The Bartlett Tribune and News (Bartlett, Tex.), Vol. 83, No. 33, Ed. 1, Thursday, June 11, 1970 Page: 1 of 8

. 'Wi&Y)'-
' '
BARTLETT TEXAS Thursday Juno 11 1970
NO. 33
IB Gi a . tU TO Ef f r. V 1
1 KlBUINfc
Doyle McGlothlin received a
post card this week from a
friend in California. It was ad-
dressed to Doyle in care of the
Government Rest Home. Guy
Jackson is visiting in that part
of the country bet he sent the
Leona (Mrs. Elmer) Cryeyr
searched for one of her white
gloves as we sat in church Sun-
day. As we left the church I
asked if she found her glove3
and she answered "Yes I was
wearing it."
We notice that two teenagers
"Carole and Donna Clearman '
have opened a secondhand shop
on Clark Street next to the
Smart Shop. You should drop
by and see the unique shop and
the business-like attitude thoy
Someone asked us during the
week-end if we had tried Eddy
Goodnight's "4 Gold Star Inn."
Should have been more obser-
vant last week when we wrote
about his modern no-door honky
More painting is being done
this week as an outgrowth of
the Beautification Committees
efforts. The double building of
Mr. and Mrs. William Cox on
Clark Street is getting a new
paint job this week. Others
sporting fresh paint aro: Bart-
lett Electric Cooperative Sin-
clair Service Station Goodnight
buildings occupied by Terry
Norman and George Hadad on
Evie Street the Gersbach build-
ing. Five other business houses
will be pained very soon. There
are about fourteen other busi-
ness fronts which are in dire
need of improvements.
It seems that old spirit of co-
operation among the civic mind-
ed citizens is still alive in Bart-
lett. We understand that James
Wilson Burns is receiving treat-
ments in Houston. Let's shower
him with cards address: M. D.
Anderson Room 512 East 6723
Bertner Houston Texas 77025.
Remember there is an open
meeting of the city council on
Monday June 22nd.
We are indebted to Gaylord
Sutherland for this item which
appeared in the Bell County
Farm Bureau Voice. It's title
is "Barnyard Fable Tells Story
of Modern Life".
Once upon a time there was
a little red hen who scratched
about and uncovered some
grains of wheat.
And she called her barnyard
-neighbdrs together and said
"If we work together and plant
this wheat we'll have some fine
"bread to eat. Who will help me
plant the wheat?"
"Not I" said the cow.
"Not I" said the horse.
"Not I" said the sheep.
"Then I guess I will" said
the little red hen and she did.
Well after the wheat started
growing the ground turned dry
and there was no rain in sight.
"Who will help me water the
wheat?" asked the little red
"Not I" said the cow.
"Not I" said the horse.
"Not I" said the pig.
"Equal rights" said the
"Then I will" said the little
red hen and she did.
She watered the grain and
the wheat grew tall and ripened
(Continued on Pago 5)
' " Tt
iicaciiLcu xwu
From Bartlett
Two from Bartlett were
among those receiving awards
at the annual meeting of the
Bell County Chapter National
Foundation - March of Dimes
held at the Holiday Inn in Tem-
ple Tuesday night.
Mrs. E. E. Cryer and Robert
Ford received certificates and
pins for ten years of voluntary
service. Mrs. Crver has served
as local campaign chairman and
Ford's award was for publicity
in connection with these cam-
paigns. Other volunteer awards went
to Thomas Yarrell of Belton
and Mrs. W. W. Unberhagen of
Little River. Both were 5 year
A plaque awarded for an out-
standing MOD campaign went
to Robert L. Mays of Templo
county campaign chairman.
Awards to board members
all of Temple were: J. E. Swan
Jr. 25 year pin and certificate;
Keifer MarshaU Jr. 20 year pin
and certificate; James LeFan
15 year pin and certificate; and
P. L. Stanley 5 year pin and
Reports were made by Mrs.
James E. Swink Health Careers
Awards; Robert L. Mayes
Miles for Children Walk; and
Dr. Thomas C. Denson of the
Medical Advisory Committee
Patient Services and Rubella
Immunization Program.
P. L. Stanley presented the
awards to Mays and Marshall
and Marshall chairman of the
organization presented the oth-
er awards.
J. E. Swan Jr. brought the
treasurer's report and present-
ed the 1970-71 budget.
