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One IlepnbUran Paper Which Pro
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tisan Press Assail It
Stn Francisco CMl December 1 The
Evening Bulletin rep comnienrhig upon
the Instructions tn Minister Willis as
disclosed in tho presidents Hawaiian mes-
sage rays
This Is certainly an unique proceeding
In diplomacy The provisional govern-
ment had been recognlisd by tho Hun la-
wn admlnut atlon nnd ih various pow
crn represented at Honolulu Clevelands
administration recognized It In due form
by accrediting tho minister to It yet that
minister Was Instructed to keep the gov-
ernment to which he Is accredited In com-
plete official Ignorance of the plans of the
government he represents while carrying
on negotiations with an Individual woman
who had been relegated to private life
by that recognized provisional govern-
ment If any Burop < nn power essayed
any such proceeding In the United States
Us minister would 1 > bundled out of the
country without ceremony The message
discloses a pitiful policy of myatry per-
versity bcmbiat art weakness Notivon
der President Cleveland w nta to turn-
over the business ho lmi bungled to tho
management of congress
Tim Tv evr Yorlc Irein
New Yorlc Ueoember 18 The World
will soy Tho people of tho United
fitatts will never approve of any active
agency government setting up a throne
and placlns a monarch upon It no matter
how tho throne camo to be overturned or
the monarch deposed
The Press The message of Cleveland
confessing his Infamous share In the Ha
wnllf n conspiracy will bo received with
delight by every monarrhlst throuuhout
the world and with shame and Indigna-
tion by the American people The only
possible palliation for such an Insult to the
Intolllgenco and patriotism of the Ameri-
can people Is the desperate situation Into
which lha president has plunged himself
Morning Advertiser The message wlU
Impress neither congress nor the people
ltrpnlillinn Crltlclim
gan rranrlico Oil Decemb r 18 The
Call republican says Accepting hi
facta frorr Blount the president makes
out n plausible case so far as his own
action Is concerned He does not state
why he had undertaken to play a lone
hand when congress was In session and
ready to assist but the assumption Is
fair he thought that when the special
sess6n came to an end he could win with-
out help Americans without distinction
qf party will feel regrst that an Amerl
oan president aliould dlsruss matters
growing out of a revolution from the
standprint that a ruler could do no
wrong That If wrong was attempted or
committed It had no bearing whatever
on the events that followed
Vllrlnllo Imriincca
Portland Ore December 18 The Ore
KOnlan says Cleveland has preconceived
opinions or nutlous on Hawaiian af-
fairs He sent his paramount commis-
sioner with Instructions to get testimony
to sustain this pieconoelved opinion H
waa predetermined to restroe and uphold
a corrupt and degraded royalty He found
he could not do this and his message to
congress is a prolonged whine over his
failure Cleveland does not know tha
American people Ha Is not a democrat
nor a republican He Is the representative
and champion of raste class and priv-
ilege The whole peoplo of Ihe United
States are delighted when he speaks of
the cneck my plans have encountered in
A PrlHro Cmuititiit
San Francisco Dal December IS The
Chronleln Kep say The message i
much mora like a lawyers brief than a
etalo paper It Is an exparte argument
lu wbloh the evidence of the other Is en-
tirely Ignored It proceeds upon the as
gumpllon that there would have been no
revolution and the queen would not have
Iwen overthrown but for the landing of
jnarines yet this vlaw Is positively and
w think conclusively controverted by
the statements of Btevens Thurston and
othsra equally as reliable its any of those
esamtned b > Iiiotint
A Itepnlillcjui I5 cenitlon
Ornaba Neb December 1S Th Ties
Hap says Tho piuident give a plain
straight forward lucid history of th
events connected with the overthrow of
the Hawaiian monarejiy related
Willi such evident candor slnoerlty of
conviction and earnest desire lo deal Just-
ly with dntcsrenTO to maintaining tho
honor and integrity of the United States
thlH It can not fall to make a mo t fav-
orable lmpnwston upon all fair minded
The 01tlna < l i > ertf
Ohlcago III December IK The Times
Pom It dovs not appear that Chrve
lands voluminous communication changes
Uwt situation whatever
i e nwi Ottfui ttep It Oreaham and
Cleveland had any conception of the real
facts In the case they would never have
made themselves the International butts
of ildlcule by going Into a schema so
VlcHcd Politically
Washington December 1VA number
of Interviews were had this afternoon with
senators and representative on the presi
dents Hawaiian message It Is evidently
conslderuil soWly ou political grounds The
democratic members all spoak of It in
laudatory terms and tha republicans say
It is a complete Wnekdotvn on tho i > art of
lite administration wliieh found it had
totten Itself Into an awkward position
