The Houston Daily Post (Houston, Tex.), Vol. XVIth YEAR, No. 296, Ed. 1, Friday, January 25, 1901 Page: 7 of 10

l A
it t c n n
Gfini Central Depot
920 No 700rn
1040 P No 4 030 m
lisU No 16 100 m
r ° n
an1 Vev 0rcnn Trnln
was foraiuutod
i 20 > No 5 1000 p n
< 7 25pm No 7 8 55a m
700 m N6 tOISp m
to to artA n1Ai1t llr for Uil
2ivTna l < l ouch cars
> l e Uom Hvuton vlt the C
j it Ts a nr a
Orand entral Depot
CnUtarnln Trnlns
1115 p m Atrlve 335 a tn
Snn Antonio Trnlim
915 m Arrive 705 p ia
Gran Central Df pot
por rnlvc ton nml Lit Tortc
915 Arrive No a900 m
w tSkV 800 m Arrive No 530 p m
rtNo5 5 ° P m AKe No 4 0S pn
tfos 6 mi 7 runs Sunday only
jr v tTT si n it
925 i Arrive 335pm
5 t a r nr
Oran4 Central Depot
905 n Arrlie 550 pm
o c s7r it it
Orand Central Depot
Main Iilnc
700 a ra Arrive 1105 m
730 p m Arrive 920 pm
OliHrston Trnlns
700 am Arrive330 a m
730 p m Arrive 645 pm
Additional Sunday Spcclalj
855 am Arrh 840 a m
150 T m Arrive 910 p m
Al l ltiM trainsItaie the Santa F e Congress
Xve Depot io minutes later than the aboe
II V A AV7 T It 11
r th Ward
nt6iS > Express TrainArrive 1000 pm
Grand Central Depot
ire720pm Arrive 900 an
Sbrevtport Kansas City and Cincinnati
1 K t Jl Jt
J K A T Depot rtftH Wnril
M910 m 935 a m
jve70Spni Arrve850 pm
I t U S It It
Depot foot of Conuress Avenue
tit Mali to St IonU nml Clilcngo
mSOOpn ArrKe 430 m
in 700 a in Arrive 755 pn
Colombia nnil clniro Triitns
n 800 am Arrive 445 p m
Dallv Lirept Sunday
ir900am Sunday only Arrive 445 P m
a ii CTi n it
D pot fool of Congi ess Avenue
Galveston Train
NOTE Train leavlnsr Houston aU 4S P
ra and arriving at Houston at j j a m and
msa ti also run Into Orand Central de
fot departlne io minutes earlier and arrlv
fatten minutes latir than tlm clven above
Art trains arrive and depart from the Grand Cen
1 depot tJtiept the Missouri Kansas Texai
ihiLwilch have a depot In the tifth ward the In
utortal Great Northern and Columbia Tap
ilcbcse ihe International and Great Northern de
itoa Congress avenue and the Houston bast and
Ut Terns mornlnc train which l aves from and
at the Houston East and West Texas depoti
Mlsiourl Kansas Iexa and Galvestonv
iwtcnt Henderson trains pass Ihe International
iKjeeetpfetthern depot
merican Plan S2 and 2 50 Day
uropean Plan Room SI a Day
Electric Llthti Bteam Heat Pasaenger ana
t EleTator Call and Ileturn Bells la
rterti Newly and Finely Furnished
erruitr Modern
erlr ct Cinltol Hotel Houston Tetat
150000 hw been expended In remodeling
now is a
HMPRin K vr Manager
Ur N Jiaie5
1 OTIS Elevator
rooms with bitb
S2 50 to 3 > M
Imt of modern typo
Cold Copper Craphil
Valuable Minerals Discovered
rrelKht Mm miu In SenMon ntK
latin Ttntc lo IntrrMMr Points
nml Ave Working Like llcnvcrs
Prof X J tfartu 0t LUno la In tho
city on n lniport4nt mission 1J0 jB
trying to Interest capitoland experienced
miners In the neemlngly wealthy ana
Inexhaustahlo mineral lands lround Llano
and offers to domonatrato thtt fabulous
mines exist tliero by exhibiting samples
ot sraphlte asbestos gadollnlto and gold
and coppor
Graphite Is used fop many things
nmoug them tho making of ltad for writ
ing pencils stone
polish lubricating ma
tcrlal and in tho arts The large lump
exhibited by Trot Badu Is pretty
