The Cuero Daily Record. (Cuero, Tex.), Vol. 9, No. 61, Ed. 1 Wednesday, September 28, 1898 Page: 3 of 8

. —
We are moved to pay tribute to
C. C. Garrett, chief justice; H. C. Pleas-
ants and F. A Williams, associate justi-
ces of court of civil appeals, First district.
Court at Galveston.
Rudolph Kleberg, congressman Elev- [
entli district.
district. I'
Jno. H. Bailey, representative Eighty- J
1 second distt ict.
] J C. Wilson, district judge.
J. V. Vaudenberg, ilistnci attorney.
II B Edgar, district clerk. *
j Dis*net c*;urt convenes m Cuero the)
: fifteenth Monday the s-cond Mon- J
j day in February, ?n<l t!ie tirst Monday in
| September, and may continue in session
j four weeks, or until its business is dispos-
1 ed of.
C A. Sumners, county judge.
S. C. Lackey, county ailoruey.
J P. Baker, county clerk.
W II Graham, tax collector.
H. E. Dahlmau. treasurer.
Wm Gralton, assessor of taxes.
W. R Garrett, county surveyor.
T. M. Stell, sheriff.
County court convenes in Cuero. the
first Monday in January, March, May.
July, September and November.
Precinct 1—A. W. Eatman. Cuero.
Precinct 2—W. J. Simpson, Terryville.
Precinct 3—B. R Burrow, Yorktown.
Precinct 4—J. Junker, Arneckeville.
J. C. Woodworth, mayor.
R. F. Heyer, secretary.
F. A. Taylor, treasurer.
P. A Pleasants, attorney.
G. H. Schleicher, surveyor.
J. S. Weisiger, marshal.
Ward 1—H. J. Nagel, C. Leu.
Ward 2—F. W. Bates, D. H. Heaton.
Ward 3—P. Wi’.tnebert, P. W. Clement.
The city council meets the second Wed-
nesday of each month.
D. C. Proctor, president. ,
Wm. Frobese, treasurer.
F Hutchings, secretary.
W. Wagner, O. L. Crouch, F. Cofin.
I The mayor is an ex-officio member.
II Catholic—High mass at 10; vespers at
j 4; mass every day at 6.30 4.u the morn-
, ing when possible. ,
, Father Pinotcll. *
; Presbyterian—Preaching every Sunday
at 11 a m. and 8 p.m.; Sunday school at
9.30 a. m.; prayer meeting Wednesday
evenings at 8. A. H. E- McCurdy.
Cumberland Presbyterian—No regular
pastor Sunday school each Sunday at
* ¥ a. m. in K. P. ballr
Grace ( Episcopal ) Church—Services
every Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m.;
Sunday school at 9.30.
A. W. S. Garden.
‘German Lutheran—Services every Sun
day at 10.30 a. m. at 8 p. m.; Sunday
school at?9.
4 * John Schubert.
Methodist—Services every Sunday at
11 a. m. ami 8 p. m; Sunday school 9 30.
Thos Gregory.
• Baptist—Preaching every Sunday at 11
a. m. and 8 p. m.; Sunday school at9 30.
J. S. Hutchbsson.
i, R. A. M.—Regular meeting first Wed
p nesday night every month.
, A G! Thomas, Sec.
A. F. & A. M.—Meets the second and
l* fourth Saturday nights fru each month.
Thc%. M. Colston, Sec.
- L O. O. F.—Meets every Monday night
3 in Odd Fellow’* hall. AUG. Ley, Sec.
f W. O. W.—Meets every Monday night
j in K. P. hall. John Hammond, Clerk.
O. G. F.—Meets last Thursday in ev-
ery month. Aug. Ley, Sec.
| K. of P.—Meets every Thuradky night
1 in Castle hall at 8 o'clock.
C T. Nash, K. of Ri and S.
m K. of H—Meets first and third Tues-
day nights in each month.
G. W. Gerlopr, Rep.
0. C. F.—Meet* the second and fourth
Mondays in each month.
Rob’t. Heyer, Sec.
K. O. T. M. —Meets every Friday night
Rob’t. Heyer, Sec.