The tit Ioiila Paper
8U l < oula Mo Dei ember U Republic
Dem If tha m < saga contained noth
ing 1 It would be gratifying from Its
trtuehennt dealing with the oSlclous ex
Ulnister Stevens
OlupaDemocrgt UeiO The message U
nitelalwrnteattempt todhurJlt n republic
nod vindicate the monarchy it superseded
TIio London Nm
Jondon December IS The Dally News
oommejitJng on the message says We ad-
mire the American government and i > ople
for refusing to be drawn Into tho vortex
of annexation
Declined Asulntunco
loo Angeles Cal December 19 Iteply
Kg to the offer of a company organised
hure to go to Honolulu and fight for pre-
visional government Prealdeht Dpl g
dices the osuletanee and says With
our present forces wo feel wo can au
cnsfully meet and overcome any atttempt
of the people hsrc to restore monarchy
P h0 clfoumetancwi would not
he Justllled In seeking physical assistance
from without
3fass Meeting of Unemployed Men
Uaitxm Mow D umbr lii An Im
raonse ina i meeting of tho unemploysd
vrae held tonight nt Foiievn iutll Several
BpeecJiiosland reootu on wero odopteil set
ting Airffii tho condition of the unam
ployirt worklnimen of Ui oily and osk
ing tjiii work be itnmediato y given tliom
Defaulter Tomer and Sulcliio
Atlanta Oa Ds < ernt > r 19 Cliailus Ar-
nold who died recently i > upp < > dly from
grip It developed todny w forgr d <
rauller and wilcidt The amount of his
dofnlcntlon etc not yet known ITo wa
Pivretary of th nnlmint exposlttnn
secretary and treasurer of St PhlHU
ehunn secretary Georgia llelge coumv
end managed last summers carnival all
Involved but ptnmlnntlnna rj books not
yet eompleted The metho I of Ms rleith 1
not known but It Is lenrncd that hi
mnl preparations md en teM a barhrr
on th > > dav of M < death thst hli f v
would pom non
AX0TJI1SII Illfi > lilCH4T10 lAYOIl
llffpltlna Chosen ti > Till Hnrrlsnns
Olllcp In Clileniro
Chicago December tfcA cloudlasa sky
and a cool bracing air rested the voters
toda1 In the contest between John 1
llophlnt Sent and Acting Mayor O 0rge
B Swift rep for the office made vacant
by the murder of Mayor Harrison
The campaign has been a bitter one and
Intelito InterestWas manifested In the out
come Special registration was exceedingly
heavy and a large vole was polled early
Tarty leaders on both sides wore confi-
dent In Ihclr claims of victory
At a late hour tonight tho vote shows
that Hopkins waa elected mayor over
Swift by a majority of 1B7
uuitiKi imo a citnnic
Accidentally Killed Ills Cousin
Sabine Pass Texas December 19 A
most sad and deplorable accident hap-
pened at the Pass yesterday afternoon
Two bright and promising youths sons Of
Jack and Joe Johnson especttvelyWillie
aged 10 years and Sam aged 12 years
procured guns and went duck hunting
When about a mile from Joe Johnsons
house they halted to Insert cartridges
in their guns Just at that moment Sam
tho eldest spied a Hock of ducks and
turned arothid to toll Utile Willie to re-
main where ho wns As he did so his
gun went off completely tearing the lop
of little Willies head off killing him In-
stantly The parents of the boys are
brothers and arc old and respected cit
Isens of the ross They have the heart
felt sympathy of the whole community
in this terrible and sari bereavement
Willies Put Ollt of Hit Wny
Adel Oa December 19 Will Pergerson
a negro was gagged and carried off to a
ewabip Saturday nlgbt and murdered He
was caught on the streets by a party of
negroes who stuffed a handkerehlef In
his mouth tied a leather string about
his throat and dragged him off Just out
side the limits
Fergerson had informed against Tom
Gasklns Grant Hicks Henry Law Delia
Joneg and West McMlllin for gambling
Some or theso negroes were Under bond
and their cases was set for today before
Judgu Pceples In the county court It
Is supposed that Fergerson waa killed to
keep him from testifying
TriiKiMly Over Cotton
Franklin Ia December 19 News
reached here tonight of a desperate shoot
ing at Florence on Jfew OrleatiB and
Northwestern railway in rrankUn parish
Saturday night Two men named lfoines
and Chlsolm got Into light about murt
ii d cotton A brotherinlaw of Haines
lumwl Valctntlne shot Ch m with n
Wmohostcr rilte and Wed Some of fhls
ntms friends took up the difficulty and
shot Haines seven timo Wiling him No
arrosts hove been made Hatues body wu
dflowwt to remain where he fell from
Saturday night until tho afternoon of
City Council Pormitn Coiitesls
Jacksonville Ktn DeeMitbcr 19 Tho
eily ooiincii tnn rht Mtafted an prdlnanee
Pfftmittlng cotiteMta wWi Bounce gloves
unllmli l nutnlier i > f rotmda and S
ttelng police protection Mayor Flitoher
will veto ic orakuuico but It will bu
PHUmcd over hie vote bj over twothirdg
majrrtty According to the ordinance aa
poasad the ebief at police will supervise
all contexts held tinder It
Pepuhllcnn C iigri miui Ulp i
Hoiliilillomi O < iiinro iiiiii lieeieit
Adams Jr exminister to Brazil vwis
locniy elected member of congiess of th
Setond district Pi suoceed the late Chailcu
ONeill The tilstrlvt Is wj overwhelm
hig y rupublicaji that the aemocrat du