Campaign receipts last year
were $23282.16 and interest
and other receipts plus a bal-
ance on hand brought the total
available to ?32951.83. Dis-
bursements were $23105.77
leaving a balance of $9746.06
for operation of county services
until the next campaign.
Disbursements included: re-
search support public health
education professional health
education community services
patient services management
and general fund raising na-
tional programs and awards for
Dr. R. E. Clearman of Bart-
lett is a member of the board
of directors of the county unit
and was present at the meeting
with Ford and Mrs. Cryer.
Nephew Of Local
1 Resident Killed
In Auto Mishap
Funeral services for Paul
Street 21 of Belton ne-
phew of Pete Street of Bartlett
were conducted at 3 p.m. Sun-
day at St. Mary's Catholic
Church in Temnle with Rev. Ar
thur Michalka officiating. Bur-
ial with military honors was in
Bellwoorl Memorial Park.
Street along with a Belton
teenage girl was killed early
Friday when an automobile and
cattle truck collided in the 5700
block of South General Bruce
Drive in Temple.
Five other teenagers were in-
jured in .the crash.
I Surviving aro his parents
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Street of
Belton; two sisters Mrs. Jo
Branom of Waco and Miss
Becky Street of Belton; two
brothers Charles Street of Dal-
las and Phil Street of Belton;
and his grandmother Mrs.
Alice Jackson of Temple.
Summer Fre-Sckool
Program Underway
Summer pre-school program
in the Bartlett School got un-
derway Monday and will con-
tinue for six weeks. Monday
through Friday from 8 :30 to
ii .du a. m. tor children who
will bo entering tho first grade
this September. i
The program is being con-
ducted by Mrs. Bob Ford and
Mrs. Louise Birklebach assist-
ed by Mrs. Thomas McBay.
Various tours are planned
Sn lJZi'? choIcrs u8
o fL .? UCh a? a8it t0
fa find S;P03b0fflCC'
pJo ihoolIS ?S;
Kathy LvnS Whit MS? S
m?se Mathis Garv ?SSSSm
vS JuT E?Ward MnUrSay' KC-
SrlLi'? Rodnquez
Mary ICasir Paul S
cha Laura Jean Karl James nniulinq """"".an Legion provides the type of
Kevin Williams Mary Ellen surviving are n dauehter ' Proram where the young citi-
Cook James Michael Williams burviYim? ar.c daughter zen ha3 the opportun ty to earn
Shelley Gail Marshall KathrTn Thibodea thresons 'for.him3ef that hla government
Ann Mertz Joseph Zbranek. lnideaux La- tnree 30n3'.is just what he makes it. The
Robert Rubin C?athers Jr. Le3he Ba? Baey DoUK: boy "learns to do by doing.''
William H. Whitlow Charles lafVn? .Harna?n. DuTglaa Highlight of Boys State will
Junior Smith Donn'ell Cra h- &BK!& ViL' ?; be a triP to the Capitol on Fri-
ers Sophia Cortez Carol Sar- lah ?chut5 J.f Granger; four d morni wher(J each eIected
tor Carolyn Marek Victor Ma-
rek Jr. Dennis Wayne Marion
Pnnln nnwonn tw ri '
I II1I1.
Taylor and Stevie Ann Scott.
VBS Begins Monday
At Baptist Church
Vacation Bihlo Rhnnl in
SMS? SSHhT JS'Mdvin Goodnight
will continue through Friday Melvin Goodnight 42. owner
June lutn with commence-
ment exercises planned for Fri -
dnv Tilfrh-
o i. t
ounooi nours win be from
8:30 to 11 a. m. for Becinnera
and Primaries and from 8:30
J0.11 :80 a. m. for Juniors and
All youths of any denomina-
tion are invited to at-
Tho tvm
Ihe Bible will be taught
handwork will be made and rn-
freshmonts will be served each
School Board
Meets In Busy
Session Monday
School Board mpmhnra nf HllmfVi nf Wnllnn1. fnni. aiofwo I
Bartlett Independent School1
District met Monday night for:
tlieir regular monthlv moMncr
withall board members present.
The bid of J. O. Buaas & Sons
ot Austin was accepted for re-
roofing the elementary building
and repair of the intermediate
T A 1 . . ..
.."""" iBmDers accepted the
p of Hubers Air Conditioning
u . of Temple on converting to
air-cooled condenser in the air -
conditioning unit at high school.
