The Daily News-Telegram (Sulphur Springs, Tex.), Vol. 59, No. 139, Ed. 1 Wednesday, June 12, 1957: Searching Inside

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... CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. 7th * Cotton Belt Tr. Ph. 5-27*1 LUMBER Loan*—Plana Ectimataa F. H. A. Title 1 Loan... Building Supply Livestock Market Chicago, June 12 OH — Salable cattle 17,000; calves 200; fairly active... cows 14.50-16.60; canners and cutter 12.00-14.50; a few lightweight canners 11.00-11.60; bulls 18....75 down; a few choice vealers 26.00. Fort Worth, June 12 Ml—Cattle 2,400; calves 500; cows strong, others... fully steady; good and choice steers and yearlings 19.00- 23.00; fat cows 12.60-16.00; canners

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.... Price! Tampere, Finland, June 12 Wl —Soviet Party Secretary Khrushchev offered the prediction today... the comment in an off-the-cuff speech at the Lenin museum in Tampere. Said the visiting Soviet leader: 'NFo

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... in $12.95, p-DryI) r r s s c s $5.95, $8.95, $10*6, $14.95 and up. Black Sheaths—$12.95 and up.... IN MEMORHJM — Memorial eulogies, whether in prose or poetry, are accepted only as paid material at regular...’s Trade 12— Used Cars for Sale 18—Auto Service Id—Tires, Parts, Supplies 18—Male Help Wanted 18—Female... and Board 12—Sleeping Rooms 88—8hoe Rebuilding Id—Houses for Rent 86— Wanted to Rent 88—Miscellaneous... A POSTED: No trespassing. J. C. Turner place 2 1-2 miles out on crush road. 11. M. BRYANT—You arc

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... Straight Win to Move Up Dallas, June 12 IP — Make way for 8an Antonio’s hustling Missions. Th# Alamo City... on the 17th and next to last green at Rochester’s Oak Hill last sum- New Briefs the National League, fiol... their 7th straight win, « 5 to 2 decision over the Philadelphia Phillies .... And Ruben Gomez of the New... the frontrunning Cincinnati Redlegs from the 6th-place St. Louis Cards. The Milwaukee Braves are In 2nd only one... and the Dodger* are one-half length further back in 4th. One National League record set last night and another

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... Washington, June 12 iF — President Eisenhower entertained 40 Republican congressmen at a White House...., June 12 IF — A call for more help was issued today as rescue workers continued digging into 60 tons..., some at $12 and a few at $30. Judge Owens said the equilization hoard also will seek to obtain a more... Windows Spectators See Guided Missile Fired in Florida Cape Canaveral, Fla., June 12 (F — Thousands... Harlingen, June 12 Oft — The U. S. cotton reason was officially opened last night. The first bale of cotton

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