The Llano News (Llano, Tex.), Vol. 70, No. 7, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 15, 1959 Page: 4 of 8

ESA Sorority Plans culture ciub see.
1959 Mothers’ March
Film* on Alaska and Canada
The 1999
Newt From
•y Mr*. Damon Wyjkoff
Newt From
By Mrs. Thelma Thler*
Mother*' March ««e tbown and narrated
Bgainat polio was diacusaed by *fr woman's Culture Nr*. Andrew Alexander and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Rati IN and,
members of the Epsilon Sigma Mrs Melvia Neal entertained the daughter Judy of San Antonio
MM .£SL E Mr‘
“The march wM ^ conducted which she raise, as a hobby She ^C,Uid", JJ* *nd Mr‘: °*wrT jj"
on Friday night. January 30. and sa.d she began with one specimen “d '"J" * , MrJ «h,“ren- ?e*,lyn *
will beg.n at 6 o'clock, an hour a few years ago. and now has 75 P°,nt(d FFF ™ afrman Mrs 5f*dy- *"? “r *"d
earlier than ,n the oast Mrs O O. Henderson presided * E clwirmi»n.JMr.. Th,ers and daughter_Kathy _of
Sorority members also planned at the business, and Mrs
the district ESA meeting to be Williams was hostess
lhcld it the C ulture Club Building pui» Wmtitf ^*ivil defense Mrs *»»••”•» ",l® mi** fcV%tl
on Sunday. January 25 Hostesses at the Thursday . " I children, Judy, Tommy and
William Wade, finance; Mrs. O.
K Alexander, recreation; Mrs H.
C Willis, good neighbors; Miss
Llano visited Mmes Gladys Box
and Thelma Thiers Sunday
Brother and Mrs. Richard Lock
«»««m? •* v-DmM FZZLrzT'-'XLZ, i ^
a discussion on diction
and Mrs Henry Buttery Jr
J ohn Mansville
Asbestos Siding
Asbestos Siding on your house stops
future Paint jobs.
Smith & McCullough
; dimoris.rator; and M,. Mlk. S', *^1?“^
liraL'tf, foods denaonstrator. ■■ , 4 * ’ , 11 .
.. *• . . • - Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and
Miss Frances Meek dave . di* j gteff€J
cussion on “Planning Special
Mmas Zek* Bowan, Clinton
Harlow, Mary Keys, and Mae Cow-
an visited Mr and Mrs. John Gra-
ham last week
Mr. and Mrs. Gainst Maxwell of
Year End Clearance
All Fall and Winter Merchandise
One Group Ladies Dresses $5.99
Broken Sires But Your Sire May be in This Group
One Group Junior and Regular Dress 8.95
Same Spring numbers included, good range of sues
One Group up to $22.50 $10.00
Reg. Palmer, half and petite sizes 1-3 off
All Fownes Gloves $1.95 now $1.59
A few good Childrens* Coats
Drastically Reduced
Rack of Childrens Dresses Grouped Below
Cost. Sizes 1—6x
All Ladies and Childrens Sportswear
25% Off
Boys Robes 4—12 only $2.95
10% off on all Leather Coats & Jackets
Many Other Close Out Bargains
Phone 179
Collection Fall & Winter Hats
UP TO $8.95
Diets” for weight control, colds,
and diabetics. The next dub meet
ing will be on Thursday, February
5, at the home of Mrs O. K. Alex-
ander Refreshments were served j
by the hostesses Buchanan Dam, and Mr. and Mrs
,, , _ . Glen Johanson were guests of Mr
Clara Ja Ramsay it report ad to . .
. . „ . . . i ,u____ and Mrs Moore Johanson Sunday
be in a Burnet hospital with scar- u_. _ ___,__,
'V’Twinto Jr D,rreM- anl1 Mden. Mt. and Mr.’
.do t’k/ad .Uh hiaTar » W"d
. bb a *•_„ ii n ix/fiii. Mrs Joe Ratliff and Alberteen,
Q and Will Templeton visited Mrs.
hcnlor . _ ^ Salley Templeton and Will Ray
Mr. and Mr*. Andrew Alexander Sunday
entertained with a “42” party Fri ‘ Th. e|ub m#t at fh# hom#
day night Those enjoying the ()f Logan Templeton Monday
games and refreshments were Mr nj^ht
and Mrs John Gabbart, Mr and Mr, Edd HyaM vitjt.d Mmes.
Mrs Earl Clendennen, Mr. and r;iarlys Box and Thelma Thiers
Mrs Damon Wyckoff, Mrs T D Tuesday
Gray, Allie Hallmark and Tom Mrs Loyd Be„ and ehi|dr*n,
Met ormick Ranee and Cheryl of San Antonio j
Mr. and Mr*. Allen Johnson, vjsited her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mr and Mrs Dutch Swenson, Mr b,(l,js Templeton, last weekend,
and Mrs Jasper Hardin, and Mr Tfle children remained for a long
and Mrs Milam Barnett were sup- or vjsit
per guests of the Damon Wyc___
koffs Wednesday night.