nearly pure graphite Ono rnn whittle
off a few chips from It an arlto as
legibly and as oaslly as one could with
tho average high grade soft pencil This
sample came from a depth of only twen
tyfive feet bolow the surface ot tha
earth Tho supply seems to bo unlim-
Tho samples vt asbestos are also of a-
very high order and Micro is compara-
tively an unlimited quantity of this nra
proof article there and within easy reach
ot those who care to tnUe It out of the
ground The Kadollnlto Is one ot tho
rarest minerals In the world and j said
lo sell at tho mte of 1000 per lound
when refined Only Ho places are lwown
on tho earth whero It Is found do i Is
tylrt One ot these If nt Llano aid tho
other Bornehero In North Carolina
Yttrium Is produced from gadolmllr and
Is tired In the aits
Tfccrc aro thousands of acres ot ths
mineral around Llono said lrof lUdu
We hao gone down In the rarMt only
a llttlo more than 700 f et and Zoned
tremendous quantities of those mine Is
Now at that depth we huo Uken out
as flno ipcclracns of gold and copper js
the world hts eicr Jcen Tins shown
what no have 3t will b > roadll rc
membcied toy mlnlns mon that they didnt
meet with any success t Cilpplo trenk
until they had reached i depth ot SQO
Mi S K B MorBC painongT traffic
raartJgor ot thn Southern Pielfio lines
jvatt much interested In the wmpltts of
mlntnls town It will vet bo dem-
onstrated ttut I have proven J true
iprcphet ho chucUIrd jlicn I said
jcara ugo that Texas had uore wealth
llaiis tor A 12 StUsscIli Knuinn Uy
Jlexlio it ml Orient
rvweut Water Tc is January Th
rest torrcspondent railed on Mr H h
McOauiley ct v110 1lrul of TPdujicII
ia r riviVCS
iI5 Jf pUce < 1 ° > e lnVnsAt sail ran
H 00 H ha t < 1
thi UnUefl WalW ar i t t
anil M i > t > r
t and mi
Many Olhc io unu < > fa
rt r < lti
j saXi soinirH
Tlim Hue
from the
Anunoror lnjuted and n ano
diers irom the rhtllppfim glands
a s through Houston this morning be
vMn i and 6 oclock on tho Sunset
oastbound ratn They nr en route to
Washington D C whore they So to rJ
ctoe medical attention
Most of three men tuffer It said
from Insanity contracted In thePhilip
pteeo a k consequences of hard campaign
Ins nod Illness When these men en-
listed as soldier they stwd a critical
test ts to physlcnt condltloa And T > er
pronounced lroas > t pexteot
ThCs shlpmeot K only one ot tho many
that has passed through llouttoa In tho
last eighteen months
ritRiaiiT mux n snssiov
Ihe iilicnmmlttce Still AVrcultlim
svltli Jinny Irulilrmri
The subcommUtee ut the Southwest
Freight comraltitcc which met in lions
ton Wadncaduy morning was still w rcst
liag 11111 freight rates o Interetato
paltilf ye r ay It is umlcrs > Uod that
the grain mte and a number ot others ar9
fettled but tflio members of tho sub-
committee rofufce to give out anything
about the partloulars ot tlw rates made
or rertsed This Information will uvo to
comi dlreot from tho hcndquurlem of the
Southwest Freight commltteo ot St
Irtuis and all statements ancnt the work
of this meeting to the coutitary nro
spc < ul Uc
i ranhandle nnd Guf rtallroid
tors In 5 to relse their reto sheets
company In rfhls Stoto wblrh Is a link
Mexico and Orient
tvery particular fifty private bath rooms Konetas City Mo thivjugh