1. O. R. M.—Mehta in K P. hall on
Wednesdays, sleep of each seven suns, at
the 8th run. Jno. Hammond, C. of R.
“ Home Forum—Meets every Tuesday
night at K. P. hall.
A. F. Trautwrin, Sec.
C. K. of A.—M^ets second and fourth
Sunday after High Mass at Cathelic rec-
tory. V. J. Grunder, Sec.
Ratbbone Sisters—Meets fourth Tburs-
day night and secood Thursday after-
noon of each month in K. P. hall.
O. E. S.—Meets first and third Tues-
day nights in each month..
Miss Belle Wallace, Sec.
The Cuero Board of Trade—Meets in
club rooms the first Monday night of ev-
er}' month. Walter RbtffkrT, Sec..
PoslM., T. P A.—Meets first Satur-
day night of each month.
F. P. Samks, Sec.
H. P. H. Co—Meets the first Tuesday
night of each month,
R. A. Nagel, Sec.
M. P. H. Co.—Meets ftie fourth Tues-
day night of each month.
Hugo Hardt, Sec.
H. & L. Co.—Meets the first Monday
Monday nights of each "month.
J. R. Whitaker, Sec.
the Protestant ministers acting as
chaplain > of the different camps in
the Sou th. They are liberal- i
minded, well-meaning men, seem-!
inglv eager to do all the good in
their pc vver. Their kindly acts
are not confined to co-religionists;
Catholics as well as Protestants
share in the favors they are con-
stantly bestowing. Some of these
reverend gentlemen go so far as to
distribute Catholic periodicals, and
one of them rode several miles to
summon a priest TD attend a dying
soldier. This is noble conduct.
With Every $io Cash
Purchase of Furniture
City ol Cuero
We wiil Give Away FREE
f & P. f9 P. SYSTEM.) v *
gager Leaves. .. 9:30 a m
| Arrives. .r. 3:30p. m
Leaves..........3:35 p. m
Arrives..........11:30 ». m
8100 lo be pa.d to the person who will
pn»rtuce llie Inrst and most practicable
means or method by wuich tne cotton
boll-weevil can certainly be exterminat-
ed Irom this section*.
$75 to be paid to the one who will pro-
duce the best average y eld of cottou per
acre upon a field of net less that* ten
acres Hor more than twenty acres of land.
$125 to be paid to tlje one who will
produce the best averagje yield of cotton
per acre upon a field of more than twenty
and not over thirty-five acres of land.
$125 to be paid to i) e one who will
produce the best average yield* of cotton
12:57 p. m
12:25 p. m
, 3:03 p. m
2:30 p. m
We must move our stock, which is the (|g|)
nicest and cheapest in the city. Come to
see us and inspect the bargains we are MB
Jfc ____ j&ii&'V# 'v -•'
la., Herald tells often instance of ap
he hand* of a local college which ha*
iior’it heart and made hit nearby eon-
ialott*. Tabor college ha* heretofore <7 to the Herald when it iron Id
i of large city ojices. Now, however,
e of policy, the H raid is to have all
r in ting, for rtafons given by it* pres-
04: fl take thU vietc: that every is-
le paper it an advertisement for the
ottege, qf greater importance for us to
t an adr.rtieement m any other form
£ the least we can do is to turn over
*# eur entire printing for them to exe-
IjN*. Ro matter if some of it ie out-
■city, let them, have the order and give
to imprint. They are attracting the
» public to the progress of the college,
mng of fair treatment at our hands.”
iff that should actuate every man in
ith hie horde paper, upon which he
formation of local doings, and which
for-, the advancement of the interests
in dll the business tnen of the town
the war broke out; they hate dan-
ger as much as they do Catholics.
The chaplain of the First Ohio
Volunteer Infantry who said,
“Though at home a Methodist, I
am here the servant of Him who
bore ths cross for our salvation,”
was jusjt a trifle ambiguous: how-
ever, we hope that when this cruel
war is a 1 over and good Brother
Henders on returns to his home, he
will not be less liberal-minded than
he was while in camp.—Southern
Messen j ^er.
