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Bureaucratic gobble-d-gook
Published rtuh Wednesday al 1601 Ave K. Hondo
S7 per year in county. SH.-jO in «utf. $10 om of state
2nd Class Hostile paid at Hondo. Texas 7>v*61
Irritates Mhe
pens another letter
!fll YEAR
School complex
!!<»'(>» . Mav<* M'oody Gla*s-
r no !v>n (/invite. but
hi- love* t/» lilt
»indml* iti the bureaucratic ty \»-
(k la st year gained »nj<
anttntion from curyme except
Pnsjdmt Carter. »hm he penned
As* m*» farrret- "need for swine
letter to the I’r*^
•derit ,
That letter rueit <sj very little
-ffmal attention and now the
Ihi- ijr* Vlavir is in a hassle over the
bureaucratic g'Miftf-gook he has
-•-reived '«r hi- letter to the
I’rnsijir! <*r.--i-rn:r’g III D* ap-
;*trent approval a million dollar
sTMif to Cn:«tal (jiv to drill a ga*
Gijr-srnrk failed to appreciate the
t»< irtters he r«i-;\H| frr«m repo-
se nla lives of two departments. In
fact he a- • aafIv re*en»td the HUIl'flflict P.O Box 9163 San referml'to this office for reply.
Mv hofe- are dying fast that
18 ever one iv e an answer from the
President hirrr-r-lf the Mayor said
M'irday But I it keep trying
Irking Glasvorfc were these two
' Jf4 ? *-fV
Ik-a- Mayor Ola work
Your letter <«n .July 24. 1.97*. to
I're-rioit t arter c'inceminir the
\ <. -id Energy Policy has been
referred to thr- 'iffice frrr response
VC e have made preliminary' inrjuiry
to the Housing and Urban Develop-
me-, ’ I>*partment iHUDl with
respect tot he Crystal Cjtyv T*exa*
pc -ok-m about which you express
concern W e ire forwarding a copy
ol ydur letter to Mr Einnus E
Jotiv. Ana Manager. San Antonio
Antonio. Texas, for further re-
We hav e a*ked \fr Jolly to detiil
fie farts of the Crystal City
-t nation to you We feel certain
that rrore information on these
matters will allay some of your
apparent concerns in regard to the
Federal Government's actions in
this matter
William E Peacock
Intergovernmental Affairs
llepartment of Energy
Deaf Mayor Glasscock:
Your letter of July 24. 1978. to
President Jimmv Carter has been
In their regular Tuesday night
meeting October 10. .the Hondo'
School Ivoard Cast final votes on the
recipient of the contract for the
gy mnasium classroom auditorium
iumpk'v and.decided w hether or not
the school would join the county in
re evaluation program
Century Structure Incorporated
of Diredo has been awanled the
contract to build .heyiew complex
at Hondo High School
Superintendent Kenneth Fl.orv
said the bid was estahishi'd at
SOM,7 to for a calender dav
completion Florv said that hauling
aid other preparation!/' started
Thursday. October 17, so the
complex should be completed bv
(let oIht 1979
Vnurtg the main Hems deleted
from .the onginai proposal .rwhide
the weight r<» >m. and ar.-M
walkway i if trie propo-ed »sx
da* srnoms four * ji fully
conpa-ted ,rxtT this c*n!ract and
two rLa**r*»«rr.* will be puttaSv
0 > mp k- led
■'till under dtscu«M»-r. i* the type
of f! • - ?, •*- purchased for -re
gy rrr.asium ‘■upeT.r.'ereier.- f - ry
cited that th»' . d>tn» t s
1 •■,tim..Rg eff. -*> t. ( la.r
ingirtaiiv rr’-p-w-: rape
I r. -t r *r bycne** t he - ■ —> •, 1
Hoard v> ted t m the r ,r.tv -
rv - -* p-T :-er". - . ** •-'Jr
w — 'err. Appre.sa. *r.u* » rr.pte';r.g
the -.-ter • 'a.. 'her *<'.<•.
-* .- - -. cr'-. * -■
vot.->t t<« do the *ame
“Forgethy ’
an<f wha' fia
spark, shall
ngye on an ar,.
