Jacksboro Gazette. (Jacksboro, Tex.), Vol. 18, No. 8, Ed. 1 Thursday, July 22, 1897 Page: 3 of 4

Ii O O Alt* | if you are going to Bowie don’t
1 * m---- 1 ' — ......- fail to see John Hensley before
Advertising locals mU be charged] mating arrangements for trans-
fer at ike rate of fO cents per line Potation. tf
first insertion, and & cents per line] Sulphur, Coperas, Lyons Oint-
for subsequent insertions, * ment, Epsom Salts, in abundance at
Our promise to the trait i
the most complete assortmea
class Dry Goods in Jait
and sell them at legitim jt<
(C*ih cu*t men end Ittyi HtUfuU fq
V ice-President.
Its Workings id Interest.
Resolutions or Respect.
. The^first week of the normal
has passed olF-pleasantly, and all
have seemed to enjoy it. Our in-
structors are experienced in nor-
mal work anil the recitations are
so arranged that the greater num-
ber of teachers can review all
Miss Ella Marks conducts a
class in physiology and Texas his-
tory on Saturday evenings, begin-
ning at 7 o’clock, thus giving stu-
dents who have studies conflicting
with these an opportunity to re-
view them.
-It is very evident that the stu-
dents have taken {advantage of the
invitation given by Hr. Stark in
his address of welcomes and have
been received into the hearts of
certain Jacksboro citizens. From
all appearances on last Sunday we
believe there are hearts which
contain a placo for everyone, jg*;
The discussion of corporal pun-
ishment in school was given due
attention Tuesday and, doubtless,
We would rather sell scunner
goods at a loss than«to keep them
over until next summer.
| the prices below and come in and
look at the goods.
MILLINERY-—Sailors and
Surah silks at seventeen cents.
Silk remnants from 15 to 75
Note cents per yard.
CLOTHING—Boys’suits worth
$1.25 to $1.75 for $1.00 to $1 25.
Men’s $4.00 pants for $3.00. Alt
summer weight pants-at reduced
j prices.
A reduction all along the line in
white shirts. 75 cents unlaunder-
shirts for 50 cents.
Laundered white shirts at 75
cents to $1.00.
A lady’s low shoe for $1, worth
$1.25 in any market. Ask to see it.
A discount of ten to 25cts a
pair on children’s and misses shoes.
Will also take pleasure in show-1
ing you bargains that we haven’t
space to mention.
Yours anxious to sell.
in paying the Gazette to
•'insert thw notice is to tell
the men who may read it
. that we have just opened
op a big stock of pants,
i includes everything from
overalls to the best cassi-
i and worsteds. If you are
« stout and have a difficulty
ting a fit, we have provided j
PAID UP CAPITAL - - - - $ 5o 000
SURPLUS........ 120,000
We call attention to this statement. The Caoitai and
Surplus paid up and proportional liability of the Stockholders
for additional sum of $50,000 is unquestionable guarantee
| I have received a nice line of
bed-room suits direct from facto-
ry. If yon need something in the
furniture line call and see me. I
will make you very low prices.
I carry at all times a complete
line of coffins and caskets. O. O.
Hess. tf
j I. Stoddard, president of the
county Sunday-school association
desires to meet the citizens of Long
Hollow at the school house Sab-
bath August 1st, at 10 a. m. to or-
ganize a Sunday-school; also tb e
citizens of Finis at 4 p. m. same
day for same purpose.
Do you want a desk f You can
I save dollars by purchasing one of
our beautiful Roll Top Office
Desks. They are being manufact-
ured and sold at astonishingly low
prices for cash. Address, Rich-
mond Desk and Ohair Go. Facto-
ry, Springfield, Ohio, for circulars
and prices. tf
R. T. Willingham of Oaotfc* it
in town.
W. p. Stewart of Gtrtrnds it
in town.
Oliver Loving of fc. V.1W,
is in town.
J. 0. Lindsey of Adim was fa
town yesterday.
Jo Bryan a cattle man of Mon-
tague is in town.
Mrs. H. A. Wills it visiting rela-
tives in Grayson.
S. W. Rouse is visiting hit par-
ents at this place.
Mrs. L. H. Lawler in visiting
relatives at Farmer.
J. E. Latimer left yestsrday for
a short visit to Gordon.
Scott Wolffarth retimed Mon-
day evening from Oklahoma.
Judge J. M. Martin of K ng
county was in town this week.
J. 0. Price lias returuid home,
after traveling about twc mo uth*.