child tu maks no nominations Some of
the democrat voted for Mr 1 J Griffin
To Plircbnsn tho Honda
Tahlequah 1 T December 1 The pro
peaJfJan at Mr Clmddlck to purchase
borJ > pasted both houses toitlgiit The
act gtf > < t the purchaser live days option
put JIOOOCW forerit and If Chaildlck will
receive the money within tho next sixty
ilu Old Man Win iitlltj
8t Paul Mtun December 1 Late to-
night th jury brought In a verdict of
guilts against old man Meigs on trial
for complicity In thh famous 16000 gold
bank robbery of last August This Is tha
tvconJl cbnvictlon Three more are yet to
be Lied
Stcinimr does lo Pieces
Michigan City December 19 The steam
er Whwks which recently ran ashore
on lit beach near this port went to pieces
last night during a gale aio bad Just
changed hands for tho sum of 1130000
and preparations have been completed to
relievo her from tho perilous piudilon
No Cnll for An Kxtra Session
Denver Colp December WOyvornor
Watte today announced that he would not
issue a call for an extra sasslan of the
legislature lomoriow ns preT > ou y un
m i i I
lliinlc 8iii > uiiil a
Kalamaxoo Mich December 19 Tho
private hartlt of Olinstua A Ktorms at
flulesburg this oounty ha suspended
The exact situation Is not ascertainable
Iseupeil Prom lull
Comanche Texas December 13 A man
named Ingram made hlw afcape from lull
this evening Ha waa hald on a charge
of forgery Officers aro 1 put suit
i H in i ii
lllirlnvaj iiuii HeoUre iMOOt
Chicago December Four m a hiJ
up tlis cashli r of Morgan ghrlns gamb
ling house this morning and seLureii lioo
in audi
lnliur OrniiiiUutlnli Adjourned
Cm j lointur i Th lnarjtiou
of Labor pjjourncd tluo die t > duy
lsmnt treasurer of the t ntie1 States at SITUATION IN BRAZIL Prlllsh muni strenrfft sliowlnp ennclu
He Vacs Strong Iinncunirr llnl
Soon Squelched t > r Micntedr
lixcltlnu Scenes ISilMdUil User
Hills Iiitroduucil
Washington December 11 The house
was In an ugly frame of mind today The
repuBllcana were In a lighting temper
over the Hawaiian situation when the
house met and the row opened immedi
ately Mr Cockmns resolution of yestet
day was presented and hurriedly teferred
to the committee on rules Then came a
sharp sklrmtah on the Iloutelle resolution
Mr McCreary of the committee on fore-
ign affairs made the joint that tho res-
olution was not privileged and on this Mr
llouteile got the lloor to dlstuss the ques-
The message read here yesterday he
said Indicates that this country may be
Involved in war with a friendly uatiun an J
for all we know the arms of me United
States may be even now pinioning with
bayonets a friendly nation with whom the
mass of the people of this country sympath
ise He held It waa the Imperative duty
of coritTTeBS to reprobate iv pulley designed
to bring the countiy Into discredit In the
Ten leraims Injured In n WrccJe eyes of the civilized world Orcat applause
rar Ilttsbnrgr
Pittsburg Pa December 15 A small
engine at Edgar Thomson steal works
of Carnegles to haul ladles of metal
crashed Into the West Newton accommo-
dation on the Baltimore and Ohio road
on the brlilgo neur Bessemer this evening
hurling the coach of the accommodation
Into the creek twenty feet below Ten
persons were Injured one of whom has
since died Others are believed to have
been fatally hurt
Dead Pnknown man believed to be
named Morri pf Buquesnc neck broken
Robt Hlnes fatally William Snyder
Nellie Harrison Kale McClreeby
Mike Ilnlan lj McLaughlin
Mrs Geo Campbell Mrs Thoa Frle
Two unknown men delirious were bad
ly cut and bruised seriously
from the republicans
TcBTi not whence this policy eminates
continued llouteile Whether from a re-
publican president or a democratic us-
urper The confusion that followed the
word usurper drowned the iest The
speaker at last brought the house to a
standstill and suddenly styept tha ground
from under Douteiie Hy deciding the point
of order in tils favor uud refenlng the
resolution directly to the committee on
foreign affairs Amid gtcnt excitement
lloutello appealed and McCreary moved to
lay the appeal on the tuble Carried
During itll of the committee which
followed the Nicaragua canal bill wns
favorably reported from tho committee
on commerce Tho house then went into
committee of the whole fur tho further
consideration of tho urgent dotleloncy bill
Some very exciting scenes were enacted
before it was dually passed The Item
apprGpriatlng A 0O0 for special exam-
iners was amended so as to prevent sus
pension of any pension without giving
the pensioner notice with oppoitunli to
furnlBh testimony in rebuttal Amend-
ments were also adopted appropriating
1180000 for extra mileage for mumbeis
and senators JWOOO for stationery and
about KHOOrt to pay employes of the
house and senate for extra months pay
A most bitter opposition exlited to each
of these propoMtlon i the tlrst of which
denominated on the floor a proceeding
who e scandalous character has not been
approached since the daya of the famous
salary grab Bland and Holman led the
fight against these propositions with a
view to placlng tho members on record
with and aye and no vote but were not
