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Pint Baptist
L I ■. -~=^; ' • ;V —- ■■’» ' ' ' 1 1 l======
................. ■ • *
Of The Week
Rev. J. B. Blackwell, pMtor, L.
H, Talley, superintendent.
Sunday’ School 10:00.
Morning .....
"This is That" will be the ser-
mon topic for Rev. Joe Weldon
Bailey thia morning at the worship
services of the First Baptist
The evening sermon topic is,
"The Church and Revival.” The
annual summer revival will begin
25th. The morning
8.1*; ........ services during the week will be
Brotherhood Thursday night held a seven o’clock so that the
warship, 11:00.
Training Union, 7:00.
Evening wprehip, 8:00.
Prayer Service, 8:00 Wednes-
Ue Tuesday Afternoon,
««. T«..-
..ettina TKfl linnicR
day i* their service. The books
they are using is bringing them a
blessing. The attendance of this
has gone down, too. We invite
all of you ladies to come and be
crowd at prayer meeting. The pas-
tor brought a short devotional,
which was enjoyed by every one.
Conference was held Wednesday
night at prayer service. We want
to-.see a larger crowd st prayer
service neat Wednesday night.
The Brotherhood has fallen
down too much. We invite all of
yon men to come, so that women s
circle will not bo better than bro-
The church has decided to build
some Sunday School rooms, which
will Help in the building of yout
Sunday School. We would JHw to
(Each week, in this column, wiH appear
Martin Springs Baptist Church).
IS* Bavls Street Baptist
church is still progressing each
Sunday although the attendance
has dropped a little. The pastor
<SpW»t an Inspiring mewage
Sunday and also Sunday night music, me m«»w™ «*•><’'”’"
3* ^wShThSte^pSt- 8taS
men of the church can attend.
Coffee and dough-nuts will be
served beginning at 8:80 a.m. Rev.
Joe Weldon Bailey will do the
preaching and Carl Mnury, of
Houston, will have charge of the
mueir. The messages delivered by
—John 11:39.
ng ,...— .....____*
purpose of preparing the church
membera for the revival. Every
member of the church is urged to
attend both services on Sunday.
Mrs. Ward Gober will direct the
choir in singing the beautiful
hymn-anthem, “Breathe on Me.
The Angel Choir, under the direc-
tion of Miss Bobby Massey, will
sing Sunday evening. This newly
organised children’s choir for
those between the ages of six and
eight meet every Thursday morn-
ing at nina o’clock.
The Sunday School goal for _to-
remind you that our Sunday
School collections here have been
rather low in the past and we
would like to see them brought
b«ck up.
You are always welcome at the
Davis St. Baptist Church. —Re-
day is 80S. If you are a member
of the Sunday School your pres-
ence la of utmost importance. To
miss this vita! phase of Bible study
hinders one’s Christian growth.
The Training Union trains the
church membership in Christian
service. Fred Jackson, acting Di-
rector, urges every member to at
tend tonight at seven o’clock —
In this passage of Scripture we
see the great need of man s co-
operation with God. We sec Je-
sus standing at the grave of Laza-
rue. Sympathising friends and
broken hearted sisters are stand-
ing with him. Jesus speaks, Take
ye away the stone.”
feed bestows His blessing upon
man as man is willing to cooperate
with God. When the children of
Israel eame to the Red Sea the
Egyptians were pursuing them,
there were mountains ,on either
side, and the raging sea in front.
God spoke to Moses and said
"Smite the Water." Moses, eo-
operating with God, struck the
water and the thing that hindered
was removed: they were able to
go over the sea on dry ground.
God spoke to Moses again and
said “March around the walls of
Jerico every day for seven days
and they shall fall.’’ They moved
silently around the wall, no dis-
play, no weapons. Just cooperat-
ing with,God, obeying God. And
God removed the stone that was
hindering them from taking the
city. Had Moses not obeyed God
would the children of Israel ever
have entered the promised land?
Biography in Bible Holds Fascination
BY WILLIAM E. GILROY, ». »•)«• ““"“I
TJENRY FORD once called his-
H tory “the bunk." It is at least
Christian Church
Board to Meet
God requires His people to re-
move the stones that are hinder-
ing them in their Christian life.
There are many stones that hin-
der the Child of God. Stones of
Carelessness, indifference, uncon-
cern, and worldiness. Cooperating
with God, man is able to remove
these stones. God does for us
what we cannot do for ourselves.