Z. T. Elliston is spending the
summer in the Rockies o f Colora-
H. O. Stark returned
from a business trip to Fort
J. 0. L'ndsey returned IUtcrrifty
from a visit to his daughter la
children are visiting relatives in
Throckmorton. ^
•IK ;
Mrs. Goliier of Bridgeport Is
visiting her daughter Mia. lleag.
Mr. N. Atkinson retorted yee-
terday evening from a visit to hit
son at Hartley, Texas.
J. S. Ewing returned tb a week
from an extended trip through
west Texas and New Mexico.
A. Sneider of. Joplin wan in
town yesterday. Mr. Sneider i« a
successful grape grower of that
Mrs. J, A. L*e and Mrs. Me-
~ ladden nf TlincKa. k.. . __
and safe protection to depositors and patrons of this Bank.
We offer our services for the prompt transaction of any
banking business you may have in Texas.
Ji897.1’ DAVID L. KNOX, Cashier.
for you. They have the “ GO ”
p*!ce, also from 10 to 25 per cent
i If the regular credit price of
c redit houses. H. O. Stark & Co.
*£ Now fishing tackle at H. B.
Hensley’s. tf
* •
„ Domestic sewing machines for
•ale at H. A. Wills’. tf
Water melons in abundance at I
from 5 to 20 cents.
OaR at H. A. Wills’ and see a
Domestic sowing machine ont of
Farming Implements
(Successor to A. Sewell.)
Who will take pleasure iii
showing goods and prices,
st • ^all and see him.
Fruit jars at Garvin & Co.’s
cheaper than ever sold in Jaoks-
New Magazines.
for August is made graphic by fall
page color plates of hot wea ther
modes and fabrics and has variety
enough for all. Mrs. A. S. Potter
writing of the social life of St.
Louis shows the continued poten-
cy of the Creole influence in that
interesting semi-southern metrop-
olis. No. 4 of Jeanie Drake’s New
York types is an amusing analysis
of women who shop. • Then the
usual articles of every number are
suited to these warm days. Send
$1 to. The Buttewck Publishing!
Go. (limited), at 7 to 17 West Thir- j
teenth street, New York.
m’dowell’s fashion journals
show the lovely dresses for warm
- \ Religious Societies.
Programme for July 25.
Subject of lesson, “The prison-
er of Jesus Christ.”
Exercises conducted by Miss
Emma Hughes.
Song,-prayer and song.
Reading minutes,and calling roil.
Reading lesson : Eph. 3:1, Dan
Ayiee; Acts 16:23, Miss Minnie
Callahan; Acts 24:25-27, Miss
Geergie Light; Acts 28:16; Miss
Oma Stark.,
Comments on lesson by Rev. I.
N. Crutchfield.
Daet—Misses Roxie Aynes and
14t!ie Steedman.
Voluntary remarks.
Song, prayer and song.
e Gazette office and Stat®ment BY Board Of
e copy of the Home Trustees.
The Board of Trustees on peti-
Dcket cutlery call on tion of more than forty voters and
s. He carries the tax-payers have ordered' an elec-
tf tion in Jacksboro Incorporated
bine-ruled, llnea num- Soh°o1 Dirtrict on Saturday, July
d and for sale at tbe 3let> 1897>to determine whether
ee# or not an annual advalorem tax of
twenty-five cents on the one hun-
tu is rapidly recover* dre<j dollars of taxable values in
hoped he will be ont |'8^me district shall be levied and
[collected to pnrohase a public free
Co. are selling the school building and site therefor
s at very low prices, and whether coupon bonds for
for yourself. tf said purpose shall be issued to the
rw point., Georgia ““T °J “‘“T*? “d
iand com pteaters at f.™ h , doll8r\ 11 “ di8‘
rdware Store tf tmctIy understood that if said
propositions carry that six thous-
am has a nice line of land dollars of the bonds thus to
are. Cali and see it be issued will be used to purchase
ly- elsewhere. tf the College building and grounds
t to go to Bowie or and all furniture bought for and
feim Hensley’s for a belonging to said building. The
e lowest price, tf J remainder of said amount of
r has a good line of ®7,50° or 80 mnch thereof «•
dies. They are snre b® neoea8arr> wiu be “»e<l to im-
most a-intT taste tf pr0Te the bnilditl& purchase for-
niture, fixtures, etc., and pat the
it that John Hensley I building in good shape for imme-
round trip to Bowie J <jiate use and occupancy.