$135 to be paid to line one who will
produce tbe best average yield of cotton
per acre of more than fifty acres of land.
The prize* to- be awarded upon a basis
of s£e«i cotton produced! by the farmer up-
on a number oi acres of laud in a body
designated by ham, the said cotton to be
marketed in the city of Cuero, Texas,
without retereiice to whether such cot-
ton is marketed in thifc beed or in tbe lint
or where the same may be ginned, pro-
vided,however, that giuners’ certificate or
evidence is shown as to the facts in each
| case.;jL--,
The rules of awarding aud distributing
the above named, prises will be made
public by the comuiitjee at a later date.
Otto Buchel & Co.nCutro Cotton Oil
Co., Buchel Milling Company, Koenig
Sc Van Hougenbiyzi?, Breeden Bros.,
I Cuero Compress Co., J. A. Graves, H.
In 'business part of tb£, city,
convenient to depots, -post-
office and ctwxrche*.
— Board by the day, week or month. Cool
roodis and oilier conveniences* Mrs. Haget
’will have charge of the culinary department
which insures the best bill of fare in the city.
Metropolitan yesterday. Mr.
Cooper told a Post reporter that he
believe* l Texas would send a solid
democratic delegation to the next
house, is there was a strong pros-
pect of the defeat of Mr. Hawley,
who represents the Galveston dis-
trict, and is the solitary* republican
membe r irpm the line Star State.
Mr. Co >per himself, it was thought
at one 1 ime, would not get back, to
rts out Monday
cleaning labors
your flue, put
your matting or
an !U £ive him
“I see that the Earl of Aberdeen
did not object to wearing an Amer-;
ican flag that was pinned upon him 1
by a Canadian lass, ' said Mr. - R. ;
N. Hubbard of Buffalo at thej
- “Aberdeen is a first-class fellow :
anyway and though I don t bank on
vay at 9chooi or
felt? Just think
> get the home
I't yoa order the
jfc or ter? Daily
5P cents a year.
Sames. Mike Byrne, A. Franks & Co.,
BoOlon & Kuuitz, It. C. Flick, E. A
Buchel, A. Wcisenber,{, R. C. Warn, Jr.
Lord 8i Kosabiel, J. R. Nagel & Son,
Heptop Bros., John
H. J. Huck. & Co.,
Welch, A. Gilmer,
Gferhardt & Kunitr,
Henry Hotz, H. Remfcbel & Co.
Carbolic acid, turpentine^ coal oil and
water; mix and spray,
Carbolic acid and
^Ansenic. 2# ounces; starch, 1 pint;
molas&es, 3 gallons^ water, 40 gallons;
mix and sptay.
Equal parts London -porple and ashes;
apply dry.
Carbolineum avenorius, pint; soap, 1
pound; water, 50gallons; boil and spray.
These remedies airy gaod. There are
others. Experience will develope the
Lime alone has been tried very suc-
cessfully. 1
lg of the board
ispital associa-
Salome Mon-
, - -
t a full board
eads have not,
e new wards,
ly, and it was
guilts for the
fecial business
If you want a nice quiet board-
ing,day board or with rooms,
Mrs. (p."A. Swift
yon, dear the S.*P. depot.
Th< following letters remain un-
called for and are advertised in the
postofice at Cuero for the week
ending September 27, 1898:
J. S. Bradie, McBrown, Wm.
Curtldy, Mrs. Jane Daniels, Miss
Anni^ Derance,Miss Mary Elyard,
Mrs. J. W. Gau, Dr. Hensley,
John Hainble, Spencer Jones,Wm.
Martin, E. L- Nugent,C. C. Main,
F. G. Ryland, T. Stephenson,
Wallis Thompson, Rev. H. D.
Knickerbacher, Sandy Kirkendall,
Lee Kellog, S. M. Marchfnan,*
Garn;tt Risher, H. A. Smalley,
Miss Nancy Smith, Isaac West,
Eddie Williams, M^ick and Katie
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. J. K.