After the people had removed the
stone at the grave of Lazarus then
Jesus said "Lazarus come forth,"
When he came out of the grave
there was another task for the
people to do. Jesus said "Loose
him and let him go.” If there had
not been cooperation on the part
of man would Lazarus have been
raised from the $ead?
God wants his children to re-
move every weight and sin that
would hinder them from giving
their bast in His service.
Unconverted friend, there are
stones in your life today. The
thing that is hindering your ac-
cepting Christ as your Savior is
a stone Jesus came to seek and
to save that which was lost. No
one can take away the stone but
yourself. “Take ye away the
stone,” and let God come into
your life^ ,_
— lory me uuim. *«■
. very interesting bunk and not un
profitable for those who would
learn anything from the past ex-
periences of men and nations.
History has also been called
“the essence of innumerable bi-
ographies.” It is that, but it is
a great deal more. For there is a
corporate life of nations and
peoples, and that is something
more than the total of all the ex-
periences of individual lives.
All this is well illustrated in the
Old Testament story of the life
and religion of the people of Israel.
The story told in books of history,
poetry and prophecy concerns
chiefly the people as a whole,
their struggles and conquests, their
lofty conceptions of God and man
and their rise and fall.
kings and prophets stand out bold-
ly. But there are lesser character*
whese stories are illustrated in
striking action. Sometimes they
appear in a single chapter, or even
in a few sentences. But what they
were and what they did is there
with Indelible Impression.
There were prophets like Na-
than (II Samuel 12), who dared
to rebuke King David for his adul-
tery; Micaiah (I Kings 22), who
refused to say words pleasing to
Her Patience Gets Patii
eiusea 10 say -
i king when the truth thet he hso
j__i._. iinriioacant There
T»UT in the Bible are innumer-
D able accounts of individual
characters and incidents that are
of equal Interest and profit. It is
this aspect of the Bible that gives
It its strongly human quality and
makes its realism of such univer-
sal Interest and significance.
Among these characters of the
to declare was unpleasant. There
was a devoted husband and lover
like Elkanah, father of Samuel (I
Samuel 1). And there were crafts-
men like Bezalel who gave the
work of their hands in worship,
giving beauty as well as strength
to the sanctuary cf the Lord.
But the biography of the Bible
does not concern only heroes and
hero worship. With honest real-
ism the weaknesses of men, their
faults and sins are set down with
their records of greatness. The
shiftiness of Jacob, the anger of
Moses, the adultery of David, the
folly of Solomon, are all there, too.
vvhat a book of honesty and truth.
There remains something to be
said concerning the women of the
Bible, of whom some warn very
Among these characters ot the mom “ ""TJ^TvWflbad.
Bible, the great liberators, judges, good, and some w ry
. ........-l lmertrsLiiig
Come to 811 Church Street to-i group will meet at 5:00 and make
Hav1 You will find a welcome in : ice cream. '1 he young people will
inyse^ce* and activities! Church enjoy this fellowship period. The
_ .. . a , r _. Ufail Lfnma
Rehoboth Baptist
Association News
(By Orbin O. Harper, Missionary)
Assembly of God
K ,
Houston M. Wtaanbaker, pastor
Charlie D. Hately, B. S. 8upt.
Mr*. H. M. Wiaenbnfcar, W.M.C.
0:45 A.M. Sunday School.
tl-,00 A. M. Morning Worship.
7.45 P. M. KvnngaUaUc Barries.
8:80 P. M. Tuesday W.K.C.
7.45 P. M. Thursday Fallowahlp
**Wa *tal» this method ta invite
you to our service#, where there
ia a welcome for everyone.—Re-
The Official Board of the First
Christian Church will meet Sunday
evening, immediately following the
worship service, for their July
meeting. The meeting will be held
Ip the Educational Building.
This is the first meeting of the
Board of the new church year,
and a good attendance by the El-
der* and Deaoons it most urgent-
ly requested by the newly elected
chairman, Ray Moss.—Reported.
Christian Science
First Presbyterian
0:45 *.m.—Church School. Enos
L. Ashore ft, Jr., Superintendent,
Bible Study Claaae*.
11 a.m—Morning Worship. Ser-
mon: "The Man Who Dooa HU
Boat." Communion Service, Mra.
Alfred Roger will sing.
0 p.m.—Evening Worship, Medi-
tation: “The Mon Who Failed Sue*
eeisfully" Congregational 8ing-
! i ........ "
Circle No. 2
Circle No, 2 of the Presbyterian
Women’s group will meet Monday
afternoon at 4:00 in the home of
Mra. John Sherman on Texaa St.