ffiffir solicit your business
rT J TToYLE Prnnrletors
Formerly the Capitol
the Heart of Houston
Kls l ne l wbB Drummers Hum6
ffi troprutor
Colonel MuCluru mi n luiuit
Colonel A K McClute tho Philadel-
phia newspaper man stmrtfd Friday on a
Journey Which will consumo a Httlo oor
a montb and which will ba > e cocicd a
toral dwance when completed of JfiSo
miles The colonel with hU family iind
a party W friend It tourlns Uic Pnclflo
coast arid Mexico In the prlvstte car Pil-
grim die haei Iswed u teatrilfully Koitcn
up Jtlnerar of the trft ho Is taUlnj a
copj ot which reached Now Orleans yes-
The Journey whll Include stops at Chi-
cago Silt Uake City Sju HanclHro Lps
Angeles Cit > ot Jiexico V < > ra Cru Fn
Antonio Now OrlPanK llirmlnghaui nnd
Nttutal nrlde Tho party will reach
Now Oileanf Sundiy Kebmary 1 over
tho Southwi IMelfle and leM over tho
Quci > n and Crescent the following morn-
> ist Ilrpflf for Cameron
Oammion Texas January It Today
lEjquIre Iankford recelvod lotters from
the San Vnfotilo and Vran as Pats and
Santa Kb rallroaMs In antmer 16 a potl
titn sent them some time ago pra > lux
for n < vv pamKager depots ahd sopinUo
wtiltlnf rooms Tho reply nfsures htn
that iwcirit will be begun Upon the uuv
tindcrsround on top of sraunl in tho ibuiidingi Jn the wiriy futurp whkh la
air and nvatcr m cry where tbJti ioiy
othur Stalo in the Union
Prof Badu will remain In Houston sev-
eral dajs Llano is the terminus ol tno
Austin and Northwestern roid and is
about 65 miles from Houston
gcrod nw as one w < iltuig room Is in
pufllclfint for bob whlto and colored
Gulf Itiiiids UnrnliiKt
iXustin Texas January 34 The San
Antonio a aid Gulf railway paid the comv
roller M723 today pasrengor tax on
li2 9 passenger carnlngn Tor tho quar-
ter ending Deceitfbsr 3i 1000
otrn nml IVrsnnnlR
1 H Goodwyn general frolRht > sent < t
idle faata Fe was hore ycitetllny
i Ct B Wlckhatn has befn appointed gon
urnl rcadioaCtor of tho ItocK Wand
McCauUty ifor information ijbaut tho pr j Cnait < s D fioldlnf wmramcial jscnt
crcis of tho Kansas City Mexico and n lho rtocls Ulanj vr in Hrrttn > o tcr
Orient railroad Id
Thcee Keatlemenaro clficcrs and dlrct1 The pausenrer ratn clorlts of Tetaii
lines wlll men In San Antonio 1obrUary
Captain T D Cobb one of the Soiilih
ot tho Kansas Cy iera PaclB attomeys spent > fi erday
line and are necessarily In close touch i the city and ltft last nt lu for bin
Jtome In Sin AntJiio
with tho great railroad movement The
MIU i > at Mr Mccaullcy 8W of l rJTe Sd °
this enterprise rifle dep t fit Ika4iam Texas Jn its
llio Kianeaa City Mexico and Orient lpUce wilt be reotod a handsome pressed
rtrarnishlnEthlshoteLitisnowfirstclasi railroad line belns constructed from brick depot rraehlnK from 3dan fo Center
Kansas OMa treotn
Ic eleitor lieht plintt eenril h nu and Texas and Old Mexico to tlio mroa yauil l no longer the sieent ot
litlpmmt unsurpassed new American rflan a 0ulf of 1rrer l01 ac 1Ilp con Ys the fjjuthern Vaolflc > t ilowin City He
Jf350nerdav rmelt lurklh BithWomj Vy Wichita ICan und runs Ins outU ncd J nuaty 1 and II M Vounu
Vlhil00W terly diremion oroins tho W Mli nt t for > oan there has been
lino nwr QuanUh and comes to Sweo usrMij a3 hio eue eaior Baron Natill It
