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... CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. 7th A Cotton Belt Tr. Ph. 5-2721 --Lumber Loans—Plans, Estimates F. H. A. Title 1...-4469 Livestock Market Chicago, Oct 13 (41, — Cattle 28,000; calves 200; slaughter steers 1,2Q0 lbs. and below... rEPHENS 5-4177 Appliances—New A Used Sales Sc Service Kansas City, Oct 13 141 — Cattle 12,000; calves 2...) — Dec. 1.12%; Mar. 1.16%. Corn (new) — Dec. 1.12%; Mar. 1.16%; May 1.18%. Oats’— Dec. 63%-%; Mar. 65.... S. Steel 85 1-2 up 1. Investment quality corporate bonds were steady. There was little or no trading

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... ,Wilma Amonette attended the lee Capades and other Dallas quite ill in the Longview Greggton Memorial... Foods won't bum or boil over/ Huntsville, Oct 13 HI—The 2nd performance of the 27th annual Texas prison... pepper, 1 cup diced cucumber, 1-2 cup melted butter or,margarine, 2 cups soft bread crumbs, salt.... Hospital New} Older Folks Show More Interest in Dancing (Memorial Hospital visiting hours 3 to 4 and 7 to 8.... Willie Johnson has b e,e n removed to his home at Pickton after medical treatment at Memorial Hospital

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... joint venture of the National Speleogical Society and the New York State Museum. The couple... from her pledge of seclusion in 1917 by Pope Benedict the 15th, who assigned her to accompany Cardinal

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... JUST RECEIVED— 10! Shipment of pottery and Begonia Azalia flower pots. Also, 12 inch... St. paid material at regular classified rates. IN MEMORIUM — Memorial eulogies, w h e t h e r..., Mass. GENUINE SHEET ROCK 4x8 1-4 inch Per Sheet ____$1.12 4 x 8<4-8 inch Per Sheet____$1.44 4x8 1-2..., Tyler, Tetfes Tuesday, October 14, 1958 — 12:30 p. m. Farm Located: 4 miles from Tyler city limits qn... 10— Wanted to Buy 11— Let’s Trade 12— Used Cars for Sale 13— Auto Service 14— Tires, 1 ai

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...’s Body Laid To Rest in Rome Vatican City, Oct. 13 Wl—Pope Pius 12th Was laid to rest today near the tomb... Of UF Drive Awaits Push Wright Patman To Speak Here On Nov. 15th Representative Wright Patman... were help- Oct. 12 in a one-car accident five miles east of Sulphur Springs State Highway Patrolman... fired the 5th in the current series of test shots at the Nevhda proving grounds today. The shot... Springs for 34 years, died at 8:50 a. m. Monday at Memorial HoipitaL She made her home at 801 Radio Rogd

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... /AW. IT AalREACV 7 I NEVER TH' SCRUFF OF MS VWONDERFUL\WASNT- /SAID THAT. I HEARD A swasssfr OH HCW... I TO TH* CHIEF OF AWFUL JAIL! vSf NUTHIN, •/POLICE, IT SURE WMMT Few people run out of gas while... ovef 16 million union labor members is only a little more than the $1,600,000 which 12 prominent

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... at Princeton, Charlie Caldwell perhaps embellished the single - wing with th'e belly series to a j greater...: Sulphur Springs at Gainesville. Results last week: Sulphur Springs 20, Ennis 6; McKinney 12, Garland 8

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