numerically strong enough
During the debate Mr Wilson of the
ways and means committee rose with the
looked for tariff bill and tho committee
rose Informally to receive the bill and
After this the deficiency bin was ngnin
considered but no further amendments
Were adopted
The committee rose reported the bill
and the pending amendments to tho house
The row was then tesumed A separate
vote was demanded on the mlleuge nnd
extra months pay clauses
Mr Bland explained that nil he wantd
was a tceord making vole but the house
would not iigroe and Mr llland went
on making filibustering motions
Meantime the speaker retired from the
chair and the rules committed held a
meeting A special order was prepared
Invoking the gag It was Immediately re-
ported and adopted Tho mileage and
months extra pay amendments were
agreed to
Tho house then adjourned
llolilttei In the Sennie
Washington December 19 Tho debate
expeeteil in tho tenate today on the lli
Wf llan mesinge was averted lfonr whobc
motion to refer tho message accompany-
ing tho documents to the committee on
trolgii relations was pending orler view-
ed to Deny of Arkansas and Pfeffor of
ICaneoH The former adnresswl the senae
In advocacy of the bill to repeal the Ted
nral election law and the laAter spoke
favoring the bill Introduced h > him vni
terday iipproprlitlug money tor the im-
mediate u c of relieving the want and
dl tnt prevailing In the eountrv Hoar
MWud that tomorrow he would call up
the resolution and will prouable then ad
dnss the senate nn the Hawaiian situa-
tion Perry In argument said If there had ever
been any cause for the passage of the
Federal elections law tho caus was now
removed Itepubllcnns shculd remember
that the South was now in the Lnlqn and
that Southerners were ready to light for
itPfoffer explained that hy a clerical error
his bill called for an appropriation of JS
JOOOUO while he Intended it should call for
W330ft000 Tho money proposed to be np
l > n printed was money tor which there
was no uso being Mirer dolling In the
treasury uncovered by ooillflcates Con
altletuhlu minor business was tiansocled
and the senate adjourned
Tivn Pusliil Mutters
Washington December 19 The Biown
wood poKtoffleu race has ussumed definite
shape nnd It can be stated with compar-
ative sttreness that l f King was proven
the succs ful candidate Papfm en tile at
the deputtment In his favor are strong
and the case Is so strengthened by Bells
roeotnmendttUon ns to seem t suie winner
Hoi ert Allium will be nppi > lineipast
innMler nt Steeles Store In a few days
POfctofflee at Pompoy Mills county has
been abolished mull to Mullln
Name of postoffice at Hade peach Ibis
tr P county has been changed to Ho
Postmasters for Texas HI Oampo
Christian Ilruns vice Aug Natho re-
signed Ln Frulta J T Jatnson vice
J C Thotnpson realgued Luna J L
Atitrey vice J A S Bailey teslgned
Mgcedonln n H Orvtss vice W H Gar-
rett resigned Nathan 1 II Westbrook
vice V A Orr resigned
Tho Sim Aiitiiiilo Post Ofllee
Washington December PI The contest
over tho Sup Antonio office than which
there has been none more spirited In the
Texas postal patronage Is practically
ended An examination today of papers
on file showed Joe George to bo easily
In the lead and almost certain of appoint-
ment His petition contained 12SI names
against Thos Cunninghams 7Stt H C
Kings 093 Hurry Cunnlnghums 217 nnd
Mrs Nells tia
There has also been much changing
about of letters on iliu urging leorges
appointment from people Alio signed other
Paschal has also strongly supported
George to the postmaster general nnd hbj
appointment Is prubabla at any day
Tom PciimIhiih
Washington December 19 Ponslon
orli 1 rtobert W Huff Wills PoJnt
iii ii i IS Cornell Corslrana
original widows M ry StephensonDal
Mexican war widows Sarah K McClen
don HillMboro Texns
Washlnt n I onlur o nate
ti o a In e nmiti r f i n
Aiiiuiiii t i te D M K i4 truk u
New rlennt lrsnk 1 < B arn t < etor
if cuMome < lftrlit of Cm pus thrlII
IfSii 1 niwul Kauffiimii Olleoloi In-
ternal revenue Third district of Texas
Texas postmasters George H simple
man Austin J M llobins Mincola J U
rhetnn San Angoln J Ilpscomb Ruling
J W Hogg Decatur
Tor tho llnst Tetss Mnrsttnlslilii
Washington December 18Dr Foster of
Navnsota arrived lortny to maJte the sixth
Kast Texas marahaishlp candidate here
end to shew that he Is not loo old or de-
crepit for office He will be taken to see-
the president tomorrow morning by Sen-
ator Mills and he certainly does not ap-
pear to lie home down by years His
chances for appointment arc excellent
Hutcheson took him to sec Olney today
Other candidates are all here and Working
Minister Stevens
Washington December IS Mr Stevens
exminister to Hawaii was seen tonight
by a representative of the Associated
Press and lianded a copy of Clevelands
message He listed he would look It
over carottilly and It there wns anything
lnft fo answer he would answer It later
He thought congress was well able to
cope with the question and would act
Tux mi Income
Washington December IS Mr Bret
of Indiana today Introduced a bill In the