niter and San An efo Texas from oan < iunder < < tot > d Is at present In Now
Anselo the line hibs In a wwtery and y
toittW cstcrly dlreaUto o3ainK the Jilo Tle hajrojer 0f the various territorial
tlrando liver noar mIdlo Del Norte pMefncr oreaniMtitns contitutrjig L h
Tho city fit CMhualjun Mexico Js on nj nten Appsmted by tho merc n
the llnonnd Port Hrlli c41 ifjtmorly TopoaMocUtlcm 1o crfWniza n bureau of pro
lobaropo will bo the termlrtus neotton arainst ticket forgery te aro
Tho necessity of this road to develop l0 TOeet Jn 0nlrwro Kebruary 6 and take
tho ast Teisources of the territory t1 wrk qf f0rnmating pluis
> nninot
throush which It would pa s
questioned by any one who
with the nubject In faat
through Kansaj Oklahoma
goes ithroiRh a section of co
TPrt Cordova Hotel at Dcauio > ery ileflceiit a railroad isaporlntrndcnt of the JUnniluI termlining an answer to tin petition otthif
iti TV i one ° the finest hotoU In
n9 bens both tb
na run on
fi E 0Pan plan
SSSl D aumont will
ommod ton1
And superior
by patronizing the Im
statu coMiimtriAii cimi
< ens to Ornnnlri One tu lie Held
VU ln >
Thj j Mijor J
of W
i o iriWJi Jr ton a to-
t h us ul n > at
re t JaenB > f romr Ul clubt
tirro T3 > HvJirt at 1o
S nf nS Pc d lo bo nre
SlzTm for a Stato commercial
El iVi at in vhen
miwr ot coinmorri scut
rtrwlar o
Ww n i3 cltlta cf Tews
mimV 7 MPr ° 83lon if opinion as
oe isJf tlmo 1 IP f cr
il4fl fL al irsanlwtiims
Mil for this
nnJ Ibsiied by
la 1 0 of commctce ItJgJn
neroute M as cl sn ing fiotu
rous cl > y 0I isations
TU n
r i MW I niUil IMtoI
S J i ry 2lBouth
ttrSu n ° ers 5od P nnd
Mti1 rompanloo were playlns
a the ntlT al Craf Thompsons
ol ii VWr b0 Cot hM of nn old
Wi PPed the gun at AVIIlie
MIlMon fd
ietrtreMIlMon and the llttlo
th ranKe uscfulnees
pj V it othor Temcdy K day
4 r hVi it every household c
bet Al E KNllns Uiugsist 503
will Elvo beUer annectlon onween tno gu j08eph aM al Kansas crHltors 1iad < xirtrc < l > To answer lo tho
Brent nouthittet and Wie groat souowcit Mr Honj raa been In th ncrvico i pi ttlon was therefore filed and tborc
than an > other rwd can Give iof nrtDglsn for thirty y ar be
This BTMt line uT n ginniiM < as a me enier imd being em
longer lu the ase ot iproiuojon The Mw aj t < onVph opiJHtl
l TL STVr dally maklts There is cite nuUiorttr for UU
ntnietlon of too ro any ypar ineo railroad have bean
balus oontraotM for tho dHtanee be
toen ithec two points aUaut 303 miles
of compleited road contract includes t d
ngw snitches and tetitlens and every
road Tlno parties are new at ork la
Texas survejlns and otior corr of on
KlnccrH w4II be In Texas in few weeks
reparations are now bolng made to be
at edly
poostructloU in Teras an
date V decision haa at been
when this work bo begun In
this State but In a few i
rartbMt The first work IU probably
be dono In Texas between SwetV ter
and San Angelo The work Is aho pro
grWSlng in Old Mexico from rfrt 3tlI
of tbo Fuerte
well this ay tip the valley
r Mr John Cate has the buslntst
clirtrgo at lort fitlUell and 1 P J
the busloe ery raPldl > J do not t ok
of ho
there It any question
Mr A m i
nrfruocion of this road
not confined to tha blfi trunlt lines or the
lerge uptem Nearly eey rallroatl In