■» up-' though tt
■ jv- »e.gr.:
P- "Car
T****** ke* e*,
the \nv tl Herald Sale* Fis h thatth. ;.r — *
ruqui S-nunar Monday night .it ngrt_ - •* *
Herman sntv> si.-ak Hou*e .ip *
[•■aped to enjoy the line *!i-.ik rSr :-•• -hj-
ifantler and the talk presented y>\ T-n-eii - Vi* -•>
I mis and Margaret ( apone
I smeerelv Foipr thev did ,md
Minor \\.«nl\ (ila*-ei»k i*
taking pen in hand and riling
the IYesiden! He is upset- liv
I Hi reaUerntn response to hi* letter
oluecting to the initial approval
In 111 I ►. o| a grant tor Crvstal
( its to drill its own gas well
RIGHT fUERE” the football
throw is bv Owl Quarterback Chartic
Vr» <e- i<- ms! about to settle into
the waiting hand* of James Goo
ak* »kj 'aught a 6 vard pa** for
Hondo score against Pearsall last
Irxfis nghl Maverick defender
Randv t.raf 92; has hi* eye* on
th» hall a* he hope* to get there
before Gon/ale* The Ou I* w hipped
P*»fval 24 7 and wfll travel to
( rv*tal <lty Eridav night \rtiofi
ph'Ho Os Terrv Teague »
1 busrr.e*- firm * of Hcmdo
« :r« it. :h*- altv and pr—r
ag* *.ha*. you have shown over thc-
•raw- von
Director ballots in mail
Hi . ' f- e fciur rtess Uhamfier of
*--err*- B'Hrd D^-ectCfr* ’it
•--p ^ - e* » - ■ •*♦- te-rr- expir*-* • -.
*• - - feet have brer writ tp
I of Commerce mefTifets
r : “«t *» retum.ei: k -,<:ay
♦ * -r ^
■ T ftmr candtdaU - whr> rnent
*.** "■ft -cto. will hie installed a*
d the Hoard ! I).re<*•-
c fs- ,i-~. at the annual
:p flies-Ur.g
i % eajx
f hev
lateci ft - board (w*
W'*U»Y I I Fi s \*y
iilso-thiit he i* attempting to
1 gt-f .ill the mavor* nt citu-s m
tin \\(X)( itstnailer town*
iXtualfvl together so (flat thev
<ati workjointly in applying for
,ui\ tyji- of ftsieral moms t"r
which *mull cities might be
najiv ;i--’i>-rr,* tne-.
COM. \HK\|! Wl K \/f \
who represent.* t fie eastern
luilf id \bxiina Countv receive*
m\ applause for courage in his
vote against the energy bill
|«tssed m such a flurry over the
weekend bv Congress
Kll/ell Slid" al'niut the bill
"Since the Federal Energy
Regulatory Commission foresee*
!«• significant ga* shortage* thi*
year. I believe that the Congress
could take more time and prepare
Ix'ttiT legislation I doubt that the
iroposals will benefit the nation I
know they will mean higher utilitv
lulls for Texas consumers, great
expense to independent producers
and to the Texas Railroad Com
missiory in meeting regulatory
t.. Cem ti. ------- -.a. jg-.
ga* u**-r*
rh»-r** were th*.**- »h* *a.<;
that the add**: n-gulatorv c—t* %
Texan* would r-*an «urh add
itonai n*v-»J* for *tafe r- enuc—
that there wa* a p***».b:..*v T-\j-
wiubf have u> ad<pt an :n* -rr.e
la x (ertain'y the Rai'na-: < rr
mtssmn *-J r.e*-d 'major *taff
iriorease* to er,!<>rt e r»-gu:at. -
mandated by federal k-gislatHjr.
Fh»-re you ve hail it folk* :he
damn YarAee* have taken u*
■igam’ But there might fw a »av
.iriAind it let * ail apply f.* a .
ftsk -al gra-t anddnliour* »r ga*
well I rrl *ijre Moody «iil help it*
write a letter
requirements, and offer no nr<>
City Retains
oted Lawyer
TY - * Sty <4 Hondo ha* retained
• tr. ■- iwver .fire Branton
*• - **-- Yntore* to defend them
v-- ■ • -» charge* . ;Fr Hondo
*. - i H 1' ¥
’ • . <*■*-, ( ourx ii voted Tue*ciay
*► - r.*r u retain Brantor, a
.- •*-»: triai -f>e« .jii-t lie will
>*--d the city agam*t a suit
■r ..g- * ov Hopd" Naluma: Bank
( -saTman of the B<ord. VV illiarr.