house providing for a tar on incomes of
over SS000 annually sufficient to meet the
amount required for payment of pensions
Wiiync McVennh Ambii siulor
Washington Dcei mber 19 The presi-
dent today nominated Wayno McVengh
of Pennsylvania ambassador to Italy Mc
Veagh was attorney general In daiflehls
ltesiilteil in ii Tie Vote
Washington December 19 The banking
and currency committee of the house voted
today on the bill to unconditionally repeal
tho 10 per cent tax on State bnnks The
vote was a tie
Ordered < < > ltln Jiitierlo
Washington Doicmber 19 The San
Prnncisco has been ordered to proceed
to Hlo Janeiro No explanation la given
nt the navy department
Capital Chips
Dr U W Cray of Houston was today
appointed medical examiner
The house committee election has post-
poned the contested cases before it until
januniy 2
Oiiglnal pensions were granted today
to John P Kline San Antonio and Wil-
liam Burgeon Denton
Washington December 19 At the re
quest of Mr Savers 80000 was today
transmitted to Gnlveston to pay for work
on the harbor
Oorge D Allen of Las Vegas New
Mexico boa hewn disbarred from practice
before the pension bureau for Iripropei
and unprofessional conduct
Mr Simpson of Kansas has Introduced
a bill In the house to place manufactured
wooleii3 on tho free list He interds to
uige ihe pill as nn amendment to the Wil-
son tariff bill
Washington December 19 The execu-
tive committee of the supieme lolge and
encampmi nt of the Knights of Pythias
to bo held in this city next August will
pen permanent heartquniten lure next
week and on Monday the various local
committees will be announced
Postofflce3 have been established at Fer-
nando Medina county Edwin F Howard
postmaster Malvern Fort llend county
Ilugpno M Allen pontmnstcr Postmus
lera appointed Cnm J II lunstord
vice A O Homer lehlgned Nevada C
T Davie vice W 11 llucker resigned
A valuable record of the money Order
biiblness kept In tho office of tho sixth
auditor of tile tieasilry Is missing The
loss was leportcd to tho sixth auditor
several months ago and thorough search
has been In piogiess since The Mvth
auditor made an empluttle denial today
of tho imputation that responsibility tot
the loss tests on the present ndmlnlstia
llon It lb doubtful if the pa pus cm be
Minnesotas 1iillroilil ghmrlni
St Paul Minn December II Tho show-
ing made for the railroads ot Minnesota
by the railway commission In Its annual
report this afternoon la a verv favorable
one In spite of the clepiesston of the
yenr Just closing The total number oi
miles of railroad in operation In Minne-
sota Is 5803 ot which 218 miles were con-
structed the lost > ear Of this eightylive
miles were consiiueted by the Duluth
Mesaba and Noithetn and flttyfivo miles
by the Hruliurd and Noithern Minnesota
Othci facts given are
Total gross earnings in Minnesota
for year June SO 370S700
Previous year 364 178JJ4
Increase for 1893 908008
Total freight revenue 1893 S77 72l
Previous year i 273170 1
Increase 4XM
Total passenger revenue 1891 89HU
Previous year 6018991
Increase ltiit iiW
The total proportional opeiatlng ex-
penses for Minnesota as r i irted by the
companies Cur the year ending June JO
1893 was Jl Ki2l the same for the previ-
ous year weie J20U8103 showing an in-
crease for 18H ot Jlt i619 The total
amount of dividends paid during the year
189S by the railroads operating in Minne-
sota for the entire time was I97 17
the same for the prev lous year was t Ut
903 un Inciease of Sl6866lb The following
compunles paid dividend for 1498
BU It Northern common stock tSSiW
Uhl Mil and St Paul common
stock 1838307
Chl Mil and St Paul pfd stock1701358
Chi nnd Northwestern common
Blockr 233iai
Chi and Northwestern pfd stock 1503432
Chi St Paul Minn ami Omaha pfd
stock 787970
Gioat Northern pfd stock 1000000
St Paul and Duluth pfd alouk 355011
Total J971715
In addition to tho above the following
companies not operating their roads report
dividends ns follows
St Paul Mlpnegpolb nnd Mani-
toba 8LM0000
St Paul and Northern Pacific 561712
Total 1501713
Numbor of paaserigow killed 3
Nunibcr Injured H
Number trainmen hilled 31
Number trainment injured 21
The total number of employes Ot the
roads reporting on June SO 1803 was 0t
680 sani tor previous year vva 84417
showing nn Increase for 1893 of 8283 Tho
wages and huhulos paid lu 1893 for all
lines were 887039181 the sanio for the
previous year were t63351S0J an increase
for 1893 of 11187079
Tile Hcriilds Hint
Greenville Heiald
Tho writer > f unonymoiM letters Is a
selfoonvtxted coward and the chances
nro an hundred to ope that ho is also a
liar As we are not running a private de-
tective agency writers of these sneaking
fakes will confer a favor by mailing
them to the shtilff or wmo other officer
In person Instead of to this paper
The Sunday Post
Galveston Tubun
The Houston Pirn issued a fortypag8
papir Sundiv morning the largest piper
ver prlntel tn 11 x i < Tin P > t ih He
lu I 1 pi I < H s ne ui 1 n in it ri
II II i i I i il l i t s i
a n i r t t i i f
I i of iirr ii itaj 011 da
elvelv Hint no c in1 existed for nlnriu re