$5. Best rigs in D. B. Gilliland,
^ Prea. Board Trustees.
way to build health ----
i blood rich and purrj School Mass Meeting,
id’s Sarsaparilla* the '"
B. Y. P. U.
Ssripture reading, John 14 chap,
by Miss Vybelle Coleman.
Seng 232.
Comments on lesson by E.
Meet reading—Miss Mattie
Song and prayer,.
’ ^citation—Neely Callaway. ‘
Quartette—Misses Eva John-
SOn and Mary Lmdsey, 'Messrs.
Robt, Hefner and L. Z. Timmons.
Essay—Miss Lois Gowdy.
■ • • -
aer ana corn color, and many
shades of green. Large varieties
of the latest models can be found
in the late numbers of these ex-
cellent magazines, published at 4
West 14th street, New York. Send
35 cents for a
We Can Rest Content
when we can enjoy the good
things of life and have.health, but
when health departs, all the joys
go with it. To get it back no rem-
edy supplies the pressing need so
well ns Parker’s Ginger Tonic.
Chas. Ilintz, Chicago, 111., writes :
I have used eight bottles of Par-
ker’s Ginger Tonic and it has fixed
me up in good shape. My lungs
were sore and weak,Vith cough,
great difficulty of breathing, pain
between my shoulders, and dread-
ful headache. I was tfo weak I
could hardly walk, and had to
stop every little way to rest. One
of Chicago’s best doctors pre-
scribed for me, bnt it only made
me worse. Ypnr tonic is better
than all doctors and medicines.”
How to Avoid Them.
Avoid baldness, gray hair, dan*1
drnff and thin locks by using Park-
er’s Hair Balsam. 13
Resolved, 1st, Thfetin the d
of Miss Duncan, the teacher
Jack county have lost One of j
most sincere und efficient
workers. *
2nd, That we humbly snbra
the will of him who in his in|
wisdom doethjdl things well, 7
3rd, That we, {ho teacher
Jack county, assembled in a i
mer normal institute, extend tf
family of ;the deceased onr d
eat sympathy, for we, who £
the beauty of her characters
purity, of her life, can under!
the loss sustained by her imu
ate family and intimate friendi
4tb, That a co py of these r
lutions be furnisllied the Jackal
Gazette and Th a Review for ]
lication, and tint a copy be
sented to the family of the
L. H. Bryant,')
W. B. Si kes, [ Co
Ella Marks, )
Mabel Norfleet, Cc
Spadden of Tlmrber Hai
visiting the family of T. J.
this week. -
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Kn
returned home, Mr. Knox
business trip to Philadelpl
Mrs. Kpox from visiting in
Mrs. Eva Neiker of Ins j
Colorado, with her two d
who has been visiting her
Mr. and Mrs. James J
Keechf, left Friday mon
her home accompanied
cousin John P. Simpson
place who goes to spend
mainder of the summer in
The Gazette has a first class job of-
fice icherc all Icinds of Commercial,
Booh and Job work is done in the
best s'.yle.
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads,
Kept in stoclc and printed to order.
meeting - of the
Board of Trustees of the Jacks-
'boro incorporated school District
held on July 5th, 1897, it was de-
eided that a mass meeting of the
ie% ^ citizens and voters of said district
s, wagons ! shonld be called on Friday night,
L see them, July 23rd, 1897, to the end that a
ineed they I full, fair and impartial understand-
rket tf ing and discussion of the ques-
and thread involved in the pending elec-
inches. If ^on k® had. •
is line give ■Now> therefore, in obedience to
Tinner, tf decision, I hereby call a mass
meeting of all citizens and taxpay-
t ta i g voterB ot district to con-
call at the V€Q8 ftt th0 C0Qrt h0Q88 at 3;3<) p
x I m. on Friday, July, 23rd, 1897, and
in i R |jt is earnest,y insisted that every
person interested attend whether
J for the levy of the tax and issuing
received a | of the bonds or opposed.
D. B. Gilliland,
?res. Board Trustees.
In combination with the
For One Dollar, that
being the price of the
Gazette alone. That is
for all new subscribers,
or old subscribers re-
newing and paying in
advance, we send
Pamphlet and
Book Work,
Hotel Registers,
Prescription Tablets,
Hand Bills,
On colored or ichite paper.
The best Linen and Rag flat and
ruled writing papers kept in stock.
tizg*Cheap writing paper will be
famished to order.
Wedding Cabinets,
Society Programmes,
Musical Programmes,
Ball Programmes,
4-)iistically printed on short notice.