Mrs. Ted Bagby will be In charge
of the Bible lesson and Mrs. John
Perkins will amiet.—Reported.
"Sacrament” l* the subject of
the Lesson-Sermon which will be
read in all Churches of Christ,
Scientist, on Sunday, July U.
The Golden Text U: “The hour
cometh, and now la, when the true
worshippers shall wonihlp the bath-
er in spirit and in truth: for the
Father seeketh such to worship
him” (John 4:23).
Among the citations which com-
prise the Lesson-Sermon ia the fol-
lowing from the Bible: “Feed the
flock of God which ia among you,
taking the oversight thereof, not
by constraint, hut willingly: not
for filthy lucre, but of a ready
mind; And when the chief Shep-
herd shall appear, ye shall receive
crown of glory that fadeth not
away" (I Peter 5:2,4).
The Lesson-Sermon also includ-
es the following passage from the
Christian Science textbook, "Sci-
ence and Health with Key to the
Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy :
"If all who seek his commemora-
tion through material symboU will
take up the cross, heal the sick,
oaat out ovila, and preach Christ,
or Truth, to the poor,—the recep-
tive thought.--they will bring in
the millennium” (page 34).
The Mt. Vernon Baptist Chureh
has broken ground for tlioir new
church building. They have also
started tearing down the old build-
ing. They are using the school
building for their services while
the new building it under construc-
The Plckton Tabernacle Bap-
tist Church has their parsonage
just about complete. Their pastor,
Bro. Raymond Smoot, and his fam-
ily hope to move in sometime very
The Paint Rock Baptist Churrir
has called Bro. R. C. Smith rrom
Ft. Worth for their pastor. We un-
derstand he is to preach there the
second Sunday, July 11.
Bro. Orbin O. Harper started
to Rattan Sunday morning, July 4,
The roads were muddy and he
could not get there. He went to
Klondike and heard a good ser-
mon by the retiring pastor. Thin
was his last Sunday there before
taking up his pastoral work ot
Ector, Texas. Bro. Harper preach-
ed at Paclo in the afternoon and
at Vasco that night. He counseled
with these churches about some
preachers that might become their
pastors. These and several other
churches are pastorless in the As-
Bro. Harper will be the princi-
pal in a Vacation Bible School
with the Posey Baptist Church
during the week of July 12-18.
Bro. Harp* will preach at
Black Oak at the morning and
evening services on July 11. This
church has not had a pastor for
more than a year. Bro. Harper
will try to arrange for a meeting
this summer and lead the church
to call a pastor.
Bro, I. E. Driggers, pastor of
Martin Springs Church, and Bro.
Harper left Sulphur Springs Mon-
day afternoon, July 5, to attend
the State Rural Church Conference
at the Southwestern Seminary, Ft.
Worth, which began Monday night
ind closed Friday at noon.
Bro. Harper would be glad to
receive church news from any of
the churches in the Association.
HU address is, Route 1, Sulphur
Springs, Texas.
Thought for the week: He who
moves with God, movqs forward.
First Methodist
to increase the number and the
interest. Yiu will do your part for
your class and your department’
The MFY will meet at 6:30 for
interesting programs. The senior
School, 9:45 a.m.—Watt Morris,
Morning Worship. 11:00 a.m.—
Sermon hy pastor, Anthem, O Be
Joyful in the Lord” (Pfluegcr).
Methodist Youth Fellowship,
Juniors, 6:30 p.m. Seniors, 5:00
Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. Film
"And Now We See”. This will bo
enjuy vma ,-------
program will begin at 6:30. Harvey
Davis serves as sponsor.-—Report-
Ruby Hayden
Parker Circle
checks her first patient, Arthur Carlson,
"And Now We See”. This will no I The Ruby Hayden Parker Ctr-
an"unusual service. You will beU of WMU, First Baptist Church
siad vou came’-Reported. I will meet Monday afternoon, July
giail you tanuj_V J ^ ^ four 0.c)ock in the church
First Methodist Church wel- ; educational building. A\\ m*ro-
comes its members, its friends and bars are urged to attend tb
all visitors to the services Sun- j meeting.—Reported.
ordination: and 18
State Department
fairs may reque*
to take control ol
parish for the puq
tion. The first
| the appointment
son by a congregl
land of Falster; M
I her dioscean bish<|
ordain her; and 1.