An amendment to the 1970-
a school calendar was approv-
un oy tne ooard members al-
luwmg two extra clays in the
event of bad weather forcing
closing of school in the winter
Approval was given to use a
nsultant service for thn Titln
I project if the cost is not pro -
hibitive and no local funds
Floyd Hill. Russell Whitmore.
and C. W. Dillard were hired as
custodians for next year.
liUS drivers hired am R. E.
Bunker V. C. Marshall Preston
Whitmore Bernard Steglich
Floyd Hill and Russell Whit-
Pictures of the board mem -
jbers were made for the school ed by interview and tests ad- and Mrs. Ronnie Tabor Mich-
yearbook. i ministered by school personnel. ' eal and Karen.
Services Conducted
Here Saturday For
rrn t n i
AUUJllcw J. JLJUUlclo
Thomas J. Douclas. 80.
Bartlett died Thursday after-
noon in a Temple hospital after
a short illness.
Funeral services were con -
ducted at 3 p.m. Saturday in the
First Baptist Church of Bart-
lett with the Rev. Doyle Dar-
win officiating. Burial was in
thn Hnllnnd Hnmntnrv.
Mr. Douglas was born Aug-
U3t 6' 1889 in Qulnton Cunty
0hi0 He came t0 Texa3 at an
earJy age anl 3ettlcds in
Schwcner Community. He
"?! yar3' Se S8? member
SSSn f ofemral Te. He '
wag preceded n dcth by hls
SJ !& S iJ"!
K S n " n- u t .
Pallbearers were Creth Lew-
- j-m n 4 n -r
3i James L-rews lid I'acna ie-
. roy &Wert-Sef' Lynn Br0Ck
lMUU wiiAtuii aj
Tractor Mishap
Claims Life Of
and operator of Holland Drug
Co. for 20 years was killed
li i o.on . n-i...i i
!uouu j;ou p. m. ouiuniav wneu
a tractor overturned and pin- j
ned him beneath it on his farm'
n milo south nf Holland.
Funeral services were con- Merchants will tangle in Tay-
ducted at 2 p. m. Monday at the L0ttoV1ipTht in a key Tayor
St. John Lutheran Church with SoamLeaSue Kamo.
Rev. Robert Thronson officiat-' The Taylor Merchants are
'B. Burial was in the Holland.4-0 in league play and the
' Cemetery J Brave are 2-2. Game time will
nninCif Kn ni 7:30 p. m. at the softball
led in Holland. He was a member
of the St. John Lutheran
Phiii-Mi wVmro Tin lin oorva! nn
the church council. He was mar -
ried to the former Estelle Kourt
I of Holland.
surviving are his wire: a
daughter Sharon Goodnight of
Holland; two sons Larry Good-
Mrs. David Waler of High
Point N. C Mrs. Roy Ragsdale
nf Rolfnn ATra TTnhorf Mntf nf
Valley Mills and Mrs. Caroline
Simmons of Temple; three
brothers Edward R. Goodnight
of Bartlett Dr. C. D. Goodnight
and Wayne Godnight both of
TTnllnrl nnrl ninnna nnrl
!""" "'" """"" .VW ..M
nephews. He was preceded in
death by his parents Mr. and!
Mrs. Owen Goodnight Sr. and
1 a brother Owen Goodnight Jr.
' Pallbearers were Gene Liles '
Paul Reed Carl Klotz Charlie
Baker Charlie Starke and Gene !
B. Mewhinney Jr.
i f ' 1 .
' lUIldergarteil
PuDlls M'USt
'Pofrictav lVir
Sunt- P. ft T.inrlanv umnlfl
Hlfn fn nrri nnvnnn liuinr in
tho Bartlett Independent School'
District who has a child who!
mnv hn litrihlo fm- HnrWn-r..f-
en in September to contact the
' school office immediately so ar-
rangements for these pupils
may be made before July 1. I
1 Eligibility must bo establish-
Local Boys State
Delegate In Austin
' The thirtieth annual Americ-
an Legion Boys State snonsored
by the Department of Texas1
and held on the Campus of the
University of Texas got under
way Saturday as 785 high
'school boys from all parts of
Texas and two from Mexico
began registration Henry H.
Hill Department Commander
Franklin Lee Fischer of Rt. 1.