’Vctot, which state* that the city
- - -*d ta\e* not due from the
-o * durirg finor vear*
i»i Yttcmey Clyde Haak ha*
■»« ' ' rg on fw-F.aif of the cZy
r ; ' 4 • -d ,ar an-wer %. the *uit
' -ght b_. the tiank Haak advi-e.:
the unciJ *o retain a *peciah*t
H- e j -v h' *. Board ha* aireadv
-e -.ai r an Vu*tin firm, wh*
-f*ec-.a, jn' tax r,.**-* to defend
them agjsffist a *imular «uit brought
**v ! be ba nk
'or,- are F.rne*t Corter of f.r.trx
lr- Alier Duke* of Eastern Seed
< Stuart Frar.ke c>f Me-
<iria Agneuilitre Products; Arnold
Gua a-do 'if City Police. Jim
Hay**- if Have* Welding Service
r - Meiior of f)e Mcmtel's Inc
3 "* . kt Here/ V!orugnmery
"•*. -d (iinr. Kiff Yetennariar.
IMdise Kk»s of I/mgy iew Ranch
I -a de* Rothe of Charles Rothe A
\ssce iate* \lfiee- Rowierte of
\rr»--.i an fienerai Lufe Insurance
c f Dianne M olff of Quality Title
Tr» director* w nose terms ex-
:*-e* an- Bill Butler Bdi Hare
I —, Burton. John Melton ifiiling
it f.e.cge Bruck * term! fiire*-.
r* o naming an- Kenneth Be-,
•S>-'- Henry M»-y*r Mary Laugh-,
nghr-u-e Nancy ” Erndie Jim
T-c-ey fioFi Peder. '*teiLa Rothe
Ramon Rachel Burr.:* I arm rent*
Kicai! Mi-rchant Kep-.-*er:tative.
be pnine to criticize our use ol
football pictures on the front
(wge, ami espivlallv in large *i/e. I
would have to say : it wop t do anv
good In fact it just might go m
one eur and out the other as the
old saying goes
Although 1 try hard to not let
him know it, 1 take great pride in
some of the.action shots snapped
bv Terrv T«agoe--n <i»Cf<*Hbau
The piitur*- we am if.ng tru-
wvek on the front page t* one of
the f»-*t arti'in *hot I have *eert’ ttrS*
a long time It put* the reader nght
there in the middle of the play and
show* the fine reaction of the
ihot ogran her
18. i*» Turn to Page 2
\b*ente* Balloting
vising ciegins lodav
nlV-do d.!-. ;• ••' will i ontmue
•..* *r»ugh \ .-r *»r i for the
<.*» •-! f >■«- -.r Ba .ot* -w.iv be
4i<a -led fn mail or m [ier*-r at the
»* • r C vn (Jerk Cortr... Koch
r * •* —»!-«•.-.a t-.ur'v i • ijrfH<■ i*e
r '• *r»do
Tommv Boehme «4 ( artrovilie1
-■a* **s-n -*-io ’»■*} new director for
• M-dir.a \ alley **• ul arid Mate-
<. - *ervati'ir. Ih«tnct
He repre*»-nL* Ziin*- 7 and r*
j -i • .* Clarence M urzbacF of K.o
Mechna who had -*-rv*d in mat
:•-* ,Uon for 20 year* M urz-na h did
not si-ek re election
IViehme wa* wlerted during the
• t-'t'irt * annual tour R-id Medne*
*Say October t The featured
speaker f'r the n'g.n barbecue wa*
IV* Matthew* of the k»c:-
Underground Mater L>i*f,ret
Report Due
The Hondo City Ucunci i*
to recuve a repeat tnir
the IH^iartment of Sanitation chief.
R'n Ie»ng at their next meeting rm
■he rev i* ion of gartiage rates for
• al pick 'Jf*
Tfe city claim* to be !o*srg
v •» -t y .-ar on gartiage and tra*h,
4 lection*
F ven so at the last council
v* • mg the members voted to
jfipr*<\ e the purchase of a new tank
top f-r a garbage true k The low bid
»a* for »7.9oo by the PAC VIOR
Company of San Antonio
•- helping them make this the best
' <r p ng district in this area They
-an e desgnated this week as
M EEK ' m your honor
A;: business are tangibly show-
rg ' -x-ir e*teem for you. They
wek'/me your visit so that they
~s:% *ay Thank you
Read this week * special section
r va jes and services available
bere Don't fail to visit all of them
V - a pleasurable experience
H'zndo has everything to offer to
". 511 your every need There are
-ore different business firms in
ifor.dpthan there are in the average
ercipprig center f
Read about them in the Anvil
Herald every week
Every firtr i* interested irt you.
ie-*or alh
•see yourg-sid neighbor business
nan or me;*hunt this week He
I^kes you
M'estem Auto. Lvdja s Apparel,
^tate Farm Insurance: Mont-
g -nery M ard * Jone* Shoe Store.