the country hl nude sueli sii faoUjrjr
earnings that all nrt lu copillHou ftnan
cially to Invest In new equlpmrrft trot
treicnt can
under tlUs contraot the company
about ready lo lay rail and completing
this part of the road
iwe In the
Several oorp wf engineer
ditrlbuted along tho line of th
i j riLCK iiEAii
WkoiI Jlun hiirennilicil to Injuries In
flhtnl > Holiliem
Tyler Texas Jaumr 21 E T Hick
the aged man who was anauIIH an < t
robbed Monday night la a julfiln near
the Cotton Helt station d < < l ths mcrn
ln r from tho effeots of th wounds Ho
montrn ot the never rejalned consclouauosa Officers
left todsy for a point iu Arlttusas vherq
they erpect to mako an important an est
tomorrow What clow tney ha < 3 li not
known as tbey arc ory retiiont n iipeik
Ing about the ca
picn Milling Comtmnr for Mclvlnne
MdKlnney Tbxaj January f3 Anotter
milling company fo McKlpnoy Is belnsr
svell is the president and prcmroter and organjed bjr ioca cat > ltHa3 vho me
has very stronK aosislanco frcm 3lr w m jribmg iberallr to Us Mplil lock
SlUedier who 1
prwldeut and a very tfrbng raw lla
knciallr a nn of BrC8t 3
V large portion of the funds rieedud
for thls enterprise have Hr hten
ourl m ot Mr stllfle h lhe 8 w
ii ri t KM Yoa Hav Atars BosgM
had been no adjudication of Uinkrufitu
and no seizure of goodn bad been nude
The hinkruiiay provJdcs that the
death Af a bankrupt hai1 not abate the
proceedings but the same ehall be ton
Mrvea und new coasts for tho con tint in h y r l ducted arideonctuded in tlo MM uutu
be fcullt io Toaas m mi cjuutry
d Ctonstrticti u is IH far posntblc w the
itVV tTH c t tn Tt in
il jti 2j
ner as as 19 though
bankrupt had not dlod Tbo Jaw further
provides U > it ithe wldtiw and ehlldien ot
such deceased bankrupt aru cntntlcd lo
all allowaucea fixed iby tho Stato Uv >
T cre havlirg ibeen no adjudication in
this case nor any selztiro of goods it was
with considerable interest that tho far-
ther procecAngs ot the bankruptcy court
Here watched
Judge Brytuit Ins however appolfltcd
Deputy United Sialcs lilarshal K T
Borough temporary receiver ponding the
hearing of the potlHon of tho creditors
Mr iDorougha fopnd as temporary eroiver
Aas fixed at fOCiOO and he Is authon cd
to t ke possession ot tho estate and pre-
serve tho same subject ito tho further cr
ders of the court
The matter Trill be heard before Judge
Hryant at Jefferson on January Jl xtten
it will be dc ermlned whether or not the
temporary appointment of a receiver shall
be made final
Tie bankrupt Jowolry firm of Taylor
Hroi of Houston has offered n composi-
tion of SO coats ou the dollar carfb and
a majority of the creditors havo nccjpted
the offer A bearing of tbq APplIsUion
t to confirm the composition trill be tad
before Judge J U Burnrttt refera in
bankruptcy for the 6outhern UlvUlan ot
tbfe tlastern dtstrlot ot Texas at tils of-
fice In tho Kitim bolldlng on Pobuiry 5
at 11 a w
At a nesting ot the uWtors of Ine
bankrupt estato of rs Hcfitcr of Udna
tbo bankrupt va examined T5 o tpjsce
of tbo estate Deputy Marshal U T Dor
< > r T
VVimaim L Foley
A goodly list of things gathered fiere and there through-
out the store and offered you at temptingly IdiD prices for
Friday and Saturday only