5a nffnnrlJn fmm TWMnff nl
s sponsored by the local Am-1
erican Legion Post. I
Following registration each
citizen was assigned to one of
two political parties the Na-
tionalist or Federalist. Each'
citizen then functions as a
convSnt aesTn its pt '
Jnvention3 and votes n lts Pn"(
T State The Americ'
!Bys State Official will be giv
en an opportunity to serve in
4 Ull UUljui LUlllbV IU GUI VC 114
t5a vnnnf5 ... i
followed by the Governor's Ball
I KYirinv nvnnincr
Boys State enrollment this
year brings the total to 14939
junior high school boys who
have attended since 1940 when
Boys Staii was first inaugur-
ated in Texas.
Bartlett Braves
T rl Mk.i.
1 aVlOl IrierCiiantS
1 ailffle 1 Olllffllt
:?.. )
' Bartlett Braves and Tavlor
field Just off the Thra igh-
I waI
.u VeuVK Will DC On
Dan Sebek will be
. hl" foj: the Braves.
.?o far in leag ue play the
lUinvua iiuvo ueiuaiea tne
Granger Outlaws 6-1 defeated
m.i " rj j; I ' :
?$ BrJJ
J fflg to3S&:
chants 1-0 in 9 innings.
r i Wi Tm
Llltlierail Llllircll lo
HnM PlPniP nnrloxr f
O01Q riWnC OimUay
I A congregational nicnic will I
be held Sunday June 14th for i
members of the St. John Luth-J
ninri linirtVi n4- 4-r "DnnAnynan t
in Holland beginning at 2 p.m.
The evening meal will be served
between 6:30 and 7 p.m.
There will be entertainment
of games singing and swimm-
ing during the afternoon.
All members are asked to
I bring a covered dish and those
having folding chairs and card
' tables are asked to please bring
J them. The barbecue bread
drinks and utensils will be fur-
Jnished by the church.
A Public Hearimr will be
II 11 - -- T-foll PHip t !..(-
5- T.n OO mw rr.on w
for ' the purpose o'f adopting
1970-71 Budiret.
Frances Zigalo
City Secretary
Mrs. Ed Machalicek is visit-
ing in Houston this week with
hnr rlnmrVifni. nnrl fnmllv Mr.
Chance Elected
County Judge
Williamson County
C. L. (Luther Chnnnn. n
Georgetown Attorney was
elected Williamson County
judge Saturday in a runoff
election with A. J. Zvonek a
Taylor businessman.
Chance polled 2499 votes
compared to 1521 for Zvonek.
County Judge Sam Stone
who has held the post for 3G
years and was tax collector for
12 years prior to becoming:
judge decided against another
Three men filed for the poBt
in the primary and none got a
majority. The vote in the pri-
mary was 2884 for Chance 1-
896 for Zvonek and 1599 for
Carl Doering of Georgetown.
Chance a native of William
son County has nracticed law
for 34 years. He was a highway
patrolman when he was admit-
ted to the bar. Chance has also
worked as a youth counselor.
In local voting Saturday
Zvonek got 48 votes while
Chance received 43 votes from.
Williamson County voters in.
ried Sox
Down Holland
Liens Hornets
Bartlett Red Sox came from
behind Thursday night to de-
feat the Holland Lions 12-1 lr
in the first game of the season.
The winning pitcner was
Donny Darwin. The losing pit-
cher for the Lions was Pruott.
In Tuesday nights game the
Red 'Sox defeated the Holland
Hornets by a score of 26-4.
Winning pitcher was Tommy
Strmiska. The losing pitcher
was Barabas.
Leading hitters for both
games were Pat Spinn and Don-
ny Darwin.
The Red Sox will play the
Granger Green Caps in Gran-
ger tonight (Thursday).
Managers for the Red Sox
are Edward Lindemann and
Tommy Krueger.
Cards Split Two
With Granger
Tri-City Teams
The Bartlett Cardinals split
two games with Granger dur-
ing the first week of Tri-City
League play.
Last Thursday night the
Cardinals defeated the Gran-
ger Green Caps 10-8. Winning
pitcher for the Cardinals waa
Walker. L. V. Anderson led
the Cardinals at the plate.
Tuesday night the Cardi-
nals were defeated by the
Granger Red Caps 11-10. Los-
ing pitcher was L. V. Ander-
son. Jimmy McVade led the
Cardinals at the plate.
Tonight the Cardinals will
play host to the Holland Horn-
ets. Managrs for the Cardinals
aro Bob Burns Bob Ford and
Rev. Larry Sullivan.
Tho name of Kitty Bunker
has been added to the honor
roll students of the eighth
grade for the last six weeks.
Due to illness her exams were
given at a later date.
I Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clampitt
of New Orleans have been:
spending a week's vacation here
with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Daude.

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