Cnntnneil Frinii Tlrst Piige
been stopped by order of the govern-
ment and tho utmost anxiety Is ex-
pressed aa to the result of the battle
now going on between the lebels and
the government forces Later todny Cap-
tain Nunes new commander of he
Nlethcroy shipped sixty new men and
sent several of the New Tork crew
ashore The rest of the seamen shipped at
New York were compelled to snll de-
spite their strue for higher wages It is
thought there wis a serious struggle
aboard and several men who desired to
leave wcio finally clapped In Irons and
confined below derk
Iteflised Iteslgn
Yokohama December 10 Parliament
convened on the 23th of November and
was formally opened by the emperor on
Ihe 2Stb The house of representatives no
sooner met on the 29th than a motion was
made In effect that President Hoshl Torn
did not have the confidence of the house
After a heated discussion the motion
passed The house adjourned to give the
president nn opportunity to resign He
refused and states he will not resign on
any account ami In this position Is be-
ing upheld hy his party A motion was
passed yeatetday to address the throne
tespectlng the want of confidence In the
Quid Pro IIno for Free AVool
London December 10 The second edi-
tion of the Times has a dispatch from
Cnpe Town which says that sjr Wiener
candidate for the assembly and late com-
missioner to Chicago sold yesterday even-
ing the government at Washington was
asking the government of Cape Colony to
give quid pro quo for free wool Mr
Wiener is rpotted to have added that
the United States would not differentiate
but urged the general reduction of the
duty upon petroleum and timber which
are chlelly American products which re-
duction would have tho same effect
More Aiinreliy
Prague December 19 A large bonb
has been exploded outside of tho leslilence
nf Lawyer Wolff at PaUonltz Ilohernla
The house was demolished and several
other houses damaged by the explosion
olfr hla wife mid two dnughteis weie
seriously Injured by falling timbers
Sixtyfour pounds of dynamite have been
stolen from the government ammunition
depot at Phkomtz
Pour Mentors Drowned
Halifax N S December 19 Four
young pecple skating on Chocolate lake
four miles from here this afternoon broke
through lh Ice and drowned Three were
named Doyle two boys nnd a girl The
fourth a boy was mimed ONell The
la tiers body was not itcovered Mrs
Do > le neatly lost her life trying to save
the children being rescued by her 9year
old daughter
Hold Anilrtliists
Berlin December 18 A hundred anarch
ists some of whom were recently liber-
ated tiom prison met near this city yes
terday The spwikeis openly denounced
the social democrats nnd mention ot the
names of Hnvaclial Pallus Vuillant and
other anarchts was received with pro
longed applause Hie police took the
names of all present and It is expeOted
nrrestd will follow
A Pollllinl 1rlsoncr
Njw York Deiember 19 Dnslgn James
I Carter of the United States steamer
Detroit arrived here todnv on the steamer
Hlrius from Bio de Janelio having In his
charge as a political prisoner W Boynton
or Boyton who was anested In Bio for
attempting to dentroy Insurgent Admiral
De Mellos flagship Aquidaban
Hxfltiiiigrf s to Close
Liverpool December 19 The grnln and
provision markets here will observe as
holidass Satmdnv December Si Mondas
Dry ember 25 und Tuesday Decembei
New York December 19 Mcmbere of
the produce exehunge voted to close tho
exchange next frutuniny
PiiIjkiihij Airnlii Iroedeeil
London Dei i mbei IS A morning paper
commenting oil the admission of the
Territory of ftnlj to Stanhood Is Inclined
to the belief that polygamy Is again
practiced with impunltv nnd adds that
It Is even bcltted Mat the Monnrmg will
capture Nevada and exuclse considerable
lnlluenee ovei Ameiienn politics
Minister Threaten to Hcsif
Biussels December 19 The Independ
encct Beige newspaper says that at the
cabinet council todny tho ministers de-
cided they would all re lirn unless tho
rights agreed to support the rtteasure pro
vlding for proportionate representation
Itefmie to Obey tb Order
Huenna Ayr s December 19 The polleo
of Kosnrio refuse to obey the order of tile
supremo court to release Dr A ion and ask
for orders dlreet fiom President Penu
The matter will probably lead to a con
To Give Tlicm n Souvenir
Vienna December 19 The emperor has
ordered a special medal struck in oom
memoiatlon of Prince Foidtnanda voyage
around the oild The medal to be pre-
sented to each of his companions on tho
Flniinie uf Jnly
Rome December 19 The statement of
the new ministry to be presented to the
chamber tomoi row doali almost exclusive
ly with tha finances ot Italy
An Aonrelilnl Cniifenses
Madrid December 19 Joseph Cordlnn
an uniiichlsl recently anested at per
pigna has confessed being the father of
the llaceloiia outrage
The PiIiiio a Wllnens
Berlin December 19Prince Blsmttrck
has been summoned as a witness In the
ttlal of the libellers of Caprlvi which oc
curs Januniy B
Primf Agiilni lliinilia
Paris Dtwember 19Members of the
Bourse have had wire netting placed in
front ot tho galleries to prevent bomb
