber ol the commission
Purpose of the election is
to see if the people wish to
write a charter for a Home
Rule City Should a simple
majority of qualified voters
say ’Wes" to the question and
at least 15 names are in-
cluded. as candidates then
the commission would begin
writing a new charter Once
this charter was completed
there would be another city-
wide election to approve or
disapprove it.
At the present time
Hondo operates-as a General
Daw city. The specific posers
of General Law cities are
spelled out in the State
.Statutes These cities are
restricted to performing the
services and exercising the
regulatory powers, spelled
out in the State law books-
nothing more, nothing less.
If there Is no State law
authorizing or specifically
implying authority for a
particular General Lasv city
action, none may he taken.
The reverse is true for
Home Rule cities. Unlike
General Law cities, which
look to the State- to tell them
what they may do. Home
Rule cities look to the Texas
Constitution and State laws
to see what they are for-
bidden to do.
Home Rule cities have the
inherent authority'' to do
any thing which qualifies as a
"public purpose" and is not
contrary to the constitution
or laws of the state... F’rom
the city councils view point
it-means that new programs
can b3 initiated to solve
problems whenever they
Home Rule charter also
will provide one big differ-
ence in the laws governing
the city in that it will
authorize provisions for ini-
tiative. referendum and
for 7:30 p.m. on that da^gin
the City Municipal building.
Such a hearing is required
by law before the Council
can set the tax rate. City
Secretary Yangie Pimentel'
issued the following state-
ment concerning the hear-
I Yangie Pimentel. Tax
Asessor-Collector for the
City of Hondo, in accordance
with the provisions of
Article 7244c V.T.C.S.. have
calculated the tax rate which
may not be exceeded by-
more than three CD percent
by the governing body of the
City of Hondo Without hold-
ing a public hearing ac
required by Article 7244c.
V.T.C.S. That rate is as
follows: $0,17 per $100 valu-
ation "
The proposed rate would
run 50 cents per $100 on a
100 percent valuation. This
is a change of 75 cents per
$100 on a 80 percent valu-
Council voted on the in-
crease back on May 13 and
has kept that vote. Voting
for the proposal at that time
were Kenneth Bendele. G. P
Chapman. William "Gizmo"
Freeman and Nancy Fridle
Absent and not voting was
then Mayor Pro-Tern Reno
V'. Stanga. who is now
deceased. City Council de-
xciried to maintain that vote
and run the information that
way in the advertisement
they are required to run bv
law That ad can be found in
this issue of the Hondo Anvil
An increase of 272 percent
in the tax rate will raise an
estimated$236.02() from ad
valorem taxes. That will be
just part of the $2,954,738
budget set up to run the City
through May 31. H8i. ,
Sometime ■ between now
and early 1981 the Council
will have to sit down and
adjust the budget to take
care of the final six months
of the year since beginning
January 1,1981 it will go on
a calendar y ear for its fiscal
Once ‘he December public
hearing is over the Council
will have to call a special
meeting to officially set the
Persons interested in
joining the newly formed
Optimist Club in Hondo can
do so and still lie charter
members .according to presi-
dent Don Schur
Schur said the club now
has 24 paid members and
"would like to have more ”
He also announced plans
for a Christmas party on
December to
Optimists nibet at Her
mann Sons Steak house at
7:30 every Wednesday for
their meal and then at 8:30
p.m. they hold their regular
Santa Claus on his way here
It’s Santa Claus visiting
timy. come Saturday morn
mg m Hondo
Santa Claus w ill arrive at
the Hondo City Hall about
9:30 a m. Saturday Decc
mber n and w 'll hang around
visiting with all the children
who show up until 12:30 p.m
In addition to meeting
with the youngsters Santa
will bring along plenty ol
candy to give away
business meeting in the Gill
Savings Community Room.
Information on Optimists
released by Schur shows : An
Optimist club is a voluntary
organization of civic-mirnied
men banded together inyhe
modern tradition for pro-
gressive thought ;ind action
m community service. Mem-
bers are drawn from busi-
ness. industry, agriculture
and the professions Com-
munity service is the by-
word. objective anti creed,
recognizing that they must
contribute something to the
life of the community from
which thpy and their families
draw daily benefits
Persons interested in join-
ing the Hondo Optimist can
call Don Schur at 426-3013 or
*» I
Roy (Maklii^Modglitig takes
the oath that fulfilled her
amhit ion to he ;ui .atonies.
Counts Court-at-I ass Joe
Briscoe administered the
oath to Mrs. Modgliug on
Wednesday. November 26.
Husband Roy can be seen in
the background taking in the
precedings. The ness
attorney is a member of the
staff at Meyer & Meyer.
(Photo By Tony Mendoza)
■ ft.-'
* •> J

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