3Bc Wool IMalds for childrens dresses full 3S Inches wide
por yard
GQo BMnch Black Cheviot Sctgo n grand bargain
per ynrd
400 nnd 5fl0 Waist Lengths Of our fine Kanry Silks Strlpoa
etc In a variety of shades for
8 l3o Dress QlnghaniB spring 1801 styles at
per yard
10q ltod Seal Zephyrs all new this seasons stylos ut
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8c Outings In bright pietty shades plaids and stripes
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lOe Sea Island Domestic tho 10c kind at
per yard >
10c Extra Heavy Twill Linen Toweling at
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75c Antiseptic Sanitary Diaper Cloth
per pioco
8 c
J500 and firO Ladles Flannel Waists trimmed Vlth stitched taffitn
KOlrt braid and tucks others plain trimmed with gold buttons j
in colors and black price W > UU
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price I I rv
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price > ti i y
MadraHAValRtH In pietUvKlfipOH with new soft ciiITr anil eollai
flnlHhcd with while hemstitched turnover collar prlte
iiirrrnoN insr a runt itorii
rrotcrdliiR A i llrRim tlurlner lie
Life of Oni of Tlirai lint M
Ailjiiillrnllim AViin Jlndi
Oa January IS Thd Yoai published tho
facts of a po < irl r case that iwaa w tome
up in tho bankruptcy court Tho i mo
wan Jn lnflluntmy pptltloii Ulrd by eiart
itors njalaat the lliiu ot tltcelo K SltfeU
cf Ortaiea county iw
Ono of the members 6 tho firm was
lflc rjuallty Onyx Kiml Rlnck Iloso for mlmipfi and ehlltlren
RonmlPBS and double Ihneofi hoela and toCK
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20c quality Kabt Hlack Hlchellen Hlbbod and Plain Hose with
double heels find toes
2Bc quality Onyx Tnst Dlitck Hobo for misses nnd children in
ribbed with double heels toes and Knees
ough aubnilUcd u rcpftrt of Uio
pnoponty belonging to tho estate
150 quality of lino Gorman Imported Normal Untorklelder pure while
lambs wool Undcrshtiti and Draweis Hoyal fillk Plush Under CJf
Blilrtn ami Drawei each w
125 quality of Natural Wool Underahlrls and Draweis Normal 7J
All Pure Wool Undeishiils and DiaweiH each I 5
50c jtiallty of Derby nibbed Kleeeo Lined Medium Weight Well QQf
Made Undcrshlrlfitand Drawers e ieh vP v M
35c quality of Canton Flannol Drawerb well made medium 4 Q
weight l
300 LndieB VJclJKld Laro and Uiilton Shoes patent tip and ntoik Up
extension soles and llglU solos we have your sir P ASX
2f > 0 Ladles Vlcflfftf Uulton Shoes pttonl Up hand turned
oles a neat shoe per pall
200 Ladles Vic Kid Laee Shoes stock Up a solid lonthei
hoe per pair
125 Ladles Hed nnd Ultek Telt Sllpporp hand turned leathof
soles blaek fur tops per pair
ill It Of
Will ll
uih cipproxed
+ + +
In the illinkruplAjy mafalcr of lluv rd
Dros nf Sraly a dlldrnd pt 17 per cent
lina been declared
A dlviilriid o I per < enl dins boeiiHle
tlated In Abo matter ut tbo bankruptcy of
M Criiii of Hempsien1
Cntinrrj imil Cerrnl Vnvtnrr
Port Voitb Texas Innuaty 24 U N
aiM It Ab ruoth > prtctlcul coreil munit
fartiirers and cannert of Clrclevilio Ohio
hao locatod hfrii an I II have a jlatit
m operation nlthln thirty dayi They
eprnt to give emplnym < 5nt to Kr or
CI1II1I Hrnlilnl 1 Dncti
Tyler Texas January 21 The jouds