ViloploI null Ailjoiirned
Vienna Decembei 19 The relchstag nd
Joumed today after unanimously adopt
ing Hie Prague measures
Iliiillnn rletloiiH Postponed
Buenos Ayres December lSPelxoto
haa jsvat punw the ilectlonj fur msmbJis
of congress until Mav i
An ViiiMiloileit lliiinli
Tarta December 18 An unexploded
bomb waa discovered today in the cen
tral police bureau at Amiens
Hnrd un AiiitreHy
noma December 19 The f3 < n ftw deal
ing with anarchism Is said to be of most
drastic character
IlxiiliiMviK Bill Ai op I oil
Paris Deoember 18 The senate has
adopted the explore and association
A Ptlnee Siiloldea
Home December 19 The prince of Ior
tncaa suicided today with a tevulver
Hiiilill ililnr t
Berlin Dieiubu Is Count
i n
has bull pmd niubiasal i jt J n
t I
The llrltlsli ny
i I i i n r I i 1 t-
ie I libt mad3 a up
on the
garding It compa < 1 with the navies of
other power Th < perch w 1 tnnde after
the motion had been made tor Inquiry re-
garding the strength of tho navy nnd the
vote afterwards taken resulted In the de
feat of the motion thus showing conn
dence In the government
Piitilsliiiuiit Demnnileil
Melllla December 19 General Campos
baa demanded that Muley Agalf Inflict
exemplary punishment on KaynbeJs who
trv to steal boats from Ihe Rpnnlsh terrl
tbry Muley has agreed lo Inflict any
punishment short of death saying that
with the sultnn atone rests the power to
take lirn imd if their exenuMon is In
slsted on he will send them to the kultnn
America on the Spot
Peinnmbuco December 19 The Brazil
Inn warship Amorlsa Is repotted outside
tho harbat tonight All elections are post-
poned until March 1
No Piuiltm Wimteil
Ilerlln December 19 Newspapers con-
demn tho ptoponal to ptttdon two French
spies recently sentenced at Lelpslg
tttnle Dyimntltc
Vienna December 19 Two boxes con-
taining twenty kilos of dynamite have
bcoi stolen from the navy yards nt Pola
Cholly Id go WOBt out on a tranche If 1
wasnt afvvald those savages would bwaln
me Miss Smartly Oh 1 dont believe these
Indian braves would o so small a thing as
tlmtl Chicago ltecord
Shoe Merchant mensuilng her foot
Size two will Just about lit you I think
Utllo girl
Little Girl doing her own shopping O
dear nol Thats too laige 1 can wear
halfpost one Chicago Ttlbune
Eulalla sentimentally Oh no I have
no desire for great wealth 1 should be
very happy as tho wife of a noblo bread
v Inner
George practically And I should be
happy veiy happy ns the husband of a
good bread maker
bho concluded to learn Spare Moments
A sound of singing was percolating
through tho house from the kitchen
In that a Christmas carol7 asked the
No snld Tommy who was entertain-
ing the guest for the nonce her name
aint Carroll at all Its Flynn Indian-
apolis Journal
Tommlo Does Deacon Jones nlwnys tell
the truth
Mamma Why Tommle of course he
does What makes you doubt him
Tommle Well he said his little boy
could whistle Orites Ajar and I can
whistle loudcrn he can and I always have
to open em with my hands Chicago In-
ter Oceon
Yop may talk of Bill Jones and Bill
Walker 1111 Brown
Theres a bill that beats nil of them some
whore ln town
A bill that Is waiting for all of us still
And the name ot this great Bill Is Christ-
mas bill
Atlanta Constitution
Male Voice From Above sweetly Has
the voung man gone yet Tilly
1 lllv hesitatingly Why cr no Pop
Male Voice From Above more sweetly
Will sou please bring me up that pair
of boots you see by the door
The Young Man tremulously Ah er
Miss Tilly While you ure up I guess Id
better be going Puck
Bracing weather this
Yes Lend me 110
The vioutlier Is not up to that notch
New York Ledger
The PopoN llne > ellenl
BaltlmoieMd December 19 The popes
lntest pncyllcal dated Botne December li
W1 has been received by Cntdlnal Gib-
bons In summarising It Hie cardinal
It strongly recommends tho study of
the sacred scriptures to the cleigyuien
and htudenls und the study of Kiatern
langTiageu ttfuse In which the text was
originally written with a view to the
better understanding of the text of the
sciiptures in order to meet thd objections
of adversaries of tho scriptures
Leo XIII exhorts the pihsthood of the
CaTholic chuich und in particular Its
patriarchs primates and archbishops to
whom the puniuical epihtle Is addressed
to Btutly the Bible Two principal reasons
impel the pope to take thin step The
one 6 his deulro to see this glorious
source of revelation more safely and moie
abundantly openetT for the use of the
Lords tloik The other is his unwilling-
ness to tolerate that the same should
in any way toe violated by those who
either byi Impious daring openly attack
the sacred writings or imprudently are
scheming new and fallacious doctrines
He refers his readers to Second Tlmnthv
ill 1017 All t ilptuie Is given by In-
spiration ot God and Is profitable for
doctrine for reproof for correction for
Instruction tn righteousness that tho man
of God may he perfect thoroughly fur-
nished unto all good works
DIseonrslglUB Business
San Sah1 County Siai
We have been fuming and fussing
cussing and dtwiunsing around here about