Mrs J A. Meek of Irvington, Mpw. FVrtm
N M , and Mrs J A Hill of Kern
pner visited Mrs O. K Alexan-
der last weekend. Mrs. Hill re-
mained for a longer visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCormick,
Mr and Mrs Jay McCormick and
Sherry, Mr and Mrs W. J Mc-
Cormick, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Alexander and Jerry, and Mrs. O.
Hospital Notes
Admittance* Jimmy 7-14
Mrs. J. R. Herridge, Kenneth
Kelso, Mr*. Lewi* Gage, Mrs. J.
J Herridge, Mra. D. I* Ricket-
son, Mra. Lottie Haxice, Mrs. Joe
Surratt, O. D. Hyndman, Mrs. W.
J Spinks. R. C. Green, Becky
Monroe, A. W. Ahrens, John W.
Thomas, Marvin Land, Dee Rog-
ers. Mrs. Jack Hardison, and W.
A. Herridge.
Dismisaals January 7*14
William Smith, Mrs J. R. Her-
ridge, Kay Bode, Mrs. J. R. Moss,
Kenneth Kelso. Mrs. Lewis Gage
and daughter, Mrs M Q. Tribble
and son, G. W. Kopp, Mrs , lr~
Surratt, Mrs D L. Ricketson and
daughter, O. D. Hyndman, Mrs.
Lottie Havice, Mrs Crawford
Winford Simpson and daughter,
John W Thomas, Cheryl Thomp
son, and Mrs. W. J. Spinks.
Mr. and Mra. Lewis Gage are
the parents of a daughter, Mar-
tha Ann, born at the Llano Mem-
orial Hospital on January 8.
A son, Bradley Quinn, was
born to Mr. and Mrs. M. Q. Trib-
ble on January' 8.
George Fraser of Llano, fresh
man student at Texas Tech in
Lubbock, has earned an “expert”
marksmanship award. Small bore
marksmanship awards were pre-
sented to qualifying members of
the Army ROTC unit at Texas
Wynell West presided at the
Senior 4-H club meeting held in
the Old Gym last Monday night.
Mr Arnsler discussed the live-
stock show and Miss Meek show-
ed slides on colors for use in
bedrooms and clothing. Recrea-
tion was led by Susan Cohen, and
Mrs. Robert Cohen served re-
(Gene Hall, reporter)
(by Mrs. Claude Whitehead)
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Killen re-
turned home last week from
Sweetwater where they had been
K Alexander attended the fun .vis,li"g her mother- Mrs Laura
eral of their mother and aunt, , , ,
Mrs Lcla Delia Perdue, in Tusco- A r«eent ■W#,f 0 J*e^ H°,rn*r
la Wednesday Burial was in the ! w,as„h,s. nePhew- Jack Lunsford.
Buffalo Gap cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McCormick
of Dallas were also here for his
mother's funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. Loye Mead and
of Houston.
Mr. and Mrs. McCoy Chitwood
attended funeral services for her
stepfather in San Antonio Tues-
Mr. H. E. Dean, who has been a
children of Odessa spent the week patjcnt at McCloskey Hospital in
ivith his parents, Mr and . Irs. Temple, is home for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Cash have
Mrs. W J. Alexander and sons rcturnc(, to tht.,r home at Woods
spent the week with W J Alex ()oro after spendlIlg the holidays
at thfir place on Granite Shoals.
Mr. and Mrs Albert Lehmberg Mf A N Wood of Laiy H
v.M.ed M, and Mrs George Stra Lodges home a#ter a week-s
i ban Sunday night stay in a Burnet Hospital.
Jim Parml.v and Lou Schattuck Mr& Fred Wood accompanied
of MeCamey visited Mr and .Mrs her sistpr Mrs Charlcs Sagebiel,
George Strachan this week. to Go]dthwaite on Thursday. Mrs
Brownie Troop No 9 heardI The and Mr^ CUud.
Brownie Story read by Mrs. Edd.e an(, Mrs j T Heath were busi-
Renken Monday afternoon .a they nesg vlsltors tQ Temple on Mon.
aat on th* big rock n**r th* Scout dfl
Hut. Refreshment, served MrI Go|di> Vaf| Armond ^
at.r by Judy Feug* *t th* hut, Wac0 u yisiu Mr and Mrs
■ allaujod ku A MAanAataAM eAaeiAN
followed by a recreation session.
(Laura Vasterling, rep)
Pay Your Poll Tax!
For All Kind* Of
Bm or . Gall
Office at Residence
Burton Wiley.
The Ladie* Organixation of the
Kingsland Community Church
will meet in regular session on
Wednesday, January 21, at 3 p. m.
All members are urged to be
present and guests are always
Mrs. Ella Flowers ha* not boon
well the past week due to some
dental work she is having done.
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood McFad- j
den and son of Boerne visited
Mrs. Sam Barnett last week.