The best machine oil in abun-
dance at
and is (I
still in business. If not
stock anything you want
U be furnished on short-
ly notice.
Land Vat Bale.
The Warrington S pillers sur
in Jack county han been cul
into blocks, containing from
to 200 acres each, and is now
fered for sale at from $2 to $3'
acre, ^tis land near
county line, about ^ mile f|
Grafton. For farther informal
address J. M. $eis,
Hexia, Te;
Ely’s Cream Balm
cheap for CASH,
Nasal Catarrh, Cold in Head and Bur]
remedies. It opens and deansec th« n*a
eliajs pain ana inflammation, heals the
tecta the membrane from colds, restnra
of taste and smell Price i>0e. at Drozeisti
SLY BKOTHERS, M Warns Street,
FIRST-CLASS 1 at fainting, rapcr-Haag-
ing, Sign-Writing, etc. Anyone
wanting work in my line of bosi-
ness call on ELI THE FAINTER.
First Class Qils.
A. Wills has for sale Eldora-
igine. Heavy Machine, Cas-
lacbine, and Extra Golden
ine Qils, all being superior
at railroad <
: : 10 yards of 5 cent
eV^huof’ printed lawn for
^in«st Fri. cents at the
“OO.m Only one
cr. pattern to the
remainder of CUStOmer.
on a bargain
»se it out jre- "
price at 25 Meeting of Fair Directors!.
. The value The directors of Jack County
rom 25 cents Fair Association will meet Mon-
k & Co. tf day, July ^6. This will probably
A. Jasper,
One year’s subscription given
to the Home and Farm to all who
pay for the Gazette $1 in advance.
ite Yonr Bowels With Casoaretn.
Ca<thartlc. cure constipation forever.
Plain and
Printing and
Done in the best style of the art.
Anything you war
plant in the .orcl
or y ird. Will 1
more than 50,000 pi
for a ale next fall,
cludiog the best vi
Office in Court House, t
County Treasurer*s office.
ties for this section of the follow- 1
ing fruits: Peach, Plum, Apricots, j
Cherries, Apples, Pears, Quinots, 2
Mulberries, Blackberries, Grapes, I
Figs, Japan Persimmons, etc., also II
a good line of shade trees and [ (
shrubs. Correspondence eolicitod. j I
A few good agents wanted. IL M.||
Glass, Post Oak, Texas. tf j l
Lawyer & Land Ag
And Xotary Public,
Blank Deeds,
Qait Claim,
Release Deeds,
Leases and
Blank Notes,
Notes with Bill of Bile,
Notes with Vendor’s Lien
Crop and
Chattel Mortgages,
Call at the
Gazette office
and get a sarp-
plo copy of
the New York
?! “Notice—Posted.”
! My pasture in Lost Valley is
l posted and all parties fishing or
f camping therein will surely be
' prosecuted,
Walter P. Stewart,
[ 4t Gertrude, Texas.
Surveyor. Notary Public.
General Land & Collecting ignt,
Has Only Abstract of Jack OauaCg
Land TUU 1
Jacksboro, Jack Co., lull.
tfighsst Honors—World’s
Double E-M.
^ This Tobacco is not only a de-
lightful smoke, but is an absolute
remedy for Catarrh, Hay Fever,
Asthma, Bronchitis and colds.
If the disease is in the head, dis-
charge the smoke through the
nostrils; if io the throat or lungs,
inhale the smoke and the cure is
absolutely certain. 10 cents a
package. For Sale by H. A.
Club Rates:
Jacksboro Ga-
zette & Thriee-
a-Week World
one year for
$1.50. Address
Estray Notice.
Taken up by A. J. &?$■% <m hm preic i**
about 15 miles wAatJadabor© Mil
ed tM*fopeJ. S. OwiMlSJti, J. P. l>iet. Io.
One, Jack Co., Texaa: One bar bor ia about
3 years old about 1 St hand* high. ' uigbiag
about 600 pounds, branded Agj (eoiiaecied)
on left tliiffh. Also one buy hone :olt two
yours oM, no brand. Appraised br R, C*
Jb’an^^AJ. A. Mobley, nr fifteen ddhirv.
hand nt Jacksboro, Tejcu,
IS C. M. WIIIP!*,^
Continually lept in stock. Any
blank not in stock teill be printed to
J. N. Rogers & Co., order.
Jacksboro, Texas, J
' |If there is
e Paying on
ij thing yon want in
With Ci

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