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.... will have four armored divisions on active duty. The first and 4th are at Ford Ilocid, Texas, the 2nd...-Unspunnen Sept. 5. The 40 c blue, pink, and gray commemorates the 25th International Automobile Show to be held.... The 5 centimes brown , gray, yellow and red publicizes the National Philatelic Museum Exhibition... costume. tume. The 20 c red and gray adhesive shows an Alpine horn blower of the 19th century... the Bel gian Congo show the front and back of King Albert I Memorial coin. The 4.50 franc is blue

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... of Pittsburg were here Friday to visit his grandfather, Alex Brice, patient in Memorial Hospital... with the Alaskan theme. Special music will also be a part AH Baptist la- ♦ ♦ ♦ (Memorial Hospital visiting hours i... 2 to 4 sad Tislp m.) Mrs. Dewey Clifton of 914 Church street has been admitted to Memorial Hospital... for medical treatment. Earl Adams of 460 Connally is a medical patient at Memorial Hospital. Mrs. J. D. Tubbs... of Dike, Route One has been admitted to Memorial Hospital for medical treatment. David Gibbons

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... to 16.50; good heavy fat bulls 11.00-12.00; most good and choice veaiers 20.00-25.00; odd head choice... Tuesday night at 7:30 in the dining room at Memorial Hospital. Dr. Lester Hodges, local physician... Rome. Menzies said he expects to be in Washington from March 13th to 20th, after a trip to Canada... Wednesday for conferences w:th Canadian officials. Menzies Arrives For Conferences Federal Jobs Show Decline

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... material at regular classified rates. IN MEMORIUM — Memorial eulogies, whether in prose or poetry... to Buy 11— Let’s Trade 12— Used Cars for Sale 13— —Auto Service-------- 14— Tires, Parts, Supplies 15.... ’54 OLDS SUPER 88 4-Door. Power Brakes. W.S. Tires. 12,000 Actual Miles. Has Everything. thing. Going.... 7th & Cotton Belt Tr. Ph. 799 CUSTOM-MAID UPHOLSTERY CO. See Us For Seat Covers and Upholstary C. L

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... and Dec. 31, 1952. 12. Junior yearling heifers, calved between Jan. 1 and April 30, 1953. 13... , i . “Celebrating Oug 44th Year” ■ WELCOME, STOCKMEN WM. A. ROTE j, ■ Representing , INTERNATIONAL....' ; t ' , .. - ' . ■ ■ ...... ,/uv. ^ ' 11. Settlor yearling heifers, calved between Sept. 1 and Dec. 81, 1952. 12. Junior

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... tenderizer pounds) 1 teaspoon (optional) 1 cup minced celery 1/2 cup minced onion 2 tablespoons butter... or margarine garine 1/2 cup water 2 bouillon cubes 1 cup uncooked converted long grain rice 1/8 teaspoon... with string. Brown lightly in drippings. Place with 1/2 cup water in deep baking pan or small Roaster. Cover..., if present, from liquid. Reserve 1/2 cup liquid for later use. Dissolve bullion cubes in remaining liquid... and spoon rice around roast on platter or chop plate. Slice roast across grain and cover with remaining 1/2

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... By Aatociated Preoo Today is Sunday, March 6th, the 65th day of 1965. There are 300 days left this year. Today... governors bad deelared holidays on banking locally, and at one o’clock in the morning of March 6th, 1933... frontier. , [dace on the Ten years agq. today, the U. S. First Army captured Cologne, the 4th largest city.... The aircraft carried 12 persons and was on a shuttle fiight from Midway Airport to a suburban field. The 30

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... - ■ -r**•'$**♦> ’ 4E OUT AND VISIT 1th US WHILE YOU ARE IN TOWN! WELCOME, STOCKMEN! AND VISITORS! Year...................................... 12-18 months i ......rr~,r'= . ,r-: 3.________________-________18-24 months 4

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.... 7th St at Cotton Belt Tracks Phone 799 Congratulations! C. E. WINGO & SON “Quality Feed..., calved between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 1952. 1 12. Junior yearling heifers, calved between Jan. 1

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...& • M.;' »;« Sife• HOLYCOW, AIN'T SHE SATISFIED, KNOCKIN' TH' RX)R GUY OFF'N HI5 HOUSE? SHE GOTTA... against encroachment by business or industry. This means, in effect, .giving th£ welfare of a neighborhood... contttirv, one month. 76c; three monlhe leash in edvenee) 12.10, eix month, (caeh in advance) $4.00 i one... hanks say No! THE BACKWARD LOOK I Remember— When all women looked like women. When 12,000 packages... back fbr a look ., said a fountain of lava was spurt- ness an^ the commodity level ing in th

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... setting aside the week of Ma rch 6-12 as Girl Scout Week. Witnessing the ceremony, left to light, are Mary..... The 54-yeju-old Giles was picked up in downtown Austin about 12:45 p. m, He ’,waB taken to the Travis... helps veterans buy farms and ranches. On January 24th, Giles refused to testify about his business... December 16th, 1953, and enter- (Continued on Page Eight) SULPHUR SPRINGS students are all set to do

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... this past month compares favorably with 2.73 pounds for the 1954 grazing period, which began February 12... the previous year, and 10-20-10 sales were six time# above -63 figures, Much smaller were sales 0-1-1 (0-12-12... Night - Mar. 11th 8:00 p. m. ADMISSION: Adults.. Students ..$1.00 ...50c Sponsored By SULPHUR SPRINGS

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...—some with stripes and check trim. SPRING FASHION FAIR 12.75 Mr 29.75 ‘i-L, Eastern Star To Meet Stated meeting... of Sulphur Springs Chapter No. 718 Order of the Eastern Star Monday night, March 7th at 7:30. Murrell Bell, W

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... blood condition. After 12 days of tests, doctors say only that they have found some leads that might.... mentions the animals used: atone for nian’s sin by th'e'promhie ** A nil fkui’n ■/• a n:n as tnaoennnni- »n

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... together in a great experience of faith, love and vision (Acts 2:9-12). And as the new movement of faith... after Christ, even in so-called Christendom, th* is tom with racial prejudices, section hatreds

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... to restoration work, will be determined. “The first step will be to build By DION HENDERSON Th* outdoors seems... that the number is Almost a military scefet. Th* »d Santa Gertrud* were the first distinct brand of cattle... will be run on May 7th and will offer its top purse -$125,000—an increase of $25,000 over recent years. When... drive March 19th-26th. George Trautman, the presidenl of the National Association of |W?j fessional

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... of the forum, will preside at the luncheon which is to be held at 12:80 in Fellowship Half piibr to the address... Falls, Wisconsin, was, the setting at four o’clock in the J afternoon, February 12, for thej nuptial...-------...---- |1.8S DAVENflT 15 denier, regularly $1.60, now only ....... $1.2S DAVENFIT 61-80 of 15, regularly $1

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