polities for a rtKhl smart Willie and the
inoru we get Into It the mote we lont
know about It entirely and what muku
us so woldained mad about It U u
very llttlo attention paid to what we
say by them big felows up at Washing
ton like Cleveland Mills Voorheos and
slch like
The Zost IiiNiirniiee
McGregor objervtr
Keep a fresh Houston IMIy Post on
your person If you wish to avoid being
burled In the potters Held should you be
accidentally killed at any time when you
least expected It
A boy 18 years old was tried at Chat
lanoogH Tetin for the murder of n play
mate several > enrs oldor and acquitted
Yatllnnt the French bomb thrower waa
quite well known in Santa Fe N M
where he waa a teaelier of languages
Fat Salllo McAllister said to have
been the largest woman In the world haa
Just died at her home in Springfield Ky
The Topclta police Irani d has iidoptul
resolutions concurring hi Die suggintona
made n Guvernwr Lewellings tromp cir-
Henry Givens a negro with a bad name
was found hanging to a tree < n Weliatei
county Kentucky his Isidy riddled with
nv N Koberta wns fatally Injured
In Crittenden county Kentucky bv Ins
Hyeiroid son who braluod him with a
A disastrous Hood from the lake ner
i m bouth Buffalo N destroyeirrnuili
pi perty and drove 2500 people from ther
An attachment suit for 1300000 was be-
gun by the ThomsonHouston Klvetno
company against the Little Kuck Dlecttio
Railway company
C lft Aftrno > J llothwell of Mobeily vvus
aeqaltt iv the eonncll of that illy of
tti lnipeiehment charges made Mayor
jlt Uf J I Ugh i of v nliiii
jy hn I i
i i
n ll I Is la
I i > ni fnh 1 is
> P I II ii luian
1 o 1 ii I robbed ol u ij
A Yonng TexaT
C ° tllTsiff t
ell Wed 4 I
° lo Otiu
New York Dec Tj
marriage hetwemabori >
W or 14
was bioughtI
lay through 1tr iUttt
courts Theb eCT 0
secret The bridememm Zmvi > >
hta father dm X
too great a Uraln for
alone She confided v t1
teacher The tmcher
rhnMBC t
Mnry Louisa Gray the WJ
her name Oray
er boy husbands na
rre Bh 7 1
d tho u
ceremony was
her was taken today by i B
ThonotNoai3ri i
to Judge Truax In he
chambets a petition for the
of guiudlan Mtaai
davit that se s lh
clnlph I Gray
T She lives with
Mrs Bua
t > second street and herunlr m 1 U
Mves in this BUt are ber
Charlotte C Hamilton i
Dr L Hamilton Burch
Since hho waa minted to roffiI
by Bev Dr Houghton of th8rZa
tho Transllgnritlon the haj
with him u auat Mr
she wished to become LS9 m
Louise who has ltved vita
thirteen years iun5
Jungo Tnn rlgned the
panerj ui
will immediately be brought toM
mnrrlace Both bride and iromiim
lous to have the knot uT u
piank untied
Kiinvpiim iiv iipjicuj wil
lleiuillfnl Ainerlcnn Girl ft
Into the Mounlilin
December 19 The pair u
the district of ConcorJii J V
Ituml Gimris are In close pureiih iWU
lw d tr > of Mexicans who Man Bils 1
Chariotte Niwman jtaiJ
a pretty > to
girl a few dajs ago Bticoi
JlKs Nivmm lived at Manila
her moUur who Is highly rtiptrH
was on In r way by u fin J
Callenie to Matatllin whea thi t
suddenly reined up at a call fen
r < Md > d wh r four men oa w
sat coollv to nilng revohers ttil
There iis no demand forcobiui
the quiet manners of the hlghiojia
driver i oukl draw no Ilea ol ttu
of llielr di mands AiTile out ca
a gun on the driver and anctorcr
to ihe ho ses the other two tJ7t
the end of the coach nnd conrttati
quesed the young lady to ooa c
frightened girl recopilzed thjltr t
a magnllleent looking fellow UlH
dez her njritej loier anl tetej
plot sho be ged the paaKrsm t
Valdez warned them to Oonjthlit
as tney had no urearms they jut
protest against the action ot ttt
robbers AflT urging Mini Newo
come out without avail Voldet id
companion laid hold of heridtv
her lo Hin horses plidos her >
and tying her to the paddle and tier
the hore Into tlie mountains IU1
can auti orit < s were at onct rT
the kidnapping of the youtj Mr
A Xiinilicr of Prlnoncrs Kitty
Little Ldt Ark Pecemiu II
convltts b iil to a planter tear P-
Ark esi I 1 today Ttiey n a
escnpe h m rpovveovs the fja 1
prlwmers s ntmifil to vurlUi ttt
the penltHlarv to have
of th
test I
= sc
m n
it OS
kja a
here todav i q 1 l t n t islor
county J ill nt Arkira CU > atettr
ers com H if 1 of larceny ctafd
Little lteik l ill last night
The Juror Had
Now YoIt December 19TH JJlinJ
trial adinurnd until Thuratoy > saicior
jf Juror Loe ior
of the Ilia ss
had on ull pile fit It f
ufter the adjournment of ttj w
the Juror was once an Inmite a
This fact mar W 11
sane Bfljluni
mist lal
the Chief
Tahlequah 1 > fi
peachui hares against
were reclvl m 1 c iJ
The Jft
senate jMrf
trim <
he was HtipiiiM
ttlal Second Thief Tehae U
principal chef
Bonder villi C B j
Del DKnW
ioiH > drmllatpar
near liei
hero cxpl tl TJi
Gallagher agJ W Jfs
Killed ny < J
Burbnnks S
lghlng MWDo2t were T
lr eeert
killed by
Ylrglllla S f t
Itlohniond Va crr8
lnturc today elerted for yl
p y
Unlttsl Stita senawr
and Thos S Mirtln WJJ
ar w rrl Tw
Some heads w
undergo womans
vo offer <
othert Pn
Of both mother arc
3 Wo
6 > y
t the
J not
4 It
ta i
A m
7 in
> troni
1 iitar
4 Bjj
hi j
> >
1 itlray

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