Whites Home ana Auto. Hondo
Ford Leinwe her Department
Store DeMontel Furniture.
f>tlor.v » Jewdrv H E.B : The
Ranch Store. Tfe Villa Fashion
House Mary s Dress Shoppe: Pat
Walkers Figure Salon Credit
Bureau Service
Also Moehnng s I rue Value
Hardware. Jack Winkler Motors;
Shirley s House of Beauty Hondo
National Bank Thermocon Insul-
*son fTountry Mart. Peden Rexali
Drug AAR Electric: Hermann
Si*?* Steak House Dorothy's
Hr»*r Shop Mr C Auto Parts;
I>rug Shoppy Sears Butler Pharm-
acy Huesser Tire Company: Sonic
fJme In
Cast your
ballot for
best clerk
Hav. you voted for your favorite
rt»Tk vet’’
Then yriu an- bi-bind in showing
afipror lation to th*- employee or
-t'*e manager who give* you what
, «u oi -*ider the best service
send 01 yrnir *<- list ion on the
-pe< ta! firm in the ( astomer
Vrifoei latnin Meek promotion
Just mail it in and when the votes
;r* ai! fx^jntid three lucky clerks
» *pbt up some And in gift
■ eft ifioa • es : \
The City of Crystal City has
determined to be eligible to submit
an application for an Urban De-
velopment Action Grant based on
its meeting the criteria for age of
housing per capita income, pop-
ulation lag. and poverty.
The aprJication review has been
completed by this office, and
recommendations have been sub-
mitted to our Central Office where
the funding decision will be made.
Please let us know if we can be of
further assistance.
Sincerely. ”
Emm* E Jolly
k-eceiving these answers,
Classc<3(^ saw "red” over the
Crystal Crty affair and once again
«t himslef down to take another
stab at ‘‘tilting the White House
Tuesday he mailed this letter to
the FYesident:
Dear Mr. President:
In 1976 as a candidate of the
Presidency, you campaigned on a
broad-ranging platform that, a-
mong other things, asked for the
public's trust, pledged a return of
respect for our federal government,
and asserted that, as you had done
as Governor of Georgia, you would
streamline the bureaucracy.
I have supported much of your
Administration, particularly vour
notable successes in foreign affairs,
and have been vocally critical of
what I perceived to be those
aspects in which you have fallen
On July 19.1978, as Mayor of the
City of Hondo, Texas I wrote to
you and expressed concern over the
application, and preliminary ap-
proval of. a grant by H.U.D. to the
City of Crystal City, Texas for
8968JXKJ.00 to explore for a gas well
to meet its needs. Along with
virtually all of mv constituents,
who are. your constituents, as well,
! considered this to be a flagrant
and unsupportable example ol
governmental interference with the
free enterprise system and asked
lor an explanation and justification
for the actions of H U D.
Over two months later, Septem-
ber 30. 1978 I received a letter, not
from the Executive Office of the
President, and not even from
H.U D but. moreover from your
expensive new Department of
Energy saying that my letter had
Fjeen referred to them for an answer.
Mr President, let's stop right
therefor a moment First, whenever
it takes the Federal Government
mw two months to acknowledge
correspondence from %ny citizen,
leave alone an elected official, I
wrxild submit that you have failed
to streamline anything and may
have, in fact, succeeded in making
our policy'-making officials and
elected leaders in Washington even
more remote than under previous
Secondly, the torturious path
that leads one from the Office of the
President, to whom a letter is
addressed, to the Department of
Hriusing and Urban Affairs, who is
the subject of the letter, to the
f)epartment of Energy, who re-
sponds to the letter, is a maze that
mg even the Cheshire Cat of Alice
in Wonderland could explain. Un-
fortunately. it doesn't end there.
The DOE. in responding to my
letter over the signature of Mr.
Milliam E Peacock, simply stated
tha* they were referring the letter
to yrt another bureaucracy for the
purpose of ‘ aUay(ing) my apparent
concerns "
On October 9.1978 Mr. Finnis E.
Jolly, the Area Manager of H.U.D.
in San Antonio masterfully at-
tempted to allav my concerns by
Please Turn to P»g« 2
FOR WHITE...Linda Gal- Whit*
was in Hondo Tueaday campaign-
ing hard for her husband, Mark
White who is the Democratic
candidate for Attorney General of
Texas Mrs.White is shown here
with Medina County Attorney
Hunter Sehuehle who heads up
WTiite's campaign in this county.
(Photo by Tony Mendoza]

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