First Christian
ail VI81LU*
day. They will be helpful, and the
presence of every pemon lends^o
the inspiration of the leaders of
No WSCS Meetings
; During July
^rnlno- The choir will sing one _____
the opposition of most of _____
the bishops of tne national Dan- quest to Dr. Olla
ish Church, and despite the pro- Funen, to perforA
tests of many of the pastor, the --J
Danish Parliament has enacted India’s poverty!
legislation permitting the «*«•-[ BritUh rule, butf‘
tion of women as ministers of' -J#
is the Hindu relf
E, Stanley Jones* .
sionary to India”
morning. The choir will sing one
of the favorite anthems, “Oh
the church. Hitherto the Consti-
tution ha, forbidden their „
tion. The new law ’ perm.te • fan be d
bishop to ordain a woman; most __________JI
of the bishops expect td refuse (Continued og
............ ...... J4
9:45 a.m.—The Sunday Church
11:00 a.m.—The Morning wor-
ship. Sermon, “The Unique Sig-
nificance of the Church.”
7:00 P.m-—-C.Y.F. and J.C.F. in
the Educational Building.
8:00 p.m.-—Evening Worship.
Sermon, “Your Sin Will Find you
9:00 p.m.—Official Board Meet-
^Activities Through the Week
Monday— 7:30 p.m. Women's
Guild. The program will be a mis-
sionary study entitled, “Juat
Folks M
Thursday— 7:00 p.m. Choir
Practice. Youth night at the church
immediately following the choir
Friday— 7:30 p.m. Watermelon
feed, given by tha ladies of the
United Women’s Bible Clase to the
men of the Everyman’s Bible
Class. To be held on the lawn back
of the Educational Building—Re-
of the favorite aninems, ''| 0f the WSCS of First
Joyful In the Lord” (Pfliiager); MethodUt Church will not meet
Miss Martha Jean Harred W|1M this month. There will be no mcet-
as organist in the absence of ; j of ,hij( orjrBnir.ation until the
F.telle Irwin. The church 11)Ugine,(lll nu.«ting on the first Mon-
leiuloa fhn YVnrk Ot :
Mrs. Estelle ........
greatly appreciates the work ofi , . August.—Reported
Martha Jeftn during her vacation t •'*>' AUK“Rl-
■And Now We See” is the film
to be shown in the evening ser-
vice. Every- church member, es-
pecially every person serving in,
any official capacity, will want to j
see this film. It is one of the best'
The attendance on each second,
Sunday evening of the month whan
some religious film is shown, ha-
been gratifying. On Sunday even
ing you will have the privilege of
expressing your approval, or your i
disapproval of this type program
on one Sunday evening of the |
The Church School maintains a i
good average attendance. Officers j
and teachers and members strive
Cotton mills of western Europe
have been using an increasing
amount of American cotton since
the war ended.
If you fail to receive your
copy of The News-Telegram in
the afternoon by 5:46 o’clock,
please phone 109 or 481 before
C o’clock and a copy will be
sent to you by special carrier.
Circle No. 1
Enjoy Your
In Our
Completely Modern Store
Fried Chicken
with all the
“Same Quality — Uu Money”
Phone* 162.163
Circle No. 1 of the Presbyterian
Women’s group will meet with
Mr*. Effie Bell Monday afternoon
4:00. Mrs. T. O. Perrin will be in
charge of the Bible study and will
bo assisted by Mrs. Sam Jones.—
A Vital Part
Of Your
Family Est#
U A Habit Here!
Try a ant Ad for results
The family memorial is anj
sential part of your family ]
tate. It is a most permanent f
session, a most durable heirlo
Ibis an investment which, a
made, becomes an inheritancer
generation after generation -
pays the splendid dividend^
family pride and remembrai_
Uniform*, Work
Clothing, etc., Laun-
dered and finished
to plea»e the most
Ben Dildy Motor Co.
that pre»erve* and
protect* even the most
delicate fabric*.
Always Ready
As you build your own fat
estate, consider a memorial ir
vital part of it. We will be halt
to consult with you—to hel^
the planning—and, if you ’
to build a monument you
take pride in.
826 Main Street
Phone 33
NEW . . . Plastic Bag*
For storage, travoling. otc. ... for eaits. bUakots, coots,
crosses. Transparent, dust-proof, long lasting. Moder-
ately priced.
B 6t B Cleaners
Geo. A. Bergin
Main Street
Sulphur Spring*
^ .v* .. lL...diL
Mh.i .
" .

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