Seeker of Liberty for AH Men
stopped their he»rtbre*Win*
H==- =3
The story of the founding of beauti-
ful. historic Fredericksburg is the
st,,r> oi another German-born chain*
p1(»n ol freedom and independence
tor all Like Pfince Carl of holms-
loa-ntels, John O Mc-usebach gladly
gc-e up a life ol security and c1-*-' m
h. I'lu-Umt to lead thousands ot
oppressed and needs neighbors
a net* an,) better litc Iron ol
, j.m ol ludgtnent. ssith an un-
yielding sense ot luslice. Meusebach
sc as one ot the wisest and ablest of
colonuers ol the S,)uths*cst.
he arrist-d at Indianola. on
Mitag-’iJa has. in ISt‘> and headed
fur the hanks ot the Pt-dcmales Ki«er.
he found me»" . ol his German itnmi-
grants >11 an..1 the protect s treasury
empty But, oft April J4. lH-t6. Meuse*
bach and his colonists set out lor the
yntrs then largely unra-
tsposurc. hunger and e*.
took a lease toll, hut ideal-
and determmatHsn kept them
Un I ndav Mas ». the »cafy
VX hen
hand ...rr— -
niareh and began the building of
their new homes They called their
colony Fredericksburg, honoring
Prince J rede-rick of Prussia John O.
Meus.-1'jch had ss mien another chap-
the history of Texas the
of tearless pioneers, seeker*
1 injas Texans still demand and get
their right to choose the way they
want to live In this sigorous and
freedom minded homeland . beef
Belongs and this is why the United
States Brewers Foundation works eon-
siintlv. in coniunction with hressers.
wholesalers anj retailers, to assure
the sale of beer anJ ale under
pleasant, ordc-rls conditions Believ-
ing that strut law enforcement serses
the best interest of Te atis, the
foundation stresses da** ..(operation
with tin Armed Do es, law enforce-
rr. t .id g of g 'hcials in it*
.1 program.
Thomas Rileys Go
To New Mexico
Thomas E Riley, electricians
mate first class, and his wife
Audrey, of Norfolk, Virginia left
for Albuquerque, New Mexico last
week. He has been assigned to
three years duty there as an in-
structor. He has completed seven
years’ service in the navy.
The Rileys have been visiting
their parents, Mr and Mrs Clif-
ford Myers and Mr. and Mrs Os-
car Moore, in Llano.
n; ..
flee ##
icHitinuiftii Hit R» nuIau»*
■| t \J> Dll I'l N ■ f xittd Suttt li’tu r>> I ii hJjIi1 h,
vjif, I / U HuiiJm^. Auoit. I • xu'
Vt*m4**4 !** m
School Menu
Monday, January 19 —
Barbecued Wieners
Buttered Potatoes
Apple Celery. Cocoanut Salad
Tuesday, January 20 —
Hot Tamales — Pinto Beans
Carrot and Raisin Salad
Apple Cobbler
Wednesday, January 21 —
Meat Loaf Boiled Cabbage
Pcai h and ('tillage Cheese Salad
Ice Cream
Thur*day. January 22 —
Roa*t Beef Brown Gravy
Green Beans
Lettuce and Tomato Salad
Chocolate Podding
Friday. January 29 —
Hamburgers Che. Slice*
Pork and Hear.* Fritna
Sir IV* here* Shnrtcake
Mrs. Travis Bawcom is visiting
with her son in-law and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs Franklin Habecker,
in Ranger. Mrs. Habecker is re-
covering from surgery.
itr. Charles Hicks and his son,
William, of San Antonio visited
in Llano Tuesday.
Final plans for the Junior
Li stock entries by Castell 4-H
Club memberr ware made whan
the group met at the community
center Monday night
County agent L. P. Amsler alao
showed slides of former livestock
shows, the annual 4-H camps, and
some of the livestock projects.
Miss Frances Meek showed slides
on interior decorating.
Archery and rifle programs
will be held again this year, Ams-
ler announeed.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Setto-
meyer served refreshments.
(Robert Moseley, reporter)
Made to Measure Clothes
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Man's Store
- "NufSed'*
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Ricketson
are the parents of a daughter.
Rhonda Jane, born January 8 at
the Llano Memorial Hospital.
Electrical Wiring & Repairs
Phone Joe Duncan
Kingsland 3577
The Buttery Funeral Home
Wishes to express their thanks to their friends for their
courtesies during the past 44 years, and hope they will
extend the same consideration to the new operators, Don
Waldrope and R. L. Adams.
We will continue to operate the furniture business at the
same old stand and hope to see our friends there.
Miles Buttery
hat a blessing!... Do your washing any time you like
and dry right NOW! No waiting on the weather ... no clammy
wet wash to lug and hang ... no sun-faded, wind-whipped
and dust-filled clothes to do over . . . these and a score or
more other familiar washday worries vanish when a modern
gas dryer comes into your home. And he sure it is a gas
dryer. It not only costs less to run by 7 to 1 * but it’s also
much faster than other dryers. Come in and see.
• Ain.*»~t every when* in Looe Star [.and.
Does it* work
Ends basket lug-
Your gas dryer
while you work
ging . . hanging
helps retain color.
elsewhere ....
out and redoing
in clothes . . end*
fastest of all dry-
thing* soiled after
wind whipping.
ing method*
You need leas
clothe* and other
wanh.iblea and
look what th*
headline aayal

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