child of Mr nd Mrs J R Adaiiis tvlio
live sin miles from town fell headforc
mom into a pot ot jtilllnf vator this
mornlug and was Jetd j fiw r ilnittt
later The tinier llosh of the child was
literally hollod Mrs Adtms nai wash-
Ing coth M npd had turnsl aivay foi
something waou thn child fell Into thn
tta or
All persons engarcd In business upon
which an occupation license Is duo will
please tako notice to tbo following arti-
Article S33 Section ui of tho Revise 1
Code ot Ordinance of the city > f lious
ton reads as follows It dhall i < tte
duly of ovcry person firm or eorporaion
or association pursuing i bustness ttr
fesslon ocinipatlon or calling irlijji tbo
limits of tho city of Hduriton upon
ihlcb there Is or may be levlel nn oc-
cupation llcens e tax by the city council
before commencing or engaging < o h
builncss or profc < Kion or otber Uxallj
calling or vocation to procure a p mso
from the assessor and collector jt iuxch
of said city to pursuo tbo same and
any falluro neglect or refusal t pro tre
arrested and lined In the sum ut ten dol-
lars for each and every day such violatau
of said ordinance may have or may there-
after bo continued
Section 31 It shall be the duy of the
l ty marshal and oty assessor and to
lector to see that tbo provisions of this
c pter relating to occupation taxes a > e
strletly compiled with rtniJ fortiiwn to
present to the mayor for recorder any
person Uolttlng the m
James V n l
City Aaaeiaor and Collector
ry wv v v
Through Excursion Sleepers
From Toxns Point vln
Now Orloona to
Alcmphih Louisville
Ciiiclntmll and Chicago
A k your local uretn inr rjrtl < ulir or
wrltH t It 11YAN I P A
b n Antonio leai
rJ ci jtarcjr nsigtgx J rMrrij >
Ir l all Chrniile Duej s by Kle < irliiiy
licctrlr Xlttsiur d iv l l Hc t
llflths Wbt i > neiwinsri wt iisi Intemiil
MfdtiHtloii nn may b Imlliuud
Ir W V Uunn Ills iw of Womti
and Surgery u Kiwclult
pr H I Jiinn lilinfcM r No
Tlirojt Ky and I5il a 8iiee lty
ce Tablet
Now Itcfltled und iUfurnlxUid with Bath
icomi I umitute a id jip i >
Hates arc icaKOu bl Offl0 ull W A
Eastoo W U Corj J A Murpless and W
W Stolen
Q 13 KOIInT Iroprletof
Cures a Cough or Cold at onoo
CounuersCroMp whooping loughrronelilils
rtlnpeandcon umptlcn Quirl
UrUuirsllllscuret jnstlpslIon SOplllslOc
cimrn while
Ion < >
flHtr lUEt
lMl Vrur
i 0
said license shall he deemed gully of n I i
offense Any person so offending must ba fctn4rJ 7 ir
Jnniri lllillillnu Cliiilimutl Olilo
3ju A
jV A
> v
To St Louis Dallas Austin
Waco and Ft Worth
Trains Leave 345 a m 915 a m 1040 p m
City Ticket Office Alnin Street und Frnnklin Avcniie
City Ticket Agent
O I > v < c T A
ierw and Mm
Sunday Jan 27
Trains leave Grand Ocnliil Depot
850 a ill 1 G N Depot 701 a
ni9 00 a in aiui OS5 a m Re
I in nuifi leaves Gal veMon 150 p i
sio p in and 735 pm
Enrj3XOTjM3W Bn Tnas
mmim east ahb west texas ry
Kansas City and tho Southeast
Throuch SIcoporBpiroot Connootlonw
steC V DORRb cm ruKot Apent Plume m oj Main Street
Geo H Smith G P A New Orleans
M J Anderson A G P A-
New Orleans
WT A4U i4 itTiWll l l T ltvJ
and Return
h am 855 am 150 prri
t Leave Galveston 140 p
500 p ni 730 P
1 t t 4TTMV
iM iMjA S lM S

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