Wright, John Whitton, Mitchell
The following are the books adopted
for tbe public schools of Texas by the
state text book board. The first column
of figores is the retail' and the last the
exchange price of the books:
Stickney’s First Reader . . $.18 $.12
t% Second ** . . .24 .15
“ Third's. “ . . .30 .18
Woodward’s Fourth “ . . .35 .17
Stickney’s Fifth “ . . .45 .25'
aerker and her
Mary Forbes,
i where they go
ie will he joined
Lowfe of Gal-
> will remain in
State fair. Cae-
aanied them as
Oldest Business in Cuero
The Record is determined to be
read by nearly, if not all, reading
homes in South South Texas, and
offers to pay five doilars ($5) in
cash to every man or woman, boy
or girl who will send us in a club
list of thirty cash subscribers to
the Weekly Record.
This is a chance for any industri-
ous person to make five dollars.
The cost of the Weekly Record is
but 50 cents a year, and with a lit-
tle effort thirty subscribers can be*
gotten in any community. The
paper is the best and newsiest pub-
lished in the county (sample cop-
ies can be had for the asking) and
any one who wishes can undertake
to get the club list.
When the club list has been se-
cured, deduct the amount due your-
self (cash $5) and remit or turn in
the balancq to the Record office
with the thirty names, all of whom
will be entered on our subscription
list and recorded paid for one year.
Now get to work. Its to yonr
interest and ours,and we will appre-
ciate it.
at the Lenz restaurant, whefe ^lso vou
&n get fresh bread, c^kes and pies.
Board by day, week or month, with
or without lodging.
Sutton & Kimbrough’s Lower
Arithmetic (clothl.....
Sutton & Kimbrough’s Lower
Arithmetic (board).....
Sutton & Kimbrough’s Higher
Arithmetic (cloth! . ..*»,
Sutton &: Kimbrough’s Higher
Arithmetic (boarq)- . Zs*
Geography . .......
Rand'McNaliy’a Grammar
School Geography.....
Hyde’s Use of English.....
Reduced d*Q rn Per
From $4 to ■ OU Cord.
Wm’. Drawe, Postmaster.
Telephone Xo. 71,
(board) . . . *........22
Hyde*s Pract. English Grammar
(clothl...... .45
Hyde’s Pract. Engl sh Grammar
tboard) .........35
Whitney & Lockwqod’s En-
glish Grammar...... .50
Pennybacker’s Texts History .65
Cooper, Estelle & Lemon’s „ ,
U. S. History.........80
Hutchinson’s Phj si ol’gy No.1.40
will be paid for the arrest and con-
viction of the party or parties who
maliciously threw rocks against the
front door of Turner hall Monday
Cuero German Turnverein,
John Welch, Manager.
gs should
Then the
,nd much
re is adul-
tnd medi-
P absolute
te proper
£hen used
ied the re-
fpry. Our
Bmgh the
^ of a su-
’• ' “ " No. 2 .80
Benson’s Speller, Pract. No. 1.15
44 No.2 .15
“ “ “ Complete
(board) . . .! .......20
Benson’s . “ “
Zaner, Ware & Webb’s Copy
Beginning last Sunday high mass
was celebrated in St. Michael’s
Catholic church at 10 a. m. instead
of 91a. m. as heretofore. Vespers
will occur at 4 instead of 5 p. m.
Germania Saloon
Beginning with October 1 I will
teach a class of calesthenics. I
Books, 24 pages.......05
Zaner, Ware & Webb’s Copy
Book 5, 32 pa^esj.......08 *■
, The price of each book is printed there-
on, and it is aj>en$l offense for a retail
dealer to sell any of the hooks for more
than the established price.
Board by the day, week or month
at reasonable rates. The best
table the market can afford, and
rooms all furnished with new suits
of furniture.:
Mrs. L. H. Zengerle, Mgr.
will also teach
school, beginning with October 1.
Parents should see me at onct and
make arrangements for entrance oi
children. Mrs. Molesworth,
Esplanade Street.
Celebrated xXx Pearl Beer. All kinds
of sausage and a tine line of cigars always
on hand. Gotxl hot lunch every day.
We have just received a full line
ivowney’s celebrated candies,
ht y are fresh and delicious.
Booton & Kunitz.
Fine assortment of new candies
at Hilliard’s cream parlor.

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