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... in the football benefit game at Wildcat Stadium next Thursday night. "They’re billing the scuffle a» for the city..., unbiased umpires. You can write it down now that we'll skin those Raiders again and bo the official city...’M FROM MISSOURI’’, at the Carnation Friday and Saturday. BASEBALL HOW MUCH. The proposed football... as convenient for the city championship battle. BESTED. The Banks Tire club in the Northeast Texas Amateur...-3, Shreveport 0-0. San Antonio 9, Tulsa 2. Beadmont 3-0, Oklahoma City 1-9. American League. Bo-ton 5

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... of Mrs. Lillian Boucher Wednesday night and Thursday. “I’m From Missouri” at the Carnation Friday.... and Mrs. C. D. Alalloy. loy. St* M. C. Bails? •»««t that Fir* insurance, city or farm property. d26-t! Mr.... Here is Bob Burns and his pal Samson, the orneryist critter in all Missouri, in Bob’* grandest picture... to date—a picture that’ll set your heart achuck- Iin’ and pack your worries away— ‘I'm From Missouri... Vice- President Garner of Texas or Senator Bennett Champ Clark of Missouri. souri. “They say

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..., conferred a distinct honor on Hopkins County and Sulphur Springs when he chose this city to open the Texas...'s health director, thinks his town is going to the rats. Just when the Chamber of Commerce and city... the Hon. District city. v Court, "at the next regular term ^.^Besides eating too much, the rutaj.... They are a menace to any city, especially where the rats outnumber the people three to two, -he explained. ed...'. In the meantime, the Echo man’s heavy editorial Wednesday for a city-wide drive to destroy the ragweed to prevent

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... Ammociaud Pratt The Free City of Danzig, Aug. 10. —Danzig was keyed to a high pi’ch today as Nazis awaited...-Poland/^Ttiestion. Free City of Danzig. — Nazis spread the word tonight that their party leader, Albert Forster, fresh... Danzig, should authorities of the- Free City not abandon in time the dangerous road they are following... on orders from outside.” , Free City newspapers continued attacks on “the fantasies of the insane Poles

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